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杭州滨江区氟斑牙多少钱杭州全口种植牙大概价位杭州牙科医院种植全口缺失好吗 Air quality is so poor in Beijing that on bad days it’s hard to see buildings across the street. Strategies to live more safely in such an environment abound and no wonder: The journal Nature recently found that air pollution leads to the premature death of three million people every year mainly in Asia. 北京的空气污染非常严重,在天气不好的时候甚至连对街的建筑都看不到。为应对这类天气,人们也想出各种方法。而最近登在Nature 上的研究表明,亚洲每年有300万人因为空气污染而提前死亡。 In addition to pervasive face masks kids in the capital’s international schools play sports under protective domes. A British artist based in Beijing created a wacky-looking “breathing bicycle” which filters air as the rider pedals delivering it through a tube that snakes up to a breathing mask.除了孩子带着口罩在安装了防霾圆顶帐篷的国际学校内活动外,一个在北京的英国设计师发明了一种看起来很奇怪的“呼吸自行车”——车手通过蹬踏板以过滤空气用作呼吸。One of the latest in this array of pollution problem solvers is a tower that takes in smog and releases clean air. Last week the Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde debuted his “Smog Free Tower” in Beijing’s 798 arts district a former industrial zone. Set among old smokestacks the metal tower reaches 23 feet and looks like what it is: an enormous version of a home air purifier.最近又新出现了一种塔式空气净化器,上周荷兰的设计师Daan Roosegaarde 在前身是工业区的北京798艺术区,首次展示“雾霾净化塔”。这个塔是金属材质,23英尺(7m)高,树立在老旧烟囱之间,看起来像一个巨大的家用空气净化器。The tower works by sending positive ions into the air which attach to fine particles including PM 2.5 the particulate matter that is especially hazardousto our health. A negatively charged surface (called a counter electrode) then brings the ions and their attached particles back in to the tower where they are collected and stored. The tower subsequently spews out cleaner air through vents. (Roosegaarde uses the collected particles to make “Smog Free Jewelry” in the form of rings and cufflixs.)这个塔的工作原理是向空气中释放正离子,依附在微粒上,包括对健康影响很大的PM2.5微粒。塔的内表面带负电荷(称为反电子),把正离子和其所依附的微粒吸回塔里,进行收集和储存。塔随后通过通风口喷出清洁的空气(Roosegaarde用搜集的微粒制作烟雾首饰,包括戒指和cufflixs)。Roosegaarde told Motherboard that the air surrounding the tower has up to 70 percent fewer pollution particles after it’s been cleaned. And since installing the tower in Beijing he reported to CNN that it collects in one day what it brought in over the course of two weeks of testing in the Netherlands.Roosegaarde告诉Motherboard,经过清洁后,在塔周围的空气已经减少了百分之70的污染颗粒。他向美国有线电视新闻网报告,安装在北京的清洁塔在一天内收集的东西,和在荷兰两个星期搜集的一样多。The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection is supporting Roosegaarde’s venture and has asked him to take the tower on a tour of four other cities in the coming year. Roosegaarde hopes that this is only the beginning. He aims to install 800 of his towers in public parks across China not only to create pockets of cleaner air but to bring more awareness to what is admittedly a huge problem that a giant air purifier—or even 800 of them—can’t begin to solve.中国环保部持Roosegaarde 的创举,并要求他来年携带净化塔到另外四个城市巡游。Roosegaarde 希望这才是开始。他的目标是在中国各地公园安装800座净化塔,不仅是为了产生更干净的空气,而是要引起对空气污染的更多警醒,这个公认的巨大问题不是靠巨大的空气净化器就能解决的——哪怕800个都不行。“We need a bottom-up effort both with citizens and governments actively working for change” Roosegaarde told CNN. “My hope is that one day in 10 or 15 years we’ll look back at [the tower] and find it obsolete.”“我们需要市民和政府上下双方的积极行动以取得改变”Roosegaarde告诉CNN.“我希望10年或15年后的一天,我们再回看(净化塔)时,发现它过时了”。 /201610/470574Sir John Major has salvaged his reputation through the clever public-relations ruse of sitting around, mainly in The Oval, while history notices his good work. The high politics of his premiership has aged gracefully.英国前首相约翰#8226;梅杰(John Major,见上图)在闲坐时——大部分是在椭圆形体育场(The Oval)——想出的巧妙公关策略挽回了自己的声望,而历史记住了他的功绩。随着时间的推移,他担任首相期间的高阶政治显得越来越高明。He kept Britain out of the euro. He established the fundaments of the Northern Ireland peace accord. He fought a war in the Gulf that did not become a protracted vision of hell.他让英国留在了欧元区之外。他为达成北爱尔兰和平协议奠定了基础。他领导英国参加了海湾战争,而这场战争并未变成一幕漫长的噩梦景象。Britain’s resurgence as an Olympic nation, its near-primacy in Rio trace-able to funds from a lottery he set up in 1994, polishes off his arc from national punchline to quiet respectability to the last retired prime minister who can walk into a pub without provoking a wince of pity or a citizen’s arrest.英国重新崛起为一个奥运强国,借助梅杰在1994年设立的票所提供的资金在里约奥运的奖牌榜上名列前茅,成了他从全国笑料升华为受人默默敬重的前首相的弧线上的点睛之笔,如今他是可以信步迈入一家酒吧、而不致招来怜悯眼神甚至“公民逮捕”的最后一位退休首相。Twenty years ago, Britain consoled itself with gallows humour as it pipped Belarus to 36th place in the medal table of the Atlanta Games. By 2012, it was third, the natural ceiling for a country without the preponderance of China or America. It is now impudently defying that limit in second place. At the start of this week, even a merged mega-state of France and Germany would still trail Britain.20年前,当英国在亚特兰大奥运奖牌榜上仅以微弱优势超过白俄罗斯排名第36位时,它只能用黑色幽默安慰自己。到2012年,英国的排名已升至第三,这是一个没有像中国或美国那样实力的国家所能达到的天然上限。如今,在里约奥运会,英国居然超越了这一极限,获得的奖牌(包括金牌)数目一度超过了中国,排名升至了第二。截至本周初,甚至法德两国合起来的奖牌数都落在英国后面。As a case study of total and intended success, of a top-down project going to plan, there is little to match this in the annals of British technocracy. Among the wider lessons for government is that money matters. Athletes were victims of a national make-do-and-mend culture that was presumably meant to be charming. They now have expensive coaches, specialised infrastructure and enough direct income to give up other work. There was never a costless route to their present eminence, which the left can cite as a kind of social democracy in action.作为一项全面且符合初衷的成功(一项自上而下的项目按计划结出硕果)的案例,奥运奖牌丰收在英国技术官僚制度的史册上是难以找到先例的。对政府来说,这件事的普遍教训是资金很重要。以往英国运动员是“修补一下凑合着用”的国家文化的受害者,这种文化的本意想必是为了表现得洒脱。如今这一代运动员有高薪聘请的教练、专门的训练设施以及足以让他们放弃其他工作的直接收入。要达到他们现在所处的荣耀地位,不花钱的途径是从来不存在的;左翼人士可以援引此例说明,社会民主制度是管用的。Before the implications for public services seem too plain, conservatives should speak up. Investment galvanised British athletics but so did a pitiless elitism. UK Sport, the distributor of lottery funds that was set up in the last months of Sir John’s government, sifted winners from the rest. Money went to plausible finalists and medallists. Even then it was conditional on performance metrics. Lots of dedicated but limited competitors were left to fall out of the system.在这一点对公共务的潜在影响变得太明显之前,保守党人应大胆直言。投资刺激了英国的竞技体育,但无情的精英主义也起到了作用。在梅杰政府最后几个月期间成立的英国体育局(UK Sport)负责分配票资金,该局从大量运动员中遴选出胜者。资金流向有希望进入决赛并获得奖牌的选手。即使那样,待遇也是以成绩为条件的。很多敬业但能力有限的参赛者被这一体制淘汰。The -across to public administration is performance-related pay, not a rise for every teacher, and hospital league tables, not an article of credulous faith that all providers do an equally fabulous job. The state cannot allow for pure meritocracy and outright failure as sport can. It has a duty of universal provision. But public expenditure tied to strict invigilation of standards — a meeting of New Labour largesse and Sir John’s Citizen’s Charter — is a bipartisan settlement that is always almost -happening.公共管理部门从中应该汲取的经验是绩效工资(而不是每位老师都加薪)和医院排行榜(而不是盲目相信所有提供商都做得同样出色)。国家不能像体育那样允许出现纯粹的精英治理和彻底的失败。国家负有照顾全民的普遍义务。但受制于严格监督标准的公共出——新工党的慷慨与梅杰的公民宪章(Citizen’s Charter)倡议相遇——是一个永远近乎达成的两党共识。Even the politicians newly taken with industrial policy have something to crib from our Olympic model. Although Max Whitlock took Britain’s historic total of gymnastic golds from zero to two in the time it takes to watch a film, UK Sport generally builds on areas of strength instead of planting greatness where it has never flowered. The British specialisms are cycling, rowing and bits of track and field. The economic equivalents are financial services, higher education and sophisticated manufactures. It would be nice to win at beach volleyball but then it would be nice to make steel at competitive prices. Neither warrants throwing good and scarce money after bad.就连那些新近对产业政策产生兴趣的政客们,也可以借鉴我们的奥运模式。尽管马克斯#8226;惠特洛克(Max Whitlock)仅用看一场电影的时间就将英国体操历史上的金牌数从零提升至两块,但英国体育局通常只看重优势项目,而不是在从未开花结果的项目上为将来的伟大成就播种。英国运动员擅长的是自行车、赛艇以及少量田径项目。其在经济上对应的是金融务、高等教育和高端制造。赢得沙滩排球将是好事,但如果能以有竞争力的价格生产钢铁也是好事。这两个领域都不值得投入宝贵的资金追逐较小的希望。If investment under a discriminating eye is the technical lesson of Britain’s Olympic story, there is a moral too. Anything worth doing takes time to show up in tangible results. In that lag, the authors of the change may be supplanted by do-nothings who reap all the glory. Voters were relaxed about ditching Conservative for Labour rule in 1997 precisely because of the economic tranquility that was hard earned by the outgoing government’s structural reforms.如果说带着挑剔的眼光投资是英国奥运成功的技术经验,那么还有一条道义上的经验。任何值得做的事情都需要时间才能展现出实实在在的成果。由于这一时间差,变革的始作俑者可能被那些收获所有荣耀却什么都没做的人取代。1997年,英国选民轻松地放弃保守党,转而选择工党,恰恰是因为保守党执政期间推行的结构性改革好不容易实现了经济稳定。The Tories were helped to victory at the most recent election by an NHS that, improved by years of Labour money, experienced no winter crisis of capacity. Even the London Games, won by a Labour government in 2005, fostered enough national bonhomie to see the Conservatives through the economic stagnation and botched Budgets of 2012.保守党依托英国国家医疗务体系(NHS)的表现赢得了最近的大选,而NHS恰恰是在工党执政期间多年大举投入之下改进了表现,近年没有出现冬季接诊能力危机。就连工党政府2005年申办成功的伦敦奥运,也培育了足够的举国欢欣鼓舞,让保守党政府挺过了经济停滞以及2012年的糟糕预算。Serious governments are self-abnegating. They know that difficult decisions bring immediate infamy and deferred, if any, acclaim. The trick is to trust history to reach the right verdict in the end. Behind Whitlock, Mo Farah, Sir Bradley Wiggins and the embarrassment of riches slung around their necks are some less famous deeds by some less storied people, including the prime minister of an extravagantly hated government more than 20 years ago. If only to incentivise all politicians to take the long view, we should say so.认真的政府需要自我否定。他们知道,艰难的决定会立刻带来恶名,并使赞扬(如果有的话)来得更晚。关键在于相信历史最终将作出公正的定论。在惠特洛克、莫#8226;法拉(Mo Farah)、布拉德利#8226;威金斯爵士(Sir Bradley Wiggins)以及他们脖子上挂着的奖牌背后,是一些不那么赫赫有名的人物的不那么出名的事迹,包括20多年前受人憎恨的保守党政府的首相。哪怕只是为了激励所有政客把眼光放长远,我们也应该这么说。 /201608/461530杭州医院 牙齿修复费用

浙江肿瘤医院单颗缺失多颗缺失半口缺失价格The universal two-child policy ;should not be the end of the family-planning policy adjustment;, and further relaxation is expected to ease the population challenges China is facing, according to experts.有关专家近日声称,全面二孩政策“不应该成为生育政策调整的终点”,要缓解我国面临的人口挑战,政策还需进一步放宽。;A dwindling workforce population and an aging population are inevitable in China, and a further adjustment of the family-planning policy is needed, based on consistent monitoring of births,; according to the Green Book of Population and Labor 2016, which was released by the Population and Labor Economics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences last Wednesday.中国社科院人口与劳动经济研究所上周三发布的《2016人口与劳动绿皮书》指出:“我国劳动力人口数量萎缩和人口老龄化问题不可避免,需要持续监测生育行为,进一步调整生育政策。”The latest family-planning policy, which allows all couples to have two children, will not result in a big population increase, due to reasons such as a reduced willingness to give birth and the increased ages of eligible women, said Zhang Chewei, director of the institute and an author of the book.中国社科院人口与劳动经济研究所所长、该书作者张车伟称,由于符合政策的妇女生育意愿降低、年龄上升等原因,近年出台的全面二孩政策并不会带来人口数量的大幅增加。As a result, the universal two-child policy will not effectively ease the social and economic challenges China is facing, such as a reduced workforce and a population that is rapidly aging, he said.他表示,结果就是全面二孩政策不能有效地缓解我国面临的如劳动力人口萎缩和人口迅速老龄化等社会和经济方面的挑战。;Judging from the experiences of some other countries, with people continuously delaying marriage and pregnancy, it is possible that Chinese people#39;s willingness to give birth will continue to decrease,; Zhang said.张车伟说道:“从其他国家以往的经验来看,随着人们婚姻和怀的不断推迟,中国人生育意愿有可能仍将继续降低。”;China may need to further relax its family-planning policy in the future, and it may even abolish restrictions on birth.;“我国可能在未来需要进一步放宽计划生育政策,甚至可能取消关于生育的诸多限制。” /201612/482740杭州那个医院治口腔科比较好 杭州一般看牙需要多少钱

杭州市红十字会医院冷光美白治疗多少钱Amnesty International says that a vast majority of incarcerated Mexican women face sexual torture during arrest and in the hours following.国际特赦组织说,绝大多数被监禁的墨西哥妇女在被逮捕后的几小时内都会面临性虐待。In a report released Tuesday, Amnesty detailed interviews and testimonies of 100 jailed Mexican women. Seventy-two of them said they were sexually abused during or soon after their arrest, and 33 reported being raped.国际特赦星期二发表报告,公布了采访100名墨西哥女囚的详细记录。其中72人表示,她们在被捕过程中和被捕后不久遭到性虐待,33人声称被强奸。The report found that most of the women in Mexican prisons were first-time offenders, low-income, and perhaps victim of an upswing in arrests related to the war on drugs. Many of them reported being forced to sign confessions immediately following hours of torture.报告说,大多数墨西哥女囚犯都是初次犯罪,而且是低收入者,她们或许是当局加紧打击贩毒,大批抓人时被捕的。很多女囚说,她们遭受数小时折磨后,被迫在认罪书上签字。The majority of the women surveyed reported the abuse to a judge or other authorities, but only 22 investigations were opened. Amnesty says no charges have yet been filed, and the army reports that no soldiers were suspended from service for sexual abuse between 2010 and 2015.大多数受访女囚都曾向法官或其他官员报告自己受到虐待,但墨西哥当局只对22个案例展开了调查。国际特赦说,迄今没有任何人被起诉,军方报告显示,2010年到2015年间,没有任何士兵因性虐行为被暂停役。 /201606/451705 Malaysian officials said Friday that the debris recovered in Mauritius came from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.马来西亚官员周五表示,在毛里求斯发现的残骸来自马来西亚航空公司失联的MH370航班。Experts from Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) concluded that the debris originated from the missing Boeing 777 aircraft, said Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia’s transport minister.澳大利亚运输安全局(ATSB)专家的结论是残骸源于失联的的波音777飞机,马来西亚交通部长廖中莱说。It is another debris confirmed to be from the ill-fated fight, following earlier confirmation of the debris found in La Reunion island last year and the Tanzania debris in September.这是飞机失事后确认的另一片残骸,此前,在法属留尼旺岛和坦桑尼亚发现的两片残骸分别于去年和今年9月被确认来自马航370航班客机。According to a part number found on a section of the debris, the piece has been identified as a trailing edge splice strap, incorporated into the rear spar assembly of a Boeing 777 left outboard flap, Liow said in a statement. It was also consistent with the appearance and construction of the debris, he said.根据残骸上的部件编号,碎片被实属于MH370客机的机翼后缘,这是一架波音777型客机左外侧襟翼的部件,廖中莱在一份声明中说。它的外观和构造也与残骸相一致,他说。Meanwhile, the flap manufacturer supplied records indicating that this work order number was incorporated into the outboard flap shipset of Boeing 777, registered as 9M-MRO.襟翼制造商记录表明,该部件被安装在波音777飞机的外侧襟翼上,注册编号为9M-MRO。;As such, the experts have concluded that the debris piece originated from the aircraft 9M-MRO, also known as MH370,; Liow said.这样,专家们的结论是,残骸源自9M-MRO客机,即MH370,”廖说。He said last month that at least 22 pieces of debris had been found so far along coasts off South Africa, Mozambique, Mauritius and Tanzania. Among them, several were identified as highly likely from the missing plane.他说,上个月至少有22片残骸已在南非、莫桑比克,毛里求斯和坦桑尼亚海岸被发现。其中,有几片被确定很可能来自失事航班。Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, most of them being Chinese nationals.2014年3月8日,MH370航班在吉隆坡飞往北京的途中失踪,机上载有239人,大部分是中国公民。Government of Malaysia, Australia and China announced in July that search for flight MH370 would be suspended if no new evidences emerge upon completion of the 120,000 square kilometer search area in the southern Indian Ocean, where the flight has presumably ended its journey.马来西亚、澳大利亚和中国政府于七月宣布,如果在当前划定的12万平方公里搜索区域内未找到马航370航班客机并缺乏新的可靠据,搜寻行动将中止。 /201610/470561杭州哪家医院的牙科好衢州牙齿治疗价格



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