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L.A. chief technology officer sends email imploring city workers to stop watching the Olympics online, fearing it could trigger a massive computer crash.洛杉矶首席技术官给该市的公务员们发邮件,请求他们不要在上班期间在线观看奥运比赛,担心这会引发大规模电脑死机Olympics coverage is certainly winning gold medals at L.A. City Hall, where so many employees are watching online that the city chief technology officer begged them to stop fear of a municipal computer meltdown.奥运报道的收视率显然正在洛杉矶市政厅拿着金牌,在这里众多职员们都在网上观看比赛,而该市的首席技术官却恳求他们不要再在线看比赛,害怕会造成市政厅计算机系统瘫痪;We are experiencing a high volume of traffic due to people watching the Olympics online. I respectfully request that you discontinue this as it is impacting city operations,; city tech guru Randi Levin wrote in an email sent to thousands of workers Tuesday morning.该市技术专家兰迪#86;莱文在他周二上午给数千公务员发出的邮件中写道:“由于大量工作人员在线观看奥运会,我们的网络流量非常大我恳求你们停止这一行为,因为这影响到市政运作”The email came on a day when the US women gymnastics team was competing, as well as the women soccer team.邮件发出的当天,美国女子体操队和女子足球队都要参加比赛Some council members expressed alarm at the prospect that city employees were watching the Olympics instead of doing their jobs.一些市议员对市公务员工作期间看比赛而非从事本职工作的情况表示担忧;City employees arent paid to watch the Olympics on their computers or TV. That is not what the taxpayers are paying them to do,; said Councilman Dennis Zine, who saw the email. ;The question is where are the supervisors when this is going on?;市议员丹尼斯#86;金看到邮件后说:“纳税人缴税可不是为了让公务员在电脑或电视上看奥运会的问题在于,这种情况发生时,监督者在哪里”Councilwoman Jan Perry said she outraged and wants the city to block Olympic streaming from City Hall computers.市议员简#86;佩里说,她对此感到非常愤怒,希望政府拦截市政厅计算机系统的奥运网络资源Mark Wolf, executive officer inmation technology the city, said he had not discussed the email with Levin but said any time employees watch streaming material, it takes up a tremendous amount of bandwidth. N is streaming the games live online, which taxes highly valuable bandwidth.洛杉矶市信息技术首席执行官马克#86;沃尔夫表示他并没有就该邮件与莱文讨论过,但是他指出,职员只要观看流媒体音频和视频就会占用大量的带宽美国全国广播公司在网络上直播奥运比赛,占用了宝贵的宽带带宽Asked about the city struggling computer systems, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa press office referred calls to Levin, who did not return calls seeking comment.被问到该市几近瘫痪的计算机系统时,安东尼奥#86;维拉戈沙市长的新闻办公室让记者把采访电话打给莱文当记者致电莱文请他做出后,莱文也没有回电 1930

If time travel were possible, what would you do? Visit a deceased family member? Correct past mistakes? Perhaps even change history a little bit?  如果可以穿越,你会做些什么?看望已故的家人?纠正过去的错误?或是改变一下历史?  Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), the protagonist in the new romantic comedy About Time, uses his ability to travel back in time to find the love of his life.  最新浪漫喜剧《时空恋旅人的主角蒂姆?雷克(多姆纳尔?格里森饰)就利用时间穿梭的特异功能回到过去,寻找一生所爱  The element of time travel in romantic dramas is certainly not new. Movies such as Kate amp; Leopold (01), The Time Traveler’s Wife () and Midnight in Paris () are all based on premises taken right out of sci-fi fantasy. Only these films, in spirit, aren’t science-fiction — they’re closer to sweet fables of destiny.  穿越在爱情片中早已不是什么新鲜元素01年上映的《隔世情缘、年的《时间旅行者的妻子以及年的《午夜巴黎皆是将科幻情节搬到大银幕上但是,这些影片实质上并非科幻片——它们更像是美好的命运寓言  About Time is also a film in that tradition. Tim comes from a nice, comtable British family, and he has no serious worries, except his luck with women. On his 1st birthday, his father (Bill Nighy) reveals a major secret: The men in their family have the ability to go back in time.  《时空恋旅人也延续了这一惯例蒂姆来自一个温馨富足的英国家庭,尽管生活无忧无虑,但是爱情方面却一直不走运1岁生日那天,父亲(比尔?奈伊 饰)告诉他一个天大的秘密:他们家族的男人具有穿越时空、回到过去的能力  Soon, Tim gets his chance to work on the romance issue when he meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) in a restaurant. He “re-meets” her, perfecting their “chance” encounter. They fall in love, marry and have children.  很快,蒂姆在一家餐馆邂逅了玛丽(瑞秋?麦克亚当斯 饰),他终于有机会来塑造自己的爱情故事了他穿梭时空回到过去,与玛丽再次重逢,创造出了一次完美邂逅他们双双坠入爱河,结婚生子  It may sound cliched, but About Time has more than romance and comedy on its mind. “What keeps it from straying into cloying sitcom turf is the presence of real-life problems and issues, and the comting and humorous manner in which director Richard Curtis tackles love, sorrow and death,” Claudia Puig writes in a review USA Today.  尽管剧情听起来可能有些老套,但是《时空恋旅人并非只是一部爱情喜剧克劳迪娅?普伊格在《今日美国中道:“ 该片之所以并未落入情景喜剧的俗套,一则是因为片中再现了一些现实生活中的问题,二来是由于导演理查德?柯蒂斯在处理爱情、悲伤与死亡等桥段时运用的治愈系幽默手法”  To Curtis’ credit, the acclaimed screenwriter (Notting Hill) and director (Love Actually) finds a convincing mix in About Time, making the film feel grounded and authentic. “Time passes, Tim matures, his relationship stabilizes, and the film turns its focus to the whole of life, to other facets of love,” an NPR review says.  该片之所以大获成功,自然也少不了柯蒂斯的功劳在这位广受赞誉的编剧(作品有《诺丁山)兼导演(作品有《真爱至上)的执导下,影片《时空恋旅人的情节令人信美国国家公共电台道:“随着时间流逝,蒂姆逐渐成熟,恋情也稳定下来,该片着眼于人的一生以及爱情的其他侧面”  While time travel may give Tim the unique ability to go back and help friends and family in their struggles, Curtis also explores the limits of this gift — or, according to The New York Times’ review, “the inevitability of life’s end”, which gives the story more emotional weight.  虽然蒂姆拥有了穿越时空、回到过去的神奇能力,他能够帮助朋友和家人摆脱困境,但导演柯蒂斯在电影中也探讨了这种超能力的局限性——即《纽约时报影评中所提及的“人固有一死”,这为该片增加了一丝伤感  “About Time is about time,” the says. “It asks us to reflect on how we all use that resource, how the hours and minutes that make up a day or a life align with our intentions and values.”  《纽约时报在该篇文章中道:“《时空恋旅人讲述的是一个光阴的故事让我们反思如何去运用时间,如何将生命中的每一天、每一个分分秒秒同我们的目标与价值观联系起来” 76

If you still havent watched Nirvana in Fire (Langya Bang) or dont know who Mei Changsu and Xiao Jingyan are, you might be falling behind the times in China. The period drama, about a man quest revenge and the struggle to clear his family name has become one of the hottest topics of discussion TV fans.在中国,如果你还没有看过《琅琊榜,或者不知道谁是梅长苏、萧景琰,那么你就落伍了这部讲述一个男人展开复仇行动,努力为家族洗刷冤屈的古装剧成为了电视剧迷们最热衷讨论的话题Searching on Sina Weibo you can find millions of posts discussing and sharing opinions about the drama or affectionately poking fun at the character. There are posts dedicated to analyzing nearly every aspect of this series in minute detail from clothing to etiquette and cinematography.在新浪微上,你可以搜到成千上万条关于这部电视剧的意见或者调侃角色的内容,有些微致力于从各个角度分析剧中的装,礼仪和摄影技术上的细节Dedication to a craft对创作敬业Story is king. While many period dramas play fast and loose with history, Nirvana in Fire has been praised its realistic setting and respect history and the source material. The show tells the story of main character Lin ShuMei Changsu and his long and difficult journey to clear his family name and get justice tens of thousands of soldiers who were unjustly killed. The series has distanced itself from the clichéd romantic plots seen in many period shows by emphasizing the ideals of brotherhood, patriotism and living up to one responsibility.故事情节是成功的关键当多数古装剧拿历史当儿戏时,《琅琊榜因其逼真的场景,对历史和事实的尊敬获得了高度赞扬这部电视剧讲述了男主角林殊(梅长苏)为他的家族和万千含冤而死的将士正名的漫长而艰难的征程不同于其他电视剧老套的罗曼史,这部剧因其强调兄弟之情,爱国情怀和责任感而别具一格Having seen so many good online novels ruined by TV adaptations, Im happy to say that through the sincere dedication of the cast and crew, the original novel by Hai Yan, who is also the scriptwriter the show, has been faithfully brought to the small screen.在看过太多优秀的网络小说被翻拍电视剧毁掉后,我很高兴地看到,经过认真演绎和制作后,这部原著和编剧都是海晏的电视剧,将小说原汁原味地搬到了屏幕上The leading actors, Hu Ge (Mei Changsu), Liu Tao (Mu Nihuang) and Wang Kai (Xiao Jingyan) have surprised audiences with their acting abilities. This is particularly true of Hu, who has surpassed his previous roles with his complicated portrayal of Mei Changsu and ability to touch audience hearts with even the smallest movements.主演胡歌(梅长苏),刘涛(穆霓凰),王凯(萧景琰)用他们的演技征了观众,尤其是胡歌,以其细腻的表演和对梅长苏深刻的刻画触动了观众内心,该角色超越了他以前演绎过的角色The permances of the supporting actors are no less excellent. The serious dedication of the cast can be clearly felt and many netizens have posted how they have been moved to tears by certain scenes. Those dramas that try to pull a fast one by counting on an actor popularity and looks to cause audiences to ignore a show lame permances and poor storylines could never have such an emotional impact.其他配角的演出也同样精,观众们被他们严谨的表演所折,许多网友也纷纷指出他们被某些场景打动甚至落泪那些拍摄时间短,完全依靠演员名气,忽视演员劣质的演技,故事线薄弱的电视剧永远不会有这样的情感影响It the little things细节决定成败The dedication of the crew behind the camera is also apparent in all the little details that can be seen in each scene. Be it costumes, props, cinematography, dialog or the show music, it clear those working on the show have put their heart into their work.幕后制作人的敬业也通过荧幕上的各种细节展示出来,无论是装,道具和摄影技术,还是对白和配乐,无一不显示出制作方的良苦用心There is actually a long list of things worth talking about. Though based on a novel without a specific historical background, the show goes out of its way to accurately portray the clothing and even etiquette followed in ancient China. The authenticity of the traditional culture on display demonstrates that the show has done its homework. It should come as no surprise that viewers are calling the show a textbook example of what a period series should be.事实上有许多细节都值得一谈,虽然原著是建立在架空历史的背景上,但是电视剧却真实地还原了中国古代的饰和礼仪对古代文化的真实表达反映出剧组对此用功颇深,无怪乎观众将这部剧称为其他古装剧教科书式范本This attention to detail is also reflected in the show stage setting. As Li Xue, one of the production directors told qq.com, major changes were made to the house where Mei Changsu lives to better fit the atmosphere of the show. The crew planted a bamboo garden and built a pebbled courtyard path themselves. According to Li, nothing appears in the drama that hasnt been changed in some way by the crew.对细节的重视也通过场景设置表达出来该剧导演李雪告诉腾讯网,他们对梅长苏所住的房子做了较大的改造以使其更能融入剧中的氛围,为此剧组种了一片竹林并修建了一个用鹅卵石铺建的院子李雪表示,剧中的每一处布景都被剧组进行了一定程度的改造In recent years many period series have tended towards simplistic plots, absurd storylines and a complete disregard history, while also relying on shocking twists and cheap special effects to catch audience attention. Standing out from its peers, Nirvana in Fire has not only attracted attention, but has also turned a new page future TV productions.近年来,古装剧变得情节简单,故事线混乱,违背历史逻辑,仅仅依靠匪夷所思的故事转折和劣质的特效来吸引观众的眼球不同于其他电视剧,《琅琊榜不仅引起了观众的热议,同时也开启了古装剧的新篇章 19A Chinese television drama that was pulled off the air ;technical reasons; after the characters were shown in revealing clothing is now back on TV showing only the actor`s heads.因为人物穿着暴露的“技术原因”,《武媚娘传奇一度遭到停播;近日,这部国产电视剧携仅剩 “大头照”的演员重回荧幕The drama, ;The Empress of China; also known as the ;Saga of Wu Zetian;, highlights the life of China`s only known empress. It began broadcasting on Dec. 1, , but was removed a week later by commercial satellite station Hunan TV ;technical reasons.;这部讲述中国唯一女帝武则天的《武媚娘传奇于年月1日开播,仅一周之后,就因为“技术原因”被湖南卫视停播Many viewers speculated the suspension was a punishment given by the country`s television regulators the much-discussed revealing costumes of female characters on the show, which stirred online debate in which the female characters were dubbed ;squeezed breasts.;很多观众揣测,停播是广电总局的惩罚手段,因为剧中女性人物的装“过于暴露”,“为沟挤胸”的女性角色还在网上掀起了全民热议The show began to air once again on last Thursday, but with edited scenes that show only the character`s heads.上周四,《武媚娘传奇得以复播,只是经过剪裁的画面就只剩下演员们的“大头”The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has not responded to inquiries.对此,广电总局并未做出任何回应Web users complained the edited version only has close-ups of the character`s faces, greatly affecting the composition and plot.一些小伙伴们在微上开启了吐槽模式,觉得“剪裁版”就只剩下演员们的脸部特写,严重影响了构图和剧情However, some supported the cut.另一些人则认为“剪得好”;I can hardly look at the TV as there are so many breasts...; wrote ;Jingjingmi-ko; on microblog Sina Weibo.“(在剪之前)满屏都是胸,完全无法直视”一位名叫Jingjingmi-ko的新浪微主这样写到Wu Zetian, the only recorded empress of China, was concubine of Emperor Taizong in Tang Dynasty. After Emperor Taizong`s death, Wu married his successor Emperor Gaozong.武则天是中国有史记载以来的唯一一位女皇帝她曾是唐太宗的妃子,在唐太宗死后,又嫁给了太宗之子唐高宗After Emperor Gaozong`s stroke, Wu ruled the country in her own right.高宗死后,武则天独揽大权,成为一国之君

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