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无锡/急性胃炎治疗医院要多少钱无锡/肛肠科疾病图片Hello,大家好。我是ROSE。很高兴又和您相约“布朗尼加分”口语课堂。今天我们要将的是一个关于死而复生的故事。是不是真的有能起死回生的神力呢?您听过便知。 One day the police see a body on a beach in Egypt. The man is dead as a doornail. The ID cards in the man's wallet identify him as Tony Brown, age 30. A short time later, Tony's friends and relatives are sitting in a funeral tent. They feel blue and they're crying over him. All of a sudden, the "dead" man walks into the tent, looking like a million dollars. His friends and family are dumbfounded. When they realize it's really Tony, they go crazy. They laugh, they cry, and they kiss him. Tony explains, 'A thief ripped me off and took my ID cards. So when the police found the dead man, they thought he was me!" When Tony's friends and family get over their shock, the funeral turns into a party. They're on top of the world! Police are still trying to identify the dead man. 埃及的一处海滩警察发现了一具dead as a doornail的尸体。Nail, 钉子,doornail, 门钉。意思就是“死僵了,肯定死掉了”。 再比如“ It lie there with its eyes closed , dead as a doornail.” 它躺在那里眼睛闭著, 确实死了。 每个词在不同的语境里可能会有不同的意思,需要我们根据上下文,斟酌出最合适的对应翻译。比如在下面这个例子里 as dead as a doornail翻译成什么更确切呢? After my long illness, any hopes I might have had of going to college next year were as dead as a doornail. 由于长期生病,我明年上大学的一切希望都落空了。 家人认为从此失去了Tony,因而feel blue。通过语境也可以判断blue在这里等同于sad,表示“悲伤”。我们熟悉的蓝调音乐(Blue) 也以描写忧郁情绪为主。就在大家为Tony举行葬礼的时候,Tony却回来了,而且looking like a million dollars。这一用法我们在前面已经介绍过,表示healthy and happy. 但是亲戚朋友却 dumbfounded了。Dumbfounded, 意思相当于shocked, 震惊的。惊呆了。比如这个例子:We were completely dumbfounded by her rudeness. 她粗鲁无礼,把我们吓呆了。 rip off 意思相当于steal或rob…of,表示“偷窃”。再来看一个例子:She ripped off a leather jacket while ostensibly /os’tensibly/ trying on clothes. 她装模作样试穿衣时偷了一件皮夹克。 下面这个例子中rip off还有“欺骗,剥削”的意思。That hotel rips off the tourists. 那家旅馆敲观光客的竹杠。 on top of the world. 也就是“幸福之至”的意思。Almost everyone can identify when they're on top of the world, enjoying the benefits of high self-esteem. 几乎每个人都能发现什么时候自己处于最快乐中,并享受着高度自尊的好处。 恩,虽然痛苦了一阵子,但如果能因此能更加珍惜亲人朋友,这场虚惊还是值得的。最后让我们在一首老歌top of the world中,和您说再见。 /201110/157996迷你对话:A:Tom, is Jenny crying?Tom, Jenny是不是在哭?B:Can you take he away from me?你能把她弄走吗?A:I’m just coming for that.就来。B:She kept bothering me.她不停地烦我。A:She’s your sister. What she asked was onlyduck soupfor you. Why can’t you be good to her?她是你的。她的要求只不过是一桩小事。你怎么就不迁就她一下呢?B:But I am her brother, not her servant.可我是她哥哥,不是她的仆人。地道表达:cluck soup 轻而易举的小事持范例:Eg. My new boss isduck soup, but his wife is difficult to handle. 我的新老板是个好胡弄的人,但他的妻子却很难对付。 Eg. I cant kill a duck, But itsduck soupto a cook.我不会宰鸭,而这对厨师来说是易如反掌的事 Eg. Winning this game is going to beduck soup. 赢得这场比赛是轻而易举的事。 Eg. That vocabulary test wasduck soup.那次词汇测试真是小菜一碟。词海拾贝:1.take sb away from:把某人带走Eg. If a man empty his purse into his head, no man cantake it away fromhim. 如果倒空钱袋,追求知识把它们装入脑袋,那就无人能够把它们夺走。Eg. He was at that moment y to kill anyone who touched this girl, who tried to claim her, takeher away from him. 此刻,谁要是摸摸这个姑娘,谁要是企图占有这个姑娘,把她从他的身边拉去,那他马上可以结果了这个人。 Eg. The party was an orgy. Olivier became drunk and quarrelsome. Edouard led him from the room, and Olivier, ashamed, Begged his uncle totake him away.晚会成了一场毫无节制的狂欢作乐。奥利维尔喝醉酒,逢人就吵。爱德华带他离开那间屋子;奥利维尔感到羞愧难当,要求叔叔带他离开。2.come for:为......而来Eg. Did the drivercome for youin a new big shiny auto? 有个司机开一部大型闪亮的新车来接你吗?Eg. We have asked the Conrads tocome for dinner on Friday evening. 我们已邀请康拉德一家在星期五晚上来吃饭。Eg. About noon the next day the boys arrived at the dead tree; they hadcome for their tools. 大约在第二天中午,这两个孩子来到了那棵枯树跟前,他们是来取那两件家伙的。 Eg. Pleasecome for your mailwhenever its convenient. 方便的时候来取你的邮件。 3.be good to:对......友善Eg. By and large, the companysbeen pretty good tome. 总的来说, 公司对我一直很好. Eg. Iwas so good tohim; I never crossed him. 我对他那么慈爱,从来不违拗他。Eg. Hewasalwaysgood tothem and made sure that they had plenty of food. 他待他们一直很好,保让大伙吃饱。Eg. Shewas very good tothe children. 她对孩子们非常慈爱。 /201207/191476无锡/梁溪区肛肠科多少钱

无锡/痔疮复发的症状无锡/pph微创技术治疗痔疮I dont know.It sounds like they want to clean house and start over again,and thats,thats cool.我不知道 看起来他们要清理门户 重整旗鼓 这很好Seems a lot of cheaper,yeah.Just two of them,just L.A Reid and Simon.看起来成本降低不少 是的 只剩下L.A Reid和SimonBecause its just like Simon Cowell curl up on the couch,you know,judging everybody,it aint be great.就像Simon Cowell蜷缩在沙发里 对选手品头论足 这很不好I dont know,yeah,interesting,whats X-Factor.Again,just tell me again,remind me.我不知道 很有意思 什么是X-Factor 再告诉我次 提醒我下Its a singing competition,and this is leads me into what Randy Jackson said,是个歌唱比赛 我们谈下Randy Jackson的言论So Randy Jackson basically,because therere bunch of singing competitions on the air right now,Randy Jackson说 现在播放有很多歌唱比赛Randy said The Voice is basically kind of a second chance place,people that dont get in someplace else go to The Voice.Randy说 The Voice基本上是个回锅肉大本营 没有进入其他比赛的人才会来参加The VoiceI heard about this,I heard about this,I heard about this.我听说过 我听说过 我听说过这番言论As shame on Randy Jackson for saying that,because he out of anybody should know that if youre in this business,我为Randy Jackson说过这个而感到羞愧 因为他应该知道 因为如果你从事音乐行业you need second,third,fourth,and fifth chances,And so we love and embrace that being part of the show.你需要第二三四五次机会 所以我们喜欢并欢迎它成为节目的一部分And you know,god bless Randy,He was a working musician for a long time,and had a lot of success,and then the show Idol kind of愿上帝保佑Randy 在很长一段时间内 他都是努力工作的音乐人 并取得了很多成就 然后美国偶像blow him out of water.And hes a household name now.So,it was an irresponsible to say that.让他浮出水面 成为家喻户晓的明星 所以 这么说是很不负责任的People do deserve second,and third chances,and fourth,and fifth,you know.每个人都应该有第二三四五次机会All right,you are.Well said,Adam.Thank you.I know youre all competitive.你们 说得好 Adam 谢谢 我知道你们都好胜And so were gonna play a game at the next segment,and it is gonna be girls against boys.所以下节我们将做一个游戏 将是男生和女生的对决and we gonna play Guesstures,and its,the category is music,and well see whos gonna be the most competitive.我们会玩Guesstures 类别是音乐 我们会看到谁是最具竞争力的And I think the girls will win.Im pretty sure.Its about time I have some female love with me.我相信女生组能赢 我确信 也应该是有女人爱我的时候啦We gonna win.No,no,no,no.Well win.Well be back.And well win.Oh I get some girl power on myself.我们会赢 才怪 女生组会赢 广告之后 精继续 我现在感觉女人的力量即将迸发 /201703/500440Subject:I feel like I’m behind the eight ball. 迷你对话A: Do you know in which class we will have our class?你知道我们在哪个教室上课吗?B: Mm... I don’t remember. I feel like I’m behind the eight ball.恩......我记不得了。我感觉凶多吉少。 地道表达 behind the eight ball 1. 解词释义Behind the eight ball这个短语的意思是“处于不利的地位,处于困境中”,其英文解释为:in trouble; in a weak or losing position。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Itll be behind the eight ball for him to find another job.肯定找不到工作了。e.g. I want to be honest with the boss, but if I tell him the truth, he may fire me. I feel like Im behind the eight ball on this one.我是想老老实实跟老板讲,可是假如我告诉他实话的话,他可能会炒了我,我感到好像我已经险象发生。e.g. John is behind the eight ball because he started writing his term paper far too late.约翰这次考试完了,他没有做完试卷题目。e.g. Im behind the eight ball again and cant see how to relieve my dilemma.我现在好烦,我不知道如何走出进退两难的窘境。 Ps:have one’s class的意思是“上课”,也可以直接用作have class。例如:We dont have class this afternoon. 今天下午没课。I have class at 10: 00 but any other time is O.K. 我十点有课,除了这个时间 /201401/273398无锡/映山河儿童医院治疗直肠炎价格听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Stories like that of Nicole Beverly, whose abusive husband is set to be released from prison in August despite alleged threats to kill her and her children, are nothing new for Barbara Niess-May, executive director of SafeHouse Center in Ann Arbor.“Her story is common, in that there are many survivors who find themselves needing to relocate because of the assailant,” Niess-May said. “What’s uncommon is the fact that she has gone public with her story.”If law enforcement had investigated how Niess-May believes they should, she said, a public campaign to relocate Beverly and her two sons wouldn’t be necessary. But the authorities have decided not to pursue further charges.“Survivors of domestic violence should not have to displace themselves and their children because of assailant behavior, and that is exactly what is happening here,; she said.If you or someone you know is suffering abuse, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at its toll-free, 24-hour hotline: 800-799-7233.Law enforcement agencies are not committed to holding assailants accountable. That culture doesn’t exist across much of the state, Niess-May said. Often authorities don’t take survivors seriously, or simply say their hands are tied. In Beverly’s case, the authorities didn’t believe the credibility of reports from fellow inmates that her husband was looking for someone he could hire to kill Beverly and her two sons.Even after initial arrests or convictions, Niess-May sees a lack of persistence. She points to the 2013 case of Shandar Turner, a Washtenaw County woman whose partner stabbed her to death in front of her twin sons.He had been released from prison four days earlier.Niess-May said Turner had warned police about threats to kill her, but it made no difference.“When assailants continue to assault and hurt and threaten survivors, there isn’t the decision to say we are going to continue to hold them accountable,” Niess-May said.In Beverly’s case, Niess-May wants clear assurances that authorities thoroughly investigate any potential threat. Has he gone through any programming while in prison to educate him on abusive behavior? Does he show remorse for his actions in the past? Does he have a positive plan for his future?“[Beverly] has had no communication and no support from the system,” Niess-May said.Michigan is one of 14 states that dont have an address confidentiality program, which allows survivors to use a neutral address in public records without revealing their actual location. Niess-May believes instituting one would make a big difference in sexual assault or domestic abuse cases.We reached out to Attorney General Bill Schuettes office. A spokesperson said they are looking into Nicole Beverlys case and are unable to comment further at this time.201706/515626常州治疗脱肛医院

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