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跟我学英语视频教程发音纯正,简单易懂,入门级适合英语初学者。 /201203/174978Is there a post office around here?这附近有邮局吗?I#39;m looking for a post office.我在找邮局。How do I get there?从这里要怎么走?How far is that?离这里有多远?Is it far from here?离这里远吗?About five minutes#39;walk.大概走五分钟就到了。It#39;ll take you ten minutes by car.坐车大约十分钟。It#39;s about ten minutes by cab.坐计程车大约十分钟。It#39;s walking distance.走路去就可以。 /201504/362831

大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语说“差不多”Something like that 差不多Hey,did you say we have to go to a barbecue this weekend?嘿,你是不是说我们这周末要去吃烧烤?Yeah...Something like that...是吧。。差不多。。Sorta kinda 基本上是Along those lines 差不多那样 /201410/338157

  2012年12月6日,《南京大屠杀全史》今天在京首发。由著名民国史专家、南京大学教授张宪文领衔主编的这部史书是国内学界抗日战争研究特别是南京大屠杀研究领域又一重大成果。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道The Nanjing Massacre: A Complete Story, a series of books about the massacre that took 10 years to compile, will be released to mark the 75th anniversary of the tragedy.Researchers from Nanjing University collected material from eight countries and unearthed previously untapped material from diaries, news reports and oral histories, when researching the books.为纪念南京大屠杀遇难同胞75周年的祭日,《南京大屠杀全史》,有关大屠杀记录的系列图书即将发行,此系列图书的资料搜集工作用了10年完成。南京大学的研究学者们在八个国家展开资料搜集工作,从日记、新闻报道和口述资料中整理出大量原始历史资料。【讲解】Nanjing Massacre即为南京大屠杀,30万人死于这场悲剧(tragedy)。《南京大屠杀全史》是目前为止对于1937年那场悲剧最完整深刻的表述。这套书共三册,1000多页的内容,记录了当时民众的平常生活以及发生大屠杀后国际上的反应。同时也包含了南京这座城市对大屠杀作出的反应,详细记载了埋葬情况(burial)及慈善工作(charity work)。图为:周一江苏省南京市,陈忠源(前右)及其他南京大屠杀幸存者(survivors)展示他们在《现存历史南京大屠杀幸存者素描肖像诗画集》中的肖像(portrait)。 /201212/213555

  Is he the jealous type他是不是很爱吃醋讲解:jealous type 爱吃醋的类型 /201504/369492。


  OMG美语:Ewww, gross! 今天我们来谈@VOA英语每天学个词儿 提的话题-各种屎!All of the icky stuff that comes out of your face!!眼屎 eye gunk, sleepies;耳屎 earwax;鼻屎 booger;鼻涕 snot;口水drool, slobber;青春痘 pimple/zit/blemish /201109/153850Dog:No hard feelings?Dog:It's just my job. nothing personal, you understand.Dog:It's not easy working the green mile.【词汇注释】hard a.劳累的personal a.个人的:没有劳累的感觉?:这只是我的工作,没有个人原因,你要理解。:在田地里干活真不容易。 /201106/140705

  1、 传授秘诀,口语入门 come in, relax如何向别人提问(3)疑问句型 Do you have…Do you have the time? 你带表了吗?练习:你有没有工作?:Do you have a job?你有消息吗?:Do you have the information?你有没有做预定?:Do you have a reservation?你有票吗?:Do you have your ticket?你知道怎么走吗?:Do you the directions?你知道电话号码吗?:Do you have the phone number?Do you have a reservation?It#39;s for ten o#39;clock.Your reserved table for four people?Yes, there are four of us.Could you like this table?Thank you, this table is fine.2、 电话英语一点通 English for the telephone.上班族电话英语(1)我不接任何电话Mrs. Lin. Please hold all of my calls for the next hour.OK, but do you want to talk to your wife if she calls?Yes, I#39;ll talk to her.All right.Tom. Please do not disturb me for the next hour.Are you having a meeting?Yes, and I don#39;t want to be interrupted.I understand.3、 旅行英语一点通 Tourist English快餐厅英语(3)外卖窗口Give me a six piece chicken nuggets, a large fries, a large coke.You will need to wait a few minute for fries. They#39;re still in the fryer.That#39;s fine.Your total comes to 7 dollars.Here#39;s 20.Thank you.Your cash back is 13 dollars. Pull into a parking states, and we#39;ll bring you your fries in two minutes. /201312/267856

  听力训练Questions may have more than one answer.1) The East Coast is known for ______ .a) Musicb) Theaterc) Classical Music2) What sports does he mention?a) Footbalb) Baseballc) Basketball3) West Coast sports tend to be more ______ .a) traditionalb) defense orientedc) fast-paced本期话题Topic:Are there any regional rivalries in your country?My name is Miles Pennington and I#39;m from the ed States and this is a for elllo.org. My question is: are there any regional rivalries in your country? And the answer in America is definitely yes. There is an East-West rivalry. The West Coast which includes California has a lot of popular culture because of the movie industry and the music industry, and the East Coast on the other hand has a lot of classical culture like theater and classical music. And another thing is the sports rivalries. Of course there#39;s East Coast - West Coast sports rivalries, especially in things like football and basketball actually is divided between the western league and the eastern league and they play against each other in the finals, but West Coast teams are seen as more showman and they play faster paced, more exciting games and the East is seen ... their teams play more defensive games, and a lot of times the rivalries end up in championship games and the two styles are apparent.听力bc ac c /201301/218378



  A: You want to go to the movies tonight?晚上想去看电影吗?B: Sure! What' s playing?当然!什么电影?A: The new Twilight movie!新一季的《暮光之城》。B: Twilight? As in the vampire movies? No way, I am watching that, but I don' t understand why everyone is so excited about these films about vampires. It doesn' t make sense.《暮光之城》?就是说吸血鬼的电影?算了吧,我最近在看呢,可是我不明白为什么每一个人都对吸血鬼题材的电影那么感兴趣。真没道理。A: Of course it does. It' s like a modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. You can see a couple who are in love but can' t be together because they are so different. And in the fact that immortality and super human strengthen this really sexy and there you have it! Plus the cast is hip, young people that make the movie even more enticing.大家当然都喜欢咯。这就好比是现代版的罗密欧和朱丽叶。你可以看到有对热恋的情侣却不能在一起,因为他们是那么的不同。另外,吸血情圣和具有超能力的女主人公使得这部电影看起来更加性感。还有,影片的演员阵容也人气颇高,年轻的演员们使得影片也更具魅力。B: I don' t buy into that. I think it' s just a fad. Pretty soon this will pass and everyone will be into wear-wolves or zombies!我才不花钱去看呢。我觉得这只是流行一时的,过不了多久,人们又很快会喜欢上人狼和僵尸了。重点讲解:immortality: 字面意思是不朽,永生,在这里是指男主角,Immortality也曾是《吸血情圣》的英文译名。用来指代影片中的吸血鬼。enticing: 迷人的,引诱的wear-wolves: 人狼zombies: 僵尸 /201110/157548

  初级口语教程(MP3附字幕) Part 10:Argument and Discussion 争论与讨论本音频暂无文本 /200907/76253

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