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西安哪里看生殖器好点临潼区治疗前列腺疾病多少钱Good. Weve got supper,at last.很好 我们最终有晚餐了I need fire to cook,and theres no shortage of fire-lighting materials.我需要生火做鱼 这里可不缺生火的原料And just these coconut husks always make good tinder.这些椰子壳 十分易燃Fluff it up as much as you can so its really fibrous 尽量把它们分开 暴露其中的纤维a bit like a birds nest And then that should take a spark.有点像鸟巢 接着 我们就能点火了In the past, islanders in the Torres Strait过去 托雷斯海峡的岛民would perform fire dances to thank the gods for the gift of fire.会跳火焰舞 以此来感谢上帝赐予他们火种Here, its as essential to life as water and air.在这里 火和淡水 空气一样不可或缺Okay, this should be cooked now.应该是烤熟了Fresh fish,the best possible proof that, in the end,the sea does provide.这条活鱼明 大海最终会降予恩赐One thing the sea doesnt have any shortage of is supplies.大海的供给 永不枯竭Its just not always easy getting to them.只是得到它们 有时会让你花一番功夫But for the desert-island survivor,the key is making the sea your best friend.但对于荒岛求生的人来说 和大海做朋友是关键One thing I always try and do wherever I am in the world at nighttime无论身处何方 我在夜间必做的事情是is just to say my prayers for my family,and I think for the desert-island survivor,one of the hardest things to endure为家庭祈祷 我认为对于荒岛求生的人而言 最难以忍受的事is just that lack of companionship,是缺少同伴so whatever you can do to bridge that gap and give you that sense of connection is gonna help you.所以无论用何种方法来填补这份寂寞 身在荒野 这种亲情的归属感对你大有裨益In any survival situation,desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.在求生时 有时情形凶相 你必须剑走偏锋See if we can grab him, actually, when he comes through.看看它过来的时候 我能不能抓住它Get that, wont need to eat for a week.抓到就够我吃一个月的了201703/501530西安看前列腺炎费用 栏目简介:Dense fog covered Shanghai today and a light rain fell at times. Forecasters say the wet weather will hang around for the rest of the week. Wu Ying has more...201705/507171【视频讲解】The Future Strategy Office had come to represent the concentration of elite power that South Koreans are so fed up with, says Lee Jong-tae (no relation to Mr Lee) of SisaIN, a South Korean magazine.一家韩国杂志SisaIN的Lee Jong-tae(和李先生没有关系)称,未来战略室曾代表着韩国人厌烦的精英力量的中心。Elite 精英,杰出人物:“In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them”(Times Literary Supplement)“除了社会平等概念之外还强调其中精英们和英雄们所起的作用”(时代文学增刊)feed up with 对...厌倦I get fed up with other peoples greed.我对别人的贪婪厌烦透了。In the past, the office was said to have been vital in ensuring the familys control. It managed relations with the government to that end.在过去,未来战略室据说在保李氏家族控制权上一直是至关重要的。它为此经营与政府的关系。Vital 至关重要A vital component of any democracy is a free labor movement”(Bayard Rustin)自由工人运动是任何民主所不可缺少的组成部分”(贝亚德#8226;拉斯廷)To that end 为了达到目的To that end, the study will do what cannot be done with people — kill some of the monkeys to examine their brains and pancreases.为了达到这个目标,研究中需要做一些无法用人来进行的实验——杀掉其中一些猴子来考察它们的大脑和胰脏器官。Yet even its abolition serves the Lee dynasty. It is a pacifying move to try to “save” the young chieftain, says Lee Jong-tae. Mr Lee can now seek bail, and a court must rule within three months.但是即使它的废除仍然对李氏家族有利。 Lee Jong-tae说到,试图“挽救”这位年轻的首领是令人欣慰的行动。 李在镕可以现在寻求保释,法院需在三个月内裁决。Abolition 废除Their discussion centred around the abolition of slavery.他们的讨论是以废除奴隶制度为中心而进行的。Pacify 平息Government forces have found it difficult to pacify the rebels.政府军发现难以平定叛乱分子。Chieftain 酋长In truth, he has been acting as a corrupt chieftain. 事实上,他的行事作风如同一位腐败的首领。Still, after his arrest, says Chang Sea-jin of the National University of Singapore, Mr Lee will have “neither the legitimacy nor the size of equity stake” to maintain the emperor-style management of his father (inheritance tax will slightly reduce the family‘s stake). Perhaps!尽管如此,新加坡国立大学的教授张信真称,李在镕被捕后,为保持他父亲帝国式的管理方式,他不会拥有合法性也不会拥有股权(遗产税将略微减少该家族的股份)。或许如此equity stake 股权The ADB is also prepared to take a small equity stake in private sector ventures.亚洲开发也准备在私人企业中收取不量的股本金。inheritance tax 遗产税Inheritance tax should be paid when the wealth of a dead person is inherited by someone.遗产税应该在继承死者的财富的时候缴等等。The day-to-day running of Samsung will be little affected by the dissolution of the familys most loyal body, because of the control still wielded by the Lee dynasty.三星日常的经营不会受到该家族最忠实的人离开的影响,因为控制权还是掌握在李氏家族day-to-day 日常的I am a vegetarian and use a lot of lentils in my day-to-day cooking.我是个素食者,日常烹调中使用许多扁豆。Dissolution 解散He stayed on until the dissolution of the firm in 2000.他一直呆到2000年公司解散。Wield 掌握 (权力)He remains chairman, but wields little power at the company.他还是主席,但在公司内没有什么权力。Most people expect the key functions of the strategy office to be transferred to other parts of the group, most likely to three companies—Samsung Camp;T, Samsung Life Insurance and Samsung Electronics—in preparation for a long-anticipated transition to a more transparent holding-company structure.许多人认为,战略部的关键职能可能由其他部门来实现,最有可能的三个部门是三星物产,三星生命保险和三星电子,这三个部门已经为转变为控股公司做了长久的准备。transparent易懂的; 显而易见的The company has to make its accounts and operations as transparent as possible.该公司不得不尽力使它的帐目和运作一目了然。holding-company控股公司Shares in Samsung Electronics are trading at near record highs owing to strong results and optimism about the coming launch of the latest model of its main smartphone, the Galaxy S8.三星电子的股份以接近历史新高的速度交易,这归功于对其主要的智能机盖乐士S8最新模型将要展出的强劲业绩和乐观态度。owing to 由于;因为He was out of work owing to a physical injury.他因为受伤而失业了。Galaxy1. 星系2. 一群有才气的、迷人的或显赫的人或物a galaxy of theatrical performers.众星云集The chief surprise this week was the mass resignation of the strategy offices nine executives, including an old guard handpicked by the elder Mr Lee.本周主要令人意想不到是战略室九位高管的大量辞职,包括李健熙精心挑选的一位保守派Handpicked亲自挑选的; 精选的The president relied on his handpicked security and intelligence forces in the Interior Ministry to maintain his rule.他依仗自己在内政部精心挑选的安全与情报势力来维护自己的统治。Mr Chang suspects that this “corporate cleansing” will work in the younger Mr Lees favour. Some of the executives had become so powerful that they might have overshadowed him.张教授猜测这次“公司清理”在李在镕的持下会成功。其中一些高管权利太大可能会压倒他。Overshadow1. 使黯然失色Hester is overshadowed by her younger and more attractive sister.她那更年轻而且更有魅力的使赫斯特黯然失色。2. 给…蒙上阴影Fears for the presidents safety could overshadow his peace-making mission.对总统安全的担心会给他的和平促进任务蒙上阴影。The units closure might both save the heir and make his return easier.这个部门的关闭可能既挽救了这个继承者,也使他的归来更容易。Closure1. 倒闭; 关闭...the closure of the steel mill. …这家钢厂的关闭。2. (道路、边界等的) 封闭Overnight storms left many streets underwater and forced the closure of road tunnels in the city.一夜的暴风雨使城市里的许多街道都淹没在水中,公路隧道被迫封闭。3. 认栽I asked Trump if the reunion was meant to achieve closure. 我问迈可特朗普再度联合是否意味着认栽。201707/516213西安男科医院分哪几个部

西安医学院附属医院男科电话Im not interested in judging peoples hustle.我对别人努力与否不感兴趣。Im interested in telling people how Ive accomplished what Ive accomplished,我喜欢告诉人们我是怎么成功的,which is I dont think Im that talented.我不认为我很有才华。I do think Ive outworked people. I think thats real.我认为我的工作比别人出色。那倒是真的。I also think its controllable.我也认为这些都是自己可控的。And I think anybody whos watching right now我认为现在正在观看节目的人,they may not be the most talented entrepreneur or salesman or you know, an amazing craft of content可能不是最有天赋的企业家、销售员或是令人惊讶的手工艺者,but if they outwork somebody, that is a variable that feels in control.但是如果他们的工作比别人出色,那么这些都可以自己掌控。Somebody who wants to start a YouTube show想开始创建“YouTube”节目的人,if they do it 365 days a year versus somebody that does it 137 days a year如果他们一年365天都在努力做,而其他人一年只做137天,and theyre equally as talented the person that does it 365 is gonna win.在同等天赋条件下,努力了365天的人会成功。I mean thats just the truth.我说的是事实。And its the only practical advice that I think I can give.这是我能给你的最切合实际的建议。Go get more talent. I cant say that.我不能说去获得更多的天赋。But, you know, work harder and go to less happy hours ,但是,更加努力地工作、减少时间,and dont watch, you know, entire seasons of ;House of Cards,; yeah, that feels real.不看整季的《纸牌屋》,这些你都能做到。And so, you know, to me, I think its amazing to take the whole month of August off in Europe.整个八月都在欧洲休假,我觉得这太不可思议了。I think thats an amazing work-life balance and for many people thats the right advice.这是工作与生活的完美平衡,对许多人来说,这是正确的建议。Its just not my little narrow view on the world这不是我对世界的狭隘看法,in the concept of if you complain about what you want professoinally, well, theres a way to fix it.在这个观念中,如果你抱怨自己想要的是什么,总有办法能解决它。If youre content and you make 55,000 euros a year如果你很满足,你每年赚五万五千欧元,and you have all of August off and youre a part of the dart team你整个八月都在休假,你是飞镖队的一员and you spend tons of time with your kids你有大量的时间陪孩子玩儿,and youre content and you do not complain, well then youre a hero to me.你满足现有的生活并且不抱怨,那么你是我的英雄。201707/516291西安妇幼保健医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466634灞桥区泌尿系统在线咨询

西安九龙专科医院治疗阳痿多少钱Surveillance in Syria is a very big problem for activists在叙利亚 对于活动人士或者任何人来说or for anyone even,被监控都是个大问题because the Syrian regime因为叙利亚政权are trying all the time to get into peoples e-mails and Facebook一直想查看人们的电子邮件和脸书to see what they are up to, what they are doing.想知道人们在计划什么 在做什么By the time the Syrian uprising happened,叙利亚暴动开始后the Tor project had developed a browser洋葱网络开发了一个浏览器which made downloading the software very simple.让人们能轻松下载这款软件You basically go and download Tor in your computer你只要上网下载洋葱软件到电脑上and once its installed, whenever you want to browse the Web,安装完成后 在浏览网页的时候you go and click on it你只需要点击打开它just like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.就和用微软浏览器或谷歌浏览器一样Reem had personal experience of the protection offered by Tor当蕾姆被秘密警察逮捕时when she was arrested by the secret police.她得到了洋葱网络的保护I denied having any relation with any opposition work, you know,我否认从事相关的反对活动or anything and they tried to intimidate me或者其他活动 他们还威胁我and they said, ;Well, see, we have...他们对我说;听着 我们有...重点解释:1.click on 打开, 启动例句:Click on the printer icon with the 用鼠标点击打印机图标。2.try to 设法, 尽力例句:They should try to keep prices from rising.他们应该设法阻止价钱上涨。201702/493999 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452244蓝田县前列腺炎多少钱西安哪家医院可以做割包皮手术



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