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Who says losing weight has to be hard? These effortless activities can help rev your metabolism—and melt the pounds away.Actor Pete Postlethwaite once said: "I exercise every morning without fail. One eyelid goes up and the other follows." That e may seem nonsensical, but the sentiment actually makes some sense.Take a closer look at your daily routine, and you'll find plenty of opportunities for easy calorie-burning activities--no gym required. Or simply follow our cheat sheet to give your metabolism and your health an instant boost.1. Walk, walk, walk. It's a no-brainer that can't be stressed enough. Experts recommend taking 10,000 steps a day, so the next time you go shopping, park your car farther away from the entrance. In the office, visit your colleagues from different departments instead of messaging or phoning them. And always take the stairs instead of the elevator.2. Do a housework workout. Whenever you have to do those nagging chores, do them with some pizzazz. Grab your iPod or turn on the radio, and clean along to the music. You'll work at a faster pace and burn more calories, and your chores will be done before you know it.3. Eat breakfast. It may seem counterintuitive, but experts believe that skipping breakfast actually encourages obesity. Part of the reason, according to the American Diabetic Association, may be that eating breakfast helps speed up your metabolism.4. Drink water. Because sodas are full of sugar and empty calories, it takes a long time to burn them off. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, in contrast, has no calories, makes you feel full, and boosts your metabolism.5. Turn down the heat. Do this during the winter, especially at night, and you'll burn more calories. In the summer, turn on the air-conditioning. A colder environment forces your body to produce more heat, helping you to burn more calories. 谁说,减肥太难? 以下这些轻松的活动将加快您的新陈代谢,身上的赘肉也慢慢消失了。健康生活新闻演员皮特波斯尔思韦特曾经说过:“我每天早上都会做一件事情,从未中断过,那就是一只眼睛睁着,一只眼睛闭着,并轮流交替。” 看起来似乎没什么意义,但对情感上却有调节作用。仔细看看你每天做的事情,你就会发现其实你有很多机会燃烧热量,而没有必要去健身房。 或只是按照我们提出的这些方法,就可以促进代谢,使您更加健康。1) 步行,步行,步行强调千次万次都不过分的就是步行啦。 专家建议每天走10000步,所以下次你去购物的时候,将车停在离入口较远的地方。 上班的时候,直接去找其他部门的同事而不是打电话给他们。 并始终用楼梯代替电梯。2) 做家务劳动锻炼当你面对一大堆让人头疼的家务事的时候,不妨来点有有活力和动感的刺激。 拿起你的iPod或打开收音机,在音乐声中劳动吧。 你会工作的更快,而且燃烧更多的热量,在你不知不觉中,家务就做完啦。3) 吃早餐它可能似乎违反直觉,但专家认为,不吃早餐实际上会引起肥胖。 根据美国糖尿病协会,部分原因可能是吃早餐有助于加速您的新陈代谢。4) 喝水汽水里面全是糖没有白卡路里,人体需要很长时间才能将其消耗。 相反,每天至少喝八杯水,也不含卡路里,但会让你觉得很饱,而且加速人体的新陈代谢。5 )关小暖气请在冬季这么做,尤其是在夜间,你会燃烧较多的卡路里。 在夏季则请打开空调。 在寒冷的环境中,人体将产生更多的热量,帮你燃烧较多的卡路里。 /200810/54468。

  • Don’t add more pressure. Forget about turning lemons into lemonade. The first rule to follow when trying to turn around a bad day is to not try to turn around a bad day — that’s nearly impossible and puts way too much pressure on you. Your goal should be to survive the day and minimize the long-term damage by agreeing not to make any decisions. After a barrage of bad news, your decision making ability will be all messed up. Take a break and, if possible, escape… 不要再给自己加压。忘记把柠檬榨成柠檬汁了,不要强迫自己一定做好,你要做的就是认真过好这一天,不让时间浪费。 /201003/100021。
  • 当感情遭到一方欺骗或背叛的时候,另一方大多悲伤、痛苦,有些人还会想到报复。然而报复的结果却常常是伤人又伤己。在感情生活中,用这样的方式去了结内心的痛,是傻到极点的做法,恨是不能化解痛苦的。家裕说得对,最好的“报复”是比他幸福。为了幸福,那就尽力让自己活得更精更精神吧!NO.1天蝎座(Scorpio)  天蝎座的个性极强,最让他们感到反感的就背叛,换做一般人,顶多就是心里一阵感慨,而天蝎心中的仇恨会留存很久,除非他们报却一箭之分,所以得罪天蝎座的朋友,还是抓紧时间解决,想办法得到他们的原谅,否则,只有被报复后的郁闷。其实最简单的方便,就是不要得罪天蝎座。The most unbearable thing to them is to find out that they have been cheated. They will not stop until they have taken revenge. /200911/88920。
  • 360和腾讯的网络大战爆发后,网友调侃腾讯致用户信——“我们刚刚做出了一个艰难的决定……”编写了许多小段子发泄愤怒。When you see this letter, we have just made a difficult decision. Before Qihoo360 stops infringing upon and slandering QQ, we have decided to stop running QQ on computers installed with 360's software.腾讯公开信原文:当您看到这封信的时候,我们刚刚作出了一个非常艰难的决定。在360公司停止对QQ进行外挂侵犯和恶意诋毁之前,我们决定将在装有360软件的电脑上停止运行QQ软件。Here are some jokes from netizens:Microsoft:When you see this letter, we have just made a difficult decision. Because two Chinese programs have severely affected our Windows services, until you stop using 360 and QQ, we have decided to suspend the operation of Windows in China.微软:当您看到这封信的时候,我们刚刚作出了一个非常非常非常非常艰难的决定,由于中国两家互联网公司的两款软件严重的干扰了我们的windows务。在您停止使用360和QQ之前,我们决定暂停所有大中华区的windows务。NOKIAWe have just made a difficult decision. If our mobile phones detect an iPhone within 10 meters, they will automatically explode.诺基亚我们刚刚作出了一个非常非常非常非常艰难的决定。如果监测到十米以内有iPhone手机,我们的手机将自动引爆。Master KongWe have just made a difficult decision. If we found you have eaten another type of instant noodle, our products will be sold to you without flavouring.康师傅我们刚刚作出了一个非常非常非常非常艰难的决定。如果我们监测检测到您之前食用过其它品牌的方便面,您购买的方便面内将不配调料。BaiduWe have just made a difficult decision. If we detect that you have visited Google, your Baidu ID will be automatically blocked.百度我们刚刚作出了一个非常非常非常非常艰难的决定。如果我们检测到您之前访问过谷歌,您的百度账号将被自动屏蔽。 /201011/117497。
  • 【中英对照】1. Where there is great love, there are always miracles.哪里有真爱存在,哪里就有奇迹。2. Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.爱情就像一只蝴蝶,它喜欢飞到哪里,就把欢乐带到哪里。3. If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.假如每次想起你我都会得到一朵鲜花,那么我将永远在花丛中徜徉。4. Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.有了你,我迷失了自我。失去你,我多么希望自己再度迷失。5. At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.每一个沐浴在爱河中的人都是诗人。6. Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.看看我的眼睛,你会发现你对我而言意味着什么。7. Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.距离使两颗心靠得更近。8. I need him like I need the air to breathe.我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空气。9. If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.如果没有相等的爱,那就让我爱多一些吧。10. Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.爱是长在我们心里的藤蔓。11. If I know what love is, it is because of you.因为你,我懂得了爱。12. Love is the greatest refreshment in life.爱情是生活最好的提神剂。13. Love never dies.爱情永不死。 /200907/76329。
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