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无锡/01医院有看痔疮专科吗无锡/治痔疮要多少钱How Do Top Students Study?真正的学霸是怎么学习的?Learn topics that you are taught as soon as they are introduced in class and learn them well in small chunks.上课学到的知识要尽早深入学习,把它们分成小的模块来学。Do your problem sets diligently and put effort into understanding the material.勤奋地归纳问题集,努力读懂材料。Math requires practice if you want to solve questions consistently under exam conditions.如果你想要在数学考试中持续成功地解决问题,就要多多练习。How much practice you need will depend on your level of maturity (in Math).做多少习题取决于你在数学这个科目上的熟练程度。Do not count on last minute cramming right before exams to do well.不要考试前的最后时间里靠死记硬背去取的好成绩。Cramming might work (i.e. get you decent grades in the exams) during the first two years when the material is relatively simple, but if you don#39;t learn the basics well, you might end up having trouble with the more advanced material that will build on the basics.在前两年题目比较简单的时候死记硬背也许有用(比如在考试中取得不错的成绩),但是如果你不打好基础,你可能会在遇到进阶题的时候觉得困难重重——因为这些题都是建立在基础知识上的。It might be hard to catch up once you have a gap in your understanding in the early years.一旦早期在理解方面落后,后期赶上去会非常困难。The 7 most important things that enable learning and top grades are:让你取得好成绩的七个要点:Listening carefully in class - no just furiously taking notes. Notes can be borrowed from friends, or you can refer to reference materials later. Listen in class!在课堂上认真听讲-不要只是急着记笔记。笔记是可以向朋友借,或者你也可以借助参考资料。上课认真听!Ask questions in class - don#39;t be afraid to ask questions. Genuinely engage the professor and participate in class. if you can#39;t follow, others probably can#39;t either.在课堂上提问-不要害怕问问题。要和老师进行真诚的互动,积极参与课堂。如果你跟不上,其他人可能也跟不上。Go to office hours - and engage the TA / Professor利用老师办公室答疑时间-跟助教或者老师互动Sleep on time准时睡觉Exercise练习Find a good study group - ideally people who know things complementary to you, or with whom you work extremely well.找个好的学习小组-最好是他们的观点可以对你的有所补充,或者和那些和你合作得非常默契的人一起。Stay calm before exams - don#39;t cram, and definitely try not to stress out during exams. The best way to do well during an exam is to stay calm before and during the exam.考前不紧张-不要死记硬背,不要在考试中压力过大。应对考试最好的方式是在考试之前和考试过程中都保持镇静。 /201702/490781无锡/治疗痔疮的医院 When Jacob Noll* was growing up in the Midwest, he could never have imagined he would experience domestic violence. ;I was a straight, white guy in a normal, small town that kind of catered to people like me,; he says wryly. ;My family was really close. My folks are still together. There were no big family problems that would have given me some kind of a window into how dark the world can be.; Yet Noll spent several years in such darkness after falling in love with Courtney, a woman he met online.雅克布#8226;诺尔在中西部长大,他从未想过自己会被家暴。“我是直男,很正常的一个白人小伙儿,我长大的小镇也养育了和我一样的人,”他苦涩的说道。“我的家人关系很好。我的家人们现在还住在一起。家庭内部没有什么大的矛盾,因此我没有机会知道世界是如何的黑暗。”但是诺尔在网上认识了考特尼,并爱上了她,从而度过了好几年的黑暗时光。Courtney was a year older than Noll, and from the start, he was enchanted by her presence online. She was pretty, he says, but more than that, she found him funny and engaging. Noll says he ;made a play; to meet Courtney in person - they lived a few hours apart from each other - and was disappointed when she declined. But a year later, in 2006, she emailed Noll ;out of the blue.; She was just out of a relationship and asked if he wanted to get together. ;I ran at it,; he says of her offer. ;It was an adventure to get to know her because she lived far away.;考特尼比诺尔大一岁,一开始的时候,诺尔就被考特尼的网上形象给迷住了。他说她很好看,而且她还觉得他有趣迷人。诺尔说他“试图”约考特尼本人见面——他们之间只隔着几小时车程——被考特尔拒绝后,他十分失望。但一年后,也就是2006年,她突然给诺尔发了封邮件。那时候她刚刚分手,问诺尔想不想要和她在一起。“我跑过去了,”他回复道。“因为她住的很远,所以了解她就像是一场冒险。”It was the summer of 2006, and Noll was 22 years old. He was a somewhat rudderless college grad; he wanted to do big things, but wasn#39;t sure what that looked like. Instead, he poured his energies into nurturing a relationship with Courtney. She was charming and funny, but also vulnerable. He thought he could help her, perhaps be her knight in shining armor. The long-distance relationship progressed quickly. Even from the beginning, Noll saw signs of volatility, but he always found a way to write them off, even when they involved Courtney#39;s episodes of drinking too much and passing out. ;I would always put it back on myself and say, #39;You#39;re a guy who#39;s not good with emotions and feelings. You#39;re dumb, you#39;re a dunce, and she just knows more [about feelings]’,; he admits.那时候是2006年夏天,诺尔当年22岁。他是个不知前途在何方的大学毕业生;他想成就一番大业,但又不知道自己想做什么。反而,他倾注全力和考特尼在一起。她风趣有魅力,但也很脆弱。他以为披着闪亮的铠甲,做她的骑士就能帮到她。这段异地恋进展的很快。即使刚开始诺尔就发现了俩人感情关系不确定的因素,但他也总能想办法去除这些因素。“我总是把问题归咎到自己身上,自言自语‘你是个不擅长处理情感的人。你是傻瓜、是笨蛋,她对情感的了解比你多了去了’,”他承认道。译文属 /201609/468808The Australian state of New South Wales has announced new measures to prevent shark attacks on its beaches after a teenage surfer was attacked last week.上周,澳大利亚新南威尔士州一名未成年冲浪者遭到了鲨鱼袭击,对此该州已经出台了一些防止被咬的新措施。Programmes to catch, tag and relocate sharks will be stepped up using baited hooks attached to lines of floating drums, officials say.据澳大利亚官员表示,他们将用浮标绑上饵钩,从而来捕捉鲨鱼,给他们打上记录标签,然后放到其他海域去。The system has proved successful at catching sharks but conservationists say it is harmful to wildlife.该系统已经被实在捕捉鲨鱼方面很成功,但是环保人士认为这会对野生动物造成伤害。The so-called smart drum lines alert officials when creatures are captured.当有动物被捉到时,这些所谓的智能浮标线就会向政府发出警报。There are aly 15 of them off the state and 85 others would be rolled out, a statement said.据一份声明表示,新南威尔士已经赶走了15条鲨鱼,并且还将驱逐85条。New South Wales Premier Mike Baird said 31 great white and five bull sharks have tagged and relocated since May, according to Australia#39;s A broadcaster.据澳大利亚A广播电台报道,新南威尔士总督麦克·贝尔德表示,自从今年5月以来,已经有31条大白鲨和5条公牛鲨被打上标签、重新放回大海。 /201610/469621无锡/肛门大肠病医院

无锡/肛泰肛肠医院治疗肛乳头瘤价格We all have to eat to stay alive, but how often do you actually savour your food?我们所有人都必须为了生存而吃东西,但是,你有多久没有好好品尝你的食物了?The concept of mindful eating is nothing new - for years, health gurus have extolled the virtues of appreciating your food instead of mindlessly shoving it into your mouth.用心饮食这个概念已经不新鲜了——多年来,健康专家都在提倡欣赏食物的风尚,而不是不走心地把食物塞进嘴里。Studies have shown that eating mindfully results in weightloss with minimal effort, but just how exactly do you do it?研究发现,用心饮食可以使你的减肥事倍功半,但是你究竟该如何做呢?One expert has revealed her tried and tested technique to help us eat mindfully - it’s called #39;the sultana exercise#39;.意味专家告诉了我们她的尝试和技术测试,来帮助我们用心饮食——“葡萄干练习法”According to Charlotte Thaarup, Australian clinical mindfulness consultant and director of The Mindfulness Clinic, doing this single exercise with a sultana is all we need to do to keep us eating consciously.据澳大利亚正念诊所的顾问兼指导医师夏洛特#8226;塔鲁普所说,我们想要保持有意识地吃东西,只需要用一颗小葡萄做单一练习。Here’s what you do:下面是你要做的:1.Take a sultana and spend five minutes “using your five senses with it”1.拿一颗小葡萄,花五分钟“用你的五种感官去感受”2.Look at it, noticing the texture and colour2.看,注意纹理和颜色3.Feel it in your hand3.用手感觉4.Smell it4.闻5.Taste it, rolling it around your tongue and noticing how it feels between your teeth.5.尝,用舌头包裹它,感受它在齿间的味道According to Thaarup, the sultana exercise could help you eat better and binge less, the Mail Online reports.塔鲁普说,“葡萄干练习法”可以让你吃得更好,减少暴饮暴食。Mindful eating has for a while been touted as a way to help people re-establish a healthy relationship with food.用心饮食被奉为一种帮助人们与食物重新建立健康关系的方法已经有一段时间了。“Whether you want to lose weight, call a truce in the war with your dear body, change your relationship with food, or reduce your daily stress by making healthier choices,” Thaarup says eating mindfully can help.“不管你想不想减肥,和你的身体休战吧,改变与食物的关系,或者通过更健康的选择来减少日常压力,”塔鲁普说用心吃东西是有帮助的。As well as the sultana exercise, other ways to encourage mindful eating involve:除了“葡萄干练习法”,还有其他的方法鼓励用心饮食,包括:Putting your cutlery down in between mouthfuls;Noticing your thought processes as you eat;Making meals memorable by laying the table nicely;Eating slowly;Sitting at a table rather than in front of the TV;Keeping a food diary.嘴里满满的时候把餐具放下;吃东西的时候注意你的思维过程;把餐桌摆好,让每一餐都值得纪念;慢慢地吃;坐在饭桌前吃而不是在电视机前;记录饮食日记。For a lot of people, however, eating mindfully becomes harder when dining with other people - it’s hard to pay attention to what your companions are saying if you’re also focussing on every mouthful you chew.然而,对于很多人来说,和别人一起吃饭的时候,用心饮食就变得很困难——如果你一直关注你嚼的每一口,那就很难留意到同伴说了什么。But if you can manage it, mindful eating really could be the easiest way of all not only to stop overeating but also to get more pleasure from food.但是,如果你真的能管理好自己,用心饮食的确是最简单的方法,不仅可以停止暴饮暴食,还能让你从食物中获得更多乐趣。One study, for example, found that people who ate chocolate mindfully were left in a better mood than those who didn’t bother to really enjoy it.例如,一项研究发现用心吃巧克力的人比那些不尽情享受巧克力的人会收获更好的心情。So perhaps it’s time to grab a sultana and mindfully eat your way to health, happiness and harmony.也许是时候拿起葡萄干,用心去吃,吃出健康,吃出快乐,吃出和谐。译文属 /201703/500193无锡/市新吴区治疗便秘多少钱 Worshipping Ceremonies for Dragon对龙的拜祭日The Chinese,regardless of where they live,celebrate festivals and happy occasions with dragon dances. At the beginning of the year of the dragon, colorful dragons can be often seen dancing in streets. Special worshipping ceremonies take place on the first and 15th day of every month. Dragon shrines and altars can still be seen in many places in China. They are usually located along seashores and riverbanks since it was believed that most Eastern dragons lived in water. Everything connected with dragons is blessed.对于中国人,无论他们身在何处,都会用舞龙表演庆祝节日和喜庆场合。在龙年伊始,多的舞龙可以经常在街道上看到。特别祭拜仪式在每月的第1日和第15日进行。在中国许多地方仍然可以看到龙神殿和祭坛。它们通常是位于海岸和河堤,因为他们相信,大多数东方龙生活在水中。一切与龙相关的都是有福的。 /201611/479109无锡/痔疮治疗的费用

无锡/肛泰医院内痔手术多少钱Not only the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is, for most people, the most sociable.对许多人而言,圣诞节不仅是一年当中最美好的时光,也是社交的绝佳机会。With work parties, family get-togethers and trips to the pub to see old schoolmates all on the cards, it#39;s understandable that the majority of us want to look our best.无论公司派对、家庭聚会,还是老同学酒吧聚会上,我们都想展示自己最好看的一面,这无可厚非。So that means maybe a quick trim and slick of new eyeshadow, right?于是我们给自己来些新装扮或是一抹新眼影,对不对?Judging by recent trends, a new hair-do or some extra make-up is no longer going to cut it - if you really want to look good this party season, join the growing number of people getting cosmetic surgery for Christmas.从最近的风潮来看,修一修发型或化个新妆容已经不够拉风。如果你真想在这个派对季变美,那就跟越来越多的人一样,为圣诞的到来去整个容吧。And one of the main reasons people are going under the knife (or needle or syringe)? Selfies.那什么是人们甘愿躺在手术刀下(打手术针或皮下注射)的原因之一?自拍所需。After all, if you didn#39;t take a selfie at a social engagement, were you even really there?毕竟,如果社交活动上你不自拍,你确定是真的在聚会吗?Unlike normal photos taken from a distance, selfies raise the risk of the ded under-eye dark circles, particularly at winter parties with overhead lighting.跟从远处正常拍的照片不同,自拍时拍到可怕的黑眼圈的风险更大,特别是在冬天聚会时开着顶灯自拍的时候。For selfies with overhead lighting and holiday parties, the undereye really gets those dark circles accentuated, so that#39;s a big one, Dr Dara Liotta, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon from New York explains.“假日派对上或开顶灯时,自拍会使黑眼圈明显加重,变成了熊猫眼。”纽约面部整形及重塑外科医生达拉.廖塔说。So the obvious solution is cosmetic surgery.那么,解决办法显然是整容。According to RealSelf#39;s community of board-certified experts, there#39;s an increasing number of people booking cosmetic procedures in the run-up to the festive season, both for non-invasive surgery like botox and more drastic operations like facelifts and breast enlargements.“真实自我”社区委员会认专家说,圣诞季来临前,越来越多的人预定做整容手术,包括注射肉毒杆菌等无创手术和拉皮、隆胸等改动更大的手术。Dr. Liotta has seen a particular rush for injectables before the Christmas parties get under way - that#39;s to say botox, under-eye and cheek fillers, and injection rhinoplasties.圣诞聚会还未开始,廖塔医生就已看到,人们蜂拥到医院去整容,比如打肉毒杆菌、去眼袋、脸颊填料及注射式鼻部整形。Unlike a nose-job, Dr. Liotta can#39;t actually make a nose smaller by carrying out an injection rhinoplasty, however she can make light hit it in a more flattering way.与一般鼻部整形手术不同,廖塔医生无法通过实施注射式鼻部整形让鼻子缩小,但她可以在视觉效果上美化人的鼻子。If you have a bump in your nose, for example, Dr. Liotta can add filler above and below to make the line subtly smoother.例如,如果鼻子上有凸起,廖塔医生可以在上面和下面添加填充物,巧妙地让该部分曲线变得更光滑。It#39;s just like having permanently contoured make-up on, apparently.这显然就像化了永久的柔和妆容。What#39;s more, as the stigma attached to cosmetic surgery has faded, more people are giving procedures as presents.此外,整容手术带来的羞耻感已经淡化,越来越多的人将其作为礼物送出。;Plastic surgery is the new diamond;, Dr. Liotta told Bravo.“整形手术成为新潮流。” 廖塔医生告诉《Bravo》杂志。 /201612/481916 Google has partnered with a young UK designer to create what they claim to be are the world’s only ‘really blue’ jeans.谷歌和一位年轻的英国设计师合作,制作出了据称是全世界仅有的“真蓝色”牛仔裤。The designs are the latest phase of Google’s alliance with the fashion industry (they’ve previously collaborated with Jeremy Scott and Michael Kors to launch their new Pixel smartphone ‘Really Blue’ edition).该作品是谷歌和时尚业联手的最新进展,此前谷歌还与杰瑞米?斯科特和迈克高仕品牌合作发布了新款“真蓝版”Pixel智能手机。The work of Cambridge-born designer Christian Cowan - who has designed outfits for some of the world’s biggest names, including Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus - the jeans are designed to match the new phone.出生于剑桥郡的克里斯蒂安?考恩是“真蓝”牛仔裤的设计师,他曾为世界上最大牌的一些名人设计过装,包括嘎嘎夫人和麦莉?塞勒斯,设计该牛仔裤是为了和新款“真蓝”手机配套。Fresh from his debut runway show at New York Fashion Week, the Central St Martins graduate’s brief was to redefine what we think of everyone’s favourite fashion staple.考恩刚刚参加完伦敦时尚周的T台首秀,这位毕业于中央圣马丁艺术设计学院的设计师想要重新定义我们对这件人见人爱的时尚必备单品的看法。Alas, Cowan designed the jeans in the bluest blue after scouring dye houses all over New York City to find an exact match to the phone cover.在扫荡了纽约所有的染坊之后,考恩终于找到了和手机外壳完全搭配的蓝色染料,并设计出了最蓝的蓝色牛仔裤。Interestingly they also feature just one pocket instead of the usual five - because we do everything on our phones, says Google.有趣的是,这款牛仔裤只有一个口袋,而不是普通牛仔裤常有的五个口袋,谷歌表示,这是因为我们什么事情都用手机搞定。From taking photos, to paying for food and watching TV, smartphones like the Pixel save us the hassle of carrying round a myriad of gadgets.从拍照到付款买食物再到看电视,像Pixel这样的智能手机让我们免于携带一堆电子产品的繁琐。The marketing campaign features the true blue jeans modelled by Toby Huntington-Whiteley – the younger brother of Rosie – and others and are available to buy now.在宣传推广活动中,穿这条“真蓝”牛仔裤做广告的模特包括罗茜?汉丁顿-惠特莉的弟弟托比,而且该牛仔裤已经上市。 /201702/494226江阴治疗慢性肠炎医院无锡/第二人民医院看大便出血多少钱



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