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无锡痔疮膏多少钱无锡肛肠医院哪里最好无锡做肠镜哪家医院好 Imagine John Lennon spinning(旋转) in his grave.The ex-Beatle, who was murdered over 25 years ago, is the latest subject of a pay-per-view(按次数付费的) seance(降神会) arranged by the producers of a 2003 attempt to contact the dead Princess Diana. That show made money but was slammed(猛击) by critics as hitting a new low in television tastelessness(无鉴赏力,格调低俗)."People say this is disgusting and I accept that criticism, but we're making a serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people around the world think is possible," said Paul Sharratt, who heads Starcast Productions, which made "The Spirit of Diana." That show drew over half a million U.S. viewers willing to pay .95 to watch it."I have to say that I'm a skeptic(怀疑论者,无神论者). I went into it very skeptically and I didn't come out a total believer, but it was good for a lot of people as a tribute(礼物,贡物) to Diana," Sharratt said.The Lennon show will air on April 24 on a pay-per-view channel and cost .95.Sharratt said he chose Lennon because the former Beatle, like Diana, is an icon and was also a deeply spiritual person.The program will show psychics(心灵学) traveling to sites of significance to the former Beatle, including New York's Dakota apartment house, where he lived and was fatally(致命的) shot by a deranged(疯狂的) fan just over 25 years ago.Psychics will also visit the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles where the Beatles recorded, and a town in India where Lennon pursued a spiritual retreat(静思).Sharratt said the Indian sequence will feature a spirit er at an ashram(印度高僧静修处) who believes he can contact Lennon to receive musical notes and lyrics from the other side.Any notations will be flown to Los Angeles, where a composer will arrange the notes, add vocals and backgrounds to produce a new song.The special will culminate(达到顶点) as psychics, colleagues and confidantes(红粉知己) sit at a seance table for 30 minutes surrounded by infra-red(红外线) cameras that can capture any "presence" or spirit that enters the room. 想象约翰·列侬在坟墓中还在翻身会怎样?二十五年前被杀害的前甲壳虫乐队灵魂人物列侬将成为按次收费通灵会的主角。此次通灵会摄制组的制作人正是2003年试图通灵已逝戴安娜王妃的那位。戴安娜的通灵专题片赚了不少钱,却由于创电视欣赏品位新低而备受批评。制作《戴安娜之魂》的Starcast公司的老板保罗·沙拉特说:“人们说这种片子太恶心了,我接受他们的批评,但是我们的确很认真地在尝试一件世界上成百万人们都认为可能存在的事情。” 当时美国有五十多万人都愿意花14.95美元观看《戴安娜之魂》。沙拉特说:“我必须承认自己对通灵持怀疑态度。从一开始我就十分怀疑,现在也没有完全相信,但是至少这让很多热爱戴妃的人感到欣慰。”列侬的通灵会将在4月24日播出,按观看次数收费,每次9.95美元。沙拉特说他挑选列侬是因为他是前甲壳虫乐队成员,和戴妃一样,他也是历史上的标志性人物,同样具有深邃的精神世界。摄制组将跟随通灵专家们将前往列侬生前的一些重要场所,包括他在纽约达科生活的寓所。二十五年前,他也在这里被一位疯狂的歌迷用射死。通灵专家们还会去洛杉矶的国会录音大楼,因为甲壳虫乐队曾在那里录音。然后他们会去一个印度小镇,列侬曾在那里修身养性。沙拉特说印第安之行主要采访一位在阿什拉姆修行的精神解读者。这位高人说他能和列侬通话并获取列侬传给他的旋律和歌词。所有的音符都会传送给洛杉矶的一位作曲家,他将编辑这些音符、加入歌声和配乐,使之成为一首新歌。节目最精的部分将是通灵专家、列侬的同事、红颜知己围坐通灵桌旁长达三十分钟。其间红外摄像机随时捕捉进入房间的“东西”或者灵魂。 /200807/44205无锡肛泰医院治疗痔疮多少钱啊

常州市中医院治疗肛窦炎价格无锡肛泰医院痔疮费用多少 A hormone found in chocolate could be the #39;mental Viagra#39; that helps to get couples in the mood for sex.在巧克力中发现一种堪称“精神伟哥”的激素,可以让爱侣们性欲大增。Kisspeptin, which is found in chocolate, is the hormone in the brain which kickstarts puberty.巧克力中发现的这种激素名为kisspeptin,也是大脑中催动青春期的激素。And it may explain something about the behaviour of teenage boys, after scientists found it makes men much more interested in sex and relationships.科学家们发现,这种激素让男人更热衷性生活和男女关系,也能在一定程度上解释青春期男孩的行为。Young men injected with the hormone and then given brain scans showed a flurry of activity in the parts of the brain activated by sexual arousal and romance.被注射了这种激素的年轻男子大脑经过扫描发现,在被性唤起和浪漫事物激活的大脑部位有波动。It means similar injections could be used to help men to start a family.这意味着注射同样的激素可以用来帮助男性繁衍后代。Professor Waljit Dhillo, the lead author of the research from Imperial College London, said: #39;Our initial findings are novel and exciting as they indicate that kisspeptin plays a role in stimulating some of the emotions and responses that lead to sex and reproduction.该研究的首席作者、伦敦帝国学院的沃尔吉特?迪洛教授说:“初期研究结果显示,kisspeptin能激起导致性行为和生育的一些情感和反应,这一发现新奇又令人振奋。#39;Ultimately, we are keen to look into whether kisspeptin could be an effective treatment for psychosexual disorders, and potentially help countless couples who struggle to conceive.#39;“最终,我们将积极研究kisspeptin能否成为治疗性心理障碍的有效方法,从而可能帮助无数生育困难的夫妇脱离苦海。”One in 10 men in the UK are believed to have sexual problems, many suffering a lack of libido caused by relationship issues, stress and anxiety.据认为,十分之一的英国男人都有性问题,感情问题、压力和焦虑等因素导致许多男性缺乏性欲。This can cause problems for couples trying for a child and advised to have regular sex throughout the month.而缺乏性欲对于那些想要小孩、被建议每月定期进行性生活的夫妇来说则是个困扰。But kisspeptin is hoped to hold the answer, following a trial involving 29 healthy young men.在29个健康年轻男子身上进行试验后发现,kisspeptin有望解决这一难题。Those injected with kisspeptin, discovered in the mid-1990s in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and named after sweets from the city called Hershey#39;s Chocolate Kisses, reacted differently to sexual and non-sexual romantic pictures of couples.那些注射了kisspeptin的男子对自己看到的夫妇色情图片和非色情图片的反应是不同的。Kisspeptin于20世纪90年代中期在宾夕法尼亚州的好时镇被发现,并以该市出产的好时之吻巧克力糖果的名字命名。In an MRI scanner, where their brains were monitored, there was greater activity in the parts of the brain typically activated by sexual arousal and romance than the men given a placebo.核磁共振扫描发现,被注射kisspeptin的男性大脑中会被性唤起和浪漫事物激活的部位比那些用安慰剂的男性有更大幅度的活动。The effect is likely to come from kisspeptin#39;s role in starting puberty, by stimulating the release of reproductive hormones.产生这一效果很可能是因为kisspeptin能够刺激生殖激素的释放,正如kisspeptin催动青春期时的作用一样。 /201702/490346无锡怎么治疗直肠息肉

无锡直肠息肉治疗医院 比阿特丽斯公主是英国女王伊丽莎白二世的孙女、安德鲁王子和前妻约克公爵夫人莎拉#8226;弗格森的长女,在英国王位继承人顺序中排名第5,被誉为“世界上最美丽的未嫁公主”。日前英国媒体报道,19岁的小公主身为金枝玉叶竟然在一家百货公司里打工。Princess Beatrice is working as a personal shopper in Selfridges as part of her gap year, it has emerged.The 19-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew will spend the rest of the month working for free in the upmarket London department store.It is her job to answer the beck and call of wealthy customers who book sessions in advance and the fifth in line to the throne has been seen ferrying clothes and items around the shop.Princess Beatrice, who was described as a "natural", is working at Selfridges as part of her gap year before going to university.Dressed in a black dress and a wide black belt with her long red her flowing loose, the Princess looked at ease and happy as she strolled between floors.One onlooker, who spotted her while at lunch, said: "She was wandering around the Prada section with a young dark-haired girl in her late teens or early 20s."She looked quite confident, she was happy and relaxed - definitely a natural."Last month she was pictured on the island of St Barts in the Caribbean on holiday with her American boyfriend Dave Clark.She has also reportedly traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, as well America since leaving St George's School in Ascot, Berkshire, last year.Her cousin Prince William worked on a farm in the UK during his gap year and spent time in Chile as a volunteer for charity Raleigh International, while Prince Harry worked on a ranch in Queensland, Australia for three months and traveled in South Africa.The Prince went to Lesotho to visit an orphanage for children suffering from Aids. /200805/38223无锡痔疮需要做什么检查无锡市第八人民医院看混合痔多少钱



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