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1 商品介绍3句英文任你选Our products are well thought of in the ed Stated.我们的产品在美国市场很受欢迎。Its a revolutionary new product weve just developed.这是我们刚刚开发的创新产品。These products are of the best quality and excellently made too.这些产品质量上乘,而且制造精细。半个句型要记牢be well thought of (被给予很高的评价)Tip:是 think well of的被动语态,其中 well可用 highly替换。这句话还可以说 Buyers all have high comments on it. (所有的客户对它的评价都很高)。另外,买方要求买方介绍产品,可以说 Could you give me some idea about your products? (可以介绍一下你们的产品?) /201604/434100。

A German zoo, under fire for letting a mother polar bear eat its five-week-old cub, apparently, has bowed to public pressure, and decided to hand-rear its last surviving baby.Their decisions to intervene, rather than let nature take its course, follows last year's worldwide campaign to save Knut, a young Berlin polar bear. Sue Turten reports.The five-week-old cub was taken from its mother, Vera, after a public outcry in the German press. Polar bear mom eats her babies. Vera seen here is the bear in public disgrace, but in spite of her behaviour, the zoo in Nuremberg was going to leave their only surviving cub with its mother Vera, saying nature should take its course.Up until now, we did not have any indication that the mother does not take exemplary care of her cub, therefore we clearly favoured a natural upbringing, just recently, we had clear evidence that the mother did not behave correctly any more, and therefore we intervened.Comparisons have inevitably been made with Knut, the cub in Berlin, who was rejected by his mother last year, and reared by keepers in spite of protests by animal rights campaigners.What can I say? I think it's not very different in nature, where the animals are on their own. Should they interfere here? I don't know what's right, but I think what they are doing is ok.It's hoped this cub will not let all the publicity go to its head, Knut now has his own blog and TV show, he's been in Vanity Fair. 200805/40241。

on the wrong scent ---- 沿着错误的方向(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) On a false, misleading trail while searching for something or someone. (NOTE: derived from the practice of using dogs for hunting)例句The clever thief evaded capture by putting the police on the wrong scent.这名聪明的窃贼使警方去追查错误的线索,从而逃避了抓捕。 /201609/466465。

Pakistani writer Fatima Bhutto, niece of assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, says last month's elections in Pakistan were not a victory for democracy, but rather a continuation of dynastic politics.  被暗杀的前巴基斯坦总理贝.布托的侄女、作家法蒂玛.布托说,2月举行的巴基斯坦选举不是民主的胜利,而是动荡政治的继续。Last month, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf admitted defeat, after the two main opposition parties won the clear majority in Pakistan's elections. One, the PML-N, is lead by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The other, the PPP, is the party of assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Ms. Bhutto's designated heir is her 19-year old son.  上个月,巴基斯坦两个主要反对党在选举中赢得明显多数后,巴基斯坦总统穆沙拉夫承认选举失败。巴基斯坦有两个主要反对党,一个是以前总理谢里夫为首的巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟,另一个是被暗杀的前总理贝娜齐尔.布托的巴基斯坦人民党。贝.布托19岁的儿子被指定为她的继任者。President Bush called the vote a victory for Pakistani democracy. However, not everyone in Pakistan shares that view. Some of the toughest criticism comes from a member of the Bhutto family: writer and journalist Fatima Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto's niece.  布什总统把这次选举称为巴基斯坦民主的胜利。然而,并非所有巴基斯坦人都持这种看法。一些最严厉的批评来自布托家族的一名成员,贝.布托的侄女、作家兼记者法蒂玛.布托。Speaking at Hong Kong's Foreign Correspondents' Club, Monday, the 25-year old said there is a perpetual cycle of dynastic politics in Pakistan. 现年25岁的法蒂玛.布托星期一在香港外国记者俱乐部发表谈话时说,巴基斯坦的动荡政治处于一种永久的循环之中。"We have had 30 years of dynastic politics and it has been disastrous," said Bhutto. "It hasn't empowered the people. It hasn't strengthened democratic institutions. It has not played any role in democratic reform. We have a country of 165 million people that have three choices -- they can vote for the Bhuttos, they can vote for the Sharif's or they can vote for the Musharrafs -- that's it. And, obviously that is not sustainable." 她说:“巴基斯坦的动荡政治已经持续了30年,这是灾难性的。这种状况并没有使人民获得力量,没有加强民主制度,也没有对民主改革起到任何作用。我国有1亿6千5百万人口,他们有3种选择:要么投布托的票、要么投谢里夫的票、要么投穆沙拉夫的票。就是这样。这显然是不能持续下去的。”Fatima Bhutto says she does not believe in birthright politics and has no political ambitions, herself. Instead, she says she wants to bring problems in her country to the world's attention. 法蒂玛.布托说,她不信奉家族政治,她本人也没有政治野心。她表示,她只是想让巴基斯坦的问题引起世界的关注。One of the issues she is most concerned about is forced disappearances in Pakistan. She says scores of people have disappeared in the country, especially in Baluchistan Province. She says the phenomenon started with the search for al-Qaida and Taliban suspects, as part of the American-sponsored war on terror. 法蒂玛.布托最关注的的问题之一是巴基斯坦强制性的失踪。她说,巴基斯坦已经有数百人这样失踪,特别是在俾路省。法蒂玛.布托指出,这种现象是从搜捕本拉登和塔利班嫌疑分子开始的,而这一行动是美国持的反恐战争的组成部分。"Now, people are disappearing because they are Baluch and because Baluchistan should have control over its own gas fields," said Bhutto. "And, that has nothing to do with the Americans, not yet. And, people are being disappeared because they are provincial activists, because they are professors that come out and say: 'In the constitution of Pakistan, we can't have military dictators. This constitution has been destroyed and these men should be put on trial for treason.' And, that's why they are being disappeared now." 法蒂玛.布托说:“现在人们在失踪,就是因为他们是俾路人,就是因为俾路应当对自己的天然气田拥有控制权。这跟美国人没关系,目前还没有关系。人们在失踪,因为他们是本省的活动人士,因为他们是站出来说话的教授,他们说:‘按照巴基斯坦宪法,我们不能有军事独裁者。宪法被毁了,应当以叛国罪审判这些人。’这就是他们现在失踪的原因。”The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said last year that at least 400 people have disappeared since 2002 and estimated that hundreds more may have been taken away by state agencies. President Musharaff maintains that the government is not involved in the disappearance of people.  巴基斯坦人权委员会去年说,自2002年以来,至少已经有400人失踪,估计还有几百人可能被政府机构带走。穆沙拉夫坚持说,巴基斯坦政府跟失踪事件没有关联。200803/28366。

When couples get married, they often promise to love, honor and cherish each other. Too often, those traditional wedding vows turn out to be nothing but empty promises. Psychologist Doc. Robin Smith who often appears on Oprah says it doesn't have to be that way. Her new book "Lies at the Altar" offers advice on building a happy and healthy marriage. Dr. Robin, good morning!Good morning!So great to have you here!I'm happy to be here, Julie. Ok. You didn't necessarily write this for couples who are married or people're thinking of getting married. It's written for everyone, (Absolutely) right?Yeah. It's because what the book is really about, Lies at the ALTAR is talking about living more in truth than in lies. Lies about what? About who we are, and so when you don't know who you are, it's hard to create, it's actually impossible to create, to carve and to build the life and relationship of our dreams.When you say lies at the altar, these are not intentional lies. (yes) It's not like the bride and the groom were saying, yeah, I'm gonna love / and cherish you, but I'm really not, hahaha. (no) It's, it's you think you are, but you don't know who you are yet? You don't know who you are and often unfortunately because of the models that we've had in our families also on television. There hasn't been anyone who has given us permission, who has shown us the way, the path into living more in the truth, so we're afraid to let someone know who we are. Because maybe they won't love us, maybe they won't choose us, maybe they'll decide, you know, that's not the person that I wanna spend my life with. What we don't know is that if I live with that kinda fear, and I live covering up who I really am, I am cheating myself and minimizing the possibility of really having a good, strong marriage. I mean, my message is pro-marriage but it's about being married and being smart. Do you feel that many people, men and women, not only cover up who they really are to their significant other but to themselves?Absolutely, I mean, I think it starts actually with the cover-up to yourself being an impostor, and again not because we are bad, not because we are liars, not because we are conniving, but because we are afraid, we are afraid of knowing really who we really are, because we think we are gonna lose out when choices and opportunities not knowing that how we really lose out is by being the impostor, that is the cheater, the thief and the robber. So how do we confront who we really are, whether it's a conversation with, you know, myself, looking at myself in the mirror, good and bad.Absolutely. Well, there're several things, one, I always ask people tell me something great about yourself, and then tell me what some of your limitations are. People can often come up with something good, but it's hard for people to be clear about where their limitations are. You know,you, they can talk about they are great wife in this way and great husband in that way, but tell me where you're falling short, and the falling short part is critical because then I have a place to, to know where do I need to do the new work. So I came in the book and I talked about showing up as a grown-up, part of being mature, and grown-up isn't age, it's about knowing who I am, what works for me, what doesn't, what my values are. Those types of things are critical to really know a: first about me, and then about the person / I wanna spend the rest of my life with. You have, what, like 276 questions in here(Absolutely) for someone to ask themselves. And then,(first) first and then you're hopeful potential future mate. (Absolutely) Answering these questions honestly can really help you figure out if the two of you should be together. Absolutely, and then we wanna be aware if you haven't gotten married yet, it's great, because you can go on this and use it like as an, you know, an exploring mission where I get to know me, I get to know you, and not to be afraid of the truth, 'cause we are again, we are scared because we haven't really learned that the truth will make us free. It's the only foundation to a good, strong life and marriage. But for couples who are married who are thinking, Ok, wait a minute, let me put the seat belt on, coz' now I'm scared. I'm 20 years in a marriage. I have kids and I don't know if I wanna ask myself this. (Right) Where it is really useful for married couples is that they can track, oh, that's where we've been stuck, we don't have to throw marriages out, there're too many people getting divorced who actually have marriages that can work and be saved, but they don't have the tools and "Lies at the ALTAR" it's gonna... (It's a tool), it's a tool, (It is a tool) I mean this is, it's a tool to really empower your life and then your marriage. It's a great book. Now I know why, it's No.1 in its category(Thank you) on the New York Times. 200809/49396。

squalid ------ 肮脏的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Describing a filthy, disarrayed, miserable condition.例句The poorest sections of the huge city were squalid neighborhoods without paved streets or proper sanitation.在这座大城市最贫困的地带,居民区很肮脏,没有柏油路,也没有本应常见的卫生设施。 /201611/471237。

Tom Brokaw: I know that I speak for both of us when I say how deeply touched we are by that reception and it makes all the more poingant, the absence for our colleague Peter Jennings. We have hoped that he would be here so that we could have a reunion tonight, a celebration, because, the three of us really thought that to have been a reporter at large in a world of such profound change in the last quarter of the century was reward enough. So this recognition is a true dividend tonight, and for that we're deeply grateful.Dan Rather: But to the millions of people who invited us into their living rooms every evening over the years, it's important for us to say-- 'coz we feel it so deeply--how much we appreciate that and that we never took that invitation lightly, nor the responsibilities. It still comes as something of a shock to say that word WE in the absence brought by Peter's passing. He left us far too soon and with everyone thought so much good work's still ahead of him.Tom Brokaw: You know, despite the occasional differences that the three of us may have had, Dan, Peter and I had a common commitment to the importance of serious journalism because that's what the American people expected. No less than that. We also talked about the unique brotherhood that we shared that developed over the years. And we were competitive on a day- to- day basis around the world, but we are always bound together by a shared devotion to being reporters first whether we are on the anchor chair or on the road. And as for our personal relationship, Peter probably summed it up the best one, he said "yes, we are friends." then he added laughingly, "because we don't see each other very much." Our friend, our true friend, Peter's gone, but tonight Cathy, Christopher and Elizabeth, Dan and I want you to know that Peter will have a place in this brotherhood forever. Dan Rather: And finally, finally we want to thank the Academy most of all for a gesture that I hope reaffirmed the need for strong, relevant, quality television journalism. Using this medium for good journalism comes with undeniable challenges but there are times--as we've been most recently reminded with Hurricane Katrina--when the immediacy and images that television provides--not only the best way to convey a breaking news story, but also an essential part of the story itself. Tom Brokaw: I know that if Peter were here tonight, he'd join us and saluting our colleagues, the next great generation of broadcast journalists for their tireless and courageous work in covering the tragedy of Katrina so brilliantly for the last three weeks .Dan Rather: Television has been called a medium of the tremendous potential powers and we continue to believe in the potential of those powers to do good. Thank you! Good night! Godspeed.200807/44412。