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不知从什么时候开始,那些见妈妈一代美丽的国货化妆品在80后女生中广受青睐,紫罗兰沉香粉、郁美净、百雀羚、宫灯杏仁蜜...,想知道为什么吗?请听下面对几位女生的采访:Da Feng shopping center is one of the few shopping malls still selling old Chinese brand products and it usually attracts lots of elderly customers. many years, they've been using the old Chinese products regardless of the many new eign brands that have swamped the Chinese market. "I've bought several packages of the apricots honey and the violets from here my mom and my sister.""My mother-in-law, many years, she only uses these old brands. I myself also love them."But since this year, the old shop has seen many young customers, many of them bringing some specific notes to look particular cosmetic products mentioned on online cosmetic ums. "Many people online say these products, such as the vegetable lotions, are very good. The old shop here also has a reputation selling these products."Young girls make up a large consumer group of famous luxury cosmetic products in China. Recently they have also been tucking old brands into their makeup kits, such as Shanghai-based Pehchaolin, a cream that dates back to the 190s, and ordinary Vaseline. These brands often cost no more than yuan each. A young lady named Wu is one of them. "In the past, I spent hundreds of yuan on buying imported eign brand cosmetics. But I noticed lots of online comments in favor of the domestic brands and many of my friends also use them. So I started to buy these products instead."The revival of these old brands among youngsters in China owes much to the internet. On one online um, girls shared their experiences of using different cosmetic brands' and their advantages. Many of them claim that old Chinese brands are more competitively priced and user-friendly. Secretary in chief from the Chamber of Beauty Culture amp; Cosmetics of the All-China Federation of Industry amp; Commerce Xu Jingquan says:"Online shopping is usually a lower-cost business model than shopping centers or other channels. A comment on a certain product is also sp much quicker than bee over the internet. In addition, in the past several years, the old Chinese brands are increasing their quality and making their packaging more attractive to compete with the eign brands."Young girls have now found a new way to take care of their skin using a mixture of Western and traditional Chinese cosmetics to achieve the best effect. Most of the Chinese cosmetics are around to yuan each. So compared to traditional Chinese brands, why are the international brands so much more expensive? Xu Jingquan explains."Most of the cosmetics are competing with brands from all over the world. They usually upgrade their products often by investing in more research while investing a lot in advertising. Domestic brands usually have little in the way of advertising. They usually follow the traditional methods of making the products. But I personally think domestic cosmetics' quality is no worse than the international brands."Some older Chinese brands are also gaining favor in overseas markets. According to Taobao.com, Shanghai-based brand sandalwood soap, though not very popular in China, is currently hot in Europe as is made purely of plants. China Drive, I'm Liu Min. 965

Brianna:Are you still here? I thought you left ages ago.布兰娜:你还在这里?我以为你早就离开了Viktor:There no rush. Im thinking of postponing until tomorrow.维克多:不用这么仓促我想推迟到明天Brianna:Why?布兰娜:为什么?Viktor:I feel a sense of eboding.维克多:我有一种不祥的预感I have a sneaking suspicion that things arent going to go well.我怀疑事情不会顺利Brianna:Under the circumstances, I can understand your reluctance, but it like ripping off a bandage.布兰娜:在这种情况下,我能理解你的不情愿,但这要快刀斩乱麻It best done quickly.越快完成越好Viktor:Im not sure about that.维克多:我不是很确定I have a feeling that things are going to go very, very wrong, and the longer I can put it off the better.我有一种感觉,事情会越来越错,而我推迟的时间越长越好Brianna:Next week is your girlfriend birthday.布兰娜:下个星期是你女朋友的生日You dont want to break up with her on her birthday, do you?你不想和她在生日上分手,对吗?Viktor:No, that would be cruel.维克多:不,那样做就太残忍了Maybe I should hold off until after next week.也许我应该推迟直到下周Brianna:Youre really ding breaking up with her, arent you?布兰娜:你真的害怕和她分手,是不是?Viktor:She got a temper.维克多:她脾气不太好When I told her that I couldnt join her on a visit to her parents house last weekend, she went ballistic, and I have dents in my car door to show it.当我告诉她上个周末我不能拜访她父母后,她开始发飙,而我的车门现在还有凹痕I expect this to be much, much worse.我认为这次会更糟Brianna:Ah, I see. I never liked the idea of breaking up with someone remotely, but it might be called in this case.布兰娜:啊,我明白了我从不喜欢远程与某人分手的想法,但这种情况下打电话比较好 译文属 791

Life is a Rainbow虹生活We do not live in a black and white world. We live in a rainbow world. Colors are everywhere. Colors are beautiful. A toilet bowl is white. A panda is white and black. A crow is black. The sky and the ocean are blue. An apple is red or green. An orange is always orange, but the sun is sometimes orange. A stop light is red, yellow, and green. A lemon is yellow. People are white, brown, or black. Fishes and birds are many different colors. Hair is white, gray, brown, black, or red. A golf ball and a baseball are white. A basketball is orange. A tennis ball is green. A fire engine is red. A police car is black and white. The moon and the stars are white. Grass is green, but dirt is brown. A fried egg is yellow and white. Your blood is red. Your teeth are white. A stop sign is red and white. You cannot talk about colors to blind people. They have never seen colors. That is sad.我们并没有生活在黑白世界我们生活在虹般的世界到处是颜色颜色是美丽的抽水马桶是白色的熊猫是黑白相间的乌鸦是黑色的天空和海洋是蓝色的苹果有红色有绿色橘子永远是橙色的,但太阳有时也是橙色的信号灯是红色、黄色和绿色的柠檬是黄色的人有白种人、黄种人和黑种人鱼类和飞禽的颜色也各有不同头发有白色、灰色、棕色、黑色和红色高尔夫球和棒球是白色的篮球是橙色的网球是绿色的消防车是红色的警车是黑白相间的月球和星星是白色的草是绿色的,但土是棕色的炸鸡蛋是黄白相间的血是红色的牙齿是白色的停车标是红白相间的不要对盲人谈论颜色他们从没有看到过颜色这是非常遗憾的事情译文属原创,,不得转载 570

[00:00.]Most wanted autograph[00:.55]最希望得到的签名[00:.01]Our university newspaper[00:.]runs a weekly question feature.[00:.3][00:.80]Recently, the question was:[00:.36]"Whose autograph would you most want to have,[00:18.93]and why?"[00:.]As expected,[00:1.69]most responses mentioned music or sports stars,[00:3.7]or politicians.[00:7.]The best response came from a freshman,[00:31.36]who said, "The person who signs my diploma."[00:36.5]中文大意[01:.88]语言点[01:.]most wanted[01:.]most favorite[01:.8]run[01:.5]开办、运行[01:3.1]run a business[01:6.]feature 专栏[01:9.1]most want to have[01:31.5]want to have the most[01:35.99]want mostly[01:39.]mostly 主要地、大部分[01:.58]The audience consisted mostly of women.[01:6.5]freshman[01:5.5]sophomore[01:57.]junior[01:59.50]senior[:01.57]diploma 文凭、毕业书[:3.96]谢谢收听 1959

Brown Spots棕色小点He cut open the lettuce. The lettuce had brown spots in it. He cut open the avocado. The avocado had brown spots in it. He cut open the apple. The apple had brown spots in it. He cut open the banana. The banana had brown spots in it. Everything had brown spots! Where did these brown spots come from? He hated these brown spots. He cut the brown spots out of the lettuce. He cut the brown spots out of the avocado. He cut the brown spots out of the apple. He cut the brown spots out of the banana. He threw all the brown spots into the trash. He said, “Goodbye, brown spots! I got rid of you. I got rid of all of you. Stay out of my fresh food.” The brown spots said, “You got rid of us this time. But we will be back!”他切开生菜生菜上有棕色斑点他切开鳄梨里面也有棕色小点他又切开了苹果里面也是一样他又剥开了香蕉里面同样如此所有果蔬里面都有棕色小点!它是从哪来的?他讨厌这些小点他将生菜中的小点去除又将鳄梨中的去除之后是苹果还有香蕉并将切除部分扔进垃圾堆他称:“再见了,棕色小点!我终于摆脱你了远离我的新鲜食物”小点说:“你这次摆脱我,可我还会回来的!”译文属原创,,不得转载 06

JPhFvwt5_0*hcA_)bV9Y_kfKhvPgn!First Solo Non-Stop Atlantic FlightCharles Lindbergh becomes the first person to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.In 197, Charles A. Lindbergh became the first person to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean.He flew a plane named The Spirit of St Louis from New York to Paris.The flight took thirty-three and a half hours and covered a distance of 3,600 miles.A huge crowd of over 0,000 people welcomed Lindbergh on his arrival in France.Soon after completing the flight, he returned to the USA and became a national hero in his home country.o9doqv.*NI0+loKy7l,Aew~98%#nqH3C@D_TXznYd~noBbbiuf3*n,GKvPA 3979

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