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A: Hi, what brings you to my office today?B: I’ve been getting really short of breath, and my coach wanted to have a doctor check me out.A: Have you had the flu lately?B: No, I have been pretty healthy. I just have trouble taking a really deep breath.A: Have you ever been tested allergies?B: Peaches make me break out, but I don’t have any other allergies.A: Does this happen all the time or maybe a little more in the cold weather?B: I’ve noticed that it is worse when I am under stress, like during finals week.A: I feel that you should see a pulmonary specialist to check asthma.B: I appreciate the referral, doctor. 6

  .When are you free?你什么时候有空?When are you free?你什么时候有空?When is it convenient you?你什么时候方便?When is good you?什么时候对你比较好?What time is good you?什么时候对你比较好?Im free on Friday afternoon.我星期五下午有空.How about the fifteenth,in the morning?日早晨如何?Seven,OK?7点,行吗?Is Tuesday convenient you?星期二你方便吗?Whenever you are free.只要你有空.Any day is OK.任何一天都行.Anytime is fine.任何时候都好.When you have time.你有空都好.Whenever is fine.I have a flexible schedule.什么时候都好.我行程很弹性.When are you free?(Im free on Friday afternoon.)你什么时候有空?我星期五下午有空.When are you free?(Seven,OK?)你什么时候有空?7点,行吗?When are you free?(When you have time.)你什么时候有空?你有空时都好.When is it convenient you?(Im free on Saturday afternoon.)你什么时候方便?(我星期六下午有空.)When is it convenient you?(Seven,OK?)你什么时候方便?7点,行吗?When is it convenient you?(Any day is OK.)你什么时候方便?任何一天都行.When is good you?(Whenever you are free.)什么时候对你比较好?只要你有空.When is good you?(Any day is OK.)什么时候对你比较好?任何一天都行.When is good you?(Anytime is OK.)什么时候对你比较好?任何时候都好.What time is good you?(Im free on Friday night.)什么时候对你比较好?我星期五晚上有空.What time is good you?(Is Tuesday convenient you?)什么时候对你比较好?星期二你方便吗?What time is good you?(Whenever you are free.)什么时候对你比较好?只要你有空.What time is good you?什么时候对你比较好?(Whenever is fine.I have a flexible schedule.)什么时候都好.我行程很弹性.When is good you?什么时候对你比较好?(Whenever is fine.I have a flexible schedule.)什么时候都好.我行程很弹性.A:What a long day.How about a drink?A:好漫长的一天.要不要去喝一杯啊?B:That a good idea.Where do you want to go?B:好主意.你要去哪儿?A:It doesnt matter to me.Let just go to our usual place.B:OK.A:我都可以.去我们常去的地方就行了.B:好啊A:I had a really good time tonight with you.B:Yeah,me too.A:今晚跟你在一起实在太愉快了B:是啊,我也是A:Thanks dinner.B:Sure.Can I see you again?A:谢谢你的晚餐.B:嗯,可以再见到你吗?A:I dont see why not.B:When are you free?A:有何不可.B:你什么时候有空.A:Im free on Friday night.星期五晚上我有空.B:Oh,sorry,but I cant on fiday.I have other plans I cant break.喔,抱歉.我星期五不行.我有其他事不能取消.How about Saturday可不可以星期六?A:Saturday is fine.B:OK.Ill pick you up at seven.A:星期六可以.B:好.7点接你好吗?A:Seven is perfect.See you then.A:7点很好.那时见罗.A:Hello.B:Hi,Id like to make an appointment a haircut.A:哈罗.B:嗨!我想要预约剪头发.A:Sure.When is good you?A:好的.您什么时间可以?B:Any day is fine,as long as it after six at night.B:只要是晚上6点以后,哪一天都好.A:Is Tuesday convenient you?At 6:30?B:That fine.A:星期二你可以吗?6点30分.B:那可以.A:Your name,please?B:Teresa.A:All right.Youre all set.B:Thanks.请问你的名字?泰瑞莎.好的,可以了.谢了.That a good idea.这是个好主意.Yes,please.Whatre you drinking?好,谢谢.你喝的是什么?Sorry,I dont drink.对不起,我不喝酒.Sorry,I have plans.抱歉,我有事.Im busy.我很忙.Yes.I have to work.有,我得工作.No,nothing special.没什么事.Not really,do you want to go out?没有,你要出去吗? 5

  A new cafe in Germany has become a social media star as everything is upside down.德国一家新开的咖啡馆因为所有东西都是颠倒的而走红社交媒体The Toppels roadside cafe in Wertheim opened earlier this year and it was an instant hit with tourists, who were unable to get their heads around the baffling layout.位于韦尔特海姆路边的Toppels咖啡馆于今年早些时候开业,立刻就受到了游客的追捧咖啡馆迷惑人的布局让游客搞不清楚状况Outside, the house appears to be sitting on its roof, while a car hangs precariously parked at the top of the building.从外面看,这座房子似乎以屋顶为立足点,一辆轿车摇摇欲坠地停在建筑顶端Meanwhile, inside the decor is even more confusing.与此同时,屋内的布置更是令人困惑不已In the bathroom, the sink, toilet and bath are all topsy turvy.盥洗室里的水池、马桶和浴缸全是颠倒的In the kitchen, a meal is laid out on the table, hanging from the roof.在厨房里,摆着饭菜的桌子被挂在屋顶上The layout means that visitors can pose in the rooms photos with their feet on the ground, but it appears in pictures like they are actually standing on the ceiling.这种布局意味着,人们可以双脚站在地上在屋内摆拍,但在照片里他们看起来却像是站在天花板上Scores of selfie-loving visitors have been sharing the images shot in the cafe on sites like Instagram and Facebook.许多热爱自拍的游客纷纷在Instagram和脸书等网站上分享在这家咖啡馆拍的照片 693。

  A: Hello.B: Hi, Betty. It's Larry. Can you tell me how many smoke detectors you have?A: There are two smoke detectors in my apartment.B: Do you know how new the batteries are?A: I'm very afraid of fires. I change the batteries every Labor Day.B: Good. I'm calling all the tenants bee I come by to test the detectors.A: My detectors are y you. When will you be visiting?B: This Thursday at noon. But you don't have to be there.A: Okay, just pardon the mess when you come in.B: You'll never even know that I was there.内容来自: 6

  Weve all seen the ;bee; and ;after; pictures of presidents, and we know how stressful the job is. It takes a certain kind of stern, driven person to become head reptilian overlord (or ;president,; to the uninmed). But behind the wrinkled facade there sometimes lies a heart made of whoopee cushions. It turns out US presidents loved pranks as much as anybody.我们几乎都见过总统上任之前和卸任之后的照片,对比之中就很容易发现总统是一份很有压力的工作,意志坚定精力充沛的人才能胜任其实脸上长满皱纹的总统有时候隐藏着一颗逗比的心,以下排行榜展示了美国总统和普通人一样爱搞恶作剧.Eisenhower Thought Potentially Starting A War Was Hilarious.放假消息偷着乐的艾森豪威尔Eisenhower was a serious man. He planned D-Day and warned us of the military-industrial complex. But he also had a great sense of humor, which almost ruined his career. During his first major assignment taking a caravan from coast to coast along the highways, he decided to pull a prank on the junior officers—;easterners,; as he called them. The plan was them to be given ;a taste of the authentic West.;一向严肃的艾森豪威尔曾指挥诺曼底登陆并且提醒人们警惕军工复合体他也有很强的幽默感,但这差点毁了他的事业有一次他开着敞篷车沿着高速公路去一个又一个海岸视察工作时,突然想去戏弄一下来自东部被他称作东方人的下级官员,让他们知道来自西部德克萨斯州的他的厉害Eisenhower and his close friend Sereno Brett planned and launched a fake ;Indian attack; in Wyoming. He staged a fake argument about the trouble in the area (an area actually known attacks), put blanks in the guns, handed them to the men, and then sneaked out during the night to shout war cries and stage false fronts. They only considered their prank a success once they got the sentry on duty to fire the shotgun at them, which they found endlessly hilarious. In the morning, the shaken-up young soldier almost sent a report requesting reincements, but Eisenhower stopped him bee he could do so.艾森豪威尔和他的好朋友塞雷纳·布雷特在怀俄明州散布印度将要袭击美国的假消息他在一个地区发表了一些关于这次袭击的危言耸听的言论(这个地区的人实际都知道这次袭击是假的),逮捕黑人并交给警察,然后晚上偷偷摸摸地到前线放出声当士兵循着声赶来时,他跟布雷特内心阵阵窃喜,觉得这次恶作剧很成功第二天早上,恐慌的年轻士兵便发电报请求兵力援,本能阻止的艾森豪威尔却并没有这样做9.Andrew Jackson Was A Bit Of A Brute9.缺心眼的安德鲁·杰克森Andrew Jackson pranks were a little less...sophisticated than those of the other presidents. Early in his law career, Jackson attended a pleasant dinner at a local tavern. As a joke, he broke all the plates, shattered the glasses, split the table in two, and then lit it all on fire. Funny! Another time, he put a bit more thought into his joke. When Jackson was a young man, he was tasked with organizing a Christmas party. It was supposed to be an elegant affair, but the future president decided to invite the local prostitutes. Jackson found it hilarious, but the elite were incredibly offended, while the prostitutes were humiliated. Jackson ultimately apologized his insensitive joke.安德鲁·杰克森的恶作剧比起其他总统的似乎有点弱智在他法律行业的早期,他在一个小酒馆参加了一个令人愉快的晚宴他开玩笑地砸烂了所有的碗碟和玻璃,把桌子椅子一摔两半然后一把火给烧了更有意思的是,在又一次的晚会中,他在他的玩笑中加入了更多新奇的主意当时还很年轻的杰克森被派去组织圣诞节这样一个正式的晚宴,然而这位未来的总统却决定邀请当地的刚开始他以为会很好玩,但是当们都一致认为他是在羞辱她们时,他才真正地明白了,最后为他不经大脑思考的玩笑道歉Perhaps emblematic of his personality is the fact that he was not able to take a joke. After a duel, he was once jokingly presented with a slab of bacon—a reference to Jackson reliance on Matthew Bacon Abridgement of the Law. Jackson didnt get the joke and stared his opponent into icy submission.也许他的性格本身就不适合开玩笑在一次决斗后,他带着一片培根出席——暗指他所依赖的;马修·培根缩减法;然而决斗中他并未开玩笑只是两眼盯着他的对手,最后他的对手不战而屈8.George H. W. Bush Impersonated An Attorney General8.假冒辩护律师的老布什George H. W. Bush has spent his later years as an extreme skydiver, and his hobbies now also include mail fraud and impersonating a public official to prank his wife. Mrs. Bush found some dirty pictures on her computer due to one of her grandchildren looking at pornography. She was very upset, and when the mer president found out about it, he decided to do something. That ;something,; however, was not trying to find the actual culprit but to deceive his wife into thinking she was in trouble searching obscene images.老布什把他的后半生花在了极限跳伞运动上,他不仅喜欢当邮局骗子,还喜欢假冒官员戏耍他的妻子芭芭拉·布什老布什在芭芭拉的电脑上发现了一些不堪入目的照片,这是孙子借她的电脑看色情照片时留下的芭芭拉对此一直很困扰 ,老布什知道后决定做点什么不过搞笑的是,老布什不去抓事情元凶而是去骗芭芭拉让她在色情照片问题上知难而退Bush used official stationary from the state of Maine and wrote a letter to his wife as the Attorney General of Maine that : ;It has come to our attention that you have been using your computer to go on porn websites.; Bush then took it to the post office so it would be mailed with the correct postage and had his wife open it in front of everyone. She was not amused.老布什用缅因州的官方形式假冒代理辩护律师给芭芭拉写了一封信,信中这样写道:您一直用电脑登陆黄色网站,这已引起我们的注意然后老布什跑到邮局把这封信寄给芭芭拉,并让她当众打开这封信很显然,芭芭拉一点都不觉得好笑7.Clinton Trashed The White House7.毁坏白宫的克林顿The Clinton administration decided to play some fraternity-style pranks on the new Bush administration. They essentially destroyed the White House. Staffers, with the apparent consent of the President (when pressed, several Clinton administration officials confirmed they had played the pranks), ripped phone cords from the walls, left obscene voice mails, covered the desks in glue, and stole antiques.克林顿的管理人员决定捉弄一下兄弟般的原先老布什在任时的管理人员,他们基本毁坏白宫他们在得到克林顿的明确赞同后行动起来,扯断了电话线,在语音信箱里留下色情录音,把所有桌子涂成蓝色,偷走古董等Some of the pranks were actually quite funny, like when someone stole every letter ;W; from the computer keyboards. Others were a lot less good-natured and actually quite bitter. Notes were affixed to cabinets that ;GET OUT; or ;Hail to the Thief,; and stickers were put up displaying tasteful portraits of George Bush as a monkey. All-in-all, they did about $,000 worth of damage.The Clintons tried to defend themselves by saying all presidents played outgoing transition pranks. They cited Bush-Quayle bumper stickers they had found stuck to desks in 1993 as evidence. Eventually, they caved and admitted their mistakes, going so far as to call Dick Cheney and apologize.其中有些恶作剧非常好笑—他们偷走每一台电脑键盘上的W字母键而其他的一些就显得就有点粗暴—他们在橱柜上贴上带有;滚蛋;和;欢迎小偷光顾;的便条,并且把一些老布什雅致的肖像画搞成猴子一样来展示最后,他们损坏了价值总计000美金的物品事后,克林顿和管理人员说总统们都应该对恶作剧抱以开明的态度,然后又举例说他们1993年发现老布什的保险杠上的贴纸都在桌子上粘着,其实一切都是为了逃避责任最终,他们不得不承认自己的错误,向迪克·切尼打电话道歉6.Lyndon B. Johnson ;Drowning; Car6.水中开车的林顿·贝恩斯·约翰逊Lyndon B. Johnson probably pulled the most stunts of anyone on this list, and he most definitely pulled off the most provocative ones. Johnson was a complicated and troubled man. There is evidence he may have had some sexual issues, namely he loved to show off his penis. He would pee in the washbasin and wave his little Johnson at the women of the White House while exclaiming, ;Jumbo had a real workout tonight.;林顿·贝恩斯·约翰逊大概是榜单里最炫酷的一位,同时他也是一个矛盾复杂的多面体有一些据显示他在性方面有点古怪—比如他喜欢秀他的阴茎他常常在脸盆里小便,喜欢在白宫女人面前秀他的小鸡鸡,并且大叫;今晚要进行航空演练;!Despite this sexually aggressive behavior, Johnson did have one trick up his sleeve that was quite hilarious. It was a routine practical joke he would play on unsuspecting visitors to his ranch in Texas. He would retreat to his ranch rest and relaxation when he needed to escape the pressure of being president. However, his idea of relaxation included terrifying other people. During nice summer days, Johnson would take his friends and family nice little tours around the property in a blue convertible. But as soon as he reached the steep incline that led to the lake, hed begin to freak out and scream, ;The brakes dont work! The brakes wont hold!; as they rushed faster and faster to a liquid death. People would scream and try to jump out of the car, but to no avail. The president would let the car crash into the water only to start howling with laughter as it began to cruise along again. See, the president apparently was friends with James Bond Ramp;D department and had an ;Amphicar,; a car that could turn into a speedboat. He loved to share it with people, so long as those people got thoroughly terrified first.除了这些肆意的性行为,他更有令人发笑的捉弄人的高招在一次参观他位于德克萨斯州的农场的活动中,例行公事的他在百般无聊中突然想出一个坏主意为了缓解工作压力来农庄休闲的他现在一肚子坏水,想要吓唬一下别人在美好的夏日中,约翰逊带着他的朋友家人开着蓝色敞篷车在农场周边游玩当他将要开过位于湖边的陡坡时,突然兴奋起来,大叫;刹车坏了,控制不住了!;于是车越开越快,一头冲进了湖里车上的人惊慌失措,纷纷努力逃离车子,但是都无济于事而约翰逊却一脸得意,大笑起来,不慌不忙地继续开车,原来跟詹姆斯·邦德的研究与发展部关系密切的他在那里搞了一辆在水里好似游艇的水陆两用车然后他笑嘻嘻地跟人们分享这件事,不过这些人好像还都没从刚才的惊吓中缓过劲来翻译:Time 来源:前十网 0



  It has often been said throughout time that a picture is worth a thousand words. Any picture may be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare photos tell more than a thousand words. They tell a powerful story, a story poignant enough to change the world and galvanize each of us. Over and over again…人们常说,一千字才道得尽一张图任何一张图可能都可以用一千字来描述,但仅有相当少的图片即使一千字也描述不了它们的含义这样的图片所展现的是一个个尖锐而深刻的故事,让每一个看到它们的人的心灵被深深触痛From the iconic images of Omayra Sanchez’s tragic death to the horrifying images of the Bhopal Gas disaster in 198, the power of photography is still alive and invincible. Here is my top list of photos that shocked the world:从奥玛依拉·桑切斯的标志性死亡惨照到帕尔工业惨案的实况记录,照片的力量由始至终都是强大而富有生机的下面我列举了个人认为足以震惊世界的张图Warning: Be prepared images of violence and death (in one case, the photograph of a dead child).警告:下面内容含有暴力及死亡图片(比如:一个死去的婴儿).Kosovo Refugees (Carol Guzy).科索沃难民(卡罗尔·古齐)Carol Guzy, the first woman to receive a Pulitzer Prize spot news photography, received her most recent Pulitzer in 00 her touching photographs of Kosovo refugees.00年,卡罗尔·古齐因拍摄科索沃难民的照片而获普利策新闻摄影奖是荣获该奖的第一位女性摄影师The above picture portrays Agim Shala, a two-year-old boy, who is passed through a fence made with barbed wire to his family. Thousands of Kosovo refugees were reed and camped in Kukes, Albania.上图所展示的是一名两岁小男孩阿基姆·沙拉通过挂满尖刺的铁丝网艰难地和家人团聚的场景当时上千名科索沃难民都在阿尔巴尼亚的库克斯聚集,居住在临时搭建的帐篷里面9.War Underfoot (Carolyn Cole)9.足下的战争(卡罗琳·科尔)Los Angeles Times photographer Carolyn Cole took this terrifying photo during her assignment in Liberia. It shows the devastating effects of the Liberian Civil War.洛杉矶时代杂志的记者卡罗琳·科尔在去利比亚执行拍摄任务的时候抓拍到了上图那令人震惊的一幕,揭露了利比亚战争巨大的破坏性影响Bullet casings cover entirely a street in Monrovia. The Liberian capital was the worst affected region, because it was the scene of heavy fighting between government soldiers and rebel ces.弹壳铺满了蒙罗维亚(Monrovia,利比亚首都)的整条街道蒙罗维亚是利比亚战争中受影响最严重的地区,政府军和反叛分子在这里集中交火8.Thailand Massacre (Neil Ulevich)8.泰国大屠杀(尼尔·阿勒维奇)Neal Ulevich won the 1977 Pulitzer Prize a ;series of photographs of disorder and brutality in the streets of Bangkok, Thailand;.尼尔·阿勒维奇于1977年因拍摄发生在泰国曼谷街道上的一场血腥暴力的屠杀案而获普利策奖The Thammasat University Massacre took place on October 6, 1976. It was a very violent attack on students who were demonstrating against Field Marshall Thanom Kittikachorn. F. M. T. Kittikachorn was a dictator who was planning to come back to Thailand. The return of the military dictator from exile provoked very violent protests. Protestors and students were beaten, mutilated, shot, hung and burnt to death.泰国国立大学屠杀案发生在76年的月6日,这是一场针对学生的惨无人道的大型屠杀案,起因是学生们为反抗他侬·吉卡宗陆军元帅重返泰国而集体游行他侬·吉卡宗陆军元帅是一位被放逐的独裁者,他的重返计划掀起了巨大争议,抗议者和学生们在此次的游行中遭受了巨大的苦难,他们有的被击打致重伤、变得四肢不全,还有的被击或者绞死、烧死7.After the Storm (Patrick Farrell)7.暴风雨过后(帕特里克·法瑞尔)Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell captured the harrowing images of the victims of Haiti in . Farrell documented the Haitian tragedy with impressive black-and-white stills. The subject of ;After the Storm; is a boy who is trying to save a stroller after the tropical storm Hanna struck Haiti.迈阿密先驱报的记者帕特里克·法瑞尔抓拍到了年大风暴之后海地难民的悲惨状态,用黑白这两种死气沉沉的颜色将海地人民的悲惨生活如实地记录下来这一张名为;暴风雨过后;的照片的主角是一个海地大风暴之后幸存的男孩,他正在试图将一辆手推婴儿车抢救回来6.The Power of One (Oded Balilty)6.一妇当关(奥迪·巴利提)In , Israeli authorities ordered the evacuation of illegal outposts, such as Amona. Oded Balilty, an Israeli photographer the Associated Press, was present when the evacuation degenerated into violent and unprecedented clashes between settlers and police officers. The picture shows a brave woman rebelling against authorities.年,以色列政府下令撤回包括阿莫纳在内的边境村落,但最后这次;撤回;变质成了边境居民与警察之间空前矛盾的暴力斗争奥迪·巴利提是美联社的新闻记者,他亲眼目睹了这些暴力斗争上图所展示的是一位勇敢的女性在和警察们对抗的场景翻译:欧阳远丽 来源:前十网 9。


  A photographer brings you these exclusive pictures of the first snowfall in Sahara Desert in 0 years.一位摄影师为你带来了0年来撒哈拉沙漠第一次降雪的独家照片You may be perennially grumbling about the global warming tragedy but this well-known region in Africa now has a different story to share.你可能一直在抱怨全球变暖这一悲剧,但是位于非洲的这一著名的地区,现在却遇到了一个不同的情况Sahara desert witnessed its first snow fall in nearly 0 years last week, and amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata has captured rare and stunning images of the snowfall.上周,撒哈拉沙漠近0年来首次降雪,业余摄影师卡里姆·布舍塔塔拍到了本次降雪绝美的珍贵照片Bouchetata took the photos of the rare occurrence last Monday in the small Saharan desert town of Ain Sefra, Algeria.布舍塔塔于上周一在阿尔及利亚的撒哈拉沙漠小镇艾因塞弗拉拍下了这一罕见景象的照片In his images, a thin layer of snow rests on deep orange dunes and ms whirling patterns where the slopes are too steep it to settle.在他的照片中,一层薄雪覆盖在深桔色的沙丘之上,在存不住雪的陡峭斜坡上形成了螺旋形图案Snow was last seen in Ain Sefra in 1979, when a half-hour snowstorm stopped traffic.艾因塞弗拉上次下雪还是在1979年,当时一场持续了半小时的暴风雪导致了交通瘫痪 866

  A cat that appears to have human hands has captured the hearts of Twitter users to become the latest feline online sensation.近日,一只似乎长了人手的猫咪引起了推特用户的关注,成为了新晋网红The white and grey cat is carefully positioned so that it looks like the feline has miniature prosthetic human hands instead of paws.这只灰白相间的猫的拍摄位置很巧妙,使得其看起来没有爪子,而是一双微型假肢人手A series of images of the cat were shared online and within hours they had attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of users.有人在网上分享了许多这只猫的照片,在数小时内就吸引了数十万用户的注意The pictures, which have previously surfaced on Twitter and Tumblr, were shared by a woman known only as Emma who wrote: I always knew cats would make me famous.这些图片被一位名叫艾玛的女子分享到了推特和汤乐上,她说:“我知道猫肯定会让我出名”Emma post has been re-tweeted more than 1,000 times, liked by over 0,000 and attracted thousands of comments.艾玛的发帖已经被转载.3万多次,点赞万次,数千次Some viewers expressed admiration the cat, describing it as cute, while others were confused by the image.一些人表示很喜欢这只猫,认为它很“可爱”,而另外一些人则被这些图片搞糊涂了Twitter user Silla Rene said the cat was terrifying. Chalie Robinson agreed, writing: Maybe if the cat had a different face. It haunting.推特用户萨利·雷内称这只猫“很可怕”沙利·罗宾森也表示同意,他写道:“也许是因为这只猫的脸和其他猫不同,一直萦绕在我们心头”Another user, known only as Ciara, wrote: It so funny I cant stop laughing.但是另一名用户西娅拉则写道:“太搞笑了,我笑得停不下来了” 90

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