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Regulators are investigating stealth banner ads for online gambling that show up only at night on Chinese search engine Baidu, in the second advertising scandal this year to engulf China’s alternative to Google.监管部门正在调查只有晚上才会在中国搜索引擎百度(Baidu)上出现的有关在线的神秘横幅广告。这是今年席卷这家中国版谷歌(Google)的第二起广告丑闻。The Beijing News alleged online gambling sites would register corporate accounts on Baidu through third-party advertising agencies, spoofing real companies that did not hold accounts with the search engine. They would then post ads that would appear only at night.《新京报》(The Beijing News)称,在线网站会通过第三方广告公司在百度上注册企业账号,伪装成从未在百度注册账户的真实公司。之后,它们会投放只在夜间出现的广告。The Cyber Administration of China said it would investigate the matter and publish its findings “in due course”. In May, regulators vowed to crack down on misleading medical advertisements, in a case also involving Baidu.中国国家互联网信息办公室(“网信办”)称,将对此事进行调查并“在适当的时侯”公布调查结果。5月,监管部门曾誓言打击具有误导性的医疗广告,该案件也涉及百度。Baidu, which said it had reported the latest case to police, acknowledged loopholes in its systems. “Baidu’s anti-cheating system still has deficiencies. As a next step, we will strengthen the accuracy and coverage of the system and combat illegal information with full force,” executive marketing director Gu Guodong told a press conference this week.百度称已经将此事报警,并承认其系统存在漏洞。“百度在反作弊体系中仍存在不完善之处,下一步,我们将进一步加强识别体系的识别精度和覆盖度,全力打击处理非法内容,”百度大市场体系执行总监顾国栋本周在记者会上表示。It has been a difficult week for the company, which also faces US shareholders’ displeasure at a proposed buyout of its online portal by its founder Robin Li.本周对百度来说是艰难的一周,同时还在其创始人李彦宏(Robin Li)提出收购其在线视频门户网站一事上,面对美国股东的不满。New York-based investment firm Acacia Partners, which owns just less than 1 per cent of the Nasdaq-listed company, has written to Mr Li, who is chairman and chief executive of Baidu. Its letter says his proposed .8bn purchase of the group’s 80 per cent stake in iQiyi would be “against the best long-term interest of Baidu and its shareholders” and “a grave mistake”.纽约投资公司Acacia Partners持有这家纳斯达克上市企业略低于1%的股份。该公司致函百度董事长兼首席执行官李彦宏,称他提出的以28亿美元收购百度在爱奇艺(iQiyi)所持80%股份“不符合百度及其股东的最佳长期利益”,并且是“一个严重错误”。Baidu has come under pressure as customers switch away from personal computers to smartphones, increasingly accessing the internet through mobile devices and social networking apps rather than search engines. It has been selling off some investments in the fast-growing but lossmaking online travel and online sectors. In February, Mr Li made a non-binding offer for iQiyi. At the time, Baidu said it had set up a committee made up of three independent directors to assess the proposal, which valued the internet site at about .8bn.随着消费者从个人电脑转向智能手机,人们开始越来越多地从移动设备和社交网络App(而非使用搜索引擎)使用互联网,百度日益承受压力。它近来出售了在快速增长但往往亏损的在线旅游和在线视频板块的一些投资。2月,李彦宏发出对爱奇艺的非约束性要约。当时,百度称已经成立了一个由3名独立董事组成的委员会对该要约进行评估。该提议对这家互联网视频网站的估值约为28亿美元。In April, Baidu came under fire for the placement of ads linked to a network of hospitals.4月,百度因投放与一家医院体系有关的广告而受到抨击。 /201607/455664。

Microsoft Rewards has launched in the UK, and aims to tempt more people over to Bing.“微软奖励”计划已经在英国推出,旨在吸引更多人使用必应搜索引擎。It’s the company’s latest attempt to poach Google’s users, and arguably the most desperate so far.这是该公司吸引谷歌用户的最新尝试,也可以说是迄今为止最“不顾一切”的举措。Microsoft will reward you for using the Bing search engine, with points you can exchange for a number of freebies.使用必应搜索引擎会得到微软的奖励,你可以使用获得的奖励积分兑换一些免费赠品。You’ll need to be signed into Bing with your Microsoft account, in order to earn points.你需要用你的微软账户登陆必应,以赚取积分。Each Bing search will get you three points, but this will be doubled if you’re also using Edge, Microsoft’s answer to Google Chrome.每次使用必应搜索,你就会得到三分,但是如果你还使用Edge浏览器的话,积分将会翻番,Edge是微软对抗谷歌Chrome的浏览器。‘Level 1’ users can earn up to 60 points per day, simply by searching for 10 things through Bing.“一级”用户每天最多可以赚到60分,只需通过必应搜索10次即可。If you manage to reach 500 points in a month, you’ll become a ‘Level 2’ member, and will be able to earn up to 150 points per day through search.如果你能在一个月内得到500分,你就会成为“二级”会员,之后通过搜索,你每天可以赚到最多150分。“The search limit resets every day, so you can start earning again tomorrow.”“搜索次数限制每天重置,这样你就可以在第二天重新开始赚取积分。”You can get your hands on extra points by taking quizzes at Microsoft Rewards, though you’ll have to sign up for an account first.你可以通过参加“微软奖励”的小测验活动来获得额外的积分,不过你必须先注册一个账户。You can exchange those points for a selection of prizes, such as an Xbox Live Gold Membership that usually costs £9.99 (6,000 points), a one-month Groove Music Pass that usually costs £8.99 (9,500 points) and a 12-month Groove Music Pass (110,000 points, or 99,900 for Level 2 members).你可以利用这些积分兑换奖品,比如使用6000积分兑换价值9.99英镑的Xbox Live黄金会员;使用9500积分兑换价值8.99英镑的为期一个月的Groove Music Pass订阅务;或者使用11万积分兑换为期一年的Groove Music Pass订阅务(二级用户只需99900积分)。In 2012, Microsoft launched the ‘Bing It On’ challenge, which displays Bing search results and Google search results side-by-side and invites users to blindly choose which set they prefer.2012年,微软推出了“必应挑战”活动,将必应搜索结果和谷歌搜索结果并排显示,并邀请用户盲测,选择自己认为最满意的结果。 /201706/512985。

China#39;s ;father of hybrid rice; is planning to expand its production of sea-rice at a newly founded research center in Qingdao, a port city in the eastern province of Shandong, local sources said last Saturday.据当地知情人士上周六透露,中国“杂交水稻之父”正计划在中国东部山东省青岛市最近成立的研究中心里扩大海水稻种植。Within three years, the sea-rice research and development center, headed by scientist Yuan Longping, is expected to expand the yield of sea-rice to 200 kilograms on each ;mu,; the Chinese unit equivalent to 666 square meters, according to local authorities in Qingdao#39;s Licang District, where the new research body is located.据新研究中心所在地青岛李沧区政府表示,在未来三年里,科学家袁隆平将带领海水稻研发中心,把海水稻每亩产量增产到200公斤。Wild sea-rice is sometimes found in saline-alkaline soil at the junctures where rivers join the sea.人们有时会在河流入海口的盐碱地上发现野生海水稻。The plant is resistant to pests, diseases, salt and alkali and does not need fertilizer. But its unit output is only around 75 kg.这种作物可抗害虫、疾病和盐碱,而且不需要肥料。但是它的单产量只有75公斤左右。The Qingdao research center will use gene sequencing to cultivate new strains of sea-rice that will yield more rice and grow with saline water.青岛市研究中心将会利用基因测序技术来研发培育新型海水稻,届时这种水稻的产量将会更高,并且可以在海水中生长。With start-up funding of 100 million yuan (14.86 million U.S. dollars), scientists will start their experiment on a 2-hectare saline-alkaline marsh land just north of the Jiaozhou Bay in April.研究的启动资金达到了1亿元人民币(约合1486万美元),科学家们将从明年4月份开始,在胶州湾北部一块2公顷大小的盐碱地上开始试验。The project will eventually draw an investment of 2 billion yuan.这个项目最终将会吸引到20亿元人民币的投资。 /201610/473675。

The Indian government has said it plans to measure the height of Mount Everest for a second time to assess whether it changed as a result of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.为了确认珠穆朗玛峰高度在2015年尼泊尔大地震后是否出现变化,印度政府日前表示,计划重新测量珠峰的高度。Surveyor-General Swarna Subba Rao said an expedition would be sent to the world#39;s highest mountain in two months.印度测量部门总监拉奥称,印度测量局即将在两个月内派遣科考队赴实地测量这座全球最高峰。Nepalese officials, however, told the B that no agreement had been reached on allowing an Indian team access.然而,尼泊尔方面的官员却向B透露,目前两国间并未就允许印度科考队入境测量达成协议。Satellite data has indicated the quake impact reduced the height of the peak.根据卫星数据显示,该次地震确实给珠峰的高度造成了一定影响。The most widely recognised height, 8,848m (29,028ft), came from an Indian survey 62 years ago.最广泛认可的珠峰高度为8848米(29028英尺),是印度于62年前测出的。Scientists have said that the height of a swathe of the Himalayas dropped by around one metre shortly after the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake.在尼泊尔经历了7.8级强烈地震后不久,科学家就推测珠峰高度下降了近1米。They added at the time that a ground survey and GPS or an airborne mission would be needed to determine whether the world#39;s highest peak had seen a change in its height by a few centimetres.他们还补充说道,要确认珠峰高度是否变化了,需要通过地面测量、卫星定位或是一次空降任务来判定。Mr Rao said it was still unclear whether the earthquake had affected Everest#39;s height.拉奥表示,地震是否影响了珠峰的高度,目前尚不能确认。He told the Press Trust of India news agency that a 30-strong team would take about a month to make its observations and another 15 days to compute and declare its data.他向印度报业托拉斯透露,此次印度方面预计将派出一个30人的团队,用约一个月的时间进行观测,另外用15天的时间对数据进行计算并最终公布结果。 /201702/491455。