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1. By saying so, you write yourself down as ass. 你这样说就显出你是个傻瓜了。 ass n. 驴,愚蠢的人如:What an ass I am!我多蠢啊! /201007/109442B地道英语口语:Techie 技师Jo: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Jo.Jean: And I’m Jean.Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.Jean: 在《地道英语》节目中,我们要来了解和学习一些英国英语语言中新出现的新词汇和短语。Jo: It’s very important to stay up-to-date with English because new words and expressions enter the language all the time.Jean: 我们今天的新词是什么呢? Jo?Jo: Today’s word is ‘techie’ – T.E.C.H.I.E. – techie.Jean: Techie. 什么意思呢?Jo: Well, a techie is a technician who is very good at – and interested in – a particular technology, particularly computers.Jean: 知道了。A techie 就是一位对某项技术极具兴趣又特别专长的技师专家的意思,而且往往和电脑方面有关。Jo: Yes. You could say, "Don’t worry about the new computer system – the techies are coming tomorrow to fix everything."Jean: I see.Insert A: What do you do in your free time? B: Well, I’m a bit of a techie. I spend most weekends working on my computer. Jo: Are you a techie, Jean?Jean: No. I don’t really understand computers at all.Jo: Me neither, but my brother is.Jean: Really?Jo: Yes. If I have a problem with my computer, he comes and fixes it. And he really enjoys it!Jean: So he’s a techie!Jo: Yes. He spends all his free time on the computer or ing magazines about them. He’s a real techie.Jean: Yes, I think he is. 好了,总结一下,今天我们学到的新英式口语词就是techie,专指那种对某项技术极具兴趣又特别专长的技师或者专家。And that’s all we have time for today.Jo: Yes, that’s all. You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.Jean: See you next time. /200711/19931

1.turn one's back on sb.从字面上解释,意思是"把自己的背对着某人".实际上这是指"不理会某人,或不肯给那个有困难的人任何帮助".例如: I'll ever forgive my elder brother —— he turned his back on me and refused to lend me any help when I lost my job.我永远也不会原谅我哥哥.当我失去工作的时候,他根本不肯帮忙,一点钱都不愿意借给我. /201002/96042

I want you to cast your minds back to the first time you met. 我要你们回忆初次见面的情景. cast your mind back (to something): to make yourself think about something that happened in the past 回顾;回想 /201003/98366

  1.I don't want to be the third wheel。  我不想当电灯泡。

  "I can't do that; it's more than my job's worth". 早上去办事,需要复印材料,大厅里的复印机坏了,咨询工作人员,得到的答复是“机器中午才能修好,办公室内的打印机不能给外来人员使用”;大肚子妇去家门口的超市买米,管理人员说“我们规定三袋大米才负责送货,手推车不能外借”……生活中碰上诸如此类在自己的工作岗位上严守工作职责和规章制度,死板得一点不愿帮助别人的人,你是不是很发火?像这种人英语中就叫做jobsworth。A jobsworth is a person who only does the work they're supposed to do and nothing else. A jobsworth 做事情完全是按部就班,一点儿周转的余地都没有。It often refers to people who have bureaucratic jobs and they never seem to want to help you! 这个词经常用来描绘那些在官僚政府机构工作的人,很死板,很不愿意帮人。"Jobsworth" 是个贬义用语,同时也是英国一个特有的词汇。这个词的起源是什么呢?"Jobsworth" 来自于两个词 job's worth——The person won't help you because they think that to be helpful is more than their job's worth,就是说这种人不愿意帮助别人,因为他们认为帮人是超出了他们的工作范围。这种人常常挂在嘴边的就是这两句:"Rules is rules", "It's more than my job's worth."为什么会有那么多的jobsworth?If you have a real fear of losing your job, why should you risk making an unnecessary mistake for someone who has not played by the rules? Following a clear rule is always going to be easier than exercising a difficult discretion. 按部就班工作,不犯错就不会惹麻烦的想法让人们做起事来显得死板而麻木。我们用两个例子来更好地说明一下:对话1A: I waited in a queue at the post office for an hour earlier for my stamps and then the man behind the desk told me I had to stand in a different queue to buy an envelope.B: No way, what a jobsworth!对话2A: So Helen, have you brought the script to the studio?B: No, that's not part of my job. I'm not responsible for the scripts.A: So come on Helen, where are those scripts?B: I told you, it's not my job to bring the scripts to the studio.A: You really are a jobsworth, aren't you?B: Only joking! I've got the scripts right here.Don't be such a jobsworth! 少一些officious and inflexible的职员,少一些petty rule-following and excessive 的职能部门,多一点付出,多一丝关怀,大家一起在互帮互助的社会氛围里享受和谐社会的温暖。 /200812/58558。

  380. 如果你爷爷看到你今天的所作所为,他一定会死不瞑目的。 [误] If your grandpa could see what you\'re doing now, he wouldn\'t have closed his eyes when he died. [正] If your grandpa could see what you\'re doing now, he would turn over in his grave.注:“死不瞑目”的意思是“死时尚存遗憾”或“灵魂得不到安息”。若将其直译出来西方人很可能感到费解,所以建议采取意译的方式。除了上面的译法,还可以用 die with everlasting regret 或 die discontent 等。 /03/65396

  1) What a knock-out!哇!绝代美人.2) She's well-built.她身材真棒.3) She's well stacked,她的身材很匀称.4) She has a good figure.她有骄人的身材.5) She's a chick.她可是个MM喔. /201003/100132信息产业部部长王旭东近日表示,去年,中国电信资费总体水平比上年下降了13.6%。那么,作为手机用户最为关心的“电信资费”应该怎么表达呢? 请看新华社的报道:It means the telecommunication cost have reduced by half in the past five years, said Wang Xudong. He added that "a preliminary market-oriented pricing system has been established."王旭东表示,目前我国初步建立了电信资费市场化形成机制,电信资费在过去5年内下降了一半。这里,电信资费表示为“telecommunication cost/charges”; 与电信相关的常用词汇有:手机用户 phone/mobile users话费账单 phone bills资费套餐 pricing package单向收费 one-way charge system接听免费 free incoming call /200801/25109周一的早晨,妈妈送丹尼尔去上学。在走去公交车站的路上,丹尼尔模仿超人到处乱跑。妈妈随即教育丹尼尔要遵守交通规则。 Listen Read Learn(Daniel opens his arms and runs here and there.)Daniel: Mom, am I like a superman? All I need is a cape.Mom: No, just a super-boy.Daniel: Mom, you always think of me as a child.Mom: Yes, because a real man doesn't need Mom to worry about him so much. He can do things by himself.Daniel: Sure!Mom: Oh, my poor Danny, sure, you are a man. But you know, running like this in street is very dangerous.Daniel: Superman is not afraid of any danger.Mom: Do you remember the rules of road safety?Daniel: What?Mom: Walk the sidewalk and please right-hand side.Daniel: Don't play on the street or make any noise.Mom: Yes, so you still remember, ah.Daniel: Dear Mom, please permit of superman's naughty.听看学(丹尼尔张开双臂,到处跑来跑去。)丹尼尔:妈妈,我像超人吗?我只需要个斗篷。妈妈:不,只是个超级男孩。丹尼尔:妈妈,你总是把我当成小孩子。妈妈:当然了,因为一个真正的男人不需要妈妈为他担心那么多。并且他可以做许多事。丹尼尔:我也可以啊!妈妈:哦,我的小丹尼尔。你当然是个男人。但是你要知道,在街上这样乱跑是很危险的。丹尼尔:超人不惧怕任何危险。妈妈:你还记得交通规则吗?丹尼尔:什么?妈妈:走人行道并且靠右走。丹尼尔:不要在路上打闹,也不要大声喧哗。妈妈:哈,你还记得啊。丹尼尔:亲爱的妈妈,请允许超人淘气。经典背诵 RecitationMom: Daniel always thinks of himself as a real man. He knows about the rules of road safety but when it comes to real life, he doesn't really obey them. He always runs around in the street which is very dangerous. I can't s worrying about him.生词小结worry 担心dangerous adj. 危险的remember vt. 记得safety n. 安全rule n. 规则sidewalk n. 人行道permit of 允许naughty adj. 淘气的think of …as 把……当作be afraid of 害怕 /200804/34240



  Tom:Did you listen to the weather forecast?Jenny:No.Why?Tom:There’s a typhoon coming.Jenny:No way!Tom:Yep,it should be here by tomorrow night. /201012/120069。

  英语口语王 第2部分:第5章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/47380

  Steve: Mary, how was your date with john?Mary: it's ok. It seems we have a lot in common.S: oh, really. That is great news. What does he look like?M: he is tall and slim, fair-haired.S: sounds like he is pretty cute. What do you think of him?M: he is a nice guy and very considerate. I was impressed with how smart he was and he has a great sense of humor.S: oh, it's love at first sight. When will you see each other again?M: he didn't say, but he said he would call me.S: maybe he is busy with his work. Just wait and try not to think about it too much!M: oh, steve. Stop it! I am a bit nervous! What if he doesn't call?S: come on, Mary, you're a total catch. I bet he will call you. Don't worry.M: thank you, Steve. You're always so encouraging.S: that's what friends are for.参考翻译玛丽,你和约翰的约会怎么样?还可以.我们好像很投缘.真的吗?太好了.他长的怎么样?他身材高挑,金黄色的头发.听起来长的很帅,那你对她印象怎么样啊?人不错,非常体贴,知识渊,又很幽默.啊,看来你是一见钟情了,下次什么时候见面?他没说,不过他说会给我打电话.也许他现在工作比较忙,等等吧,别太想人家啊!哎,苏珊,人家本来就很紧张了.如果他不大电话怎么办呢?别担心,玛丽,你这么讨人喜欢,我保他会打电话的,别担心.谢谢你,史蒂夫,你总是不断鼓励我.别说这些,我们是朋友嘛. /08/80738

  clock in 打卡  clock in/on (British English):to record the time at which you arrive at work, especially by putting a card into a machine (尤指用机器)记录上班时间,上班打卡 Variant: punch in American English Don't forget to clock in,otherwise you won't get paid. 别忘了打卡,否则领不到钱. /12/91855

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