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温州种植牙齿费用多少杭州四环素牙治疗费用杭州口腔科专科治疗医院 Apple has lost its final bid to overturn a judgment that it broke antitrust laws by conspiring to raise ebook prices, in its latest bruising encounter with the US judicial authorities. 苹果(Apple)推翻一项认定其合谋抬高电子书价格、从而违反竞争法律的判决的最后努力以失败告终。这是该公司与美国司法当局最新的激烈交锋。 The US Supreme Court rejected the company’s bid for an appeal against lower court rulings that it engaged in “marketplace vigilantism” against rival Amazon and “unreasonably restrained trade” by creating a “cartel” with publishers to control ebook prices. 美国最高法院(Supreme Court)驳回了苹果对下级法院裁决提起上诉的请求。下级法院认定,苹果参与了针对竞争对手亚马逊(Amazon)的“市场自警行为”,并通过与出版商创建“卡特尔”以操控电子书价格,“不合理地限制交易”。 The ruling comes as the company begins a long fight with the US justice department over whether it can be forced to help investigators break open an iPhone belonging to one of the killers in the San Bernardino terrorist shootings in December. 最高法院驳回上诉请求之际,苹果刚开始与美国司法部展开一场长期苦战,焦点是该公司是否可以被迫协助调查人员解锁去年12月圣贝纳迪诺恐怖击案一名凶手使用过的iPhone。 It is also a blow to Tim Cook, chief executive, who has called the case “bizarre” and defended deals struck by predecessor Steve Jobs and by Apple’s internet services head, Eddy Cue. 该裁决对苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)也是一个打击,他曾形容此案“离奇”,并为其前任史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)及苹果互联网务负责人艾迪#8226;库伊(Eddy Cue)所达成的协议辩护。 “We’ve done nothing wrong there and so we’re taking a very principled position on this,” Mr Cook said in a 2013 interview. “We’re not going to sign something that says we did something we didn’t do. So we’re going to fight.” “我们在这方面没有任何过错,因此,我们对本案的立场非常坚持原则,”库克在2013年的一次采访中表示,“我们不会签署那些称我们做了我们根本没做的事情的文件。所以,我们将进行斗争。” Apple must pay 0m in compensation to people who bought ebooks through its iBooks store, under the conditional settlement agreed in July 2014. Five publishers have aly paid out 6m as part of their 2013 settlement. 根据2014年7月达成的有条件和解协议,苹果必须向通过iBooks商店购买电子书的消费者付4亿美元的赔偿。作为2013年和解协议的一部分,5家出版商已经付了1.66亿美元。 But the Department of Justice said the company and book publishers had engaged in “cynical misconduct” against the lower prices imposed by Amazon’s Kindle store. “Apple’s liability for knowingly conspiring with book publishers to raise the prices of ebooks is settled once and for all,” said Bill Baer, assistant attorney-general of the department’s antitrust division. “And consumers will be made whole.” 但美国司法部表示,苹果和图书出版商曾对亚马逊Kindle商店实行的较低价格发起“见利忘义的不当行为”。司法部反垄断部门助理总检察长比尔#8226;贝尔(Bill Baer)表示:“苹果蓄意串通图书出版商抬高电子书价格,这一责任已被彻底认定。消费者将得到补偿。” Customers who bought books at higher prices will be repaid in store credits. 曾以较高价格购买图书的用户将得到商店积分作为补偿。 The US government accused Apple of being the “ringleader” in a conspiracy with the world’s largest book publishers to raise ebook prices using its iPad, at a time when Amazon’s Kindle dominated the market. Whereas Amazon set ebook prices for the Kindle store, Apple introduced the “agency pricing” model with its iBooks system, allowing publishers to decide how much to charge. 美国政府指控称,在亚马逊的Kindle主导市场期间,苹果扮演“头目”角色,串通全球各大图书出版商利用iPad提高电子书价格。亚马逊设定其Kindle商店的电子书价格,而苹果用iBooks系统推出“代理定价”模式,让出版商决定定价。 The 2013 trial revealed that a string of emails were sent by Jobs and Mr Cue to publishing industry executives during their negotiations over iBooks. 2013年的审判显示,乔布斯和库伊曾向出版业高管发送了一连串电子邮件,其间他们正就iBooks与对方进行谈判。 /201603/430762浙江省牙科医院看前牙后牙种植牙怎么样好吗

桐庐县第一人民医院地包天牙齿前突价格杭州牙科医院口腔整形科 When an earthquake strikes literally every second counts. That was the case five years ago when a magnitude 9 quake unleashed a massive tsunami that devastated Japan. A seismological network kicked into action issuing early warnings, but the massive waves still killed nearly 16,000 people and caused an estimated 0 billion in damage.当地震发生时,每一秒钟都极其重要,正如5年前一场9级大地震引发的巨大海啸曾重创日本一样。虽然地震监测网迅速发布海啸来临警告,但巨大的海啸仍然吞噬了一万六千条生命并造成约为三千亿美元的经济损失。Since then scientists have been working to improve detection systems in the hopes of generating more accurate earthquake data and ultimately buying people a bit more time to flee a soon to be disaster zone.从那以后,地震学家致力于改善地震检测系统,希望以此来计算出更加准确的地震监测数据,并最终为人们在灾难来临前的撤离多争取一点时间。Now researchers are hoping to tap into new pool data. It turns out the technology in conventional seismological instrumentation exists in every smartphone on the planet.如今地震学家正在尝试开发新的数据库,希望能将常规的地震监测工具;安装;到这个星球上的每一部智能手机里面。;The idea is if we can harness the accelerometers in those smart phones then we can collect massive amounts of data. It could really revolutionise how we understand earthquakes and earthquake effects,; said Richard Allen, the director of the Seismological Laboratory at the University California, Berkeley.加州大学伯克利分校的地震学实验室负责人理查德·阿伦表示:;如果我们能够在智能手机上安装测震仪,那么我们就能够收集大量的数据。那样将彻底重塑我们对地震及其影响的理解。;Allen and his team have developed a smartphone app called #39;MyShake#39; designed to monitor a phones accelerometer data and send alerts to a central server when seismic activity registers.阿伦及其团队已经设计出一款名为;MyShake;的手机应用,可以通过手机监测地震数据并上传到务器,一旦有地震活动出现可以立即发出警报。He says accelerometers in phones are nowhere near as sensitive as conventional instrumentation, but what they lack in sensitivity they make up for in numbers. Real time data from phones could equate to more warning time. ;So the amount of warning time we might be talking about depends of course on where you are relative to the earthquake. We are talking about seconds, tens of seconds, best case scenario is a few minutes before and earthquake, tens of minutes potentially for tsunamis,; said Allen.阿伦表示,虽然手机上的测震仪在精度上远逊于传统的测震设备,但是这可以通过数量来弥补的,大量的手机实时数据就相当于更多的预警时间。他说:;我们谈论的预警时间的长短取决于你与震源地带的距离,我们说的几秒、几十秒,最好就是在地震前几分钟,以及可能引发海啸前的几十分钟。;The smartphone data is meant to complement existing earthquake monitoring networks, according to Allen, but he adds that many of the regions most prone to deadly earthquakes and tsunami don#39;t have reliable early warning systems. In those places, he says, this new source of data could prove to be a game changer.据阿伦表示,采集手机数据是为了完善现存的地震预警网络,但他同时表示,由于在一些剧烈地震海啸高发区域缺少可靠的灾前预警系统,新的数据来源将扮演更加重要的角色。The app can be downloaded the Labs website at myshake.berkeley.edu目前,这款应用已经可以在地震实验室的官网上(myshake.berkeley.edu)下载了。 /201603/432230杭州一般钴铬合金烤瓷牙要多少钱

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