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Step by Step 3000. Book Four. . Your round.Part 1. Warming up.A. keywordssweet, little, unusual.Vocabularyaffectionate, curl up, revolting, slimy.A1. Youre going to hear two people talking about two kinds of animals. Listen carefully, and guess what the animals are.1. Well, they were really sweet little things, very playful and affectionate.I didnt mind to looking after them at all.They used to play hours with their toy mouse or just curl up and go to sleep in their basket.They were no trouble, no, and theyre very clean animals too.. I know it a bit unusual, but I really like them.I have done ever since I saw them in the zoo as a child, I dont know why.Most people think they are revolting.They imagine that they are slimy to touch or something, but that not true, they are quite dry.I am not saying theyd make a good pet or anything, and I wouldnt want to get close to one of the poisonous ones, but I think the way they move is fascinating.Some of them have colors and patterns which are really beautiful. 5551charity善心,kingdred亲属关系,moan呻吟The King’s BrotherA poor man, presenting himself bee the King of Spain, asked his charity, telling him that he was his brother.Thinking desiring to know how he claimed kindred to him, the poor fellow replied, “We are all descended from one common father and mother——Adam and Eve.” Upon which the king gave him a little copper piece of money.The poor man began to moan himself, saying, “Is it possible that your Majesty should give no more than this to your brother? ”“Away, away,” replied the king, “if all the brothers you have in the world give you as much as I have done, you'll be richer than I am.”国王的兄弟一个穷汉去见西班牙国王,说自己是他的兄弟,求他施恩周济国王想知道他何以攀认亲戚,穷汉回答说,我们有共同的祖先亚当和夏娃听了这话,国王就给了他一个小铜子儿于是穷人开始叫屈,说:难道您国王陛下就给兄弟这么一点点钱吗?走开,快走,国王回答,如果世界上你所有的兄弟们都像我这样给你一个铜板,你就比我还有钱了1.charity善心也可以指“慈善团体/慈善事业”:These homeless children received some money and clothes from some charities.一些无家可归的孩子收到了来自一些慈善机构的钱和衣物.kindred亲戚也可以指“同宗的, 同源的, 有关的”:He found kindred spirits in the peace movement.他在和平运动中找到了志同道合的人3.moan呻吟The prisoner moaned a prayer help.囚犯呻吟着祈求帮助也可以指“抱怨”:She's always moaning that she has too much work to do.她总是抱怨她有太多的事要做.descend源于不及物动词:(from)起源(于),是…的后裔/(on)袭击/(to)把身份降至,沦为5.copper铜币 Have you any coppers in your change?你的零钱里有铜币吗?也可以指“铜”:Copper conducts electricity well.铜是电的良导体口语里还可以指“警察”6. your Majesty陛下 0听笑话学英语:Be more polite 你应该学礼貌点一天,Bill和Tom去一个饭馆共度晚餐当务生端上两份牛排的时候,Bill迅速给自己选了大块的牛排 Tom对此很不高兴:“什么时候你能学得礼貌点?” Bill说:“如果你先选的话,你会选哪份?” Tom说:“当然是小块的” Bill说:“那你还抱怨什么?你想要的就是小块,不是吗?” 7

Canada Welcomes Syrian Refugees加拿大欢迎叙利亚难民The first two groups in a new wave of Syrian refugees arrived in Canada last week from camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Canada new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, was waiting at the Toronto airport to welcome the refugees with warm clothing. Canadians across the country offered heartwarming welcome message on Twitter, using the hashtag #WelcomeToCanada. The Canadian government has offered to provide settlement 5,000 Syrian refugees by February . The refugees will arrive in Toronto and Montreal and will settle in many different commies around Canada. These displaced Syrians are being sponsored by private citizens, non-profit organizations, churches, and the government. They will have immediate access to essential services as well as long-term support.上周,第一批叙利亚难民抵达加拿大,他们分别来自约旦和黎巴嫩难民营加拿大新总理贾斯汀·特鲁多亲自前往多伦多机场欢迎难民加拿大民众纷纷在推特上表示欢迎,写到“ #加拿大欢迎你”加拿大政府计划到年月底之前总计接收.5万名叙利亚难民他们将分别前往多伦多和蒙特利尔,并分配给全国各社区他们还得到了市民、非营利组织、教堂以及学校的资助难民不仅能够得到长期持,还能够马上享有福利待遇译文属原创,,不得转载 7

Tatiana:Why are you wearing those funny goggles?塔蒂亚娜:为什么你戴着那些令人感到好笑的眼镜?Moustafa:Im trying out a new kind of virtual reality.穆斯塔法:我正在尝试一种新的虚拟现实Tatiana:You mean like flight simulators?塔蒂亚娜:你的意思是就像那些飞行模拟器一样?Moustafa:This is much more sophisticated.穆斯塔法:这个要更为复杂This system creates a complete sensory experience.这个系统有着一套完整的感官体验I can see, hear, feel, and nearly taste this 3-D simulation.我能看到,听到,感受到,几乎全部是3D仿真体验Tatiana:I dont see how it can do that.塔蒂亚娜:我不知道这是怎么做到的Moustafa:With the help of these goggles and headphones, this computer program recreates what it like to actually be in a particular place, at a particular time.穆斯塔法:借助这些眼镜和耳机,这台电脑的程序创造的是特定的地方,特定时间内的现实It even allows me to interact with different people and things.它甚至允许我与不同的人或事进行互动Tatiana:I can see how that would be useful gaming, but...塔蒂亚娜:我可以感觉看到这对游戏很有用,但是…Moustafa:It not only gaming.穆斯塔法:不仅是对游戏而言It useful a host of other things, including relaxation.其他事物也是这样,包括放松 instance, right now Im experiencing what it like to be outdoors with the sun shining and the birds chirping.例如,现在我正感受户外的阳光及鸟儿的叫声Tatiana:If you open the door, youll see that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.塔蒂亚娜:如果你打开门,你会看到阳光灿烂而且鸟儿正在欢唱Moustafa:Yes, but with virtual reality, I may never have to get out of this chair again.穆斯塔法:但有了这套虚拟现实,我可能永远不会再离开这把椅子Now isnt that progress?现在这不是进步吗? 3930

Sandra:Where will we be staying when we visit Trumanville?桑德拉:去图鲁门威尔玩的时候我们住在哪里?Roger:Well be staying in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the town, but a stone throw from some of the major sites well want to see.罗杰:我们将下榻在镇子市郊的一个地区,但那里离一些我们会去的主要景点只有几步之遥Sandra:I hope therell be a lot of taxis around. You know I hate to walk.桑德拉:我希望附近出租车多些你知道我讨厌走路Roger:Trumanville is a very walkable city and well be within walking distance to everything.罗杰:图鲁门威尔是一个非常适合步行的城市,一切我们都可以步行到达Well be able to go nearly everywhere on foot.我们走着就能去任何地方Sandra:I told you. I hate to walk.桑德拉:跟你说过了我讨厌走路At least well be within close proximity to the beach.至少我们要靠近海滩Roger:Actually, the areas near the beach are too expensive, and we cant afd it.罗杰:实际上,海滩附近的地方太贵,我们根本负担不起And plus, the beach is in a remote part of town, and staying there would mean being in the boonies our entire trip.另外,海滩是在位于小镇的偏远地区,呆在那里我们整个行程就变成了荒郊野外之旅Sandra:But we could take taxis.桑德拉:但我们可以打车Roger:Taking taxis everywhere would be really expensive.罗杰:坐出租车玩个遍价格可是不菲Sandra:Tell me that well at least be in the vicinity of good shopping areas.桑德拉:告诉我,我们至少是在购物区附近吧Roger:It might be a bit of a hike to the shops, but it wont be too onerous to walk.罗杰:你徒步就可以走到商店,不会很麻烦的Sandra:Read my lips. I dont want to walk everywhere.桑德拉:没注意到我说的吗?我不想到处走Maybe we can rent a car or hire a driver.也许我们可以租辆车或雇个司机Roger:Are you out of your mind?!罗杰:你脑子秀逗了吗?This is supposed to be a budget vacation, not a luxury trip.这假期应该是有预算的吧,不是什么奢华旅行Im not made of money, you know.我又不是财神爷,这点你清楚Sandra:And I didnt know you were such a cheapskate!桑德拉:我还不知道你是这样一个小气鬼! 9666

;qzAw;v%Z7V(hvEYC~pg7W[aT_W)s[kdlxq#qNShe offered her car to her brother. He said he would think about it. “Let me think about it,” he said. She called him up a week later. “Do you want my car free?” she asked. He said, “I’m thinking about it.” She asked, “How long do you have to think about it?” He said he didn’t know. “Let me think about it some more,” he said. She called up a charity. She said, “Do you want my car free?” The man at the charity said yes. She asked, “You don’t have to think about it?” He said, “No, I don’t have to think about it. Who has to think about a free car?” He picked up her car the next day.zpynvO6^.0KvdpFgblB|gPiMai3;z3dPf,#QFDc%1_eMRoj3zT 0

hearing aid助听器,supervisor负责人,parcel包裹Hearing AidA woman rushed into the post office and wanted to see the supervisor. I asked, “What’s the trouble?”“I went out this morning,” she began, “and when I came home I found a card saying the mailman tried to deliver a package but no one was home. My husband was in all morning. He never heard a thing!”After apologizing, I got her the parcel. “Oh, good,” she gushed. “we’ve been waiting this ages.”“What is it?” I asked.“My husband’s new hearing aid.”助听器一位妇女冲进邮局,要见负责人我问她:“出了什么问题?”她说:“今天早上我出去了回来的时候看到一张卡片,说邮差送来一个包裹,但家里没有人接我丈夫一上午都在家,根本就没有听到有什么”我向她道了歉,又给她拿来了包裹她说:“噢,太好了,我们已经等了好久了”我问她那是什么,她说:“我丈夫的新助听器”1.supervisor负责人具体说来,supervisor可以指很多种职务,比如“(政府)指导者、管理人”、“镇长、区长”、“(学校)视导员”、“(铁路)工务段线路主任”billing supervisor票据管理员;sales supervisor销售监管;line supervisor生产线主管. mailman邮递员这是美式英语中“邮递员”的说法,而在英式英语中,“邮递员”是postman.3. package包裹也可以指有关联的一组事物:a package of rems一整套改革;an emergency package一整套应急措施Your hotel suite, transportation and taxi fares were paid in the package.你的旅馆套房、旅费和出租汽车费都已一并付清. deliver投递还有“发表”的意思:He delivered his speech effectively.他演讲生动有力也有“投,掷”的意思:deliver a flashing smile投以微笑也可以指“拉票”:deliver the necessary votes拉必须的选票5.apologize道歉apologize about/ sth.对…表示道歉;apologize to sb.向某人道歉6.gush滔滔地说话All the girls gushed about the movie star.姑娘们滔滔不绝地谈论那个电影明星还有“喷涌”的意思:His eyes gushed sudden tears.他突然泪如泉涌gush还可以作名词:a gush of enthusiasm热情奔放;a gush of pleasure一阵高兴 79

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