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杭州市治疗齿科好的医院杭州看牙齿到哪里When Parisians learned last week that President Fran#231;ois Hollande paid his hairdresser more than ,000 a month to cut his hair, a howl was heard from Montmartre to the Marais. Not since President Bill Clinton shut down two runways in 1993 for a 0 trim aboard Air Force One have the tresses of a head of state been so widely discussed. But as men’s upkeep has gone the way of female grooming Botox, facials and waxing, you know, down there so, too, has the high price of a haircut.上周,得知弗朗索瓦·奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)总统每月付给理发万美元用于理发,从蒙马特高地到玛莱区,到处回荡着人们的惊叫声993年,比尔·克林Bill Clinton)总统曾经关闭两条机场跑道,以便以200美元的价钱在空军一号上修剪发型,从那以后,一国首脑的头发还没有这样广泛地被讨论过呢。但是随着男人的保养愈来愈向女人看齐——肉毒杆菌瘦脸、美容和去毛(下面的毛,你懂的)——高价理发也不例外。Ask Tim Rogers, a stylist at Sally Hershberger’s downtown New York studio, who charges a minimum of 0, and as much as 0, for a men’s haircut these days. He regularly flies to the Hamptons by helicopter to attend to a coterie of hedge fund managers and investment bankers. He has visited a celebrity’s home at 10 p.m. He, too, has an array of clients who go to the salon, among them the tennis champion Roger Federer and John Kennedy Schlossberg, the grandson of the president.去问问蒂姆·罗杰斯(Tim Rogers)吧,他是莎莉·赫什伯格(Sally Hershberger)纽约下城店的发型师,近来他为男士修剪发型收取的最低价00美元,最高可00美元。他经常坐直升机飞往汉普顿,为对冲基金经理或投资家务。他也曾晚上10点为某位名人登门务。还有一大群客户定期去他的沙龙,其中包括网球冠军罗杰·费德Roger Federer),以及肯尼迪总统的外孙约翰·肯尼迪·施洛斯伯John Kennedy Schlossberg)。“I maintain that men’s prices should be the same as women’s,Mr. Rogers said last week in an interview from his home in Connecticut.“我坚持男人的收费应该和女人相同,”上周罗杰斯在康涅狄格家中接受采访时说。Men, he said, are often more demanding than women. “The requirement is consistency,he said. “You have to be available anytime, anywhere.Even if that means being on call 24 hours a day. “There is never a bad time for them,he said of his clients. “And everything has a price.”他说,男人的要求经常比女人还多。“他们的要求是持续性,”他说。“你得随时随地都能为他们务。”哪怕这意味着一4小时随叫随到。“对于他们来说,永远没有不合适的时间,”他说起自己的客户们。“这一切都是要花钱的。”The star stylist Frédéric Fekkai raised eyebrows in the late 1990s when he started charging women 0 for a cut. By the mid-2000s, he was supplanted by Ms. Hershberger, famous for the 0 shaggy mop that defined Meg Ryan’s carefree style at the time. But it is only in recent years that the cost for a man’s haircut has rivaled its feminine counterpart.20世纪90年代,明星发型师弗里德里克·菲Frédéric Fekkai)为女性理发时,一次收00美元费用,曾经令人大为惊讶。到2005年左右,他的风头被赫什伯格所取代。她最出名的是为梅格·瑞Meg Ryan)修剪了一个蓬乱的蘑菇头,打造了她当时那种无忧无虑的形象,价格是600美元。但是直到近年来,男人打理发型的价格才开始和女人们并驾齐驱。Now, in New York, it’s not uncommon for a haircut at a top salon to cost 0. And that doesn’t include highlights, straightening or silken glosses. Martial Vivot, a former Parisian who founded Salon Pour Hommes in 2008, charges 0 for one of his signature cuts. Recently, he said, he saw a client bagging groceries at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle. “I felt like, ‘Oh, wow,’he said. “I wondered if he could afford it.”如今在纽约,去顶级美发沙龙理发花上300美元,并不稀奇。这还不包括挑染、烫直或润丝亮泽。来自巴黎的马夏·维沃(Martial Vivot)008年创立了“男仕沙龙Salon Pour Hommes)。他的招牌剪发样式之一要价320美元。马夏说,最近看到他一个顾客在哥伦布圆环的全食超市给人打包货品。“我的感觉就像是:哇!”他说。“他怎么能负担得了我们的务?”Lakshman Achuthan, the chief operations officer of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, has his short hair groomed by April Barton, famous for the choppy locks of downtown rock ’nrollers. He pays slightly less than her regular 0 rate, he said, because he visits every four weeks or so. “I’m as far away from Hollande as can be,he said. “I don’t consider myself a flashy spender.”拉克什曼·阿楚坦是经济周期研究所的首席营运官,他的理发师是艾普莉尔·巴April Barton),能剪一手市中心摇滚乐手般的多层次发型。阿楚坦付的钱比巴顿常规00美元价格略低,因为他每四个星期左右就会去理发,他说。“我和奥朗德完全不一样,”他说,“我不认为自己是一个浮夸的大款。”He has been a client since the 1990s and said he seeks Ms. Barton’s advice as much as the snip of her scissors. “Ten years ago she said, ‘You are losing your hair,’he explained one recent afternoon, noting that there is much less now to cut. “She said, ‘As long as you keep it clean and don’t gain any weight, you’ll be fine.’”阿楚坦说他0年代开始就是巴顿的客人了,而他对于巴顿的建议和对她的理发技术一样看重。0年前她对我说:‘你开始掉头发了。’”阿楚坦在最近一天的下午解释道,同时指出自己现在的头发少多了。“她说:‘只要你保持头发清洁、别发福,就没事。’”Mr. Achuthan is a frequent guest on television, which means he must always be camera-y. “I think it would be easy for someone who has short hair to do a buzz cut,he said. “But like every New Yorker, we are jammed up and don’t want to have something go wrong.”阿楚坦常上电视,这意味着他必须时时保持能上镜的状态。“我想,留短发的人推个寸头应该很简单吧,”他说。“但我跟每个纽约客一样,每天忙乱不堪,不想出任何差错。”Ms. Barton said that, while there is a boom in high-end barbershops, men with longer or unruly hair often fare better with more instruction. “Most barbers don’t seem to be artful stylists,she said. She has schooled investment bankers in how to use root concealer to cover gray. Last week, she had a client who paid 0 for a cut, straightening and toning to replenish color. And that didn’t include products and a hefty tip. “The type of guys who pay this are technology entrepreneurs,she said.巴顿说,虽然高端理发厅正在兴起,不过蓄长发或有着一头乱发的男士,往往还是需要一些指导才会更奀?“多数理发师似乎都不是娴熟的造型师,”她说。她曾经教导一位投资家用发根遮瑕笔掩饰灰发。上周她有位客人花了670美元做了个造型,把头发拉直、发色染得更丰润。这还没算上产品以及慷慨的小费。“会这么花钱的人都是些科技界的企业家。”她说。Mr. Rogers, of Sally Hershberger, said that Mr. Federer, who sees a number of stylists worldwide, has a relaxed attitude compared with other clients. “It’s much more about what Mirka wants,he said, referring to Mr. Federer’s wife. “He doesn’t want his hair to fall in his eyes.Mr. Federer, he said, “loves his hair. And I love him.”莎#8231;赫什伯格发廊的罗杰斯说,在世界各地都有造型师的费德勒比其他客户更随和些。“更多是看米尔卡(Mirka)的喜好,”他指的是费德勒的太太。“他只要头发不会扫进眼睛里就奀?”罗杰斯说,费德勒“很喜欢自己的头发。我很喜欢他。”But isn’t ,000 a month for a hairdresser, to put it bluntly, a little ridiculous? For decades, scores of Goldman Sachs bankers have had their hair cut by Salvatore Anzalone, an Italian barber with a salon in the lobby of the nearby Conrad Hotel. He charges for a dry cut. (A shampoo is extra.)不过我们还是直说吧:给一位理发师每月1万美元的薪水,是不是太荒唐了?数十年来,许多在高Goldman Sachs)工作的业人士都让萨尔瓦多#8231;安萨Salvatore Anzalone)剪头发,这位意大利籍理发师在邻近高盛总部的康莱德酒店(Conrad Hotel)大堂里有间发廊,干剪一次收0美元。(洗头加收7美元。)Not so, Mr. Vivot said. “France is the capital of fashion, and he is the president of the country,he said of Mr. Hollande. The hairdresser is on call, like a doctor. “Maybe if he was in Korea, he’d get a flattop,he said.这并不荒唐,维沃表示。“法国是全球时尚之都,他又是那个国家的总统,”他谈到奥郎德时这么说。奥朗德的理发师就像医生一样要随时待命。“也许,如果他是韩国总统的话,理个平头就得了。”他说。Robin Capili, a stylist at Sally Hershberger who trained at a barbershop (and who charges a relatively more affordable 0), said he’d never spend ,000 a month. “I’d invest in property,he said. “A condo maybe.”罗#8231;卡比Robin Capili)是另一位在莎莉#8231;赫什伯格工作的发型师,曾在一个理发店学艺(他收费200美元,相对便宜些)。他说自己绝对不会为理发花上每月1万美元。“我会拿去投资房地产,”他说。“买间公寓什么的。”One of his clients, Drew O’Connell, who lives in Dallas, said that 0 would be a reach, too. But after he tallied up the flight to New York every six weeks (about 0) and other costs, he laughed. “I don’t know,he said. “I just don’t want to think about it.”住在达拉斯的德#8231;欧康奈尔(Drew OConnell)是卡比利的顾客。他也认为,800美元就算是高的了。不过在计算了每六周飞往纽约一次的成本(大00美元)与其他开销之后,他笑了。“我不知道啦,”他说。“我不愿去想它。”At one point, Ms. Barton said that she would have liked to style the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. But now, she said, “I don’t want to see him.”巴顿说她曾想过给共和党总统候选人特朗普做造型。但现在她说:“我不想见到他。”Mr. Trump devoted a section of his book “Trump: How to Get Richto “The Art of the Hair,where he laid out his hair-care philosophy. If he goes bald, he wrote, he would get a toupee. “I’ve never said my hair is my strongest point,he said.特朗普的书《特朗普:如何致富》中有一个章节叫作“头发的艺术”。其中,他解释了自己的护发哲学。他写道,如果他有天秃顶了,他会弄一个假发。“我从来没说过头发是我的强项。”他说。It is unlikely he’ll be visiting Ms. Barton anytime soon.未来他也不太可能会光顾巴顿的生意了。来 /201607/456270杭州口腔科哪里看最好的医院最好的医院最好 Health authorities in the ed States said they were investigating 14 new reports of the Zika virus possibly being transmitted by sex, including to pregnant women. If confirmed, the unexpectedly high number would have major implications for controlling the virus, which is usually sp by mosquito bites.美国卫生部门称,他们正在调查14个可能是通过性传播的兹卡新病例,其中包括一些妇。这些病例的数目之多出人意料,如果获得确认,可能就会对控制兹卡病毒的方式产生重大影响。兹卡病毒通常是由蚊子叮咬传播的。Scientists had believed sexual transmission of Zika to be extremely rare. Only a few cases have ever been documented. But if all the women in the cases the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is examining test positive for the virus as two women aly have, and four others have done in preliminary lab tests officials believe there is no way other than sex that they could have contracted it.科学家们曾经认为通过性传播感染兹卡的情况极其罕见。有记录的这种病例寥寥无几。但是,如果美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)正在检测的这些女性病例结果全都呈阳性——两名女性已实呈阳性,完成了初步实验室检测的其他四人亦然——官员们相信,除了性传播之外,她们没有感染这种病毒的其他途径。The specter of so many cases all in the continental ed States brings fresh complexity to the medical mystery of Zika. The virus is suspected to cause birth defects and a rare condition of temporary paralysis.这种病例的数目如此之多——而且全都发生在美国本土——令兹卡的医学之谜变得更加复杂。人们怀疑,这种病毒可以导致某些出生缺陷和一种罕见的暂时性瘫痪。“We were surprised that there was this number,Dr. Anne Schuchat, the deputy director at the C.D.C., said in an interview. “If a number of them pan out, that’s much more than I was expecting.”“人数这么多,令我们惊讶,”CDC副主任安·舒沙士(Anne Schuchat)在接受采访时说。“如果其中不少得到实,那会远远超过我的预计。”In all the cases the C.D.C. is examining, women in the continental ed States had sex with men who had traveled to countries where the virus is circulating, and developed symptoms associated with the virus within about two weeks of their male partnerssymptoms.CDC正在研究的所有这些病例中,身处美国本土的女性都与曾经去过兹卡疫区国家的男性发生过性关系,而且在男性伴侣出现兹卡症状大约两周之内,她们也出现了与该病毒相关的症状。Officials at the C.D.C. reported the potential cases in an alert to health care providers on Tuesday.CDC官员本周二向提供医疗务的机构发出警报,知会了这些潜在病例。The agency did not say exactly how many of the women were pregnant, but it reiterated its recommendation that people returning from Zika-infected areas use condoms or abstain from sex for the duration of their partner’s pregnancy. The alert said there was no evidence that women could transmit Zika virus to their sex partners, but added that more research was needed to be sure.该机构并没有提到这些女性中究竟有多少怀了,但它重申了一项建议:从兹卡疫区返回的人在伴侣怀期间应该使用安全套,或者避免性接触。警报说,目前没有据表明女性可以将兹卡病毒传染给性伴侣,但表示这还需要进行更多的研究才能确定。This country has become a laboratory of sorts to test the sexual transmission of Zika, as scientists race to understand the disease. Transmission by mosquitoes is not yet happening in the continental ed States because it is still winter, so health officials say they believe that any infection of an American resident who has not traveled to a place where Zika is circulating has probably been contracted through sex.在科学家们争相研究这种疾病之时,美国成为了监测兹卡性传播的某种实验室。美国本土还没有出现过蚊子传播的病例,因为这里目前仍然是冬天,所以卫生部门官员表示,他们认为,那些没有去过兹卡疫区的美国居民很可能都是通过性传播感染上了这种病毒。“In the U.S., where most people aren’t traveling to these areas, we may be able to uncover the potential risk,Dr. Schuchat said.“在美国,大多数人没有去过那些地区,所以我们也许能够发现它的潜在风险,”舒沙说。In all, the ed States has around 90 cases of Zika, according to the most recent count from the C.D.C., most of them contracted by people who had traveled to Latin America, currently the center of the virus. If confirmed, the new reports of sexual transmission would represent about 15 percent of that total.CDC的最新统计显示,美国总共有大0个兹卡病例,其中大多数感染者是曾经去过拉丁美洲的人,那里目前是这种病毒传播的中心。如果得到确认,这些通过性传播感染的新病例将占到所有兹卡感染病例的大约15%。Questions about how frequently Zika can be transmitted by sex and how long the virus can stay in semen are particularly urgent here, given the large volume of travel between the ed States and Central and South America. There were about 5.5 million visitors from South America to the ed States in 2014, and nearly a million from Central America, according to figures from the Department of Commerce.兹卡通过性行为传播的几率有多大,病毒可以在中存活多久?我们尤其需要马上找到这些问题的,因为在美国和中南美洲之间来往的人数非常之多。商务部的数据显示,2014年有大约550万人从南美洲来美国,有将00万人从中美洲来美囀?And with the season for mosquitoes still believed to be the primary mode of infection nearing in the ed States, Tuesday’s report is likely to further complicate preparations in states across the country.随着美国即将进入蚊虫滋生的季节——蚊子传播依然被认为是兹卡病毒传播的主要途径——周二的报告很可能会让全美各州的预防工作变得更加复杂。“This suggests that along with virus in the blood, Zika is gaining access to other fluids, including semen,said Dr. Peter J. Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. “Anyone who is pregnant and lives in an area where the Zika virus is circulating will need her male partner to use condoms. In the coming weeks, that may include the U.S. Gulf Coast.”“这意味着,除了血液之外,兹卡还能通过包括在内的其他体液传播,”美国贝勒医学院国家热带疾病学院(National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine)院长彼得·J·霍特士(Peter J. Hote)说。“所有怀和生活在兹卡病毒传播区域的人,都需要让她的男性伴侣使用安全套。接下来几周,这个范围可能会扩大到美国的墨西哥湾沿岸地区。”Testing of semen may be difficult. Patients at real risk in the ed States need to be first tested by standard blood testing before the testing of semen would even be considered, said Dr. Gary W. Procop, a professor of pathology at the Cleveland Clinic. Only the C.D.C. and state laboratories do such testing, and only for people determined to be at high risk, he said.做检测可能会有些困难。克利夫兰诊所(Cleveland Clinic)的病理学教授、加釷W·普罗科普士(Gary W. Procop)表示,美国面临真实风险的病人应该首先进行标准的血液检测,之后再考虑做检测。他还表示,只有CDC和州级实验室能做此类检测,而且只为被确定是高风险人群的人做。来 /201603/428680杭州烤瓷牙套一颗多少钱

杭州市西溪医院烤瓷牙好不好Hillary Clinton plans to return to the campaign trail Thursday after abruptly leaving a 9/11 memorial event in New York City Sunday, which her campaign at first said was due to overheating but later attributed to a pneumonia diagnosis she received Friday.希拉釷克林顿计划周四重返竞选活动。上周日,她突然离开纽约市的“九一一”周年纪念活动,她的竞选班子最初说,她是因为体温过热才离开的,之后又解释为是由上周五诊断出的肺炎所致。A of the incident posted online shows Clinton propping herself up on a street bollard before stumbling into a waiting van with the help of Secret Service agents and her aides.上传到网上的一段视频显示,克林顿撑着站在一个街道的护栏旁,然后在特工人员以及助手的帮助下进入了一辆等候的车子。In a statement, her campaign said Clinton will be in Greensboro, North Carolina, Thursday to ;discuss her vision for an America that is stronger together.;她的竞选班子在一份声明中说,克林顿星期四将到北卡罗来纳州的格林斯伯勒,“讨论她对共同建立一个更强大的美国的憧憬。”While Clinton continued to recuperate, she got a rousing endorsement from the countrys number one Democrat and her former boss -- President Barack Obama.在克林顿继续养病的同时,令其振奋的是,她得到了美国第一号民主党人,她曾经的上司-奥巴马总统的持;I am really into electing Hillary Clinton,; Obama told cheering supporters in Philadelphia Tuesday. ;I have seen how smart and savvy and tough she is. I had a front row seat for four years,; Obama said of his former secretary of state.奥巴马星期二在费城对欢呼的持者们说:“我坚持要选举克林顿为总统。”奥巴马在谈到他的前国务卿时说,我亲眼目睹她是多么聪明、精干和坚强。我有四年是坐在前排的座位(观看这些的)。”Obama mocked Republican candidate Donald Trump, saying he ;is not in any way, shape or form fit to represent this county abroad and be our commander-in-chief.;奥巴马在嘲讽共和党总统候选人川普时说,他“无论在哪方面都不适合在国外代表这个国家,并成为我们的三军总司令。”He belittled Trumps praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin as ;a strong leader, because he invades smaller countries, jails his opponents, controls the press and drives his economy into a long recession.;奥巴马还把川普对普京的称赞贬抑为“他(普京)是一个强大的领袖,因为他侵略弱小的国家,关押异己,控制媒体,使俄罗斯经济陷入长期萧条之中。”Trump fired back at Obama on Twitter, accusing the president of allowing Russia to invade Crimea. ;Russia took Crimea during the so-called Obama years,; Trump said. ;Who wouldnt know this and why does Obama get a free pass?;川普在推特上对奥巴马进行了反击,指责奥巴马允许俄罗斯入侵克里米亚。他说:“俄罗斯是在所谓的奥巴马执政期间侵占克里米亚的。谁不知道这一点,为什么奥巴马就可以为所欲为呢?”The latest polls show the race between Clinton and Trump tightening, with Clinton holding a 3- to 4-point lead.最新民调显示,克林顿和川普之间的竞争日益激烈,克林顿目前超过川个百分点。来 /201609/466468杭州看牙科能用医保吗 杭州维信口腔门诊部黄黑牙烟渍牙价格

浙江省烤瓷牙哪种方法好 David Cameron has warned that leaving the EU would lead to lower pensions and weaker health spending, in a move to win over older voters who polls say are more likely to back Brexit.英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)警告称,脱离欧盟将给英国带来较低的养老金和较弱的医疗开。此言意在争取老年选民,民调显示,这一群体更有可能持英国脱欧。With the Remain lead vanishing in many opinion polls, less than two weeks before the vote, the prime minister told the B’s The Andrew Marr Show the economic impact of leaving the EU would force the government to reprioritise its spending plans.在不到两周后就要举行公投、而留欧阵营在民调中的领先优势蒸发之际,英国首相昨日在B政治访谈节目“安德鲁#8226;马尔秀Andrew Marr Show)上表示,脱离欧盟的经济冲击将迫使政府调整其出计划的轻重缓急。“We would be taking a risk with growth, with jobs and with pensions. We shouldn’t do that it is the wrong choice,he said.“我们将在增长、就业和养老金上冒险。我们不应该那么做——那是错误的选择,”他说。During the coalition government, Mr Cameron committed to a so-called triple lock on the basic state pension currently 19.30 a week that increases it in line with average earnings or the rate of inflation, whichever is greater.在上一届政府,即保守党与自由民主党联合执政期间,卡梅伦承诺对基本国家养老金(目前为每周119.30英镑)提供所谓三重保障,使其与平均收入或通胀率(取两者中较大者)同步上升。The pensions pledge and the ringfence on National Health Service spending could be maintained, Mr Cameron said, but only with tax increases, if Institute for Fiscal Studies projections of the economic impact of Brexit proved correct.卡梅伦表示,养老金承诺和对英国国民医疗务(NHS)出的圈护可以得到保持,但只有增税才能做到——如果财政研究所(Institute for Fiscal Studies)对于英国脱欧的经济影响的预测被明正确。“If we did face a 0bn-0bn black hole we would have to make difficult choices. Our pensions promise is based on a growing succeeding economy,Mr Cameron said. “Our economy will be smaller and that has consequences.”“如果我们确实面00亿至400亿英镑的黑洞,我们将不得不做出艰难的选择。我们的养老金承诺是基于不断增长的成功的经济,”卡梅伦表示,“(脱欧将使)我国经济规模变得更小,那是有后果的。”The Brexit camp has urged voters to disregard what it calls Project Fear - warnings from the likes of the IMF, the Treasury and the IFS - saying they represent the view of the political elite.英国脱欧阵营敦促选民不要理会它所称的“恐惧项目”——来自国际货币基金组IMF)、英国财政部和财政研究所等机构的警告——称它们都代表着政治精英阶层的观点。来 /201606/449035台州看牙齿哪个医院好浙大附属儿童妇女医院超声波洗牙好不好



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