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连云港人民医院男科医生连云港软下疳的医院连云港做包皮手术危险吗 Tinder is bringing evolution to a whole new levelTinder(国外的一款手机交友APP)将进化到一个全新的高度 /201611/479212And now there#39;s wholegrain crackers for everybody! today is a special day, because we#39;ve also got prunes and bran buns!大家的全麦饼干来咯!今天很特别,因为我们还有西梅脯和麸皮面包哦!We have to a do something!我们必须采取行动了!This has got to stop...这种事必须要叫停……A few hours before the revolution暴风骤雨来临前 /201702/492239连云港市云港医院前列腺炎多少钱

云港市治疗睾丸炎多少钱连云港那个医院可以割包皮 The end of your working day is approaching and you look at all the items still waiting to be struck off your to-do list. 一天的工作快要结束了,你看着自己的计划清单,(却发现)上面的所有事项都等着完成。Tiffany Dufu, an expert on women’s leadership and the author of the new book Drop the Ball: Achieving more by Doing Less, might have a solution for you. 蒂芙尼#8226;杜芙,女性领导力方面的专家,同时也是《犯错误:做的更少得到更多》这本新书的作者,她或许能为你提供一些解决方法。In her book, to be released on 14 February, Ms Dufu explains how she balances a career with a busy personal life. She urges woman to stop striving for perfection in both their professional and personal lives: do more by expecting less of yourself. 在她2月14日即将发行的书中,杜芙女士详述她如何平衡职场生活与繁忙的个人生活。她劝告女人们停止同时在职场和个人生活上追求完美:降低一点要求能做的更多。Pressure to stay ahead is a common reason many successful professionals are on the verge of burning out and so – according to Quartz – Ms Dufu recommends using the theory of comparative advantage, a principle developed by the classical economist David Ricardo in 1817 to explain the benefits of free trade. 保持领先的压力是许多职场成功人士处于累垮边缘的普遍原因,因此——根据Quartz(某资讯类网站)——杜芙女士建议使用比较优势的理论,一种1817年由古典经济学家大卫#8226;李嘉图创建并用于解释自由贸易优势的经济学原理。The economic principle stipulates that countries should specialise in a certain class of products for export and that they should import the rest, even if the country can make all of the products better and faster. 这项经济学原理要求某一国家应当专门从事某一类产品的出口而进口其他产品,即使这个国家能将所有的产品生产得又快又好。Applied at home this means more will get done when we focus on what we do best and most efficiently, and delegate the rest. 适用于个人就意味着,我们应该集中于完成更多我们能做的又好又快的事情,并把剩下的事情交给其他人做。“We live our lives by default, kind of like the ringtone on your iPhone that never changes because it’s working fine,” Ms Dufu told Quartz. She says, however, that if we start to be more selective – choose to intentionally drop some balls if you will—then we can achieve more.“我们过着自己的人生,这有点像你的苹果手机铃声从不更换,因为它工作得很好”杜芙夫人这样告诉Quartz。她说,然而,如果我们开始做选择——如果你愿意的话选择有意犯一些错误——这样的话我们能收获更多。Speaking to Forbes for an article last year, Ms Dufu summed her theory up by saying that “more will get done at home when we focus on our highest and best use and delegate the rest”.去年接受《福布斯》杂志采访时,杜芙夫人把她的理论概括为“集中完成更多做的又好又快的事情,撒手其他事”。On her website, Ms Dufu writes that her aim in life is to “advance women and girls” and says that she strives towards seeing “a world in which women’s gifts and voices are fully harnessed for the benefit of all of us”. 在她的网站上,杜芙夫人写到,她人生的目标是“提升妇女和女孩的地位”,并且她还说,她正为能够看到“在这个世界上女性的天赋和声音能为了人类的进步而被充分利用”而努力。“I’ve experienced firsthand that power comes from having a clear purpose and the passion to pursue it,”she writes.“Brave authenticity, uncompromising integrity, and graceful resilience along the way don’t hurt either.”“我亲身体会到力量来源于有一个清晰的目标以及实现目标的决心,”她写到,“如果拥有真正的勇敢、不屈的正义或者良好的应变能力会更好。”译文属 /201702/492770连云港九龙医院九龙咨询

连云区治疗睾丸炎多少钱 The UK government has published draft legislation for a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, which is set to begin from April 2018.英国政府已于日前公布了关于对含糖饮料征税的立法草案,并定于2018年4月开始实施。There will be two bands - one for soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml and a higher one for drinks with more than 8g per 100ml.这项税收分为两类——一是针对每100毫升中含糖超过5公克的软饮料,二是针对每100毫升中含糖超过8公克的软饮料,后者征税更高。Ministers hope it will help tackle the nation#39;s obesity problem. Many companies have aly begun cutting the amount of sugar in their drinks.部长们希望这一法案有助于解决国家的肥胖问题。很多公司已经开始减少饮料中的糖分。Pure fruit juices will be exempt - but health officials stress people should limit consumption of these beverages to no more than 150ml per day.纯果汁则不在其中,但是卫生官员强调,人们应该将这些饮料的饮用量限制在每天不超过150毫升。Likewise, sugary milkshake and yogurt drinks will also be excluded.同样,含糖奶昔和酸奶饮料也被排除在外。The government has said it expects the levy to raise 520 million pounds in the first year.据政府表示,预计该项税收将在第一年达到5.2亿英镑。Health campaigners have broadly welcomed the initiative.健康饮食倡议人士则普遍欢迎这项举措。Dr Max Davie, of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: ;We are very pleased to see government moving forward with this draft legislation, and in no doubt that these drinks are, in part, contributing to obesity crisis.;英国皇家儿科医学院的麦克斯·戴维士表示:“我们非常高兴看到政府推进这项法律草案,毫无疑问,这些饮料是导致肥胖危机的部分原因。”Cancer Research UK estimates a 20% tax on sugary drinks could prevent 3.7 million cases of obesity over the next decade.据英国癌症研究中心估计,对含糖饮料征20%的税可以在未来十年内减少370万肥胖病例的出现。 /201612/483537连云港九龙男科医院好不好灌云县中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱




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