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【视频讲解】Greater equality for women might seem to render male-courtship displays redundant. But mating preferences evolved over millennia and will not change quickly. If diamonds were to cease being a way to signal a man’s marriageability, what might take their place?随着女人地位的提高,男性的求偶表演似乎愈显多余。但择偶观经由千年而成,且不会迅速改变,倘使钻石不再是一名男子适婚性的象征,那又有什么将取而代之呢?render v.使成为 (to cause to/become)- Depression can render a person helpless.redundant adj.多余的- Avoid redundant expressions in your writing.mate v.交友millennia n.一千年cease v.停止marriageability n.适合结婚A different gift, perhaps. In China skewed sex ratios mean that a prospective bridegroom must own an apartment and shower his future in-laws with cash. But a glittering stone goes to the woman, not her family. And it is more than a gift: it is a status symbol, demonstrating that even as a man approaches the expenses of married life, he can still splash out on a bauble. Or a man could rely on more generic forms of display, such as a fancy degree, good job or sharp suit.或许是一样新的礼物。在中国,男性人口远超女性。这就意味着一位理想新郎要有一套房还要给女方家属一大笔现金。但是钻石是给新娘的,而不是她的家人。另外,钻石不单单是礼物,它还是地位的象征。它代表新郎不但能负担得起结婚的费用,还能在珠宝上挥金如土。或许,男性还能用更普通的事物来求婚,例如高学历、好工作或者得体的西装。skewed adj.歪曲的,不公平的- skewed dataratio n.比例prospective adj.未来的- A prospective motherbridegroom n.新郎in-laws n.岳父母glittering adj.闪耀的- glitter v.发光splash out 挥霍bauble n.小饰品 (trinket)But these can impress one woman as easily as another, or several simultaneously. He must show commitment—a need not unique to courtship. Salvadoran gangsters get extravagant tattoos; Japanese yakuza cut off a fingertip. These visible signs of allegiance make it hard to defect, and impose heavy costs. But as marriage proposals they would fall short. Few women would feel proud to carry around their fiancé’s severed pinkie.但是这些东西能够打动任何一个女性,或同时打动几个女性。男性必须显示出他的诚意。而除了求婚,还有许多场合需要人们显示诚意,形式多样。萨尔瓦多黑帮会在身上纹精美的纹身。日本黑帮会切下自己的指尖。这些表忠心的直观方式使人们不会轻易叛变,且束之以惨重代价。但这些行为却不适于求婚——鲜有女性会满怀自豪感地随身携带未婚夫的小指。simultaneously adv.同时地- simultaneous adj.同时的gangster n.黑帮yakuza 日本黑帮fingertip n.指尖visible adj.可见的allegiance n.忠诚defect v.背叛- The reporter defected to another network.impose v.施加fall short 不足,失败sever v.切断pinkie n.小手指Many millennial women seek a mate who is creative, charitable and earns enough not to live with his parents. The millionaire founder of a startup that makes an app to teach yoga to orphans would be ideal. As a token of his commitment, a suitor might offer the object of his affections 51% of his shares—so much nicer than a joint bank account.许多千禧一代的女性的择偶标准是要富有创造力,富有爱心,经济独立,不用和父母住一块。以这个标准,如果有一位亿万富翁,他创立一家致力于教孤儿们瑜伽的新兴软件公司,那这个人一定就是她们的理想型了。为了显示诚意,他还要把51%的公司股份给女方,这可比共享账户要好多了。charitable adj.有爱心的startup n.创业公司orphan n.孤儿ideal adj.理想的token n.象征suitor n.追求者- suit v.合适,取悦(please)affection n.爱joint bank account 共同账户Less eligible men could offer instead to link Uber accounts, thus entwining the couple’s reputations: their joint five-star rating would be at risk if either misbehaved. Uber-linking would also allow each tokeep track of the other’s whereabouts, discouraging infidelity. Whatever ultimately replaces diamonds, it will surely be digital, not worn on a digit.条件差一点的男性可以把俩人的优步账户绑定在一起,这样俩人的信誉就会紧密联系在一起。一旦一方有什么不良行为,他们俩人的五星信用度就会面临降星的风险。这一做法还能相互知道另一方的行踪,防止发生出轨行为。最后取代钻石的一定是一样数据产品,而不是戴在手指上的实物。eligible adj.合格的entwine v.缠绕纠结在一起 (twist together)- twine v.缠绕misbehave v.不良作为whereabouts n.行踪infidelity n.不忠- fidelity n.忠诚 (allegiance)ultimately adv.最终地- ultimate adj.最终的digit n.指头 (finger or toe)201705/509089Hosting my own show, its given me a lot of opportunities.谢谢大家给我机会举办我的舞台秀Recently, i was contacted by the people who make ;Game of thrones.;最近 有人联系我 说他是权利游戏的创作者Do you watch ;Game of thrones,; Anybody?你们大家看过“权利游戏”吗All right, its a very popular show, and i dont know that im even supposed to talk about this,好的 那是一部很受欢迎的剧 我也不知道我干嘛要说这个But i got a part on an episode, and im definitely not supposed to show you,但是我竟分派到了一个片段!并且我本不应该展示给你们看的But this is a sneak peek. My lords... My ladies... I give you Ellen degeneres.但是我忍不住想让你们看 就一小段 尊敬的贵族们…… 尊敬的女士们 我要展示给你艾伦的演绎Thank you. Thank you. So great to be here. Thank you.谢谢 谢谢 很高兴能站在这 谢谢你们Especially since ive been in that lions head for about six hours.尤其因为我在狮子的脑袋里待了大约六个小时Ahh, a big thank you to the lannister family for having me here.非常感谢兰尼斯特家族让我来到这Hey, when did names get so fancy? The lannisters. Lannisters. Funny name.嘿 什么时候名字能让人充满想象力 兰尼斯特 兰尼斯特 有趣的名字Sounds like something that youd have in your house.听起来好像你家里藏着什么东西Hey, id love to have some brunch, but im getting new lannisters installed.嘿 我想吃早午餐 但是我要让兰尼斯特重新就职Look at the king and queen there. Lovely couple. Lovely couple.看看国王和王后 多么恩爱的夫妇 多么恩爱的夫妇Hey, why does the queen always carry a scepter? cause every one works, cept her.嘿 为什么王后总是带着权杖 因为每个人都发挥作用 除了她Thank you. Thats my time. Thank you very much. Be kind to one another.谢谢 到此结束了 非常感谢 要友好待人201706/513097

With atomic weapons, we finally hit that point of a sort of spiritual crisis.面对这些原子武器 我们终于找到了 精神危机的关键所在Have we gone too far,and what does it mean that we can control this most elemental of forces我们是否已走得太远? 我们可以控制这些 足以毁灭世界的可怕自然力量with such awesome destructive power?这又意味着什么呢?But with a terrible weapon also comes a revolutionary source of energy.然而伴着这些毁灭性武器而来的 是一场能源革命Nuclear power,now the third largest generator of electricity,核能 是目前世界上第三大发电能源with the potential to power our planet for billions of years.数十亿年来 核能都有发电的潜能In the 20th century,technology and science are the key to enhancing our world.在二十世纪 科技是推动世界进步的关键Human life takes a giant leap forward in a hospital in South Africa.在南非的一所医院里 人类向前迈出了跳跃性的一步1967, Cape Town.Christiaan Barnard.1967年 开普敦 克里斯蒂安·巴纳德A medical pioneer with 20 years experience,这位拥有二十年临床经验的医学先锋preparing to re-engineer the human body.准备对人体进行重组The patient: Louis Washkansky,Former boxer and athlete.病人名叫路易斯·华什肯斯基 曾是一名拳击手和运动员Hell die without Barnards ground-breaking surgery.若是没有巴纳德这次开拓性的手术 他就会面临死亡The worlds first heart transplant.这是世界上第一个心脏移植手术201605/446618

On the edge of the Sahara Desert I have come face to face with an ocean of water,but not a drop that I can drink.So I gonna step up to search.在撒哈拉沙漠的边缘 我看到了一片汪洋大海 但不是淡水 我无法饮用 所以我得继续寻找水源This looks like a tidal estuary.Tidal estuary could mean fresh water.这儿看起来像是潮汐河口 潮汐河口说明可能有淡水But not here.An estuary is where a river meet its sea,but it hasnt rained for a long time,so the river isnt flowing.不是这里 河口是河流到达了它的入海口 但因为长时间没有下雨 河流已不再流动However, you can track the fresh water down.Come on. Lets pick it up a bit now.然而 还是可以追踪到淡水的痕迹 我们现在得加快点速度Even a dry riverbed is worth following.即使是干涸的河床也不应该放过All of this stuff,is all sand far,it might not look like much,but this stuff can keep you alive.这些植被 周围都是沙子 它看起来也许很不起眼 但却可以让你活下来Its got enough moisture in it to help hydrate you.它含有非常丰富的水分 能缓解你脱水的症状You get this all along the coast on estuaries.这种植物在河口沿岸随处可见Lets fill our pockets, okay?Keep munching on it.让我们用这些塞满口袋 我接着嚼The dried up riverbed may not have seen rain for some time,but it still sustains life.已经干透的河床也许许久没有降雨 但仍然供养着生命As long as I can get up high,its a good place to set up camp.只要爬得够高 会是个宿营的好地方These acacia trees,these are always good in the desert.They give you good shade.这些刺槐树 在沙漠里总能帮上你的忙 为你遮挡阳光Also for shelter it means get off the ground away from the insects and animals that will give you grief in the night.还可以提供庇护 帮你远离地面 避开那些会在夜晚袭击你的 昆虫和动物Some big ones over here.Go right up into this one.Use some of these parallel limbs as well.这里有几棵大树 可以直接在这树上宿营 利用这些平行的树枝201611/479972

  Despite his famous victory at Agincourt,Henry V remains a might-have-been,dead at 35 from dysentery.除去在阿金库尔战役中大获全胜 亨利五世一直碌碌无为 于35岁时死于痢疾So neither he nor his son, Henry VI,could prevent what the stealing of Richards crown had made inevitable - a long, bloody war between competing wings of the Plantagenet family.因此他和儿子 亨利六世 都不能阻止窃取理查王位 所带来的不可避免后果 金雀花王室中敌对两翼的漫长血战For 30 years, the houses of York and Lancaster slogged it out in a roll call of battles we know as the Wars of the Roses.整整30年 约克家族 和兰开斯特家族 在著名的玫瑰战争中展开拉锯战There are only two ways to feel about the Wars of the Roses.对于玫瑰战争 通常有两种感受Either the endless chronicle of violent seizures of the Crown makes you thrill to one of the great English epics,要么是漫长暴力的王位争夺 谱写出令人惊心动魄的伟大史诗or else it leaves you feeling slightly numbed.要么是让人渐渐麻木If youre in the dazed and confused camp,the temptation of course is to write off the whole sorry mess如果你身处这片晃眼的刀光剑影中 最好的办法就是置身混乱之外as the bloody bickering of overgrown schoolboys,whacking each other senseless on the fields of Towton, Barnet and Bosworth.任由那些乳臭未干的孩子 在陶顿 巴尼特和斯沃思战役中 麻木机械地拔刀相向But there was something at stake in all the mayhem,但混乱之中 仍有亟待解决之事and that was the need to make the English monarchy credible again;那就是重振英格兰君主的威信to re-solder the chains of allegiance,which had once stretched all the way from Westminster重铸忠诚之索 它曾经一路从威斯敏斯特out to the constables and justices in the shires,and which had been so badly broken by the fate of Richard II.延伸至英格兰中部的治安官和法官中 因为它已被理查二世击得粉碎 /201612/482730

  Bruktawit Tigabu is the creator of ;Tibeb Girls;, the first animation in which Ethiopian girls play not only the lead characters,Bruktawit Tigabu是“Tibeb Girls”的创作人,这部动画片创下了两个第一,因为它不仅是由埃塞俄比亚女孩担纲主角,but are portrayed as superheroes, ;Tibeb; means wisdom in Amharic.还把这些女孩全都塑造成了超级英雄。在阿姆拉哈语中,“Tibeb”的意思就是智慧。For me, it was very important to have,“对我来说,you know, girls who look like me and who look like my child to be on the screen playing very good role model.;让那些跟我或者我的孩子一样的女孩子出现在大屏幕上,并且树立一个好榜样是非常重要的。”The ;Tibeb Girls; animation breaks taboos by discussing things such as menstruation,“Tibeb Girls”勇于打破各种禁忌,在片中还讨论了例假等话题,and in the first episode, they save a girl from child marriage.而且在第一集中,她们还合力将一个小女孩从童婚中解救了出来。Bruktawit screens the show at schools and events around Ethiopia.Bruktawit将这部动画搬上了埃塞俄比亚各学校和大型活动的大荧幕上。Most of the issues we are raising are not well discussed in the community or in school or in the house.“我们提出的大部分问题,无论是在社区、学校还是家里都尚未被深入讨论过。So that is another inspiration to really break the taboo and give them a very entertaining, but also engaging way to talk about very serious subject.;所以这也是我灵感的另一个来源,引导我去真正地打破禁忌,以的形式来给他们提供一种有趣的办法,进而再去讨论这个严肃的话题。”The animation is produced in Addis Ababa with a team of voice actors, artists and writers.这部动画片在亚的斯亚贝巴制作,团队成员包括配音演员、导演和编剧等。Representing and empowering girls is a big responsibility.要代表女孩并且给予她们力量责任重大。Therefore the writers, such as Mahlet Haileyesus, put a lot of preparation into an episode.因而编剧们,比如Mahlet Haileyesus在制作每一集时都会做大量准备工作。So what we do is we try to include everybody, like the relevant stakeholders, government bureaus, the specific target groups.“我们努力把所有人都包括在内,比如相关利益群体、政府部门和特定的目标群体等。And then once the synopsis is developed, we do prototyping, which means we go to the field and test it.;列完简单的摘要之后,我们就开始进行原型测试,也就是说去实地考察。”The ;Tibeb Girls; animation is also published as a cartoon.“Tibeb Girls”动画片现在也在出版漫画。Meaza Takele s the comic strip to her children each night before they go to bed.每天晚上孩子睡觉之前,Meaza Takele都会给他们读一部分。When I ask my children why they love the cartoon,“当我问孩子们为什么喜欢这部漫画时,they say its because now they have a cartoon that is Ethiopian and where their own language is spoken.;他们说,因为埃塞俄比亚终于有一部自己的漫画了,而且里面说的还都是我们自己的语言。”Creator Bruktawit hopes to raise funds to further develop the TV show,创作人Bruktawit希望能够募集资金,从而进一步发展这档电视节目,as she tries to sell the first season to broadcasters in Ethiopia and other African countries where young girls face the same issues.因为她正试图把第一季出售给埃塞俄比亚和其他非洲国家的广播公司,这些国家的年轻女孩子都面临着同样的问题。Marthe van der Wolf, for VOA news, Addis Ababa.VOA新闻,玛尔特·范·德·沃尔夫于亚的斯亚贝巴为您播报。201706/513295。


  And as soon as I was having that thought,bang, I hit him.正当我想着呢 嘣 就撞上了It felt like hitting a wall.I thought Id killed him.就像撞上一堵墙 我以为他被我撞死了I remember the impact, and I remember screaming,and I remember my first emotion was,if that had hit my head, Id be dead.那撞击 那惨叫都还记忆犹新 我第一感觉就是 要是撞上了脑袋 我就死定了I was just looking at him,he was just in tears holding his leg.我就站在一旁看着他 他忍着泪水 紧紧抓着腿And I just,its the worst, worst feeling Ive ever had.于是我 那真是我一生中最糟糕的时刻It wasnt the mountains that got us.It wasnt the crevasses or snakes.高山困不住我们 裂缝毒蛇也无法羁绊我的脚步Just this rare, rare occasion,you know, it was the camera.万万没有想到 竟是摄像机 给了我几乎致命的一击But, you know, thats part of the job.Thats part of fighting to get that camera close to the action.但这就是工作的风险 必须让摄像机近距离拍摄下这一过程You know, Simon looks like hes been in a boxing match.西蒙就像是刚从拳击场下来的人But the suns shining, and, you know, were alive.但太阳依然灿烂 我们还活着Our expedition is over.我们的探险告一段落Its time to leave this frozen land and head for home.是时候离开这冰天雪地 回温暖的家了The last two days have pushed me to the limit and beyond.最近两天的经历 令我超越了自己的极限Lets get into this.I aly had a huge respect for the forces of nature.上吧 我一直对大自然的力量充满了敬畏But that respect has just grown dramatically.但此时 这种敬畏才达到了无与伦比的高度Okay, Im wet, cold, and Ive got to act fast.浑身又湿又冷 我必须迅速行动What Ive learned is that even when you control the elements,它又教会了我 即便你掌握了各种要素You never have true control over the environment.也无法真正掌控周遭环境And the worst can happen at any time.悲剧随时都有可能发生201703/498517TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452234

  There are remains of Stone Age life doted all over Britain and Ireland.石器时代的遗迹遍布于不列颠与爱尔兰But nowhere as abundantly as Orkney,with its mounds, graves尤以奥克尼群岛为最 大量鼓起的坟堆and bavol its great circles of standing stones like here at Brodgar.以及像布罗德盖石圈一样耸立着的巨石阵Vast, imposing and utterly unknowable.雄伟壮观 并散发着不可知的神秘气息But Orkney boasts another Neolithic site,而岛上有一处新石器时代的遗址there is, in its way, even more impressive than Brodgar,甚至比布罗德盖 更令人惊叹the last thing you would expect from the Stone Age,你永远想象不到 遥远的石器时代a shockingly familiar glimpse of ancient domestic life.远古的家庭生活 竟在这里揭开了神秘面纱Perched on the western coast of Orkneys main island,a village called Skara Brae.这处遗址就在 位于奥克尼主岛西岸 一个叫做斯卡拉布雷的村庄Here, beneath an area no bigger than the 18th grade of a golf course在这不足一个十八洞高尔夫球场大的地下lies Europes most complete Neolithic community,静静沉睡着欧洲最完整的新石器时代部落miraculously preserved for 5,000 years under a blanket of sand and grass在草与沙之下 奇迹般地保留着五千年前的风貌until uncovered in 1850 by a ferocious sea storm.This is a recognisable village.直到1850年的一次巨大海上风暴 揭开了她的真实面目 村落的面貌清晰可见Neatly fitted into its landscape between pasture and sea,intimate, domestic and self-sufficient.完美地镶嵌在牧场与海洋之间 联系紧密 以家庭为单位 自给自足And although they were technically still the Stone Age and Neolithic period,虽然这一时期仍被划分在新石器时代these dwellings are not huts,theyre true houses,这些寓所却已不再是临时的窝棚 而是真正的房屋built from sandstone slabs that lie all around the island由遍布岛上的砂石板材筑造and which gave stout protection to villagers here at Skara Brae,from their biting Orcadian winds.坚实地保护着斯卡拉布雷的村民们 免受奥克尼凶猛海风的侵袭 /201606/450162

  This time, I hit 43 miles an hour,这回 时速达到了每小时七十公里With cameraman Simon filming from a sledge right behind me.摄影师西蒙在我后面的雪橇上 拍摄这一过程Using the ice axe,Im stopped dead in 53 feet.在冰镐的帮助下 我滑行了十六米就停了下来But Simons still going flat-out.但西蒙仍开足了马力Lost in the snow cloud,he plows straight into me.在溅起的雪花中难辨方向 他径直撞向了我Is he okay? Is he okay?Stunned, the team fear the worst.他还好吗 他还好吗 队员们惊呆了 他们最担心的事发生了Me and my team are in the Canadian rockies,我和我的队伍在加拿大洛矶山脉nearing the end of our experiment,when disaster strikes.Okay, here we go.在试验的最后阶段 悲剧发生了 我上了Sliding downhill at 45 miles an hour,以每小时七十公里的速度滑下山坡 cameraman Simon and I have just suffered an enormous impact.摄像师西蒙和我狠狠撞到一起Within seconds, the safety team jump into action.随即 安全组迅速展开行动Bear, do you want to lie down, buddy?My leg has sustained a massive impact.贝尔 想躺着吗伙计 我的腿受到了严重的撞击The pains intense, and the worry is has my femur broken?剧痛阵阵 我担心股骨可能骨折Once Im on the stretcher,they move me to a snowcat to assess the damage.我被抬上了担架 转移到一辆雪地车上诊断伤情Bears got a bad leg injury.We dont know if its broken or not.贝尔的腿严重受伤 还不知道是否骨折了We hope not, please. Lets hope that its not broken.但愿没有 希望没有骨折Simons busted his nose.He got the camera in the face.西蒙撞断了鼻子 摄像机撞向了面部Whats left of the housing thats the front.外壳撞成这样了 这是正面Thats quarter-inch plate glass, that.Thats like a shop window.大约十厘米的玻璃板 就像橱窗那种玻璃And that went into Bears leg.It couldve been a lot worse.I just thank god theyre both alive.狠狠撞向了贝尔 这完全有可能要了他的命 不过谢天谢地 他们都还活着201703/498051

  Only the highest office in the land seemed to have survived unscathed.似乎只有国家之首 才能幸免于难Edward III, once the glamorous, invincible warrior,was now an ageing father to a fragile nation.爱德华三世 曾经战无不胜的武士 现在是这个岌岌可危之国的年迈国王Still, the royal succession seemed secure.但是皇室的继承还未受动摇Edwards son, the Black Prince, the heir to the throne,was aly a legendary hero.爱德华的儿子黑太子 王位的继承人 已经是一位传奇英雄了But then, against all expectation,the picture changed.但是 出乎所有人的预料 形势急转直下The Black Prince succumbed to dysentery in 1376,and a year later, the old king himself finally expired.黑太子于1376年死于痢疾 一年后 年迈的国王去世And so the crown passed to Edwards grandson,Richard of Bordeaux.王位由爱德华的孙子 波尔多的理查继承A boy-king, called upon before his time,Richard was ruler in name only.年幼的国王 涉世未深 过早登基 只能沦为傀儡Everyone knew that his uncle,John of Gaunt, worked the levers of power.世人皆知 其叔 冈特的约翰 操纵实权Richards coronation was orchestrated by John of Gaunt as a festival of loyalty,理查的加冕礼由冈特的约翰精心策划为 一场标榜其忠诚的表演a statement of faith in the undimmed future of Englands glory.宣称前途未卜的英国 前途光辉There had been no coronation for half a century,but the mix of solemnity and festivity never failed to work its spell.英国已半个世纪没举行过加冕礼了 但这种既庄严又欢庆的场面 从未失去其吸引力Knights of the shire rode in from all over England to witness the spectacle.英国各地的骑士纷纷涌来 见这一盛况 /201611/479593。

  Do you hear a J sound in this phrase?;Could you? Could you?;你在这个短语中听到J音了吗?;Could you? Could you?;Theres no J sound written, but that does happen sometimes in American English pronunciation.里面并没有写出J音,但在美式英语发音中有时会发生这种情况。In this , well look at why.在这个视频里,我们来看看这是为什么。Ive had several people ask me about when the word ;you; follows a T or a D sound.First, lets look at some examples.有一些人问我单词“you”出现在T音或D音后面怎样发音。首先,我们来看一些例子。;Could you, could you. Could you be there?;;Want you, want you. I want you to come.;你可能在那儿吗?我想要你过来。Do you notice the JJ sound in ;could you;, or the CH sound in ;want you;?你注意到“could you”里面的JJ音和“want you”里面的CH音了吗?The JJ and CH sounds that youre hearing are coming in because of the mouth position.你所听到的JJ音和CH音是因为嘴型而出现的。The shape of these sounds -- JJ, CH -- is similar to the ;oo; as in ;boo; sound.JJ音和CH音的形状和“boo”里面的“oo”很相似。So whats happening is the lips are beginning to move for the oo vowel sound, even as theyre making the T and the D consonants.所以,在这里,即使是在发辅音T和D,嘴唇要做出oo元音的形状。And these things blending together make more of a JJ or CH sound.这些混合在一起就发出了JJ音或CH音。Lets look at some more examples.;What would you do?; (loop three times)It doesnt have to be pronounced this way.让我们再看一些例子。;What would you do?; (循环三次)它并不一定要这样发音。;Could you? Could you?; Where you make a separate D and Y sound: totally appropriate, and you will hear that.;Could you? Could you?; 分别发出D音和Y音:完全合适,并且你也会听到它。However, in more casual conversation, the JJ and CH sound does tend to come into play.然而,在更随意的谈话中,JJ音和CH音就更常用了。Lets look at some more examples.;I want to know what you thought.;让我们再看一些例子。;I want to know what you thought.;;I want to know what you -- I want to know what you thought.;我想知道,我想知道你是怎么想的。;Would you hand me that? Would you, would you. Would you hand me that?;你能把那个递给我吗?你能把那个递给我吗?I hope this helps to clear up what many of my students hear and find confusing.我希望这能够帮助我的学生们弄清楚他们听起来或觉得令人困惑的地方。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516337

  Hi again, welcome back to engvid.com, Im Adam, todays lesson is meant to show you ways of increasing your vocabulary.再次见到大家很高兴,欢迎回到engvid.com,我是Adam,今天的课程是要教你们一些增加词汇量的方法。I know some of the other teachers on engvid.com have done these lessons.我知道engvid.com上有些其他的老师已经做过这种课程了。I just want to throw my two cents in if you know what that means, is I want to give my own piece of advice.我只是想跟大家分享一下我的拙见,如果你们知道这是什么意思的话......也就是我想给你们一些我自己的建议。I have a few ideas for you, we are going to start with these, were going to look at a few others more practical ones as well.我给你们准备了一些方法,我们会先从这些开始讲,然后还会再看其他几个更实用的想法。The most important thing that you can do to increase your vocabulary is , a lot.要增加词汇量,你们能做的最重要的事是阅读,大量阅读。What should you ? Anything and everything.But the most important thing is what you are interested in, okay?你们应该读什么?任何东西,所有材料都可以。但最重要的是阅读你们感兴趣的材料。If you like sports, a sports magazine.If you like movies, a movie magazine, even better the script of the movie.如果你们喜欢运动,那就读本运动杂志。如果喜欢电影,那就看本电影杂志,能读一读电影剧本就更好了。If the movie is based on a novel, the novel.For example, recently the movie Life of Pi was very famous in the theaters.如果这部电影是根据一本小说改编的,那就去读这本小说。举个例子来说,最近在各大影院都很火爆的电影《少年派的奇幻漂流》。Its based on a novel, the novel, its a pretty good book.它就是根据一部小说改编的,这本小说很不错,你们可以看一下。My favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, based on a novella by Stephen King.我最喜欢的电影《肖申克的救赎》,改编自Stephen King的中篇小说。Read it, best way to increase your vocabulary.Also dont just learn new words and try to remember them.去读一读吧,这是增加词汇量最好的方法。还有,学新单词的时候不要只是干巴巴地学并且试着记住它们。Write, write a lot, use the words youre learning, right?你们要动手写,多写,要把你们正在学的单词用起来。Every time you learn a new word, you should have a notebook with you all the time anyway.不管怎样,每次你们学习一个新单词的时候,都应该在身边带一个笔记本。Write the word in a sentence, but not just any sentence, make sure that the sentence clearly shows that you know the meaning of the word, okay?用这个单词造一个句,但是也不要随便造句,你们要确保这个句子能够清晰地显示你们知道这个单词的意思,懂吗?So lets... for example, I know everybody knows this word but... ;beautiful;, everybody knows this word, but lets say its a new word for you.比如......我知道;beautiful;这个单词你们都认识,每个人都认识这个单词,不过我们假设这对你们来说是个新单词。Dont write ;The sky is beautiful;, it doesnt tell me anything about the word ;beautiful;.不要光写个;The sky is beautiful;,这个句子并没有告诉我任何关于单词;beautiful;的信息。The sky is also blue, does beautiful mean blue?No, make sure youre using something.天空也是蓝色的啊,;beautiful;的意思是蓝色吗?不是,请一定要在句子里加上其他成分。I love to see a beautiful sky that has pretty clouds and sunshine and a nice color, nice shade of blue, because it makes me feel happy.比如:我喜欢看这片有着漂亮的云、阳光和好看的颜色、好看的蓝色的美丽天空,因为它让我觉得很开心。Not the best example, its a very long sentence but you get my idea.这个例子虽然不是最好的示例,句子太长了,但是你们懂我的意思就好。Now again, coming back to that notebook, always have a notebook with you, always have a pen with you and dont limit yourself to one new word.再说一次,回到笔记本这个话题上来,你们随时都要带一本笔记本,随时都要带一笔,还有,不要局限于一个新单词。When you learn a new word, make sure you learn different forms of the same word, okay?当你们学习一个新单词的时候,请一定要学习同一个单词的不同形式。So for example, the word ;beautiful;, lets say this is a new word for you, you learn the word ;beautiful;.比如单词;beautiful;,我们假设这对你们来说是个新单词,你们在学;beautiful;这个单词。Put it in your adjective column, its an adjective, thats what you want.把它写在你们笔记本上形容词那一栏,它是个形容词,是你们想学的单词。But why not learn the other forms?For example, what is the adverb form of ;beautiful; ?但是为什么不学学它的其他形式呢?比如,;beautiful;的副词是什么?I think most of you know it, its ;beautifully;, so you have now two new words.我想你们大部分人都知道,那就是;beautifully;,那么现在你们有两个新单词了。What is the noun form of ;beautiful;?Its ;beauty;, you now have three new words in your vocabulary.;beautiful;的名词形式是什么呢?是;beauty;,现在你们的词汇量里增加了三个新单词。Is there a verb form of ;beautiful; ?Yes, as a matter of fact there is.;beautiful;有没有动词形式呢?有,事实上还真有。;Beautify;, means to make beautiful, you now have four new words.Think of other words, ;beautician;.那就是;beautify;,它的意思是“使......美丽”,你们现在学会了四个新单词。再想想其他单词,比如;beautician;。;Beautician; is a person who works making people more beautiful, she does facials and manicures and pedicures and wax and whatever else these beauticians do.;beautician;(美容师)的工作职责是把人们变得更加美丽,她会做美容、美甲、足疗、脱毛以及任何这些美容师会做的其他事情。Anyways try to find other forms, learn many words instead of just one word, okay?反正你们一定要试着找到单词的其他形式,学习多个单词而不是仅仅只学一个。Now some people like to study roots and suffixes and prefixes.有些人喜欢研究词根、后缀和前缀。Personally Im not a huge fan of this recommendation, but first, let me explain what a root is.个人来说,我对这个做法并不是很推荐,不过我还是先给你们解释一下什么是词根吧。For example, you have the root ;-ject;, so you learn inject, eject, object, subject, all the different words that come from the root,举个例子来说,你们看到了一个词根;-ject;,然后就可以学到这些单词:inject, eject, object, subject,这些不同的单词都是来自同一个词根,so many people only study the word or the root ;-ject; and think that it will help them understand all the words with this root.于是很多人就只学习这个单词或词根;-ject;,他们觉得这样就能弄懂所有由这个词根组成的单词。Its a good idea if you have the patience.想法不错,但是你们得有这个耐心。I think most people who are studying English dont like to study roots, because its like studying another language.我觉得大部分学英语的人都不喜欢学习词根,因为这就像在学另一门语言一样。If it works for you, do it, if it doesnt, dont, okay.如果这个方法对你们有用的话就照着做,如果没用就不要做。And now another thing you can do--listen.Listen to any spoken English that you can.现在我们来讲讲你们能做的另一件事——听。听任何你们能找到的英语口语。I think some of you may have heard of Ted.com, its a good website, people give talks and lectures about different topics.我想你们中一些人也许听说过Ted.com,那是个很好的网站,在那上面人们会发表关于不同话题的讲话和演讲。Listen, listen carefully.Anytime you hear a word that you dont recognize, write it down.听一听他们的讲话,认真听。任何时候你们听到了不认识的单词都要把它写下来。If you dont know the spelling, no problem, write it phonetically.如果你们不知道这个单词怎么写也没关系,按照读音把它写下来。Write the word just like it sounds, then if you have access to a transcript,根据它听起来的样子把这个单词写下来,然后如果你们能看到文本的话,means all the words that were spoken written down, check the transcript and find your word.也就是被记录下来的演讲的全部内容,如果能看到的话,请核对一下文本,找到你们不认识的那个单词。If you cant, if you dont have a transcript, go to a dictionary.如果找不到,如果你们没有文本的话,那就用字典。Now some of you have asked me to recommend a dictionary, very simple, and online you can get the paper one, or the online one.你们中有些人叫我推荐一部字典,这非常简单,从网上你们能找到纸质版的,也能找到电子版的。Merriam Websters, m-w.com, American English, oxford dictionaries.com, British English, okay?你们可以在m-w.com上找到韦氏字典,那是一部美式英语的字典,然后在oxford dictionaries.com上能找到英式英语的字典。Now I know Ive seen a lot of students use like their electronic dictionaries,我看见过很多学生使用他们的电子词典,they go from like English to Korean, English to Japanese, English to Spanish, dont do that anymore, okay?他们用的是像英韩词典、英日词典和英西词典之类的,不要再这么做了好吗?English to English, this way youre learning more words as youre learning one word.使用英英词典,这样你们在学习一个单词的时候能学到更多的单词。I dont know this word, I look at the definition, in the definition I might be... I might be learning other words, okay?比如我不认识这个单词,我去看了看释义,在释义里我也许会学到其他的单词。You will maximize how many words you learn by using an English to English dictionary.通过使用英英词典,你们学到的单词数量会达到最大化。Now again about those electronic dictionaries, sometimes like especially when people are trying to write,我再说一下电子词典方面的事情,有时候,尤其是当人们在写作的时候,they will write a sentence in their native language and then press translate on this dictionary, and get a sentence in English.他们会用母语写一个句子,然后按词典上的翻译键,接着就能得到一个英语的句子。Now Ive seen sentences that I knew came from the dic... from the electronic dictionary, because they made no sense.我看到过一些我一眼就知道是从电子词典中翻译来的句子,因为它们根本讲不通。Okay? They were terrible terrible sentences, dont do that, okay?那些句子超级超级糟糕,不要这么做好吗?The people who made these dictionaries might not know English very well, keep that in mind, okay?那些制造这些电子词典的人也许并不是很懂英语,记住这一点。So these are some ideas, now Im going to tell you what I think are the best ideas to increase your vocabulary.以上是我告诉你们的一些想法,现在我要跟你们讲我认为的增加词汇量最好的方法。Okay, so now were going to look at a couple of other ways you can increase your vocabulary.现在我们要来看几个能帮你们增加词汇量的其他方法。These are very effective but they take a lot of patience, a lot of perseverance.下面的这些方法非常有效,但是需要很多耐心和很大的毅力。You have to try hard, you have to keep doing it because vocabulary, not so easy right?你们必须努力,必须坚持,因为增加词汇量可不是件简单的事,不是吗?Okay, so first were going to start with cards.好了,首先我们要从卡片开始。You get yourself a stack of cards, maybe this big, not too big, because you want to carry them in your pocket, take them with you everywhere you go, okay?你们要给自己准备一叠卡片,也许这么大,不要太大了,因为你们要把它们放在口袋里,去哪儿都要随身带着。On one side of the cards, youre going to write words, four maybe five words that are new words for you.在卡片的一面,你们要写上四五个新单词。Youre going to write sentences on the back, on the other side of the card.在卡片的另一面也就是背面,你们要写下句子。Youre going to use these words in sentences so you have a clear meaning or you can write the meaning of the word, dictionary meaning, both okay.你们要把这些单词用到句子里去,这样你们就有一个清楚的含义,或者你们也可以写下这个单词的意思,字典上的释义,两种都可以。Now youre going to split your cards into three piles, okay?然后你们要把这些卡片分成三摞。You can like have the pile of cards of words that you know, words youre very comfortable with, eventually you will have a pile like this.你们可以分出一摞写着你们认识的单词的卡片,就是那些很顺口的单词,最终你们会得到像这样的一摞卡片。Words that youre very comfortable with, you know them very well, you dont need to look at these cards very often, okay?这一摞是你们觉得很舒、非常了解的单词,这些卡片不需要你们很频繁地去看。Now before I continue, where do you get these words?在继续之前,我问一下你们知道从哪儿找这些单词吗?Get from a TOEFL site or an IELTS site or an SAT site or an SAT book, for example they have lists of words that you need to learn.从或者雅思网站上找,或者SAT网站或SAT书,上面有很多你们要学的单词。Put all these words on cards, split them up like this.把所有这些单词写在卡片上,然后像这样把它们分出来。You know these words very well, dont need to look at.如果你们对这些单词很熟知的话,就不需要看了。These words youre almost sure or at least you recognize these words, youve seen them before, youve heard them before, you can guess what they mean maybe in context.下面这些单词你们几乎能确定它们的意思,或者至少能认出它们,你们以前见过或听过这些单词,也许根据上下文能猜出它们的意思。So youre not sure, put them in this...this pile, this pile you will look at all the time.那么对于你们不太确定的单词,把它们归到这一摞,这一摞卡片你们要一直看。And then in the last pile, you put words that you really dont know, okay?接下来,最后一摞的单词是你们真的不认识的单词。This is the pile you will look at the most, you will study these words.这是你们要看的时间最多的一摞单词,要好好学习这些单词。As they become more familiar, you move them to this pile, this pile you study also very regularly.等它们变得熟悉了一些之后,就把它们移到这一摞,这一摞卡片你们也要定期学习。You take this... this pile is the one you put in your pocket and take with you, when you go outside.这一摞是你们出门的时候要放在口袋里随身带着的。On the bus, look at your words, long line at the bank, pull out your cards, look at the words, okay?在公交车上的时候,你们可以看看这些单词,在里排长队的时候,你们也可以把卡片拿出来看看单词。When this word becomes very comfortable for you, when you know what this word means, move it over to this pile, leave it at home, okay?当这个单词变得对你来说很舒的时候,当你知道了这些单词的意思的时候,就把它移到这一摞里来,这一摞是要留在家里的。Dont know-almost sure-know, study-move-study- move-put aside, once in a while look at them just make sure you remember.你们要经历的过程是:不认识-几乎确定-认识,学习-移动-学习-移动-放在一边,偶尔你们还要再看看这些单词,谨防你们会忘记。Because if you never look at these again, you will forget them, okay?因为如果你们再也不看这些单词的话,就会忘记它们的。So its all the time, continual, you have to practice, practice, practice, practice.所以要一直看,持续不断地看,你们必须练习、练习、练习再练习。Vocabulary is a lot of memorization, thats the way it is.词汇需要大量的背诵,它就是这么回事。Now heres another thing you can do, okay, this is the last one Ill show you today.现在还有一件事是你们可以做的,这也是我今天要跟你们讲的最后一点。What you do is you make yourself groups of words, okay?你们要做的就是自己把单词分组。You take... you can do it many ways, you can make yourself a little... like a... a little brainstorm.你们可以按照很多方式来做,可以自己做一个小头脑风暴。You, for example if were looking at root, you write the root in here ;-ject;举个例子来说,如果我们在看词根,你们在这里写下词根;-ject;,and then you wirte reject, inject eject, subject etc, or in a list, however way it works for you.然后写下单词reject, inject eject, subject等等,或者你们也可以列一个表,无论什么方式,只要对你们来说有用就行。So three ways that I will recommend to group words, again if you like the roots, group them like that: eject, reject, object, subject, inject.我会给你们推荐三种单词分组的方法,再说一下,如果你们喜欢词根,那就按照词根分组,比如:eject, reject, object, subject, inject。Now the reason youre going to make groups is because maybe you dont remember object or object, remember, now moreover,要给单词分组的原因是,也许你们不记得;object;的意思了,但是你们记得;-ject;,你们记得这个小组,but you remember ;-ject;, you remember this group, you sort of remember what ;-ject; means, so you can apply it to object.在一定程度上记得;-ject;的意思,那么你们就能把这个意思适用于;object;。;-ject; is like push, in most contexts object is push away, refuse, okay?;-ject;有推的意思,在大部分语境中,;object;是推开,也就是拒绝的意思。So if you dont remember the word, hopefully you will remember the idea of the group and then that will remind you what the word means, okay?所以,如果你们不记得这个单词,但愿你们记得这个小组的概念,然后它们就会提醒你们这个单词的意思。Another group you can use is similar meanings, so synonyms, words that have similar meanings or a similar function, okay?你们能用的另一种分组方法是相似的意义,即同义词,也就是有着相似的含义或者相似功能的单词。So for example, Im going to look at this function ;increase;, extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce,比如,我要看;increase;(增加)这个功能,那么extend, expand, accelerate, intensify, reinforce,all of these have some sort... in their meaning, have some sort of connection to increase.这些单词的含义都跟;increase;有某种联系。;Extend;, make longer, increase length or time, duration; ;expand;, increase size or scope;;extend;的含义是“使......更长”,“增加长度或时间”,“音延”; ;expand;是“增加规模或范围”;;accelerate;, increase speed; ;intensify;, increase intensity; ;reinforce;, increase strength.;accelerate;是“提高速度”;;intensify;是“加强强度”;;reinforce;是“增加力度”。So you... maybe you see the word ;reinforce;, youre ing something, you see the word ;reinforce;.也许你们看到了单词;reinforce;,也许你们在阅读某个材料的时候看见了;reinforce;这个单词。Youre not exactly sure what it means, but you remember the group it was in, the group was the increase group.你们不能完全确定它的意思,但是你们记得它所在的小组,它在;increase;小组里。So ;reinforce; means increase, plus, the context of the sentence you saw it in will help you understand it means increase strength,所以;reinforce;的意思是增加,另外,你们看见的它所在句子的语境也会帮你们理解它的意思,它有“ 增加力量”的意思,or sometimes it could be increase number like a number of soldiers, reinforce the position.或者有时候它也有“增加数量”的意思,比如士兵的数量,或者加强地位。The last group is theme, for example lets say for today that the theme is technology, okay?最后一种分组是主题,比如我们假设今天的主题是科技。So you write words that have to do with technology.那么你们写的单词就要和科技有关。;Obsolete;, ;state-of-the-art;, ;update;, ;downgrade;, ;cutting-edge;, all these words we can talk about like computer softwares or computers.比如;obsolete;, ;state-of-the-art;, ;update;, ;downgrade;, ;cutting-edge;,所有这些单词我们都能用来谈论电脑软件或者电脑。;Obsolete;, old not useful anymore, nobody uses this anymore...uh... Windows XP maybe not completely obsolete but almost obsolete or hardly anybody uses it anymore.;obsolete;的意思是“旧的,不再有用的,没人会再用的”,比如Windows XP,它也许不是完全废弃的,但是也几乎废弃了,或者基本上没人会再用它了。;State-of-the-art; means the newest; ;cutting-edge;, the newest, the most modern, that the most advanced you can get; ;update; to make newer; ;downgrade; to make less.;state-of-the-art; 的意思是“最新的”;;cutting-edge;是“最新的,最现代的,能获得的最先进的”;;update;的意思是“使......变得更新”;;downgrade;是“使......更差一些”。For example, I have Windows 8, I dont like it, I want to downgrade to Windows 7, but I cant do it, Windows 8 wont let me.举个例子来说,我用的是Windows 8系统,我不喜欢它,想把它降级成Windows 7,但是我没法儿这么做,因为Windows 8不会让我这么做的。But anyway so you have a theme, you have a function, you have the root.不管怎么说,你们有三种分组方法:主题、功能、词根。Learn in chunks, if you dont remember one word, youll remember the group, it will help you understand the word youre looking at, okay?学习词块,如果你们记不住单个单词,你们会记住整个小组,它会帮你们弄懂眼前的这个单词的。Go to engvid.com, Ill give you a quiz, give you some more practice with these ideas,你们可以去engvid.com网站上看看,我会在那里上传一个小测验,让你们多练习一下这些方法,and subscribe to my YouTube channel and come again and we will do this again.Thanks!同时也别忘了订阅我的YouTube频道,还有,我们下次上课的时候欢迎再来观看。谢谢!201707/516476

  Turkish authorities have taken several people into custody in connection with the Istanbul airport bombing.土耳其当局已拘留数名与伊斯坦布尔机场爆炸案有关的嫌疑人。According to several outlets, officials say at least 13 people were detained during raids and that another nine suspects were arrested on suspicion of communicating with Syrian ISIS members and providing support to the group.据多家媒体报道,官员称突袭中至少有13人被拘留,另有9名疑犯涉嫌联络叙利亚ISIS成员并为组织提供持而被捕。Turkish police and special operations forces reportedly conducted the raids in several neighborhoods of Istanbul and Izmir, a western city on the Aegean coast.据报道,土耳其警方和特种部队在伊斯坦布尔和爱琴海岸西部城市伊兹密尔的几个地区展开突袭。ISIS hasnt claimed responsibility for Tuesdays attack, which killed at least 42 people and wounded hundreds more at Istanbuls international airport.ISIS没有宣称对周二在伊斯坦布尔国际机场造成至少42人丧生,数百人受伤的袭击负责。But Turkeys prime minister said Wednesday the idea of the terrorist group being behind the attack is becoming increasingly probable.但土耳其总理周三表示,袭击背后恐怖组织的想法变得越发可能。译文属。201607/452331

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