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成都牙周炎费用Ripening fig trees, overhanging the waters edge, provide welcome food for shoals of hungry fish.水边生长着高大的无花果树,为饥饿的鱼群提供美味食物The commotion attracts dorado, known locally as the river tiger.骚动引来了麻哈脂鲤,当地人称之为“河中之虎”They patrol the feeding shoals looking for a chance to strike.它们穿梭于觅食的鱼群中,找准机会发动进攻And waiting in the wings, y to pick off any injured fish, are the piranhas.有些鱼则守在一旁等待,时刻准备攻击任何受伤的鱼,它们就是锯脂鲤A feeding frenzy quickly develops.它们的进食速率极快Piranha can strip a fish to the bone in minutes.锯脂鲤几分钟内便能将一条活鱼啃得只剩下骨架Great numbers of fish sustain vast flocks of water birds.大量的鱼养活着大批聚集的水鸟The roseate spoonbill is just one of the 650 bird species found in the Pantanal.粉红琵鹭是潘塔纳尔沼泽地中的650多种鸟类中的一种They nest alongside woodstorks in colonies thousands strong.它们将巢建在树干上,一群多达好几千只。Spectacled caiman linger below, waiting for a meal to fall out of the sky.眼镜凯门鳄在下面游荡,等着食物从天而降。201706/513730遂宁市妇幼保健院治疗牙列不齐双颌前突怎么样好吗But Charles met the most serious crisis of his reign with his most powerful weapon,reason.但是他却遭遇了统治时期最严重的危机 他运用了自己最强大的武器 理性He offered a compromise.他提出了折中方案His brother would be allowed to succeed if he agreed to be a private Catholic他的兄弟有权继承王位 只要他同意将天主教信仰个人化and not to lay a finger on the Church of England.而不染指英国国教Riding the wave of paranoia,the newly elected parliament summoned to Oxford turned him down.在疑心病的驱使下 新选举的议会在牛津聚会 想逼他就范They assumed that memory was on their side,他们认为人们牢记历史 会站在他们一边but this Charles would remember the fate of his stubborn father,查尔斯会记起他固执的父亲 whod triggered a war when he too had been suspected of being soft on Catholicism.当被指对于天主教过于软弱时 他挑起了战争But historical memory is a double-edged sword.但是历史是一把双刃剑When the Commons met in the Great Hall of Christchurch to hear what they thought would be the royal capitulation,当下院的议员们在基督城大会堂集会 以为会听到皇室投降的消息时they found themselves instead confronted by a Leviathan in ermine.与此相反 迎接他们的是 身披白貂的陛下;This is the kings will,; He said.;Take it or leave it.;这是国王的旨意 他说道 不容置疑It was a breathtaking gamble.这是一场豪赌Backed up by the House of Lords,Charles had left the exclusionists in the Commons no alternative but to go to war.在上院的持下 查尔斯毫不顾忌下院要求驱逐詹姆斯的人 一场战争在所难免 /201704/506225TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466623成都大学附属医院看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格

成都美容冠矫治多少钱四川省洗牙齿最好的医院More bear poo.熊粪便更多了So, you know what,it doesnt make it a bad place to camp.你知道吗 这对我们的露营没有影响It makes it a scary place to camp.在这露营有点恐怖Were in the bears neighborhood now.我们现在和熊做邻居了Bears arent territorial.熊没有领域性This is purely a sign that theyve passed through.这只是显示它们曾经过这里Id go for this. Are you happy?Happy.就在这里吧 你们觉得怎么样 就这样吧Okay, first thing we want to do is clear this.好的 首先我们得清理一下这里And then we need to find some long logs.然后去找一些长的树枝These sort of things.Thatll do for one.就像这种的 这样就行了Get a longer one and run that to there.再找一根长点的从那头架到这头And then well just cover that.然后我们把它封好All this timber is avalanche debris.这些木材都是雪崩的遗留物With failing daylight,We dont have to waste time cutting trees.太阳要落山了 我们就不用花时间砍树了But Joes got other things on his mind.但乔在考虑其它的事情Im on a constant bear lookout now.我现在在巡视是否有熊出没Do you know what?你们知道吗Its so much easier with three people.三个人干活容易多了I cant imagine being out here by yourself.我不敢想象你自己在这儿会怎样Parts of it are magical.一方面 独自在野外是神奇的经历Parts, though, when youre tired,and you just want to, you know另一方面 特别是当你累了 你只想make camp fast and rest.赶紧搭个帐篷休息一下If the devil had a boot camp,this is what it would be like.This is evil.如果恶魔有个训练营 应该就是这个样子 太惨了I havent worked this hard since ever.我从来没这么辛苦地工作过This is bedding? Yeah.这是睡觉的地儿吗 对Spruce branches on top of the avalanche debris are ideal for both roofing and bedding.雪崩的遗留物最上层是云杉枝 它是帐篷顶部和底部的理想材料One layer underneath worth two on top, okay?底下铺一层比上面铺两层还管用 This is where were gonna lose most of our heat.在这里我们会消耗大量的热量Cause youll thrill in the morning, when youre cold,youll be grateful for every inch of bedding under you.当清晨你感到很冷打寒战的时候 你就会对身下的每一寸垫层感激不尽了I am beat, exhausted.Now its looking like a shelter.我太累了 崩溃了 现在看起来像个安身之所了I dont want the guys to have to kill for their dinner,So Ive brought it with me.我不希望他们杀生获取晚餐 所以我随身带了一些Nice. Im allergic to bunnies.But theyre gonna have to work for it.很好 我对兔子肉过敏 但他们得付出努力才行201705/511810栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431414成都口腔医院大概要多少钱成都市第七人民医院牙科

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