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When Masamichi Kogai, the Mazda chief executive, appeared last year together with Akio Toyoda, his Toyota counterpart, the technology tie-up they announced seemed to offer the answer to how Japan’s fifth-largest carmaker would survive in the new era of electrification and self-driving vehicles.去年,当马自达(Mazda)首席执行官小饲雅道(Masamichi Kogai)与丰田(Toyota)首席执行官丰田章男(Akio Toyoda)一起亮相时,他们宣布的技术结盟似乎为日本第五大汽车制造商如何在电气化和无人驾驶汽车的新时代生存下来提供了。Mazda sells 1.5m vehicles a year but is overshadowed both in size and innovation by Toyota, which in 2015 was the world’s largest carmaker, selling more than 10m units, and is a pioneer of both hybrid and fuel-cell technology.马自达每年的汽车销量为150万辆,但在规模和创新方面都不及丰田;丰田是2015年全球最大汽车制造商,销量超过1000万辆,而且是混合动力汽车和燃料电池技术的先驱。Though the alliance is not backed by capital ties, industry watchers see it as a gateway for the sports car maker to join the sprawling Toyota family, which includes Daihatsu, Hino and Subaru-maker Fuji Heavy. 尽管双方的合作没有得到资本合作的持,但行业观察人士认为,此举是这家跑车制造商加入庞大的丰田家族的门户,丰田家族包括大发(Daihatsu)、日野(Hino)和斯巴鲁(Subaru)制造商富士重工(Fuji Heavy)。This month, Suzuki said it may also explore a similar technology partnership with Toyota.上月铃木(Suzuki)表示,可能也会探索与丰田开展类似的技术合作。It’s give and take. 这是一种取舍。We won’t be swallowed up, says the 62-year-old Mr Kogai, speaking at the company’s headquarters in Hiroshima. 我们不会被吞掉。62岁的小饲雅道在马自达广岛总部表示。The building survived the US atomic bomb of 1945 because it was shielded by a mountain. 这座大楼躲过了1945年美国原子弹轰炸的冲击波,因为它正好被山体挡着。The surrounding area was destroyed.当年周边地区都被摧毁。If we can make good cars through an all-Japan co-operation, why not join hands? he says.他表示:如果我们能通过这种日本国内的合作,制造出高质量的汽车,为什么不联手呢?In fact, Mr Toyoda himself has conceded Toyota has much to learn from its nimbler rival in terms of slick vehicle design and fuel-saving engines. 实际上,丰田章男自己承认,在流畅汽车设计以及节能发动机方面,丰田有很多要向这位更为灵活的竞争对手学习。The Mazda MX-5, a two-seater roadster, was voted both world car of the year and world car design of the year this year — a rare double accolade.马自达MX-5两座敞篷跑车今年被评选为年度全球最佳车型以及年度全球最佳汽车设计,这种双料冠军相当少见。But Mazda, with its dogged focus on petrol and diesel engines, is an outlier at a time when carmakers are racing to build a better hybrid or electric vehicle to comply with environmental regulations. 但在汽车制造商为遵守环保法规而竞相打造更好的混合动力汽车或电动汽车之际,马自达对汽油和柴油发动机的不懈关注显得特立独行。We are not Toyota, Nissan or Volkswagen who need to cover everything, Mr Kogai explains.小饲雅道解释道:我们不是丰田、日产(Nissan)或大众(Volkswagen),它们需要面面俱到。Mazda has learnt hard lessons about overextending itself. 马自达在过度扩张方面有过痛苦的教训。In its 96-year history, the company has faced financial trouble three times, each after an expansion drive. 在马自达96年的公司历史上,该公司曾3次面临财务困境,每一次都是在扩张努力之后。It bounced back from its first crisis in 1979 — when sales of its rotary engine powered vehicles collapsed in the wake of the oil shock. 该公司的首次危机发生在1979年,当时其转缸式发动机汽车在石油危机过后遭受重创。It did so with help from Ford, which went on to acquire a third of the Japanese company in 1996 when Mazda was once again in difficulties.马自达在福特(Ford)的帮助下恢复元气,后来,在1996年马自达再次陷入困境时,福特购入该公司三分之一股权。Mr Kogai, a former engineer who has spent four decades at the carmaker, can still recall a letter from a US consumer in the late 1990s lashing out at Mazda for losing focus. 工程师出身、在马自达工作了40年的小饲雅道仍记得上世纪90年代末一位美国消费者的来信,批评马自达失去重点。That missive, sent to executives, was a wake-up call.那封写给公司高管的信给马自达敲响了警钟。We realised that the more we increased vehicle models, car sales dropped and our brand weakened, Mr Kogai says.小饲雅道表示:我们意识到,我们越增加汽车车型,汽车销量越下降,我们的品牌也随之削弱。In response, the company, guided by Ford, decided to reboot by specialising in sports cars with a fun-to-drive, Zoom-Zoom slogan (replaced last year with the less jazzy Driving Matters). 作为回应,该公司在福特的指引下决定整改产品系列,专业生产运动型汽车,打出提倡驾驶乐趣的Zoom-Zoom口号(去年被不那么花哨的Driving Matters取代)。In later years, Mazda outsourced production of compact cars to Suzuki and more recently, pick-up trucks to Isuzu, allowing it to focus on its core business.后来几年,马自达将紧凑型轿车的生产外包给铃木,最近,该公司将皮卡汽车的生产外包给五十铃(Isuzu),使自己得以专注于核心业务。The chief executive took up his role in 2013, just as Mazda had returned to profit after racking up net losses of almost ¥250bn (.3bn) in the four years following the global financial crisis. 小饲雅道于2013年上任,当时马自达刚刚恢复盈利,此前4年该公司在金融危机爆发后遭遇近2500亿日元(合23亿美元)的净亏损。During its third crisis, Ford itself was battling for its survival and the 36-year alliance with the US carmaker came to an end last year with the sale of its remaining 2 per cent stake.在马自达第三次危机期间,福特自己正为生存而挣扎,去年马自达与这家美国汽车制造商36年的联盟划上句号,福特出售了剩余的2%马自达股权。The steady confidence Mr Kogai possesses today follows an extensive overhaul in which he was heavily involved. 在小饲雅道现在充满信心之前,马自达进行了一场广泛整改,他深入参与其中。This started in 2006, when the Japanese carmaker took a gamble on perfecting its engine and transmission technology. 这场整改始于2006年,当时马自达押注于完善发动机和变速器技术。Rivals marched in the opposite direction, developing cars powered by hydrogen and electricity.其竞争对手则向另一个方向努力,开发以氢和电力为动力的汽车。We built the optimum engine that could be fitted into all types of vehicles, Mr Kogai said. In the past#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it was good for one model but not for the other. 我们打造出了最优化的发动机,适用于所有类型的汽车,小饲雅道表示,过去……发动机适用于一种车型,但不适用于其他车型。The new lightweight engine is part of a collection of fuel-efficient technologies that Mazda calls SkyActiv. 新的轻型发动机是节能技术集合的一部分,马自达把这些技术统称为SkyActiv。With these technologies, Mazda has improved average fuel economy for its cars by about 26 per cent from 2008 levels, and met emissions regulations without turning to electric vehicles or hybrids.借助这些技术,马自达汽车的平均燃油效率较2008年提高了26%左右,在没有转向电动汽车或混合动力汽车的情况下满足了排放规定。The look of Mazda cars also changed: all designs are now based on traditional Japanese art and aesthetics.马自达汽车的外观也发生了变化:所有的设计现在都基于日本传统艺术和美学。Mr Kogai, known among employees for his down-to-earth manner, is credited with steering Mazda away from overambitious sales targets, but its turnround could once again be jeopardised by the yen’s stubborn rise.小饲雅道的务实作风在员工中是出了名的,他被誉为领导马自达放弃野心过大的销售目标,但日元汇率持续上涨可能再次危及该公司的复苏。Mazda’s decision to partner with Toyota will be watched closely by other smaller carmakers. 马自达与丰田联手的决定,将受到其他较小汽车制造商的密切关注。With advances in self-driving technology, the automotive industry is wrestling to block incursions by Google, Apple and other technology rivals. 随着无人驾驶技术的进步,汽车行业正努力阻止谷歌(Google)、苹果(Apple)和其他科技竞争对手的入侵。A company the size of Mazda, with a market value of .5bn and annual revenue of bn, cannot compete alone in artificial intelligence and other new technologies.一家像马自达这种规模的公司(市值95亿美元、年收入330亿美元)不可能单匹马地在人工智能和其他新技术领域竞争。Driverless vehicles will threaten the core of what Mazda believes makes its cars attractive. 无人驾驶汽车将威胁马自达对于汽车吸引力的核心理念。Our cars are human-centric so people will be driving them, Mr Kogai says. 我们的汽车是以人为中心,因此人们要驾驶它们,小饲雅道表示,Driving can lift spirits, relieve stress and stimulate the brain#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; That’s the kind of cars that make sense for Mazda to make and that’s our role, he adds with a laugh. 驾驶可以振奋心情、疏解压力并刺激大脑……这让马自达生产汽车变得有意义,那是我们的角色。It’s not that we’re a company that hates autonomous driving.他笑着补充称,我们并不憎恨无人驾驶。Toyota aly supplies Mazda with hybrid drivetrain technology, but Mr Kogai dismisses speculation it will turn to its partner to develop a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle. 丰田已向马自达供应混合动力传动技术,但小饲雅道否认如下传言,即马自达将求助于其合作伙伴,开发氢动力燃料电池汽车。It’s really not that easy to get access to, he says.他表示:进入这一领域真的不那么容易。Both companies have been cagey on what the tie-up entails, with Mr Kogai only revealing a very long-term alliance, saying that a joint product is unlikely to be rolled out in the next two years.两家公司都对联盟细节三缄其口,小饲雅道只是透露,这是一种非常长期的联盟,他表示,未来两年不太可能推出合作研发的产品。Even in the new era, Mr Kogai is convinced Mazda’s engineers will prove its cars are still relevant: This isn’t the end, he says.即便在当今新时代,小饲雅道也相信,马自达的工程技术人员将明马自达汽车仍然举足轻重:这不是终点,他表示。 /201611/478318The FBI has managed to break into the iPhone belonging to alleged San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook without Apple#39;s help.在没有苹果公司协助的情况下,美国联邦调查局已成功破解圣贝纳迪诺击案嫌犯塞义德·法鲁克的iPhone。;The government has now successfully accessed the data stored on Farook#39;s iPhone and therefore no longer requires the assistance from Apple,; the Justice Department said in the filing.司法部在文件中表示:“美国政府现在已经成功访问存储在法鲁克的iPhone中的数据了,因此不再需要来自苹果公司的帮助了。”It is unclear what useful data, if any, was found on Mr Farook#39;s device.目前还不清楚从法鲁克的设备上发现了什么样的有用的数据。The FBI had earlier this month requested Apple#39;s help in getting pass the passcode lock on the phone, but was rebuffed by Apple, which cited issues of privacy and a need to preserve strong encryption.FBI在本月早些时候曾请求苹果帮助解锁这部手机,但苹果以保护隐私以及维护加密技术的强度为由,拒绝了这一请求。The move comes a week after officials announced a ;third party; had come forward to help investigators unlock the phone.一周前官员们宣布已请来;第三方;帮助调查人员解锁这部手机。Apple#39;s opposition to helping the government get phone data prompted a national debate in the US over digital privacy rights and national security. The FBI had argued it would impossible to access the device without Apple creating a backdoor.苹果拒绝帮助政府获取手机上的数据引发了就美国数字隐私权和国家安全的全国性的辩论。联邦调查局也曾一度认为,如果苹果公司不去打开一个后门,他们将无法访问该设备。 /201603/434814

British scientists have created a new way to charge smartphones - using urine.英国科学家发明了一种为智能手机充电的新方式——利用尿液。Researchers have revealed a new system which transforms urine into electricity using a microbial fuel cell.研究人员表示,这一新系统会通过一个微生物燃料电池,将尿液转换为电力。Just over half a litre of urine is enough for six hours of charge time, which can power a smartphone for three hours.只需要半升的尿液,就能够充电六小时,而这能为智能手机提供三个小时的续航时间。The average toilet break produces around 600ml of urine.人们平均每次上厕所能产生约600毫升的尿液。Researchers at the University of the West of England hope the technology will eventually allow people to stay connected when off-grid.西英格兰大学的研究人员希望,这项技术最终将会使人们能够在断电时,依然保持通信。Professor Ioannis Ieropoulos, Director of the Bristol Bioenergy Centre, said: #39;This project is all about generating electricity from waste material.布里斯托尔生物能源中心的主任扬尼斯·耶罗普洛斯教授表示:“这项工程致力于将废弃材料转化为电力。#39;In other words, turning waste into something really, really useful.“换句话说,就是将废弃物转变为有用之物。#39;And the microbial fuel cell technology is something that does exactly that.“而微生物燃料电池技术能完成这一转换过程。It takes the waste that we naturally produce and it converts it directly into electricity.#39;“它会将人类产生的排泄物直接转化为电力。”The fuel cells contain living microorganisms such as those found in soil or the human gut.燃料电池还包含了那些寄生在土壤中以及人类肠道中的活性微生物。In breaking down and processing the urine they produce electrons which can then be harnessed into electricity.在分解和处理尿液时它们会产生电子,而电子可以转变为电力。The urinal is the result of a partnership between researchers at the University of the West of England in Bristol and Oxfam.发电马桶是布里斯托尔的西英格兰大学与乐施会(Oxfam)的研究人员们共同合作取得的成果。It is located near the students#39; union at the university#39;s Frenchay campus and researchers will be hoping for brisk business at closing time.它位于西英格兰大学弗朗蔡学院的学生会附近,研究人员也希望项目完成后会带来巨大商机。Students and staff are being asked to use the urinal to donate pee to fuel the microbial fuel cell stacks that generate electricity to power indoor lighting.学生以及员工被要求捐献其尿液,为微生物燃料电池提供燃料。而电池产生的电力则用于室内照明。The urinal on the university campus resembles toilets used in refugee camps by Oxfam to make the trial as realistic as possible.放在大学校园中的这个发电马桶外形就像乐施会难民营中使用的马桶,目的是让试验环境尽可能接近现实。The technology that converts the urine in to power sits underneath the urinal and can be viewed through a clear screen.将发电马桶中的尿液转化为电力的这一技术过程,可直接通过透明隔板观察到。They hope the abundant, free supply of urine will make the device practical for aid agencies to use in the field.他们希望大量免费的尿液能为援助机构提供实用的户外设备。 /201607/454989

HONG KONG — In the world of Clash of Clans, Hou Dai has played — and paid — enough that he now leads his own clan of 50 online players.香港——在《部落冲突》(Clash of Clans)的世界里,候棣(音)投入的时间——以及金钱——足够多,所以现在能领导一个由50名在线玩家组成的部落。At one time, Mr. Hou, a 22-year-old recent college graduate from Shenyang, played the smartphone game as much as six hours a day. He estimates that he has spent 40,000 renminbi, about ,000, on the game over the last three years.22岁的候棣是沈阳人,前不久刚大学毕业。有一段时间,他每天打这款手游的时间长达六个小时。他估计自己过去三年里在这款游戏上花了4万元人民币。Mr. Hou’s spending habits show why the Chinese internet giant Tencent just paid .6 billion for a controlling stake in Supercell, the Finnish creator of Clash of Clans, from the SoftBank Group Corporation of Japan.候棣的消费习惯揭示了中国互联网巨头腾讯刚刚出资86亿美元(约合565亿元人民币),从日本软银集团股份有限公司(SoftBank Group Corporation)手中购得《部落冲突》的芬兰开发商Supercell控股权的理由。The deal will most likely help Tencent bolster its reputation — rare among global technology companies — for having figured out how to make money from mobile devices. The company has aly successfully integrated functions like shopping and money transfers into its popular Chinese chat apps.这笔交易极有可能帮助腾讯巩固其掌握移动设备赚钱诀窍的声誉,而这在全球科技公司中实属罕见。腾讯已经成功地将购物和转账等功能融合进了旗下用户众多的中文聊天应用。It also adds to Tencent’s collection of games so that it can become a truly global player — in contrast to most Chinese digital and media companies, which have often struggled to acquire and run valuable foreign products and services. The deal gives Tencent a particularly strong presence in mobile games, adding a global angle to a mobile that aly includes the most popular smartphone chat app in China.交易也会让腾讯旗下的视频游戏家族再添新成员,使该公司能够成为一个真正全球化的竞争主体。相比之下,中国大部分数字和媒体公司往往无力收购和经营有价值的外国产品及务。这笔交易让腾讯成为了移动游戏领域一特别强大的力量,为其移动业务增添了全球视角。中国用户最多的智能手机聊天应用便是腾讯的移动业务之一。But it raises a question for the Chinese company: Can it retain the people that turned Supercell’s games into hits?但它也给这家中国公司带来了一个问题:能否留住让Supercell的多款游戏大获成功的那些人?Many devotees of Clash of Clans and other Supercell games spend real money on fake currency and other resources to build their in-game power and heft. With the help of dedicated players like Mr. Hou, the small in-game fees, known as micropayments, have turned into a huge revenue stream that makes Supercell a major player in mobile gaming.很多《部落冲突》和Supercell其他游戏的忠实玩家用真金白银购买虚拟货币和其他资源,来打造他们在游戏中的力量和影响力。在候棣这种专注的玩家的帮助下,游戏中的小额费用,又叫微付,演变成了一笔巨大的收入,让Supercell成为了移动游戏领域的巨擘。Supercell, in filings with the Finnish government, posted .4 billion in revenue last year. In April, the company was making just under million a day in revenue from Clash of Clans, according to a SuperData Research estimate.在提交给芬兰政府的文件中,Supercell称去年的收入为24亿美元。据超级数据研究公司(SuperData Research)估计,今年4月,《部落冲突》每天给Supercell带来的收入接近400万美元。“Tencent makes about billion from its gaming operations outside of China,” said Peter Warman, chief executive of Newzoo, a gaming analytics company based in Amsterdam. “With Supercell, they will more than double that. It’s a very strategic move for them.”“境外游戏业务给腾讯带来了大约10亿美元的盈利,”设在阿姆斯特丹的游戏分析公司Newzoo的首席执行官彼得·沃曼(Peter Warman)说。“有了Supercell,这个数字会翻一番有余。对他们来说,这是非常具有战略意义的一步。”The Supercell takeover is Tencent’s largest to date. Over the last five years, the Chinese company — which has a market value of 0 billion — has made strategic investments and acquisitions of games across the world. The company controls Riot Games, which created the hugely popular League of Legends, and the European mobile game maker Miniclip. It also has a stake in CJ Games of South Korea.对Supercell的收购是腾讯迄今为止最大的一笔交易。过去五年里,这家市值2100亿美元的中国公司在全球游戏领域进行了多笔战略投资和收购。它掌握着热门游戏《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)的开发商Riot Games和欧洲移动游戏开发商Miniclip的控股权,并持有韩国CJ Games的股份。“Tencent has been aggressively out buying overseas developers,” said Mark Natkin, managing director of the technology research firm Marbridge Consulting, “not only with an eye to leveraging those companies’ games in China but also for expanding Tencent’s footprint globally.”“腾讯一直在大力出击,收购海外开发商,”科技调研公司迈瑞咨询有限公司(Marbridge Consulting)的执行董事马克·纳特金(Mark Natkin)说。“不仅着眼于在中国利用那些公司的游戏,还希望在全球扩大腾讯的影响力。”A sort of internet conglomerate, Tencent has no real analogue in the ed States. Because internet advertising has had slow growth in China, the company has used games to make money from its hugely successful messaging and social media products. With its messaging app WeChat, which has more than 700 million monthly active users, Tencent can easily connect a huge number of new players to Supercell’s games.美国没有真正与腾讯类似的这种互联网集团公司。因为中国互联网广告增长缓慢,该公司便利用游戏从旗下大获成功的即时通讯和社交媒体产品中赚钱。通过月活跃用户超七亿的即时通讯应用微信,腾讯可以轻而易举地将大量新玩家同Supercell的游戏连接起来。Tencent is hoping to retain the huge number of players as well as the engineers behind the games. Supercell has been able to chalk up a string of gaming successes, mostly by giving top talent a greater amount of independence to develop projects, experts say. But the Finnish gaming giant’s engineers could choose to leave if they are not given the same independence they enjoyed under SoftBank.腾讯希望留住大量玩家和那些游戏背后的工程师。专家称,Supercell能够在游戏领域取得一连串的胜利主要是因为它允许顶尖人才在项目开发中享有更多的独立自主权。但如果享受不到软银控股时的那种独立性,这家芬兰游戏巨头的工程师可能会选择离开。To that end, executives at Tencent and Supercell emphasized in a conference call that Supercell would keep its autonomy.为了达到留人的目的,腾讯和Supercell在一次电话会议上强调,Supercell将保留自主权。“We would say it makes a lot of sense for them to stay independent,” Martin Lau, president of Tencent, said on the call. “What is making them great, we want to preserve.”“我们想说的是,让他们保持独立非常明智,”腾讯总裁刘炽平在会议上说。“对于那些让他们取得成功的特色,我们希望保留。”Ilkka Paananen, the chief executive of Supercell, said Tencent’s track record of allowing Riot to build out League of Legends on its own was reassuring.Supercell首席执行官伊尔卡·帕纳宁(Ilkka Paananen)表示,腾讯允许Riot独立发展《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)的过往记录消除了这方面的担忧。Tencent said that Supercell employees would receive long-term incentive plans. Such an offer, analysts said, would signal that Tencent realizes that it owes the value of the company’s games to the large number of players and to Supercell’s game design prowess.腾讯表示,Supercell的员工会收到长期激励计划。分析人士称,这类待遇表明腾讯意识到,Supercell的游戏的价值有赖于规模庞大的玩家群体和该公司在游戏设计方面的高超才智。The acquisition also represents the latest push by large internet companies into the fast-growing mobile gaming industry, which had a combined revenue of almost billion last year, according to Newzoo.这笔收购交易也代表着大型互联网公司进军快速增长的移动游戏行业的最新案例。据Newzoo称,去年移动游戏行业收入总额接近350亿美元。Companies like Supercell and Rovio, a Finnish counterpart that is behind the Angry Birds franchise, were once able to create hit after hit with smartphone games. But the increased competition for consumers’ attention, analysts say, has made it more difficult to break through with new games.像Supercell和芬兰另一家游戏公司、《愤怒的小鸟》(Angry Birds)系列背后的开发商Rovio这种公司,曾经能够凭借智能手机游戏创造一个又一个成功。但分析人士称,争夺消费者的竞争加剧,导致新游戏取得成功的难度加大。Faced with such cutthroat rivalries, independent gaming studios are being taken over by larger companies that can outspend the competition. Mobile gaming has become such a big business that even established players like Supercell need flush financial backers to fund their expansion.面对这种残酷的竞争,独立游戏公司纷纷被更大的公司收购。这些大公司拥有足够财力,可以压倒对手。移动游戏这个市场变得如此之大,以至于连Supercell这样的老牌竞争主体都需要财力雄厚的后台为自己的扩张提供资金。“You need very deep pockets to play in this field,” said Mr. Warman, of Newzoo. “So if Tencent wants to play in this area, it has to be willing to pay top dollar.”“财力得非常雄厚,才能在这个领域参与竞争,”Newzoo的沃曼说。“所以腾讯如果想在这个行业参与竞争,就得愿意大手笔花钱。”King Digital, the British-Swedish gaming company behind the Candy Crush franchise, for example, was bought by Activision Blizzard last year for .9 billion, in part to help the larger gaming company expand its global reach.比如,开发出了糖果粉碎传奇(Candy Crush)系列的英国和瑞典合资公司国王数码(King Digital),去年被规模比它大的游戏公司动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)以59亿美元的价格收购。这笔交易在一定程度上是为了帮助后者扩展自己的全球影响力。Mr. Hou said he was excited about the prospect of new Chinese features, but he warned that players were also worried because Tencent has a reputation for wringing money out of games.候棣说,他对可能会出现中国元素兴奋不已,但他告诫称玩家也很担心,因为腾讯有从游戏上大肆捞钱的名声。Julianna Wu, a Hong Kong college student who plays Clash Royale, another popular Supercell title, with her boyfriend for about two hours a day, echoed those worries.香港大学生朱莉安娜·吴每天会和男朋友打两个小时的《皇室战争》(Clash Royale)。这是Supercell推出的另一款备受欢迎的游戏。她也表达了这种担心。“Tencent buying the company may not be good for poor users like me who don’t have money to spend,” she said. “I’m worried it will become a game that only rich users are good at.”“腾讯收购这家公司可能会对我这种没钱的穷用户不利,”她说。“我担心它会变成一款只适合有钱人的游戏。” /201606/450601

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