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So after traveling and talking to people在我游历俄克拉何马州和得克萨斯州in places like Oklahoma or small-town Texas,并与那里小镇上的人交谈之后,we found evidence that the initial premise was dead on.我们发现有迹象显示之前的提案已经死了。Visibility really is key.相互了解是关键。Familiarity really is the gateway drug to empathy.熟悉程度是引发同情的重要因素。Once an issue pops up in your own backyard or amongst your own family,当一个问题出现在你家后院或你自己的家庭中,youre far more likely to explore sympathy for it你有大得多的可能性去同情,or explore a new perspective on it.或接受一个新的观点。Of course, in my travels I met people当然,在我的旅行中我遇见了who legally divorced their children for being other than straight,跟同性恋子女断绝法律关系的父母,but I also met people who were Southern Baptists但是我也看到了这样的父母,当他们知道who switched churches because their child was a lesbian.他们的孩子是同性恋时,他们从美南浸信会改信了基督教。Sparking empathy had become the backbone of Self Evident Truths.同理心的触动是“不自明的真理”的基石。But heres what I was starting to learn that was really interesting:但是接下来我发现了真正有趣的事情:Self Evident Truths doesnt erase the differences between us.“不自明的真理”并没有消除我们之间的差异。In fact, on the contrary, it highlights them.相反的,差异被突出了。It presents, not just the complexities这体现出这件事情的复杂性,found in a procession of different human beings,不仅体现在不同的人群之间,but the complexities found within each individual person.也体现在每个独立的个人之间。It wasnt that we had too many boxes, it was that we had too few.我们的盒子不是太多,而是太少。At some point I realized that my mission to photograph ;gays; was inherently flawed,在某刻我意识到我拍摄“同性恋者”的计划一开始就有瑕疵,because there were a million different shades of gay.“同性恋者”这个词可以分成上百万种不同的分类。Here I was trying to help,我希望能够做点什么,and I had perpetuated the very thing I had spent my life trying to avoid --而我接下来做的事情是我毕生想要去避免的——yet another box.创造新的盒子。At some point I added a question to the release form从某刻开始我在自己的问卷中添加了一个问题,that asked people to quantify themselves要求填写者评估自己“同性恋”的程度,on a scale of one to 100 percent gay.从零分到一百分给自己打分。And I watched so many existential crises unfold in front of me.然后我就目睹了无数的存在危机在我面前上演。People didnt know what to do人们从来没有because they had never been presented with the option before.被问过这个问题,也不知道怎么回答。Can you quantify your openness?你能量化自己的开放性么?Once they got over the shock, though,当他们缓过神来之后,by and large people opted for somewhere between 70 to 95 percent多人给自己的分数在70到95分or the 3 to 20 percent marks.和3到20分之间。Of course, there were lots of people who opted for a 100 percent one or the other,当然也有人认为自己是百分百的异性恋或同性恋,but I found that a much larger proportion of people但是我发现非常大比例的人identified as something that was much more nuanced.自我定位都是比较微妙的。I found that most people fall on a spectrum of what I have come to refer to as ;Grey.;我发现大多数人在这个色谱上都落在“灰色”的位置。Let me be clear though -- and this is very important --我要明确一点——非常明确的一点——in no way am I saying that preference doesnt exist.我从未否认过偏好(preference)的存在。And I am not even going to address the issue of choice versus biological imperative,我也没有打算去讨论这个问题是先天基因还是后天选择决定的,because if any of you happen to be of the belief但是如果你们当中有人相信that sexual orientation is a choice,性取向是后天选择的,I invite you to go out and try to be grey.我邀请你站出来承认自己是“灰”的。Ill take your picture just for trying.我想给你拍张大头照。What I am saying though is that human beings are not one-dimensional.我想说,人类不是单一维度就可以区分的。201509/400004Well, let me tell you something. The next morning when I got up, my body was so sore that I couldnt even lift my arms to comb my hair. I had to have my mother comb my hair, and you know how embarrassing that is. But you know something? I learned a very important lesson, that pain means progress. Pain is progress. Each time my muscles were sore from a workout I knew that they were growing and they were getting stronger.第二天早上起床,我浑身酸痛,连举手梳头都无能为力,只好叫我母亲帮我梳头——这真令人难堪!可你们知道吗,我获得了一个非常重要的教训:疼痛意味着进步。要想进步就得吃苦。每次我因过度训练而感觉肌肉酸痛时,我知道,我的肌肉在增长、在强壮。I think there is a real life lesson in that. After two or three years of discipline and determination and working out hard, I actually changed my body, and I changed my strength. And that told me something; that if I could change my body that much, and if I could change the strength of my body that much, then I could also change anything else. I could change my habits, I could change my intelligence, I could change my attitude, my mind, my future, my life. And this is exactly what I have done. I think that that lesson applies to people, and it also applies to countries. You can change; China can change; everyone in the world can change.我认为,那其中蕴含着人生真谛。经过两三年意志上的磨练和体力上的锻炼,我最终改变了我的身体,我的力气也变大了。这件事告诉我,如果能在很大程度上改变我的身体,增强我的力气,我就能改变其他的一切:我能改变不好的习惯,能增强我的智慧,能改变我的态度、思想以及我的未来和我的人生。事实上我已经做到了。我想,这一教训也适用于任何人,也适用于任何国家。你们可以改变,中国可以改变,世界上每一个人都可以改变。My parents, of course, I have to tell you, didnt understand my dreams at all. They were always wondering. They said, ;What is he doing? When are you going to get a job, a real job? When are you going to make money?; And all of those questions I got. And they said, ;I hope we didnt raise a hum, someone that doesnt make money and just wants to live in a gymnasium and think about their bodies.; Well, I endured all of this negative thinking, and the more negative the thinking got, and the more negative the questions got, the stronger and the more positive I became, the stronger I became inside.当然,我得告诉你们,我父母根本无法理解我的梦想。他们总是疑惑地问:“他在做什么呢?你什么时候能得到一份工作、一份真正的工作?你什么时候能挣钱?”还有一些类似的疑惑。他们会说:“希望我们养的不是一个寻欢作乐的儿子,一个不挣钱却只想在健身馆里考虑他的身材的人。”我承受了所有这一切消极的想法,而且这些想法越消极,我就变得越积极;这些疑虑越多,我就变得越坚强,我的内心也变得更强大。So of course some of your families maybe think the same way, and this is why Im mentioning that. Some of your families maybe dont believe in your drems. But let me tell you something, my young friends. Keep your dreams. No matter what, keep your dreams. Dont give up on them, even when you temporarily defeated or denied. Keep your dreams.当然你们中有些人的家人可能也会这么想,这也是我提起这件事的原因。你们的家人也许不相信你们的梦想,介是,朋友们,让我告诉你们,执着于你的梦想!无论如何,坚持你们的梦想。即使你们遭遇暂时的失败或被否定,也不要放弃你们的梦想。执着于你的梦想。201403/282170The range of currencies included in the SDRs would have to be widened and some of the newly added currencies, which would include the renminbi, may not be fully convertible. Therefore the dollar could still reestablish itself as the preferred reserve currency, provided it is prudently managed.“特别提款权”中涵盖的货币范围也必须扩大,包括人民币在内的一些新增的货币可能不能完全自由兑换。因此,如果美元是被审慎监管的,它就仍可能被重塑成首选的储备货币。One of the great advantages of SDRs is that they allow the international creation of money. That would be particularly useful at times like the present. The money could be directed to it is most needed. That would be a great improvement over what is happening currently. A mechanism which allows rich countries that dont need additional reserves to transfer their allocations to those who need them is ily available, and has aly been used on a small scale.“特别提款权”所具有的重大优势之一是:它允许货币的国际性创造。这在当前的背景下尤其有用。货币就可以流向最需要它的地方。这将是对目前状况一个很大的改善。目前已经形成了这样一种在小规模 范围内正在应用的机制,即如果富国不需要额外储备,就可以将它们的份额让给需要的国家了。The reorganization of the prevailing world order may have to extend beyond the financial system if we are to make progress in resolving issues like global warming and nuclear proliferation. It may have to involve the ed Nations, especially membership of the Security Council.如果我们想在解决诸如全球变暖和核扩散等问题上取得进展,那么对于当前的世界秩序重组问题可能就会超出金融体系的范畴。这可能得有联合国,特别是安理会成员国的参与。The profound process needs to be initiated by the ed States, but China and other developing countries ought to participate in it as equals. They are reluctant members of the Bretton Woods institutions which are dominated by countries that are no longer dominant. The rising powers need to be present at the creation of the new order to ensile that they will be active supporters of it.这个过程需要由美国发起,但中国和其他发展中国家也应该平等参与。它们是布雷顿森林体系机构中的非积极成员,而该机构被一些已经风采不再的国家所主导。新兴国家需要参与构建新秩序,以确保它们成为积极持者。201409/332420

Look what happened: in this study,students who were not taught this growth mindset continued to show declining grades over this difficult school transition,but those who were taught this lesson showed a sharp rebound in their grades. 看看后面发生了什么吧:在这项研究中,没有接受成长型思维模式训练的学生,在这一困难的过渡阶段,成绩持续下滑,但那些受过该训练的学生, 成绩强势反弹,卓有起色。We have shown this now, this kind of improvement,with thousands and thousands of kids, especially struggling students. 如今,我们已实这一结论,通过成千上万个孩子的实例, 尤其是那些在学业上挣扎的孩子。So lets talk about equality.那我们就来谈谈教育平等吧。In our country, there are groups of students who chronically underperform,for example, children in inner cities,or children on Native American reservations. 在我们国家,有些特定区域的孩子总是在学业上处于下游,比如,内城区的孩子,或印第安人居留地里的孩子。And theyve done so poorly for so long that many people think its inevitable.长期以来这里的孩子都没什么起色, 以致于很多人认为没的救了。But when educators create growth mindset classrooms steeped in yet,equality happens. 但是当教育家们将孩子的思维转变为成长型思维模式时,教育平等实现了。And here are just a few examples.举几个例子吧。In one year, a kindergarten class in Harlem, New York scored in the 95th percentile on the National Achievement Test.纽约哈莱姆区的一所幼儿园的学生在一年的时间内,国家水平测试(National Achievement Test)成绩飞跃到前百分之五。Many of those kids could not hold a pencil when they arrived at school.这些孩子中有很多在入学时甚至还不会握笔。In one year,fourth grade students in the South Bronx, way behind,became the number one fourth grade class in the state of New York on the state math test. 一年之内,远远落后的南布朗克斯区的四年级学生,其标准数学测试成绩攀升到纽约州所有四年级学生的第一名。In a year to a year and a half,Native American students in a school on a reservation went from the bottom of their district to the top,and that district included affluent sections of Seattle. 在一年到一年半的时间内,某印第安人居留地的一所学校里的学生成绩从全区垫底到名列前茅,而这个区包括了西雅图市的富饶地段。201507/384861

When I was young, there was an amazing publication called The Whole Earth Catalogue, which was one of the bibles of my generation.当我还很年轻的时候,有一本刊物名叫《环球百科目录》。它是我那一代人必读的圣典之一。It was created by a fellow named Stuart Brand not far from here in Menlo Park, and he brought it to life with his poetic touch.它是由一个叫 Stuart Brand 的人在距此不远的 Menlo Park 出版的。此人以他富于诗意的工作为这份刊物注入了生命。This was in the late Sixties, before personal computers and desktop publishing.那是在60年代末,个人电脑和桌面出版发明之前。So it was all made with typewriters, scissors, and Polaroid cameras.因此这本刊物完全是由打字机、剪刀和拍立得相机做出来的。It was sort of like Google in paperback form thirty-five years before Google came along.它就像平装本的 Google,不过是在 Google 诞生的35年前。It was idealistic, overflowing with neat tools and great notions.一样是那么的理想主义,充满着简洁的工具和了不起的洞见。Stuart and his team put out several issues of the The Whole Earth Catalogue, and then when it had run its course.Stuart 和他的团队出版了数期《环球百科目录》,随后刊物的生命走到了尽头。They put out a final issue.他们就出版了最后的一期。It was the mid-Seventies and I was your age.那是在70年代中期了,我正是你们这个年纪。On the back cover of their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road.最后一期的封底,是一幅清晨乡村公路的照片。The kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous.假如你搭便车上路探险,就会看到这种景色。Beneath were the words, ;Stay hungry, stay foolish;在照片下方写着这样的话,;求知若饥,虚心若愚;。It was their farewell message as they signed off. ;Stay hungry, stay foolish;.这是他们停止了发刊的告别语,;求知若饥,虚心若愚;。And I have always wished that for myself.我一直希望自己能做到这样。And now, as you graduate to begin a new, I wish that for you.现在,在你们即将毕业,开始新的历程的时刻,我用这句话来祝福你们。Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.求知若饥,虚心若愚。Thank you all, very much.非常感谢大家。201412/347374Hi, everybody. 大家好!Over the past 52 months, our businesses have created nearly 10 million new jobs. 过去的52个月里,我们的企业一共创造了1000万个就业岗位。The unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest point since 2008. 失业率也下降到自2008年以来的最低。Across lots of areas-energy, manufacturing, technology-our businesses and workers are leading again. 在包括能源行业、制造业、高科技行业大部分领域,我们的企业和员工又具备了领先优势。In fact, for the first time in over a decade, business leaders worldwide have declared that China is no longer the worlds best place to invest-America is.实际上,这也是10多年来第一次出现世界范围内的企业领袖们宣布中国不再是全球最具投资价值的国家,美国才是。None of this is an accident. 任何事情都不是巧合。Its thanks to your resilience, resolve, and hard work that America has recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth.这都要归功于大家的坚韧、坚强和辛勤付出,正因如此,美国是全球发达国家中经济复苏最快,发展最迅速的国家。Now we have the opportunity to ensure that this growth is broadly shared. 现在,我们有机会让这些成果广泛惠及所有人。Our economy grows best not from the top-down, but from the middle-out. 我们的经济发展最好的时候不是采用自上而下的发展模式的时候,而是自下而上的发展模式的时候。We do better when the middle class does better. 当中产阶级更好的时候,国家才更好。So we have to make sure that were not just creating more jobs, but raising middle-class wages and incomes. 因此,我们必须确保,不仅仅要创造更多就业,还要提高中产阶级的工资收入。We have to make sure our economy works for every working American.我们必须确保经济发展务于每一个勤劳的美国人。My opportunity agenda does that. 我提出的机会计划就是要完成这一目标。Its built on creating more jobs, training more workers, educating all our kids, and making sure your hard work pays off with higher wages and better benefits.这一计划包括创造更多就业、培训更多员工,让所有孩子上学,确保你们的辛勤付出得到更高的工资和更好的福利待遇。On Thursday, I traveled to Delaware to highlight how were trying to create more good, middle-class jobs rebuilding America:周四,我到访特拉华州,阐述了我们正在努力做的事情,创造更多高待遇工作,让大家过上中产生活。rebuilding roads and bridges, ports and airports, high-speed rail and internet.那就是重建美国,重建道路桥梁、港口机场、高速的铁路和互联网。This week, Vice President Biden will release a report hes been working on to reform our job training system into a job-driven training system. 本周,拜登副总统将发布一份改革报告,他为此一直在付出,报告将现有的职业培训体系改革为面向就业的职业培训体系。And Ill visit a community college in L.A.thats retraining workers for careers in the fast-growing health care sector.我也将访问洛杉矶的职业大学,该校为员工在快速发展的医疗保健行业的职业前景进行再培训。Because every worker deserves to know that if you lose your job, your country will help you train for an even better one.因为所有的员工都有理由知道,如果你失业了,你的祖国会培训你帮助你找到一份更好的工作。In recent days, both parties in Congress have taken some good steps in these areas. 在最近一段时间,国会两党已经在这些方面取得了一些很好的进展。But we can do so much more for the middle class, and for folks working to join the middle class. 但我们还可以为中产阶级和努力跻身中产阶级的人们做更多的事情。We should raise the minimum wage so that no one who works full-time has to live in poverty. 我们应该提高最低工资标准,这样就不会有任何全职工作的人还生活在贫困之中。We should fight for fair pay and paid family leave. 我们应该为女性争取同工同酬和带薪产假。We should pass commonsense immigration reform that strengthens our borders and our businesses, and includes a chance for long-time residents to earn their citizenship.我们应该通过合理的移民改革法案,巩固我们的边防,壮大我们的企业,这其中包括为长期居民提供申请公民身份的机会。I want to work with Democrats and Republicans on all of these priorities. 我希望与民主党和共和党在这些优先议题上一起合作。But I will do whatever I can, whenever I can, to help families like yours. 但我也将在任何时候尽我一切能力,去帮助你们这些家庭。Because nothings more important to me than you-your hopes, your concerns, and making sure this country remains the place where everyone who works hard can make it if you try.因为对我而言,没有什么比你们更重要,你们希望的、你们关心的,我要确保这个国家依然是所有辛勤付出的人都有机会获得成功的国度。Thanks so much, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快! 201407/314879LXD(杰出舞蹈家组成的舞蹈团)照亮了TED2010年的舞台,向我们展现了正在全球通过网络而迅速发展起来的街舞艺术。在Jon Chu带来的一组网络上传播的舞蹈系列中,这个令人惊叹的舞蹈组合展示了他们超常的表现力。201505/374428

I happened to be living in Springfield at the time,and the best part of it was-is that you would close the womens door in the bathroom,当时我刚好住在斯普林菲尔德(Springfield,和波士顿一个州),最精的部分是—如果你到女厕所,关上门and I remember seeing Go Sox, and I thought, really?我记得看到门上写着加油,红袜队,我当时想,不是吧?Or the houses, youd come out, because every game,另外大家都会从屋子里跑出来,因为每一场比赛,well, I think almost every game, went into overtime, right?嗯,我记得几乎每一场比赛都会进入加时赛,对吗?So wed be outside, and all the other lights are on,on the whole block, and kids, like, the attendance was down in school, and kids werent going to school.所以我们会到户外,周围所有的灯都亮着,整个街区都亮着,而孩子们逃课变得比较普遍,他们都不怎么去上学了。But its okay, its the Red Sox, right?但这没什么,因为是红袜队,对吧?I mean, theres education, and then theres the Red Sox,我的意思是,一方面是上学,然后一方面是红袜队,and we know where theyre stacked.我们知道它们孰轻孰重。So this was an amazing experience, and again, yes,所以这是一种绝妙的体验,而且再一次—是的,it was a game, but they didnt write newspaper articles,这是一场游戏,但他们没在报纸上写文章,people didnt say-you know, really, I can die now because the Red Sox won. And many people did.因为人们不会说—你知道,真的,我现在感觉快死了,因为红袜队赢了比赛。 其实很多人那样说了。So games, it means something more to us.所以游戏对我们而言有更多的意义。It absolutely means something more.它绝对拥有更多的意义。So now, just, this is an abrupt transition here.现在切换一下话题。There was three years where I actually did have a real job, sort of.有三年时间,我有了真正的工作(在某种程度上算)。I was the head of a college department teaching games, so, again, it was sort of a real job,我担任了一个学院部门的主管负责教游戏,算是某种意义上的真正的工作,and now I just got to talk about making as opposed to making them.而现在我只是谈一谈做游戏而不是真正的去做出来。And I was at a dinner. Part of the job of it, when youre a chair of a department, is to eat, and I did that very well,有一次我参加了一个宴会。当你是一个部门头头的时候,你的工作之一就是吃,这项工作我完成的很好。and so Im out at a dinner with this guy called Zig Jackson.某次宴会上我认识了这这个人,叫齐格·杰克逊。So this is Zig in this photograph. This is also one of Zigs photographs. Hes a photographer.这张照片里的人就是齐格,他自己的摄影作品。他是一名摄影师。And he goes all around the country taking pictures of himself, and you can see here hes got Zigs Indian Reservation. And this particular shot, this is one of the more traditional shots. This is a rain dancer.他在全国各地跑来跑去,为自己拍照,在这张照片里你可以看到他的印第安人保留地系列照片。再来看这一张,这是较传统的照片之一。这是一位祈雨舞者。And this is one of my favorite shots here.这也是我最喜爱的照片之一。So you can look at this, and maybe youve even seen things like this. This is an expression of culture, right?接下来我们来看这张照片,也许你曾经看到过类似的东西。这是一种文化的表达,对吗?And this is actually from his Degradation series.这张照片实际上是他的退化系列中的一张。And what was most fascinating to me about this series is just, look at that little boy there.这个系列最吸引我的是,看看那里那个小男孩。201602/426383President Obama Speaks on Health Reform奥巴马总统谈论医疗改革201207/190798

We either draw in a liquid sample,我们收集液体样本,or we can actually take a solid core from the wall.或者我们从墙体上直接采集固体岩芯标本。No hands at the wheel.这一过程无需人来遥控。This is all behavioral autonomy here thats being conducted by the robot on its own.这全都由机器人自己执行。The real hat trick for this vehicle, though, is a disruptive new navigation system weve developed,这台机器最大的创新是一种我们研发的与众不同的导航系统,known as 3D SLAM, for simultaneous localization and mapping.被称作3D SLAM,用于同时定位和画图。DEPTHX is an all-seeing eyeball.深水热源探测仪是一种全视角眼球。Its sensor beams look both forward and backward at the same time,它的感应光源可以同时向前向后,allowing it to do new exploration while its still achieving geometric sensor-lock on what its gone through aly.允许它做新的探索同时它能将感应到的它所经过的地方地几何图形锁定。What Im going to show you next is the first fully autonomous robotic exploration underground thats ever been done.我接下来要给你展示的是有史以来第一个全自动地下探索机器人。This May, were going to go from minus 1,000 meters in Zacaton,今年五月,我们准备从扎卡顿地下一千米处出发,and if were very lucky, DEPTHX will bring back the first robotically-discovered division of bacteria.如果我们幸运,深水热源探测仪将会带回第一个机器人独立发现的细菌切片。The next step after that is to test it in Antartica and then, if the funding continues and NASA has the resolution to go,we could potentially launch by 2016, and by 2019 we may have the first evidence of life off this planet.那之后的第二步是在南极洲对它做测试,然后如果资金许可,并且美国宇航局有决心,我们可能在2016年前开始实施(探索外星)计划,在2019年我们有可能得到明地球外的生命存在第一个据。 201512/414541I ran-- I ran as a daughter who benefited from opportunities my mother never dreamed of.我为……作为一个女儿参加竞选,我得益于许多我的母亲从没梦想过的机会。I ran as a mother who worries about my daughters future and a mother who wants to leave all children brighter tomorrows.作为一个母亲参加竞选,我担心着我的女儿的未来,我想让所有的孩子们有一个更加光明的未来。To build that future I see, we must make sure that women and men alike understand the struggles of their grandmothers and their mothers, and that women enjoy equal opportunities, equal pay, and equal respect.要创造我所想象的那种未来,我们要保女人和男人同样理解他们的祖母和母亲的努力——女人拥有平等的机会、平等的报酬 、平等的尊重。Let us resolve and work toward achieving very simple propositions:让我们下决心争取一个十分简单的主张:There are no acceptable limits, and there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country.在21世纪的美国,没有可以接受的限制,也没有可以接受的偏见。You can be so proud that, from now on, it will be unremarkable for a woman to win primary state victories-- unremarkable to have a woman in a close race to be our nominee, unremarkable to think that a woman can be the president of the ed States.你可以以此为骄傲,从今往后女人在某州脱颖而出是不值得一提的,女人在选举中被提名是不值得一提的,女人可以成为美利坚合众国总统是不值得一提的。And that is truly remarkable, my friends.可是,我的朋友,这绝对是值得一提的。201411/340441

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