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A resurgent Republican Party is basking in the afterglow of its best midterm electoral showing in 16 years. Republicans scored a huge majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, pared the Democratic majority in the Senate, and captured a slew of governorships across the nation.美国共和党16年来最好的一次中期选举结果让他们备受鼓舞。共和党在众议院以巨大优势赢得多数,削弱了民主党在参议院的多数派势力,并夺取了全国各地大量的州长职位。Two years after American voters gave Democrats the White House and the party's biggest legislative majorities in a generation, they forcefully reversed course and handed a significant chunk of power back to Republicans. With the nation mired in economic doldrums, high unemployment, and soaring national debt, an angry and anxious electorate dealt Democrats a stern rebuke.两年前,美国选民一手帮助民主党人入主白宫,并使他们获得20多年以来在立法机构中多数党优势最为显著的一次胜利。如今他们奋力扭转了这一格局,把相当大的一部分权力重新交回共和党人手中。随着全国经济陷入低迷、失业率居高不下以及国债不断飙升,愤怒和焦虑的选民们对民主党人给予严苛的责难。House Republican Leader John Boehner is expected to become the chamber's next speaker -- and the man President Barack Obama will have to work with to get legislation passed beginning next year. Addressing jubilant supporters, Boehner took stock of America's new governing reality. 众议院共和党领袖纳预期将成为众议院下一任议长,也是奥巴马总统自明年伊始推动立法通过时不得不与之合作的人物。纳在对欢欣鼓舞的持者们发表讲话时,审视了美国新的执政现实。"While our new majority will serve as your voice in our people's house, we must remember, it's the president who sets the agenda for our government," Boehner said. "The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight, and that message is, 'change course.'"纳说:“在属于全美国人民的众议院中,我们作为新的多数派将代表你们的声音。同时,我们也必须铭记,设定政府议程的人是总统。全美国人民今晚已经向他发出了明确无误的讯息。这个讯息就是:改变现有的政策方向。”Republicans will have a commanding House majority of well over 40 seats.共和党人将在众议院掌握远远超过40个席位的绝对优势。201011/117294。

  • South Korea, EU Enter 'Final' Trade Deal Negotiations韩国欧盟进入自贸谈判最后阶段 South Korea and the European Union have started what they call their final round of talks in efforts to agree on a trade liberalization deal. The deal still faces serious opposition from South Korean farmers, and may require fine tuning on opening up the Korean auto market. 韩国和欧盟开始就自由贸易协议达成一致举行他们所谓的最后一轮谈判。这项协议仍然遇到韩国农民的强烈反对,而且可能在开放韩国汽车市场问题上也需要做很多工作。South Korean Chief Trade Negotiator Lee Hye-min says he and his European Union counterpart Ignacio Garcia Bercero hope to conclude negotiations on a free trade deal this week. 韩国首席贸易谈判代表李惠民表示,他跟欧盟首席贸易谈判代表伯塞罗都希望这个星期能结束有关自由贸易协议的谈判。"As a result of these efforts, now we are about to finishing our long journey ... Our deal has far reached many fields for the whole economy. Both Korean and European manufactures will benefit," he said. 李惠民说:“由于这些努力,我们现在即将结束我们的漫长旅途。我们的协议涉及到整个经济的许多领域。韩国和欧盟的制造业都会受益。”The two sides have held seven previous rounds of talks that began nearly two years ago. Signing and implementing a deal would remove tariffs and make it much easier to buy and sell goods and services to each other. By at least one estimate the deal stands to add about billion to South Korea's economy. 韩国跟欧盟两年前开始举行自由贸易协议谈判,到现在为止已经 举行了七轮谈判。签署并实施贸易协议就会取消关税,使得双方之间的商品和劳务进出口更加便利。至少有一项估计认为,这项自由贸易协议将使韩国经济增加大约110亿美元。Opening the automotive and agricultural markets have been sticking points in previous sessions. Both sides view those markets as sensitive and politically difficult to stop protecting. 开放汽车市场和农业市场一直成为以往几轮谈判的症结所在。韩国和欧盟都认为上述两个市场非常敏感,要想停止保护,从政治角度很难做到。South Korean farmers held protests in Seoul to condemn the deal, shouting that the FTA negotiations are killing Korean farmers. Agriculture, especially rice farming, is seen in South Korea as a matter of both food security and cultural heritage. Deals to allow foreign agriculture products in to the country have sparked emotional and occasionally violent demonstrations in the past. 韩国农民在首尔举行抗议,谴责自由贸易协议,并大声说,自由贸易协议谈判正在毁灭韩国农民。农业,特别是耕种稻米,在韩国被看作是食品安全和传统文化的问题。有关允许外国农产品进入韩国的协议曾经在这个国家引发了情绪激昂的抗议。有时甚至发生暴力示威。If this week's negotiations are successful, South Korean officials say they hope to publicly declare the deal at next month's summit of advanced industrial nations in London.  韩国官员表示,假如这个星期的谈判取得成功,他们准备下个月在伦敦举行的发达工业国家首脑会议上宣布这项协议。South Korea signed a free trade deal with the ed States in June of 2007. But serious doubts remain as to whether it will be ratified. Left-leaning South Korean politicians have used sit-ins and civil disobedience to block the National Assembly in Seoul from advancing the vote process on the deal.  韩国和美国在2007年6月签署了自由贸易协议。不过,这项协议是否会得到批准还值得怀疑。韩国左翼政界人士使用静坐和反抗等方式阻止国会推动这一协议的表决程序。In the ed States, senior Democratic party leaders have expressed reservations about the deal's terms on automobile trade. Earlier this month, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in a confirmation he thought the U.S.-South Korea deal "just is not fair." 在美国,资深民主党领导人对美韩自由贸易协议中有关汽车贸易的条款持保留态度。这个月早些时候,美国贸易代表柯克在确认他提名的听会上表示,他认为美韩自由贸易协议“根本就是不公平的”。03/65328。
  • Congressional Democrats and the White House reach a tentative agreement that could keep automakers out of bankruptcy. It's 15 billion of our dollars, as you know, it is taxpayers’ dollars we are talking about using here. And it looks like there will be a meeting is as early at 3:00 pm this afternoon in the Senate really start getting this goal in talking about it in detail, both Obama and Congress leaning closer to putting together some sort of bailout loan if you will to the auto industry. And originally we've been talking about 34 billion now it downsize to 15 billion. However, Congress wants to put some strains on this money. For example, they may have a car czar, someone inside the Department of Commerce who will be responsible for making sure that all of their ideas are being put in place and acted on, rather than allowing the auto industry just take the money and run. Also possibly new corporate leadership, both the President-elect and the Senator Christ Dodd saying today and over the weekend that possibly there needs to be change in the CEO's office of some of these companies. UAW concessions, maybe more union concessions, plus some restructuring of these companies would have to happen. So the money would have some strains attached to it, and of course, the reason we are talking about this to begin with is because Friday's jobless number which really put fire under Congress to start talking about this. Big shock, 534,000 jobs lost in November. Now the jobless rate is 6.7%, very tough for folks out there who are in the jobs market. Let's talk a little bit with Reggie for just a second about what this would mean to the economy. If the auto industry was not bailed out, if all three of the big automakers were allowed to go out of business, it could cost as many as three million jobs. Now, let me explain it a little bit, this isn't just jobs in Detroit, this is jobs all over the country from California to the east coast, of course including Michigan, are really affecting almost every state. And we've aly had 1.9 million layoffs in this country that's what the recession has done to employment in this country, this was nearly more than that, it’s double it.And just to mention here we said, a couple of actual layoffs announces, this morning Dow Chemical's announcing they're gonna lay off 5000, a 11% of their global workforce. 3M is gonna lay off some 1800 folks. So the numbers keep getting worse on the score. I wanted to tell you though Reggie you might be interested, Paul Krugman who is the Nobel economics laureate, somebody who knows a thing or two about economics says that, in the end these companies, these auto companies will probably disappear, (Really?) even with the money they are getting. So he doesn't have a lot of confidence that these companies have what it takes to survive in this very competitive global environment. As I've said, this is very controversial giving money even with strains attached to the auto industry, because of the perception out there that the businesses just haven't been run as well as they could have been. So we have to wait and see what Congress does this afternoon if they go ahead and flip this watchful money to the auto industry. Reggie.Yeah, Gerri, and I mean these are companies that haven't been making money, and there's no promise they are going to be making money even if they get the infusion of cash. That's absolutely right, you know, we keep waiting for some kind of, you know, magic formula for this, for this industry to resurrect itself, of course it got hit hard by this recession we are experiencing in this country, that was just, you know, yet one more knock on their business, and the fact that, You know, it seems like a distant memory, now gas prices went through the roof. That really helped hurt their industry as well. So this is an industry that really got kicked in the teeth by the current recession trying to find its way back, fight its way back. Of course you watched last week as, you know, the executives went in front of Congress head in hand and asking for money. And it looks like it's gonna happen despite what you're hearing now from some of these smartest economists in the country about the long term viability of the industry.200812/58735。
  • U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen the Defense Department's head of intelligence to oversee the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. Retired Air Force General James Clapper is the president's choice to be the new Director of National Intelligence.President Obama says General Clapper is one of the nation's most experienced and most respected intelligence professionals. "He has improved information-sharing, increased intelligence support to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, upheld civil liberties, and he played a key role in our effort to update and reorient our intelligence community to meet the threats of our time," said President Obama.If approved by the Senate, Clapper would be the fourth Director of National Intelligence. Retired Admiral Dennis Blair resigned last month after a series of conflicts with the White House.Mr. Obama introduced his nominee Saturday in a brief speech in the White House Rose Garden.Clapper spoke for only 40 seconds, saying nominees for Director of National Intelligence (DNI) are "better seen than heard.""We have the largest, most capable intelligence enterprise on the planet, and it is the solemn, sacred trust in the DNI to make that enterprise work," he said.Clapper has spent several decades in military intelligence. He led the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyzes images taken from above. He also headed the Defense Intelligence Agency, which often works closely with the CIA.Clapper is known for being blunt and direct. His manner has won praise in the military, but some of the lawmakers who will decide whether he is confirmed say he is not cooperative enough.President Obama says Clapper's no-nonsense style will be an asset in his new job."He possesses a quality that I value in all my advisors: a willingness to tell leaders what we need to know, even if it is not what we want to hear," added President Obama.Mr. Obama admits that coordinating the activities of 16 U.S. spy agencies is a major challenge, but he believes Clapper will be able to do so."In short, our intelligence community needs to work as one integrated team that produces quality, timely and accurate intelligence. And let us be honest, this is a tough task. But this will be Jim's core mission, he is eminently qualified, and he has my complete confidence and support," Obama explained.The president says the U.S. intelligence community has vastly improved since the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon in 2001. But he says December's incident in which a Nigerian man boarded a jet headed for Detroit with explosives hidden in his underwear shows that more work lies ahead.Mr. Obama is calling on the Senate to quickly approve General Clapper's nomination. 美国总统奥巴马挑选国防部情报负责人监督美国16个情报机构的工作。美国空军退役将军詹姆斯.克拉珀是奥巴马总统新任国家情报总监的人选。奥巴马说,克拉珀将军是美国最有经验,也是最受尊敬的情报专业人士之一。他说:“他提高并增加了驻阿富汗和伊拉克美军的资源共享和情报持,维护了公民自由。他还在我们更新和调整情报机构,以适应当前这个时代的威胁中发挥了关键作用。”如果获得参议院批准,克拉珀将是第四任国家情报总监。退役的海军上将丹尼斯.布莱尔在与白宫发生一系列冲突后于上个月辞职。奥巴马星期六在白宫玫瑰园发表简短讲话,介绍了他提名的人。克拉珀只发表了40秒的讲话。他说,国家情报总监提名人“做出让人有目共睹的工作比夸夸其谈重要”。他说:“我们有全世界最大、最有能力的情报机构,对于国家情报总监庄严而神圣的信任使得这个机构能够运转。”克拉珀从事了几十年的军事情报工作。他曾领导美国国家地球空间情报局。该机构负责分析从上方拍摄的图像。他还曾担任国防情报局负责人。这个机构常常与美国中央情报局开展密切合作。克拉珀因他的直率和不拐弯抹角而闻名。他的这一行事作风在军中赢得赞扬,但是将决定他的任命能否得到确认的一些国会议员表示克拉珀的态度不够合作。奥巴马说,克拉珀严肃的风格将是他新工作中的一大优势。他说:“他拥有一种品质,这也是我对我所有的顾问非常重视的一点,那就是愿意告诉领导人们我们需要知道的东西,即使那并不是我们想要听到的。”奥巴马承认,协调美国16个情报机构的活动是一项重大挑战,但是他相信克拉珀将能够胜任这份工作。奥巴马说:“总而言之,我们的情报机构需要作为一个一体的团队,收集高质量的、及时的和准确的情报。让我们坦率地说,这是一项艰巨的任务。但是这将是吉姆的核心任务。他绝对有资格胜任这份工作,他拥有我完全的信任和持。”奥巴马总统说,美国的情报机构在2001年对纽约和五角大楼的恐怖袭击后已经获得了重大的改善。但是他说,去年12月一名尼日利亚男子将爆炸物藏在内衣里登上一架飞往底特律的班机的事件显示,还有更多的工作摆在面前。奥巴马呼吁参议院尽快批准对克拉珀的提名。201006/105591。
  • Capello hints Beckham's England career is overEngland coach Fabio Capello hinted on Wednesday that David Beckham's international career could be over.Beckham was unable to play in the World Cup due to an Achilles injury suffered while on loan at AC Milan in March, but the LA Galaxy midfielder had hoped to return to England duty when he was fully fit.The former Manchester ed and Real Madrid star went to the World Cup as part of Capello's backroom staff but the Italian, speaking ahead of Wednesday's friendly against Hungary at Wembley, made it clear there was little chance of a recall for the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign."I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old," Capello told ITV.If Capello is true to his word, the 35-year-old former England captain will end his international career with 115 caps, the most number for any England outfield player but 10 short of Peter Shilton's overall national record.Vocabulary:Achilles: 跟腱backroom:(工作)秘密的,在幕后进行的friendly: 友谊赛cap: a selection for a representative team, usually for a national squad(入选国家队,代表国家队出场)outfield player: 外场球员,也就是除守门员外的球员背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111248。
  • The foreign ministers of India and Pakistan have hailed a "new era of cooperation," after meeting for the first time since peace talks between the rival nations resumed earlier this year. The officials promised to initiate new trade and travel contacts across their disputed border. 印度和巴基斯坦外长高度赞扬两国已进入一个合作的新时代,此前印巴外长进行了这两个敌对国家今年稍早时恢复和谈以来的第一次会晤。两位外长保要在他们有争议的边境开展贸易和旅游活动。Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna accentuated the positive Wednesday, following talks with newly appointed Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar in the Indian capital. 7月27日(星期三),印度外长克里希纳在与新近任命的巴基斯坦外长哈尔在印度首都会谈之后,强调了两国关系中的积极方面。"We have some distance to travel, but with an open mind, and a constructive approach ... I am sure we can reach our desired destination," Krishna said. 克里希纳说:“虽然我们还需要做出进一步的努力,但是在具有开放的态度以及建设性的态度的情况下,我相信我们可以到达我们的目的地。”The peace dialogue between India and Pakistan resumed in February, following a two-year freeze after the 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai. India blamed Pakistan-based Islamist militants for the three-day siege on the country's financial hub. 2008年孟买发生恐怖袭击之后,印巴之间的和谈被冻结了两年时间。今年2月,印巴两国恢复了和平对话。印度指责以巴基斯坦为基地的伊斯兰激进分子把印度金融中心孟买一家酒店围攻了3天。India has long pressed Pakistan to provide further information into the probe, including voice samples of suspects accused in the attacks. Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir, who was also in New Delhi for the talks, told reporters Wednesday there had been some progress on the issue in ways that have not been publicized. 印度长期以来一直向巴基斯坦施压,要求巴方对这一事件的调查提供进一步的信息,包括被控参与袭击的嫌疑人的声音样本等。目前在新德里参加这次会谈的巴基斯坦外长巴哈星期三对记者说,在这个问题上已经取得一些进展。不过,如何取得这些进展的问题并未公布。201108/147115。
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