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Vienna维也纳The Austrian capital of Vienna (Wien) is a city ever implanted into the international imagination as a dreamy place of cream-filled pastries and angelic choir boys, of prancing white horses and swirling Strauss waltzes.在世人眼中,奥地利首都维也纳永远是一座不仅有着奶油馅饼和天使般男孩组成的唱诗班,而且还有着欢腾的白马和回旋着施特劳斯的华尔兹的梦幻城市It is a city where legend overrules reality - the Danube River, which flows through Vienna, may not be true blue, yet, the ;Blue Danube; waltz has permanently painted the waterway that hue in the mind eye.在这座城市里,传说配着现实,横穿维也纳的多瑙河,也许并不真的是蓝色的,然而,在人们的心中华尔兹舞曲“蓝色多瑙河”把多瑙河永久地描绘成了蓝色Music is the soul of Vienna - the great composers of Europe, from Mozart to Beethoven, Haydn to Schubert, Strauss to Mahler, called the city home.音乐是维也纳的灵魂——欧洲著名的作曲家,从莫扎特到贝多芬,从海顿到舒伯特,从施特劳斯到马勒,都称维也纳为家乡And at every opporty, from the grand Opera Ball to the smallest of musical gatherings, Viennese swoon together in the city famously romantic waltz. Or they gather dramatic musical stagings at the Staatsoper (State Opera House), one of the world great opera venues.只要有机会,不管是在壮观的歌剧院还是最小的音乐厅,维也纳人一起陶醉在这座城市浪漫的华尔兹舞曲里,或者一起聚集到世界最著名的歌剧院之一——国家歌剧院里,欣赏生动的音乐节目Vienna celebrates its well-composed heritage with numerous festivals and concerts, as well as well-preserved landmarks such as Schubert birthplace and the homes of Mozart and Beethoven.维也纳通过各种节日和音乐会来庆祝它继承下来的遗产和保留完好的景点,比如舒伯特的出生地以及莫扎特和贝多芬的家乡Art and architecture are also Viennese trademarks, and with 90 museums, many devoted to art, the city is awash in great works. Art Nouveau (known locally as ;Jungendstill;, or Young Style) took hold here, born of the Vienna Secession which straddled the turn of the th century.艺术和建筑也是维也纳的标志城市里共有90家物馆,大多数都具有艺术特性,这让维也纳沉浸在伟大的作品中新艺术(在当地叫做“Jungendstil”,或年轻风格)在这里得到融会贯通,还形成了跨越世纪之初的维也纳分离派The movement most famous member was Viennese painter Gustav Klimt, and his work, as well as that of other secessionists, is showcased at the Secession Pavilion, desighed by Josef Maria Olbrich. Vienna most famous art museum, however, is the Kunsthistorisches Museum, housing works by such greats as the Dutch master Pieter Brueghel the Elder.这次运动最有名的成员是维也纳画家古斯塔夫·克里姆特,他和其他分离派成员的作品都被陈列在约瑟夫·玛丽亚·奥尔布里希设计的分离派展览馆里然而,最著名的艺术物馆是维也纳艺术史物馆,荷兰大师老皮特·布勒哲尔等一些人的作品都被收藏在这里 19The Big Ben Clock大本钟The Big Ben is located in the tower at the eastern end of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Greater London. It was designed by Edmund Beckett and Baron Grimthorpe.大本钟在伦敦威斯敏斯特英自治领会议院的最东边它的设计者是埃德蒙·贝克特和拜伦·格里姆索普The Big Ben is very famous throughout the world, but nobody really knows why it is called Big Ben. There are two hearsays about this. Some people say that it was named after Benjamin Caunt, a boxer, who was called Big Ben. More people believe it was called after Welshman, Sir Benjamin Hall. He was the commissioner of the work at the time of its installation in 1859.大本钟在世界上家喻户晓,但实际上没有多少人知道为何它叫大本钟关于这个问题有两个传言:有人认为它是从一个叫做本杰明·考特的拳击家而来更多人认为它以一个威尔士人——本杰明·霍尔先生的名字命名的他是安装工程的监督者A story was told that during a debate in the Commons on what to call the bell, Sir Benjamin was about to give his ideas when a MP who sat behind the front bench shouted, ;Let call it Big Ben!; Then this name came into being.在经过在下议院讨论中应该叫什么名字后,本杰明先生准备给出结果时,一位在前凳后的国会议员喊道:“我们叫它‘大本’吧!”于是这个名字就诞生了The bell hasnt gone through a smooth road since the beginning of its design. Because there was great disagreement about the design of the clock, it took fifteen years to build. In 1857, the bell was completed and tested on the ground, but a four-foot crack appeared and the bell had to be cast again. Finally, the clock started ticking on 31 May, 1859, and struck its first chime on , July.从大本钟的设计到建造结束,这个钟诞生的道路就荆棘满途因为当时关于这个钟的设计大家有着很大的分歧,建造它就用了年1857年,大本钟完工,并在地上做了测试但是当钟要挂上去时,尺长的裂缝就出现了1859年5月31日,大钟的指针终于开始移动并在7月日进行了它的第一次报时Then in September, the bell cracked again. It was silent four years but was eventually turned a quarter of a revolution. In this way, the crack was not under the striking hammer. Craftsmen made a square above the crack to stop it graving longer and it can still be seen today.然而在九月份的时候,钟又裂开了它沉静了四年,直到在革命后裂缝终于被转了一个角这样,裂缝就不在敲钟槌的下面工匠在裂缝上做了一个方框,以此来阻止裂缝的延长,所以现在我们还能看到它The Big Ben is famous not only its -ton weight, but also its accuracy which is a result of its precise mechanism. Even one extra penny weight on the balance will cause a gain of two fifths of a second in twenty four hours. Although there have been several problem, the bell is still striking today. Its chimes can be heard all over the world on the B.B.C.大本钟闻名全球不仅仅因为它的吨重量,还因为它的精准——那是因为它严谨的机械结构在平衡上增添额外的一便士重量都会造成每小时多五分之二秒的后果尽管有过几次故障,直到今天大钟仍然在报时它的钟鸣会通过B.B.C.广播电台传遍全球Thousands Arrested after Failed Coup in Turkey军变致千人被捕President Erdogan announced a three-month state of emergency Turkey following a failed military coup attempt last Friday. A state of emergency makes it easier the government to arrest people. The government can also bypass parliament in order to create laws. Erdogan defended his decision, saying it was necessary to preserve democracy. More than 7,000 people have been detained in relation to the attempted coup, including a third of the nation’s top military officials. Thousands of teachers, judges, and police officers also lost their jobs after being linked to a cleric who promotes government dissent.土耳其于上周五发生军变,总统埃尔多安宣布全国进入三个月紧急状态紧急状态让政府逮捕“涉变”人员得心应手政府可绕过国会通过新法埃尔多安坚持自己的立场,称民主发展不能动摇包括三分之一高级将领在内的7000多人被捕因发现与宗教领袖有瓜葛,数千名教师、法官以及警察遭解雇译文属原创,,不得转载 563

Ana Maria: Did you see this news about the Good Samaritan who stopped to help a stranger and died?玛丽亚:你看这篇一位好心人因帮助他人而不幸逝世的新闻了吗?Gio: That’s his own fault. Who told him to meddle in other people’s business?吉奥:只能怪他自己谁让他多管闲事呢?Ana Maria: He wasn’t meddling. He saw that a fellow human being was in distress and was selfless enough to try to help.玛丽亚:不是这样的他看到别人陷入困境后无私的给予了帮助Gio: Doing a good deed, was he? Going out on a limb to help someone in need, eh?吉奥:办了一件好事,对吗?为了帮助别人让自己身处险境?Ana Maria: Exactly. I call him a hero.玛丽亚:是的,他是一位英雄Gio: I call him a fool. You don’t put yourself in danger to help a stranger. That’s just common sense.吉奥:那是傻瓜不要因为帮助毫不相识的人而冒险这是常识Ana Maria: So you would have just walked right by and done nothing to help.玛丽亚:所以换做是你的话会径直走开而不施以援手Gio: If it meant putting myself in jeopardy. You should always look out yourself, no matter what the situation.吉奥:如果威胁到我自身安全的话,我会选择这样的无论发生了什么事情,你都得照顾好自己Ana Maria: Great, remind me never to get into a lifeboat with you!玛丽亚:太好了,以后我会时刻谨记绝对不跟你搭乘一艘救生艇译文属 559

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