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Improve Your Business With Bricks 玩积木提升业绩 -- 1::38 来源: LEGO? toys are not just children anymore 乐高不再只是给小孩子玩的玩具喔 Since 1958, children have loved LEGO? bricks, and they are not alone. Parents and teachers are also big fans of the colorful toys. In fact, the bricks are so popular that they have been named “Toy of the Century” – twice!The popularity of LEGO toys should be no surprise. The LEGO Group has spent much of its history focusing on fun, high-quality toys. Playing with their bricks can improve creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Even the name LEGO – taken from the Danish term leg godt – means “play well.” 自一九五八年乐高积木问世以来,小朋友们就爱上了这种玩具,不过,他们并不是乐高积木的唯一知音,因為就连家长和老师也都不由得迷上了这种色繽纷的玩具事实上,乐高积木因為极受欢迎,还使得它获选為「世纪玩具」──而且不只一次喔,是两度夺得这个封号!。

  Mr Turner。

职场英语:职场需要知道的条建议 --3 :36:50 来源:   如果你置身职场,渴望一条成功之路,你一定不想错过邱邱老师下面给出的条建议  1. Don't return to what hasn’t worked.  不吃回头草  Whether a job, or a broken relationship that was ended a good reason, we should never go back to the same thing, expecting different results, without something being different.  不管是工作还是感情,结束了就是结束了,我们都不要再回头,不要期望一些改变能带来不同的结果  . Don't do anything that requires you to be someone you are not.  不做不适合自己的事情  In everything we do, we have to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this? Am I suited it? Does it fit me? Is it sustainable?”If the answer is no to any of these questions, you better have a very good reason to proceed.  我们在做任何事的时候都要问自己:“我为什么要这么做?我适合做这件事么?这件事适合我做么?这件事能够持续下去么?”如果有任何一个问题的是否定的,那你最好再想一个继续做这件事的更好的理由  3. Don't try to change another person.  不会尝试改变他人  When you realize that you cannot ce someone into doing something, you give him or her freedom and allow them to experience the consequences. In doing so, you find your own freedom as well.  当意识到你不可能强迫他人做事情时,你就给了他人做事以及自己承担事情后果的自由而与此同时,你也让自己获得了自由  . Don't believe that you can please everyone.  不相信自己能取悦所有人  Once you get that it truly is impossible to please everyone, you begin to live purposefully, trying to please the right people.  一旦你明白了你不可能取悦所有的人,你的生活就会更有目标,你会努力取悦那些应该取悦的人  5. Don't choose short-term comt over long-term benefit.  不会为了暂时的享受而牺牲长久的利益  Once successful people know they want something that requires a painful,time-limited step, they do not mind the painful step because it gets them to along-term benefit.  成功的人在知道自己得到想要的东西之前需要先经历痛苦时,他们不会退缩,因为他们清楚痛苦是暂时的,从中得到的益处是长久的  6. Don't trust someone or something that appears flawless.  不相信世界是完美无瑕的  When someone or something looks too good to be true, he, she, or it is. The world is imperfect. No one and no thing is without flaw, and if they appear that way,hit pause.  如果有些人或物看起来完美到不真实的地步的话,那么他或她或它就一定有什么问题这个世界就是不完美的没有人或物是完美无暇的,如果有就一定得多留意  7. Don't take your eyes off the big picture.  不会鼠目寸光  We function better emotionally and perm better in our lives when we can see the big picture. successful people, no one event is ever the whole story.  如果我们看待事情能够更长远、更宏观,我们就能在生活中表现得更好对于成功的人来说,任何事都不能只看眼前  8. Don't neglect to do due diligence.  不对任何事掉以轻心  No matter how good something looks on the outside, it is only by taking a deeper,diligent, and honest look that we will find out what we truly need to know: the reality that we owe ourselves.  不管事物的外表看起来有多么好,我们都必须从更深层、更真实的一面去看待,这样才能找到我们真正想要知道的东西  9. Don't get to ask why you are where you find yourselves.  不会忘记发挥自己的作用  One of the biggest differences between successful people and others is that in love and in life, in relationships and in business, successful people always ask themselves, what part am I playing in this situation?  成功人士与其他人最大的一个不同之处在于,不管是在恋爱和生活中,还是在人际交往和生意场上,成功的人会不断问自己,我的作用是什么?  Said another way, they do not see themselves only as victims, even when they are.  换句话说,对成功的人来说,即使他们是真正的受害者,他们也从不把自己当做受害者  . Don't get that your inner life determines your outer success.  不会忘记是内心世界决定了外在的成功  The good life sometimes has little to do with outside circumstances. We are happy and fulfilled mostly by who we are on the inside. Research validates that.  优质的生活有时与外在的处境毫无关系我们感到幸福和充实,很大一不部分原因在于我们的内在感受研究也实了这点  Everyone makes mistakes even the most successful people out there.  每个人都可能犯错,即使是最成功的人  But, what achievers do better than others is recognize the patterns that are causing those mistakes and never repeat them again.  但是成功人士强于他人之处在于懂得吸取教训并避免再犯  In short, they learn from pain—their own and the pain of others.  总之,成功的人是从自己和他人的教训中学到东西的人。