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连云港哪个医院治疗软下疳最权威连云港人民医院包皮术后线头怎么样North CarolinaIt’s against the law to sing off-key.唱歌走音是非法的(大家都别唱了╮(╯▽╰)╭)ArizonaCutting down a cactus may earn you a twenty-five-year prison term.砍下一棵仙人球可让你坐25年牢 (史上最贵仙人球?)Arkansas It’s illegal to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas.把阿肯色州的名字念错是犯法的。。。(我曾经念错过,幸好不是在阿州的地盘上)CaliforniaYou may not eat an orange in your bathtub.不可以在澡盆里吃橘子ColoradoIt’s unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor (Denver).将你家的吸尘器借给隔壁邻居是非法的 (丹佛)ConnecticutA pickle cannot actually be a pickle unless it bounces.只有有弹性的腌菜才是腌菜(?)DelawareIt’s illegal to get married on a dare.因为受到挑战而结婚是非法的 (?)Washington, D.C.It’s against the law to post a public notice calling someone a coward for refusing to accept a challenge to duel.因某人拒绝接受一项决斗而在大庭广众下称呼某人是懦夫是违法的。GeorgiaIt’s illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless you draw the shades first.给前店的人体模特儿换衣时必须有遮挡,否则违法。HawaiiAll residents may be fined for not owning a boat.没船就得挨罚? /201006/106174连云港市佳连医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 100 Questions To Know Your Partner Take off the mask, and be the real you!Ever noticed that when you first meet someone, you always put your best foot forward? There's certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as it's the real you!Nobody wants to later feel like "I can't believe that they feel that way" So while you're in the "getting to know you" phase, here's some great and intimate questions to spur conversation and honesty.100 QUESTIONS FOR COUPLES1.What was the first thing that attracted you about me?2.Do you think that physical attributes are more important to maintaining a successful relationship or do you think that friendship maintains a relationship?3.When you look at a woman, what is the first thing you notice?4.Do you think it's ok to keep noticing another woman after you are in a committed relationship? Does this change when you are married?5.What is the first thing that you notice when you look at a man?6.If I don't say so, how do you know that I want to make love?7.Describe the way I smell.8.Tell me how you describe me to other people?9.How often do you believe it is normal to want sex?10.Do you masturbate?11.How do you feel if I come into the bathroom when you are using the facilities?12.When was the last time you took a shower together?13.If your friend was cheating on their spouse, do you think you should tell their partner?14.If your friend was cheating on their spouse, would you tell your spouse about it?15.What were you thinking about right before you kissed me for the first time?16.After I had asked you out for the first time, did you consider saying no?17.Was there anything that you were worried about the first time we were about to become naked?18.How old were you when you had your first kiss?19.How old were you the first time you had sex?20.How old were you the first time you thought you were in love?21.Who helped you figure out how to ask someone out on your first date?22.Did you parents tell you about sex, or did you aly know?23.Describe your parents marriage. What was the best part and the worst part in your opinion?24.Who was the first person who died in your life and how did you feel?25.What animals do you like and not like?26.Describe your perfect dream date.27.Describe your perfect wedding.28.Do you have sexual dreams? Tell me about some of them.29.What is the most important thing that money can do for you?30.Who had control of the money when you were growing up? /200902/626971 Kel Markey, Rookie ModelBeyond the glitz and glamour of the runway shows at New York Fashion Week are the chaotic schedules maintained by the models who give life to the gossamer pieces of fabric. Kel Markey, a 19-year old from Gainesville, Florida started modeling in March 2010 as an opportunity to travel and to pay for college. Represented by Supreme Management, one of the top modeling agencies in the business, Kel in her short six-month career she has aly done a lookbook (a compilation of photographs showcasing a designer's collection) for Calvin Klein and has been featured in an editorial for the British style magazine Dazed and Confused. This is the story of her first New York fashion week.凯尔.玛姬 模特新手在纽约时装周T台秀的炫目光背后,是献身于裙裾飘飘的模特们所遵循的乱糟糟的时间表。19岁的凯尔.玛姬来自佛罗里达的基因斯维尔,她于2010年3月开始模特生涯,为的是使自己有机会旅行,并能够挣到钱付大学学费。凯尔由“超级管理”公司代理,这是行业里顶级的模特代理公司。在她短短六个月的模特生涯里,凯尔已经为卡尔文·克莱恩制作了一本“展示册”(一种展示某设计师作品的照片图册),还成为英国时尚杂志Dazed and Confused的主编特写人物。本篇是凯尔第一次参加纽约时装周的故事。 /201103/129775连云港九龙医院在线咨询

连云港九龙医院男科常规检查费用灌南县包皮手术怎么样 女人喜欢集体活动Men just do not understand why women or teenagers take a bath at the same time, at the same comfort room. This is just one of the many women’s activities that men do not understand. For men, these girls may all be best friends but can’t they just put having fun aside first and do some private activities, alone?男人们相当搞不明白女人/女生们为什么会喜欢几个人一起洗澡。这还只是男人弄不懂女人的众多行为之一。在男人看来,虽然女生之间感情好,但是女生们难道就不能挤出点私人时间做点自己的事情么? /201108/148213连云港省妇幼保健院男科预约

连云港看男性早泄As Chinese lunar new year approaches, going back home to stay with family members becomes the recurring and eternal theme of the festival.随着春节脚步的临近,返乡和家人团聚也成了这个节日恒久不变的主题。For many young people, it is not only an occasion for a warm reunion, but a stressful and expensive time.对于很多年轻人来说,春节不单单只是一个和家人温情相聚的场合,同时也一位着重重压力和不菲的花销。;I#39;m reluctant to return to my hometown in Shandong, and now the trouble is how to tell my parents,; said Luo Jingjing, 28, an employee who has lived in Shenzhen for five years.28岁的罗晶晶(音译)在深圳工作已有五年时间了,她说:;我不想回山东老家过年,但郁闷的是不知道怎么和父母讲。;Luo, who is under pressure at work, said that she wanted to relax and chill out during her holidays.罗晶晶平时的工作压力很大,她表示自己想要一个放松、清净的假期。;I would face even more stress at home;, she said. ;My parents and relatives keep pushing me to get married before I#39;m 30. We#39;ve aly had many quarrels over boyfriends.;她说:;我回家会面对更大的压力。父母和亲戚都会不停地催我30岁前结婚。在男朋友这个问题上我们已经争吵过很多次了。;It#39;s unrealistic for Luo who is single to take a fake boyfriend home like in the movies or in TV dramas. Her marriage status will be an inevitable topic of conversation at home.想要罗晶晶像影视剧中那样带个冒牌男友回家,这似乎不太现实。她的个人问题已成为回家无法逃避的话题之一。Luo is not the only one to feel under pressure if they go home during the Spring Festival. Nearly 70 percent of people living in six major cities including Beijing and Shanghai have ;woes about going home during the Spring Festival;, according to a recent survey by the China Association of Social Workers.在众多春节返乡大军中,并不单单只有罗晶晶一人感到如此压力重重。中国社会工作协会进行的一项最新调查显示,在京沪等六大主要城市中,有近七成的人;因春节返乡而愁眉不展;。The causes include travel fatigue, financial pressures and emotional stress, according to the survey.该调查同时还找出了该现象背后的种种原因,包括旅途疲劳、经济以及情绪上的压力。For some new graduates, the return home presents some financial and emotional problems.对于一些应届毕业生来说,春节返乡意味着金钱和情感上的双重难题。Those in their 20s are not yet financially secure, so gifts and envelopes stuffed with cash are beyond their means.这群20岁左右的年轻人经济状况尚不稳定,所以负担不起置办礼物和压岁钱的开。Chen Jiayi, who works in Shanghai and earns a 3,000 yuan a month, could not afford to go to home to Xinjiang for the Chinese lunar new year.在上海工作,月薪3000元的陈佳怡(音译)表示自己无法负担春节回新疆老家过年的费用。;Travel tickets plus buying gifts for my relatives would cost me two months#39; pay,; she said.她说:;车票再加上给亲戚买礼物的钱,这就花去了我两个月的工资。;However, for many, the contrast between reality and expectations becomes another factor to remain in the big cities.而对于很多仍在大城市打拼的人来说,现实与期望之间的对比也成为他们不愿返乡的原因之一。Sun Lingling, 25, who landed a job in Shanghai two years ago, found homecoming a dful emotional experience.25岁的孙玲玲(音译)两年前在上海找到一份工作,她现在发现回家开始成为一种烦人的心理折磨。;I was exhausted traveling from Shanghai to Shaanxi. Friends who hadn#39;t been in touch for a long time wanted to know about my life.;孙玲玲说:;从上海奔波回到陕西老家已经令我筋疲力尽。好久没联系的朋友都想知道我在上海的生活状况。;;They asked if I had a car or an apartment,; said Sun who had mixed feelings about their curiosity.;他们会问你是否买房买车。;对于他们的好奇心,孙玲玲的心里实在是五味陈杂。Huang Xi, who graduated from Peking University, has the same problem. He has worked as a civil servant in Xiamen for two years.毕业于北京大学的黄熙(音译)也面临着同样的问题。他是一名公务员,已经在厦门工作了两年时间。He wavered about returning home to a small town in Jiangxi. ;In the past, everyone asked about whether I was going to be promoted,; said Huang.对于是否回江西小镇的老家过年,他显得犹豫不决。黄熙说:;过去,每个人都会问我是不是要升官了。;He thought that his return home only increased his elderly relatives#39; anxieties. ;Watching their disappointed expressions, I would feel at a loss.;他觉得自己回家只会徒增自家亲戚长辈们的烦恼。;看到他们失望的表情,我会觉得自己很失败。;He Ming, a professor of sociology at Shenzhen University suggested young people should return home with an open mind.深圳大学社会学教授何明(音译)建议年轻人们可以对于回家过年这件事抱着一种开明的态度。;Just realize that everything springs from a family#39;s concern,; he said. ;Young people should think about enjoying their families#39; love and care.;他说:;要意识到所有这些状况都源于家人的关注。年轻人应该考虑如何去好好享受家人的关爱。;Experts also notice many young people only return home once a year. The result is that families tend to focus on discussing big issues and ignore basic emotional communications between parents and children.专家还指出,很多年轻人一年只回家一次。这样的结果是家庭成员只是关注一些大事,而忽略了家长与子女间最基本的情感交流。;If you go home more often, you could understand each other better and communication would be easier,; said Zhao Peng, vice president of the China Association of Social Workers.中国社会工作协会赵蓬表示:;如果你回家次数能更多,你和家人就能更好地相互理解,沟通交流也就变得更加容易了。; /201201/168875 Scientists have found that a spicy ingredient in curry could be an effective treatment for Alzheimer#39;s disease, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,科学家发现,咖喱中的一种辛辣成分也许可以有效治疗老年痴呆症。Tests on fruit flies with a nervous disorder similar to the neurodegenerative illness found that those given curcumin ; the key chemical in turmeric used in everything from mild Kormas to the hottest Vindaloos ; lived 75 percent longer.对患有精神功能紊乱(类似于神经组织退化性疾病)的果蝇进行实验表明,那些被注射了姜黄素的果蝇寿命延长了75%。从味道温和的科尔马斯咖喱到超辣的宾达鲁咖喱,都含有从姜黄中提取的这种主要化学物。Previous research has found that Alzheimer#39;s affects just one percent of people over the age of 65 living in some Indian villages.先前研究发现,在印度,一些村落的65岁以上老人得老年痴呆症的人数仅有1%。Drugs with similar properties to curcumin could potentially be used as preventative treatments.含有类似姜黄素成分的药品可以用于老年痴呆症的预防性治疗。 /201202/172058连云港哪家医院看支原体感染好连云港灌南县泌尿系统在线咨询




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