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今年两会召开前夕,各大网站就此次两会的热点话题在网友当中进行投票,以下列出的就是投票中选出的网友们最关注的两会讨论热词。  1. 养老保险 pension insurance system  2. 反腐倡廉 anti-corruption bid  3. 依法拆迁 lawful housing demolition and relocation  4. 调控房价 housing prices control  5. 贫富差距 gap between the rich and the poor (wealth gap)  6. 就业问题 employment  7. 医疗改革 medical reform  8. 司法公正 judicial justice  9. 民主监督 democratic supervision  10. 教育公平 equal access to education /201003/98252理想的生活是许多人想要追求的,但很少有人能够实现。梦想与现实之间的平衡很难被跨越。Listen Read Learn The ideal life is one that many people would like to pursue, yet few achieve. The balance between dreams and reality is one that is difficult to overcome. Many people choose a vocation in the hopes that it would bring them wealth and success. However, after years of labor in their chosen field, they begin to hate their jobs. This is mainly because they have neglected other parts of their lives in search of this success. These people devote their lives to working and are unable to separate themselves from their work. They find that it may not be enough. Some have jobs where their principles and emotional health are challenged by dishonesty or bad work environments. These people can begin to become influenced by the environment in which they work, leading to personal or health problems. This choice is not a permanent situation, however, as many people have chosen to change the values of their lives. There are many different paths open to them. For example, they could go back to school to study something they enjoy, instead of for how much money it can bring. This is not impossible as you are never too old to study. Other people may look for more fulfilling relationships with their friends, relatives, or those who truly love them. Each or these is an excellent path for an ideal life as these goals will give each of us a much fuller life as well as an ideal one.听看学理想的生活是许多人想要追求的,但很少有人能够实现。梦想与现实之间的平衡很难被跨越。很多人在选择职业的时候希望它能给自己带来财富和成功。然而,他们在选择的领域工作了几年后,便开始痛恨自己的工作。这主要是因为他们在追求成功的同时,忽略了生活的其他部分。这些人把自己的生活投入到工作之中,无法从工作中分身。他们认为那可能还不够。有些人的工作甚至使自己的原则和情感健康受到不忠或糟糕工作环境的挑战。这些人可能开始被自己工作的环境所影响,继而引发个人问题或健康问题。然而这种选择并非是永久的状况,因为许多人已经选择改变自己的生活价值。有许多不同的道路可供他们选择。例如,他们可以重回学校,学习他们感兴趣的东西,而不考虑这会给他们带来多少金钱。这并非是不可能的,因为活到老学到老。其他人可能寻求与朋友、亲戚和那些真正爱自己的人更好的关系。这些都是通向理想生活的最佳道路,因为这些目标会给予我们每个人更加充实的生活以及理想的人生。Grammar 语法小结构词法——后缀在英语中常用的后缀如下:1.名词后缀-ance, -ence, 例如:appearance 外表、reference 参考-er, -ar, 例如:painter 画家、 beggar乞丐-ess, 例如:actress 女演员、 waitress 女务员-ion, -ition, -ation, 例如:collection 收集、observation 观察-ment, 例如:movement 运动、retirement 退休-ness, 例如:darkness 黑暗、 happiness 快乐2.动词后缀-en, 例如:deepen 变深、 fasten变快-ify, 例如:classify分级、 simplify 简化3.形容词后缀-able, -ible, 例如:suitable 适合的、  questionable可疑的-al, 例如:natural自然的-ant, -ent, 例如:different不同的、 pleasant愉快的-ful, 例如:careful小心的、painful痛苦的-less, 例如:hopeless没希望的、painless无痛苦的-ous, 例如:dangerous 危险的家庭总动员 Do it together表示转折的句型两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1.他爱上了咖啡厅的一个女务员。2.不要一个人去原始森林旅行,太危险了。3.我希望毕业之后能够找到一份合适的工作。4.她的宠物病了,她小心地照顾它。5.她觉得她的未来没有希望了。1.Her pet dog is sick, so she looks after it carefully.2.He falls in love with a waitress in the coffee-house.3.Don't travel to the virgin forest. It's too dangerous.4.I hope I can find a suitable job after graduation.5.She thought her future was hopeless. /200807/43965You won't regret it.regret 是指“后悔,懊恼”。You won’t regret it.的意思为“你不会后悔的”。You won’t regret it.这句话常用在自己挂保,怂恿对方绝对不会后悔的情况,譬如在作投资、店员作产品推销等时侯。Call it a day.这个词组字面上的意思指“就称它做一天。”进而引申为“到此为止,就这样结束。”当你要想要结束一件事不再追究,或是开会、上课在结尾前,主席或老师便可说Let’s callit a day.“今天就到这里。” /201003/99427

1. To know everything is to know nothing.样样皆通,样样稀松。 /201007/109038

146. 他资质平平。 [误] He has a normal intelligence. [正] He has an average intelligence.注: normal 言其正常,average 言其平庸。貌似一般,但内涵不同,绝对不可滥用。 /200807/44830

31. Don't underestimate me. 别小看我.W: Can you finish typing this file in one day?M: Don't underestimate me.W: Fine. Send it to my office tomorrow morning.M: I can eat five steam b for a meal. W: You are lying.M: Don't underestimate me.Underestimate1.to think or guess that the amount, cost or size of something is smaller than it really is 低估;对…估计不足to underestimate the cost/difficulty/danger of the expedition 低估远征的费用/艰难/危险VNWe underestimated the time it would take to get there. 我们低估了抵达那里所需的时间。1. 2.to not realize how good, strong, determined, etc. somebody really is 对…认识不足(或重视不够);低估;轻视 VNNever underestimate your opponent. 决不可低估你的对手。32. Bon voyage. 一路平安.W: You will return to Shanghai tomorrow, won't you?M: Yes.W: Bon voyage.M: I will go to America to study in a few days.W: Really? Bon voyage.M: Thank you.'Bon voyage'来源于法语,相当于中文的”一路平安”. /201005/103003

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