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常州市中医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗江阴市中医院治疗直肠前突价格New York has been named the dirtiest out of 35 American metropolitan areas by the out-of-towners who Travel + Leisure magazine.纽约被《旅行+休闲》杂志的游客读者们评为美国35个国际都市中最脏的一个。Tourists cited New York#39;s garbage-piled sidewalks and funky odors to shove Gotham to the top of the trash heap in the poll, which is part of the magazine#39;s annual America#39;s Favorite Cities survey.游客指出,纽约的人行道上堆满了垃圾,散发出恶臭,这让纽约成功登顶垃圾堆城市榜。这一调查是该杂志的年度美国最受喜爱城市调查的一部分。The magazine polled 50,000 people online, but the tourists were the harshest.该杂志在网上调查了5万人,而游客们的评价是最毒的。You#39;d think New Yorkers would be quick to defend the capital of the world — but the nose knows; city residents ranked our rankness as the second-worst in the nation, behind, obviously, Baltimore.你可能以为纽约人会迅速跳起来为这个世界之都辩护,但是天晓得纽约居民也把纽约评为全国第二脏的城市,当然,仅次于巴尔的。;New York is beyond nasty!; said Nevillyn Parsons, 42, a city resident who recently snapped a photo of a rat rummaging through garbage outside a Brooklyn courthouse.一位42岁的纽约市民奈维林#8226;帕森斯说:“纽约脏得不能再脏了!”他最近刚拍了一张布鲁克林法院外老鼠乱翻垃圾箱的照片。Of course, Mayor Bloomberg covered the stench of defeat in a floral spray of spin.当然,纽约市长彭用让人晕眩的花香喷雾盖住了恶臭的失败印记。;Sounds like the people in this survey haven#39;t been here in a long while,; said mayoral spokeswoman Julie Wood.市长女发言人朱莉#8226;伍德说:“听上去调查的这些人似乎在纽约待的时间并不长。”The city#39;s 50 million tourists last year, she added, ;saw for themselves that the city is cleaner than ever.;她补充说,该市去年5000万游客“亲眼看见纽约市比以往任何时候都更干净”。A recent Sanitation Department report gave the city#39;s streets a 95% cleanliness rating, up from 70% in the 1970s. But nonnative New Yorkers weren#39;t buying that particular bridge Monday.一项卫生部的新报告给纽约街道打出清洁度95%的评价,而20世纪70年代清洁度仅为70%。然而周一的调查显示,来自外地的纽约人并不买账。Other cities ;don#39;t have the same smell of (urine) and the rodent problem that you have here,; said Derek Snow, 35, who moved to New York from Boston. ;But if you want the extremely awesome, you have to take the extremely bad.;从波士顿搬来纽约的35岁的德雷克#8226;斯诺说其他城市“并没有纽约这种(尿骚)味和老鼠泛滥的问题。但如果你想要得到特别棒的东西,你就必须接受特别糟的东西。”New Yorkers may be slightly more immune to their city#39;s grit and grime — and the occasional skittering rodent — as they slog to their jobs every day.纽约人也许对自己城市的砂砾和尘垢稍微更有免疫力一些,对每天上班路上偶尔窜过脚边的老鼠也更见怪不怪。But they#39;re not so thrilled once they get there. New York ranked only 17th in a separate survey of the 20 ;happiest cities; for young professionals ranked by CareerBliss.com.但他们到纽约后就兴奋不起来了。CareerBliss.com开展的一项独立调查评出了年轻专业人士“最快乐的20个城市”,纽约只排在第17位。 /201209/200842无锡哪个医院肛肠科比较好 无锡肛泰医院治疗肛门直肠狭窄价格

无锡妇保医院肛肠痔疮便血肛门异物治疗好吗On a brisk day in mid-October, Nobel prizewinner for literature Mo Yan#39;s 62-year-old brother, Guan Moxin, stands outside their childhood home in Ping#39;an village, Shandong coastal province, posing for photographs with a steady stream of brightly dressed tourists. He smiles as a teenage girl in a pink sweater puts her hand on his shoulder and flashes a peace sign at the camera.在10月中旬生机勃勃的一天,诺贝尔奖文学奖得主莫言62岁的哥哥管谟欣,站在山东沿海省份平安村他们童年的家门口,摆着姿势与源源不断穿着鲜艳的游客一起照相。当一个穿粉红色毛衣的少女把手放在他的肩上,他微笑着,在相机一闪的时候他轻轻地叹了口气。;Everybody wants to understand what Mo Yan#39;s life used to be like, when we were young,; says Guan, leading a small crowd inside the abandoned house to a dusty room where Mo, now 57, was married. A broken antique radio – a wedding gift, Guan says – sits on a crumbling concrete bed, untouched for decades.“每个人都想了解莫言过去的生活是怎样的,当我们年轻的时候,”管谟新,带着一小群人从一间废弃的房子进入一间尘土飞扬的房间,这里是现年57岁的莫言曾经结婚的地方。一个旧古董收音机是结婚礼物,管谟欣坐在一张几十年未碰过的摇摇欲坠的混凝土床上说道。Ping#39;an, population 800, may soon be hard-pressed to maintain its rustic charm. Authorities in Gaomi, the municipality that administers Ping#39;an, plans to build a #163;67m ;Mo Yan Culture Experience; theme park around the writer#39;s old home, according to the Beijing News.有着800人口的平安可能将很难保持其质朴的魅力。根据北京新闻,管理平安的高密市政府,计划在这位作家旧居周围建造6700万英镑的“莫言文化体验之旅”的主题公园。The plan adds a touch of avarice to the range of reactions with which China has received Mo#39;s Nobel victory. The author has worked with the Chinese Communist party for decades – many outspoken dissidents were outraged by the award. For many ordinary Chinese, however, the prize was a sign that China#39;s cultural influence may now rival its economic clout. For Gaomi city officials, it could prove to be a goldmine.该计划给中国得知莫言获诺贝尔奖之后的一系列反应增添了一丝贪婪的意味。这位作家已经与中国共产党合作了几十年 – 许多直言不讳的异议者被这个奖项给激怒了。然而,对于许多普通中国人来说,这个奖项成了中国文化影响力可能现在正与其经济影响力相媲美的标志。对高密市官员来说,它可能被明是一个金矿。Inspired by Mo#39;s 1997 novel Red Sorghum, which Zhang Yimou adapted into an award-winning film, the government also plans to create a Red Sorghum Culture and Experience Zone in Ping#39;an. Although villagers counter that they stopped growing the cereal in the 1980s, the government is reportedly planning to pay local farmers to plant 1,600 acres (650 hectares) of the unprofitable crop.受莫言1997年的小说《红高粱》,即张艺谋改编的一个获奖电影的启发,政府还计划在平安创建“红高粱”文化体验区。虽然村民们反驳说他们在20世纪80年代就已经停止了种植高粱,据报道,政府计划付当地农民种植1600亩(650公顷)的非经济作物。The director of the Gaomi press centre, Wang Youzhi, told the official Xinhua news agency that the theme park was more a ;vision; than a concrete plan. ;Although the idea sounds promising, we have yet to take the whole situation into consideration,; he says, adding that ;this might be the regulatory commission#39;s long-term plan over five or 10 years.;高密市新闻中心主任王有志告诉新华社说,主题公园相比于具体的计划来说更是一个“愿景”。他说:“虽然这个想法听起来很有前景,但我们还没有全盘考虑,”他补充说:“这可能是监督管委会的一个5年或10年的长期计划。”However, a large-scale tourism project in Gaomi remains unsurprising, analysts claim. According to Tao Ran, an economics professor at Renmin University in Beijing, local governments often borrow massive sums of money from state-owned banks to finance expensive development projects, hoping that they will drive up the value of local property.然而,分析人士称在高密市的大型旅游项目仍然不吃惊。据北京中国人民大学的经济学教授陶然说,地方政府往往从国有借用大量的金钱付昂贵的开发项目,希望其将推动当地的产业价值。;If you go to almost any Chinese county or city, you#39;ll see that they#39;re building new cities, new industrial parks, and new theme parks every day,; he says.“如果你去到中国任何一个乡村或城市,你会看到他们每天都在建设新的城市、新的工业园区以及新的主题公园,”他说。Mo#39;s brother, neighbours, and 90-year-old father say they had not heard of plans for a theme park. ;It#39;s impossible that the government here would spend so much money on such a surface thing,; Guan says. Mo, who was born Guan Moye – his pen name means ;don#39;t speak; – could not be reached for comment.莫言的兄弟、邻居以及90岁的老父亲说,他们没有听说过主题公园的计划。 “这里的政府不可能花这么多钱在这种表面的东西上,”管谟欣说。莫言原名管谟业,他的笔名意思是“不要说话”,即不要发表。Gaomi residents are intensely proud of their Nobel laureate, whom they fondly refer to as ;Teacher Mo Yan;. Long red banners congratulating Mo hang from the sides of concrete homes along major thoroughfares.高密市居民以诺贝尔文学奖得主而强烈自豪,他们深情地称之为“莫言老师”。沿主要街道两侧的混凝土房屋边上拉着长长的红色横幅以祝贺莫言获奖。In Ping#39;an, the atmosphere is still more celebratory than soul-searching.在平安,氛围是庆祝而不是灵魂追寻。Mo#39;s father says that Mo does not come back home often, but when he does, ;we just talk about what#39;s happening in our home – how the tomatoes are growing, that type of thing.; Inside the house, faded family pictures hang on newspaper-covered walls; outside, his courtyard overflows with shucked corn, the fruits of a good harvest.莫言父亲说,莫言并不经常回家,但是,当他回来时,“我们只是谈论我们家发生的事情,如西红柿长的怎么样这种类型的事情。”屋内,褪色的家庭照挂在贴满报纸的墙上,屋外院子里因丰收而装满了剥皮的玉米、水果。Although Guan says that he has never his son#39;s books, he is proud of Mo#39;s achievements. ;We#39;re all just happy,; he says. ;Very, very happy.;尽管管老爷子说他从来没有看过他儿子的书,但他为莫言的成就感到自豪。 “我们都只是很高兴,”他说。 “非常,非常高兴。” /201210/205798常州第二人民医院治疗直肠先天性畸形畸胎瘤价格 1. Calming Breath(深呼吸)This is a fundamental relaxation technique that all stress types should practice. You have probably taken a deep breath before plunging into something – a difficult conversation, serving a tennis ball, trying not to cry. This will work while standing in line, sitting at your desk or preparing a meal. When you sigh, you are unconsciously using a relaxation technique by inhaling more air than usual and exhaling. Breathing deeply has a calming and centering effect, and you can do it anyplace, anytime for a quick fix for acute stress. /201001/94681无锡治疗痔疮最好的医院

无锡中医院看脓肿多少钱Women smoking - they've overtaken men in the habit in the north east partly because of influences on girls which are 'more insidious than mere peer pressure'. 英国东北部的女性比男性更嗜好抽烟,部分由于女性“对社交压力更敏感”。  Their survey has just found that women smokers now outnumber men in the region, which according to Dr Andrew Russell of the uni's Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilienceis globally rare. Stress and its worsening by recession almost certainly play a part, but why more on women? What other causes may there be? Andrew Russell. 士进行了一项“危害、风险和恢复力”的调查,调查结果发现,女性吸烟人数在该地区已经超过男性,而这一现象在全球非常罕见。由于经济不景气而造成的巨大压力是导致吸烟人数上升的一大原因,但为什么增多的吸烟者会是女性?这背后还有什么其他原因吗? A public discussion tomorrow, Tuesday, organised by the institute and Durham city's Forum for Health hopes to make some progress in finding out. It's being held at the Dales Suite, Collingwood College, Durham University and organisers are looking for leads to new empirical studies, as well as giving their own opinions and hearing others. 学院组织了一次公开讨论会,将于明天即周二展开。达拉谟城市的健康搜查论坛希望经过这次讨论会,能够对导致女性吸烟人数居高不下的原因有所发现。此次讨论会选址于达拉谟大学考林伍德学院中的Dales套房,发起者们希望能探讨出一条引领大家通往新的实研究的道路,同时也将在会议中表达各自的观点、聆听他人的想法。 Here's what Dr Russell says in advance: 下面是Russell士的事先讲话:  "Men's smoking rates have declined dramatically over the past few years in the north east and now appear to be lower than the national average. Women's have not declined nearly so fast - they appear to have plateaued at a level higher than the national average.”  “近几年,东北地区的男性吸烟率已大幅下降,目前已降至英国平均吸烟率以下。而女性吸烟率并没有这么迅速的削减,目前已大致稳定在一个高于平均吸烟率的水平。”  “Smoking rates are highest in areas of greatest economic deprivation and also go up in times of recession.We need to consider whether for some women, smoking is a response to stress in their lives,one of the few 'pleasures' that are relatively easily acquired.”  “那些经济匮乏最严重的地区往往也是吸烟率最高的地区,并且随着经济衰退吸烟率逐渐上升。我们要考虑的是,对于女性而言,她们是否将吸烟作为生活压力的一种应对方式,一种少有的又较易获得的方式。”  "but the tobacco industry has had a large part to play in encouraging more women to take up smoking by perpetuating the myth of smoking as glamorous, risqué and a form of defiance.New brands come out all the time specifically aimed at women."  "但是烟草业却在诱使更多女性吸烟方面有着很大功劳,他们素来将吸烟这一行为美化成迷人而又叛逆的。针对女性的烟草品牌也总是层出不穷地出现。”  "We're proposing a cross-cultural study looking at women's relationship to tobacco in other societies in order to understand how best to tackle the situation in the North East of England. I'll be outlining my plans at the meeting."  “我们提出了一个跨文化的课题,主要关于其他社会中女性与吸烟的关系,我们希望以此来了解怎样能最便利地解决英国东北地区的情况。届时我会在讨论中列举出我的具体计划。”  His colleague Dr Sue Lewis has meanwhile specialised on trying to find out why women and girls are getting the habit so young. She says:  同时,他的同事Sue Lewis士,正在研究女性和女孩养成这一陋习如此之早的原因。  "We need to understand the particular issues faced by young smokers – and those trying not to be smokers – in disadvantaged communities; what particular pressures they faced when they started smoking, what factors encouraged continued smoking and what makes it particularly difficult to quit. ”  “我们要了解年轻吸烟者所面临的具体问题,以及那些生活在贫困地区的不想成为烟鬼的人们。究竟是什么样的压力让他们开始吸烟?又是什么样的因素促使他们持续不断地吸?让戒烟变得如此之难?” /201110/158982 无锡市人民医院治疗肛门直肠狭窄价格无锡治疗肛裂最好办法



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