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Cristiano Ronaldos baby son born to American womanCristiano Ronaldo’s baby son was born to an American woman in June, according to reports in Portugal.The Real Madridwinger, 25, announced that he had become a father on Facebook and Twitter during the weekend.The child’s mother wishes to remain anonymous and has agreed to leave the footballer as soleguardian, the statement said.Ronaldo’s mother, Delores, and sisters Elma and Katia are preparing to raise the child, according to the Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manha.The family is reportedly dealing with the paperwork necessary to move the baby from the US to Portugal. Ronaldo has homes in Los Angeles and Miami.The winger, who moved to Real Madrid from Manchester ed for a record fee of 80 million pounds (1.2 million) last year, said on Saturday that he was overjoyed to have become a father.He wrote: “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become father to a baby boy. As agreed with the babys mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.“No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are.”Ronaldos current girlfriend, the Russianlingeriemodel Irina Shayk, reacted to the news on Facebook, writing: ;My boyfriend is now father of a boy.;Ronaldo captained Portugal during their World Cup campaign in South Africa, which ended with a 1-0 defeat to Spain in the second round last Tuesday.Vocabulary:winger:a person who plays a wing position(边锋)guardian:One who is legally responsible for the care and management of the person or property of an incompetent or a minor.(监护人)lingerie:underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women.(妇女贴身内衣)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108382How much is a trillion? CNN's Christine Romans speaks to a math expert to break down how big a trillion dollars is. American Morning, the most news in the morning. Weekdays 6 ET. OK, a million dollars is a lot of money, a billion dollars is a thousand million, and a trillion is a thousand billion. Johnny Curnon is here with me. A little gut-check, just how big a trillion dollars is? It’s got twelve zeros, that’s easy to understand. Or think of it this way. One trillion one dollar bills stacked tight would reach nearly 68,000 miles into space, one third of the way to the moon. Republicans are hardly over the moon. “ If you’d started spending the day that Jesus was born, and you spend a million dollars every single day, you still wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars. ”“We checked the senator’s numbers with noted mathematician John Allen Paulos. A million dollars a day for two thousand years is only about three quarters of a trillion dollars. It’s, it’s a number no matter how you slice it. ”So let’s slice it another way. A million seconds is about 11.5 days, a billion seconds is about 32 years, and a trillion seconds is 32,000 years. Well, people tend to lump them together perhaps because they rhyme. Million, billion, the national debt tops 10 trillion. After a 700 billion dollar bank rescue, and proposed 800 billion dollar stimulus, are we numb? “Number itself can be parsed 'number' or 'numb-er' and maybe in this case the latter is a better pronunciation. ”“One million dollars?! ”Just like Dr. Evil discovered in the movie Austin Powers, times have changed. Back in 1993, “Immediate package of jobs, investments of over 30 billion dollars”, he didn’t get it. Just last year, “So the whole purpose of the stimulus package is to have something robust enough to make a difference”. President Bush signed an emergency economic stimulus of a now paltry 168 billion dollars. And now, “A trillion, a trillion, a trillion, a trillion dollars.” Can we afford it? “The Gross National Product is, you know, 12 trillion dollars. Whatever it is, we do have a big economy that may not be as vibrant as it was, but it’s still a powerful economic engine. So knock on wood, we’ll see what happens. ”Knock on wood, we’ll see what happens. The stimulus probably won’t reach a trillion, but consider this, all the financial interventions, the loans, the guarantees, the bailouts, the rescues, there’re now more than 7 trillion dollars. Johnny Curon, 7 trillion, let’s turn around, wrap our heads around that.VOCABULARY1. gut-check a test of one's nerve, courage, or determination2. stack v.堆叠n.堆, 一堆, 堆栈 3. noted adj.著名的 4. lump together vt.放在一起,组合在一起 5. national debt n.国债 6. parse vt.n.分列 7. paltry adj.不足取的, 无价值的, 琐碎的, 下贱的 8. Gross National Product n.国民生产总值(GNP) 9. knock on wood vi. 但愿老走这种好运 摸摸木头 10. guarantees n.抵押品 11. bailout A rescue from financial difficulties:紧急融资02/61926

[00:21.50]IBM put a top executive on leave Monday [00:25.19]after he was charged for allegedly leaking secrets [00:28.58]about IBM's earnings and financial dealings [00:31.77]with corporate partners.[00:41.12]周一,IBM对他们的一名高管采取了强制休假措施,[00:46.00]原因是这名高管被指控涉嫌泄漏了公司的营收[00:49.99]以及公司合作伙伴之间的金融交易上的秘密。[01:06.88]即时讲解[01:09.11]"请假","休假"或"放假"是我们经常会说到的,[01:13.50]比如说,在工作日的某一天, [01:15.52]你在逛大街时遇到熟人,[01:18.06]你可能就得解释一下,"我今天休息",[01:21.31]英语表达可以是 I'm taking a day off today,[01:25.16]注意,要使用现在进行时,[01:27.65]因为"休假"正在进行中。[01:30.32]如果是要说"我明天休息一天",[01:32.80]那可以说 [01:33.74]I'm going to take a day off tomorrow。[01:36.93]今天的报道中出现了on leave 的表达,[01:40.41]这是个固定搭配,指"休假",[01:42.90]这与take a day off 的意思基本一样, [01:46.29]只是从表达上说正式一点,[01:49.02]比如说前面的 I'm going to take a day off tomorrow [01:52.91]也可以说成 I'm going to be on leave tomorrow ;[01:56.85]另外 ,还要注意put somebody on leave的用法,[02:01.05]字面意思是"让某人去休假",[02:03.74]但在不同的语境中,理解要有所区别,[02:07.07]今天报道中的on leave 其实跟开除差不多[02:11.17]强制休假只是较斯文或说虚伪的说法。[02:14.91]如果大家看过一些港产片,[02:17.34]可能会听过"放长假"的说法, [02:19.92]如果老板"放你长假"(粤语表达),[02:21.95]那你就基本下岗了。[02:28.87]原文重听[02:30.54]IBM put a top executive on leave Monday [02:34.24]after he was charged for allegedly leaking secrets [02:37.67]about IBM's earnings and financial dealings [02:40.91]with corporate partners.10/87380

谷歌在华广告代理商联名致函谷歌说,如果谷歌关闭旗下的中文搜索引擎,它们的业务将陷入危险,并要求谷歌给代理商合理的解决方案。《华尔街日报》马塞洛·普林斯(Marcelo Prince)报道。201003/99032

  It’s nearly nine a.m. on a workday but Noah Kaufman, volunteer manager of the 113th Street Play Garden, cannot help stopping at the 12-by-30-meter green space. Grabbing a hand trowel, he turns over the pebbly loam looking for worms for his plot.这是一个普通工作日,早上大约9点,第113街“游玩花园”的志愿者主席诺厄·考夫曼情不自禁地停在这个3千平方米的绿地上,用一把小铲子挖开铺满砾石的土壤,看看土里有没有害虫。"New York City is, if anything, the built environment. We have plenty of concrete. We have plenty of bricks. We have plenty of steel," says Kaufman. "We have little, little places like this vest pocket park, which are a small oasis, a piece of green, a place where there are trees, where there are weed trees, fruits trees which have been planted by humans or planted by nature provide a little refuge from the city. So for the neighbors here on 113th street, this is our front yard and we share it."考夫曼说:“纽约市高楼林立,到处都是混凝土、砖、钢铁。但我们没有很多地方象这个袖珍小公园一样,作为一个小小的绿洲,长满了人类种植或者是大自然种下的、能够为市民们带来些许庇护的大树、野生树和果树。对第113街的居民来说,这里就是我们的前院。我们保护它,分享它。”The community garden has been a refuge for Alexandra Patz and her 7-year-old son ever since her family moved to New York from the suburbs where they had their own yard.亚历桑德拉·帕策和7岁的儿子从郊区一个带后院的房子搬进纽约市后,常常躲到这个小公园里来。"When we moved to the city, I was glad to find on this block that there was this little garden where we could become involved, and where my son could experience digging and growing things," says Patz. 她说:“如果我儿子想做一个鸟窝,或者在树上挂一个鸟窝,他至少有一个地方可以这么做。这也算是一种户外活动,我们可以听到小鸟叫。”201105/135036

  US Car Giants Accept Bailout America's three big car manufacturers have been offered a multi-billion dollar bailout from the US Government. Chrysler and General Motors have accpeted a share of bn in loans to save them from collapse. Sky's Lisa Holland reportsAmerica’s big three car companies employ a quarter of a million people directly. But it's believed one in ten jobs in the US are tied to the industry. Part of the last chance alone, the country’s motor manufacturers has been given a 17.4 billion dollars bailout by George Bush to save them from the scrappy(混乱状态). "Our economic advisors just believe such collapse would deal with the unacceptably painful blow to hard-working Americans far beyond the auto industry. It would worsen the weak job market and the disaster that made the financial crisis. It could send our suffering economy into a deeper and longer recession. But the bailout comes with conditions. The car companies must show they can repay their loans by the end of March next year proving that they are economically viable. They have to accept limits on salaries and bonuses and have been told that perks such corporate jets must be eliminated. And the US government will have the right go through their books at any time, challenging their business independence. Shortly after announcing bailout Mr. Bush was on TV once more, this time to accept the traditional portraits given to presidents about to leave office."I suspected there will be a good sign to cry on, once the work got out about my hanging"He had made it clear he wouldn't be the one to hang the car industries out dry, because it would be too late by the time Barak Obama takes over. Mr. Obama describes the package as a necessary step."The other companies must not squander this chance to reform bad management practices and begin the long term restructuring that is absolutely necessary to save this critical industry in millions of American jobs that depend on it, while also creating the fuel efficient cars of tomorrow."Ford had said it hoped to get by without government's help. But controversially the government is using part of the 700 billion dollars, which was supposedly to prop up the Wall Street instead. Mica Holland sky news.200812/59481。

  接踵而至的贸易争端、政治擦、货币问题以及谷歌事件让中美关系变得紧张和复杂起来。《华尔街日报》中国编辑Andrew Browne在本期的《新闻中心》栏目里对这一局势进行了分析。201003/98939

  If threw these nails out into the crowd, extremely deadly shrapnel. Once the FBI knows what materials were used to build the bomb and how it was concealed, agents make a public appeal for information about the bomber. Today in showing you this backpack of this reconstructed bomb here, we believe we've given every possible opportunity to recount to the public to refresh their memories and perhaps can follow additional information. But Sachtleben reveals another secret for rebuilding bombs. Actually go to a bombing range and use, and sometimes, thousands of pounds of explosives inside of a vehicle that we think similar to the one used, detonate it. Go out, measure the crater, measure where the pieces were, were found, collect the evidence that we find there and compare it to what we had at the bombing scene. There is also another reason for these dramatic recreations. These images give jurors an unforgettable look at the devastation a bomb can cause. Sometimes, we'll actually go to our explosive range and reconstruct the device, detonate it, film that, so we can go into court and show that to the judge and jury. Eric Rudolph, the man accused of the bombings of both the Olympics and the abortion clinic in Atlanta has yet to face a jury, he remains at large. But thanks to the Explosives , McVeigh and Kaczynski will never again pose a threat to society. However, the FBI's ultimate goal is to catch terrorists before they strike. Bridgeport, Texas, the residents of this sleepy farm town outside Dallas have no idea that their lives are in danger. That's because the people caught on this surveillance are planning a terrorist attack. The suspected bombers are members of the Ku Klux Klan. They are scheming to destroy the Mitchell Energy refinery as a diversion for another crime, an armored car heist which would fund the war they are planning against the US government. But these terrorists are unaware that the FBI is watching their every move, that's because one of their own is secretly working undercover for the FBI as an informant.201001/93846Egypt Will Not Fully Open Gaza Border Crossing埃及称不会全面开放加沙过境点  Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says Egypt will not fully open the border crossing into Gaza, unless Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in control there. Meanwhile, Arab diplomats are preparing to discuss the crisis Wednesday. 埃及总统穆巴拉克说,埃及不会全面开放进入加沙的过境点,除非巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯在加沙掌权。与此同时,阿拉伯国家外交人员星期三准备讨论加沙危机。Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is condemning Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip and demanding that Israel and the Palestinian militant Hamas group resume a cease-fire.  埃及总统穆巴拉克谴责以色列在加沙地带的军事行动,并且要求以色列和巴勒斯坦激进组织哈马斯恢复停火。In a televised address to the nation, Mr. Mubarak called on Israel to cease its military operations immediately: 穆巴拉克在向全国的电视讲话中,呼吁以色列立即停止军事行动。He said Israel's leaders bear responsibility for their harsh assault on Palestinian human rights.  穆巴拉克说,以色列领导人应当为他们悍然侵犯巴勒斯坦人权的行为承担责任。Israel began its offensive in Gaza when Hamas resumed cross-border rocket attacks after a six-month truce expired last week. Despite the airstrikes, Palestinian militants have fired many rockets and mortar shells into Israel since Monday. 哈马斯在为期六个月的停火协议于上周到期后再次向以色列发动越界火箭袭击。在这之后,以色列也开始进攻加沙。尽管以色列发动了空袭,但是巴勒斯坦激进分子从星期一以来向以色列发射了许多火箭和迫击炮弹。Mr. Mubarak also called on Hamas to resume a cease-fire with Israel and reconcile with the Palestinian Authority of Palestinian President Abbas.  穆巴拉克也呼吁哈马斯恢复与以色列之间的停火,并且与巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯达成和解。Mr. Mubarak said Egypt would not fully open its border with Gaza unless the Palestinian Authority is in control.  他说,埃及不会全面开放与加沙之间的边界,除非巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯掌权。Hamas has ruled Gaza since 2007, after seizing control from Fatah forces loyal to President Abbas.  哈马斯从2007年以来一直统治加沙,之前他们从效忠阿巴斯的法塔赫手中夺取了控制权。Egypt has opened a crossing to allow wounded Palestinians to enter for medical treatment, and Egyptian authorities also allowed food and medical supplies to be delivered into Gaza. 埃及已开放了一个过境点,允许受伤的巴勒斯坦人入境接受医疗。埃及当局还允许食品和医疗物资运进加沙。Mr. Mubarak rejected criticism from Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah for Egypt's failure to fully open the Gaza border. 真主党领袖哈桑批评埃及不愿全面开放与加沙之间的边界。穆巴拉克拒不接受这一批评。Egypt, he said, has exerted a great deal of effort during the past six months to strengthen the Gaza truce, and then to renew it, while working for Palestinian unity. He said Egypt has allowed aid supplies into Gaza, and also supplied it with electricity. 穆巴拉克说,埃及在过去六个月中已经尽了很大的努力来巩固加沙停火、然后又尽力延续这一停火,与此同时,埃及还努力促进巴勒斯坦的统一。他说,埃及允许援助物资进入加沙,并且还为加沙供电。Meanwhile, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit was in Paris Tuesday fore a meeting of European Union foreign ministers on the crisis.  此外,埃及外长盖伊特星期二在巴黎参加欧盟为加沙危机而召开的欧盟国家外长会议。Foreign Ministry spokesman Hesham Youssef said Egypt is also working with Turkey to broker an end to Israel's military operations in Gaza and defended Egypt's handling of the Rafah border crossing, saying that "throwing the crossing 'wide open' is not an easy solution to the crisis." 埃及外交部发言人优素福说,埃及也正和土耳其一起努力斡旋,以结束以色列在加沙的军事行动。他还为埃及处理拉法赫过境点的方式进行辩护。他说,全面开放过境点并非解决危机的捷径。Arab Foreign Ministers are to meet in Cairo Wednesday to discuss the crisis. 阿拉伯国家外长星期三将在开罗聚会,讨论加沙危机。200812/60109Sniffing Out Mr. Right Birth-control pill masks women's discerning sense of smell.We've all heard people say chemistry a bit hard to define as a key ingredient in the successful relationships. So some scientists did some research on that topic, turns out a woman needs a good sense of smell to find a man who is just right for her. And a common contraceptive may interfere with that process. Mike Lee reports from London.Women of the world, are you smelling Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?Um, I wouldn’t really know. But I do like the way men smell, so they smell good, I kindda get more attracted to. People choose to be chosen, you know, love is love. So eventually you know maybe you can sniff the right man out.Maybe, if your sniffer is working properly and that is exactly the point of the New Liverpool University study, which concludes that birth-control pills can cause you to select the wrong man for you, because your brain sends a false signal that it smells like Mr. Right. (这儿which从句用作非限制性定语从句更好。) I spoke to the lead researcher in Liverpool by telephone and he told me that by nature a woman's sense of smell can attract her, often subconsciously to men whose genes will work well with her genes to produce healthy and strong children, that’s keeping the human species going. He said the study suggest that birth control pills can disrupt that instinctive selective process, an intriguing and provocative thought for the men and women we spoke to in America. I think that’s ridiculous and a little degrading towards women to suggest that they are blindly following their sense of smell rather than their other senses.I do believe that sense of smell can affect to you, might pick to go out on a date with, who your partner might be. But it’s also a lot about, you know, just your personal preference on what type of guy you like. The University’s study does not recommend against birth control pills only that women be aware that their scent may be altered. So the eternal question: what do women want?Clean, yeah, clean,clean will be really good.Maybe like he just came out of the shower, I don't wanna anybody who smells sweaty, like if he just came out of the gym. I like them to wear some sort of clothes, something like kinda of gown should be cared of when my clothes smell like him afterwards, something I like that.Woo, but do men know how to smell for suspicion?I bathe, I… regularly, I brush my teeth. I wear different clothes every day. Those are pretty good ones I think.I am so much like just trying a perfume pursuing to have a clean scent that is well, this guy really just care himself.So, gentlemen just smell like a man whatever that is. And ladies if you are concerned about sniffing out the wrong guy there may now be some truth in the punch line of an old joke between two ladies “Don’t worry darling, all women marry beneath themselves”. Mike Lee, A news. 参考中文翻译:我们常听人说,化学物质不能定义为影响成功的爱情关系的关键要素。一些科学家针对这个话题做了一项研究,结果显示,女性需要良好的嗅觉来找出合适的意中人。但是常用的避药会影响这个过程。以下是来自伦敦的Mike Lee 的报道。你是能顶半边天的女人,你能闻的出哪个男人适合你吗?哦,我不确定。但是我喜欢有些男人的味道,如果闻上去感觉比较好的话,我会更倾心于他。人们在选择,同时也被选择,你知道,爱情是双方面的。所以最终你知道或许你可以闻出你的意中人。或许,如果你的嗅觉机能正常的话,这正是新利物浦大学的一项研究得出的结论:避药会让你选到不适合你的人,因为大脑发出错误的信号,让你误认为那就是你的意中人。我跟利物浦的首席研究员通过电话,他告诉我,从本性上来讲,如果一个男人的基因能够和一个女人的基因有效结合,生出健康强壮的孩子,那么这个女人的嗅觉会下意识的被这个男人吸引,正是这样使得人类不断繁衍。他说,这项研究表明,避药会扰乱这个本能的选择过程,对我们的美国听众来说,这听上去很有趣,也很刺激。我想,如果暗示女性朋友们,她们在盲从她们的嗅觉而不利用其它感觉的话,这很可笑,也有点侮辱女性。我相信嗅觉可以影响你,可以为你选择出约会对象。但是也和你对男人的个人偏好有关。利物浦大学的研究并不是要反对避药,只是提醒女性,她们的嗅觉可能被改变了。所以仍然是那个永恒的问题:女人到底喜欢什么样的呢?干净,对,干净是最好的素质。或许就像他刚洗完澡,我想闻到任何人有汗臭味,比方说刚从健身房出来的时候。但是男人知道怎样使自己闻上去干净一点吗?我每天都洗澡,经常刷牙。我每天穿不同的衣。我想这应该是不错的。我想尝试洒些香水,这会让我有比较干净的味道,可以让人觉得,嗯,不错,这个小伙子很在意自己。绅士闻上去就有男人味。如果女士们担心嗅出错误的男人,那么你可以听一下下面两位女士之间的笑话:“亲爱的,别担心。所有女人都嫁给了配不上她的人。”单词注解:discerning 形容词 有识别力的;眼光敏锐的 ingredient名词 (混合物的)组成部分;(烹调的)原料 (构成)要素,因素contraceptive避药Birth-control pill 避药subconsciously 下意识地200811/56750

  今天,我们来探讨一下为什么人们会打呵欠。专家们指出, 打呵欠不仅仅是因为你困了。当你对什么事表示担忧,或者有点烦躁,无聊的时候也会打呵欠。Today, a student from the Caribbean island of Bonaire asks the scientists about something all animals do. Ziran Chin-On: I’m Ziran, I’m 15 years old and question is why do people yawn? yamn:呵欠For an answer, EarthSky asked a neuroscientist at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. He studied yawning for over 30 years – but says why we yawn is still something of a mystery. Here’s Dr. Robert Provine. Robert Provine: Yawning is a curious behavior because on one level, you can say that we don’t really understand why we do it. So throughout our life, in face, even before birth, we start yawning. And it’s unclear about why we produce this act. Provine said you might yawn because you’re tired,anxious, or bored. Robert Provine: What all of these things have in common is a change in state. We’re changing from one kind of mood, one kind of exercise level to another. Yawning may help us through these states by stirring up our physiology. stirring up adj. 搅拌的(翻料的),激动人心的Yawning is also highly contagious – which makes it even more interesting to neuroscientists. Robert Provine: It gives us insight about how the brain links people together in social patterns.Scientists at the University of Albany have also suggested that yawning may cool down our brains. Our thanks to Ziran Chin-On and Dr. Robert Provine. Thanks also to the Monsanto Fund. I am Joel Block from Eamp;S, a clear voice for science. We are at Eamp;S. org.04/67453Google's answer to the iPhone The first Android-powered phone aims to take market share from Apple and boost Google's search ad revenue. Well, it’s official, the so-called Google-phone is coming to T-Mobile stores nationwide starting Oct.22ndHere is what it is. The phone is actually isn’t manufactured by Google’s going to be made by a company called HTC, but it does run on an operating system that was developed by Google called Engerroom. This is an open operating system which means that it makes very easy for developer secret all sorts of mobile applications for the device.It’s called G1, not just the Google phone any more, and it is going to sell for 179 dollars through T-Mobile, with the 2-year service plan, of course. It’s a smart phone, it’s, it’s also got a touch screen, whether plug keyboard for typing, and it’s going to have bilten wire file, builten GPS, a lot of this in the features that is becoming pretty standard smart phones these days. But the real question on everybody’s minds here is how does the G1 stock up to be iphone? A lot of comparisons are aly being made between the two, and although they have a lot of common, they also have a lot of differences. For example, Google’s device G1 is an open platform and applications are going to be very easy for developers to get. To consumers, they do not have to go to any kind of review process with Google was the Iphone developers have to firstly approved by Apple to get their applications out there. Apple also takes a cut of all the revenues where Google does not, with its applications. But beyond the similarities and differences, their, their strategies are not the same here. Em, Apple’s really been pushing this one device Iphone was Google’s pushing a platform which it hopes to go around the cross, thousands of different devices across multiple carriers and multiple markets. Google’s real goal here is to drive traffic on mobile devices. They want people using the web on their cell phones, so automatically, if the iphone succeeds, or if other smart phone succeeds, that’s good for Google’s business too. So is this going to be the next iphone killer? Well, probably not, but does that really matter to Google’s overall strategy? Maybe not. 200810/54336

  Japan's post-tsunami politics后海啸时期日本政治Flailing徒劳挣扎Political co-operation, hard before the earthquake and tsunami, has got harder 地震和海啸发生之前就困难重重的政治合作,现在更是愈发艰难AS JAPAN copes with its worst crisis since the second world war, the prime minister, Naoto Kan, is calling for a new politics. In particular, he wants collaboration with opposition parties mostly bent on ousting him. “Many ways of doing things in this country have come to the end of the road,” he said on April 11th. “To rebuild this country, we need a new mindset. I hope for—and expect—a new direction.”日本正在面对自二战以来的最大危机,现任首相菅直人正在呼吁出台新政。特别地,他希望能和决意令他下台的在野党合作。4月11日菅直人说:“这个国家一些处理事情的方法已经走到了尽头。为了重建这个国家,我们需要全新的精神状态。我希望着并盼望着能有新的出路。”He seems unlikely to get it. The quake and tsunami that devastated north-eastern Japan, and the nuclear disaster that followed, have disrupted the economy, with power shortages and stricken factories. Ordinary Japanese have cut back on inessential spending, in a mood of sacrificial restraint. Much has changed. Yet one constant remains: petty political bickering.看来菅直人不太可能看到这一出路了。摧毁日本东北部的地震和海啸,以及随之而来的核灾难,导致了能源短缺以及工厂受灾,从而扰乱了日本经济。在 “自肃”精神的影响下,日本普通民众减少了不必要的开。许多事情都改变了,但是琐碎的政治争吵却从未间断过。As the government has attempted to deal with the mess, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has picked on minor gaffes to justify exaggerated displays of outrage. Mr Kan’s offer to the LDP’s leader, Sadakazu Tanigaki, to form a “grand coalition” with his Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) was rebuffed. The opposition thinks Mr Kan is flailing and his prime ministership, which was in trouble well before the earthquake, is in danger.就在政府试图收拾乱摊子时,在野党自由民主党(LDP)通过挑毛病来替民众夸张的愤怒辩护。菅直人向自由民主党(LDP)主席谷桓祯一提出:由自由民主党(LDP)和他的民主党(DPJ)一起成立“联合政府”,但这个提议被谷桓祯一断然拒绝。在野党认为菅直人在徒劳挣扎,他本在地震之前就不牢固的首相职位现在更是岌岌可危。In opinion polls, Mr Kan’s personal support has increased slightly since then, but around two-thirds of voters are disappointed with the government’s handling of the crisis, particularly at the Fukushima nuclear plant. On April 12th the nuclear accident there was upgraded to level seven, the highest rating on an international scale of severity. That places it on a par with the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago this month (though the radiation released at Fukushima is only a tenth of Chernobyl’s, and nobody has died from it yet). 民意测验显示:在此之后菅直人的持率有了短暂上升,但是约有2/3的选民对于政府应对危机的能力表示失望,尤其是在处理福岛核电站的问题上。福岛的核事故在4月12日升至7级,这是国际范围内严重问题的最高等级。这使福岛达到了在25年前这个月发生的切尔诺贝利核灾难的高度(尽管福岛泄露的放射性物质只是切尔诺贝利泄露的十分之一,而且没有人死于泄露的放射性物质)。201104/134088

  据台湾中国广播公司18日报道,伊朗近日审判了一名美国女间谍,重判其八年徒刑。被指控为间谍的萨贝里现年31岁,是伊朗裔美国人,最近六年都住在伊朗,担任自由撰稿记者,为美国(国际公共电台)跟(英国广播公司)做报导。今年一月,伊朗警方指控她没有记者,非法采访,将她逮捕。本月初,伊朗政府又指控她是美国间谍,法院已判处她八年徒刑。萨贝里的律师说,萨贝里一定会上诉。美国政府称伊朗对萨贝里的指控毫无根据,要求伊朗释放萨贝里,并强调这次的判刑,会破坏美伊两国关系。About its fairness.Iran is also facing growing pressure to release an American journalist tonight. She’s convicted of spying. Her name is Roxana Saberi. She was born in the ed States and grew up in North Dakota. She’s been living in Iran for six years, working as a freelance reporter. In January, Iranian authorities arrested her, accusing her of working without the proper credentials. But earlier this month, a judge charged her with passing classified information to US Intelligence, in other words, spying.The court last week convicted her and sentenced her to eight years in an Iranian prison and today our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded. “We believe she should be freed immediately, that the charges against her are baseless and that she has been subjected to a process that has been nontransparent, unpredictable, arbitrary.”At very least, Iranian leaders have ordered a full investigation into the case. And today they allowed her parents to visit her behind bars, so they are meeting now. And Jonathan Hunt with details of that, Jonathan. Shep(Shepard Smith), this is the first time since Roxana Saberi's sentencing that her parents are being allowed to see her, clearly a great relief for them. And they say she is, ed “doing ok.” Saberi is being held in a prison on the northern edge of Tehran. According to her parents, she is sharing a cell with two other women in the jail, which is often used to house political prisoners. After they saw her today, Saberi’s mom and dad spoke with reporters in Tehran and denied that their daughter could ever be a spy.“No way, she cannot be a spy. You know her. And once you know her, she is the last person to do that. She would never do that to anyone. Even to the enemies, she won’t do that.”Roxana Saberi’s eight-year sentence was announced Saturday as Iran celebrated Armed Forces Day with its usual military parade. Her father claims the trial, which was held behind closed doors, lasted just 15 minutes. President Obama has said he is gravely concerned about Saberi’s safety and well-being. But tonight there may be calls for optimism. Iran’s chief judge has ordered a full investigation into the case after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saberi should be allowed to offer a full defense in her appeal which while encouraging of course raises a question: why would she not be, allowed to offer a full defense of herself at the original trial, Shep.05/68560。


  UN Chief Welcomes Obama Election潘基文欢迎奥巴马当选美国总统  U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the election of Senator Barack Obama as U.S. president. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Ban said he is "confident" about future relations between the ed Nations and the ed States. 联合国秘书长潘基文对奥巴马当选美国总统表示欢迎。潘基文对记者表示,他对联合国跟美国今后的关系“充满信心”。Mr. Ban said this is an "historic opportunity" to fulfill the common goals of the ed Nations and the ed States, and he looks forward to working with the new administration.  潘基文说,对于联合国和美国来说,这是一个实现我们共同目标的“历史机遇”,他期待跟新一届美国政府合作。"I am confident that we can look forward to an era of renewed partnership and a new multi-lateralism," he said. 潘基文说:“我相信,我们可以期待一个焕然一新的合作关系和新的多边主义时刻的到来。”Mr. Ban recalled Senator Obama's remarks during the campaign about the ed Nations. 潘基文回顾了奥巴马参议员在竞选时有关联合国的言论。"He spoke about a "new era of global partnership" and building "bridges of cooperation with the U.N. and other nations," he said. 潘基文说:“他谈到了‘全球合作的新时代’,还谈到架设‘与联合国和其它国家合作的桥梁’。”The secretary-general said he followed the campaign very closely and with great interest. He said both Mr. Obama and Senator John McCain are "outstanding men." 潘基文说,他以极大的兴趣非常密切跟踪了这次美国总统竞选。他说,奥巴马和麦凯恩都是“非常杰出的人”。Mr. Ban said he has not yet spoken with Mr. Obama, but hopes to personally congratulate him soon.  潘基文说,他还没有祝贺奥巴马当选,不过希望尽快亲自向他表示祝贺。He recalled an encounter the two had about a year ago on a flight from Washington to New York, after Mr. Obama declared his candidacy and just after Mr. Ban took up his post as secretary-general.  潘基文回顾了大约一年前两人在乘飞机从华盛顿前往纽约途中的一次邂逅。当时奥巴马刚刚宣布参选美国总统,潘基文刚刚就任联合国秘书长。"We spent about, more than half an hour, on the airplane sitting together, and discussed many issues," Mr. Ban said. "He asked many questions about what the ed Nations major goals are - issues on non-proliferation, issues like North Korea and Iranian nuclear issues, and U.N. reforms. He was very engaging and he knew a lot about the ed Nations. I was very much encouraged."  潘基文说:“我们在飞机上坐在一起,共同度过了半个多小时,讨论了许多问题。奥巴马向我问了许多有关联合国主要目标的问题,比如防止大规模杀伤性武器扩散问题,北韩和伊朗的核问题,以及联合国改革等。他非常认真,对联合国的情况很了解。我很受鼓舞。”The secretary-general said he would try to meet with the president-elect very soon, and have his policy advisors coordinate with the Obama transition team on the important issues facing the ed Nations and the world. 联合国秘书长潘基文表示,他会争取尽快跟这位当选总统会面,并让他的政策顾问就联合国和世界面临的重要问题跟奥巴马的交接班子进行协调。200811/55341

  “Life and Fate”《生活与命运》War, peace and love战争、和平与爱情Vasily Grossman’s epic novel is transformed for the radio瓦西里#8226;格罗斯曼史诗般的小说被改编成广播剧Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition Vasily Grossman vindicated 无辜的瓦西里·格罗斯曼FEW novels have the foes and fans of “Life and Fate”, Vasily Grossman’s vast book about the Nazis and Soviets at war. The Soviet Communist Party’s ideology chief said it would be more damaging even than Boris Pasternak’s “Dr Zhivago”. That was a high accolade. Another was that the book itself was arrested. In 1961 the KGB confiscated the typescript and even, for good measure, the typewriter ribbon. Grossman, once a loyal party man and an acclaimed war correspondent, was spared jail. But he died four years later, fearing that his sprawling work would never be published (the authorities had said mockingly that it might happen in 200 years). Many years later Andrei Sakharov, a Soviet dissident, helped smuggle a microfilm copy to the West, where it was eventually published in English in 1985.《生活与命运》是瓦西里#8226;格罗斯曼描写纳粹和苏联战争的宏篇巨著,很少有小说有着它这样的书迷和敌人。苏联共产党的意识形态负责人说,这本书甚至比鲍里斯#8226;帕斯捷尔纳克的《日瓦戈医生》更具破坏力。这是高度的称赞。另一个高度称赞是这本书本身的被查抄。1961年克格勃没收了打字稿,为了更加严防,甚至没收了打字机色带。格罗斯曼曾经是一名忠诚党的人,以及一名广受赞誉的战地记者,他幸免入狱。但四年后他去世时,仍在担心他散乱的作品永远不会出版,因为当局曾嘲讽地说,这本书的出版可能会在200年后。多年后,苏联持不同政见者安德烈#8226;萨哈罗夫帮着走私了缩微胶片拷贝到西方,最后这本书于1985年以英文在西方出版。The book was not an immediate success. For some years it was overshadowed by the better known work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and by the excitement of reform and then collapse in the Soviet Union. It is also intimidatingly long, with a swirling cast of scores of confusingly named characters. Hundreds of pages sometimes separate their appearances. The sweep of Grossman’s pen can exhaust the er. True to its title, “Life and Fate” mixes gritty battlefield descriptions with acute psychological insights, wrenching dilemmas and deep philosophical reflections about the nature of good and evil. It is at once funny, gruesome, tragic, informative, romantic and disconcerting. The central message of horror jars with the simplistic but widely held notion that the war was a black-and-white struggle between beastly Nazis and their valiant adversaries.这本书并没有立即获得成功。在出版后的几年,亚历山大#8226;索尔仁尼琴的作品比较出名,人们对改革感到兴奋,接着是苏联解体,这些都使该书黯然失色。这本书也长得令人生畏,人物众多,名字容易混淆,让人昏乱。有时读过几百页才能搞清人物的来龙去脉。格罗斯曼下笔的拖沓可能会令读者厌烦。《生活与命运》文如其名,将敏锐的心理洞察力、痛苦的困境以及对善恶本质的深刻哲学思考与坚韧不拔的战场描述揉合在一起。本书集滑稽好笑、阴森可怕、悲剧色、内容翔实、罗曼蒂克和仓惶失措于一身。本书始终秉持苏德战争是残忍的纳粹和他们英勇的对手之间你死我活的斗争这样的观念,除此之外,中心思想就是恐怖,处理过于简单,产生了不和谐之感。201109/153855

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