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浙江牙科医院牙科浙江大学附属第二医院看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格西湖区口腔医院牙齿正畸矫正价格 Now you can Google a phone call.现在你可以用谷歌(Google)打电话了。On Wednesday, Google unveiled its long-awaited phone service, called Project Fi, putting the search giant in competition with Verizon, ATamp;T and other wireless service providers. In addition to new turf, the service is an attempt to blend several communication tools and the multiplying ways of calling people — cellular calls, online calls like those offered by Skype — into a single phone number and service.周三,谷歌推出了人们期待已久的手机务Project Fi,这家搜索巨头因此加入了与威瑞森(Verizon)、ATamp;T等无线务提供商的竞争中。除了涉足新领域,这项务还试图把各种通讯工具,以及日益增多的通话方式——手机、Skype提供的那种网络电话——整合进一个单独的号码和务。For now, Project Fi could be considered an experiment. It will be available only to people using Google’s Nexus 6 phone, limiting its reach.就目前而言,Project Fi可以被看做是一种尝试。只有谷歌Nexus 6的用户才能使用它,这限制了它的影响范围。Analysts see the new service as a bid to reimagine phone calls so that they have greater overlap with Google’s expanding world of devices and services.分析人士认为,这项新的务是对手机通话的重新构想,从而让它与谷歌不断扩大的设备和务有更大的交集。Video by GoogleProject Fi: Innovating in connectivity and communication谷歌Project Fi的视频:连通与通讯的革新。Unlike your typical cell service, Project Fi will mix traditional wireless technology, where calls are routed through cellular towers, with the wireless Internet service found in Starbucks, airports and elsewhere. Google has teamed with Sprint and T-Mobile to provide the traditional wireless service, and said it had about a million wireless hotspots for the rest.与一般的手机务不同,Project Fi将把传统的无线技术——通过蜂窝信号塔传输的手机通话——与星巴克、机场和其他地方的那种无线互联网务结合起来。谷歌已经与Sprint和T-Mobile合作,提供传统的无线务,并表示,除此之外还提供了约100万个无线热点。“Wherever you’re connected to Wi-Fi — whether that’s at home, your favorite coffee shop or your Batcave — you can talk and text like you normally do,” wrote Nick Fox, Google’s vice president of communications products, in a blog post. “If you leave an area of Wi-Fi coverage, your call will seamlessly transition from Wi-Fi to cell networks so your conversation doesn’t skip a beat.”“无论你在哪里连接Wi-Fi——家里、你最喜欢的咖啡馆还是你的秘密基地——你都可以正常打电话发短信,”谷歌通讯产品副总裁尼克·福克斯(Nick Fox)在一篇客中说。“如果你离开Wi-Fi覆盖的区域,你的通话将自动从Wi-Fi转入蜂窝网络,对话不会中断。”In addition to changing networks, the service will move users’ phone numbers between screens, so they can talk and text on phones, tablets or laptops. And as with most things Google does, the service is meant to be cheap.除了切换网络,该务还可以让用户在不同设备上使用同一个号码,这样以来,他们在手机、平板和笔记本电脑上都能打电话和发信息。就像谷歌的多数产品一样,这项务同样价格不高。Traditional cellphone carriers like ATamp;T and Verizon charge customers upward of 0 a month for their services, including phone calls and mobile data. Google’s service will be a month for basic voice and text service, along with a flat per gigabyte of cellular data.对包括电话和移动数据在内的务,ATamp;T和威瑞森等传统手机运营商每月向用户收取超过100美元(约合620元人民币)的费用。谷歌的基本语音和短信务月费将为20美元,同时1G移动数据的收费为固定的10美元。“Since it’s hard to predict your data usage, you’ll get credit for the full value of your unused data,” according to the blog post. “Let’s say you go with 3GB for and only use 1.4GB one month. You’ll get back, so you only pay for what you use.”“因为很难预计数据使用情况,未使用数据的全部费用会被返还,”福克斯的客说。“比如,你花30美元购买了3G的流量,但一个月只用了1.4G。所以你会收到返还的16美元,只有用过的数据才花钱。”In many ways, the wireless service is similar to the Google Fiber Internet service that has been introduced in a handful of American cities, including the Kansas City area and Austin, Tex.在很多方面,该无线务都和Google Fiber互联网务类似。后者已在美国一些城市引入,包括堪萨斯城地区和德州的奥斯汀。Google is piggybacking on giant physical networks that are owned by other companies, creating a barrier that, for now at least, limits Google’s competitive threat to traditional carriers. But Google has a long history of trying to cut out middlemen — including Internet service providers, online stores and delivery businesses — that stand between the company and users.谷歌目前所依附的大型实体网络属其他公司所有,由此生出的障碍,至少在目前限制了谷歌对传统运营商的竞争威胁。但在将阻挡在自己和用户之间的中间人——包括互联网务供应商、网店和快递企业——踢出局上,谷歌有着悠久的历史。With the wireless service, Google will be operating as what is called a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, which provides a service on other mobile carriers’ networks.有了该无线务,谷歌将能以所谓的移动虚拟运营商(MVNO)的身份进行运营,这是一种用其他移动运营商的网络提供务的方式。“It’s always an interesting business because you are dependent on the companies who you are trying to compete with,” said Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research. “And they will only support you if they think you’re targeting a niche they can’t target themselves.”“这一直都是一个有意思的领域,因为你依赖的,正是你想与之竞争的公司,”穴鸟研究公司(Jackdaw Research)首席分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)说。“只有让它们认为,你的目标是它们做不了的小众市场,它们才会持你。” /201504/371994浙江中医院口腔科

杭州牙科医院医院可靠吗Hundreds of Russians plug away at keyboards, sping pro-Kremlin propaganda on social media sites and masterminding online hoaxes every day. They work in what have come to be known as “troll farms”, named after the derogatory nickname used for people who sp hate on the internet.数以百计的俄罗斯人每天不停地敲击键盘,在社交媒体上传播亲克里姆林宫的宣传言论,策划一个又一个网络骗局。他们在所谓的“巨魔农场”(troll farm)工作,这个带有贬义的名称源于那些在网络上散播仇恨的人的绰号。Adrian Chen, who visited a troll farm called the Internet Research Agency while reporting for The New York Times, believes that the Russians might be the most organised trolls.在为《纽约时报》(New York Times)报道期间,Adrian Chen探访过一个美其名曰“互联网研究机构”(Internet Research Agency)的巨魔农场,他相信那里的俄罗斯人可能是最有组织的“巨魔”。However, they are not unique — social media is being used to distort political debate around the world.然而,他们并不是唯一这样做的人——在世界各地,社交媒体都被用于扭曲政治辩论。In Russia, Mr Chen says, internet users may not be convinced by the comments left by trolls on internet sites. But trolling works by sowing seeds of distrust in online conversations. It pours cold water on social media’s promise to bring people together for frank discussion.Chen表示,在俄罗斯,互联网用户可能不会听信“巨魔”在网站上留下的。但这种行为靠的是在网络对话中播下不信任的种子。人们原本希望社交媒体能让人们在一起坦诚讨论,但“巨魔”行为给这一希望泼了一盆冷水。“This more insidious effect is to make the internet an unreliable source of information and to undermine the democratic nature of the internet. That is to the government’s advantage,” he says.“更阴险的影响是让互联网沦为不可靠的信息源,削弱互联网的民主本质。这对政府是有利的,”他说。Troll farms in Mexico and India work in a similar way, Mr Chen adds, and the same principle applied in “GamerGate”, an organised online harassment campaign against women in the game industry, which erupted in 2014. “You can easily flood the internet with this garbage to try to drown out your opponents,” he says.Chen补充道,墨西哥和印度的巨魔农场也是以类似方式运作的,同样的道理也适用于“GamerGate”事件。这起在线骚扰视频游戏业女性从业者的有组织事件发生在2014年。“你可以轻易用这种垃圾淹没互联网,试图盖过你的对手,”他说。China also runs its own propaganda armies and monitors what people post online to see how public opinion is changing. Meanwhile Isis supporters have become expert in creating anonymous accounts that are used to sp propaganda and recruit potential terrorists. As soon as companies such as Facebook and Twitter shut these down, new ones appear.中国也有自己的宣传大军,并对人们在网络上发表的言论进行监视,以查看民意变化。同时,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)的持者成为了创建匿名账户的专家,这些账户被用来传播ISIS宣传内容和招募潜在恐怖分子。一旦Facebook和Twitter等公司关闭这些账户,就会有新的账户出现。When social media sites first emerged, they appeared to give everybody the ability to broadcast their views, suggesting that a wider range of voices would be heard than in the mainstream media.当社交媒体网站首次出现时,它们似乎赋予了每个人畅所欲言的能力,暗示人们会听到比主流媒体更广泛的声音。However, a system that allows people to comment anonymously, and which makes it easy to retweet and share messages, is vulnerable to manipulation, particularly by organised groups with money and personnel — especially as the mainstream media seem willing to amplify their message.然而,一个允许人们匿名、并且可以方便地转发和分享消息的系统很容易遭到操纵,尤其是受到拥有财力人力的有组织集团的操纵——特别是在主流媒体似乎愿意放大他们的声音的情况下。Politicians have built large followings on social networks, thrilled to be able to reach voters directly. US President Barack Obama has more than 68m followers on Twitter, while the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has more than 17m.政治人士在社交媒体上有大批关注者,他们为能够直接接触选民而感到兴奋。美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)在Twitter上有逾6800万关注者,而印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)拥有逾1700万关注者。But political debates that engage citizens are still rare, argues Professor Christian Fuchs, the director of the University of Westminster’s communication and media research institute. He points to Mr Obama’s use of his political account to promote a competition for a cruise to Alaska last month.但威斯敏斯特大学(University of Westminster)传播和媒体研究院院长克里斯蒂安富克斯(Christian Fuchs)认为,真正吸引公民参与的政治辩论依然很少见。他举例子指出,上月奥巴马利用他的Twitter政治账户宣传一场竞赛,奖品是乘邮轮旅游阿拉斯加。“Such populism 2.0 reduces the political public sphere to submit-and-win contests, political spectacles and personality politics dominated by leadership figures,” he says. “What is today largely missing are politically innovative users of social media that engage citizens in political conversations with each other, in which they have the chance to discuss and explore the complexity of the key political challenges the world faces today.”“这种2.0版本的民粹主义将政治公共空间降级为‘提交并赢奖’的竞赛、政治表演以及由领导人物主导的人格政治,”他说,“当今基本上不存在有政治创意的社交媒体用户,他们能够发动公民在彼此间开展政治对话,在此过程中有机会讨论和探索当今世界面临的关键政治挑战的复杂性。”Nick Anstead, assistant professor at the media department of the London School of Economics, says it is also a myth that social media is a way to reach large audiences for free.伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)传媒系助理教授尼克褠斯特德(Nick Anstead)表示,社交媒体是一种免费接触大批受众的方式的说法也是错误的。“When people were first considering the internet and new media, there was certainly a sense that it was going to change the power dynamics, it would lead to a redistribution of power,” he says. But it is now clear that to thrive on social media, politicians have to have access not only to a large group of supporters and but also to money, he says.“当人们最初考虑互联网和新媒体时,确实有种看法认为这些新事物将改变力量格局,导致力量的重新分配,”他说。但他表示,如今已经十分明显的是,如果要在社交媒体上走红,政治人士不仅必须拥有大批持者,还需要资金。In the 2008 US presidential election race, Obama’s campaign was seen as mastering the use of grass roots supporters to sp messages online — but it also spent 10 per cent of its paid media budget on buying digital advertising.在2008年美国总统选战中,奥巴马的竞选被视为很好地利用了基层持者来在线传播消息——但奥巴马选举团队也将10%的付费媒体预算用于购买数字广告。Andrew Heyward, of the MIT Media Lab, says politicians’ social media strategies now resemble those of brands, with Republican Donald Trump by far the most successful presidential candidate.麻省理工学院媒体实验室(MIT Media Lab)的安德鲁眠荭德(Andrew Heyward)表示,如今政治人士的社交媒体战略和品牌很像,这就是为什么共和党人唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)成为遥遥领先的最成功的总统候选人。Mr Trump has made so many waves on social media they have flooded into traditional media and given him so much coverage that he is only just buying his first traditional, mainstream media advertisements.特朗普多次在社交媒体上掀起风浪,这些风浪涌入传统媒体,让他获得了铺天盖地的免费报道,以至于特朗普刚刚开始购买传统主流媒体广告。Mr Heyward is using a new analytics tool to track the “horse race of ideas” in the US presidential election campaign.海沃德使用了一种新的分析工具来追踪美国总统选战中的“思想赛马”。Discussion of many topics on social media — from national security to immigration — reflects what is being said in the mainstream media, and vice versa, the study has shown.这项研究表明,社交媒体上对许多话题的讨论——从国家安全到移民——反映出主流媒体正在进行的讨论,反之亦然。Because of this, Mr Heyward is more optimistic that social networks can actually become the “virtual town hall meeting” that Twitter, at least, has aspired to be.有鉴于此,海沃德对社交媒体能够变成“虚拟市政厅会议”抱着一种更加乐观的看法,至少Twitter有这样的志向。“It is a brave new world,” he says. “But actually, ironically, even though it takes advantage of a modern and sophisticated technology, it is a throwback to what the Founding Fathers had in mind — a lively conversation.”“这是一个美好新世界,”他说,“但具有讽刺意义的是,即使它利用精湛的现代技术,它其实是对开国先贤们愿景的回归——一场活跃的对话。” /201602/424100上城区纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样 “I never forget a face,” some people like to boast. It’s a claim that looks quainter by the day as artificial intelligence research continues to advance. Some computers, it turns out, never forget 260 million faces.有些人总喜欢夸口说:“我从来不会忘记别人的长相。”在人工智能研究突飞猛进的今天,还要这么夸口就有点奇怪了。事实上,现在有些电脑能记住2.6亿张脸。Last week, a trio of Google GOOG -0.66% researchers published a paper on a new artificial intelligence system dubbed FaceNet that it claims represents the most-accurate approach yet to recognizing human faces. FaceNet achieved nearly 100-percent accuracy on a popular facial-recognition dataset called Labeled Faces in the Wild, which includes more than 13,000 pictures of faces from across the web. Trained on a massive 260-million-image dataset, FaceNet performed with better than 86 percent accuracy.上周,谷歌公司的三位研究人员发表了一篇有关全新人工智能系统的研究论文。这一系统名为FaceNet,谷歌号称它是迄今为止最精确的人脸识别技术。面对一个名为“人面数据库”(Labeled Faces in the Wild)的常用人脸识别数据库时,FaceNet识别的准确率近乎百分之百。这个数据库容纳了网上搜集的一万三千多张人脸照片。而在面对一个含有2.6亿张人脸照片的庞大数据库时,这个系统的准确率也超过86%。Researchers benchmarking their facial-recognition systems against Labeled Faces in the Wild are testing for what they call “verification.” Essentially, they’re measuring how good the algorithms are at determining whether two images are of the same person.研究人员声称,面对“人面数据库”时,他们主要测试该系统的“确认能力”。就本质而言,他们衡量的是这套算法在判断两张照片是否同属一人时到底有多准确。In December, a team of Chinese researchers also claimed better than 99 percent accuracy on the dataset. Last year, Facebook researchers published a paper boasting better than 97 percent accuracy. The Facebook FB 1.66% paper points to researchers claiming that humans analyzing images in the Labeled Faces dataset only achieve 97.5 percent accuracy.去年12月,一个中国研究团队也声称,对这套数据库的识别准确率超过99%。去年,Facebook公司的研究人员发表论文称,他们也能做到超过97%的准确率。根据这篇论文援引的一些研究人员的说法,人类对该数据库的识别准确率仅有97.5%。However, the approach Google’s researchers took goes beyond simply verifying whether two faces are the same. Its system can also put a name to a face—classic facial recognition—and even present collections of faces that look the most similar or the most distinct.不过,谷歌研究人员采用的方法绝不只是确认两张脸是否一样这么简单。这套系统还能将人名和脸匹配——经典的人脸识别技术,甚至能把看起来最像或最不像的脸归集在一起。This is all just research, but it points to a near future where the types of crime-fighting, or surveillance-enhancing, computers we often see on network television and blockbuster movies will be much more attainable. Or perhaps a world where online dating is even simpler (and shallower) than swiping left or right on Tinder.目前这还仅仅是研究而已,但它预示着,在不远的将来,我们经常在网上视频或大片里看到的那种能惩治犯罪、加强监控的电脑将更加触手可及。比起在交友应用Tinder上划来划去,它可能会使网上交友更加简单(也更停留于表面)。Have a thing for Brad Pitt circa 1998? Here are the 500 profiles that look the most like him.很喜欢1998年左右时的布拉德o皮特?这个数据库里有500张看起来很像他的脸。At first we’ll see systems like Google’s FaceNet and Facebook’s aforementioned system (dubbed “DeepFace”) make their way onto those company’s web platforms. They will make it easier, or more automatic, for users to tag photos and search for people, because the algorithms will know who’s in a picture even when they’re not labeled. These types of systems will also make it easier for web companies to analyze their users’ social networks and to assess global trends and celebrity popularity based on who’s appearing in pictures.一开始,我们会看到谷歌的FaceNet及Facebook的DeepFace系统在各自的网络平台上运行。它们会让用户更加方便地(或者说更加自动化地)给照片贴上标签,找到要找的人,因为这些算法知道照片中的这个人是谁,即使这些照片并没有姓名标记。此外,这类系统还能让网络公司更加方便地基于照片人物的身份,来分析它们的用户社交网络,评判全球流行趋势及名人的受欢迎程度。Though Google and Facebook’s advances in facial recognition are relatively new, computer systems like this can be found all around us today. They incorporate an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning, which has proven remarkably effective at so-called machine perception tasks such as recognizing objects (by some metrics, machines are now better at this than are people), recognizing voices, and understanding the content of written text.尽管谷歌和Facebook在人脸识别技术上最近才取得这类进步,但与之类似的电脑系统早就无处不在。它们都含有一种名为“深度学习”的人工智能技术。事实明,这种技术能够极其有效地完成识别物体(按照某些标准来看,机器在这方面已经比人类要强了)、识别语音及理解书面文字等机器辨别任务。Aside from Google and Facebook, companies including Microsoft MSFT 0.32% , Baidu, and Yahoo YHOO 0.63% are also investing heavily in deep learning research. The algorithms aly power everyday features such as voice control on smartphones, Skype Translate, predictive text-messaging applications, and advanced image-searching. (If you have images uploaded to a Google+ account, go ahead and search them for specific objects.) Spotify and Netflix NFLX -0.82% are investigating deep learning to power smarter media recommendations. PayPal EBAY -0.13% is using it to fight fraud.除了谷歌和Facebook外,微软、百度和雅虎也在“深度学习”研究上投入重金。这种算法已经应用在一些我们常用的功能上了,比如智能手机语音控制、Skype实时翻译、短信预测输入法及先进的图像搜索等(如果你已经将一些图片上传至Google+账户里,你就可以试试用它们来搜索特定目标)。Spotify和Netflix公司正在研究如何利用深度学习技术更智能地推荐视频。贝宝公司则将其用于打击欺诈。There are also several technology startups using deep learning to analyze medical images in real time, and to provide capabilities such as text analysis, computer vision, and voice recognition as cloud computing services. Twitter, Pinterest, Dropbox, Yahoo, and Google have all acquired deep learning startups in recent years. And IBM IBM -0.08% just bought a Denver-based startup called AlchemyAPI to help make its Watson system smarter and bolster its new Bluemix cloud platform. (The idea: Developers can easily connect mobile and web applications to cloud services and therefore build smart applications without ever studying the complex computer science that underpins artificial intelligence.)还有几家科技创业公司正将深度学习技术用于实时分析医疗图像,并提供诸如文本分析、计算机视觉及语音识别这类云计算务项目。近年来,Twitter、Pinterest,、Dropbox、雅虎和谷歌等公司都收购了一些专攻深度学习技术的创业公司。IBM公司刚刚收购了一家位于丹佛,名为AlchemyAPI的初创企业,用以提升其Watson超级计算机的智能水平,并持其全新的Bluemix云平台(该平台的理念是:开发者可以方便地将移动和网络应用与云务连接起来,借以打造一些智能应用,而无需再钻研人工智能背后复杂的计算机科学)。That’s not all. As consumer robots, driverless cars and smart homes become real, deep learning will be there, too, providing the eyes, ears, and some of the brains for our new toys. DARPA, the U.S. Department of Defense’s research agency, is also investigating how deep learning techniques might be able to help it make sense of the streams of communications crossing intelligence networks everyday.不止于此。随着消费级机器人、无人驾驶汽车及智能家居逐渐成为现实,深度学习技术也将如影随形,为我们这些新玩具提供耳目和一些头脑功能。美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)也在探索如何借助深度学习技术来实时理解庞大的情报信息流。Something tells me it’s looking at Google’s FaceNet and getting pretty excited, too.我猜想,DARPA正在关注谷歌的FaceNet系统,并为之激动。 /201503/367041杭州口腔科医院

杭州维信口腔医院种植牙齿价格 The European car industry was shaken yesterday after Volkswagen’s share price fell almost 20 per cent over its admission that it cheated on US emissions tests, triggering calls for a broader inquiry into the sector.大众汽车(Volkswagen)承认其在美国的尾气排放测试中造假后,昨日股价暴跌近20%,还引发了对整个行业展开全面调查的呼吁。消息震惊欧洲汽车业。More than ㄠ3bn was wiped off VW’s market capitalisation, triggering a wider fall in carmakers’ shares, after Martin Winterkorn, the group’s chief executive, apologised and ordered an external investigation into the affair.大众汽车的市值蒸发逾130亿欧元,并拖累其他汽车制造商股价。该集团首席执行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)已就测试造假道歉,并下令对这件事展开外部调查。The German government called for an urgent probe into whether VW and other carmakers had also manipulated emissions’ tests in Germany. Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s vice-chancellor, said it was a “bad episode” for the car industry.德国政府要求紧急调查大众等汽车制造商是否也曾在德国接受排放测试时造假。德国副总理西格马尔加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)表示,这是汽车行业的一个“不光篇章”。The world’s second-biggest carmaker was ordered on Friday to recall nearly half a million cars in the US after it admitted to the US regulator, the Environmental Protection Agency, that it had fitted “defeat devices” to bypass environmental standards.世界第二大汽车制造商上周五被勒令在美国召回近50万辆汽车,此前它向美国监管机构——国家环境保护局(EPA)承认,它曾安装“欺骗装置”以便冒充达到环保标准。The EPS and California Air Resources Board have now begun procuring other manufacturers’ vehicles to test for similar devices, while Berlin plans to examine whether emissions data have been manipulated.美国国家环保局和加州空气资源委员会(California Air Resources Board)已开始采购其他厂商的汽车,以测试其是否安装了类似装置,而德国官方拟审查排放数据是否曾纵。The news prompted a fall in carmakers’ shares with Daimle, BMW, Renault and PSA Peugeot Citro渀 each being sold off amid investor concerns over the potential scale of the cost to the broader industry. VW faces billions of dollars in fines and warranty costs, possible criminal charges for executives and class-action lawsuits from US drivers.这一消息导致汽车制造商股价纷纷下跌,戴姆勒(Daimler)、宝马(BMW)、雷诺(Renault)和标致雪铁龙(PSA Peugeot Citro渀)均遭到抛售,投资者担忧整个行业潜在面临巨额成本。大众面临着数十亿美元的罚款和保修成本,还可能被美国车主提起集体诉讼,该公司的高管可能面临刑事指控。 /201509/400253杭州口腔医院城西分院治疗口腔种植牙齿美容多少钱金华医院什么价格



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