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泰州治阴茎包皮炎泰州海陵区妇幼保健人民中心医院男科咨询Hong Kong police are investigating the disappearance of a publisher who sold books critical of China’s top leaders, in a case that has sparked further protests about mainland interference in the affairs of the semi-autonomous territory.香港警方正在调查一名出版人失踪的案件,此人曾销售批评中国最高领导层的图书,此案已引发抗议,抗议针对的是中国内地干涉这个半自治的特别行政区的事务。Lee Ka-chiu, a senior official in the government’s security bureau, said on Sunday that the police missing persons unit was trying to find out what happened to Lee Bo, who was last seen in Hong Kong on Wednesday, but that it had not yet reached any conclusions.香港保安局(Security Bureau)副局长李家超(Lee Ka-chiu)周日表示,警方的失踪人口调查组正在试图查明李波(Lee Bo)的下落,后者上周三最后一次在香港露面,但警方尚未得出任何结论。Four of his colleagues from the Mighty Current publishing company disappeared late last year while outside of Hong Kong, amid speculation that they had been taken for questioning by security forces in mainland China.李波在巨流传媒(Mighty Current)出版公司的四名同事去年末在香港境外相继失踪,当时有传言称,他们被中国内地安全部门带走问话。Activists say Mr Lee’s case is even more concerning because he went missing from Hong Kong, which has an independent, British-style legal system as part of the “one country, two systems” arrangement that was agreed with Beijing when the former colony was handed over in 1997.活动人士表示,李波的案件甚至更加令人关切,因为他是在香港失踪的,而香港拥有一个英式的独立司法体系,这是这个前殖民地1997年回归中国时达成的“一国两制”安排的一部分。On Sunday, the bookstore in Causeway Bay, which sits underneath a nail parlour and opposite a Burberry store in the heart of Hong Kong’s main shopping district, was closed.周日,位于铜锣湾(Causeway Bay)的这家书店没有开门。该书店地处香港主要购物区的心脏地带,楼上是一家美甲店,对面是一家柏利(Burberry)专卖店。Posters outside the shop promoted a range of their books, which would almost certainly be banned in authoritarian China because they cover a range of topics that are deemed highly sensitive, such as corruption and the personal lives of top leaders.店外的一些海报推介一系列图书,这些书在威权的中国内地几乎肯定会遭禁,因为它们涉及一些被视为高度敏感的主题,比如腐败以及最高领导人的私人生活。Mr Lee’s wife told Hong Kong media that she last saw him on Wednesday and he later called from a mainland number to tell her he was “assisting in an investigation” and would be back soon.李波的妻子告诉记者,她最后一次见到他是在上周三,之后他从一个内地电话号码给她打电话,说他正在“协助调查”,很快会回来。Albert Ho, an opposition lawmaker in Hong Kong, said on Sunday that he had “strong reason to believe Mr Lee Bo has probably been kidnapped and smuggled back to the mainland for political investigation” because of his role in publishing books that were critical of the Chinese government.香港立法会的民主派议员何俊仁(Albert Ho)周日表示,他有“充分理由相信李波先生很可能已被绑架,并被偷偷带回中国内地协助政治调查”,原因是他在出版批评中国政府的图书方面扮演了角色。It was not immediately possible to verify his claim.记者无法立即核实他的这一说法。Mr Lee, the Hong Kong security official, said that the police had asked their mainland counterparts if the publisher had been detained and they were yet to hear back from them.香港保安局的李家超表示,警方已询问内地同行有没有拘留这名出版人,但尚未得到回音。Although Chinese security forces regularly detain dissidents in the mainland without charging them or informing their families, they have no legal right to operate in Hong Kong.尽管中国内地安全部门经常在不提出指控、也不通知家人的情况下扣留在内地的异见人士,但他们依法没有在香港执行任务的权利。However, democracy campaigners fear that the city’s autonomy and its British-style freedoms are being eroded, pointing to growing threats to freedom of the press and academic independence.然而,民主派活动人士担心,该市的自主性和英式自由正受到侵蚀,他们指出新闻自由和学术独立面临越来越大的威胁。Lee Cheuk-yan, another opposition lawmaker, said the disappearance of the booksellers undermined Hongkongers’ sense of security and suggested that the one country, two systems arrangement had “been torn up”.另一位民主派议员李卓人(Lee Cheuk-yan)表示,书店职员的失踪破坏了港人的安全感,并且表明一国两制安排已“被撕毁”。“We’ve been living with a false sense of security and that’s very frightening,” he said.“我们一直生活在安全的错觉中,那是非常可怕的,”他说。 /201601/420943泰州男性生殖医院有那些 Two Chinese steel groups have taken the first step in a long-awaited takeover to create the world’s second-largest steelmaker — a move that Beijing hopes will spark a wave of consolidation and improve efficiency in the bloated industry.两家中国钢铁集团向着各方期待已久的合并迈出第一步,将缔造全球第二大钢铁制造商,中国政府希望此举将引发并购浪潮,并提高这个臃肿行业的效率。However, analysts said that the deal between Baoshan Iron and Steel and Wuhan Iron amp; Steel is only part of what is likely to be a long and complex process to consolidate China’s fragmented steel industry.然而,分析师表示,宝钢股份(Baoshan Iron and Steel)和武钢股份(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel)之间的协议只是整合中国分散的钢铁行业过程的一部分,这个过程很可能是漫长且复杂的。On Tuesday Baoshan, the listed arm of China’s second-largest steel producer Baosteel Group, said it would issue new shares in order to absorb the listed arm of Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group, China’s fifth-largest steel producer by volume.周二,中国第二大钢铁制造商宝钢集团(Baosteel Group)的上市子公司宝钢股份表示,将发行新股,以吸收合并中国第五大钢铁制造商(按产量计算)武汉钢铁集团(Wuhan Iron amp; Steel Group)的上市子公司。The subsuming of Wisco’s traded entity by Baosteel’s listed unit is a preliminary step in the merging of the two parent groups, and is subject to Chinese regulatory approval, according to a filings by both companies.根据两家公司递交的监管申报文件,宝钢上市子公司吸收合并武钢上市公司是两家母公司合并的预备步骤,并将有待中国监管部门审批。The merger does not mean success of this “test case”, according to Xu Zhongbo, an analyst at Beijing Metal Consulting. “The most important thing is that steel production comes together quickly,” he said.北京梅塔科咨询公司(Beijing Metal Consulting)分析师许中波表示,此次合并不仅意味着这一“测试案例”的成功。他表示:“最重要的是钢铁生产迅速合并。”He added: “In the two groups there are many small companies and it will take a long time to decide which businesses will be sold or closed — this could be a costly process.”他补充称:“这两个集团有很多小企业,需要很长时间才能确定哪些企业将被出售或关闭,这可能是一个代价高昂的过程。”The creation of Baowu Steel Group — as China’s press has dubbed the merged entity — is considered the starting point for Beijing’s plans to improve Chinese efficiency by pushing zombie companies out of operation.宝武钢铁集团(这是中国媒体给合并后实体起的名字)的缔造被视为北京方面计划的起点,目的是促使破产,提高中国工业效率。China’s steel’s overcapacity helped plunge the global industry into crisis last year, when surging cheap Chinese exports dragged down global prices.中国钢铁业的产能过剩导致全球钢铁行业去年陷入危机,当时不断激增的中国廉价钢铁出口拖低了全球价格。 /201609/467920泰兴市人民医院包皮手术多少钱

泰州市割包皮要花多少钱A federal program meant to encourage investment in the ed States from wealthy foreigners is increasingly supporting large luxury real estate projects, not the development in the rural and downtrodden districts that some say were the original targets of the program.目前,一个旨在鼓励富有的外国人在美国投资的联邦项目愈来愈倾向于持大型豪华房地产项目,而不是用于乡村和穷困地区的发展,虽然在一些人口中,后者才是该项目的初衷。With billions of dollars flowing in, mostly from wealthy Chinese, the program faces an uncertain future. 数以十亿美元计的资金已通过该项目流入美国,大多是来自富裕的中国人,但如今它面临着不确定的未来。In September, Congress reset the expiration date on parts of the so-called EB-5 program to Dec. 9.9月,国会将这个名为EB-5的项目的部分截止日期重新设为12月9日。The program grants permanent residency in the ed States to those who are willing to immigrate and invest 0,000 in a business that creates at least 10 jobs. 该项目向愿意移民的投资者提供美国的永久居留权,此人需要向一个至少创造10个工作机会的企业投资50万美元。Many of the projects that have received money have been in real estate, though investments have also gone to charter schools, medical centers and manufacturing plants. 尽管也有投资流向特许学校、医疗中心和制造厂,但许多获得该项目投资的都是房地产。Some billion of investments have been made through the program since 2005, according to the EB-5 Coalition, an industry group in Washington.根据华盛顿行业组织EB-5联盟(EB-5 Coalition)的说法,从2005年以来,该项目大约吸引了150亿美元的投资。Critics have derided the program as essentially a legal way for immigrants to buy their way into the country.批评者嘲笑该项目本质上是为移民提供购买美国身份的合法途径。Donald J. Trump’s election adds a new wrinkle. 唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump)的当选增加了一个新的变数。He campaigned heavily on immigration reform, pledging to build a wall on the Mexican border and increase the deportation of criminal noncitizens. 他竞选时大力主张移民改革,承诺在墨西哥边境上修建围墙,并将更多犯罪的无公民身份者驱逐出境。He also said he wanted to reduce legal immigration and ensure jobs are offered to Americans first.他还说他想减少合法移民,保优先向美国人提供工作。Whether President-elect Trump will actually follow through on these pledges remains to be seen, said Stephen W. Yale-Loehr, a law professor at Cornell University and an immigration lawyer. 侯任总统是否会真正恪守这些承诺,还有待观察,康奈尔大学法律教授与移民律师史蒂芬#8226;W#8226;耶尔-勒尔(Stephen W. Yale-Loehr)说:It is always difficult for Congress to enact significant immigration changes because immigration is so complex and controversial.在移民方面,国会总是很难实行重大的变化,因为移民问题太复杂,太有争议。The ed States is not alone in offering residence for investment. 美国不是唯一一个为投资者提供居留权的国家。Germany, Australia and Canada have versions of the program, as do several small countries. 德国、澳大利亚、加拿大及一些小国都有类似的项目。Competition among Caribbean nations is rising for their citizenship-by-investment programs, with St. Lucia being the most recent to revamp its program.目前,加勒比国家正在竞相实施投资移民计划,圣卢西亚是最新修订类似项目的国家。Foreign interest is growing. 来自外国的关注在增长。According to an analysis by professors at New York University, investments in the program are increasingly financing large-scale, luxury or entertainment-oriented real estate developments. 根据纽约大学的教授们分析,该项目吸引的投资愈来愈多地用于大型、豪华或型房地产开发项目融资。Among them: nearly billion gathered in the last year from 2,000 investors to build a Chinese-style casino in Las Vegas, 0 million from 1,200 investors for New York’s mixed-use Hudson Yards project and 0 million from 300 investors to construct the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria.举例来说,去年,来自2000名投资者的近10亿美元被用于在兴建一座中式风格的;来自1200名投资者的6亿美元被用于在纽约兴建多用途的哈德逊广场(Hudson Yards);来自300个投资者的1.5亿美元被用于建造比佛利山华尔道夫-阿斯托里亚酒店。The program was intended to reward people for putting money into the ed States. 该项目旨在奖励那些把资金投入美国的人。Projects that raised more than billion were practically nonexistent in the program before 2010, Prof. Jeanne Calderon of New York University’s Stern School of Business wrote in a March report on the program. 纽约大学斯特恩商学院教授让娜#8226;卡尔德隆(Jeanne Calderon)在3月发表了关于该计划的报告,其中写道,在2010年之前,几乎没有什么建设计划通过该项目筹集到超过10亿美元的资金。But when banks turned off the credit spigot around the 2008 financial crisis, developers started getting more creative in finding alternative financing.但是,在2008年金融危机时期关闭信贷渠道后,开发商便开始寻找更有创意的替代融资方案。N.Y.U. tracks 27 projects across the ed States that have raised more than .6 billion from foreign investors.纽约大学跟踪调查了美国境内27个项目,它们从外国投资者那里募集了超过56亿美元。Many of these projects are run by large commercial developers who could proceed without any foreign investment but are reaching out to foreign investors for cheaper financing than they would receive from banks.它们当中有许多是由大型商业开发商经营,就算没有任何外国投资也可以运作下去,但开发商们寻觅外国投资者是为了获得比更便宜的融资。Reformers from both political parties are calling for a much tighter definition of the areas eligible for investment through the program to remove the tracts in prosperous urban areas and get money to underserved ones. 来自两党的改革者们都呼吁对有资格获得该项目投资的地区做出更加严格的定义,让这些资金不再用于繁华都市地带的大片土地,而是用于欠发达地区。They are also looking at raising the investment minimum to 0,000.他们还考虑将投资最低限额提高到80万美元。In addition, they hope to make the projects more accountable by requiring better disclosures to protect potentially vulnerable immigrants from fraudulent schemes. 此外,他们希望该项目具备更好的透明度,保护可能处于弱势地位的移民免受欺诈性计划之害,令该项目更加负责。Federal securities regulators have filed several enforcement actions against people committing fraud through the program in recent years.联邦券监管机构已经针对近年来通过该项目实施欺诈的一些人采取了若干执法行动。The issue has friends and foes on either side of the political aisle. 这个问题在政界的左右两方都有朋友和敌人。Senators from rural parts of the country want more development dollars coming to their districts, while those from large cities want to maintain the status quo. 来自农村地区的参议员希望更多的发展资金进入自己的选区,而来自大城市的议员想保持现状。As for the immigrants themselves, they are entering the program mostly in an effort to gain permanent residency in the ed States, which gives project developers more power.至于移民们自己,他们参与该项目主要是为了在美国获得永久居留权,因此会令开发商拥有更多的权力。The Wanda Group, which is the largest commercial developer in China and is owned by the nation’s richest man, is said to be seeking foreign investment program financing for its Wanda Vista Hotel in Chicago. 万达集团是中国最大的商业开发商,其所有者亦是中国最富有的人,据说该集团正在为其芝加哥万达文华酒店寻求外国投资项目融资。The city approved the project last November. 芝加哥于去年11月批准了该酒店建设项目。The Wanda Group is also developing One Beverly Hills Hotel next to the new Waldorf in that city.万达集团目前还在开发新的比佛利山一号酒店(One Beverly Hills Hotel),它就在该市那座新的华尔道夫酒店旁边。All of this investing has created a backlog of uncertain futures. 所有这些投资令不确定的未来积压如山。Currently, 22,000 petitions are pending with the Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is directed under the Department of Homeland Security.目前,2.2万份申请书正在等待国土安全部领导下的公民及移民务局批准。 /201611/478962泰州东方泌尿专科医院男性专科 泰州东方医院中医科有几个医生

泰兴市人民医院包皮手术多少钱Growing complaints about extra charges, refunds and issues related to ticketing are prompting airline companies to end ties with online travel agencies.越来越多关于多收费、退票费用等涉及售票的投诉促使航空公司中止与在线旅行务商的合作。The latest to face the music is Qunar Cayman Islands Ltd, China#39;s second-largest online travel agency, which saw its cooperation with China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Capital Airlines, the Beijing-based subsidiary of HNA Group, end abruptly on Dec 31, 2015.最新遭到航空公司封杀的是国内第二大在线旅游务商去哪儿网。2015年12月31日,南航、海航和海航旗下的北京分公司首航均突然中止与去哪儿网的合作。Air China and China Eastern Airlines said on Monday they were closing their flagship stores on Qunar after repeated consumer complaints about Qunar.国航和东航1月4日双双表示,由于不断收到消费者对去哪儿网的投诉,将关闭国航和东航在去哪儿网的旗舰店。Qunar, when contacted for its response, confirmed the suspensions but said the issue was not about extra charges, but rather about air ticket ranking.去哪儿网,当被联系到其对此作何回应时,该公司实了这个消息,但表示这是由于订票次序问题而非额外收费。;China Southern and Hainan Airlines insisted that we change the order of ticket display on our website from an order by price to a chronological order. However, we think that displaying tickets by the order of their prices is more suited to the typical booking search habits of users,; it said.“南航和海航坚持要我们在网页上按时间顺序而不是价格顺序排列机票。然而,我们认为用价格高低来排列机票顺序更符合大众用户订票的习惯。”去哪儿网对此作出表示。 /201601/420852 泰州治疗淋病哪个医院最好扬州市中医院泌尿科咨询



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