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The top technology vendor story for 2014 does not involve a shiny new smartphone nor a new public cloud, but crudely rendered PowerPoint slides.2014年科技行业的最大新闻不是关于一款闪亮的新智能手机,也不是一个新的公共云务,而是一堆不加掩饰呈现的PPT幻灯片。Starting in June, a series of stories started documenting a global intelligence operation last seen on Showtime#39;s #39;Homeland.#39; Those PowerPoint slides, provided by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, taught businesses that the convenience of the cloud cuts both ways. By tapping into the pipes exiting data centers belonging to Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and other tech vendors, the NSA found a #39;convenient#39; way to vacuum vast amounts of data. The NSA#39;s reach was also revealed to extend to cellphone data从6月份开始,一系列文章开始记述一场全球情报行动,这类行动通常只有在Showtime频道播出的电视剧《国土安全》(Homeland)中才会看到。这些PPT幻灯片由美国国家安全局(NSA)曝光者斯诺登(Edward Snowden)提供,它们向企业显示了云务的便利性有利也有弊。通过监控谷歌(Google Inc.)和微软(Microsoft Corp.)等科技公司数据中心的数据传输通道,NSA发现了一种“便捷”的途径获得大量数据。有人披露,NSA监控的范围还延伸到了手机数据。In the wake of the revelations-henceforth called the #39;Snowden Effect#39;- tech vendors have worked to identify and apply security fixes, while assuring clients that their data remains safe. Abroad, businesses and politicians have touted local solutions. But this is just the beginning. Mr. Snowden is said to retain many more documents and it is quite likely that the Snowden Effect will remain the top tech industry story of 2014.事情曝光后(以下称“斯诺登效应”),科技公司努力确定并使用安全补丁,同时向客户保他们的数据仍是安全的。在海外,企业和政界人士鼓吹局部解决方案。但这还只是开始而已。据说斯诺登手里还有更多的文件,2014年斯诺登效应将很可能仍旧是科技行业的最大新闻。Meanwhile tech vendors in 2013 had their hands full operating multi-billion-dollar businesses. While many of the younger companies have achieved success, traditional and legacy vendors have struggled. CIO Journal looks back at the most significant news generated by some of the world#39;s leading tech giants in 2013.与此同时,2013年科技公司忙于运营规模数十亿美元的业务,分身乏术。很多创办时间更短的公司取得了成功,而传统老牌公司却陷入困境。CIO Journal栏目回顾了2013年一些全球顶级科技巨头制造的重大新闻。Microsoft: Microsoft announced in August that CEO Steve Ballmer would retire in 12 months. Mr. Ballmer, who took the CEO reins from founder Bill Gates in 2000, is in the midst of transforming Microsoft from a PC-based software maker to a device and services company, with an emphasis on mobile and cloud computing. Mr. Ballmer admitted that evolution was taken too long, setting the stage for his departure. On Dec. 17, John Thompson, Microsoft#39;s board director, said Microsoft would name Mr. Ballmer#39;s replacement - from a pool of 20 people - in 2014.微软(Microsoft):微软8月份宣布,首席执行长鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)将在12个月后退休。鲍尔默2000年接替微软创始人盖茨(Bill Gates)出任首席执行长,他正在努力将微软从一家基于个人电脑的软件生产商转变为一家设备和务公司,重点是移动和云计算。鲍尔默承认,转型花了太长的时间,这是他离职的原因之一。12月17日,微软董事汤普森(John Thompson)说,2014年微软将从20名人选中任命鲍尔默的继任者。Google: The company#39;s biggest reveal this year was its strategy to place #39;moonshot#39; bets on game-changing technology efforts, such as driverless cars. The company this year released to limited availability its Google Glass wearable computer. Google also unveiled Project Loon, an audacious effort to build a global network of high-altitude balloons that bring Internet access to people in remote areas. The company is also mounting a significant foray into robotics. Google is also targeting enterprise customers with cloud infrastructure software, which it released to general availability in December.谷歌(Google):该公司今年披露的最大一则消息是它计划探索具有划时代意义的科技领域,比如无人驾驶汽车。该公司今年限量推出了谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)可穿戴电脑。谷歌还发布了“Project Loon”,这是一项构建一个全球高空气球网络的大胆计划,使偏远地区的人们也可以上网。该公司还将大举进军机器人学领域。谷歌还面向企业客户推出云基础设施软件,12月份全面推出。Apple Inc.: For Apple, it was another year, another refresh of its iPhone and iPad. In September, Apple#39;s iPhone 5S received plaudits for its fingerprint scanning technology, which promises to make it easier and more secure for users to log in to their device. Announced in October, the iPad Air is a thinner, lighter but souped-up version of its market-leading tablet computer. The company also lured Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to run its retail and online store businesses. But CEO Tim Cook, along with the company#39;s stock price, took some hits for failing to bring the long-rumored Apple TV product to market. However, he hinted that a wearable computer of some sort could be on the horizon. Anyone up for an iWatch?苹果(Apple Inc.):对苹果来说,2013年是新的一年,是iPhone和iPad更新换代的又一年。9月份,苹果的iPhone 5S凭借其指纹识别技术获得了好评。指纹识别技术可以使用户更轻松、更安全地登陆设备。10月份,苹果发布了iPad Air,这是其领先市场的平板电脑的最新款,更薄、更轻,但功能更强大。该公司还请来柏利(Burberry)首席执行长阿伦茨(Angela Ahrendts)负责其零售和网络商店业务。但由于苹果没有推出外界猜测已久的苹果电视(Apple TV),首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)受到质疑,该公司的股价也受到了一定的打击。不过,库克暗示,可能有望推出一款可穿戴电脑。有人想要一个iWatch吗?Hewlett-Packard Co.: Hewlett-Packard Co. faced significant challenges in 2013, the second full year in CEO Meg Whitman#39;s multi-year turnaround plan. The company said it would focus on making more competitive servers, storage and networking gear, as well as analytics software. Although H-P is accelerating research and development to boost sales, smaller commodity hardware and cloud software rivals are pressuring the company. Disappointing sales in H-P#39;s enterprise group prompted Ms. Whitman in August to replace division head David Donatelli. In November, H-P posted weaker fourth-quarter sales, the ninth consecutive top-line decline. Ms. Whitman said 2014 would be a #39;pivotal year#39; for H-P.惠普(Hewlett-Packard Co.):2013年惠普遭遇了相当大的挑战,这是首席执行长惠特曼(Meg Whitman)推出多年业务扭转计划后的第二个整年。该公司说,它将专注于生产更有竞争力的务器、存储设备和联网设备,以及分析软件。尽管惠普正在加快研发以便推动销售,但规模较小的商业硬件和云软件竞争对手正向该公司施加压力。惠普企业集团令人失望的销售促使惠特曼今年8月份撤换了部门主管多纳泰利(David Donatelli)。11月份,惠普说第四季度销售收入下滑,这是连续第九个月营收下滑。惠特曼说,2014年对惠普来说将是至关重要的一年。IBM Corp.: Like H-P, IBM Corp. is shaking up leadership as it struggles in some of its core businesses. Following disappointing third-quarter results in October, CEO Virginia Rometty reassigned James Bramante, the IBM senior vice president who ran growth markets. IBM has missed Wall Street#39;s revenue targets in six of the last seven quarters. IBM also disappointed some customers, some in grand fashion. In August, the premier of the state of Queensland in Australia, Campbell Newman, said he had banned IBM from entering into new contracts with the state until it improved its governance and contracting practices. The company has also been at loggerheads with state officials in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Texas over technology implementations.国际商业机器公司(IBM Corp.):与惠普一样,在一些核心业务上举步维艰的IBM也正在重组领导层。今年10月发布了令人失望的第三季度业绩之后,IBM首席执行长罗梅蒂(Virginia Rometty)将负责成长市场的高级副总裁布拉曼特(James Bramante)调职。IBM在过去七个季度中有六个季度都未达到华尔街预计的营收目标。IBM还让一些客户感到失望,有时候是大失所望。今年8月,澳大利亚昆士兰州州长纽曼(Campbell Newman)说,他已经禁止IBM与该州签订新合约,直到IBM改善治理和承包业务为止。IBM还与美国宾夕法尼亚、印第安那和德克萨斯州的官员在技术实施的问题上发生争执。Dell Inc.: Following a contentious buyout battle with Carl Icahn and other investors, Dell Inc. went private in November to work on its strategic reinvention as a cloud software and services company. The company is helping customers pick and integrate public cloud software from vendors such as Microsoft and Google. To cultivate innovation, the company is investing 0 million over the next several years in startups. Dell said it hopes this effort will generate capital gains for the company, while providing a window into emerging technologies in cloud, security, storage, mobility and analytics.戴尔(Dell Inc.):经过了与伊坎(Carl Icahn)和其他投资者颇具争议的私有化之争后,戴尔于今年11月完成了私有化目标,力图实现向一家云软件和务公司的战略性转变。戴尔正帮主客户挑选并整合来自微软(Microsoft)和谷歌(Google)等供应商的公共云软件。为了促进创新,戴尔将在未来几年向初创公司投资3亿美元。戴尔说,希望这样的举措能够为公司带来资本收益,并打开一扇通往云、安全、存储、移动和分析等方面的新兴科技的窗口。Oracle Corp.: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison infamously skipped his final keynote at the business software maker#39;s customer conference in September to watch his yacht take the America#39;s Cup. The move overshadowed major announcements the company made at Oracle OpenWorld, including a deal to run Oracle software on Microsoft#39;s Windows Azure cloud service. In an acknowledgment that more software is moving to the cloud, Oracle in June partnered with rival Salesforce.com Inc. to integrate business applications in the cloud. Oracle in December acquired Responsys Inc., a maker of cloud marketing software, for .5 billion.甲骨文(Oracle Corp.):甲骨文首席执行长埃利森(Larry Ellison)今年9月份为了观看他的游艇参加美洲杯帆船赛(America’s Cup)而取消了在公司客户大会上的终场发言,这个颇受非议的举动给甲骨文在Oracle OpenWorld大会上宣布的重大消息蒙上了阴影,其中包括在微软Windows Azure云务平台上运行甲骨文软件的协议。在认识到越来越多的软件正在转向云务之后,甲骨文于今年6月份与竞争对手Salesforce.com Inc.合作,整合了云务商业应用。甲骨文今年12月份以15亿美元收购了云营销软件生产商Responsys Inc.。SAP : On the whole, it was a relatively quiet year for SAP, the enterprise software maker that is the frequent target of Mr. Ellison#39;s ire. The company made available its HANA in-memory database to run predictive analytics against data housed in SAP#39;s business software. The company also rolled out a cloud version of HANA for businesses. Also significant: SAP said Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO with Bill McDermott, will swap his current role for a position on SAP#39;s supervisory board in May 2014. But SAP also closed out 2013 with some bad news. Avon Products Inc. said it is cancelling a 5 million SAP software system after sales workers in Canada left because it proved too onerous to their routines.SAP :总的来说,今年对SAP 是平淡的一年,这家企业软件生产商经常成为埃利森愤怒的目标。SAP 让其HANA内存数据库可以对SAP商业软件内包含的数据进行预测性分析。该公司还面向企业推出了HANA的云务版本。同样值得注意的是:SAP宣布与孟鼎铭(Bill McDermott)共同担任首席执行长的施杰翰(Jim Hagemann Snabe)将在2014年5月从当前职位调任SAP监督委员会的一个职位。但SAP今年也有一些坏消息。雅芳(Avon Products Inc.)宣布将取消一个1.25亿美元的SAP软件系统,因为雅芳驻加拿大的许多销售人员觉得这个系统对他们的日常工作来说过于繁琐,因而辞去了工作。Salesforce.com Inc.: Cloud software maker Salesforce.com spent the last seven years buying companies in marketing engagement, social media, and human resources. In June, it paid .5 billion for ExactTarget, its biggest acquisition to date. In November, the company revealed how those purchases fit into its Salesforce1 strategy. Its mission is enabling sales workers to collaborate with coworkers to sell products and services, at any time, from any device, through Salesforce.com#39;s cloud platform. In addition to the Oracle deal, Salesforce.com also partnered with H-P to run software on the systems provider#39;s infrastructure.Salesforce.com Inc.:这家云软件生产商过去七年一直在收购市场营销、社交媒体和人力资源方面的公司。今年6月,该公司斥资25亿美元收购了ExactTarget,这是该公司迄今最大的收购行动。11月,该公司披露了这些收购行动与其Salesforce1战略相融合的情况。其任务是让销售人员能够通过Salesforce.com的云平台与同事协作,在任何时间、通过任何设备销售产品和务。除了与甲骨文的交易,Salesforce.com还与惠普合作,在后者的基础架构上运行软件。BlackBerry Ltd.: Perhaps no company has endured a more difficult time in 2013 than BlackBerry Ltd., whose business has stumbled as the iPhone and Android phones have soared. After failing to sell many phones based on its revamped BlackBerry 10 operating system, the company in November abandoned a .7 billion plan to go private, choosing to continue as a public company with new leadership. BlackBerry replaced CEO Thorsten Heins, who failed to right the ship after he was promoted from within to turn the company around almost two years ago, with former Sybase Inc. CEO John Chen. On Dec. 20, BlackBerry reported a .4 billion third-quarter loss quarter, after which Mr. Chen said 2014 would be an #39;investment#39; year for the company.黑莓(BlackBerry Ltd.):或许2013年没有哪个公司的境况比黑莓更糟,黑莓的业务随着iPhone和安卓手机的迅速崛起而步履蹒跚。由于采用改进版黑莓10操作系统的手机销量不佳,该公司今年11月放弃了规模47亿美元的私有化方案,选择在新领导层管理下保持上市公司身份。黑莓撤掉了首席执行长海因斯(Thorsten Heins),他在近两年前从公司内部晋升这一职位,但未能让公司调整好方向。取代海因斯的是前Sybase Inc.首席执行长John Chen。12月20日,黑莓宣布第三季度亏损44亿美元,之后Chen说,2014年将是黑莓的“投资年”。 /201312/270845。

Tyrannosaurus rex, meet your Chinese cousin.霸王龙,过来见见你的中国老表。Researchers recently said that the remains of a long-nose tyrannosaurid species, the Qianzhousaurus sinensis, were found in southern China near the city of Ganzhou in Jiangxi province. The carnivore was probably alive during the late Cretaceous period, scientists say, some 66 million years ago.研究人员最近表示,华南地区江西赣州市附近发现了一种长鼻子霸王龙――虔州龙的遗骨。科学家说,这种食肉动物可能生存在大约6,600万年之前的白垩纪晚期。The news has captured global headlines, especially given the vividness of the new critter#39;s nickname, the Pinocchio Rex, after its big nose. The news also raised hope among scientists that it might help them better understand the history of Asia#39;s predatory, long-snouted dinosaurs.图为艺术家做的效果图,图中是两只虔州龙在猎食。消息引起了全球媒体的关注,更何况这一新发现物种还因为它的大鼻子获得了一个生动的绰号:匹诺曹霸王龙。消息还引起科学家的希望:它或许会帮助他们更好地理解亚洲掠食性长鼻子恐龙的历史。According to University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno, the world is in the middle of a #39;renaissance#39; in dinosaur discovery, with China helping lead that charge. By some estimates in recent years, a new dinosaur is named on average every two weeks.据芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)古生物学家保罗#12539;塞雷诺(Paul Sereno)说,世界正处于恐龙发现的“复兴期”,中国等国处于前沿。据近些年的一些估计,平均每两个星期就有一种新的恐龙被命名。Such a renaissance, Mr. Sereno says, is being driven by #39;increased searching and increased knowledge and awareness about fossils by the public, especially in places like the countryside in China and the U.S.#39; In the same week that the #39;Pinocchio Rex#39; was announced, a new early bird dinosaur from China was also named, says Philip D. Mannion, a junior research fellow at the Imperial College London with expertise in sauropod dinosaurs.塞雷诺说,这场复兴背后的一个推动力量,是“搜索工作增加,以及公众对化石的知识和认识增加,特别是在中国和美国的乡村地区”。伦敦帝国理工学院(Imperial College London)专攻蜥脚类恐龙的初级研究员菲利浦#12539;曼尼恩(Philip D. Mannion)说,在“匹诺曹霸王龙”公布的同一个星期,一种来自中国的早期鸟类恐龙也被命名。Globally, T-rex -- along with brontosaurus, stegosaurus and triceratops -- may be the best-known dinosaurs out there, and no surprise. As Mr. Mannion says, most such A-list dinosaurs were discovered in North America in the late 19th century or early 20th century and had some of the earliest quality mounted specimens, which quickly gave them a latch on the public imagination. (Though England had previously launched displays of dinosaurs in the 1850s, they were often, at best, fanciful in their approach toward science.)2013年10月,中国香港,香港科学馆(Hong Kong Science Museum)门外展出一具炳灵大夏巨龙的模型。在世界范围内,霸王龙――以及雷龙、剑龙和三角龙――可能是最知名的已发现恐龙,这并不令人奇怪。正如曼尼恩所说,大部分这类重要恐龙都是19世纪末20世纪初在北美发现的,并被做成第一批优质标本架标本,很快俘获公众的想象。(虽然英国在之前的19世纪50年代就曾举办恐龙展览,但在科学方法上,这些展览常常充其量也只是幻想。)As China continues to discover ever more dinosaurs, here#39;s a quick list of some that you might not have learned about as a child--a sort of People#39;s History of Dinosaurs, Part I, if you will:鉴于中国发现的恐龙越来越多,下面简单列出一些你在童年时期可能没有听说过的恐龙,姑且称为“人民恐龙史:第一章”吧:The Zizhongosaurus, discovered in Sichuan#39;s Zizhong county, meaning #39;lizard from Zizhong#39;: a large-bodied, long-necked herbivorous dinosaur.资中龙(Zizhongosaurus),发现于四川省资中县,意思是“来自资中的龙”,是一种大体型、长脖子的食草恐龙。The Chungkingosaurus, found near modern Chongqing (which used to be spelled Chungking), and resembles a stegosaurus, with a spiky, plated back.重庆龙(Chungkingosaurus),发现于现代重庆的附近,背上有钉子和甲片,形似剑龙。The Lanzhousaurus, an herbivore with unusually large teeth, discovered in the northwest Gansu region in 2003.兰州龙(Lanzhousaurus),食草动物,牙齿不一般的长,2003年发现于西北的甘肃地区。The Xiaosaurus, or dawn lizard, a swift runner and sharp-clawed herbivore from what#39;s today Sichuan province, discovered in excavations that began in 1979.晓龙(Xiaosaurus),意思是拂晓时的龙,跑动迅速,爪子尖利。这种食草恐龙来自今天的四川省,是在1979年开始的发掘过程中发现的。Then there#39;s the Xinjiangovenator, meaning Xinjiang hunting dinosaur, an Early Cretaceous creature that was established as a new species in 2005 and whose name would sound especially good in a kid#39;s book. (No relation to this Governator.)然后还有新疆猎龙(Xinjiangovenator),为白垩纪早期生物,2005年被确认为一种新物种,要是放在童书里面,它的名字将会特别好听。(跟“州长侠”(Governator)没有关系。)For dinosaur hunters, China -- with its vast areas of countryside, much of it being excavated for development -- offers some of the world#39;s best prospects. In the case of the so-called Pinocchio Rex, it was discovered by some workers digging a new industrial park. (It#39;s not just dinosaurs, either: a man recently stumbled on a Song dynasty relic after relieving himself on the side of a road.)在寻找恐龙的人看来,中国拥有巨大的乡村地区,很多地区又在为了发展而开挖,所以拥有世界上发现恐龙的最好前景。匹诺曹霸王龙就是一些工人在一个新的工业园开挖的时候发现的。(同样不只是恐龙:一名男子前不久在路边方便的时候偶然发现了一处宋代遗迹。)Though China#39;s exploration of its dinosaur past has mostly boomed in the past two decades, Mr. Mannion says it has quickly caught up to North America in terms of numbers of species being discovered. #39;It#39;s not as well sampled as North America, but despite a shorter time in study, it#39;s getting to a similar number of species in North America -- it#39;s at least rivaling it,#39; he says. He cites places such as northeastern China#39;s Liaoning province as having some particularly good instances of preserved fossils, adding that such fossilized feather discoveries have helped scientists make key breakthroughs in their understanding of the origin of both feathers and birds.曼尼恩说,虽然中国对其恐龙化石的勘察主要兴旺于过去20年,但在发现物种数量方面,它已经迅速赶上北美。他说:“其标本制作赶不上北美,但是,尽管研究时间更短,发现的物种却与北美相近,至少是平起平坐。”他说,中国东北辽宁省等地拥有一些特别不错的保存完好的化石,而且这类化石羽毛的发现已经帮助科学家在理解羽毛及鸟类起源方面取得了关键性的突破。So in the future, rather than My T-Rex Has a Toothache, maybe authors will be writing things like #39;My Xiaosaurus Has a Stomachache,#39; instead. Lulu and the Lanzhousaurus has a pretty good ring, too.所以在将来,童书作者可能就不再写《我的霸王龙牙齿痛》(My T-Rex Has a Toothache),而是写《我的晓龙肚子痛》了,《露露养雷龙》(Lulu and the Brontosaurus)变成《露露养兰州龙》,听起来也是很带感的。 /201405/301528。

To hear Microsoft#39;s top brass tell it, their 101,914-person, 7 billion company is made up of fanciful dreamers with a mission to empower the masses.根据微软(Microsoft)高层的说法,这家拥有101,914名员工、市值3,270亿美元的公司由一群梦想家组成,他们的使命是赋予大众以力量。At a press event today to introduce the Surface Pro 3 tablet, chief executive SatyaNadella and Surface Computing head Panos Panay repeatedly spoke of the ;dreams; and ;empowerment; that can be achieved with the company#39;s new mobile device. The new Surface Pro is sleeker, faster, thinner, and lighter than its previous version, the executives said. It will allow people to perform business tasks such as word processing. And it ;will replace the laptop.;在今天的Surface Pro 3平板电脑发布会上,微软首席执行官萨提亚o纳德拉和Surface部门领导帕诺斯o潘乃反复提到,利用微软这款新型移动设备可以实现“梦想”,获得“力量”。高管们表示,新款的Surface Pro比前两代产品更加轻薄时尚、运算速度更快。它能够让人们完成文字处理这类商务工作,还将“取代笔记本电脑。”If nothing else, the Surface Pro 3 may be Microsoft#39;s latest attempt in fulfilling its own long-held dream: to be a major player in a tablet market dominated by Apple, Amazon, and Samsung.Surface Pro 3也许是微软为实现自己多年梦想所做的最后一次尝试,也就是在由苹果(Apple)、亚马逊(Amazon)和三星(Samsung)统治的平板电脑市场上成为强劲的竞争者。Though the company has long offered ;tablet computers,; the device#39;s modern incarnation has been a problem for Microsoft (MSFT). Even before Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPad in 2010, pundits predicted that tablets would eventually replace the laptop, just as the laptop had largely replaced the desktop computer. For Microsoft, that spelled trouble: Office and Windows have long been two of the company#39;s most lucrative products. While PCs running Windows still dominate the laptop market, Apple#39;s iOS leads the tablet market. To say that Microsoft is a distant third is an understatement.尽管微软长期供应“平板电脑”,但怎样让这种设备变得时尚一直是这家公司的老大难问题。甚至在2010年苹果推出iPad之前,许多专家就预计平板电脑最终会取代笔记本电脑,正如笔记本电脑在很大程度上取代了台式机一样。对微软而言,这是一件麻烦事:多年来,办公软件Office和操作系统Windows都是这家公司最赚钱的两大产品。尽管台式机使用的Windows仍然统治着笔记本电脑市场,但苹果的iOS系统却在平板电脑市场遥遥领先。说微软是被远远抛在后面的老三都已经是有所保留了。(谷歌安卓和苹果iOS分列前二,这两大操作系统在平板电脑市场的占有率达到了97.9%。)One of the best ways for Microsoft to get its software on tablets would be to make its own. Thus, Surface.微软想要让自己的软件出现在平板电脑上,最好的办法之一就是研发自己的产品。因此,Surface应运而生。To date, Surface hasn#39;t been a success. Microsoft has lost more than .2 billion on its tablet business so far, prompting analysts to call it a ;money pit.; Even with sales doubling year-over-year in the fourth quarter, Surface tablets make up less than 10% of the market, according to industry tracker IDC.迄今为止,Surface还不能算得上成功。截至目前,微软已经在平板电脑业务上亏损了超过12亿美元,分析家们把它称作“资金无底洞”。根据信息技术行业务提供商IDC的数据,尽管Surface在2013年第四季度的销量同比翻番,在市场上的占有率却仍然不到10%。Today, amid the fluffy talk of dreams and empowerment, Microsoft showed it has at least listened to past criticisms of the Surface.如今,在对梦想和力量的侃侃而谈之中,微软表现出他们至少听取了人们过去对于Surface的批评。The flimsy attachable keyboard made it hard to work on your lap? Microsoft added an extra magnetic attachment to make it more secure.轻薄的外接键盘让人很难把Surface放在膝盖上使用?那好,微软现在增加了一个额外的磁性扣,让它能放得更稳。The upright ;kickstand; angle made the tablet hard to draw on? Microsoft made it fully flexible. (The crowd applauded at this feature.)“Kickstand”架的竖直角度让Surface用起来很不方便?现在人们可以灵活调整架的角度了。(人们对这项功能赞不绝口。)The keyboard#39;s trackpadperformed badly? Microsoft reduced the friction on it.键盘的触控板效果很差?微软降低了它的擦。The small 10.6-inch screen made it too small to get real work done? Microsoft expanded the Surface screen to 12 inches, without adding any weight. Microsoft also reduced the device#39;s thickness from 10.6 millimeters to 9.1 millimeters without making it weaker, and demonstrated the feat by dropping a device on a carpeted floor.10.6英寸的屏幕太小了,真正干活时很不方便?微软把新一代Surface屏幕增大到了12英寸,却没有增加设备重量,反而还把产品的厚度从10.6毫米减少到9.1毫米,却无损它强度。为了明这点,演示者还把Surface摔在了铺着毯子的地面上。And so on. Panay walked the crowd through an hour#39;s worth of feature demonstrations, showing off the Surface#39;s versatile click-pen, automatic cloud synching, andside-by-side computing abilities.还有许许多多其他功能。潘乃用了足足一个小时向听众们展示产品的特性,包括Surface的多用触控笔、自动云同步,以及并行计算能力。With the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is saying that it is no longer scared of tablets killing laptops. (The market incentives are certainly helping.) In fact, it wants to fire the first shot, and Panay closed the event by proudly declaring that the Surface Pro 3 will be the tablet that will replace the laptop. (It goes on sale tomorrow with a 9 price tag.)有了Surface Pro 3,微软表示他们不再害怕平板电脑淘汰笔记本电脑了。(市场的刺激显然起到了作用。)实际上,微软自己就想打响淘汰战的第一,在发布会的最后,潘乃自豪地宣布:Surface Pro 3将会是取代笔记本电脑的平板电脑。(这款产品将于明天上市,售价799美元。)His premise is flawed, of course. The laptop doesn#39;t need replacing, at least not yet. Today, the laptop remains a ;need-to-have; product; the tablet is a ;nice-to-have; product. Analysts are even predicting a peak in tablet sales -- last quarter, unit sales of iPads actually declined.当然,他的预测还有缺憾。笔记本电脑还不需要被取代,至少目前如此。如今,笔记本电脑仍属于“必需品”,而平板电脑还是“有更好,没有也行”的产品。分析家甚至预测平板电脑销量将会达到峰值——但实际上,在上一季度,iPad的销量还出现了下滑。But Panay clearly wants the Surface Pro 3 to change that. In saying so, he inadvertently made the best argument against the dominance of tablets himself: 96% of iPad owners also own a laptop, he noted. ;You#39;ve been told to buy a tablet, but you know you need a laptop,; he said. By declaring war on the laptop, Microsoft is fighting an enemy that might not be there.不过,潘乃显然希望Surface Pro 3能够改变这一点。但他在抛出这个理论时,一不小心提出了对自己“平板电脑统治论”的最好质疑:关于96%的iPad用户也拥有笔记本电脑这一事实,他表示:“人们都让你去买平板电脑,但你自己知道,你依然需要笔记本电脑。”微软在向笔记本电脑宣战,但与此同时,它面对的也许是一个根本就不存在的敌人。 /201405/300113。

Personal computer sales have been sliding for years now because of the ever-increasing popularity of tablets. Next year, consumer tastes will have shifted so much that tablet shipments are expected to pass PCs the first time in 2015.随着平板电脑日益普及,个人电脑销量多年来一直在持续下滑。明年,消费者口味将出现巨大变化,预计平板电脑出货量将在2015年首度超过个人电脑。Manufacturers will ship 321 million tablets globally next year compared with 317 million PCs, according to a report released on Monday by Gartner, the market research firm. Granted, the number of devices shipped isn’t the same as the number sold, but often, the two figures go hand-in-hand.市场调研机构高德纳(Gartner)周一发布的报告称,明年,全球平板电脑出货量将达到3.21亿台,而个人电脑出货量将为3.17亿台。当然,设备发货量并不等于销量,但两者通常联系紧密。But not all tablets will fare well. Expect a slow-down for sales of some brands, particularly those with smaller screens, as shoppers lean towards devices with bigger displays, including ones that blur the line between smartphone and tablets – those awkwardly dubbed “phablets.” And given relative maturity of the certain markets like the U.S., Gartner Research Director Ranjit Atwal argued the next feature tablets will tussle over won’t be faster chips or lighter frames — features that set products like Apple’s AAPL 2.06% iPad apart in the past — but simply, price. Said Atwal: “The next wave of adoption will be driven by lower price points rather than superior functionality.”但并不是所有平板电脑都会热卖。有些品牌平板电脑的销量预计将下滑,尤其是那些屏幕较小的平板品牌,因为消费者倾向于购买更大屏的设备,包括模糊了智能手机和平板电脑间界线的平板手机设备。而且,随着美国等部份市场相对成熟,高德纳研究总监兰吉特o阿特瓦尔认为,平板电脑产品未来竞争的焦点将是价格,而不是更快的芯片,也不是更轻的框架这些过去令苹果(Apple)iPad鹤立鸡群的要素。阿特瓦尔说:“下一波平板购买热潮的推动因素将是更低的价格,而不是卓越的功能性。” /201407/310987。

Earlier this year TubeMogul signalled its intention to join that elite group of new technology companies that have done well enough to float shares on a stock exchange. The advertising software company is aiming to raise m in its initial public offering.新科技公司中的佼佼者往往选择在券交易所上市,TubeMogul如今也加入了这个精英行列。TubeMogul是一家视频广告软件公司,从首次公开发行(IPO)中筹到了7500万美元资金。Things have certainly come a long way for the three MBA alumni from Haas School of Business at Berkeley, who formed the company in 2007 with a small amount of money they won in a Haas business plan competition. But their journey to their current success has not been straightforward.2007年,加州大学伯克利分校哈斯商学院(Haas school at Berkeley)的三名MBA学生,用在哈斯商业计划竞赛中赢得的微薄奖金开创了这家公司。他们如今已经取得了很大的成功,但他们的成功之路并非一帆风顺。“One day you think you’re going to take over the world and the next you think you’re going to go out of business,” says John Hughes, co-founder and president of products. He and co-founder and chief executive Brett Wilson agree, however, that they could not have done it without their business school.联合创始人兼产品总裁约翰#8226;休斯(John Hughes)说:“今天你觉得自己要统治世界了,明天你又觉得自己要破产了。”不过,他和另一位联合创始人、首席执行官布雷特#8226;威尔逊(Brett Wilson)都觉得,没有哈斯商学院,就没有他们的今天。“There would definitely have been no TubeMogul if it had not been for Haas,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“要不是哈斯商学院,TubeMogul肯定不会诞生。”The three men were in the same cohort at Haas. “We identified each other fairly early on as people who wanted to do something really great after we graduated,” says Mr Wilson. Mr Hughes and Mr Wilson were in an entrepreneurship class together and started talking about business ideas with another student, Mark Rotblat, who was also to become one of TubeMogul’s co-founders.在哈斯商学院,这三人是志同道合的同学。威尔逊说:“我们很早就发现彼此是同一类人,我们都希望在毕业后做一番大事。”休斯和威尔逊上了同一门创业课,后来他们又开始跟另一个同学——马克#8226;罗特布拉特(Mark Rotblat)讨论创业想法。罗特布拉特也成为了TubeMogul的联合创始人。Mr Hughes and Mr Wilson entered their initial idea into a business plan competition in their first year, but it did not win. The pair went on to do summer internships in Silicon Valley. Mr Hughes had a role with Adobe and Mr Wilson was with Yahoo.第一学年时,休斯和威尔逊带着初步构想参加了一个商业计划竞赛,但没有获奖。到了暑期,两人就去硅谷实习了。休斯在Adobe实习,威尔逊在雅虎(Yahoo)。“We used to get the train down together to these great companies and get the train home again after work,” says Mr Wilson. They used that travelling time to bounce ideas off one another.威尔逊说:“那时我们总是一块儿乘火车去那些了不起的公司里实习,下班后再一块儿乘火车回家。”他们利用上下班路上的时间来讨论创业想法。In their second year their business idea gelled around the first incarnation of TubeMogul, which was originally conceived as an analytics platform for YouTube. They started to build the site and enlisted Keith Eadie, a first-year student friend, in January 2007, persuading him to write their new business plan.第二学年的时候,他们的创业想法逐渐成型——为YouTube建一个分析平台。那是TubeMogul的第一个前身。他们开始着手创建这个网站,2007年1月,他们把一个一年级的朋友——基思#8226;伊迪(Keith Eadie)——拉入了伙,说后者为他们撰写新的商业计划。“We were literally building it while we were at school. Every single class was an incubator,” says Mr Hughes. They found software tech interns from Berkeley and paid them out of their own pockets.休斯说:“我们还在学校的时候就着手创建网站了。每一门课都像是孵化器。”他们从加州大学伯克利分校找了一些软件技术实习生,自掏腰包付实习生工资。Mr Rotblat started working with them in earnest in February 2007 in a customer development role. Customers were signing up for free access to the data analytics, he says. “I would figure out who the customers were and what exactly they cared about. I’d take their pain points and share that feedback with the team.”2007年2月,罗特布拉特正式入伙,负责客户开发。他说,当时客户开始注册,然后可以免费试用数据分析平台。“我的工作是找出这些客户是谁,他们真正在乎的是什么。我会找出他们的‘痛点’,将反馈信息分享给团队的其他成员。”“We were able to do a lot with a little,” says Mr Wilson. Their efforts paid off and they were able to provide a software demo of a functioning entity in the business plan competition. The plan won, and Mr Hughes, Mr Wilson and Mr Rotblat found themselves with ,000 from Berkeley and the use of a “grungy basement” in the Haas start-up incubator.威尔逊说:“当时我们能用很少的资源做很多事。”他们的努力获得了回报——带着一个实际运行平台的软件模型,他们参加了商业计划竞赛并获奖,然后休斯、威尔逊和罗特布拉特发现,他们有了加州大学伯克利分校提供的2万美元奖金,还可以使用哈斯商学院创业孵化器的一个“简陋的地下室”。Mr Eadie, who ought to have been one of the co-founders, had another year of MBA study and, on graduation, went to Boston Consulting Group. However, three years later he joined TubeMogul. “He now runs marketing for us. He would have had a lot more equity had he joined back then,” jokes Mr Wilson.伊迪原本也可以成为联合创始人,但他当时MBA还差一年没有毕业,毕业后他又去了波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)。不过,3年后,他还是加入了TubeMogul。“他现在负责市场营销这一块儿。他要是当初就加入了我们,拿的股份就远不止现在这么多了,”威尔逊开玩笑道。In fact, the grubby basement was not an easy decision for any of them to make. “It’s difficult starting a company and working for free when you have just invested quite a lot in an MBA education and then find yourself jumping off a cliff into the unknown,” says Mr Wilson. Both he and Mr Hughes remember turning down a number of attractive job offers.事实上,选择“简陋的地下室”对他们中的任何一个人都不是个容易的决定。威尔逊说:“选择创立一家企业、无偿工作,不是件容易的事情,特别是你刚刚为念MBA投资了一大笔钱,然后发现自己跳下了悬崖,不知道未来会有什么结果。”But the basement won out and they set about trying to raise more money for the business. One of the first investors was a classmate from Haas, but they also managed to persuade friends and family to put money in. These angel investors between them contributed 0,000, enough to get TubeMogul off the ground.但“地下室”成功了,他们开始尝试为自己的公司筹集更多资金。早期的一笔投资来自哈斯商学院的一个同学,他们还说了一些亲友投钱。这些天使投资人总共投资了75万美元,足以让TubeMogul启动了。The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at Haas was integral to their early progress, says Mr Wilson. It provided a forum for them to talk to investors and build a “map” of the company. They practised their pitch on other students and received valuable feedback. The centre also hosted events that attracted angel investors and venture capitalists.威尔逊说,哈斯商学院莱斯特创业中心(Lester Center for Entrepreneurship)对TubeMogul早期的发展功不可没。利用中心的一个论坛,他们能够游说投资人、设计公司的发展“蓝图”。他们在其他学生身上练习推销策略,收到了有用的反馈。中心还举办了一些活动,吸引了天使投资人和风投资本家参加。“Our first board member came from one of those meetings,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“我们的第一位董事就是参加了其中的一个会议和我们遇上的。”The business plan competition was also integral to their later success. Their pitch on the winning day eventually yielded their first venture capital funding. Someone in the audience on that day made a personal commitment to follow their progress.商业计划竞赛对他们后来的成功同样必不可少。他们在获奖那天的宣讲后来为他们带来了第一笔风投。那天的观众中有人以个人身份承诺会关注他们的进展。“We had some street cred because he had watched us do exactly what we said we were going to do,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“我们的实际表现为我们赢得了一些信誉,因为他看到我们所做的跟我们那天宣称要做的完全吻合。”Listening to their initial outline would have given a clue to what was to happen a few years down the line, when the company changed tack. Mr Wilson and Mr Hughes had said they wanted to create an industry giant.如果听过他们最初的宣讲,你或许可以猜到几年后会发生的事情——公司转变了发展方向。威尔逊和休斯说过,他们想打造一个行业巨头。“We did not see the analytics as a major disruptive business and we wanted to build something really big,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“我们觉得分析平台不是一项很大的颠覆性业务,而我们希望开创一项真正了不起的事业。”“It’s part of the evolution. Customers were saying to us: ‘It’s great that you’re tracking my but I really want people to watch it’,” explains Mr Hughes.休斯解释说:“那是发展的一个阶段。当时,客户对我们说,‘你们能追踪我的视频当然很棒,但我其实想要的是人们会打开我的视频观看’。”As a result, in 2010 they convinced their board and made the “pivot” into being a brand advertising sales platform for , mobile and even television. They then sold the original business.因此,在2010年,他们说董事会,开始转型做一个面向视频、移动设备甚至电视等媒介的品牌广告销售平台。随后他们卖掉了原先的业务。“A lot of credit to Brett for making the bold move,” says Mr Hughes.休斯:“我们能勇敢迈出这一步,布雷特立了大功。”他说的是担任CEO的布雷特#8226;威尔逊。“It’s nice of John to give me the credit but it’s been a great partnership over the years. We all argue like spouses,” says Mr Wilson.威尔逊说:“谢谢约翰把功劳计到我头上,这些年来我们合作得很好。就像夫妻一样,我们也会争吵。” /201408/320513。

Boeing and the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation are the winners in the competition to carry Americans astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA announced Tuesday.美国航空航天局(NASA)本周二宣布,在运送美国宇航员到国际空间站(International Space Station)项目的竞争中,波音(Boeing)和太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)成为了赢家。The awards reflect a fundamental shift in NASA’s human spaceflight program, relying on private companies rather than the traditional hands-on approach, in which the space agency designed and operated the spacecraft.此举反映了NASA载人航天计划中的一个根本性转变,即把设计和运行航天器的任务外包给私人企业,而不是像以往那样亲力亲为。The first flights could take off as soon as 2017.该项目的首飞最早可于2017年开始。“We have credible plans for both companies to get there by that period of time,” Kathryn Lueders, the manager for NASA’s commercial crew program, said during a news conference on Tuesday. “We will not sacrifice crew safety for that goal.”“我们有可靠的计划,让这两家公司能如期提供务,”在本周二的新闻发布会上,NASA的商业乘务计划经理凯瑟琳·吕德斯(Kathryn Lueders)表示。“我们不会为了实现那个目标而罔顾机组人员的安全。”Boeing received a .2 billion contract. Space Exploration Technologies — better known as SpaceX, of Hawthorne, Calif. — received a .6 billion contract.波音公司获得了一份42亿美元(约合人民币258亿元)的合同。位于加州霍桑的太空探索技术公司获得了一份26亿美元的合同,该公司更广为人知的名字是SpaceX。“Today we’re one step closer to launching our astronauts from U.S. soil on American spacecraft and ending the nation’s sole reliance on Russia,” said Charles F. Bolden Jr., the NASA administrator.“我们希望在美国本土上用美国航天器运送宇航员,不再处于只能依靠俄罗斯的境地,今天我们向这个目标迈近了一步,”NASA负责人小查尔斯·尔登(Charles F. Bolden Jr.)说。Since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011, NASA has had no way to send its astronauts to orbit, relying on the venerable Russian Soyuz spacecraft for transportation to and from the International Space Station at a cost of million per seat.自航天飞机在2011年退役后,NASA就无法自己将宇航员送入轨道,一直在依靠高龄的俄罗斯联盟号(Soyuz)航天器往返国际空间站,每个座位的价格为7000万美元。That became a politically uncomfortable arrangement after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,并持乌克兰的亲俄分裂分子之后,再这么做在政治上就不太妥当了。John Mulholland, the commercial crew manager at Boeing, said NASA called just before the news conference to tell him his company had won the competition. “It was a real mixture of inspiration and humbleness,” he said.波音公司乘务经理约翰·穆赫兰(John Mulholland)表示,就在新闻发布会开始之前,NASA致电告诉他,波音公司赢得了合同。“我感到既振奋又荣幸,”他说。Under the contracts, Boeing and SpaceX will finish development of their spacecraft. Boeing’s CST-100 capsule, configured to carry up to five people, will launch on an Atlas 5 rocket. SpaceX’s Dragon 2 capsule, a sleeker, updated version of the capsule aly carrying cargo to the space station, will ride on top of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.根据该合同,波音和SpaceX公司将完成各自的航天器研制。波音公司的CST-100太空舱最多可载五人,将通过阿特拉斯5型火箭(Atlas 5)发射。SpaceX公司的龙2型(Dragon 2)太空舱将使用该公司的猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)火箭发射,相比于已经用来运载货物到空间站的太空舱,这个更新型号的外形更加美观。The bids from the two companies covered the same tasks. Boeing’s proposal was more expensive, in part because the Atlas 5 is more expensive than the Falcon 9. “We basically awarded based on the proposal that we were given,” Ms. Lueders said.两家公司为同样的任务进行了竞标。波音公司的方案价格比较高,部分原因是阿特拉斯5型比猎鹰9号更昂贵。“我们基本上是依据方案来选取公司的,”吕德斯说。A third company, Sierra Nevada Space Systems, of Louisville, Colo., had proposed a design that resembled a mini-space shuttle that would land on aircraft runways. A statement from the company said it would review its options.内华达山脉太空系统(Sierra Nevada Space Systems)是参与竞标的第三家公司,位于科罗拉多州路易斯维尔,它的设计方案是使用一架小型航天飞机,它能够在飞机跑道上降落。该公司发表声明,称将检视其手中的各个选项。Much of the money allotted to SpaceX and Boeing in the next three years will go to meeting NASA’s certification requirements for performance and safety. As part of that process, each company will conduct a test flight to the space station with a crew that is to include at least one NASA astronaut.未来三年内,在NASA拨付给SpaceX和波音公司资金中,将有很大一部分被用来满足NASA对性能和安全认的要求。作为该过程的一部分,两家公司将进行一次前往空间站的试飞,机组人员中将包含至少一名NASA宇航员。Once the companies are certified, NASA has promised each at least two missions. The full contract amounts will be paid if NASA orders six missions from each company.NASA已经承诺,只要两家公司通过认,每家公司至少能获得两次飞行任务。如果NASA给两家公司各分配了六次飞行任务,它将按合同金额的全款付费用。Mr. Mulholland said NASA had yet to discuss its plans in detail, but space agency officials in the past have said they expected two flights a year to the space station. If flights begin in 2017 and each company flies one a year, the contracts could run through 2023.穆赫兰说,NASA还没有就计划进行详细讨论,但其官员之前曾表示,他们预计每年会飞往空间站两次。如果从2017年开始,每家公司每年各承担一次飞行任务,该合同将一直持续到2023年。With each flight taking four astronauts, the space station crew will be able to grow to seven, from six. NASA officials said that additional crew member would allow it to double the amount of science conducted.由于每次飞行可以运送四名宇航员,空间站中的人员就能从六名增加到七名。NASA官员说,新增一名成员之后,空间站的科学研究量可以翻倍。The Boeing and SpaceX capsules will also serve as lifeboats for the space station crew in case of an emergency. The commercial crew program came out of the cancellation of an earlier program started under the Bush administration to send astronauts back to the moon.如果出现紧急情况,波音和SpaceX公司的太空舱也可以作为救生艇,供空间站人员使用。这个商业乘务计划,是在之前一个派遣宇航员重返月球的计划被取消后形成的,那个计划始于布什执政期间。That effort relied on two rockets designed and operated by NASA. The Obama administration concluded that approach was too expensive and canceled the rockets.该计划需要NASA设计和运行两枚火箭,奥巴马政府认为它的成本过于高昂,于是取消了火箭项目。Instead, the Obama administration built upon another Bush-era NASA initiative. NASA had hired two companies, SpaceX and the Orbital Sciences Corporation of Vienna, Va., to fly cargo to the space station. Beginning in 2010, NASA began a similar competition to choose companies to carry astronauts, not just cargo.不过,奥巴马政府推进了布什时代NASA的另一个项目。NASA雇用了两家公司,SpaceX公司和弗吉尼亚州维也纳的轨道科学公司(Orbital Sciences Corporation),把货物运送到空间站。从2010年开始,NASA采用类似做法,让公司竞标运送宇航员,而不仅仅是货物,到空间站。The hope is that the commercial approach will spur a space travel industry far larger than just NASA.人们希望,这种商业模式不仅能促进NASA的发展,还将大大刺激空间旅游业的规模扩张。Boeing, for example, hopes that the fifth seat in its CST-100 capsule could carry a paying tourist to the space station. “We’ll be working with NASA to try and bring that to reality,” Mr. Mulholland said.例如,波音公司希望利用CST-100太空舱的第五个座位,把付费游客运送到空间站。“我们将与NASA合作,努力让这个构想变为现实,”穆赫兰说。Both Boeing and SpaceX are working with Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas company that plans to launch private space stations into orbit, to be leased to nations or companies.波音和SpaceX公司正与的毕格罗宇航公司(Bigelow Aerospace)开展合作。该公司计划把私人空间站送入轨道,供国家或公司租用。“We’re going to be aggressive to cultivate the business beyond NASA,” said John Elbon, vice president and general manager for space exploration at Boeing.“我们将积极进取地发展NASA之外的业务,”波音公司的太空探索副总裁兼总经理约翰·艾尔本(John Elbon)说。 /201409/329418。

For a century or so, the shopping ritual at dealer showrooms for new and used vehicles hasn#39;t changed much, apart from more comfortable chairs and the addition of latte machines.一个世纪以来,在经销商的展厅里购买新车或二手车的程序基本上没有什么变化,只是多了一些舒的椅子和咖啡机什么的。But the Internet is unraveling the essence of new-car retailing, arming shoppers with more information than ever about features and prices, as well as expert reviews. Will shoppers soon be able to take the next step and order new cars online, like books, laptops and shoes?但互联网正在解构新车销售的本质,它让消费者了解到更多有关汽车性能和价格的信息,同时还有专家的评测与看法。那么,不久的将来,消费者是否会像买书、买鞋、买笔记本电脑一样,开始在网上订购汽车呢?The debate over Internet vehicle sales rages, since automakers see it as a way to slash distribution costs by hundreds, and perhaps a few thousand dollars per vehicle. Dealers are aghast: They have shielded their franchises in every state with legislation. Many view Internet sales as a means of undermining them. Dealers assert that ;cars aren#39;t books or shoes; and are best sold in person by their sales staff, a process that allows the shopper to test the vehicle, as well as explore financing and trade-ins.关于汽车能否在互联网上销售的争论已然十分激烈。汽车厂商们认为,网上卖车可以大幅降低渠道成本,光是卖一辆车的渠道成本就可减少几百、甚至几千美元。而经销商们则惊慌失措,他们已经在美国的各个州通过法律巩固了自己的经营权,许多经销商认为网上售车会对他们的业务造成严重损害。他们坚称“汽车不是书也不是鞋”,最好还是通过与销售员面对面沟通的方式来购车,因为消费者可以通过这个环节试驾车辆,同时办妥贷款和打折等有关的事宜。Tesla Motors (TSLA), the groundbreaking electric-vehicle manufacturer founded by Elon Musk, takes orders for its Model S sedan, which starts at , 000, on its website. The cars are delivered either at one of its 30 company-owned stores or can be drop-shipped to a buyer#39;s home. Tesla, clearly, is bucking law and tradition. ;In Texas, where the law precludes delivering directly to customers, we do so through third-parties, ; said Shanna Hendriks, a Tesla spokesperson. ;We#39;re not saying we#39;ll never have dealers; but that model doesn#39;t make sense for us now.由艾伦#8226;马斯科投资的电动汽车制造商特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)已经开始在官网上接受Model S的订单了,这款车型的起价为7万美元。这些车辆既可以运到这家公司拥有的30家商店里,也可以直接运到消费者的家门口。显然特斯拉并不怕挑战法律和传统。特斯拉公司的发言人莎娜#8226;亨德里克斯说:“德克萨斯州的法律禁止厂商把汽车直接运到消费者家里,所以我们是通过第三方这样做的。我们并不是说我们永远都不需要经销商,但就眼下来说,那种模式对我们没有意义。”Seth Berkowitz, president and chief operating officer of Edmunds.com, said ;the current franchise system makes it difficult to imagine a time when consumers can order new cars online completely separate from a specific showroom experience.; Berkowitz said Edmunds is offering a feature that would allow shoppers to know exactly what a specific car will cost before they come to the dealership.汽车网站Edmunds.com的总裁兼首席运营官塞斯#8226;伯克维茨指出:“在目前的特许经营体系下,很难想象一旦消费者完全脱离了经销商的展厅,转而在网上订购汽车会是什么情形。”伯克维茨表示,Edmunds.com打算提供一项新功能,告诉消费者一款车型在到达经销商展厅之前的成本是多少。Because the market for used cars isn#39;t protected by new-car franchise laws, it may provide a more promising opportunity for online vehicle sales. eBay Motors, a division of eBay (EBAY), offers thousands of vehicles online for sales between private parties. Many used-car dealers also use the digital platform and pay a listing fee.由于二手车市场不受新车特许经营法保护,因此这个领域对于在线卖车来说可能更有前景。比如eBay旗下的eBay Motors就在网络上发布了成千上万辆车型信息,方便私人进行二手车交易。很多二手车经销商也利用这个数码平台进行交易,而且还要付一定的展示费用。Carvana, a venture sponsored by DriveTime, one of the nation#39;s largest used-car operations, has begun selling late-model used premium and luxury models on its own website. Carvana operates for the time being only in Atlanta and its environs but hopes to expand nationwide. ;What we#39;ve learned from our early experience is that shoppers like our on-line tools and money-back guarantee, ; said Ernie Garcia Jr., Carvana#39;s chief executive officer. Barely in business for eight months, Carvana declines to specify how many vehicles it has sold, except to say that the rate is accelerating.Carvana是美国最大的二手车交易商之一DriveTime投资的一家公司,已经开始在自己的网上销售最新款的二手豪车和高端车型了。目前Carvana的业务还仅限于亚特兰大及周边地区,但它希望尽快将业务扩展到全美。公司CEO 小欧尼#8226;加西尼说:“我们从早期的经验中了解到,消费者喜欢我们的在线工具和金融担保。”目前这家公司的业务刚刚开展8个月,不过它没有透露已经售出了多少辆二手车,只是说销售速度正在加速。Garcia did say that the first hundred vehicles sold by Carvana reflect what he called a ;promising; trend of high satisfaction among buyers. Four buyers of the first hundred weren#39;t satisfied with their purchase and exercised their right to trade the vehicles they bought for another. Only one of the hundred demanded a refund.加西亚介绍,Carvana公司首批卖出的100辆二手车在客户中的满意度很高,预示了光明的前景。这100个客户中,只有4个人对他们购买的车辆不满意,而且行使了换车的权利,另外只有1名客户要求退车返款。Garcia said that sales of new and used vehicles at dealerships, in the conventional manner, reflect about ;, 000 a car; in sales, general and administrative cost. He regards that amount as margin that can and will eventually shrink as online attracts more vehicle shoppers.加西亚表示,在传统的销售方式下,无论是卖新车还是旧车,每辆的销售成本、一般成本与管理成本加起来,都高达2,000美元左右。他认为,随着网络售车的模式吸引更多的消费者,这部分金额最终会缩水,转化成利润。Jeff Jones, Internet director for Al Serra Auto Plaza, a new-car dealer in Grand Blanc, Michigan, said his company is cooperating in an on-line pilot program with General Motors (GM). Visitors to GM websites can ;build; a vehicle and equipment online -- the last step, the transaction, takes place at the dealership. ;It still takes a human element to make sure the customer is eligible for financing and to see if the customer is choosing the right vehicle for him or her, ; said Jones.密歇根州大布兰克市的Al Serra Auto Plaza汽车行的网络总监杰夫#8226;琼斯表示,他的公司正在与通用汽车公司(General Motors)合作进行一项试点项目。用户可以访问通用官网来在线“制造”一辆车及其相关配置,但最后一步、也就是交易的过程仍然在经销商的门店里进行。他说:“要确保购车者的确具有贷款的资格,以及他是否选择了适合他的车型,人的因素仍然是必要的。”New-vehicle sales online haven#39;t arrived, and perhaps may never. Yet that day feels as though it#39;s drawing closer, especially for consumers who will choose anything and everything -- including a spouse -- using keypad or mouse.新车的在线销售虽然还没有成为现实,而且说不定永远都将是纸上谈兵,但是给我们的感觉却是这一天已经离我们越来越近了。特别是有些消费者已经习惯了用鼠标和键盘挑选和购买一切东西,甚至包括挑选自己的人生伴侣。 /201308/253332。

When visiting the U.K. and looking to see what phones the locals use, odds are that every other one has Google Android device in hand. Research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech by way of the Mobile Business Briefing indicates that Android phones command a 49.9 percent market share in the U.K., up from 29 percent a year ago. Much of the Android share comes at the expense of a competitor you might expect to be hurting too badly: Apple's iPhone. 如果你在英国,你会发现街上每两个人中就有一个使用的是安装谷歌安卓系统的智能手机。市场研究公司 Kantar Worldpanel ComTech通过移动商业简报完成的研究发现,安卓手机在英国市场的市占率达49.9%,环比上升了29%。而安卓手机的市场份额大多数来自于苹果公司的iPhone。 The data shows that Apple's market share in the U.K. has fallen to 18.5 percent, which is down from 33 percent last year. That reduction has allowed Research In Motion to capture the no. 2 spot with 22.5 percent of sales. Other notable figures outside the top three include Nokia devices (6 percent) and Microsoft handsets with a scant 1.4 percent of sales. 数据显示,苹果公司在英国的市场份额已经下跌至18.5%,环比下跌了33%。苹果公司市场份额的下跌也成全了RIM公司,后者以22.5%的份额登上了第二名的宝座。排在前三名之外的还有诺基亚6%,微软1.4%。 There are a few reasons I can think of that explain the numbers, and I expect a bit of a reversal in the next six months or so. First, even though the iPhone 4 was a popular model for more than a year, other Android phones arrived to the market before the traditional yearly iPhone refresh. I suspect some in the U.K. decided not to wait for the iPhone 4S and instead purchased a new Samsung or HTC device. Indeed, these two handset makers accounted for 83 percent of all Android sales in the U.K. in the three-month period ending Oct. 2. 为什么市场份额会有这么大的变动?我想原因有很多,而且我预计在未来6个月内将有一定的反弹。首先,虽然iPhone 4已经流行了一年多,但更多的安卓手机趁苹果公司新款发布会之前进入了市场。我猜测一些人决定不再等待iPhone 4S,转而购买了三星或者HTC的新款手机。截至10月2日,在过去的三个月期间,这两大手机生产商占据了英国安卓手机83%的份额。 The lack of a new iPhone model also came at a time when smartphone adoption in the country was hitting its stride. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech says 69 percent of U.K. handset sales in the most recent quarter were smartphones. With a growing demand, consumers are likely to gravitate toward the newest device models. 新款iPhone发布之前也恰逢英国智能手机用户大幅增长的阶段。市场研究公司 Kantar Worldpanel ComTech称,在英国最近一个季度销售的手机当中有69%是智能手机。随着需求量的增长,消费者更加容易被最新款手机所吸引。 Will the market share mix continue with Android leading the pack? I imagine Android will continue to be the market leader, but Apple will leapfrog back over RIM thanks to the new iPhone 4S. There are surely buyers for both iPhones and BlackBerry devices, but in general, RIM still doesn't offer near the experience, functionality or diversity of applications found on the latest iPhone. Perhaps that will change when RIM launches phones with the new BBX platform, but that's looking like a 2012 event at this point.安卓手机还会继续引领市场吗?我预测这个问题的是肯定的,但苹果公司也会凭借 iPhone 4S重新超越RIM公司。虽然存在同时使用 iPhone和黑莓的用户,但总体看来,RIM公司的产品仍然无法提供象 iPhone那样的用户体验、丰富的功能或者多样的应用程序。也许当RIM公司发布全新BBX平台的手机之后,情况会有所改变。但现在看来,那也许要等到2012年了。 And RIM will soon be facing a new challenge from Nokia, which has long been a cherished brand in Europe. The latest Windows Phones devices built by Nokia will be available in the U.K. starting this month. Microsoft's newest software, combined within Nokia's excellent hardware will mean that RIM is likely to be facing multiple challengers for that no. 2 spot. 而且RIM公司即将面临来自欧洲老牌劲旅诺基亚的挑战。这个月,诺基亚的新款微软手机就会进入英国市场。微软最新的软件加上诺基亚优秀的硬件,RIM公司想要保住第二的位置实属不易,面临的对手可不止一个而已。 /201111/160127。