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杭州氧化锆压铸全瓷牙多少钱杭州瓷嵌体多少钱Oscars Toned Down Amid RecessionThe Oscars may be the worlds most famous film awards, but even THEY cant escape the recession. This year, even the freebies handed out to the stars make a nod towards the economic downturn, as Skys Amanda Walker reports.The gleaming surface betrays the fact that like the rest of the world, Hollywood is experiencing an economic slump. In the build-up to the Oscars, Alley is putting on its bits of show of shimmering decadence. But beneath the surface, times are harder than theyve been in decades. But its only just beginning. Cateros ,a party organizer, say plans for Oscar’s celebrations have slowed and budgets for festivities have been cut, some by as much as 75 percent. This is what to know as a gifting switch, where anyone whos remotely famous gets freebies bestowed upon them. These vendors noted a photographer of Cate… with their product can have as much impact as an expensive ad campaign.“Looking around here, there is plenty being given away there is gadgets, like this blue tooth, enable sun glasses over here. Pieces of pop par, y to be given out, but there is also opportunity here to give something to charity and not to the fact that ...decatives… can been seen as a bit sensitive in this tough times. Over time the effect of the downturn on the movie industry could be dramatic.”“If you survive that recession, I think you will just beginning to start an act to, how it’s going to affect the real financing in those studios in Hollywood, how its really going to affect them in a number of films going to make. I imagine, significantly. I imagine that they will be seen major problems with certain studios that will be major, pulling back on the whole series of different productions levels. I think you will see a big effect in the next couple of years.”But there are few better places in the world, putting on the show; Hollywood has always been a depth of creating illusions. Its likely we will see more uplifting films like Slumdog Millionare, aimed at distracting us from the financial worlds. Asides from that, the audiences may not see the impact of the recessions, but the studios will be struggling, and there is no Hollywood ending in sight, I’m Amanda Walker, Sky news, Los Angeles03/64061西湖区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗矫正龅牙牙齿好吗 在看今天的节目之前,Jessica想问一下大家,你们知道多少种水果的名称呢?我知道的反正不多,只能列出最常见的那些...但是在看了今天的节目之后,相信大家会有所收获的哟!07/77549Back in the nation's capital, the debate over health care reform is ratcheting up. The House of Representatives might vote on its health care bill this weekend. And yesterday, that bill, which has been backed primarily by House Democrats, picked up the support of two big groups: AARP and the AMA. AARP is the country's largest organization of older Americans. The group's head says the house bill meets AARP's goals when it comes to health care reform. The AMA, or American Medical Association, is one of the nation's most influential medical groups. It said the bill doesn't represent its views perfectly, but it's close enough to earn the AMA's support. Many people, including most House Republicans, are opposed to the .1 trillion bill. Yesterday, they held a rally at the U.S. Capitol to speak out against it. One of their main criticisms is that the public option that's included in the bill is basically a government takeover of the country's health care system. Republicans have offered their own proposals, but they've been rejected by Democrats, who are in the majority in the House. Yesterday, leaders from both parties spoke out against each other's plans. REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R) HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: This weekend, the House of Representatives is likely to vote on Pelosi-care. This bill is the greatest threat to freedom that I have seen in the 19 years I have been here in Washington. Taking away your freedom to choose your doctor. REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D) HOUSE SPEAKER: Anything you need to know about the difference between the Democratic bill and the Republican bill is that the Republicans do not end health insurance companies' discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. Let that stand. That's scandalous, the fact that it exists. I don't understand why we have not heard the American people who have said that pre-existing conditions should not be a source of discrimination.11/88621杭州牙齿矫正一般多少钱

杭州市哪家医院全瓷牙最便宜This sonata Hammerklavier Op 106 is widely accepted as one of the greatest works by Beethoven. Its always presented in my mind that this perhaps signified his graduation from telling us about his material experience and going into the world of total spirit, and maybe this is the border where he starts telling us about his spiritual experience of his life from the spiritual point of view. I dont know if there any kind of this tune ,and it did because of the pressure .Its beyond description. Some people say that it final acceptance of something, maybe. But it from the part of it. But it in a different world.奏鸣曲Hammerklavier Op 106是公认的贝多芬的伟大作品,。它总是浮现在我的脑海里,这或许是他在展现给我们他从物质世界超然脱离,继而进入了全部精神的世界。亦或是一种边界,他从精神的角度讲述给我们他生命的精神经历。我不知道是否还存在着这种类型的曲子,因为这首曲子的压力太大了。它简直无法用语言形容。有些人说这是最后感受到的东西,这也许也是一部分吧。但这是在一个不同的世界。I think the slow movement is the most tragic. The slow movement that Beethoven wrote openly tragic that is the worst tragedy absolutely in a contrary extravert way. He could no longer hear himself play the piano, and that almost something very hard to take ,Up to then, he could almost hear just a little bit .我认为缓慢的节奏是最悲惨的。贝多芬公开谱写的这首缓慢的哀章就是一场最大的悲剧。他无法再次聆听到自己弹奏钢琴的声音,而这几乎是一件很难接受的事情。直到那时,他几乎可以听见一点点。词语解释:1. Hammerklavier. 这是一个德语合成词,Hammer是;锤子;,Klavier是;键盘;。从字面上的意义就是为从拨弦钢琴向锤击的现代钢琴过渡时期为现代钢琴写得一首曲子。这是一个很古怪的标题,而曲子本身应该和这个标题没有太大的关系。2. sonata n. 奏鸣曲3. spirit n. 精神4. tragic a. 悲剧的201111/161633杭州市第一人民医院口腔专科 America Looks Ahead to Obama Administration奥巴马组建白宫班子迎接严峻挑战  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has begun assembling a White House team in advance of the presidential transition January 20. After the excitement over the historic election dies down, the next president will face some serious domestic and international issues. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马将在1月20号就职。他已经开始组建自己的白宫班子。 在这次历史性选举的尘埃落定后,新一届总统将面临一些国内、国际方面的严肃问题。Barack Obama outlined some of the challenges facing the nation in his victory speech in Chicago Tuesday night. They include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental issues and an economic crisis. He predicted setbacks and false starts, but said he is confident the problems can be tackled.  奥巴马星期二晚间在芝加哥发表的胜选演说中描述了一些美国所面对的挑战,包括伊拉克和阿富汗战争,环境问题和经济危机。他预言会有一些挫折,还有开头不顺的问题,但是他说,他相信这些问题能够解决。"There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build and threats to meet, alliances to repair. The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there," he said. “要开发利用新能源,创造就业机会,建造更多学校,应对新的威胁,修补盟友关系。 前路漫长,坡路陡峭。我们可能在一年时间甚至一个任期内都难完成这些任务,但是,我要告诉美国人民,我从来没有像今晚这样有信心达到我们的目标。”Exit polls taken during the election show that more than six in ten Americans view the flagging economy as the most important issue facing the nation. One in ten voters cited other key concerns, such as the war in Iraq, health care and terrorism. 选举的出口民调显示,每10个美国选民就有6人将萎靡的经济看作是美国面临的最重要的问题。十分之一的选民则表示他们关注其他一些关键问题,如伊拉克战争、医疗保险以及恐怖主义等。Who will be chosen as Treasury Secretary?Mr. Obama has just 2 1/2 months to prepare for his transition, and there is speculation over the makeup of his new administration. Some wonder if his campaign advisers may have a formal role, perhaps in the key job of treasury secretary. Speculation surrounding that important job has focused on Paul Volcker, who was federal reserve chairman under President Ronald Reagan, and Robert Rubin, a former treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton. Some wonder if there may even be a role for another Obama supporter, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett. 奥巴马只有两个半月的时间来准备过渡,各界在猜测他领导的新的行政当局将任用什么人。有人想知道,他的竞选顾问是否可以得到正式的职位,也许是关键的财政部长的职位。围绕这个重要职位的猜测已经集中到保尔.沃尔克,他是里根总统任内的联邦储备委员会主席,还有罗伯特.鲁宾,他是克林顿总统手下的财政部长。甚至有人猜测奥巴马的另一位持者亿万富翁投资家巴菲特是否会出山。Chief of Staff Position could go to former Clinton adviserSenator Obama is starting to assemble his White House staff. News reports say he has offered the job of chief of staff to Rahm Emanuel, a Democratic member of congress who was once a senior adviser to former president Clinton.  奥巴马参议员已经开始着手组建他在白宫班子。新闻报道说,他已经提出让拉姆.伊曼纽尔这位民主党国会议员担任白宫办公厅主任,他曾经是前总统克林顿的高级顾问。The next president should have a sympathetic Congress when he takes the oath of office in January. It will be the first time since the early years of the Clinton presidency when Democrats have held the White House and a majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. They will still need cooperation from Republicans, especially in the Senate, where Democrats failed to get the 60 seats that would have protected them from procedural blocks known as filibusters. Some newly elected Democrats from conservative states, such as Virginia and North Carolina, may also want to embrace a moderate agenda. 新的美国总统明年1月宣誓就职的时候,国会将是一个总统所属的政党控制的。这是过去克林顿总统就任前期以来民主党人头一次同时执掌白宫和国会参议院众议院。不过他们仍然需要共和党的合作,特别是在参议院,民主党人没有得到60个席位,无法避免共和党人用不停的发言的拖延战术阻碍立法。来自一些保守州的新当选的民主党国会议员,例如来自维吉尼亚和北卡罗来纳的议员,可能会希望国会走温和的路线。President-elect urged to govern from centerIn Washington Wednesday, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, urged the next president to govern from the center. 星期三在华盛顿,国会众议院议长民主党人南希.佩洛西敦促新一届政府从中间做好管理。 "At a time of this economic crisis, our priority should be very clear about what we need to do. Each side of the spectrum can hope to influence the decision. But the fact is that a new president coming in, in my view, must take the country down the middle to solve the problems, to gain the confidence, to take us more strongly in a new direction," he said. 在发生这种经济危机的时候,我们的首要任务应当是非常清楚地表明我们要做什么。政界各方都可以希望能影响决策。但是,我认为,一个新总统上任,必须率领国家走中间路线以便解决问题,获得公众的信任,让我们走上一个新方向,变得更加强大。”Analysts credit the Obama win to a highly effective campaign, an exceptional ability at fundraising, and a message that resonated with voters across demographic lines. In his victory speech, Senator Obama said he will be president for all Americans, even those who voted against him.  分析人士把奥巴马的胜选规结于有效的竞选、筹集资金的超常能力,以及对各种选民产生共鸣的信息。在他的胜选演讲中,奥巴马参议员说,他将是所有美国人的总统,包括那些投票反对他的人们。DNC chairman says Obama's message resonates with votersDemocratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean says the message of the election is clear.  民主党全国委员会主席霍华德. 迪安说,选举的信息十分明确。"Americans have given all of us - Democrats, Republicans and Independents - a simple mandate to work together to find big solutions to the big challenges that face our country," he said. “我认为这次选举结果所表达的信息很明显。美国人就是要我们,要民主党人,共和党人,无党派人士携手合作,为我们国家所面临的各种大挑战提出大手笔的解决方案。”As the president-elect turns his attention to the business of governing, the euphoria over his historic election has not subsided. Senator Obama is the first African American to be elected U.S. president. Another African American leader, Georgia Representative John Lewis, says the Obama victory will inspire future generations. Lewis spoke on N Television's Today show about the message of the Obama win. 就在当选总统转而关注执政问题的时候,他的历史性选举带来的欢欣仍没有消退。奥巴马参议员是第一位非洲裔美国人被选为美国总统。另一位非洲裔美国人领袖,乔治亚州推选的国会议员约翰.刘易斯说,奥巴马的胜利将激励未来的几代人。他在全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目谈到了奥巴马胜选所传达的信息。"It doesn't matter whether you are black or white or Latino or Asian American or Native American, you can grow up in America and be anything that you want to be. People will be saying for years to come, 'If Barack Obama can do it, you can do it too,'" he said. “不论你是黑人白人,是拉丁裔还是亚太裔,或是美国原住民,你都可以在美国成长,并成就你的任何目标。人们今后多年都会说,如果奥巴马能行,你也行。”The man Senator Obama will replace in the White House, President George W. Bush, said this election is uplifting for a generation of Americans who watched the struggle for civil rights unfold, and are seeing the dream fulfilled four decades later. 奥巴马参议员将取代的白宫的主人布什总统星期三说,这次选举让观察民权斗争的整整一代美国人感到振奋,让他们看到40年奋斗争取的梦想终于实现。200811/55346杭州超声洁牙价格

杭州口腔医院隐形牙套费用Are we better off today? 经济衰退 CNN's Christine Romans examines whether the U.S. economy is in better shape now than it was when President Bush took office. President Bush took off as just before a recession began and it's quite possible he'll end his term amid or after another recession. In between was the weakest economic expansion since World War Two, and that had both parties asking,"Are YOU better off today?" "Ask yourself a simple question, that is , 'Are you better off now?' than you were when George Bush took office?"You'll hear a lot over the next nine weeks about family budgets and the struggling middle- class and whether the economy is better-off today."In a word, NO! A comparing reccession, uh today, with 8 years ago, when you were in a boom. And that's a tough comparison , no matter how you slice it."Tough comparison indeed. Remember gas at .49? It has more than doubled during the George W.Bush's administration. Most recently, .68 a gallon. Medical costs are gobbling up an ever-bigger chunk of your heart and dollar.Think of it this way, more than 17 cents of every consumer dollar is spent on health care. Tuition and food prices are exploding as paychecks, after inflation, shrink. Economist Marks Andy says the richer , a little richer. The poorer, a litter poorer. And everyone else?."I think for the average American, they are ting water financially. Their incomes are about what they were years ago. And their net work is about what it was years ago as well. "Historically, income rises. The Democrat's playing White House economic policy. It's one reason many say John McCain must distance himself from Bush and choose a running mate strong on the economy. At the same time ,the GOP warns against democrats, taxing is expanding in the country further in the whole. Despite millions of foreclusures and a housing crisis, the average house is still worth more than what it was in 2001.That's a good news, if you have a steady job, are paying your mortgage , and haven't raided the home involved with equity . So how are you doing? Are you better or worse- off? You can let us know, at I REPORT.com, forward slash, better-off, tell us your story and you might see it down in CNN Money .com . For CNN, money, I'm Christine Romans.200811/55824 Economics focus经济聚焦Drain or gain? 人才外流,是得还是失?Poor countries can end up benefiting when their brightest citizens emigrate 穷国最终会从人才外流中获益WHEN people in rich countries worry about migration, they tend to think of low-paid incomers who compete for jobs as construction workers, dishwashers or farmhands. When people in developing countries worry about migration, they are usually concerned at the prospect of their best and brightest decamping to Silicon Valley or to hospitals and universities in the developed world. These are the kind of workers that countries like Britain, Canada and Australia try to attract by using immigration rules that privilege college graduates. 发达国家担心移民,他们通常考虑的是对收入要求较低的移民会和他们竞争就业岗位,例如建筑工人,洗碗工或是农场工人。而发展中国家担心移民,则通常考虑的是,他们最优秀的人才流入了硅谷,或是发达国家的一些医院和大学。而这些人才正是英国、加拿大、澳大利亚这样的国家需要的,他们通过优待大学生的移民政策来吸引这样的人才。Lots of studies have found that well-educated people from developing countries are particularly likely to emigrate. By some estimates, two-thirds of highly educated Cape Verdeans live outside the country. A big survey of Indian households carried out in 2004 asked about family members who had moved abroad. It found that nearly 40% of emigrants had more than a high-school education, compared with around 3.3% of all Indians over the age of 25. This “brain drain” has long bothered policymakers in poor countries. They fear that it hurts their economies, depriving them of much-needed skilled workers who could have taught at their universities, worked in their hospitals and come up with clever new products for their factories to make. 很多研究发现,发展中国家受过良好教育的人们尤其可能移民。据估计,三分之二受过良好教育的Cape Verdeans都居住在国外。2004年对印度家庭展开了一次大范围调查,询问了他们移居国外的家庭成员情况。调查发现,近40%的移民接受过高等教育,而所有25岁以上的印度人中,这一比例仅为3.3%。这种“人才外流”的现象长期困扰着穷国的政策制定者们。他们担心这会有损经济发展,使得他们丧失亟需的有技能的人才,他们本可在大学里教书,在医院里工作,或是研发出可供生产的新产品。201105/138368余杭口腔医院洗牙贵不贵杭州美国百康种植体牙冠



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