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To celebrate the International Women#39;s Day on March 8, 2017, a construction company invited its female construction workers to take a series of photo shoots in Xi#39;an, Shannxi province.2017年3月8日,为庆祝国际妇女节,陕西省西安市一家建筑公司邀请该公司的工地女工人们拍摄了一组照片。Rather than putting on their usual construction uniforms, the female staff dressed up in beautiful gowns and put on delicate makeup.女工们没有穿平时的工地制,而是穿起了漂亮的长裙,画起了精致的妆容。The photos, taken by professional photographers, came out so stunning that they could barely recognize themselves.这组由专业摄影师拍摄出来的照片实在是太美了,以至于女工们自己都认不出来了。;I seldom think myself as young and girlish, but I do feel something different today,; a young worker said.一名年轻的女工说道:“我很少认为自己很年轻、很少女,但是今天我觉得有点儿不一样了。”;The makeup makes me feel like another person. It looks beautiful but actually I feel more exhausted to put on makeup than to work on the construction site,; another worker said.另一名女工则说道:“化妆让我觉得自己像是变了一个人似的。这看起来很漂亮,但是事实上我觉得化妆比在工地上干活还累。” /201703/498696。

If Hitler was so bad, why didn#39;t people around him just kill him?希特勒那么坏,为什么他身边的人不杀了他?Because Hitler wasn’t so bad to them.因为希特勒对他们挺好的。Put yourself in the shoes of an average German for a moment.设想一下如果你自己是一个普通的德国民众。Your country lost World War I and was put at the mercy of the victors. No mercy was given. You now had to pay reparations and your military was severely restricted.你的国家在一战中战败,任由胜利者摆布,而他们对你毫不留情。你们现在要赔款,军备力量严重受限。Worst of all, they pinned it all on you. Germany was forced to accept the sole responsibility of war, without having been given any say in the matter.[2]最糟糕的是,他们认为都是你的错。德国在没有任何解释权的情况下,不得不被迫接受战争的全部责任。Your pride in your nation was shattered. You felt humiliated on the international stage.你的国家自豪感被击碎。在国际舞台上感到屈辱。Then came the Great Depression. Your life just got so much more miserable. You couldn’t feed your family. Everyone around you was suffering. The government tried to make things better. They failed each and every time. Life continued to get worse.然后经济打萧条来了。你们的生活满是灾难。没办法养活家人。身边所有人都在受煎熬。政府想改变现状。但是他们一次又一次失败。生活越来越糟糕。Then came a guy.然后出现了一个人。He promised to restore the German army back to its former glory. He did just that.他承诺重建德国军队,让它恢复往昔荣光。并且他做到了。He promised to take back the land that was lost in the war. He did just that.他承诺夺回战争中失去的土地。并且他做到了。He promised to abolish the shameful Treaty of Versailles. He did just that.他承诺废止耻辱的凡尔赛条约。并且他做到了。He promised to create more jobs and help you put food on your table. He did just that.他承诺提供更多工作岗位帮你养活家庭。并且他做到了。Most important of all, he gave you a sense of national identity. You can be proud of your country again.最重要的是,他给了你国家认同感。你可以再次以你的国家为荣。So it’s only natural that you loved him. Not to mention, you attended one of his massive rallies and were swept by his powerful, emotional speeches.所以你是出于本能地爱戴他。更不必说,你参加过一次他盛大的机会,被他有力的,富于感情的演讲所感染。Everyone you know loved him. Your friends, your neighbours, your boss.你认识的所有人都爱戴他——你的朋友、邻居、老板们。He made Germany great again. Why do you want to even attempt to assassinate the man?他让德国再次强大。你怎么会想刺杀这样一个人呢?There were over 40 assassination attempts at Hitler, of which the 20th July plot in 1944 came closest with a bomb exploding in the same room as Hitler.希特勒一生一共遭到40次暗杀,其中1944年7月20号是最险的一次,炸弹在希特勒所在的房间爆炸了。For a variety of reasons – the briefcase with the bomb moved behind the table leg of an oak table, only half of the planned explosives put in the briefcase – the plot failed and Hitler survived.由于种种原因-装有炸弹的公文包被移到了橡木桌子桌腿后面,只有计划中一半的爆炸物被放进了公文包-所以谋杀失败,希特勒获救了。In another attempt, a bomb behind his podium failed to kill Hitler because he ended his speech early and left the premise.在另一次袭击中,一个放在他演讲台后面的炸弹没有能杀死他是因为希特勒提前结束了演讲,离开了那里。Some of the plots were supported by Britain’s SOE. They eventually stopped when they realised what an awful military leader Hitler was.有些密谋是英国人组织的。当他们发现希特勒是如此糟糕的军队领袖的时候,他们停止了行动。They figured that if Germany had just about any leader at the helm but Hitler, Germany would be harder to defeat. In many ways, Hitler was the Allies’ best ally. So they let him be.他们意识到假设德国有任何一个除了希特勒的其他人来领导的话,将很难被打败。从很多角度来说,希特勒是同盟国最好的帮手。所以他们就没有再去管他。 /201703/498505。

What#39;s your first reaction to Made in China? If you still tend to relate Made in China to poor quality, you need update your ideas.你对“中国制造”的第一反应是什么?如果你仍然倾向于把“中国制造”和“劣质”划等号,那么你就需要涨涨姿势了。China#39;s capability to produce high-quality products has been recognized by a growing number of foreigners. It#39;s a misunderstanding to associate low quality with Made in China.中国生产高质量产品的能力已经被越来越多的外国人认可了。把“劣质”和“中国制造”等同起来是一个误解。I recently found that the question, ;Why doesn#39;t China have the ability to manufacture high-quality products?; on Quora has sparked discussions. Almost all of the answers, submitted by both Chinese and foreigners, disagree with the assumption.我最近发现“为什么中国没有能力生产高质量产品?”这个问题在Quora引起了热议。几乎所有的,外国人和中国人都有,都不同意这个问题中的假设。For example, Web user Cameron Purdy answers the question saying that just because China manufactures poor-quality products does not mean it cannot manufacture high-quality products.举例来说,网页用户卡梅伦·珀迪回答说,不能因为中国制造了低质量的产品就说中国没有能力制造高质量的产品。Purdy explains that the poor-quality products one purchases in the US for example, are made in the quality that the American companies ask for.珀迪以人们在美国买到的低质量产品为例做了解释,指出那些产品的质量是应美国企业的要求而生产的。;In other words, the buyers are explicitly asking their contract manufactures in China to cut corners that they know will make the products lower quality so that the profit margins are higher.;“换句话说,合同中的买方明确地要求他们在中国的生产商们偷工减料,他们知道这会使得产品质量不好,但是利润率会很高。”;The price that you pay for the product has no relationship to the cost of its manufacturing,; suggested Purdy.珀迪说道:“你用来付购买这件产品的钱和制造它的成本没有关系。”For example, for an item priced at in the US, the cost of manufacturing it paid by the American company is usually less than . To guarantee the room for profit, the Chinese contract manufacturer spends less than to produce the item.举例来说,一件在美国标价20美元的商品,美国企业用来付生产它的成本通常不到1美元。为了保利润空间,合同中的中国制造商用来制造这些产品的成本就不能超过1美元。What#39;s more, American consumers#39; behavior to choose cheaper products further drives the product to be made in lower quality.此外,美国消费者们挑选便宜产品的行为进一步推动了低质量产品的生产。For example, last year you bought a product instead of the one, the American company sensed that the product was more popular and decided to make more items this year. Then the American company pays less money to the Chinese manufactures to make this year#39;s items.举例来说,去年你买了一件价值19美元而不是20美元的商品,美国企业意识到19美元的商品更受欢迎,于是决定今年生产更多的19美元商品。于是今年美国企业付给中国制造商的钱就更少了。Web user Amanda Wu, who lives in Shanghai, noted that many top brands have manufacturing factories located in China, and the most convincing example of China#39;s manufacturing quality is Apple products.来自上海的网页用户阿曼达·吴指出,许多顶级品牌都在中国设有制造厂,中国制造业质量好坏最有说力的例子就是苹果公司的产品。On the back of the iPhone, one can find the product is Made in China - ;Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.;人们可以在iPhone的背后发现这台手机是产自中国--“加州苹果公司设计,中国组装。”Chinese and foreign Web users commented that some Chinese products with good reputations around the world are Haier, Lenovo, GREE, Huawei and China Railway High-speed.中国和外国的网页用户们都称,一些中国产品在全世界都有极好的名声,例如海尔、联想、格力、华为和中国高铁等。It#39;s time for the world to stop relating Made in China with low-quality products. Just remember, you get what you pay for.所以,是时候停止把“中国制造”和劣质划等号了。只要记住,一分钱一分货! /201612/486356。