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甘孜藏族自治州牙列不齐双颌前突多少钱成都美容冠效果怎么样Plan ahead. As much as you hate working on the weekends, doing just a little planning ahead of time can make your Mondays much better. This can be as simple as getting a full night’s sleep (instead of staying up late on Sunday) or packing your lunch the night before. One of my personal favorites, though, is taking five minutes during the weekend to “pre-prioritize” your Monday. Grab a notepad or planner and jot down the first three tasks you need to complete Monday morning. Then stick to them. 早计划 尽管你不喜欢周末工作,但是在周末抽出一点时间提前计划一下会对你有很大的好处。周日不要熬夜或者提前准备好周一的午餐。个人建议在周末抽出五分钟时间,找个笔记本写下你需要在周一早晨优先做的三件事,并坚持做到。 /201004/102062遂宁市人民医院治疗假牙价格 My dream ended when I was born. Although I never knew it then, I just held on to something that would never come to pass. Dreams really do exist. But in the morning when you wake up, they are remembered just as a dream. That is what happened to me.I always have the dream to dance like a beautiful ballerina twirling around and around and hearing people applaud for me.When I was young, I would twirling around and around in the fields of wildflowers that grew in my backyard. For hours I would dance as if people were watching me. I would dance so fast that I would forget where I was, until I would hear sounds that reminded me of where I really was. I thought that if I twirled faster everything would disappear and I would wake up in a new place. Reality woke me up when I heard a voice saying, "I don't know why you bother trying to dance. Ballerinas are pretty, slender little girls. Besides, you don't have the talent to even be a ballerina." I remember how those words paralyzed every feeling in my body. I feel to the ground and wept for hours.We lived in the country by a nearby lake and I would sometimes go there to hide. My parents were never home anyway and I did not like to be at home where I could hear the walls talking of pain. When they were home, my mother just yelled and criticized because nothing was ever perfect in her life. She dreamed of a different life but ended up living in a country far away from the city where she believed her dreams would have come true.I enjoyed hanging out by the water. I would sit there for hours and stare at my reflection. There I was, looked nothing like a pretty ballerina dancer. Reflections don't lie. Once the waves would come, my reflection was gone. Washed away just like my dream to dance. I sat there staring at the water, hoping that my reflection would reappear and be different.As I grew older, I began to realize that the reason my dream was even born in the first place, was because it was something that was inside of me. The dream I had was never nurtured and cared for, so it slowly died. It's not that I wanted it to die, but I allowed it to die the day I started listening to the words, "You can't do it." When I finally woke up from many years of dreaming, I realized that you can't settle for dancing in the wildflowers, you have to move on to the platform. I still go to the lake sometimes and sit there. Looking at my reflection is different now too. When I was young, I looked at how others saw me, now that I am older and wiser; I look at how God sees me . 从出生那天起,我的梦想就注定了只能是一个梦想。 但是那时,我却从来没有意识到这一点,我只是一厢情愿地去抓住那些易逝的美好时光,努力珍惜眼前的点点滴滴。而梦,无论多么真切,当你在清晨睁开双眼的刹那,都仍只是梦。我时常梦想着能像最优美的芭蕾舞演员般在观众热烈真诚的掌声中翩然而舞。在我小的时候,我家后院里有一大片不知名的花丛,我常常在花丛中一圈又一圈的飞速旋转,越转越快,快得我仿佛感觉到四周有许多观众在注视着我;越转越快,快得我忘了置身何处,仿佛整个世界都随我转动了起来。直到,一声轻响将我拉回现实。我时常幻想着,如果我能转得更快一些,整个世界会不会随之消失,而我也将在另一个地方醒来呢?可是现实总会一次次无情的将我唤醒。“我不明白你为什么要自寻烦恼的去尝试跳舞。芭蕾舞演员都是些漂亮、苗条的年轻女孩,你根本没有成为芭蕾舞演员的天赋啊。”直到今天,我仍清楚地记得当我听到这些话时,那种刻骨铭心的麻木和无力。置身于冰冷的绝望之中,泪水肆意的汹涌着。那时,我们住在一个沿湖的村子里,有时我会一个人走到湖边,仿佛在那里可以逃避现实的无情。不管怎么说,反正父母也经常不在家,而我也不愿在家里被痛苦和忧伤笼罩。即使他们在家的时候,母亲也只是不停的抱怨和指责,她总觉得她的生命充满不幸和烦恼。她梦想有一个不同的生活,可惜这个梦想却只能在远离城市的乡村中破碎得无影无踪,而城市才是她坚信可以让她实现梦想的所在。我喜欢沿着湖水散步,在湖边一坐就是几个小时,长久地凝视着自己的倒影。那就是我,没有任何地方像一个美丽的芭蕾舞者。倒影是不会撒谎的。波浪卷来,倒影碎裂,一如我的芭蕾之梦。我没有起身,我仍坐在那里凝视着湖水,盼着倒影再次出现,焕然一新。梦想,从诞生起那一刻就对我有着非凡的意义。当我渐渐长大,我开始意识到这是因为那是深深印刻在我体内的灵魂烙印。但是,我从来没有好好的去滋养过她,照料过她,所以,她慢慢枯萎了。我并不希望她枯萎,但当那一天我听到“你无法做到”的时候,她已经在我的懦弱下枯萎了。直到成年后,当我从漫长的梦中醒来时,我才认识到,你不能仅仅甘心于在无人的野花从中舞蹈,你必须走向舞台,唯此,你才可能实现你的梦。现在,我仍会时不时独自去那片湖边静静坐上片刻,而我的倒影也已经有所不同了。当我年少时,我在乎的是他人眼中的自己;现在,我长大了,多了对人生的体悟,更加从容淡定了,我在乎的是内心真正的自我。 /200810/54147成都哪家医院瓷嵌体最便宜

自贡牙齿矫正去哪里医院好As the season of sneezing and grabbing tissues begins with the autumn's first frosts, medical researchers have found that "granny's nostrums" to fend off colds may be scientifically proven.Although apparently common sense, straightforward connections between chilling and viral infection have been hard to prove, according to the common cold centre at Cardiff University--the world's only centre dedicated to researching and testing new medicines for the treatment of flu and the common cold.But the latest experiment reinforces theories that existing, latent infection can be activated when parts of the body, particularly the feet and nose, get wet and cold.All participants took off their shoes and socks and temperatures were monitored throughout the experiment.Ninety volunteers who spent 20 minutes with their feet in bowls of iced water have provided evidence that failing to wrap up warmly is directly linked to falling prey to sore throats and a bunged-up nose.Claire Johnson and Ron Eccles found that 29% of the volunteers developed cold symptoms within five days."When colds are circulating, many people are mildly infected but show no symptoms," said Professor Eccles, whose findings are published in today's issue of Family Practice magazine."But if they become chilled, this causes a pronounced constriction of the blood vessels in the nose and shuts off the warm blood that supplies the white cells that fight infection. ""Although the chilled subject believes they have 'caught a cold', what has in fact happened is that the dormant infection has taken hold."But they also suggested that another explanation could be that our noses are colder in the winter. Prof Eccles said: "A cold nose may be one of the major factors that causes common colds to be seasonal.""When the cold weather comes we wrap ourselves up in winter coats to keep warm but our nose is directly exposed to the cold air. Cooling of the nose slows down clearance of viruses from the nose and slows down the white cells that fight infection."The researchers said:" Parents should feel confident in telling children to wrap themselves up in those nose-protecting garment this winter." /200812/58540彭州市妇幼保健院烤瓷牙好不好 THE BRIGHT SIDE Aquarians are lively, inventive and original. Anything goes with Aquarius, and being an individual does not worry this sign: in fact, Aquarius is always out of step with the rest of the world and revels in anything that is 'different'. Humanitarian The Aquarian personality is one of the most impersonal and detached, yet Aquarius has a deep care and concern for humanity. A progressive reformer, Aquarius is also full of humanitarian ideals, but these can be somewhat vague, giving Aquarians a reputation for keeping their heads in the clouds. EccentricAquarius is also one of the most happily eccentric of the signs. Although it can be extremely difficult to get close to an Aquarian, this is a Fixed sign and so is loyal and faithful. Ask an Aquarian for help and you will immediately get it, for this sign is a very soft touch and would willingly give some people the shirt off its back if necessary. UnpredictableTHE DARKER SIDE The Aquarian personality can be chaotic and unpredictable, stubborn and rebellious, cranky and perverse. It is a sign which can be totally dedicated to being unconventional, whilst remaining stuck in a rigid, unrecognized pattern. It is also a sign which can become detached to the point of coldness, making it very difficult for ordinary mortals to relate to them. Aquarians do not care what the world thinks, however, so that social conventions are sometimes thrown out of the window in favour of anarchy. The isolation this can sometimes bring can cone as a surprise to them as they find it difficult to see how they might have behaved unreasonably. /200911/89639成都氧化皓全瓷牙多少钱

泸州市人民医院拔牙智牙口臭口腔溃疡多少钱所谓pun,通常是指利用一个单词的两个含义,或者利用两个特定的单词,达到“一语双关”的目的。比如下面第一句话,其中的grave有两个含义,一个是“严肃的”(形容词),一个是“坟墓”(名词),因此这句话的意思是:他不是一个严肃的人,除非他躺到坟墓里,才能严肃起来。再比如下面第二句话,其中的pray(祈祷)和prey(捕食),发音相同,外形相似,因此这句话的意思是:他们今天为你祈祷,明天就会加害于你。这就是两个典型的pun。 ①He is not a grave man until he is a grave man.②They pray for you today and prey on you tomorrow. 刚才我去网上检索了一下,找到一个国外网站评选的2003年十大pun,我从中挑选了三个比较简单的,给各位介绍一下,如果您能看懂、听懂,肯定会觉得pun很有意思。 ①He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends. 他违章超速驾驶,结果将昂贵的名车撞到树上,他终于看到他的奔驰车(Mercedes)是怎样撞弯(bends)的。这句话的幽默之处是将Mercedes Benz(奔驰车)中的Benz,故意改写成bends。 ②Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. 这句话乍一看,好象是说:时光像箭一样飞逝,水果像香蕉一样飞逝。其实这句话后半部分的真正意思是:果蝇喜欢吃香蕉,也就是fruit flies/like/a banana。 ③A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tyred. 这句话的表面意思是:自行车自己站不起来,因为它只有两个轮胎(two-tyred)。而这句话的另外一个意思是:这辆自行车被它的主人骑了很长时间,它现在太累了(too tired)。 怎么样,pun是不是很有意思?我下面再列出三个pun,但不告诉您意思,请您自己琢磨一下。如果您能琢磨出来,那说明您的英语水平已经很高了,没有必要浪费时间,看我写的《闲聊英语》了(笑)。 ①She wore a new hairpiece every day and was considered a big wig.②Old math teachers never die, they just become irrational.③When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds. /200905/68915 IT IS a time parents relish: their child's afternoon nap. But it seems that napping may not be such a good idea after all. Preliminary studies suggest that daytime napping in young children may be linked to poorer sleep and mental functioning than in their peers who only sleep at night. The big question is whether napping is the cause of the problem, or the result.John Harsh at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and his colleagues asked the parents of 738 children aged between 2 and 12 about their children's sleeping habits. Children who took long daytime naps fell asleep at night an average of 39 minutes later and slept later at the weekend than those who did not nap. The effect was more pronounced in older children (over a quarter of 10 to 12-year-olds still took afternoon naps).The problem came during the following week, when children had to wake up at set times to get to school or to meet the demands of their parents' work schedules. The napping children continued to stay up later, meaning they spent less time in bed at night than their counterparts. "Napping children not only had a difficult time getting to bed, they had a harder time falling asleep, and they had a harder time getting up in the morning," says study author Alyssa Cairns, who presented the work at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis earlier this month.The findings are backed by a study by Kazuhiko Fukuda of Fukushima University in Japan. He compared children who attended all-day pre-schools in Japan, where 90-minute naps are compulsory, with children of the same age who napped only when they needed to. As well as going to bed an average of 30 minutes later, the children who took obligatory naps were more likely to be moody in the morning and resist going to school, according to their parents. These behaviours lasted even after the children moved on to elementary school and stopped napping, perhaps because of the lasting influence of napping on their sleep and wake cycles, Fukuda suggests (Sleep and Biological Rhythms, vol 2, p 129).Napping may also affect mental performance, according to Joe McNamara and his colleagues at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who also presented their results in Minneapolis. McNamara measured how well 27 kindergarteners could solve puzzles that measure planning and organisational skills. Children who took longer naps completed fewer puzzles successfully, and the later they went to bed, the less well they performed.These findings pose a chicken and egg problem, says Harsh. "It could be that children are getting less sleep at night because they're napping, or they could be napping because they're getting less sleep at night," he says. Nevertheless, though napping and non-napping children in McNamara and Harsh's studies slept for the same amount of time in total "napping is not a substitute for night-time sleep", McNamara says. 父母们往往喜欢让孩子们午睡,可现在看来,午睡恐怕并不像他们以为的那么有益。以往的研究发现,白天打盹的儿童比起没这习惯的孩子,往往睡得更差,大脑机能也更弱。问题是,在这种关联中,午休习惯究竟是因,还是果。 南密西西比大学John Harsh士和他的同事们询问了738名2至12岁儿童的父母,了解他们孩子的睡眠习惯。有长时间午睡习惯的小孩比不午睡的孩子晚上入睡平均晚39分钟,周末则睡得更迟。这在较大的孩子中体现得更明显(有四分之一10至12岁儿童仍然午睡)。当周末过去,因为自己上学和父母工作,孩子们没有懒觉可睡,这时问题就出现了:有午睡习惯的孩子晚上依然睡得更迟,结果他们的睡眠时间也就更短。“午睡的孩子不仅很难哄上床,入睡和起床也都更不容易。”Alyssa Cairns说。Alyssa Cairns本月早些时候在明尼阿波利斯的专业睡眠协会年会上发表过研究成果。 日本福岛大学福田一彦士的一项研究持了这些发现。他比较了在日本有90分钟午休要求的全日制幼儿园的儿童和其他只在需要时打盹的同龄儿童。根据父母们的反馈,每天午睡的儿童晚上同样平均晚睡30分钟,早上起床上学时也更容易闹脾气,表现得很抗拒。甚至当这些孩子升入小学,不再每天午睡,仍然如此。福田认为,这也许是午睡习惯对他们生物钟的持续影响使然。 午睡还可能影响智力表现。同样在明尼阿波利斯发表过成果,来自福罗里达大学的Joe McNamara及其同事对此有所研究。McNamara为27名学龄前儿童安排了针对计划与组织能力的难题,评价他们的表现。结果午睡时间较长的孩子普遍解出较少,而且晚上睡觉越晚的孩子往往表现得越差。 Harsh说,这些发现提出的还是一个先有鸡还是先有蛋的问题。他说:“可以说孩子们晚上睡得少是因为白天打过盹,也可以说他们之所以白天打盹是因为晚上没睡够。”McNamara和Harsh统计过的孩子,不论有无午睡习惯,一天的睡眠时间还是大致相当的,按McNamara的话说,“在白天打个盹是不能替代夜间的睡眠的”。 /200809/48444自贡市第一人民医院牙科成都市冷光洁白洁牙多少钱



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