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无锡/地区那个医院痔疮比较专业无锡/老公便血治疗医院要多少钱TED演讲视频:在牵绳上的飞行摄影机让我们承认吧:无人飞机摄影有一点恶心,它们有巨大的监管和安全问题。但是无人飞机摄影可以成为一个很有力的方法来对世界说出真相:一个抗议的规模,石油的逸散,三角洲后隐藏的动物。Sergei Lupashin描述了飞行摄影机,一个纤巧的方法从高处安全的可控的来观察世界。201704/505953无锡/肛门瘙痒看哪个科 Tories accused the Whigs of being fanatics,托利党指责辉格党盲目狂热the dregs of the populace, atheists, Commonwealth men.是民众 无神论者和共和党人的渣滓Whigs accused Tories of being willing tools of the Jesuits and the French.辉格党控诉托利党 是耶稣会士和法国的傀儡和爪牙Since the Revolution said there should be an election every three years,由于革命中曾提倡 每三年一竞选this guaranteed an awful lot of politics.造成了不计其数的的政治运动The political temperature reached fever pitch in 1714 when Queen Anne died with no heir.政治斗争在1714年进入了白热化阶段 当时安妮女王去世而后继无人To make sure of a Protestant successor,为了确保新教徒继承王位no fewer than 57 individuals with blood ties to Anne were passed over to arrive at the next King of England,至少57名和安妮女王有血缘关系的王室成员 被否决了登基的权利an uncharismatic, middle-aged man who didnt speak English.一位平凡的不会说英文的中年男子George, Elector of Hanover,now King George I of Great Britain.汉诺威选帝侯 乔治 成为了大不列颠的国王 乔治一世It was the Whigs who backed his arrival in Britain辉格党使得他能够顺利返回大不列颠and were rewarded when the new king appointed a Whig government.国王加冕后他们顺理成章受命组阁In response, the Tories ridiculed the new king as a lecherous dolt.作为反击 托利党 指称新国王是个荒淫的傻瓜His coronation was greeted with rioting in twenty towns.迎接新国王加冕的是二十个城镇的暴动 /201705/509347TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480361无锡/市妇幼保健院肛门疼痛肛周脓肿脱肛肠炎便秘治疗好吗

无锡/痔疮手术需要多少钱Im 100 foot up,at the top of a pine tree in a deep ravine.我现在在深谷内一颗松树顶部 离地大约100英尺It should be an easy climb down,but as is often the case,things arent as simple as they first seem.爬下去应该很简单 但现实总是出乎意料 事情不像看上去那样简单Just having a monkey grip around the last bit of this.要像猴子一样 紧紧抱住尾端这一截That turned into a bit of an epic.这样的经历绝对是传奇性的Jump down.Get moving down there.跳下来了 下面要去那边With the ravine behind me,I can cover some ground,but first, food.峡谷被我抛在身后 终于到了平地上 但首先要寻找食物Oh, that is a whopper.Whoo. Jeepers.Worms are great survival food.块头真不小 我的天呐 虫子是完美的 求生食品All you need to do is squeeze them,so you get all of the gunk out of them.你只需挤压它们 把所有的内脏 都挤出去And same from the other end. There you go.另一头亦如此 好了And then theyre kind of good to eat.然后就可以 好好享用了On this kind of thing, is it better to just swallow it whole or chew it.对这种东西 是直接吞下去好 还是嚼一嚼好啊What do you think? Is it still gonna wriggle around inside you,or better to shut up and eat it.你觉得呢 是让它在你肚子里继续蠕动 还是不想了 直接吃吧Im think Im gonna go for a swallow whole.还是直接全吞下去比较好Good calories, energy to go.补充好能量 继续上路201608/462316无锡/医博肛肠痔疮内痔外痔混合痔治疗好吗 无锡/医博肛肠怎么样

无锡/8个月宝宝便秘治疗医院要多少钱The first ever heart transplant.这是首例心脏移植手术An operation that could revolutionize modern medicine at a critical stage.在这关键时期 这次手术堪称一次 现代医学的革命After three heart attacks,三次心脏病发作之后Louis washkansky has a new heart路易斯·华什肯斯基有了一颗Still powered by a life support machine.仍由机器维持跳动新心脏But when Christiaan Barnard turns the machine off,然而当克里斯蒂安·巴纳德关掉机器时The new heart falters,Blood pressure drops.Its failing.心脏停止跳动了 血压骤降 手术失败了Washkanskys heart is spent.华什肯斯基的心脏已经不能用了His life hangs in the balance.他命悬一线With it, the future of medicine.医学的未来都赌在这手术上Christiaan Barnards risk was not just to his career,克里斯蒂安·巴纳德不仅赌上了自己的事业he was also risking the dreams of many who believed而且也肩负着那些相信心脏移植手术we could do organ transplantations successfully.能够成功的所有人的梦想That it wasnt just a gimmick.这不是儿戏To save Washkanskys life,为了挽救华什肯斯基的生命Barnard puts him back on life support and tries again.巴纳德重新接回人工呼吸机 再次尝试The new heart beats,and keeps beating without the machine.新移植的心脏跳动了 而且不靠机器也能维持正常运作201606/447686 You have been here so many times, and before you were pregnant, during the pregnancy--你来我的节目 已经很多次啦 在你怀之前 在你怀期间I know. And now shes three. Shes three. Over three, or how old?是哒 女儿现在已经三岁啦 是的 已经三岁啦 过了三岁 还是多大了?Three and a half almost. Shes nuts. I bet she is. Shes totally nuts.差不多三岁半吧 她太坏了 我猜她一定是的 她不能更调皮了Made from the two of you. Aww.她毕竟是你们俩的结晶 哇哦……Yeah, i was talking to carey earlier today, and really, you both made a--嗯今天早些时候我还在跟凯里说 你们俩共同的…She must be, like, wild. Shes delicious. Shes wild.你女儿一定很…野… 她很可爱 她很调皮He said shes fierce. She gets it from papa. Yeah, he said sheim physically cautious.她爸爸说她太凶狠了 她一定是遗传了她爸爸 对 他说她… 我是一个头脑很清醒的人Im physical, but Im cautious. Hes reckless, and shes reckless.我也许不够理性 但我做事很谨慎 我老公做事很鲁莽的的 我女儿也是Oh! Yeah, shell jump off-- ;Its only ten stairs, babe.; Yeah.嗯 她会跳下来 不过是10级台阶罢了 亲爱的 嗯He said, ;Well, theyve got to learn.;他说 “嗯…他们得学学”And im like, ;Well, yeah, but you kind of try to protect them from that.;然后我说 “是啊 但是你得保护他们”Thats fire. Yeah. Except she gets a potty mouth from you.这太对了! 嗯 哈哈 但有一点 她遗传了你 喜欢碎碎念She does not have a potty mouth. Yes, she does. She almost had a potty mouth.她才不喜欢碎碎念呢 不 她喜欢的 她一点都没有No, no, she-- Tell them what she said to you the other day.不不不 她… 给他们讲讲 她那天对你说了什么Am I allowed? Yes. Well bleep it, but yes. Okay. She I was in thegetting y我可以说吗?可以 我们可以哔— 没事 你说 好的 她……我在……打扮出门to go out onstage, and she ran in, and she--准备一个舞台演出 她跑了进来 她…She mustve been preparing this, like a bit,她一定准备了很久 看上去是的And she came in, and shes like, ;Im here.;她跑进来说 我在这儿哔—And I was likei was like, ;Im sorry.然后 我好像…我说 “哦 什么?;I canti dontmy ears--My ears dont understand what youre saying.; Wow.我不能…我不懂…我的耳朵… 我不明白你在说什么” 哇哦And then you dont want to make a big deal of it, cause shes gonna keep saying it, so...然后 你也没太重视这个事儿 因为 她还会这么说Sheshe mutters it when she thinks no ones looking.她…她…她小声的说 如果她觉得没有人在看她的话And someone mustve--someone mustve said that to her at some point. But its so cute.一定是有人 一定是有人 对她说过这话 这太可爱了I mean, im notim notim not encouraging it,我的意思是 我不会…我不会…我不鼓励你们这么做but come on, its, like, a little threeyearold body但是 拜托 这可是一个三岁的小子说出来的And then just-- Yeah. No. Like a sailor. Shes like a little sailor.她只是… 对 不 她像个水手 一个小小的水手Shes a precious a little sailor. Shes an adorable little sailor. Little delicious sailor.她就像个 小心翼翼的水手 超可爱的小水手 甜美的小水手201707/516011江苏无锡/治疗肛窦炎医院无锡/医院



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