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Clues to the link这一发现来自come from this group of people who live in a remote region of Ecuador.住在厄瓜多尔偏远地区的一群人They have a very rare condition called Laron syndrome,他们身患罕见的莱伦氏综合症which affects less than 350 people worldwide.全球有不到350人患有此症Thats you, is it? It makes you look like a giant, doesnt it?这是你吗 看起来像个巨人 不是吗Im the tall guy there.在那里我就是个大高个儿The shortest one is just over three-and-a-half feet tall.那里最矮的人身高只有107厘米- Up to my belly button. Is that right? - Yeah.-就在我的肚脐这儿 对吗 -对What interests researchers like Valter is not their size,吸引瓦尔特等研究者的并不是他们的身高but the fact that they seem to be virtually immune而是西方世界两大健康杀手to two of the Wests biggest killers.完全不会影响到他们The big findings, of course,重大发现是were, they dont seem to get either diabetes or cancer.他们似乎不会得糖尿病或者癌症Do they do all the normal, sensible things we all do,他们会跟我们一样享受人生吗like drink, smoke and all that?比如喝酒 吸烟之类的Yes, they do the normal, and more,会的 他们会做 甚至还会过量so they a very unhealthy lifestyle.所以他们的生活方式非常不健康Most of them are to some extent at least overweight.他们中的大部分人 至少是超重They seem to really not watch anything they do.看起来他们不太注意自己的行为重点解释:1.live in 住进例句:His large income enabled him to live in comfort.他那丰厚的收入使他可以过舒的生活。2.less than 不到; 少于例句:We won no less than 500 in a competition.我们在一场比赛中赢了多达500英镑。3.seem to 似乎 ...例句:Does that seem to make sense?这讲得通吗? 201509/401090杭州维信口腔医院牙齿美白价格Turn Shape 转弯成型So last time we were looking at trying to cut open string at that snow plough wedge and completing a turn and parallel position.上次我们着重尝试了犁式,完成转弯以及平行式。You gonna find that much more comfortable on the legs and whole experience more enjoyable.你将发现腿部会更放松,过程也更为享受。This time we look at three things:control issues,and looking at the shape of turn to make lift easier,这一次我们着重学习以下三个技能:控制,注意观察转弯的形状使整个动作更为轻松,and then to use the ski and edge to feel a bit more beaten in contol,然后用雪板和板刃感受控制力的逐渐变化,and finally line chioce.最后选择雪道。Now we are looking at ski around the mountain,make it easy for yourself and looking ahead.现在我们开始从山上滑雪,保自己身体放轻松向前看。The first we gonna look at is the shape of your turns,首先,我们将注意转弯的弧线。very simply if you look back at the tracks youve left,you wanna be seeing a smooth ;s; shape and not this ;z; shape.很简单的,向后看看滑雪留下的痕迹,很平滑的S型,而非生硬的Z型痕迹。The challenges are if you feeling hard to control your speed,整个过程较为困难的就是控制滑雪速度有些困难,you chock in this skis around the corner,and then running off in a straight line towards the next one,如果这样的话,就在滑雪转弯处停下来,然后开始下一段之前滑一段直线,and then doing that same movement.We wanna a place that with a nice smooth gradual ;s;.再继续这一动作。我们要画出一个平滑的S型。If you watch here:the turn is rushed.如果你看到了这里,那么这个转弯就有些急。Im doing the whole turn in one very fast erratic movement ,我以一种迅速不稳定的方式完成了整个转弯,then I pick up speed between my turns.在转弯之间加速。What we want to achive is a round link turn,which keeps my speed constant and in control.我们想要的是一个连接处平滑的转弯,这样可以 保持滑行速度恒定,并使速度在自己的掌控中。You always gonna speed up when you start the turn,and point the ski down hill,you cant change that ,在你开始一个转弯的时候,你总是会加速,会把雪板指向山下,这是你无法改变的。but what you can change is how far should going before you do that and feeled you gonna push a nice gradual brake向山下滑时,你不可以改变滑行 速度。但是你可以在转弯前控制你滑行的距离,感受你滑行过程慢慢放缓,and then start that next turn.Feeling a lot calmer ,less stress and happy about your life.然后开始下一段转弯。感受着更为平静、放松、开心的生活。So Im gonna start to slide ,but from here Im gradually turning up hill ,现在我要开始搓雪,然后从这里开始我将逐渐向山上滑行。now I feel contorl ,I can start my next turn,and stopped turning up that hilling next way.现在我能感受到配力的作用,我将要开始下一段转弯,停止滑行,用另一种方法进行上山。Lets try the other way.我们一起用另一种滑行方式。Im slide in, nice and smooth and turning up hill nice and gently.我这样优雅平滑地滑雪,优雅地向坡上滑。Now I can feel control. I can going to that next turn,start turning up hill,feeling the brake coming on smooth.现在我能感受到配力。我将开始下一个转弯,开始向山上滑去,感受着平滑的制动。Make sure youre happy with your speed before you start your turn,确保你在开始另一种方式的转弯前,that way, you will be less loudly to slam the brake to slow down.你可以很好地掌控这一速度,这样你就可以很顺利地制动以减速。Remember the control comes at the end of the turn, not the begining.记住在转弯的结束时控制速度,而不是在转弯开始时You would notice that my upper bodyis nice and calm,注意我的上身保持一种优雅从容的状态。and if you got any of these rotation issues,and trying to force it,如果你的上身存在任何旋转问题,并且在和整个身体较劲,thats often a symptom you have gone too fast into your turn.那么这就是因为你转弯速度过快。Remember you always gonna speed up when you start the turn,记住要在开始转弯时进行加速,but if you control it before hand, the challenges are you must be much soomther.但是如果你事先控制好速度,你将遇到的困难就只有如何在滑行过程保持更为平滑。Watch my upperr body here ,there is no unnecessary movement.现在注意你的上身,不要有过多的行动。Im not th my shoulder around and instead I contorlling my speed at the end of the turn and preparing for the next.我不绷着肩膀,反而是控制转弯处速度并且准备下一个转弯。Because Im in control, I dont need to rush the turn to slow down.I can just keep a smooth round turn shape.因为我掌控着自己的滑行过程,就没有急减转弯速度的必要。我可以保持平滑转弯的弧度。We can break the turn down into two:firstly, point down the hill,我们可以将转弯分解成两部分:首先,向山下滑去,let me come around,and then we gonna start the turn gradually up hill,我来演示一下,然后我们开始慢慢向山上转弯,make it a smooth brake not sharp one,have a watch.使其制动平滑,不是生硬的那样转上去。就像这样。Part 1,appoint the skis downhill;第一部分:确定向山下滑行动作part 2,turn the skis up hill,prepare for the turn,第二部分:向山上滑行。为了这一转弯,control your speed ,prepare for the turn ,conrtol your speed.控制好你的速度。为了这一转弯,控制好你的速度。Sperating the turn into two will help you aviod turning the siks too quikly at the start.将转弯分为两部分,有助于避免你开始转弯的时候速度过快。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/371367杭州蛀牙收费栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201604/437026Audi to spend 50 mln euros to fix diesel cars in US奥迪将在美耗资5000万欧元 维修排放造假柴油车Audi, one of the divisions of Volkswagen, announced that it will spend 50 million euros upgrading software of US-sold diesel cars that regulators believe flout US pollution limits.奥迪公司23日表示,将耗资5000万欧元改造汽车中安装的排放测试软件。美国监管部门认为,美国市场的大批柴油车存在实际排放和产品规格不相符的现象。 译文属201511/412137绍兴种植牙齿的价位

杭州儿童口腔医院口腔修复好吗杭州儿童牙齿矫正的费用When my sister and my mom first heard our first hit record, l Want You Back,我跟妈妈首次听到我们第一首主打l Want You Back时my father had sent it over, they didnt care for it.我爸寄去给她们听的 她们并不是很喜欢l didnt like it at all.我一点都不喜欢Because the songs that the children sang因为孩子们唱的歌was more like the, l should say, soul music.我觉得比较接近灵魂音乐And to me, l Want You Back didnt sound that way.l Want You Back对我来说 并不是那类型的音乐All the songs that was out then sound so different,当时所有市面上的歌听来都很不一样so l guess Berry wanted to bring out a different style.我想贝瑞是想要创造另一种风格little did they know it was a very big song, number one.她们都没料到那首歌 竟然冲上第一名lt was just an unbelievable track.很不可思议的一首歌lt just came out of the radio like lightning.一播出就造成轰动Oh, them Jackson 5, that is a kickin group.杰克逊五人组真是了不得的团体Wow, thats them? And l had to get used to the song是他们吗? 我花了些时间才习惯because even though it was a very big hit,虽然那首歌红翻了天your brothers singing on a record, on vinyl, and you hearing it收听自己兄弟的黑胶唱片is something totally different.感觉还是很不一样We just dont have songs that come and go,我们的歌不是只红极一时we have songs thatll be around all the time.而是持续的有人喜爱like, youll hear em on the FM cllassicall stations,在古典乐广播电台也会播放by the Philharmonic Orchestra, things like that.由交响乐团演奏之类的so its just not What people call it, kiddie rock. lts not that.不只是所谓的小孩子摇滚乐 完全不是And a million sellers, a million selling.卖了上百万张201508/396098And hes still not done talking about my fat.关于我的脂肪 他还没说完Abdominal fat is around 30%.腹部脂肪率约为30%Abdominal fat is really the bad guy.腹部脂肪可真是坏东西The higher the abdominal fat, the higher the risk腹部脂肪比率越高 患二型糖尿病of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.与心血管疾病的危险性就越No doubt about it. Its also a risk factor for cancer.毫无疑问 也会增加患癌症的几率So, basically, your cardiometabolic profile,所以 基本上你的心血管代谢水平its not good. For your age.以你的年龄来说 不容乐观I think you know you should do something to improve it.我认为你应该做一些事来改变现状What we can say is that我们还得说Joseph is not going to develop cardiovascular disease.约瑟夫是不会患上心血管疾病的Its impossible to develop stroke,也不可能患中风myocardial infarction or heart failure.心肌梗塞或是心力衰竭These three diseases are responsible这三种疾病造成了for 40% of the deaths now in US and UK.美国与英国40%的死亡No chance hell die of that?他绝不会因这些疾病而死吗I mean, one in a million.可能有百万分之一的几率And if I were to go onto Joes lifestyle...?如果我开始效仿乔的生活方式...Yeah. In a year, you are going to be cured.一年之内 你就会有好转I now understand what Luigi means.现在我明白路易吉的意思了重点解释:1.impossible to 对 ... 是不可能的例句:Its impossible to cut a pineapple with such a dull knife.用一把这么钝的刀子切菠萝是不可能的。2.die of死于例句:She die of cancer.她死于癌症。 201509/400210杭州市牙科医院补牙什么价格栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。201511/400322杭州牙齿纠正多少钱

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