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杭州进口烤瓷牙多少钱杭州牙科医院做洗牙When you#39;re trying to lose weight, it can sometimes feel like you#39;ve gone years without indulging in a piece of cake or a takeaway.你试图减肥,感觉好像你好几年都没好好吃块蛋糕、好好享受外卖了。And you#39;re not altogether wrong – because a woman will spend more than three years on a diet by the time she#39;s 30, according to a survey.你也不是全错,因为有研究称,女性30岁的时候已经花了三年时间节食了。It claimed the average woman loses 4lbs each time she diets and tries to lose weight twice a year. The average female dieter will have spent 168 weeks trying to lose weight between the ages of 18 and 30.据称,女性每次节食平均要瘦4磅,而且,女性每两年就要减一次肥。平均每位节食的女性在18至30岁之间会花168个礼拜的时间用来减肥。Putting on more weight than a close friend or sister was the main incentive for trying to shed a few pounds.比闺蜜或发胖厉害是想要掉肉的重要诱因。This was followed by seeing how you looked in shop mirrors while undressing in the changing room.紧随其后的诱因是在商店试衣间换装时看到镜中的自己。The end of a relationship was the third most popular reason, with 57 per cent of women saying this would inspire them to lose weight to look more attractive.第三大热门原因是分手,57%的女性说这会激励她们减肥,这样好看起来更具吸引力。Being embarrassed by their weight in holiday photos was also a big factor.度假照上身躯庞大分量重令人窘迫也是一大因素。 /201511/411268杭州市中医院美白牙齿需要多少钱 Steve Jobs#39; ;reality distortion field; helped propel an empire, but it couldn#39;t keep a leather wristwatch band from showing some serious wear. Even in ;heavily worn condition,; however, the Seiko wristwatch that Jobs wore in a 1984 photo shoot with the original Macintosh still fetched ,500 in an online auction Saturday.史蒂夫·乔布斯的“现实扭曲力场”理论虽然推进了苹果帝国的发展,但是它并依然不能阻止一块皮革质手表表带的自然磨损。不过,即便已经处于“严重磨损状况”,在当地时间上周六举办的网上拍卖中,乔布斯在1984年与世界上第一台Macintosh的合照中佩戴的那块Seiko手表还是以4.25万美元的价格被拍走了。The watch was just one of a handful of personal items consigned by Jobs#39; longtime house manager Mark Sheff for the auction held by Heritage Auctions.这块手表只是乔布斯小部分个人物品中的一件,而这些物品都是他的长期房屋管理人马克·谢夫在传统拍卖公司拍卖的。A pair of Jobs#39; equally battered Birkenstock sandals sold for ,750, one of his signature black turtlenecks with the Next logo on the front went for ,500 and a lot including two of Jobs#39; Next business cards, a pen with an Apple logo and a postal service return receipt signed by the late Apple CEO garnered a winning bid of ,250.同样的,乔布斯的一双破旧勃肯鞋凉鞋也以2750美元的价格拍出,他的一件印有NEXT公司标识的黑色高领衫成交价为7500美元,此外,包括乔布斯的两张Next名片、一有着苹果标志的钢笔和一封由该已故苹果CEO签署的邮政务回执等在内的小物件最终成交价为16250美元。The watch is perhaps best known for making an appearance on a 2011 special issue of Time magazine commemorating Jobs#39; life after his death from cancer.乔布斯因癌症不幸故去后,《时代》杂志在2011年为纪念乔布斯的一生发布了特刊,或许乔布斯这款手表这么出名也得益于它在该杂志上的亮相。Amazingly, the auction could indicate that the market for Jobs memorabilia has cooled off a little bit from the days when original Apple 1 computers were fetching well in excess of half a million dollars and a single legal document signed by Jobs was auctioned for over ,000.令人惊讶的是,这次拍卖或许表明,相比从前,消费者对乔布斯纪念品痴狂的火爆程度似乎稍微冷却了一点,过去,Apple 1计算机的原型机拍卖价曾超过了五十万美元,而一份乔布斯签署的法律文件则被拍卖到了4万美元。Apparently you can put a price on distorting reality.显然,在“扭曲的现实”中你可以这样定价。 /201602/428067My tattoos: They’re my personal art collection纹身:他们是我的个人艺术收藏Tattoos are fairly common these days. Most footballers are living needle-art and I can’t think of many of my friends who don’t have some form of permanent marker stamped somewhere on their body. But full-on tats, like Annie’s, are still a talking point. At least they are when they’re first encountered. The strange thing about them is that they disappear very quickly. You stop noticing them after five minutes and then you never really see them again.纹身最近非常常见。大多数足球运动员都有纹身,而且我想不到我的哪个朋友没有在身上的某个部分留下某种永久性的标志。但是完整的纹身,比如安妮的,还仍是一个讨论话题。至少他们最初是这样的。奇怪的是他们消失的非常快。你五分钟后就不再注意他们,之后你就再也不能真的见到他们了。Still, Annie’s tattoos are big: designed to be noticed. When tattoos take up that amount of space they’re often about knitting together smaller, older tattoos. Making the disparate, the random, into one whole. It’s as though the tattooed person wants to make sense of their past, to draw together the emotions that caused them to have the separate tattoos in the first place. To make all their previous selves into one united person.不变的是,安妮的纹身很大:设计得引人注目。当纹身占据了那么大的空间时,他们通常是编织起更小更旧的纹身。把分散的,随机的变成一个整体。这似乎是纹身的人想要让过去变得有意义,将那些一开始导致他们纹身的情感聚集在一起。把所有曾经的自己变成一个一体的人。Annie’s tattoos are not fashionable. They’re recognisably post-1990s, but they’re not of the moment. They’re not Instagram tats. Instagram tattoos are small and black, inspirational words or significant dates. Arrows and teeny dots. Hipster tattoos are scratchy, badly drawn things that recall the ones we made in school with a compass and ink.安妮的纹身并不时尚。它们被认为是后90年代的,但是它们并不是那个时候的。它们不是属于Instagram。Instagram的纹身小而黑,而且是有灵感的文字或是重要的日期,箭头和极小的点。颓废派的纹身很潦草,让人想起我们在学校里用圆规和墨水画的东西。But Annie’s are mostly flowers – pretty things – plus a phoenix and a ship in full sail. These are classic symbols: romance, life, rebirth, freedom, a big world, a desire to enjoy life and its natural elements. They don’t reference death or past loves. They’re about Annie and her life now. Judging by her expression, she likes her life. And we should look at her smile. They’re emotional people, the tattooed. Their tattoos are just an introduction, their way of telling us about themselves. Despite their decoration, what most tattooed people want us to see is the person underneath.但是安妮的大多都是花——美丽的东西——再加上一只凤凰和一艘航行中的船。这些是传统的象征:浪漫,人生,重生,自由,一个宏大的世界,一份想要享受生活和其自然元素的渴望。他们不会使人联想到死亡或前任。它们是关于安妮和她现在的生活的。从她的描述来看,她很喜欢自己现在的生活。另外我们应当关注她的笑容。纹身的人是情感化的。他们的纹身只是一个自我介绍,是他们讲述自己的方式。除了他们的装饰,纹身的人想让我们看到的是深层的东西。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201602/425187杭州维信口腔医院美容冠多少钱

余杭口腔医院治疗蛀牙淳安县中医院超声波洗牙好不好 Every year since 1952, the Book Review has convened an independent panel of judges to select the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books. Judged purely on artistic merit, it’s the only annual award of its kind. 自1952年以来,《纽约时报》书评版每年都会组建一个独立评审小组,挑选出时报最佳儿童绘本。它以艺术价值为唯一标准,也是同类作品的唯一年度奖。The 2015 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books are, in alphabetical order:2015年《纽约时报》最佳儿童绘本书单如下,按字母顺序排列:Big Bear Little Chair《大熊小椅子》(Big Bear Little Chair)Written and illustrated by Lizi Boyd故事、绘图:利兹·伊德(Lizi Boyd)This ingenious take on the “opposites” book shows the youngest children that big, little and tiny are all in how you look at things. Using just black, white and a velvety gray, with a bit of red, Boyd’s delightful cut paper compositions juxtapose the large and the small in unexpected ways: a “big meadow” is big because it’s full of small flowers; a “big seal” towers over a “tiny castle” that’s made of sand.该书巧妙地通过“对立”,向低龄儿童展示了“大、小和微小”的区别在于看待事物的方式。伊德仅仅使用黑、白、柔和的灰,以及一点点红色,搭配赏心悦目的剪纸图案,以出人意料的方式并列呈现了大小事物:一片“大草地”很大,因为草地上满是小花朵;在用沙子建造的“微小城堡”前,高耸着一只“大海豹”。32 pp. Chronicle Books. .99. (Picture book; ages 3 to 5)共32页。编年史出版社(Chronicle Books)。16.99美元。(绘本,适合3至5岁)A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat《精致甜品:四个世纪,四个家庭,一种美味》(A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat)By Emily Jenkins. Illustrated by Sophie Blackall.故事:艾米莉·詹金斯(Emily Jenkins)。绘图:苏菲·布莱科尔(Sophie Blackall)。Four vignettes, set in England, South Carolina, Boston and San Diego, show how the creamy dessert called blackberry fool has been made and enjoyed over the centuries. Our reviewer, John Lithgow, called out the book’s “abundant charms.” Blackall’s warm, finely detailed illustrations — done in ink, watercolor and blackberry juice — capture the sweep of history and the constancy of family love.书中描绘了四个小片段,分别发生在英格兰、南卡罗来纳州、波士顿和圣迭戈,这些片段讲述了数百年来,人们制作和品尝一种名为“黑莓傻瓜”(blackberry fool)的奶油甜点的历史。评审员约翰·利思戈(John Lithgow)称该书“魅力十足”。布莱科尔用墨水、水和黑莓汁绘制了温暖而精细的插画,展现了历史的跨越和亲情的延绵。32 pp. Schwartz amp; Wade Books. .99. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)共32页。施瓦茨与韦德出版社(Schwartz amp; Wade Books)。17.99美元。(绘本,适合4至8岁)Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras《滑稽的骨头:波萨达和他的亡灵节骷髅》(Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras)By Duncan Tonatiuh故事:邓肯·托纳蒂乌(Duncan Tonatiuh)This biography of the Mexican artist, who popularized calaveras both as a form of political protest and a popular entertainment, integrates Posada’s own prints with Tonatiuh’s winsome, cleverly layered compositions. “Befitting its subject, the book communicates through its visual aesthetic,” Maria Russo wrote. “Tonatiuh’s eye-catching earth-toned digital collages, with occasional blasts of dusky purple or blue, feature people who look like the swoopy, postmodern descendants of Mexican folk figures.”本书是墨西哥艺术家波萨达的传记。波萨达普及了骷髅艺术(calaveras),使其既成为政治抗议的一种形式,又成为一种大众的方式。书中将波萨达的作品和托纳蒂乌可爱、巧妙的分层图案融合在一起。“这本书通过视觉美感来表达,与它的主题非常契合,”玛丽亚·罗素(Maria Russo)写道。“托纳蒂乌用引人注目的土地色调的数字拼贴,搭配少量暗紫色或蓝色,让人物看起来像是墨西哥传说人物的后现代后裔,有平滑的线条。”40 pp. Abrams. .95. (Picture book; ages 6 to 10)共40页,艾布拉姆斯出版社(Abrams)。18.95美元。(绘本,适合6至10岁)Leo: A Ghost Story《雷欧:幽灵的故事》(Leo: A Ghost Story)By Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Christian Robinson.故事:麦克·巴内特(Mac Barnett)。绘图:克里斯蒂安·罗宾逊(Christian Robinson)Leo, a little ghost drawn touchingly by Robinson as an improbably sweet and hopeful-looking crayoned outline, feels unwanted in the house he is haunting. So he moves to the city, where he befriends a girl who thinks he’s strictly imaginary. After Leo thwarts a robbery, his real — that is, ghostly — status is affirmed. Our reviewer, Marjorie Ingall, praised Robinson’s “exciting” art. “I love the palette of ‘Leo,’” she wrote. “Black, white, gray and various shades of moody blue, in a mix of acrylic paint and chunky paper collage.”雷欧是一个小幽灵。罗宾逊用动人的笔触,将他绘制成一个极为可爱、看起来充满希望的蜡笔轮廓。雷欧觉得,在他游荡的房子里,大家都不喜欢他。于是他搬到城市,和一个女孩交上朋友,女孩以为雷欧只是自己的想象。雷欧阻挠了一次抢劫,他作为幽灵的真实性得到了确定。评审员玛乔丽·因加尔(Marjorie Ingall)称赞,罗宾逊的绘画很“精”。她写道:“我喜欢《雷欧》的配色,白、灰和各种色调的蓝黑色,以及丙烯酸颜料和厚实纸张拼贴的组合。”52 pp. Chronicle Books. .99. (Picture book; ages 3 to 5)共52页。编年史出版社。16.99美元。(绘本,适合3至5岁)Madame Eiffel: The Love Story of the Eiffel Tower《埃菲尔夫人:埃菲尔铁塔的爱情故事》(Madame Eiffel: The Love Story of the Eiffel Tower)By Alice Brière-Haquet. Illustrated by Csil.故事:爱丽丝·布希耶-阿各特(Alice Brière-Haquet)。绘图:塞希尔(Csil)In this imaginative telling of the story behind the Eiffel Tower, the engineer Gustave Eiffel is inspired by his love for his ailing wife, Cathy. With a strict palette of black and white with dabs of light rosy red, Csil’s intricate, lacy pen-and-ink illustrations convey Eiffel’s keen attention to detail, along with the allure of Paris and the high-flying ambition of his tower. The effect is romantic and utterly charming, inviting you to look and look at the pages.本书讲述了作者想象的艾菲尔铁塔背后的故事:工程师居斯塔夫·埃菲尔(Gustave Eiffel)对病妻凯西(Cathy)的爱激发了他的灵感。塞希尔用严格的黑白配色,加上少许浅玫瑰红,勾画出错综复杂的繁复笔墨插图,展示了埃菲尔对细节的敏锐,再加上巴黎的魅力以及铁塔承载的雄心壮志,整体效果浪漫迷人,引人入胜。24 pp. Little Gestalten. .95. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)共24页,Little Gestalten出版社。19.95美元(绘本,适合4至8岁)The Only Child《独生小孩》(The Only Child)Written and illustrated by Guojing故事、绘图:郭景A small child is left alone all day to fend for herself. She dozes off on a city bus and wakes in an unknown forest, a silvery fantasyland up in the clouds where she bonds with a flying deer, enormous whales and a seal pup. Our reviewer, Samantha Hunt, was enchanted by this “dreamy, wordless debut,” lovingly illustrated with smoky, mystical-looking pencil drawings. “The dark current flowing underneath such lush imagery,” Hunt wrote, “is the loneliness of childhood under China’s one-child policy.”一个小姑娘一整天都要自己照顾自己。她在城市里的公交车上睡着了,醒来时来到了一片未知的森林里。那是云朵上面的一个银色梦境。在那里,她和会飞的鹿、大鲸鱼和一只小海豹建立起了感情。这本“梦幻题材的无字处女作”让评审员萨曼莎·亨特(Samantha Hunt)沉醉在其中。书中的插图都是烟雾朦胧、看上去有些神秘的铅笔画。“美丽的图画背后涌动的暗流,”亨特说,“是中国一胎政策下童年的孤独。”98 pp. Schwartz amp; Wade. .99. (Picture book; ages 5 to 9)共98页。施瓦茨与韦德出版社。19.99美元。(绘本,适合5至9岁)The Skunk《臭鼬》(The Skunk)By Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.故事:马克·巴尼特(Mac Barnett)绘图:帕特里克·麦当奈尔(Patrick McDonnell)32 pp. Roaring Brook Press. .99. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)共32页,咆哮溪出版社(Roaring Brook Press)。17.99美元。(绘本,适合4至8岁)Sidewalk Flowers《路边的鲜花》(Sidewalk Flowers)By JonArno Lawson. Illustrated by Sydney Smith.故事:琼阿诺·劳森(JonArno Lawson) 绘图:西德尼·史密斯(Sydney Smith)“Something to treasure,” our reviewer, Carmela Ciuraru, called this dazzlingwordless book. As a girl and her father walk home through city streets, she notices flowers sprouting in unexpected places. She picks them, accumulating a bouquet that she distributes to a dog, a dead bird, a homeless man and finally, back home, her sleeping toddler sibling. In Smith’s elegant and moving drawings, as Ciuraru wrote, “the only pop of color on the first page is the girl’s bright red hoodie, redolent of Peter’s snowsuit in Ezra Jack Keats’s ‘The Snowy Day.’ More color suffuses these pages as the pair gets closer to home.”评审员卡尔梅拉·丘拉鲁(Carmela Ciuraru)对这本令人惊叹的绘本的评价是“值得珍藏”。一个小女孩和父亲穿过城市的街道步行回家。她发现,一些意想不到的地方长出了鲜花。她把献花采来做成花束,分给了一条、一只死鸟、一个流浪汉和家里已经睡着了的弟弟。正如丘拉鲁所写的那样,史密斯的插图简洁感人,“第一页上唯一的色是小女孩鲜红的连帽衫,让人想起了埃兹拉·杰克·济慈(Ezra Jack Keats)《雪天》(The Snowy Day)里彼得穿的风雪。随着两人离家越来越近,书页上的颜色越来越丰富。”26 pp. Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press. .95. (Picture book; ages 3 to 8)共26页。格朗伍德/阿南西出版公司(Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press)。16.95美元。(绘本,适合3至8岁)The Tiger Who Would Be King《想当国王的老虎》(The Tiger Who Would Be King)By James Thurber. Illustrated by JooHee Yoon.故事:詹姆斯·瑟伯(James Thurber) 绘图:尹珠熙(JooHee Yoon,音)Thurber’s 1956 comic fable about a power-mad tiger who starts a deadly war is vibrantly illustrated by Yoon in a dense, blocky print style, all in an electric red, a cool blue-green, black and white. Each page teems with evocative images of animal life. The effect is ferocious and ravishing, capturing the beastliness of war along with emotions that include pride, boredom, shock and sorrow.本书是瑟伯1956年推出的一个漫画寓言故事,讲的是一只痴迷于权力的老虎发起一场大战的故事。尹珠熙的插图色鲜艳,全都是鲜亮的红色、冷静的蓝绿色、黑色和白色,印刷风格的色块密集地挤在一起。每一页都满是令人思绪飞扬的动物生活场景。画面冲击感强烈,令人陶醉,既刻画出了战争的残暴,又表现出了骄傲、厌倦、震惊和悲伤等情感。40 pp. Enchanted Lion Books. .95. (All ages)共40页。醉狮图书公司(Enchanted Lion Books)。18.95美元。(适合所有年龄)Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower《特里基·维克:一个卖埃菲尔铁塔的人的真实故事》(Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower)By Greg Pizzoli故事:格雷格·皮佐利(Greg Pizzoli)This biography of the legendary con man who once managed to sell the Eiffel Tower bursts with cheeky wit and verve. We follow Tricky Vic, as he was known, from his birth as Robert Miller in what is now the Czech Republic to his death in a federal prison in Missouri. In one of many comic touches, a thumbprint stands in for Tricky Vic’s head. “Pizzoli’s jocular, simple but graphically sophisticated collage illustrations draw ers even further into a story it would be hard to be bored by,” Maria Russo wrote.本书是一本传记,主人公是一个传奇骗子,曾经成功地卖掉了埃菲尔铁塔。书中充满了诙谐的玩笑,笔触充满活力,介绍了主人公从出生到离世的一生。他出生时叫罗伯特·米勒(Robert Miller),后被世人称作特里基·维克。他生于现在的捷克,在密苏里州的一座联邦监狱走到了生命的尽头。书中有浓厚的漫画气息,其中一处是用指纹代表特里基·维克的脑袋。“这是一个很难让人感到厌烦的故事,皮佐利风趣、简单却又精美生动的拼贴插图吸引着读者一步步深入,”玛利亚·拉索(Maria Russo)写道。39 pp. Viking. .99. (Picture book; ages 7 to 10)共39页。维京出版公司(Viking)。17.99美元。(绘本,适合7至10岁) /201511/407156杭州三十岁还能矫正牙齿吗

浙江杭州瓷嵌体哪家医院最好的 ;Grin; is the most popular emoji on the instant messaging tool QQ in China, and was used more than 52 billion times in 2015, according to a report released by Tencent.腾讯公司发布的一份报告称,“龇牙”表情是即时聊天工具QQ上最受欢迎的表情,在2015年使用次数超过520亿次。The report was based on the data of more than 860 million QQ users, for whom means polite, cute, and friendly, and has become the best way to say hello when chatting online.该报告的数据采集自超过8.6亿QQ用户,他们认为“龇牙”表情礼貌、可爱而又友好,因而是网上搭讪的不二之选。Different people prefer different emojis. Though not listed in the top 5, icons of crying are popular among women and kids.当然,各人自有各人钟爱的聊天表情。哭泣类表情虽未能入驻前五,却赢得了女性和儿童的青睐。Females like the emoji ;sob; most, which is also used to represent acting like a child. Kids and teenagers between the age of 5 to 15 favor ;whimper;, which is frequently used for an icon representing tears.女性最喜欢“流泪” ,让人觉得她们童心未泯。5到15岁之间的青少年喜欢“大哭” ,常用来代表泪水。Meanings of emojis change over the years, too.各个表情的意思也在逐渐变化。The emoji ;smile; used to represent kindness, but now indicates unhappy and dismissive. For example, one can reply with when he disagrees with and makes fun of others.“微笑” 曾经表示友好和善,如今却代表不开心和鄙视。例如,在反对并取笑对方时就可以用这个表情。The emoji ;wave; used to mean goodbye, but now is more often used to mean to pretend that ;we are no longer friends;. For example, one can say ;I don#39;t want to see you anymore;, which is usually not taken seriously.“再见” 曾经用来告别,如今却往往用来佯装“我们不能愉快地做朋友了”。比如,我们可以说“再也不见 ”,当然这一般是开玩笑的啦。The emoji ;laugh and cry;, which was chosen as the word of the year of 2015 by the Oxford English Dictionary, is a new star with several different meanings, for example laughing out loud, expressing extreme happiness, laughing helplessly, or embarrassment.“笑哭” 当选为牛津英语词典2015年度词汇,是一颗身负多重含义的新星,表达的含义可以有哈哈大笑、喜不自胜、无力苦笑、尴尬无语等。 /201602/426710杭州种植牙多少钱一个杭州市妇幼保健医院全瓷牙怎么样



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