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In 1937, the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland1937年 联合国前身the fore-runner of the ed Nations位于瑞士日内瓦的国际联盟stated that 90% of the world-wide illegal opium and heroin trade宣城 世界超过90%的非法鸦片和海洛因交易was in the hands of the Japanese drug dealers.经由日本人之手Ultimately, it was the Marco Polo Bridge incident in Peking最终 卢沟桥事件爆发that finally started the full-scale second Sino-Japanese war中日战争正式开始which lasted from 1937 to 1945.这场战争从1937年持续到1945年During that time,八年中Imperial Japan#39;s ferocious war machine not only conquered most of China,日本帝国邪恶的战争机器不仅征了大部分中国地区but also committed some of the most atrocious war crimes in the history of mankind,也在人类历史上写下了不可饶恕的战争罪行such as 1937 Nanjing Massacre.1937年的南京大屠杀便是其中的一个The rape of Nanjing raged on for three months,南京大屠杀持续三个月之久with more than 300,000 civilians savagely slaughtered.三十万手无寸铁的百姓死于日本人刀下In honor of the victims,为了纪念他们the Nanjing Massacre Memorial was built in 19851985年建立了南京大屠杀纪念馆on the grounds of the massacre graves馆址正位于大屠杀遗址之一的万人坑with Wu Weishan sculptures著名雕塑家吴为山的雕塑vividly capturing the horrids at that dful time生动地再现了那段恐怖的岁月underneath these stones, rest the remains of the innocent victims.这些石头下 埋葬着不知多少的冤屈灵魂 Article/201409/329646The alkali fly has special abilities that enable it to live on this lake.咸水蝇有特殊能力 才能在这片湖泊生存It can walk underwater to eat algae.它能走到水底吃海藻Fine hairs trap air bubbles that prevent it from drowning.纤细的毛发夹住气泡 使它不致溺毙But most critically,但最大的关键the fly has a physiology that can neutralise the lethal levels of salt.在于这种苍蝇的生理机能 可以中和致命的含盐浓度So the alkali fly#39;s dominance of Mono Lake goes unchallenged于是咸水蝇独霸莫诺湖 所向无敌except for a few weeks of the year.每年只有几个星期例外100,000 Wilson#39;s phalarope are migrating to South America.十万只赤斑瓣蹼鹬 要迁徙到南美洲Mono Lake is their only stop-over.莫诺湖是它们唯一的中途站These alkali flies, for them,这些咸水蝇对它们而言are an invaluable and irresistible feast.是无法抗拒的珍贵飨宴A fly has no defence, except tofly and become lost in a vast swarm.苍蝇没有防身武器,只能凑空飞起 隐身在大群苍蝇里It needs considerable skill to pluck an individual fly from the air.要从空中抓一只苍蝇 需要高超的技巧There are gulls are here, too.这里也有海鸥Though their fly-catching techniques are not so refined.只不过它们 捕苍蝇的技巧不甚精练 Article/201309/255205

Nobody can be a Bruce Lee.There is only one Bruce Lee.没人能成为李小龙,只有一个李小龙。But all director... martial art director want every actor becoming a second Bruce Lee.但是所有的导演 功夫片导演,都希望每个演员都能成为第二个李小龙。The way... the way you point, the way you fight.Nobody can do it for them.But the audience know he#39;s the best.Bruce Lee is the best.你的... 你的手势 格斗方式,没人能真的做得像,观众们都清楚李小龙才做得最好,李小龙才是最好的。Jacky has appeared in over a hundred films,but is best known in the west for his appearance alongside Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour trilogy,playing a very different role to Bruce Lee.成龙拍了100多部电影,但西方观众更为知晓的是和Chris Tucker一起演的;尖峰时刻;三部曲,风格完全不同于李小龙。Bruce Lee is very strong, he is a very, like a iron guy.Nobody can beat him.I want to be an underdog, everybody can beat me.李小龙非常强壮 他非常 像钢铁人,别人都不是对手。我想做被打的一方 人人都能揍到我。Emm... and when Bruce Lee punch like this, me, after punching, aah, hurt.I wantta be a real human. ;Aah, it#39;s broken.;额... 李小龙出拳就像这样 而我 出拳后 啊 疼啊。我想做个真实的平常人 ;啊 断了;As well as he opens the doors for action stars like Jacky Chen,Bruce Lee has also been the inspiration for many others.李小龙不仅为像成龙这样的动作演员开了路,还启发了其他许多人。I did a movie called Mindhunters,and I had a scene where I had to walk with a gun down this...it#39;s, like, a dark military facility and.我拍了部电影叫;八面埋伏;,里面有一个场景 我拿着出现,像个罪恶的宪兵。I really thought about Bruce Lee,really thought about the way he approached things when I was going through that scene and just my movements that...我当时想到了李小龙,想到那个样的场景里,李小龙会怎样表演 表现动作。And when it... when it played back on tape it looks so fluid,#39;Cause I really thought about, you know the way he approached things,so he definitly is very influential.当在摄影机里看时 很流畅,因为我当时想的就是他的表演方式,无疑他极大地影响了我。 Article/201403/278356

In such a crowded land, a tradition of eating everything with very little waste could be seen as commendable thrift.在这样拥挤的地方,用很少的消耗遍吃百物的传统,可能被看做值得称赞的节俭。The problem is that there are so many people eating wild food in south China, that the illegal supply chain stretches well beyond its borders, contributing to the disappearance of wildlife not only within China, but from other countries, too.问题是中国南方有这么多人在食用野生动物,非法食物供应链一直延伸并超越了国界,使得野生动物消失,不仅在中国境内,而且也包括其他国家。A visit to a traditional Chinese medicine shop reveals another aspect of the use of animals and plants. Dr. So has been practising for over 20 years. The most important part of his diagnosis is the pulse, examined in several places. Dr. So also observes the colour of the tongue and eyes, and asks questions about the patient#39;s taste, smell and even dreams.拜访一家中药店会发现动植物另一方面的作用。宋医生行医20多年了。他最重要的诊断方法是在不同部位号脉。宋医生也观察舌头和眼睛的颜色,并询问病人的味觉嗅觉甚至是梦。 重点讲解:1. see as认为;把…看作;eg. Others saw it as a betrayal.别人认为这是一种背叛。eg. The status quo is seen as untenable.维持其现状的观点看来是站不住脚的。2. contribute to促成;促使;是导致…的原因之一;eg. The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy.报告说两艘船存在的设计缺陷也促成了这场悲剧的发生。eg. A poor business plan and weak sales contribute to the closure of the company.差劲的经营规划与业绩不佳导致那家公司倒闭。 /201409/326430

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