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2018年03月23日 22:39:10 | 作者:导医报 | 来源:新华社
“看见世界,面对危险,跨越籓篱,贴近彼此,感受生活,这就是生活的目的”------《白日梦想家Space OddityGround Control to Major Tom,Ground Control to Major Tom,Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.TenGround Control to Major Tom Nine,Eight,SevenCommencing countdown, engines on Six,Five FourCheck igition and may God love be with you Three,Two,OneLiftoffThis is Ground Control to Major Tom,Youve really made the gradeAnd the papers want to know who shot you whereNow it time to leave the capsule if you dare.;This is Major Tom to Ground Control;Im stepping through the doorAnd Im floating in a most peculiar wayAnd the stars look very different today. hereAm I sitting in a tin canFar above the world,Planet Earth is blueAnd there nothing I can do.Though Im past one hundred thousand miles,Im feeling very still,And I think my spaceship knows which way to go.Tell my wife I love her very much she knows.;Ground Control to Major TomYour circuits dead, there something wrong.Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you... 1857Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻Speed Limit速度限制The British RAF base where I was stationed as part of a contingent of USAF personnel我作为美国空军人员分遣部队的一员驻扎在英国皇家空军某某地,had one narrow road winding through the crowded residential area.那里有一条狭窄的马路蜿蜒穿过拥挤的居民区After a rash of minor vehicle pedestrian accidents,因为多次出现汽车撞伤行人一类不甚严重的车祸,the USAF commander decided to reduce the speed limit to three m.p.h.美国空军司令员决定将车速限制在每小时三英里Shortly after the new limit was posted,新的车速限制公布后不久,a sergeant issued a speeding citation to a jeep driver going five m.p.h.一名中士因一名吉普车司机开车时速达五英里而给他开了一张超速传票I was curious to know how the MP had determined the jeep speed so exactly.我很想知道骑警是怎样如此精确地知道那辆吉普车的速度的;I was jogging to get to the post office bee it closed,; he explained,“我遛达着要在邮局关门之前到达那里,”他解释道:;and as I passed the jeep, I noticed that the speedometer five m.p.h.;“当我超过吉普车时,我注意到计速器指向了每小时五英里”Notes:1. RAF Royal Air ce 英国皇家空军 USAF ed States Air ce 美国空军.contingentadj.可能的;依情况而定的;偶然的;[逻]有条件的n.偶然事件;分遣队;代表团eg.a contingent event意外事件a contingent fund应急费用contingent fee成功后才给的报酬(如胜诉后付给律师的酬金)3.personneln.全体员工;(与复数动词连用)人员,员工;人事部门.wind through弯弯曲曲地通过;(使)贯穿其中5.residential area居民区,住宅区6.pedestrian accidents撞人事故7.m.p.h mile per hour每小时哩程数8.jogvt.amp; vi.慢跑;轻推,轻撞;蹒跚行进;使颠簸vt.慢跑;轻推;蹒跚行进;使颠簸n.轻推,轻摇;慢跑;(线,面上的)参差不齐;突然的转向 本节目可可原创节目, 5786589  There No Tipping in China  After living and teaching in China months, my wife and I returned to Calinia to visit our children and friends. Many of them asked what we liked most about China. The friendly people, the wonderful food, and the beautiful sights were at the top of our list. Then one night, after yet another restaurant dinner with friends, I realized that there was one other thing that I really liked about China: No tipping.  Tipping is a subject that has long interested and irritated me.  Many people think that the word ;tip; is acronym ;to insure promptness;. However, this is not possible. Since the practice of tipping began in England in the Middle Ages, scholars have not been able to find any acronyms much earlier than the th century. Most scholars trace the word ;tip; back to the early 00s, where it originated as criminal slang. It referred to inside inmation. The word gradually evolved to the point where, in the late 00s, it meant to give a monetary gratuity to someone service permed. That where it stayed until the English immigrated to North America.  In America, the three basic occupations that require tipping are waiterswaitresses, taxi drivers, and barbers. The standard tip is now between and per cent of the bill, depending on the quality of service. Why these three particular services deserve this special treatment is a mystery to me. Why am I supposed to tip a waiter bring me food when Im not expected to tip the flight attendant on an airplane doing the same thing? Why am I supposed to tip a taxi drive, but Im not expected to tip the bus driver? Why am I supposed to tip the barber cutting my hair but not the dentist fixing my teeth? I have been a teacher 39 years. No one has ever tipped me after a particularly successful class or lecture.  The whole concept of tipping doesnt make any sense. I have heard that there are some expensive restaurants in major cities in the US where the restaurant does not give the waiters any salary at all due to the large amounts of the tips. In fact, in some instances, I heard that the waiters actually pay the restaurant a small fee the opporty to collect the large tips.  The tipping problem in many European countries is solved by automatically adding a per cent gratuity to the bill. I prefer the Chinese solution: No tipping at all.  When I was visiting the US this summer, I went out to dinner several times with friends. Having spent month in China not even thinking about tipping, I found it irritating to have to spend extra money on the meal -- especially when the amount of the tip would every often buy a meal in China. While I understand why China, as a developing nation, has adopted many Western customs, I hope the Chinese are wise enough to never start the unnecessary practice of tipping. 187

地点:莫妮卡和瑞秋公寓人物:艾米丽,罗斯事件:罗斯在与艾米丽的婚礼上叫错了瑞秋的名字,事后想办法令艾米丽回心转意Emily: Ross, take me off speakerphone. How can you do this to me? I thought Id made my feelings about Rachel perfectly clear!艾米丽:罗斯,请把免提关掉你怎么能这样对我?我希望你能离开瑞秋,我以为之前我已经表达得很清楚了!Ross: Look Emily, Im just having dinner with my friends, okay?罗斯:艾米丽,你看,我只是跟朋友吃顿饭,好吗?Emily: You obviously cant keep away from her.艾米丽:显然你是离不开她Ross: Emily that ridiculous.Emily, listen. I have never cheated on you.Look, Im–Im moving you, Im cutting friends out of my life you. Please, just get on the plane and come to New York. Okay, youll see youre the only person I wanna be with.罗斯:不要无理取闹,艾米丽艾米丽,听我说,我从来都没有背叛过你你看,我,我为了你搬家、为了你疏远了朋友求你了,赶紧飞到纽约来吧你会明白的,你是我唯一想要一起生活的人Emily: Ill feel better when Im there, and I can know where you are all the time.艾米丽:我过去了以后,如果能随时掌握你的动向,我会更安心Ross: Well, you cant know where I am all the time. Look, this marriage is never gonna work if you dont trust me.罗斯:那个,我不可能随时向你报告我的位置你看,你如果不信任我,我们的婚姻怎么会幸福呢?Emily: Youre right.艾米丽:你说得对Ross: So, can you trust me?罗斯:所以,你可以信任我吗?Emily: No.艾米丽:不能 599

《歌舞青春3【Senior Year】,叙述主配角们即将从东高中毕业各奔前程,满怀着希望以及对未来的不安感受,更充满着浓浓的离別不舍之情其中夏培与雷恩齐声欢唱的"I Want It All",直奔美国热门单曲销售榜季军席次 Artist: Senior Year Sharpay amp; RyanTitle: I Want It All Imagine having everything we ever dreamedDon't you want it? MaybeCan't you see it? KindaImagine first audition after collegeI get the lead!A part me?Well of courseYeah right!You gotta believe itKeep talkingYou and I all the fameSharpay and what's his name?Sound exciting?InvitingLet's do it thenListeningPersonal stylist, agent and a publicistBut where do I fit into this?With you we can winWin a partThink bigger!Become superstarsThat's betterDon't you see that bigger is betterAnd better is biggerA little bit is never enougha little bit: 一点No, No, No! Don't you want it all!You want it, you know that you want itThe fame and the tune and moreYou want it all, you want it, you know that you want itYou gotta have your star on the doorYou want the world nothing less, all the glam and the pressOnly givng you the best to use Sing it!I want it allI want it, I want it, YeahMy name in lights at Carnage HallI want it all!Can't you see it YeahThey're gonna love me AhemI mean us!Red carpet, rose bouquets, crowd waiting back stageI'm with her, don't stop me, I'm not the paparazziInvitations, standing ovationsMagazinesYes pleaseGonna be celebrities! Photographs, fanclubs, give the people what they loveNow you're excited!I like itLet's do it thenTimes Square, jet setters, sequelsHey betterNew York today, tomorrow the world! Sold out showsThink biggerAnd the Oscar goes to...That's better!Don't you see that bigger is better and Better is biggerA little bit is never enough!No, No, No! I you want it all!I want it, I want it, Want itThe fame and the tune..and moreI want it allI want it, I want it, Want itI gotta have my star on the doorYou want the world nothing less, all the glam and the pressOnly giving me the best to useI Want it all!I want it, Want it, Want it, Radio, CD, Music HallWe Want it all!!Here in the spotlight we shine, look at who we areWhen Broadway knows your nameYou know that you're a STARRRR!Dance! [Breakdown]I want it, I-I I want it, I want it, I want it,I-I, I want it, i want it, i want I-I I Want It!I Want It All! I want it, I want it, I want it!The fame and the tune and more!I want it all! I want it, I want itI gotta have my star on the doorYou want the world nothing less, all the glam and the pressOnly giving you the best to use.I WANT IT ALL!Paris! London! Rome! Toronto!LA! Sydney! Buenos Aires!Tokyo! Moscow! Bollywood!HollywoodNEW YORK CITY!!WE WANT IT ALL!! 18

美国电视台AMC目前宣布,将把中国名著;西游记;改编一部功夫电视剧.该剧讲述一位战士和一个小男孩冒险寻找极乐世界的故事.剧名暂定为;Badlands;, 共6集,每集一小时,将于年末或年初开播.According to CNTV.com, US television network AMC has announced it is adapting the famous classic Chinese tale Journey to the West into a martial arts series.The plot of the story evolves around a warrior and a young boy who embark on an adventure to find enlightenment.The series, which is tentatively titled Badlands and will consist of 6 one-hour episodes, will premiere late next year or early , and it eill be created by Smallvilles producers Al Gough and Miles Millar. Hong Kong film star Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu are also joining the production team. 5

red envelope 红包hand out red envelopes 发红包 lucky money 压岁钱主播:十七 373

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