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I.Q. scores have been measured since 1916, when Alfred Binet developed his intelligence scale. He graduated the scale in the following way:IQ Scores130+ Very superior120+ Superior110+ Above average99+ Average80+ Below average70+ BorderlineLess than 70 Extremely low.Items included in IQ tests range from spatial awareness where you have to match patterns, to number sequences, and words. There is a free IQ testing site online.IQ tests used to be standardized but now they are designed by many different organizations in an attempt to measure certain qualities in candidates. For example, Mensa, the High IQ Society, sets its own test which is very difficult in parts. One example of a Mensa question:Take these letters:C E I L M E R S SForm two different 8 letter words from these letters. Each word must use all the letters.Intelligence and personality have been combined to give sten and z-scores. These are often used by companies who want to recruit staff with particular traits and abilities.Some very famous celebrities are know for their extremely high IQ level.Bill Gates: GeniusMadonna 140Al Gore 140Hugh Hefner 152Carol Vorderman 154Bill Gates 160Jill St. John 162Jill St. John who claims the highest score on this list was a major American film actress during the 1960's and 1970's. Jill was admitted to the University of California at the age of 14.Psychologists have estimated the IQ scores that some famous historical figures might have attained. This was done by looking at their work and their ideas and the way they put them together.Leonardo da Vinci: Smarter than Bill GatesGeorge Washington 118Napoleon Bonaparte 145Albert Einstein 160Charles Dickens 180Michelangelo 180Leonardo da Vinci 220Leonardo da Vinci earns that massive score for his art but also for his helicopter concept . His solar power diagrams, calculator plans, and studies of plate techtonics. He had none of the modern day scientific equipment and he was way ahead of his time.本文来自: 译索网(www.elanso.com) 自从1916年阿尔弗雷德·比奈(Alfred Binet)发明了智力量表,人类的智商就开始被测量。他把智商得分如下分类:IQ 得分130+ 非常出众120+ 出众110+ 平均之上99+ 平均80+ 平均之下70+ 分界线低于70的人智商极低测量智商的测试范围很广,从要求你搭配图案的空间意识到数字排序以及文字。这里给大家一个免费的测试智商的网站。过去智商测试都是统一标准化的,而今许多组织设计出各种不同的智商测试来衡量各种品质。比如,门萨这一高智商俱乐部就会设定自主测试,而这种考试的有些部分是非常难的。下面是门萨考题中的一个例子:给出下列字母:C E I L M E R S S用以上字母,构成两个完全不同的8字单词。每个单词必须使用所有单词。一个人的智商和个性已经与他是否能做出复杂的词干题和Z分数联系在一起。一些公司经常用这种方式来招募那些有特质、有能力的员工。一些非常出名的名人以他们极高的智商著称。比尔·盖茨:天才麦当娜 140阿尔·戈尔 140休·海弗纳 152卡罗尔·沃德曼 154比尔·盖茨 160吉尔·圣约翰 162这个在榜单上位列首位的吉尔·圣约翰是19世纪六七十年代的美国电影男主角。他14岁就被加利福尼亚大学录取。心理学家对一些著名的历史人物的智商进行了推测,依据是他们的成就和思想以及他们将思想赋予行动的方式。莱昂纳多·达·芬奇:比比尔盖茨更聪明乔治·华盛顿 118拿破仑·波拿巴 145艾伯特·爱因斯坦 160查尔斯·狄更斯 180米开朗基罗 180莱昂纳多·达·芬奇 220莱昂纳多·达·芬奇得分如此之高不仅因为他在艺术上的成就,还因为他对直升飞机的概念。他设计出太阳能图表,拟定计算器计划,还对板块构造学(plate tectonics 此处应为作者笔误)颇有研究。在没有当代科学设备的情况下,达芬奇的成就早已超越他所在的时代。 /200804/36087Body distance varies from culture to culture. In some cultures, it is quite normal for people to stand close together. While Americans talk about invasion of their space.  身体的接触距离,预示着人与人关系的亲近度,及人和人之间亲近到了什么程度。美国人很注重这种身体上的接触距离,如果站得距离不得当,美国人会认为你侵犯了他们的隐私空间范围。下图揭示了四种距离,这些距离在老美眼里代表什么呢?   1 intimate distance: ranging from direct contact to about 45 cm, which applies to the closest relationships such as husband and wife   2 personal distance: ranging from 45 to 80 cm, which is usually maintained for conversations between friends and relatives  3 social distance: ranging from 1.3 to 2 metres, which covers people who work together or are meeting at social gatherings   4 public distance: which is beyond social distance, such as that kept between a lecturer and his audience  可见,老美把人与人间的距离划归为四类: intimate, personal, social and public。   Body distance varies from culture to culture. 典型的例子就是美国人和阿拉伯人之间的差异。Arabs tend to maintain a closer physical distance between individuals than Americans.   The desert conditions have driven the Arabs into cities where they get used to living in crowds. Because of the high population density, pushing and shoving is unavoidable in public places and people have aly grown accustomed to it. Public is public: no one has the right to demand a private zone around himself as a European or American does . So it is quite natural that people do not have any concept of a private zone outside the body . The emotional closeness of the Arabs means people are deeply involved with each other and do not like to be alone. As for face-to-face communication, the distance between two persons can be so close that both can smell eahand in handch other. This is not something unpleasant, but a way of showing involvement .地理环境潜移默化地影响着阿拉伯国家的文化。 恶劣的生存环境致使大批阿拉伯人涌入城市。习惯了拥挤喧嚣,人与人的亲密无间令他们感到踏实舒心,这一点上阿拉伯文化同欧美文化是截然相反的。  有趣的是, 即便是同一个国家,不同年代的人身体接触的距离也是有差别的。比如英国的年轻人就比老人拥抱朋友的次数多。  许多英语说法都和"arm", "hand" and "finger" 有关,下面就为大家介绍一些。其中有些用法一看就能明白它们的意思,比如 "keep somebody at arm's length" 和 "hand in hand"。然而,有些说法却可能是你想不通的。没关系,我们会告诉你。 /200803/29273HONG KONG — In the world of Clash of Clans, Hou Dai has played — and paid — enough that he now leads his own clan of 50 online players.香港——在《部落冲突》(Clash of Clans)的世界里,候棣(音)投入的时间——以及金钱——足够多,所以现在能领导一个由50名在线玩家组成的部落。At one time, Mr. Hou, a 22-year-old recent college graduate from Shenyang, played the smartphone game as much as six hours a day. He estimates that he has spent 40,000 renminbi, about ,000, on the game over the last three years.22岁的候棣是沈阳人,前不久刚大学毕业。有一段时间,他每天打这款手游的时间长达六个小时。他估计自己过去三年里在这款游戏上花了4万元人民币。Mr. Hou’s spending habits show why the Chinese internet giant Tencent just paid .6 billion for a controlling stake in Supercell, the Finnish creator of Clash of Clans, from the SoftBank Group Corporation of Japan.候棣的消费习惯揭示了中国互联网巨头腾讯刚刚出资86亿美元(约合565亿元人民币),从日本软银集团股份有限公司(SoftBank Group Corporation)手中购得《部落冲突》的芬兰开发商Supercell控股权的理由。The deal will most likely help Tencent bolster its reputation — rare among global technology companies — for having figured out how to make money from mobile devices. The company has aly successfully integrated functions like shopping and money transfers into its popular Chinese chat apps.这笔交易极有可能帮助腾讯巩固其掌握移动设备赚钱诀窍的声誉,而这在全球科技公司中实属罕见。腾讯已经成功地将购物和转账等功能融合进了旗下用户众多的中文聊天应用。It also adds to Tencent’s collection of games so that it can become a truly global player — in contrast to most Chinese digital and media companies, which have often struggled to acquire and run valuable foreign products and services. The deal gives Tencent a particularly strong presence in mobile games, adding a global angle to a mobile that aly includes the most popular smartphone chat app in China.交易也会让腾讯旗下的视频游戏家族再添新成员,使该公司能够成为一个真正全球化的竞争主体。相比之下,中国大部分数字和媒体公司往往无力收购和经营有价值的外国产品及务。这笔交易让腾讯成为了移动游戏领域一特别强大的力量,为其移动业务增添了全球视角。中国用户最多的智能手机聊天应用便是腾讯的移动业务之一。But it raises a question for the Chinese company: Can it retain the people that turned Supercell’s games into hits?但它也给这家中国公司带来了一个问题:能否留住让Supercell的多款游戏大获成功的那些人?Many devotees of Clash of Clans and other Supercell games spend real money on fake currency and other resources to build their in-game power and heft. With the help of dedicated players like Mr. Hou, the small in-game fees, known as micropayments, have turned into a huge revenue stream that makes Supercell a major player in mobile gaming.很多《部落冲突》和Supercell其他游戏的忠实玩家用真金白银购买虚拟货币和其他资源,来打造他们在游戏中的力量和影响力。在候棣这种专注的玩家的帮助下,游戏中的小额费用,又叫微付,演变成了一笔巨大的收入,让Supercell成为了移动游戏领域的巨擘。Supercell, in filings with the Finnish government, posted .4 billion in revenue last year. In April, the company was making just under million a day in revenue from Clash of Clans, according to a SuperData Research estimate.在提交给芬兰政府的文件中,Supercell称去年的收入为24亿美元。据超级数据研究公司(SuperData Research)估计,今年4月,《部落冲突》每天给Supercell带来的收入接近400万美元。“Tencent makes about billion from its gaming operations outside of China,” said Peter Warman, chief executive of Newzoo, a gaming analytics company based in Amsterdam. “With Supercell, they will more than double that. It’s a very strategic move for them.”“境外游戏业务给腾讯带来了大约10亿美元的盈利,”设在阿姆斯特丹的游戏分析公司Newzoo的首席执行官彼得·沃曼(Peter Warman)说。“有了Supercell,这个数字会翻一番有余。对他们来说,这是非常具有战略意义的一步。”The Supercell takeover is Tencent’s largest to date. Over the last five years, the Chinese company — which has a market value of 0 billion — has made strategic investments and acquisitions of games across the world. The company controls Riot Games, which created the hugely popular League of Legends, and the European mobile game maker Miniclip. It also has a stake in CJ Games of South Korea.对Supercell的收购是腾讯迄今为止最大的一笔交易。过去五年里,这家市值2100亿美元的中国公司在全球游戏领域进行了多笔战略投资和收购。它掌握着热门游戏《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)的开发商Riot Games和欧洲移动游戏开发商Miniclip的控股权,并持有韩国CJ Games的股份。“Tencent has been aggressively out buying overseas developers,” said Mark Natkin, managing director of the technology research firm Marbridge Consulting, “not only with an eye to leveraging those companies’ games in China but also for expanding Tencent’s footprint globally.”“腾讯一直在大力出击,收购海外开发商,”科技调研公司迈瑞咨询有限公司(Marbridge Consulting)的执行董事马克·纳特金(Mark Natkin)说。“不仅着眼于在中国利用那些公司的游戏,还希望在全球扩大腾讯的影响力。”A sort of internet conglomerate, Tencent has no real analogue in the ed States. Because internet advertising has had slow growth in China, the company has used games to make money from its hugely successful messaging and social media products. With its messaging app WeChat, which has more than 700 million monthly active users, Tencent can easily connect a huge number of new players to Supercell’s games.美国没有真正与腾讯类似的这种互联网集团公司。因为中国互联网广告增长缓慢,该公司便利用游戏从旗下大获成功的即时通讯和社交媒体产品中赚钱。通过月活跃用户超七亿的即时通讯应用微信,腾讯可以轻而易举地将大量新玩家同Supercell的游戏连接起来。Tencent is hoping to retain the huge number of players as well as the engineers behind the games. Supercell has been able to chalk up a string of gaming successes, mostly by giving top talent a greater amount of independence to develop projects, experts say. But the Finnish gaming giant’s engineers could choose to leave if they are not given the same independence they enjoyed under SoftBank.腾讯希望留住大量玩家和那些游戏背后的工程师。专家称,Supercell能够在游戏领域取得一连串的胜利主要是因为它允许顶尖人才在项目开发中享有更多的独立自主权。但如果享受不到软银控股时的那种独立性,这家芬兰游戏巨头的工程师可能会选择离开。To that end, executives at Tencent and Supercell emphasized in a conference call that Supercell would keep its autonomy.为了达到留人的目的,腾讯和Supercell在一次电话会议上强调,Supercell将保留自主权。“We would say it makes a lot of sense for them to stay independent,” Martin Lau, president of Tencent, said on the call. “What is making them great, we want to preserve.”“我们想说的是,让他们保持独立非常明智,”腾讯总裁刘炽平在会议上说。“对于那些让他们取得成功的特色,我们希望保留。”Ilkka Paananen, the chief executive of Supercell, said Tencent’s track record of allowing Riot to build out League of Legends on its own was reassuring.Supercell首席执行官伊尔卡·帕纳宁(Ilkka Paananen)表示,腾讯允许Riot独立发展《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)的过往记录消除了这方面的担忧。Tencent said that Supercell employees would receive long-term incentive plans. Such an offer, analysts said, would signal that Tencent realizes that it owes the value of the company’s games to the large number of players and to Supercell’s game design prowess.腾讯表示,Supercell的员工会收到长期激励计划。分析人士称,这类待遇表明腾讯意识到,Supercell的游戏的价值有赖于规模庞大的玩家群体和该公司在游戏设计方面的高超才智。The acquisition also represents the latest push by large internet companies into the fast-growing mobile gaming industry, which had a combined revenue of almost billion last year, according to Newzoo.这笔收购交易也代表着大型互联网公司进军快速增长的移动游戏行业的最新案例。据Newzoo称,去年移动游戏行业收入总额接近350亿美元。Companies like Supercell and Rovio, a Finnish counterpart that is behind the Angry Birds franchise, were once able to create hit after hit with smartphone games. But the increased competition for consumers’ attention, analysts say, has made it more difficult to break through with new games.像Supercell和芬兰另一家游戏公司、《愤怒的小鸟》(Angry Birds)系列背后的开发商Rovio这种公司,曾经能够凭借智能手机游戏创造一个又一个成功。但分析人士称,争夺消费者的竞争加剧,导致新游戏取得成功的难度加大。Faced with such cutthroat rivalries, independent gaming studios are being taken over by larger companies that can outspend the competition. Mobile gaming has become such a big business that even established players like Supercell need flush financial backers to fund their expansion.面对这种残酷的竞争,独立游戏公司纷纷被更大的公司收购。这些大公司拥有足够财力,可以压倒对手。移动游戏这个市场变得如此之大,以至于连Supercell这样的老牌竞争主体都需要财力雄厚的后台为自己的扩张提供资金。“You need very deep pockets to play in this field,” said Mr. Warman, of Newzoo. “So if Tencent wants to play in this area, it has to be willing to pay top dollar.”“财力得非常雄厚,才能在这个领域参与竞争,”Newzoo的沃曼说。“所以腾讯如果想在这个行业参与竞争,就得愿意大手笔花钱。”King Digital, the British-Swedish gaming company behind the Candy Crush franchise, for example, was bought by Activision Blizzard last year for .9 billion, in part to help the larger gaming company expand its global reach.比如,开发出了糖果粉碎传奇(Candy Crush)系列的英国和瑞典合资公司国王数码(King Digital),去年被规模比它大的游戏公司动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)以59亿美元的价格收购。这笔交易在一定程度上是为了帮助后者扩展自己的全球影响力。Mr. Hou said he was excited about the prospect of new Chinese features, but he warned that players were also worried because Tencent has a reputation for wringing money out of games.候棣说,他对可能会出现中国元素兴奋不已,但他告诫称玩家也很担心,因为腾讯有从游戏上大肆捞钱的名声。Julianna Wu, a Hong Kong college student who plays Clash Royale, another popular Supercell title, with her boyfriend for about two hours a day, echoed those worries.香港大学生朱莉安娜·吴每天会和男朋友打两个小时的《皇室战争》(Clash Royale)。这是Supercell推出的另一款备受欢迎的游戏。她也表达了这种担心。“Tencent buying the company may not be good for poor users like me who don’t have money to spend,” she said. “I’m worried it will become a game that only rich users are good at.”“腾讯收购这家公司可能会对我这种没钱的穷用户不利,”她说。“我担心它会变成一款只适合有钱人的游戏。” /201606/450601

Robots are not only for fun and games, it#39;s also a very serious industry in China.机器人不仅是为了和游戏,它在中国也是一个非常严肃的产业。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the development plan for the robotics industry (2016-2020).日前,工信部、国家发改委、财政部联合发布了《机器人产业发展规划(2016-2020年)》(规划)。The plan lays out the industry#39;s 5 tasks. Key breakthrough products, key components, significant improvement of robot reliability, market share and leading enterprises#39; competitiveness.据悉,该计划列出了该产业的5项任务,分别是推进重大标志性产品率先突破、关键零部件的发展、机器人可靠性的重要改进、提升市场占有率以及提升龙头企业的竞争力。China plans to triple its annual production of robots used in the manufacturing sector to 100,000 in five years, according to the plan. China is also aiming to sell more than RMB30b worth of service robots by 2020 amid surging demand in the healthcare, education and entertainment sectors.根据规划,我国计划在5年内将工业机器人年产量增加两倍至10万台;把握医疗、教育、领域对务机器人的需求不断增长的趋势,到2020年务机器人年销售收入超过300亿元。The plan details the growth of the robotics industry for the 13th Five-Year Plan period with a view to increasing the quality of equipment, said Xin Guobin, the vice-minister of industry and information technology, on last Tuesday.工信部副部长辛国斌上周二表示,规划着眼于提升设备质量,对;十三五;期间我国机器人产业的发展作出具体部署。 /201605/441086

Researchers at the University of Bristol have found a means of creating a battery capable of generating clean electricity for five millennia.英国布里斯托大学的研究人员日前发现了一种可产生够使用5000年的清洁能源电池的制造方法。Scientists found that by heating graphite blocks - used to house uranium rods in nuclear reactors - much of the radioactive carbon is given off as a gas.这一成果是科学家们通过加热石墨块发现的,这种石墨块是核反应堆中用来嵌入铀棒的,其中放射性碳大部分会变成气体释放出来。This can then be gathered and turned into radioactive diamonds using a high-temperature chemical reaction, in which carbon atoms are left on the surface in small, dark-colored diamond crystals.然后这些碳气体被收集起来,利用高温化学反应,可以转化为放射性金刚石,碳原子以小小的黑色金刚石晶体的形式沉积于表面。These man-made diamonds produce a small electrical charge when placed near a radioactive source.当被置于一个放射源附近的时候,这些人造金刚石能够产生一个小电荷。The radioactive diamonds are then encased safely within a layer of non-radioactive diamond. The surface of a complete diamond emits less radiation than a banana.这些放射性金刚石随后被安全地包裹进一个非放射性金刚石层。因此形成的金刚石电池组表面发出的辐射量比香蕉还低。The Bristol scientists have aly created a working diamond battery from nickel-63, a radioactive isotope more stable than carbon-14, which is prevalent in nuclear waste.布里斯托的科学家们用镍-63制造出有效的金刚石电池。镍-63是另一种放射性同位素,比碳-14还稳定,在核废料中十分普遍。They will create their first carbon-14 batteries in the New Year.在新年的时候,科学家们将制作出第一批碳-14电池。;There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation,; said Tom Scott, Professor in Materials at the University of Bristol Interface Analysis Centre.布里斯托大学界面分析中心材料学教授汤姆·斯科特表示:“这种电池没有活动部件,不排放废气,也不需要维护,就是直接发电。”;By encapsulating radioactive material inside diamonds, we turn a long-term problem of nuclear waste into a nuclear-powered battery and a long-term supply of clean energy.;“通过将放射性材料封入金刚石,我们就把核废料这个长期问题变成了核电池,长期提供清洁能源。” /201612/483477

China#39;s Sunway TaihuLight has unsurprisingly taken the crown of the world#39;s fastest machine again, according to the latest edition of the semiannual Top 500 list of supercomputers released last Monday.最新一期超级计算机500强榜单于上周一对外发布。这个每半年发布一次的榜单显示,我国;神威·太湖之光;不出意料地再次成为全球运算速度最快的机器。The massive supercomputer, built entirely using processors designed and made in China, made its first public appearance in June, when it easily dethroned the former champion, Tianhe-2, also a Chinese system but built based on Intel chips.这台大型超级计算机全部使用我国自主设计、制造的处理器打造而成,今年6月首次公开亮相时,它轻松将;天河二号;挤下超算冠军的宝座。;天河二号;也是中国研发的系统,但使用的是英特尔芯片。TaihuLight is capable of performing 93 million billion calculations per second (petaflop/s). That#39;s almost three times as fast as Tianhe-2, which had claimed No. 1 spot in the Top500 list for the past three years.;太湖之光;可以进行每秒9.3亿亿次的浮点运算,几乎是;天河二号;运算速度的3倍。在过去3年中,;天河二号;一直稳居500强榜单榜首。That means a Chinese supercomputer has topped the rankings for eight times in a row, indicating the rise of China in the high performance computing field.这意味着,我国超级计算机已连续8次蝉联该榜单冠军,显示了我国在高性能计算领域的崛起。In the previous list released in June, China overtook the ed States in the number of total supercomputers installed. That was first time that the ed States has not dominated this category since the list was started 23 years ago.在今年六月分发布的前一次榜单中,在超级计算机的总数量上中国超过了美国。这也是自23年前该榜单首次发布之后,美国第一次未能统治这一范畴。This time, the number of systems installed in China increased to 171 from 168 on the last list, but the ed States also made ;a slight recovery; and now has 171 systems, up from 165 in the previous list.而这一次,中国超级计算机的总量从上次的168台增加到了171台,不过美国也有了轻微的复苏,从上次的165台增加到了171台。 /201611/479599

We live in an age where if we#39;re unsure of a fact, we can just Google it.我们生活在这样一个年代:有事拿不准,就去找谷歌。And it appears many people ask the search engine some strange questions and rely on it to provide guidance in the event of an existential crisis, asking #39;when will I die?#39; and #39;why are we here?#39;似乎许多人都会向搜索引擎提些稀奇古怪的问题,还在遭遇生存危机时指望它提供指导意见,比如问“我何时会死去呢”以及“我们存在的意义是什么”。Thousands of people ask Google if they are pregnant, whether pigs sweat and where to hide a dead body, every month.每个月都有数千人询问谷歌自己是否怀了,猪会流汗吗以及往哪儿藏尸。The most popular question on the pictorial chart, created by marketing agency Digitaloft is: #39;Am I pregnant?#39;在营销机构Digitaloft制作的图表上,最热搜的问题是:“我怀了吗?”A staggering 90,500 women ask the search engine this question every month, presumably hoping it can provide an answer in lieu of a pregnancy test.每月竟有90500位女性搜索这个问题,大概是希望谷歌能代替验测试,给出个。The second and third most popular questions on the list are: #39;How do I get home?#39; and #39;are aliens real?#39;列表上排在第二、第三位的最热门问题是:“我怎么回家?”和“真的有外星人吗?”While the first question may seem downright daft, a box pops up allowing users in input their postcode or zipcode, to help them with their journey, but unfortunately the search engine is not able to beat Nasa in its quest to find alien life, which it hopes to do before 2025.尽管前一个问题可能看起来蠢透了,但有个窗口会跳出来,让用户输入他们家的邮政编码,帮助他们回家。只可惜在寻找外星生命方面,搜索引擎无法超越美国太空总署,而后者希望在2025年之前发现外星生命。Of course many people use Google as a digital doctor, searching for answers to embarrassing ailments. So it#39;s no surprise users ask it bizarre questions about their body.当然,许多人把谷歌当成网络医生来使用,为一些尴尬的病症搜寻解决办法。因此,用户问一些有关身体的诡异问题也就不奇怪了。According to the chart, 49,500 people a month ask whether passing wind burns calories, but unfortunately the myth this bodily function burns 67 calories is false.图表显示,每月有49500人问放屁是否燃烧卡路里,但很抱歉,这一身体机能可消耗67卡路里的传说是假的。Some 22,200 are curious as to why men have nipples, while a more troubled 4,400 people a month Google #39;why does my bellybutton smell?#39;约22200人好奇为什么男性有乳头,而每月有超过4400个倍感烦心的人问谷歌“我的肚脐为什么有气味?”Worryingly, 3,600 people a month ask whether men have periods, with another 2,900 querying whether men can become pregnant, displaying a rather poor grasp of biology.每月有3600人焦虑不安,问男性是否有经期,而另有2900人求解男人能否怀,这都显示出生物知识的极度匮乏。A whopping 49,500 people ask the search engine #39;when will I die#39; every month and it seems users are just as clueless when it comes to animals.每月,多达49500人问搜索引擎“我何时会死”,且似乎在有关动物的问题上,人们简直一无所知。Some 18,100 people ask Google whether penguins have knees every month, 8,100 want to know if pigs sweat and 2,900 are curious whether worms have eyes – they don#39;t.每个月约18100人问谷歌企鹅有膝盖吗,8100人想知道猪会否流汗,2900人好奇蠕虫有没有眼睛——它们没有。An insecure 2,900 people every month ask the search engine #39;does my dog love me?#39; every month.每月还有2900个缺乏安全感的人问搜索引擎“我的爱我吗”。Other popular but worrying questions people ask Google every month, include #39; how do I hide the dead body? – with 480 queries and #39;what happens if I drink blood?#39; with 880 queries a month.另有一些热门提问挺让人担忧,其中包括“如何藏尸”——480次搜索,“我要是喝了血会怎样”——一个月内有880次搜索。Some 800 people a month ask Google #39;can I marry my cousin?#39; according to the infographic, meaning 10,560 people a year might be considering popping the question to a relative.根据图表,每月约有800人问谷歌“我可以和表亲结婚吗”,这意味着每年可能有10560人考虑向某个亲戚求婚。Others are in search of answers to life#39;s mysteries, with 8,100 people asking Google #39;why are we here?#39; every month and the same number asking if the tooth fairy is real.其他一些人则追问生命的奥秘。每月有8100人问谷歌“我们存在的意义是什么”,还有同样数量的人请教是不是真有牙仙。 /201608/457871

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