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Microsoft#39;s AI has published the first-ever poetry collection written by an AI.日前,微软的人工智能出版了有史以来第一部由人工智能编写的诗集。The poems were published on May 19 by Beijing-based Cheers Publishing, which claimed that the book is the first one written by an AI in human history.这部诗集由北京湛庐文化出版社于5月19日出版,该出版社声称这本书是人类历史上由人工智能创作的第一本书。The AI, named Xiaoice (literally: ;Microsoft Little Ice;), wrote more than 10,000 poems in 2,760 hours. Of those, 139 were selected for the collection, titled ;Sunshine Misses Windows.;该人工智能名为“小冰”,她在2760小时内写了一万多首诗。其中有139首入选了这本名为《阳光失了玻璃窗》的诗集。The book has 10 chapters, each highlighting a human emotion such as loneliness, anticipation or joy.这本书共有10章,每个章节都突出展现了一种人类的情感,如孤独、期待或喜悦。The AI previously studied all the modern poems of some 519 poets dating as far back as the 1920s. For a human writer to go through such intensive preparation and study, it would take about 100 years.该人工智能学习了自20世纪20年代以来的519位诗人的现代诗歌。对于一个人类作家来说,这样密集的准备和学习大约需要100年的时间。Since February, the AI has been publishing its poems on several online forums under 27 aliases. Few people have guessed that the words were written by a robot.自今年2月起,该人工智能就开始用27个化名在一些网上论坛发表诗歌。几乎没有人会想到这些是出自一个机器人之手。;Every time it sees a picture, it gets inspired and creates modern poems. The process is basically the same as for a real poet,; said Dong Huan, chief producer of the book.本书的主要作者董欢说:“每当它看到一张图片,它就有了灵感,就能创作出现代诗歌。”Dong added that the collection kept all the original wording, including small errors produced by Xiaoice, Yangtze Evening News reported.据《扬子晚报》报道,董欢还表示,该诗集保持了原作,包括小冰创作中的一些小错误。;It may lag behind in some ways, the same as any inexperienced poet. Some poems may even sound repetitive. We want to present our ers with the 100 percent authentic AI output,; said Dong.董欢说道:“它在某些方面可能不够成熟,就像一些资历尚浅的新手一样。有些诗甚至看起来是重复的。我们想向读者展示100%的人工智能的真实作品。” /201706/513647

  We've heard the classic expression, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Chickens hatch from the eggs, but eggs are laid by the chickens, arousing endless debate over each side of the arguments.I've come up with an equally controversial expression to perturb your mind, "which comes first, the success or the happiness?" Before you jump the ropes, I wanted to warn you that arguments could be made to prove which gives rise to the other. Success comes from within, knowing the true worth of our human potential.I have several profound reasons to prove that happiness leads to the success.Positivity is the mother of success: We all know that positivity leads to attitude and unwavering faith to achieve success. In the history of the human race, no negative person has ever climbed the peaks of success; happiness is a virtue of positivity. Without happiness, positivity dies a horrible death.It's all in my head: Success begins with self-affirmation. It's that staunch belief that when I love what I do, success has to come. When the mood is positive, we give rise to our self-esteem leading to relentless pursuit of success.I succeed when others succeed: It is a known fact that success comes to those who invest in other people's success. Being happy is a prerequisite to have a pro-social attitude leading to generosity with time and money.I'm happy, so I am healthy: Happiness tends to instill positivity towards life goals including a healthy mind and healthy relationships. With the virtue of healthy mind, body and soul, I now am focused to achieve success.Be confident: I've noticed that staying under sun energizes my mood and willingness to pursue my goals. Similarly, with happiness, I get an abundance of confidence in my skills and in my resilience towards temporary failures to achieve success.Constancy of purpose: Success comes to those who have a definite purpose. Their relentless efforts towards definite purpose come from happiness within to affirm that victory is the only acceptable outcome.Success holds no limits: Happiness leads to creative vision that seeks achievement without limits. My success is limited only to the limits I impose on my thoughts. With happiness, I take my self-esteem to unseen heights to achieve success beyond my wildest expectations.In the moment: Enjoying every moment with focus of mind, body and soul leads to happiness that shows in the activity that we engage in. I tend to be at my best when my mind is neither engaged in the past failures nor in the future fantasies. I am giving all I have to the task at hand with unbound happiness. I am destined to arrive at success.Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.- Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) Preeminent leader of Indian nationalism.Our profound view towards success and happiness shapes our destiny. You may focus solely on success and sacrifice happiness with the belief that happiness will follow success. That may prove to be wrong; sharing laughter with family, helping others, being personable and establishing social relations are all forms of happiness, essential to the health of you success.You may have arguments from the other side of the fence. If so, I'd love to hear why you think success gives rise to happiness? 我们都听过那个经典的命题,“先有鸡还是先有蛋?”鸡是蛋孵出来的,但是蛋又是鸡生下来的,就这两个论点引发了无休无止的争论。我提出了一个同样会让你困扰的具有争议性的命题,“现有成功还是先有幸福?”在你?之前,我想告诉你这个论点是用来明谁产生了谁。成功来源于内在,成功让我们得知人类潜能的真实价值。我有几个很有说力的理由来明是幸福带来了成功。乐观是成功的母亲:我们都知道乐观带来实现成功的态度和坚定不移的信念。在人类历史上,没有一个悲观的人曾攀登上成功的高峰。幸福是乐观的原动力。没有幸福,乐观的态度就会胎死腹中。一切都取决于我自己的想法:成功来源于自我肯定。我有着一个坚定的信念,那就是当我热爱我所做的工作时,成功自然而然就来了。当心情很乐观开朗时,会产生自尊,自尊会引发对成功无休止的追求。当其他人成功时我也成功:那些投资他人的成功的人自己也会成功,这是一个人所共知的事实。幸福是保持一种对社会的正面心态的前提,这种心态会使得人们对时间和金钱的慷慨。我幸福,所以我健康:幸福会给生活注入乐观,包括健康的头脑和人际关系。有了健康的头脑、身体和灵魂,我现在可以更专注于追求成功了。保持自信:我注意到在阳光底下使我更有心情和意愿来追求我的目标。同样地,拥有幸福,我从我的技能和对暂时失败的恢复力中得到了许多自信来实现成功。恒久的目标:成功只给那些有些明确目标的人。他们对既定目标所付出的持久努力来源于内在的幸福感,确信胜利是唯一可能的结果。成功无界限:幸福感带来充满创造力的视野追求无止尽的成就感。我的成功只会被我自身的想法所局限。拥有幸福,我便拥有自信去达到从未企及过的超越我想象的高度。活在当下:全身心享受每时每刻带来幸福感,这在我们所参与的活动中将有所体现。当我的思绪既不沉溺在过去的失败中、也不沉浸在对将来的幻想中时,我的状态最佳。我满心愉悦地尽全力做好手边的工作。我注定要成功。幸福就是当你所思、所言、所做都处于和谐的状态。—甘地(1869-1948),印度民族独立运动的伟大领袖。我们对成功和幸福的深刻见解将会决定我们的命运。你可能会只专注于成功,牺牲了幸福,你认为幸福会随着成功而来。那被明是错误的;和家人分享欢笑、帮助别人、举止优雅、建立良好的社交关系都会带来幸福,对你的成功至关重要。你可能会有不一样的见解。如果是这样的话,我很想听听为什么你认为幸福来源于成功? /200805/39979



  Tencent, China#39;s biggest online entertainment and social network company, has reported a 47% jump in second-quarter profits. Net income for the quarter stood at 10.9bn yuan (.6bn, 1.23bn pound), beating analysts#39; expectations.中国最大的网络及社交网络巨头腾讯公司发布报告称,第二季度其盈利增长了47%。其本季度净收入为109亿人民币(约合16亿美元,12.3亿英镑),打破了分析人士的预期。Revenue grew at its fastest rate in more than three years, the firm said, climbing 52% to 35.7bn yuan. Tencent is best known for its messaging app WeChat, which dominates the local market.据腾讯公司表示,本季度总收入的增长速度为三年多以来的最高值,增长了52%,达到了357亿元。而腾讯最著名的是该公司旗下主导了整个中国市场的通讯软件--微信。Out of China#39;s three internet titans, the online gaming and social media company Tencent is the biggest, but also the least known in the West.在中国的三大互联网巨头里,腾讯是网游和社交媒体行业的老大,但是同样也是在西方最不为人所知的。Tencent has not attracted the same global attention as its rivals: Alibaba, with charismatic millionaire entrepreneur Jack Ma at the helm, and Baidu, the local equivalent of Google.腾讯没有获得像其竞争对手那样的全球关注。阿里由富有人格魅力的百万富翁企业家马云掌舵,而百度则相当于中国的谷歌。However, its WeChat service is just about the biggest app there is in China. According to many Chinese users, it is way ahead of anything people use elsewhere in the world.但是,腾讯旗下的微信务几乎是中国最大的软件。据许多中国用户表示,微信领先于其他国家使用的所有软件。Its key element is the integration of a wide spectrum of online services all bundled in one single app.其关键因素是它将许多互联网务都融合捆绑进了一个软件里。WeChat offers just about everything from messaging to calling, mobile games, food deliveries and online shopping, payments, even down to splitting the bill when you#39;re out with friends.微信几乎能提供一切务,其中包括发信息、打电话、手游、外卖、网购、付款,甚至在你和朋友外出时还能够用来平分账单。The app has more than 700 million people using it and has an unrivalled dominance in the Chinese market, but it is not Tencent#39;s main source of revenue.这款应用的用户达到了7亿人,在中国市场它有着无可比拟的市场主导优势,但是它却不是腾讯的主要收入来源。;Online gaming has long been the driver for Tencent and it#39;s key to understanding the revenue mix,; Duncan Clark, technology analyst and chief executive of consultancy BDA in Beijing, told the B.北京咨询机构BDA技术分析师兼CEO邓肯·克拉克接受B采访时说道:“网游一直是腾讯收入最重要的来源,并且也是理解腾讯综合收益的关键部分。” /201608/462883

  Samsung is resuming sales of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in South Korea following a safety recall. They are set to return to Europe on 28 October.在经历了一场安全召回之后,三星电子重新开始在韩国销售其Galaxy Note 7智能手机,并且这些手机预计将于10月28日重返欧洲市场。The company asked customers to return their handsets after some users reported their phone had ;exploded; during or after charging.此前因一些用户反映Note 7手机在充电时或者充电后发生爆炸,随后三星公司要求顾客退回手机。The firm said that battery problems were behind phones catching fire. Samsung had sold about 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices across the world before the recall.该公司随后表示,手机着火是由于电池故障。在宣布召回之前,三星Note 7在全球已经售出了250万部。In South Korea about 80% of those sold have been returned to be replaced. In Europe and North America the figure is lower but still way above 50%, according to company sources.在韩国本土就有约80%的手机已获退回置换。据集团消息来源称,欧洲和北美的数字则较低,然而仍远远高于50%。Samsung insiders say that 95% of the people returning their handset are opting to continue with a Samsung model. There is - they say - huge customer loyalty.三星内部人员称,95%退回手机的顾客均选择继续使用三星的其他型号。顾客的忠诚度--据他们称--相当的高。But there has clearly been a big cost, one on which a monetary value is impossible to determine exactly.但这起事件的代价显然是沉重的,货币价值难以准确测定。Firstly, Samsung has lost a month of its carefully planned sales pitch in the campaign against Apple and its new iPhone 7.首先,三星精心策划一个月、旨在抗衡美国苹果及其iPhone 7的营销计划化为乌有。Secondly, the brand has been tarnished. Samsung has prided itself on making the most of its components. It doesn#39;t outsource as much as its rivals do. That boast of superior quality sounds hollower after the recall.其次,品牌被玷污了。三星一直以自家生产绝大多数零部件为荣,不像它的对手般处处外包。那些对质量上乘的自我吹嘘在召回事件之后,听起来变得更加空虚。Thirdly, even if most of the offending phones have been returned and replaced, substantial numbers are still out there.第三,即便绝大多数出问题的手机已经退换,市场上的问题手机还有许多。 /201610/469622From: 亚瑟的双语客 (Author: Arthur Zhang)Now most of the workers and public servants work from 9 am to 5 pm. Some of them even work from 8 am or 8:30 am to 5 pm. However, according to the global Internet survey done by the UK Sleep Council, the Mediterranean siesta was the right idea all along. The UK Sleep Council called on the country’s bosses to end nine-to-five working in favor of more flexible hours. They believe what would really pump up the pulse of worker productivity is a nice afternoon nap, rather than those bonuses and incentives. Forty-one percent of the 12,000 people who responded to the council’s survey said they were most productive in the morning, while 38 percent said they hit their stride in the evening. “The implication is that the majority are not fully alert in the middle of the day – the traditional time for a siesta in hot countries.” said sleep expert Dr. Chris Idzikowskii. “We must conclude from this survey that the traditional nine-to-five working day does not suit the majority.” He suggested that allowing workers to follow their natural sleeping habits would actually benefit employers by allowing them to expand their working hours and be more productive. Fortunately, being a college lecturer, I don’t have to go to work everyday. I only work three days a week, but during the three days I work really long hours and have no time for a wee little siesta. I’m usually so tired and sleepy in the afternoon, which really affects the vitality of my classes. I used to feel very guilty and sorry for the students of the afternoon classes, but then I excused myself by thinking I’m not a man wearing his shorts outside the long pants (superman does). I strongly support Dr Chris Idzikowskii’s idea for two reasons. One is when people have flexible working hours they could reach their highest productivity. On top of that, flexible working hours means that people don’t have to work all at the same time, in that way we could avoid traffic congestions and jams. Therefore it’s really killing two birds (maybe 7 or 8 birds) with one stone! What do you reckon, guys? 朝九晚五的工作是一种折磨现在大多数的工人和公职人员从上午9:00工作到下午5:00点,一些人甚至从上午8:00或8:30工作到下午5:00,但是根据由英国睡眠(调查)委员会所做的全球外戚农工商调查,地中海国家的午间小憩一直(被认为)是个好主意.英国睡眠(调查)委员会要求老板们结束朝九晚五的工作方式,而选择灵活的时间.他们相信真正能够提高工人生产积极性的是一个很好的午间小睡而不是那些奖金和鼓励. 在12000人回应的调查中,有41%说他们在早上更有效率,38%说他们在晚上才能使出干劲. Chris Idzikowskii士说"调查显示大多数人在中午不完全活跃-这个时间是炎热的国家的午休时间""我们刻意从这个调查中得出结论:大多数人不适合朝九晚五的工作时间"他建议允许工人们按照自己自然的睡眠习惯,从而延长工作时间,这样真正对老板有好处也更有生产力. 作为一个大学讲师我很幸运不用每天去上班,我一周只要工作三天,但是在这三天我工作很长很长时间没有一点时间可以小睡一下.下午我通常感觉又累又困,从而影响了课堂的活力.我常常对下午课上的学生感到很抱歉,但是我想我又不是超人以此原谅了自己. 我有两个理由强烈持士的观点.一个是当人们有灵活的时间的时候他们的效率能达到最高.另一个原因是灵活的时间对意味着人们不必在同样的时间工作,这样可以避免交通拥挤和堵塞.这真是一箭双雕(也许是更多)!你认为呢? /200801/25617

  Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla Motors, brushed aside criticisms of corporate over-reach and conflicts of interest yesterday on Monday as he unveiled an agreement to pay .6bn in stock for SolarCity, the solar power company where he is also chairman.特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)首席执行官埃伦#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)周一没有理会有关企业伸手过长和利益冲突的批评,他公布了一项协议,将用价值26亿美元的股票收购由他担任董事长的太阳能发电公司SolarCity。The electric car and space entrepreneur drew criticism when he first publicly proposed a deal in June, including from Wall Street analysts who have usually been among the biggest boosters of his hugely ambitious ventures.今年6月,这位电动汽车和航天企业家首次公开提议这笔交易,引发外界批评,包括通常对他雄心勃勃的计划最为持的华尔街分析师们。The attempt to create what Mr Musk described as the first vertically-integrated sustainable energy conglomerate has drawn widesp scepticism. Analysts continued to question yesterday wether the deal would distract Tesla at one of the most important moments in its history, as it tries to overcome a spate of production problems and massively increase its car production.创建马斯克所称的首家垂直整合的可持续能源综合企业的尝试,招致了广泛批评。分析人士昨日继续质疑这笔交易是否将在特斯拉史上最重要的时刻之一分散其注意力,该公司正努力解决一系列生产问题,以便大规模增加汽车产量。Given Mr Musk’s personal stake of around 20 per cent in both companies, the offer also raised questions about whether he was using Tesla to bail out the struggling power company. whose shares had fallen by nearly two-thirds from a year ago. However, the hit that Mr Musk’s Tesla stock suffered when he suggested the deal has more than cancelled out his potential gain from selling SolarCity.鉴于马斯克个人在这两家公司的持股在20%左右,合并提议还让人怀疑他是否在利用特斯拉为这家步履维艰的太阳能发电公司纾困。SolarCity股价较一年前下跌近三分之二。然而,在马斯克提出这笔交易后特斯拉股价遭遇的重创,不止抵消了他从出售SolarCity中可能获得的好处。Addressing accusations of personal conflicts, Mr Musk described media critics as “silly buggers, honestly”. Keeping the two companies separate as they tried to integrate their solar power and electric storage products would create more conflicts of interest than merging them, he said.马斯克回应了关于个人利益冲突的指责,他将媒体人士称为“蠢货,坦率地说”。他说,在这两家公司努力整合太阳能发电和电力存储产品之际,让它们独立运营将比合并它们产生更多的利益冲突。But investors remained underwhelmed by the idea, with Tesla shares dropping 2 per cent when trading opened on Monday. SolarCity’s shares also fell, losing 6.25 per cent after it agreed to an exchange ratio of 0.11 of a Tesla share for each share in the solar company, below the ratio of 0.122-0.131 that Mr Musk had first suggested in June.但投资者依然对这一想法不以为然,特斯拉股票在周一开盘交易时下跌2%。SolarCity股价也出现了下跌,在同意以本公司每股置换0.11股特斯拉股票之后下跌6.25%——这一置换比率低于马斯克最初在6月提议的0.122-0.131倍的比率。The deal also needs the approval of a majority of shareholders on both sides, with Mr Musk agreeing not to vote his shares.该交易还需获得两家公司多数股东的批准,马斯克同意不会用自己的股份进行投票。 /201608/457848

  Human Rights 美国人对人权的看法 The time is 1905. A steamship sails on a vast ocean. "Daddy, will we ever get to America?" asks a weary lad. "Soon, my child, soon," his father replies. "We've been on this ship for weeks. I wish we were back home in Russia," complained the boy. "Son, you know how they persecute Jews there. We can never go back," the father reminded him. "Will things be better in America?" the young boy asked. "I hope so," his father sighed. "Look! The Statue of Liberty!" the boy shouted. "Just like in the picture!" His father smiled. "Yes, my son," he said. "I think she's waving to us." 时间是在一九○五年,一艘汽船航行在浩瀚的大海上。「爹地,我们到底到不到得了美国啊?」一个小男孩疲惫地问道。「快到了,我的孩子,快到了。」他的父亲回答。「我们已经坐了好几个礼拜的船了,我真希望我们现在是在苏俄的家里。」男孩抱怨着。「孩子,在那儿他们怎么迫害犹太人,你是知道的,我们绝对不能回去。」这位父亲提醒着他。「在美国情况会比较好吗?」小男孩问道。「希望如此。」他的父亲叹气道。「你看!自由女神!」男孩喊着:「跟图片里的一模一样!」他的父亲微笑着说:「是啊,孩子。我想她正向我们招手呢。」 America has long been a haven for immigrants from around the world. Until the 19th century, the majority of immigrants were from northern Europe. By the mid-20th century, they were coming from all over the globe. In recent years, scores of refugees from Southeast Asia and Latin America have fled to American shores. Why? To find a sanctuary--a place where human rights are respected. 美国长久以来一直是世界各地移民们的避难所, 在十九世纪之前, 移民主要来自北欧. 到了二十世纪中期, 移民则来自全球各地. 近几年来, 很多来自东南亚和拉丁美洲的难民都逃往美国. 这是为什么呢? 为了要寻找一个避难所 -- 尊重人权的地方. The American idea of respecting human rights came from several sources. First, the colonists had been persecuted and deprived of their rights in the Old World. They realized that people's rights must be preserved. Moreover, the Bible and literature from Greece and Rome taught that people are born with basic rights. English writer John Locke emphasized that governments should protect these rights. As a result, the Declaration of Independence reflected the belief that God created all people equal. The U.S. Constitution included 10 amendments to guarantee citizens' basic rights. This "Bill of Rights" promised freedom of religion, freedom of speech and of the press, the right to bear arms and the right to a fair trial. 美国人尊重人权的概念有几个起源。首先,移民们在欧洲的旧世界中曾被迫害并被剥夺权利,因此他们深觉保护人权的必要。再者,圣经以及希腊罗马文学中都教导他们人类与生俱来的一些基本权利。英国作家约翰?洛克强调政府应保障人民这些权利。于是,独立宣言中便反映出神造世人、生而平等的意念。美国宪法中包含了十项保障国民基本人权的修正案,这些权利法案承诺给予人民信仰的自由、言论及新闻的自由、拥有武器的权利,以及拥有公平审判的权利。 Throughout American history, the belief in individual human rights has influenced government policies and laws. Slavery opponents argued that even slaves had rights as human beings. Finally, after the Civil War, slavery was outlawed. As industries developed, many people protested the poor working conditions. 纵观美国历史,尊重个人人权的信念一直影响着政府的政策和法律。反黑奴政策者认为甚至连奴隶都该拥有作为人的基本权利。终于在美国南北战争之后,法律便禁止奴隶制度的存在。随着工业的发展,很多人抗议不良的工作条件。 Eventually, laws were passed guaranteeing workers fair wages and working hours and prohibiting child labor. The Civil Rights Movement used human rights arguments in the fight against discrimination. Even today, U.S. trade relations with other countries depend on their having a positive human rights record. 最后,终于通过法案保障工人合理的工资、工时、并且禁用童工。在美国民权运动中,也以人权的基本论点来抗议各样的歧视和差别待遇。甚至在今天,美国与其它国家的贸易关系如何,也视对方是否拥有良好的人权记录而定。 Human rights have become a global concern. The cruelty of Nazi Germany illustrated the danger of not protecting human rights. As a result, the ed Nations was established in 1945 with a belief in the basic human rights of all people. Three years later, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document stated that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." Later, groups like Amnesty International were formed to keep an eye out for human rights abuses wherever they occur. 人权已成为全球各国关注的焦点,德国纳粹党的残酷史实即说明了罔顾人权的危险。于是,联合国在一九四五年设立,该组织深信所有人类都应拥有基本人权。三年之后,联合国正式通过世界人权宣言。这一份文件提出「所有人类生而拥有尊严及权利的平等和自由」。稍后,国际特赦组织成立,以监督防止任何违反人权的事件发生。 Most nations in the world today would agree that human beings have basic rights. Of course, different countries have different perspectives about the issue. Some governments feel the need to restrict individual rights to protect the rights of society. They resent being forced to accept America's definition of human rights. But to Americans, no matter how you define the issue, people deserve to be treated like people. 今天,世界上大部分的国家都认同人类应拥有基本的权利。当然,不同的国家会用不同的角度来看这件事。有些政府觉得有必要以限制个人权利来保障社会权利;他们痛恨被迫接受美国的人权定义。然而对美国人而言,无论你如何定义这个主题,只要是人就应该以人的方式对待他。 /200804/33377。



  "You are what you eat." Nutrition experts often use this saying to promote better eating habits. What we put in our mouths does become a part of us. But we can look at this statement another way. What we eat reflects who we are--as people and as a culture. Do you want to understand another culture? Then you ought to find out about its food. Learning about American food can give us a real taste of American culture.   "你吃什么就成为什么样子"营养专家经常使用这句话来倡导更好的饮食习惯,入嘴的东西确实成为我们的一部分.但我们也可以从另一个角度来看这句话,我们所吃的反映出我们自己--不论就人或文化而言.你想了解另一种文化吗?那么你应该去认识他们的食物.认识美国食物可以让我们得知美国文化的精髓。   What is "American food"? At first you might think the answer is easy as pie. To many people, American food means hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and pizza. If you have a "sweet tooth," you might even think of apple pie or chocolate chip cookies. It's true that Americans do eat those things. But are those the only kind of vittles you can find in America?   何谓「美式食物」?乍听之下你可能认为容易得很。对许多人而言,美式食物就是汉堡、热、炸鸡和披萨。如果你是好吃甜食的人,你可能会想到苹果派或巧克力片饼干。美国人确实吃这些东西,但这些就是你在美国唯一找得到的食物吗?   Except for Thanksgiving turkey, it's hard to find a typically "American" food. The ed States is a land of immigrants. So Americans eat food from many different countries. When people move to America, they bring their cooking styles with them. That's why you can find almost every kind of ethnic food in America. In some cases, Americans have adopted foods from other countries as favorites. Americans love Italian pizza, Mexican tacos and Chinese egg rolls. But the American version doesn't taste quite like the original!   除了感恩节火鸡以外,挺难找到典型的美国食物。美国是个移民之地,所以美国人吃的食物来自许多不同的国家,当人们移居美国,他们也将自己的烹调带了进来。那也就是为什么在美国你几乎可以看到所有不同民族的食物。在某些情况中,美国人把外国的食物视为最爱。美国人喜爱意大利的披萨,墨西哥的玉米饼和中国的春卷,但是这些东西的美国版味道却不很道地!   As with any large country, the U.S.A has several distinct regions. Each region boasts its own special style of food. Visit the South and enjoy country-style cooking. Journey through Louisiana for some spicy Cajun cuisine. Take a trip to New England and sample savory seafood dishes. Travel through the Midwest, "the bbasket of the nation," for delicious baked goods. Cruise over to the Southwest and try some tasty Tex-Mex treats. Finish your food tour in the Pacific Northwest with some gourmet coffee.   和许多大国一样,美国有数个截然不同的地区,每个地区都以自己特有的食物夸口。走访美国南部享受乡村式的烹调;到路易斯安纳州品尝辛辣的凯郡式料理;走一趟新英格兰试尝它美味的海鲜;再到中西部「美国的面包之乡」品尝可口的烘培食品;乘船游览至西南部尝试一些好吃的墨式德州小吃,最后到太平洋西北岸,啜饮美食家的咖啡,作为美食之旅的句点。   Americans living at a fast pace often just "grab a quick bite." Fast food restaurants offer people on the run everything from fried chicken to fried rice. Microwave dinners and instant foods make cooking at home a snap. Of course, one of the most common quick American meals is a sandwich. If it can fit between two slices of b, Americans probably make a sandwich out of it. Peanut butter and jelly is an all-time American favorite.   生活在快速步调之下的美国人通常只能「很快地吃几口」。快餐店提供赶时间的人各种食物,从炸鸡到炒饭,应有尽有。微波炉晚餐和实时餐点使得在家烧饭省事又快速。当然,最平常的美式速餐之一就是三明治。任何能夹在两片土司中间的东西,美国人就可以把它作成一份三明治,花生酱和果酱更是一直都深受美国人的喜爱。   Americans on the go also tend to eat a lot of "junk food." Potato chips, candy bars, soft drinks and other goodies are popular treats. Many people eat too many of these unhealthy snacks. But others opt for more healthy eating habits. Some even go "all natural." They refuse to eat any food prepared with chemicals or additives.   忙碌的美国人也趋向于吃一大堆「垃圾食物」。洋芋片、糖果、汽水和其它好吃的东西都颇受欢迎。许多人吃了太多这类不健康的零嘴,但是其它人则选择较健康的饮食习惯,有些人甚至选择「全天然」的食物,他们拒绝吃任何有化学制品或添加物的食物。   American culture is a good illustration of the saying "you are what you eat." Americans represent a wide range of backgrounds and ways of thinking. The variety of foods enjoyed in the U.S. reflects the diversity of personal tastes. The food may be international or regional. Sometimes it's fast, and sometimes it's not so fast. It might be junk food, or maybe it's natural food. In any case, the style is all-American. 美国文化是「你吃什么就成为什么样子」这句话的好写照。美国人代表了范围广泛的背景和想法。在美国可享受到的各式食物正反映出个人品味的多样化。这食物可能是国际性也可能是地区性的;有时是快餐,有时也不见得;它可能是垃圾食物,也可能是天然食品。然而无论如何,它们都是美式的。 /200804/33704

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