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浙江省口腔医院牙齿矫正牙齿美白怎么样好吗杭州比较好的种牙医院Famous Americans-James Fenimore Cooper; The Farmer Almanac; in favor of versus in (one) favor; feat of strength, raw human strength, and to be ced against table edge; to multitaskWords:frontierpioneerto be expelled fromprankto dare (someone)interpretersocial equalitypredictioncropsharvestaccuratecirculationIn favor ofin (one) favorfeat of strengthraw human strengthto be ced against table edgeto multitask杭州余杭区窝沟封闭蛀牙龋齿多少钱 Billy: Are you y to go shopping?Jennifer: Not yet. Im not finished with my research yet.Billy: What research?Jennifer: Reading my fashion magazines! How do you think I know so much about all the latest trends?Billy: But theyre just ads...Jennifer: Duh...That the point. The people in the ads are wearing what in. Plus, there are s on new trends...参考译文:比 利:你准备好要去血拼了吗?詹妮弗:还没我的研究还没做完比 利:什么研究?詹妮弗:看我的流行杂志!你以为我是怎么知道这么多最新流行信息的?比 利:它们不过都是些广告……詹妮弗:蠢……这就是重点广告里的人穿的都是最流行的此外还有报导最新流行的文章……重点词汇:trend (n.)  潮流A: Do you follow the latest fashion trends? 你会跟随最新的流行吗?B: They change too fast. I cant keep track of what trendy. 流行变化太快我跟不上什么是潮流in (a.)  现下最流行的 13Vivian:Do you see this lump? Im sure I have cancer.维维安:你看见这个肿块了吗?我肯定自己是得了癌症Guy:Dont jump to conclusions.盖伊:别贸然下定论It could be something completely benign.也可能是某种良性的肿瘤Vivian:I know it not benign. It got to be a malignant tumor.维维安:我知道这不是良性的肯定是恶性肿瘤The cancer is probably at stage two or three aly.这癌症可能已经进入中期或者晚期The oncologist will probably want to start me on radiation and chemotherapy right away.我可能会马上被肿瘤专家们拽去进行放疗及化疗Guy:You havent seen a single doctor yet and youre aly planning the worst.盖伊:你还没有看过医生就开始想着最坏的结果Vivian:Of course I am. I want to be mentally prepared the bad news.维维安:当然了我得有个最坏情况的心理准备The doctor will do a biopsy, but I aly know what the results will be.医生会对我做活检,但我已经知道结果Im just hoping the prognosis will be good.我只是希望病状预断是好结果Guy:I think youre getting way ahead of yourself.盖伊:我认为你想太多了It could be something completely harmless.肿瘤也可能是完全无害的Vivian:I cant afd to believe that. I have a family history of cancer.维维安:我可不接受我有癌症家族史My father was diagnosed when he was 56 years old.我父亲他老人家在56岁时就被诊断出癌症It true he been in remission and hasnt had a relapse yet, but you never know with cancer.他的确是一直得到缓解并且尚未复发,但你永远不清楚癌症何时找上门Guy:That right, you never know. You could live to the age of 90.盖伊:的确是这样,你永远不清楚但你会活到90岁Vivian:You can fool yourself as much as you like, but I have to face facts-especially as sick as I am.维维安:你就尽管愚弄自己吧,但我必须面对事实,尤其我这样的病号 57杭州临安市儿童口腔价格

余杭区口腔医院治疗假牙价格70  Bungee -- Just the Thrill  Would you pay lots of money to fall off a 0-foot high platm, held only by an elastic cord around your waist or ankles? It may sound crazy, but lots of people do it. Bungee Jumping, as it is called, is gaining as much popularity as it is gaining controversy and criticism.  Bungee has quite an old origin. The idea of this way of jumping comes from the ancient ritual ;Gkol; permed in the Pentecost Island in the Pacific Archipelago of Vanuatu. The legend says that in the village Bunlap a man had a quarrel with his wife and she ran away and climbed a tree where she wrapped her ankles with vines. When he came up to her, the woman jumped from the tree and so did her husband not knowing what his wife had done. So he died but the woman survived. The men of Bunlap were very impressed by this permance and they began to practice such jumps in case they got in similar situation. This practice transmed into a ritual rich yam harvest and also proving manhood.  Bungee jumping as a sport started in New Zealand, probably in the 1970s. People attached thick elastic cords, called bungees, to their bodies. Then they jump off bridges or high buildings, falling fast through the air until the cord caught them, and then bounced back up and down a few times until coming to a stop.  Modern bungee jumping is usually done in a parking lot and people jump from a platm at the top of a crane. You can have bungees tied to your waist or ankles. There a large air cushion at the bottom that is supposed to catch you if the bungees break or if something goes very wrong. People who bungee jump say the thrill is like no other thrill. ;You have a feeling of accomplishment,; says one. ;It beats a roller coaster ride,; says another. One happy customer says, ;just a second you feel like youre going to die. It amazing.;  But there are many customers who are less than satisfied. In fact, more than a dozen people have got killed in bungee jumping accidents last year in the U.S.A. and Canada and many non-fatal accidents have been reported. This has promoted many countries and U.S. states to pass bans on bungee jumping. Many U.S. states are also passing laws imposing strict safety requirements on bungee jumping business.  Despite the dangers of bungee jumping, people still line up and pay lots of money to experience the death-challenging thrill. One couple even ended their wedding night by bungee jumping together in Atlantic City. The groom said, ;When Im flying through the air holding my wife in my arms and knowing she trusts me 0 percent, that is what love is all about.; 18683杭州矫正牙齿大概多少钱 Google Way to Top谷歌的登顶之路Google is a world-famous company, with its headquarters in Mountain View, Calinia. It was set up in a Silicon Valley garage in 1998, and inflated(膨胀)with the Internet bubble. Even when everything around it collapased the company kept on inflating.Google是世界著名的大公司,总部设在加州的山景城它于1998年成立于硅谷的一个汽车修理厂,并随着网络泡沫迅速成长而不断发展即使是在它周围的公司一个个垮掉时,它仍然在继续发展壮大Google search engine is so wide-sp across the world that search became Google, and google became a verb. The world fell in love with the effective, fascinatingly fast technology.Google的搜索引擎遍及全世界,以至于“搜索”一词变成了Google,而Google变成了一个动词整个世界都为Google这个高效快捷的搜索技术而着迷Google owes much of its success to the brilliance of S. Brin and L. Page, but also to a series of tunate events. It was Page who, at Stand in 1996, initiated the academic project that eventually became Google search engine. Brin, who had met Page at a student orientation a year earlier, joined the project early on.Google的成功在很大的程度上要归功于谢尔盖·布林和拉里·佩奇的才华和一系列幸运事件正是佩奇于1996年在斯坦福大学发起这个最终成为Google搜索引擎的学术项目布林是在早一年的新生见面会中认识佩奇的,并在项目开始不久就加入进来They were both Ph. D candidates when they devised the search engine which was better than the rest and, without any marketing, sp by word mouth from early adopters to, eventually, your grandmother.当初设计这个搜索引擎时,他们俩个都是计算机士学位申请人而其搜索引擎没有经过任何市场推广却经大家的口口相传从早期的使用者最终传播开来Their breakthrough, simply put, was that when their search engine crawled the Web, it did more than just look word matches; it also tallied(统计)and ranked a host of other critical factors like how websites link to one another. That delivered far better results than anything else.简单地说,他们的突破在于:当他们的搜索引擎在网上搜索时,不仅仅是寻找相匹配的词语,它还会对许多其他关键因素进行统计和分级,例如,如何将网络彼此连接起来这样所呈现的结果要远远优于其他搜索引擎Brin and Page meant to name their creation Googol(the mathematical term the number 1 followed by 0 zeroes), but someone misspelled the word so it suck as Google. They raised money from prescient(有先见之明的)professors and venture capitalists, and moved off campus to turn Google into business.布林和佩奇本来打算把他们的搜索引擎命名为Google(数学术语:1 后面有0个零),但是人们误拼成了Google他们从有先见之明的教授和富有冒险精神的资本家那里筹集资金,将谷歌搬出校园转换成商业运营他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临Perhaps their biggest stroke of luck came early on when they tried to sell their technology to other search engines, but no one met their price, and they built it up on their own.他们试图向其他搜索引擎公司出售他们的技术,但是没有一家能付他们提出的价格,于是他们自己成立了一个搜索引擎公司,也许早在这时幸运之神就开始降临 3968温州牙齿正畸矫正什么价格

台州洗牙会疼吗Voice 1: However, women rights groups have criticised the trade. They say that it is not a good way of making money. They warn that the work can lead to dangerous situations. Betel nut girls may become involved in the sex trade, or use drugs. Many of the betel nut girls are only young. Some have left school early. others, their family members have ced them into the work. On the streets, men may think the young girls are selling more than betel nuts. Local governments did ban betel nut girls from wearing nothing. But even today, they wear very little clothing. Patricia Huang is a spokeswoman the Government Ministry of Internal Affairs. She said that the girl lack of clothing may stop drivers looking at the road. This could cause road accidents. And, it also puts the girls in a dangerous position. Men may attack them.声音1:但是,妇女权利组织对这个生意进行了指责他们认为,这并不是赚钱的好方法他们警告称,这种工作可能会导致危险的情况“槟榔西施”可能会卷入性交易或吸毒许多“槟榔西施”的年纪都非常小一些人很早就辍学了还有一些人是被家人强迫出去工作她们站在街上时,男性可能会认为她们不仅仅是卖槟榔果当地政府禁止槟榔西施不穿衣可是现在,她们穿的非常少帕特丽亚·黄是台湾内政部发言人她说,由于这些女孩穿着暴露,可能会让司机的视线离开道路这可能会导致交通事故而且也会让这些女孩置于险境男性可能会袭击她们Voice : However, betel nut traders say that there is nothing wrong with the industry. And, some women groups have also defended the rights of the betel nut girls. They say that sexy images of international models are acceptable. They point out that supermodels and singers wear very little clothing. And, they say people accept and respect them! The girls should be able to work to improve their economic situation, they say.声音:但是,槟榔果商人表示,这个行业没有问题一些女性组织也在捍卫槟榔西施的权利他们说,国际名模的性感形象可以被接受他们指出,超级名模和歌手穿的也很少可是人们却接受并尊敬他们!这些女孩应该也能通过工作改变她们的经济情况译文属 565 大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 560金华烤瓷牙费用多少杭州口腔科医生在线解答



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