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Barely 10 days old, Stephen Elop’s “Hello there” memo has aly become a classic example of how not to fire people. It is a 1,110-word document stiff with “appropriate financial envelopes”, “ramp-downs” and “ecosystems” which, towards the end, casually mentions that thousands of Microsoft jobs are to go. Rather than dish out the bad news directly, the executive vice-president takes refuge behind a curious subjunctive: “We plan that this would result in an estimated reduction of 12,500#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;employees.”斯蒂芬#8226;埃洛普(Stephen Elop)那篇题为“Hello there”(你好)的备忘录才发出不久,就已成为彰显在裁员时要避免哪些做法的经典案例。这份1110个英文单词的备忘录,被诸如“appropriate financial envelope”(直译‘适当的财务包络’,实指适当的开上限——译者注)、“ramp-downs”(直译‘下坡’,实指业务收缩——译者注)和“ecosystems”(生态系统)这样的词搞得晦涩不堪,直到全文快结束时,才漫不经心的提到,公司将裁减成千上万个工作岗位。微软(Microsoft)的这位执行副总裁并未将坏消息坦率地讲出来,而是用一个奇特的虚拟语气句子打掩护:“根据我们的计划,这或将导致裁减约1.25万名……员工。”Yet to focus on Mr Elop’s tin ear misses something. This memo deserves to become a set text for all executives interested in communication. It adds value by showcasing the delivery of business piffle that is perfectly aligned with current high-end management guff. It is a case study in how not to write, how not to think, and how not to lead a business.然而,把注意力集中在埃洛普迟钝的语言能力上,会忽略某些东西。对所有对沟通感兴趣的高管来说,这份备忘录值得作为必读教材研究一下。它还有一个价值,就是向人们展示了如何堆砌商业领域的无聊词汇——这些无聊词汇与当下高级管理层所说的一些鬼话高度一致。它是一个关于不该怎样写、不该怎样想、以及不该怎样领导一家企业的案例研究。The only trouble with the text is that it is almost impossible to . It took me several attempts to get to the end, but having now made it, I feel I ought to perform the public service of passing on eight golden rules that occurred to me while slogging my way through.这份教材的唯一问题是不堪卒读——我努力了好几次才读到末尾。不过,既然我读完了,我想我应该务一下大众,向大家传达一下我硬着头皮读完此文后总结出的八条黄金法则。Rule 1. Never be chatty unless you are a chatty sort of person. “Hello there,” is fine from a grandparent trying to jolly along a five-year-old. It is less good spoken by a corporate leader to his ranks, especially when the jocularity begins and ends there.第一条:如果你不是个说话轻松幽默的人,就绝不要试图做到轻松幽默。对一位想哄五岁小孩的祖父而言,说“Hello there”是可以的。但企业领导人向员工说这话就不那么妥当了,尤其是在全文的幽默只此一处的情况下。Rule 2. Using clear words is nearly always a good idea – except when you don’t have anything clear to say. The memo begins: “Microsoft’s strategy is focused on productivity and our desire to help people ‘do more’.” This is attractively simple (if you ignore the baffling inverted commas), but is less attractively stupid. Do more what? There are things I’d like to do more of, like sleep, and other things I’d like to do less of, like nagging my children.第二条:使用明确的措辞几乎总是个好主意——除非你根本没什么明确的事要说。备忘录的开头写道:“微软的战略专注于生产力和我们想帮人们‘做更多’的愿望。”这句话的迷人之处在于简单(前提是忽略掉那对莫名其妙的单引号),不那么迷人的地方在于愚蠢。做更多什么事?有些事我是想多做点,比如睡觉。还有些事我想少做点,比如对我的孩子唠唠叨叨。Rule 3. The word “align” serves as a warning that the sentence in which it appears is a dud. Mr Elop performs no fewer than six acts of alignment in this memo, each more heroic than the last. In none of them is it clear exactly what he is lining up, nor why it matters that such things should be in a line at all.第三条:“align”(使一致)一词可起到警示标志的作用,人们只要在句子中看到这个词,就能知道这句话是废话。在这份备忘录中,埃洛普“使一致”了不下六次,一次比一次有决心,但没有一次阐明他到底想使什么相互一致,也没有阐明为何应当使这些东西相互一致。“To align with Microsoft’s strategy, we plan to focus our efforts,” he starts with unhelpful circularity. He assures us that there will be a lot more aligning: “We will focus on delivering great breakthrough products in alignment with major milestones ahead,” thus craftily slipping in five other weasel words. In rising order of obnoxiousness, these are: focus, major, milestone, breakthrough and delivering.这个词首先出现在一句毫无意义的罗圈话中:“为了与微软的战略相一致,我们计划集中我们的力量。”埃洛普向我们保,将来还会有许许多多的“使一致”:“我们将专注于交付与我们未来的重大里程碑相一致的伟大突破性产品。”就这样,他又巧妙地将另外五个含糊其辞的词塞了进来。按可憎程度的升序排列,这五个词分别是:focus(专注)、major(重大)、milestone(里程碑)、breakthrough(突破)和deliver(交付)。But it is only with Mr Elop’s final act of alignment that we see the point of it. “As difficult as some of our changes are today, this direction deliberately aligns our work with the cross company efforts that Satya has described in his recent emails.”在埃洛普最后一次祭出“使一致”大法时,我们才弄明白他为什么要这么做。“尽管今天我们的部分改变很艰难,但其方向有意识地使我们的工作与萨蒂亚在他近期电子邮件中描述的‘跨公司努力’相一致。”In other words, don’t blame him. Blame the CEO, Satya Nadella, or, better still, blame the need for arranging things in lines.换句话说就是:别怪我,要怪就怪首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella);或者更好的做法是,怪那种要使东西保持一致的需要。Rule 4. When things are cheap or expensive, say so. Don’t bang on about the “affordable smartphone space” and “high-end” devices. This fools no one, and alienates practically everyone.第四条:东西是便宜还是贵,直白地说出来。别再喋喋不休地说什么“买得起的智能手机空间”(affordable smartphone space)和“高端”(high-end)设备。这么说骗不了任何人,事实上只会让所有人反感。Rule 5. Avoid the word “experience”. Not only is it the most fashionable of all management buzz words, it is misleading. An experience is something that leaves an impression on you; everyday activities ought to do no such thing, or we would all be exhausted within minutes of waking up. Using your phone, except perhaps when it’s brand new, should not be an experience. I do not want the “device experiences” or even less the “digital life experiences”, that Mr Elop is trying to “showcase” to his customers.第五条:避免使用“experience”(体验)一词。这不仅是因为它是所有管理类流行词中最时髦的一个,还因为它具有误导性。体验是某种给你留下印象的东西;日常活动不该涉及这种事,否则每天睡醒后用不了几分钟我们就全都会精疲力尽。用电话不该是一种体验——或许全新的电话除外。我不想要什么“设备体验”,更不想要埃洛普试图“展示”给客户的“数字化生活体验”。Rule 6. The more often an executive uses the word “strategy”, the more you fear he lacks a good one. To use it once is just about acceptable. To use it seven times, as Mr Elop does, is very worrying indeed.第六条:一名高管对“strategy”(战略)一词使用得越频繁,人们就越担心他缺少好战略。只用一次还勉强能让人接受。像埃洛普这样一下子用七次真的很让人担心。Rule 7. Never use a trinity of abstract nouns. It shows you know what you are saying is inadequate.第七条:绝不要连用三个抽象名词。这么用表明你清楚你正在说的东西不足以成事。“Collectively,” the memo ends, “the clarity, focus and alignment across the company, and the opportunity to deliver the results of that work into the hands of people, will allow us to increase our success in the future. Regards, Stephen.”备忘录的结尾写道:“总的来说,整个公司的这种清晰性、专注性和一致性,以及把这项工作的成果交付到人们手中的机会,将使我们能够在未来扩大我们的成功。顺致问候,斯蒂芬。”It won’t, Stephen. Collectively, a trinity of almost identical, empty mass nouns and the opportunity to deliver something that is not specified is not going to increase anything. Except possibly the dismay, disdain and distrust of the people who work for you.没戏,斯蒂芬。总的来说,一连三个意思近乎相同的空洞的物质名词,以及交付某种未言明事物的机会,不会扩大任何东西——可能除了你手下人对你的失望、鄙视和不信任。And just as a bonus, here is rule number eight. Don’t end a memo with “regards”.最后是第八条,就当是额外的赠品:别用“regards”(顺致问候)作为备忘录的结束语。 /201408/323013。

Sony set to launch era of 3D TVs next year 3D technology looks set to hit the home consumer market next year, with Sony today announcing plans to sell 3D televisions globally by the end of 2010.Sony's decision to throw its weight behind the technology will be an important boost for the 3D industry, which has so far focused mainly on cinemas. British Sky Broadcasting has said it would introduce a 3D satellite channel in the UK next year, but it had been unclear whether there would be equipment available to view it on.Speaking at the IFA technology trade show in Berlin, Sir Howard Stringer, Sony chief executive, will announce plans not only to sell 3D Bravia television sets, but to make Sony's Vaio laptop computers, PlayStation3 games consoles and Blu-Ray disc players compatible with the technology.Mr Stringer is expected to tell the audience: “Today, 3D is clearly on its way to the mass market through technology, distribution and content.“As with high definition a few years back, there are a variety of issues yet to be addressed. But the 3D train is on the track, and we at Sony are y to drive it home.”The consumer electronics industry has yet to agree on a single 3D standard, posing the risk of a format war akin to that between VHS and Betamax or the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD standards.There are several types of 3D technology. Sony has opted for “active shutter” technology, using electronic glasses containing tiny shutters that open and close rapidly in synch with the television image to create a 3D impression. /200909/83232。

Apple will release an iPhone 5S in June, a break from the pattern it’s established over the last two years, says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek in a note.Jefferies的分析师彼得#8226;米塞克在报告中表示,苹果公司将在明年6月发布iPhone 5s,打破过去两年里建立的传统。Misek is predicting the iPhone 5S has a new “super HD camera / screen, a better battery, and NFC,” and “possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage.” He’s also predicting it comes in 6-8 colors, presumably similar to the iPod Touch which comes in a bunch of colors.米塞克预测iPhone 5s有一个新的“超级高清摄像头/屏幕,一个更好的电池和NFC”以及“可能更新IGZO视网膜个128GB的存储。”他还预计大概有6-8种颜色,大概类似于IPod Touch,有一套颜色。 /201212/215199。

DELL officially opened its new operations site in Chengdu yesterday to expand its presence in China, its second-largest market.戴尔新的运营基地昨天在成都正式开张,以扩大在它的第二大市场中国的业务。The new facility will combine manufacturing, customer services and sales for the US-based computer giant.新设施将为这家美国计算机巨头把生产、以及销售联合起来。Located in the Chengdu High-Tech Zone, the new site covers about 30,000 square meters, roughly the size of four soccer fields. It will deploy a workforce of 1,500 to manufacture desktop computers for China, Europe and the US. Capacity is expected to reach 7 million units a year.位于成都高新区,新址覆盖3万平方米,大约四个足球场大。它将容纳1500名员工为中国、欧洲和美国生产台式电脑。产能有望达到每年700万台。;The Dell Chengdu Operations Site is a milestone in Dell#39;s ;Go West; strategy and underscores our deep commitment to the China market,; said Admit Midha, president of the company#39;s Asia-Pacific and Japan operations and chairman.“戴尔成都运营基地是戴尔的“西进”战略的一个里程碑,凸显了我们深耕中国市场的承诺,”戴尔亚太及日本地区总裁闵毅达说。The first shipments from the new facility are scheduled to start next month. The site is designed to become a key part of Dell#39;s global supply chain.新设施中的第一批计划下月开始。该基地旨在成为戴尔全球供应链的一个关键部分。Fifteen years after first entering China, Dell is now the country#39;s largest provider of computers, including desktops and laptops, and is also a dominant supplier of servers, with 80 percent of Chinese Internet companies as clients.戴尔首次进入中国的十五年之后,它目前是国内最大的电脑供应商,包括台式机和笔记本电脑,也是务器的主要供应商,拥有80%的中国互联网公司的客户。The establishment of Dell#39;s Chengdu operations site is also expected to help attract worldwide suppliers to the city and to spur related manufacturing industries in the area, the company said.建立戴尔成都运营基地也将有助于吸引全球供应商来到这座城市,并带动该地区的相关制造业发展,该公司表示。In 2012, the company procured US billion worth of goods in China, contributing to China#39;s gross domestic product and creating about one million jobs.2012年,该公司在中国获得了价值200亿美元的产品,对中国的国内生产总值做出了贡献,并创造了约一百万个工作岗位。 /201306/243294。

A small vehicle that looks like a Jetsons version of a smart car rests in a room at MIT#39;s Media Lab. Here#39;s how it works. When parking, the rear of the electric CityCar slides under the chassis, allowing the body to fold up into a compact shell. Once folded, the CityCar will fit into a space just one-third the size of a standard parking spot. A single door on the front of the car pops open, allowing the driver to step out onto the sidewalk.麻省理工学院(MIT)的媒体实验室中停放着一辆小型车,它看起来就像《登家庭》中的智能车。它的工作原理是这样的:停车时,电动城市智能微型车;(CityCar)的尾部滑到底盘下面,车体折叠成一个紧凑的壳状。折叠起来以后,这辆车只需要标准停车位1/3的空间就能停放。同时,车头的单门可以弹开,让司机走上人行道。The CityCar is just one example of how MIT#39;s Changing Places group envisions the urban lifestyle of 2022. In October the world population hit 7 billion, and now for the first time in history more than half of the world#39;s population lives in urban centers. MIT is studying how to house and move all those people in ways that will make urban living still bearable. Says Kent Larson, the program#39;s director: ;We#39;re focusing on more efficient uses of resources, on ways to lower costs and energy use and at the same time increase personal space.; Larson sees the CityCar, for example, as fitting into the shared-use programs aly gaining traction through companies such as ZipCar (ZIP) and Getaround. The cars would complement what he hopes will be a full system of sharing, from bicycles and scooters for shorter commutes to cars for longer jaunts. A prototype of the CityCar built by MIT and the Spanish company DenokInn will be unveiled at European Union headquarters in Brussels this month under the project name Hiriko.城市微型车只是麻省理工学院的换位研究小组(MIT#39;s Changing Places group)构想的2022年城市生活方式中的1个例子。10月份,世界人口达到了70亿人,而有史以来,如今首次有超过半数的世界人口生活在城市中心。麻省理工学院正在研究如何在维持城市生活的基础上解决这些人口的居住和交通问题。该项目的负责人肯特;拉尔森说:;我们着重研究更有效的资源利用方式,以及如何在降低成本和能源用量的同时增加个人空间。;拉尔森认为城市微型智能车与Zipcar和Getaround等公司方兴未艾的汽车共享务异曲同工。他期望这种车能够协同跑短途的自行车、小型托车和跑长途的车辆,共同形成完备的拼车系统。这款由麻省理工学院和西班牙公司DenokInn制造的城市微型车样车本月初将在位于布鲁塞尔的欧盟(European Union)总部亮相,其所属项目名名叫Hiriko。MIT#39;s Media Lab is also working on what it dubs the CityHome. Again, greater flexibility is key. The CityHome concept takes a Murphy-bed approach. A bedroom can double as anything from a kitchen to a personal gym with stoves, fridges, and StairMasters swinging out from hidden panels in the walls. Larson says that the customization cost for a small apartment would be as much as ,000. However, the savings of paying for a one-room studio that functions as a three-room apartment could be 10 times that amount. MIT hopes to launch pilot programs in the Boston area.麻省理工学院媒体实验室还开展了名为CityHome的智能家居项目。同样,其关键要素在于更大的灵活性。CityHome概念采纳了墨菲多功能床的理念。1间卧室可以兼作多种用途,既可以做厨房、也可以用作个人健身房,里面有烤炉、冰箱,还有通过隐形活页固定在墙上的隐形活动班霸牌楼梯机(StairMasters)。拉尔森说,为小户型定制智能家居的费用可能将高达30,000美元。然而,这种可以充当三居室公寓的单居室工作室节约的钱可能是这个数字的10倍。麻省理工学院希望在波士顿地区进行试点。The system can be customized to fit different income brackets. Want a Sub-Zero to pop out of your wall? The benefit for real estate developers is that they can stack more units into each building. The biggest hang-up for adoption? Parking spaces for the denser housing. The problem is solved ; surprise ; by matching the CityHome with the CityCar.这种家居系统可以定做,以适应不同收入阶层的需求。想把Sub-Zero冰箱(美国高档冰箱品牌;;译注)嵌进墙壁里吗?没问题。而对房地产开发商来说,好处在于他们可以在每座楼里搭建更多套房子。那么,采用智能家居系统的最大麻烦是什么呢?那就是当住户越来越密集时,停车位就会变得更紧张。但令人欣喜的是,这个问题同样可以得到解决,那就是:将CityCar和CityHome配套使用。 /201201/168052。

There’s a (not so) quiet revolution going on under the hoods of today’s cars, trucks and crossovers if the latest list of best engines compiled by the experts at WardsAuto is any indication. Turbocharged, supercharged and diesel engines – and even one electric motor – dominate the 20th annual 10 Best Engines awards, which, according to Wards, “recognize outstanding powertrain achievement, world-class technologies and those rare engines or electric propulsion systems that are so compelling they help sell the vehicle.”如果美国汽车行业杂志《沃兹汽车》(Wardsauto)的专家最新编撰的最佳引擎榜单可作为一种指示,那么在当代轿车、卡车和跨界车的引擎盖下面正发生一场静悄悄的革命。涡轮增压、机械增压和柴油引擎——甚至还有一款电动发电机——主导了第20届年度十大最佳汽车引擎奖;根据《沃兹汽车》,这些奖项“表彰了杰出的动力系统成就、世界级技术以及那些帮助推动汽车销售的稀有发动机或者电力推进系统。”No matter what the inherent method of momentum, all of these engines leverage the latest engine technology to maximize both their power and fuel economy, and run the gamut from the tiny and efficient 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder unit offered in the Ford Fiesta to the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray’s mammoth 6.2-liter V8 that proves there’s no substitute for sheer displacement. We’re featuring Wards’ 10 Best Engines in the accompanying slideshow.不管使用什么样的固有动力方式,所有这些引擎都利用最新的发动机技术,从而使性能和燃料经济最大化,其范围包括从福特嘉年华(Fiesta)的小型、高效1.0升涡轮增压三缸发动机到雪佛兰科尔维特Stingray已经被明无可替代的巨大6.2升V8引擎。我们在本文的幻灯片里列出了《沃兹汽车》十大最佳引擎。While at least four engines tend to repeat from one year’s 10 best list to the next, only two of last year’s powerplants remain recognized for 2014, the Honda Accord’s peppy and fuel-efficient 3.5-liter V6 and the powerful supercharged 3.0-liter V6 featured in the Audi S5.尽管通常每年的十大榜单中至少有四款引擎会在第二年再次上榜,但去年动力强劲的引擎中只有两款仍然出现在2014年榜单上,它们分别是本田雅阁(Accord)动力十足、节能高效的3.5升V6引擎以及奥迪S5所配备的强劲机械增压3.0升V6引擎。“We weren’t looking to throw the bums out, as they might say about an election. We were just really impressed with a flood of new powertrains, ” says Drew Winter, WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief. “What was great yesterday might be less impressive tomorrow because engine technology is changing so rapidly.”“我们的初衷并不是要‘弃暗投明’—— 像他们在选举时说的那样。我们只是对大批新出现的动力引擎感到惊艳不已,” 《沃兹汽车世界》杂志(WardsAuto World)总编德鲁·温特(Drew Winter)表示,“昨天非常优秀的东西到了明天可能就不会再吸引人们的注意,因为发动机技术的改变是如此迅猛。”The inclusion of three turbodiesel engines this year could be considered controversial, especially as diesels remain far less popular in the U.S. than in Europe, where they tend to dominate the discussion. This is the first year in which more than two diesel-powered mills made the top 10 list and ironically two of them come from domestic automakers, including the only current full-size domestic half-ton pickup to offer one, the Ram 1500.今年的榜单包括三款涡轮增压柴油发动机,但这一点可能引来争议,尤其考虑到柴油在美国的普及程度低于欧洲;在欧洲,柴油引擎已经成为发动机话题的主角。这是第一次有超过两款柴油动力引擎跻身十大榜单,并且讽刺的是,其中这两款引擎均来自于美国国内汽车生产商,包括当前美国国内唯一一款全尺寸半吨皮卡Ram 1500所使用的引擎。What’s more, a Fiat engine not only places among Wards’ top 10 for the first time, it’s for an electric motor, the 83-kW unit found under the hood of the diminutive 500e. Unfortunately the car is only sold in California, though market forces might convince the automaker to send it into wider distribution should gas prices gain spike up to the .00/gallon mark or above.此外,菲亚特一款引擎不仅首次进入《沃兹汽车》十大引擎榜单,而且还是一款电动发动机,这就是起亚500E所使用的83千瓦发动机。遗憾的是,该车只在加利福尼亚州发售,但是如果汽油价格上涨至每加仑4.00美元大关或以上,市场力量可能说这家汽车生产商进行更大范围的分销。Other engines cited among 2014’s best include turbodiesels in the BMW 5 Series luxury sedan and the compact Chevrolet Cruze, the horizontally opposed 2.7-liter six-cylinder in the Porsche Cayman two-seat sports coupe and the 1.8-liter turbo-four in the compact Volkswagen Jetta sedan.2014年最佳引擎榜单的其他入选者还包括宝马5系豪华轿车和紧凑型雪佛兰科鲁兹(Cruze)所使用的涡轮增压柴油发动机,保时捷Cayman双座运动跑车的水平对置2.7升6缸发动机以及大众汽车捷达紧凑车的1.8升4缸涡轮增压发动机。A panel of eight WardsAuto editors evaluated 44 engines among all vehicle types during October and November in the course of their daily commutes and weekend activities in and around the Detroit metro area. Engines were rated according to a wide range of characteristics including horsepower and torque, fuel economy, noise, vibration and harshness characteristics, technology and how they fared against competing powerplants.一个由8位《沃兹汽车》编辑组成的专家组在10月和11月评估了所有汽车车型使用的44款引擎,测试时间为日常上下班和周末在底特律都市区及附近进行的活动。各位专家根据多项特征进行打分,包括动力和扭矩、燃料经济、噪音、抖动和声振粗糙度、技术以及这些发动机相对于竞争对手的表现。WardsAuto will present its Top 10 Engines awards on Jan. 15 at a ceremony held in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.《沃兹汽车》将于1月15日在底特律一个与北美国际汽车展(North American International Auto Show)联合举办的仪式上颁发十大最佳引擎奖。 /201312/271026。