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2017年10月20日 05:55:48

临安市人民医院牙科中心听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Nothings stopping Donald Trump from bullying businesses.He bashes Ford Motor and Carrier, the air-conditioning maker, for shipping jobs to Mexico. He accuses Boeing of using contracts for a new Air Force One to rip off American taxpayers. He asks for a list of all U.S. companies planning to move jobs outside the country.All of which shows a president-elect using his new bully pulpit to bend business to his will — and strengthen his populist chops in the industrial Midwest.He tweets that Team Trump plans to ;substantially reduce taxes and regulations; on business. He says any company that leaves for another country, fires employees, builds a new plant overseas and then tries to sell products back home is, in all capital letters, WRONG.Teddy Roosevelt, another New York Republican who challenged business, would be proud. Trump is taking aim at the CEO class because he can, because he thinks its necessary, and because its popular with the American people.Any CEO whose products and workforce flow across international borders is on notice: either demonstrate your bias to build and employ inside the ed States, or risk public browbeating by the new president in 140 characters.Trumps two exceptions appear to be foreign-owned companies that compete with U.S. companies and import foreign-made goods into the country. And, of course, Trump-branded products made overseas where costs are lower and sold here.The president-elect is not the first to nakedly wield the implied power of the office to achieve politically preferred results; hes just doing it before his inauguration. President Barack Obama did it with his handling of the Detroit automakers and Wall Street in the aftermath of the global financial meltdown. President Reagan did it early in his first term, and so did JFK with his muscling of Big Steel.Trumps argument to business is that American labor becomes more affordable and can stay put if corporate taxes decline, economic growth accelerates, and the overall cost of doing business recedes.Its an if-come proposition for business leaders whove witnessed more than a few politicians make promises they never delivered. But its the basket of carrots Trump is offering business to avoid his rhetorical stick.Trumps tack scores points with Joe and Jane Lunchbucket, too. Theyve waited decades for a politician willing to call CEOs on labor arbitrage that almost always works in favor of foreign workers at the expense of Americans. It also bridges partisan divides and regional differences, aligning the likes of his Trumpists with Bernies Sandernistas.This being the heart of the industrial heartland, the downsides around here to such high-level interference are a distant second to the fact that Trump is prepared to stand athwart global capital flows and yell stop in the name of American workers and their communities.If you dont think that pays political dividends, then you arent paying attention to the roaring stock market and to the message sent loud and clear by the Midwest on Nov. 8.201612/482819杭州余杭区冷光美白治疗多少钱Subject:Never look down on people less superior than you. 迷你对话A: Jame, you should not look down on people less superior thank you. You hurt the dustman just now.Jane,你不要轻视不如你的人。你刚才伤到那个清洁工了。B: Shut up! It is none of your business.闭嘴。这不关你的事情。 地道表达 look down on 1. 解词释义Look down是“看不起,低估”的意思。Look down on sb. or sth. 表示“轻视,蔑视某人或某事”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Dont look down on the role women can play.不要小看妇女的作用。e.g. I wish you wouldnt look down on this kind of work.我希望你不要看不起这种工作。e.g. We must not look down upon those who have lagged behind.我们不应该瞧不起后进的人。e.g. They were look down upon in the old society.在旧社会,他们是被人看不起的。 Ps 1: superior的意思是“比......好的”。例如:We have a relationship infinitely superior to those of many of our friends.我们之间的关系远比我们许多朋友之间的关系好得多。 Ps 2: shut up是“闭嘴,不要说话”的意思。例如:Shut up ! You re just talking nonsense.住嘴!你简直是胡说八道。 /201407/311296Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.旅行能使人谦逊。你会发现你生活的范围在世界上是多么的微小。单词记忆:modest adj. 谦虚的,谦逊的; 适度的,适中的; 端庄的; 羞怯的;tiny adj.极小的,微小的; n.小孩子occupy vt.占领; 使用,住在…; 使从事,使忙碌; 任职; /201608/461007杭州牙科医院畸形牙价格

杭州纯钛烤瓷牙套费用高吗杭州口腔最好医院在哪里一、边听边学 Listen and Learnnitwit 笨蛋 half-baked 愚蠢的 a piece of cake 轻而易举的事 one for the books 非比寻常 a cinch 轻而易举的事 talk through onersquo;s hat 夸大其词 take with a grain of salt 对某人的话存疑 have egg on onersquo;s face 出丑 二、边听边说 Listen and SpeakA: Hersquo;s a nitwit. What half-baked idea does he have now?他真是傻瓜,到底在想什么蠢事?B: Hersquo;s sure he can become a millionaire by buying 100 lottery tickets. He thinks itrsquo;ll be a piece of cake.他以为买了一百张奖券就可以成为亿万富翁。他想得太简单了。A: Thatrsquo;s one for the books. Itrsquo;s no cinch making money.那是空口说白话,赚钱哪有那么容易?B: He talks through his hat. You have to take everthing he says with a grain of salt.他在说大话,你听他说话得打些折扣。A: Just watch. Hersquo;ll have egg on his face.等着瞧,他会出丑的。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201110/159307朋友们,大家好,因为Nic最近在忙期末考试的事情,所以更新的速度慢了一点,在这里向大家说声不好意思了。今天我们继续来学习美国联邦节假日的后面几个:6.七月四日:美国独立纪念日:Independence Day.这一天呢,即为美国的国庆节。 7.九月的第一个星期一:劳动节:Labor Day.也叫劳工节,是为了表示对劳工的敬意。 8.十一月十一:退伍军人节:Veterans Day.十一月十一号在中国可不是什么“好日子”,俗称光棍节,相信没几个大龄男青年会愿意过这个节。不过在美国,这是为了纪念第一次世界大战结束之日,即1918年11月11日。 9.11月第四个星期四:感恩节:Thanksgiving Day.感恩节是美国人民独创的一个古老节日,也是美国人合家欢聚的节日,因此美国人提起感恩节总是备感亲切。Today there is such a large variety of food to choose from that a Thanksgiving Dinner can feature almost any main course. True, the traditional turkey is still the meat of choice, yet goose, duck, ham, even some of the seas harvests can be used. In place of sweet potatoes, peas, greens, and even more exotic vegetables all make their way to this celebration of Thanksgiving and harvest.如今的感恩节大餐可选的食物可谓五花八门,几乎所有的菜都可以出现在晚餐中。没错,传统的火鸡依旧是肉类的选择,而你还可选用鹅、鸭、火腿以及各种海产品。除了甜土豆之外,豌豆、各种绿色食物甚至国外泊来的蔬菜都成功地登上了感恩节盛宴的饭桌。10.十二月二十五:圣诞节:Christmas Day.相信圣诞节是大家最为熟知的一个美国节日了,所以Nic在这里同样也为大家搜集了许多关于圣诞节的祝福语:1.首先是最简单的:Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐!2.然后是稍微复杂点儿的说:Wishing you a sparkling Christmas.愿你的圣诞光夺目!3.接下来是比较官方的说法:Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.祝福您及您的家人圣诞快乐。4.最后我们欣赏两个十分优美的句子:A Christmas greeting and good wishes to you who is thought about all the year through. Have a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year.始终思念你,捎来圣诞佳节最美好的祝福,祝圣诞快乐。May the bright and festive glow of Christmas candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying Christmas Day and wishing you a New Year that is happy in every way.愿明亮喜庆的圣诞烛光温暖一年中的每个日日夜夜,祝你欢欢喜喜度圣诞, 好啦,今天的节目主要是为了让大家了解美国的联邦节假日,所以内容可能会有一点小枯燥,但是对大家了解美国还是有很大好处的,所以还是请大家牢记这十个节假日的英文说法。下期节目Nic会教大家在美国道别的方式,敬请锁定哦! /201206/188376杭州师范学院附属医院治疗人工植牙的费用特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: Someone’s told me behind closed door that he is very hot-tempered.有人私下对我说他脾气很暴躁。B: I’m afraid what you were told is not quite right, if you could meet him in person, and you’ll know he’s very agreeable and capable.恐怕这个传闻不太正确,要是能亲自见到他,你就会知道他不仅平易近人而且很有能力。A: Really? I hope to meet him soon.真的吗?我希望能早点见到他。第二、对话精讲1. 核心地道表达【核心短语】behind closed door【解词释义】behind closed door原指“与外界隔绝的”,可以引申为“秘密地,私下地,在背地地”。相当于in private。Although (he was) cheerful in company, he was often sad behind closed door.虽然和友人在一起是愉快的,但他私下却常常很悲伤。What he says behind closed door is enough to make even Mrs. Thatchers hair curl.他在私下讲的话,连撒切尔夫人听了也会吓一跳。Will you let me speak a word or two with you behind closed door?你肯让我同你私下谈两句话吗?【典型例句4】The negotiation is going on behind closed door.谈判正在秘密地进行。2. 词海拾贝hot temper:坏脾气,丑脾气;急躁的脾气; 火性Hes got a hot temper.他脾气急躁。Why did you get a rise out of him? He is famous for his hot temper.你为什么要去撩惹他呢 ?他可是出了名的爆脾气!It is so difficult to talk to him because of his hot temper.他脾气火爆,很难跟他沟通。in person:亲自It gave me a big thrill to meet my favourite author in person.能见到我最喜欢的作者本人使我感到兴奋不已。It is highly regrettable that the minister cannot be here in person.很遗憾,部长不能亲自出席。I cant attend the meeting in person, but I am sending someone to speak for me.我不能亲自出席会议, 但我将派人代我发言。 /201309/258281杭州现在矫正牙齿多少钱

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