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《How Do I Live最开始是词曲女王Diane Warren为LeAnn Rimes量身订作的歌,并提供为电影《空中监狱的主题曲但电影导演认为LeAnn Rimes的稚气歌声无法呈现电影中成熟韵味,于是找来Trisha Yearwood主唱这首歌获得了第70届奥斯卡最佳歌曲提名奖相比之下,Trisha Yearwood的版本更受欢迎,流传更广 How do I get through the night without youIf I had to live without youWhat kinda life would that beOh I need you in my arms, need you to holdYou are my world, my heart, my soulIf you ever leaveBaby you would take away everything good in my life Without youThere would be no sun in my skyThere would be no love in my lifeThere would be no world left meAnd I, baby, I don't know what I would doI'd be lost if I lost youIf you ever leaveBaby you would take away everything real in my lifeAnd tell me nowHow do I live without youTrisha YearwoodI want to knowHow do I breathe without youIf you ever goHow do I ever, ever surviveHow do I, how do I, oh how do I liveIf you ever leaveBaby you would take away everythingNeed you with meBaby cause you know that you are everything good in my lifeAnd tell me nowHow do I live without youI want to knowHow do I breathe without youIf you ever goHow do I ever, ever surviveHow do I, how do I, oh how do I liveHow do I live without youHow do I live without you, babyHow do I live without you点击此处收看MV

据皮尤研究中心近来发布的一项研究显示,新兴经济体的人们比过去快乐的多他们的自我幸福感已与发达国家的人们不相上下在新兴经济体幸福指数排名中,中国位列第七Pewglobal.org: People in emerging economies are considerably more satisfied with their lives today than they were in .A Pew Research Center survey finds that publics in emerging nations now rival those in advanced economies in their self-reported well-being. The rise in happiness among middle income countries is driven in large part by attitudes in Asian nations, such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia.People in developing economies are also happier today than they were seven years ago, though the improvement has been more modest. 38

美文原声:本期主题:面朝大海 春暖花开背景音乐:夏日里最后一朵玫瑰;聆听大海的声音林清玄说,我们会认为阳光是来自太阳,但是在我们心里幽暗的时候,再多的阳光也不能把我们拉出阴影,所以阳光不只是来自太阳也来自我们的心只要我们心里有光,就会感应到世界的光;只要我们心里有光,就能与有缘有情的人相互照亮;只要我们心里有光,即便在最阴影的日子,也会坚持温暖有生命力的品质让我们一起,面朝大海,出暖花开Facing the ocean, in the warmth of spring with flowers in bloom《面朝大海,春暖花开By Haizi海子From tomorrow on, I will be a happy man从明天起,做一个幸福的人Feeding the horse, chopping firewood, traveling the world喂马、劈柴,周游世界From tomorrow on, I will concern myself with grains and vegetables从明天起,关心粮食和蔬菜I will have a house facing the ocean, in the warmth of spring with flowers in bloom我有一所房子,面朝大海,春暖花开From tomorrow on, I will write to each of my loved ones从明天起,和每一个亲人通信Telling them about my happiness告诉他们我的幸福That happiness told to me by the lightning那幸福的闪电告诉我的I will tell each and every person我将告诉每一个人I will give each river and each mountain a tender name给每一条河每一座山取一个温暖的名字I will also say a blessing you, my dear stranger陌生人,我也为你祝福Wishing you a bright future愿你有一个灿烂的前程Wishing you everlasting love愿你有情人终成眷属Wishing you all the happiness on earth愿你在尘世获得幸福I only wish to stand facing the ocean, in the warmth of spring with flowers in bloom而我只愿面朝大海,春暖花开 1989.1. 9Skunk 臭鼬;We have a skunk in the basement,; shrieked the caller to the police dispatcher. ;How can we get it out?;“我们的地下室里有一只臭鼬,”打电话的人对警察调度员尖叫道“我们怎样才能把它弄出来?”;Take some b crumbs,; said the dispatcher, ;and put down a trail from the basement out to the back yard. Then leave the cellar door open.;“弄一些面包屑,”调度员说,“从地下室往外铺一条小道直到后院然后将地下室的门打开”Sometime later the resident called back. ;Did you get rid of it?; asked the dispatcher.一段时间后,那位居民又将电话打了回来“你们将它弄出来了吗?”调度员问;No,; replied the caller. ;Now I have two skunks in there!;“没有,”打电话的人答道,“现在那儿有两只臭鼬了”1.basementn.地下室;[建]基底,底部eg:They also want to destroy the basement. 他们也想摧毁地下室地下室还有以下几种说法:undercroft:圆顶地下室dugout:独木舟;掩护部,防空洞cellar:地下室,酒窖.dispatcher这个单词本身是发送者,配车员,调度员crew dispatcher 乘务组派班员chief dispatcher 主任列车调度员load dispatcher 供电调度员command dispatcher 命令调度程序3.get rid of摆脱,去除,赶走,从......摆脱出来;强调动作eg:How should I get rid of them? 我应该如何去掉他们?be rid of强调状态,二者意思相近eg:I was glad to be rid of them. 我很高兴摆脱了他们 10

上期:Lie这个词到底是什么意思?And now the sun ths upon me with a thousand feet that I may lie again in the dust of Egypt. --- Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran而今,太阳又用千万只脚在我身上践踏,让我再次躺在埃及的漫天沙尘里---《沙与沫卡里·纪伯伦Even the oil that does lie closer to the heart of the region could be tough to exploit.况且,位于该地区心脏地带的石油也难以开采The doctor knew that James was very ill. However, to make him feel better, he told him a white lie that he would recover soon.医生知道詹姆斯的病情很严重,但为了安慰他,他撒了个小谎,说他很快便会复原 that matter是什么意思?Dont talk like that to the elder, or to anyone else that matter.不要跟长辈那样说话,其实跟谁也不要那样Nobody else in the computer industry, or any other industry that matter, could put on a show like Steve Jobs.没人能像乔布斯一样,在计算机行业或其他行业里如此赚足眼球Successful marketing is a matter, amongst other things, of identifying the right product particular market.成功的营销除别的以外, 取决于对特定市场相定位的产品.He pretends to understand, but as a matter of fact he doesnt.他装懂, 实际上并没懂.As a matter of fact, this was purely newspaper gossip and speculation.事实上, 这纯粹是报纸上的闲谈和推测.Play down与play along各表示什么含义?The doctor played down the serious nature of the poor man illness.医生把这个可怜人的病情讲得轻些But Mr Sharma played down the defeats, insisting India was not trying to compete with China.但是,沙玛对这些失败轻描淡写,并坚称印度没有试图与中国竞争He plays along with his boss all the time, but Im sure he does not really agree with him.他跟他老板一直合作着,但我敢肯定他并不真正与他老板意见一致Still, he wanted to show that he understood the concept, so he played along. He typed up a detailed response.然而,为了显示他对这个概念的理解,他还是配合了.他完成了一篇详尽的回复.动词Bear的过去式是born吗?He was born in Sweden, but he doesnt have Swedish citizenship.他在瑞典出生, 但没有瑞典公民身份.Chopin was born into the affluent home of a French father and a Polish mother of noble lineage in Warsaw.萧邦出生在华沙一个富裕的家庭里,父亲是法国人,母亲则是波兰贵族的后裔On top of success in his business, his wife has borne him a chubby boy baby.除了生意上得手以外,他妻子还给他生了个胖小子Figures show that the economic restructuring policy implemented by the SAR Government has borne fruit.数据显示,特区政府推动经济转型的政策已初见成效But this life is half made up of partings, and these pains must be borne.但生活的一半都是离别,而且必须忍受这些离别之苦Sir Walter could not have borne the degradation of being known to design letting his house.沃尔特爵士不愿让人知道他想出租房子,他忍受不了这个屈辱Along with只表示”与…一道,一起”吗?The search vaccines has been hampered by fears that healthy tissue would be destroyed along with tumors.一直以来寻找癌症疫苗最担心的问题,是在摧毁肿瘤细胞的同时,会把健康组织也破坏掉Vanity Fair just named her to its best-dressed list, along with the likes of Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga.《名利场杂志刚刚将她评入最佳着装榜,一起入榜的还有英国王妃凯特-米德尔顿和Lady Gaga等人Tobacco is taxed in most countries, along with alcohol.除酒之外,烟草在多数国家也都要徵税Along with supporting her husband, Hillary Clinton also been more comtable stepping out on her own.除持丈夫的事业外, 希拉里#86;克林顿在独立应对事务方面也更加自信. 57Hints Those That Would Be Rich致富之道The use of money is all the advantage there is in having Money.有钱的唯一好处就在于用钱 six pounds a year you may have the use of one hundred pounds if you are a man of known prudence and honesty.如果你是一个节俭而诚实的人,一年六英镑就可以当一百英镑的钱使用He that spends a groat a day idly, spends idly above six pounds a year, which is the price of using one hundred pounds.一天浪费四便士的人,一年就浪费六个多英镑,而六英镑相当于一百英镑的使用价值He that wastes idly a groat worth of his time per day, one day with another, wastes the privilege of using one hundred pounds each day.每天虚度值四便士的时间的人,日复一日,等于浪费了每天使用一百英镑的权利He that idly loses five shillings worth of time, loses five shillings and might as prudently throw five shillings into the River.一个游手好闲而损失了价值五先令时间的人,就是失去了五个先令,他还不如把五先令扔进河里的好He that loses five shillings not only loses that sum, but all the advantage that might be made by turning it in dealing, which, by the time that a young man becomes old, will amount to a comtable sum of Money.一个失去五先令的人,不仅失去了这笔钱,还失去了把钱用于经商可能带来的好处,而一个年轻人到年老的时候这笔钱就等同于一笔可观的财产 33

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