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Some places are tough to visit because of environmental factors, like air pollution, but that doesn’t have to stop you from crossing a city off your bucket list. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself while still enjoying your destination.由于环境因素,例如空气污染等原因,在一些城市旅游很困难,但是你并不需要将这些城市从你的愿望清单中划掉。下面就来看一下如何保护自己,同时也能享受在那里的旅游。You probably aly know some good things to do, such as planning indoor activities to stay out of the smog, like visiting museums, or seeking out green spaces and parks for some fresh air, but here are a few additional, less-obvious tips to stay healthy during your trip:你或许已经知道一些好办法,例如计划在室内活动远离雾霾,例如参观物馆,或者找一些绿色空间和公园呼吸新鲜空气,但是下面给出的一些附加的不太明显的建议可以帮助你在旅行中保持健康。Wear a mask that is rated N90 or above. This means the mask blocks out 90% of airborne particulates. You might not be used to wearing a mask, but if you’re visiting a city known for its smog, you won’t be the only person wearing one.戴上N90或标准更高的口罩。意思就是这种口罩可以阻止空气中90%的颗粒物。或许你不太习惯戴口罩,但是如果你旅游的城市雾霾很严重,你就不会是唯一戴口罩的人。Stay indoors if particulate matter ratings is higher than 2.5. You cancheck the air quality of your destination here, AQI over 200 means you should think about staying inside in an air conditioned environment, or taking a car if you need to travel between locations.当雾霾指数高于2.5的时候最好待在家里。你可以查一下当地的空气质量,空气质量指数在200以上的时候你应该待在有空调的室内环境中,如果你需要在两地之间旅行的话,最好开车。Have a clean-up routine when you get back to your hotel. Wash your face, including inside your nose, and brush off your clothes (maybe in the hotel hallway) to remove dirt and other pollutants as soon as you get back to where you’re staying. Take a shower if you like, to get them out of your hair or off of your skin as well.当你回到酒店之后,做好常规卫生清洁。只要你回到自己休息的地方,就马上洗脸,包括鼻子里面,刷一下自己的衣(或许在走廊里面)清除尘埃和其他污染物。如果喜欢的话,可以洗个澡,清除头发和皮肤上的污染物。 /201606/451721

Celebrating with Lanterns悬挂灯笼的喜庆气氛The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. The way of making lanterns differs according to the natural environment. Lanterns are different in the north and the south. In Northern Shaanxi Province,women in the countryside use sorghum stalks to make lantern frames,then they paste red paper on the frames. In this way,they make all sorts of lanterns, such as pumpkin lanterns, persimmon lanterns and sheep lanterns. They also cut potatoes into a bowl shape. Then they put oil into the bowl-shaped potatoes and place lampwick in them and cover the potatoes with red paper lampshades. People hang red lanterns over the gates of their cave dwellings. Willow trees are also decorated with coloured paper. Red lanterns are hung here and there on willow trees. The trees are called lantern trees or spark trees.元宵节是中国的一个传统节日。制作灯笼的方式不同由于自然环境的不同。灯笼在北方和南方是不同的。在陕北,农村妇女用高粱秆做灯笼帧,然后在框架上贴上红纸。通过这种方式,他们制作各种各样的灯笼,如南瓜灯笼,柿子灯笼,羊灯笼。他们还把土豆切成碗状。然后把油倒入碗状的土豆,并把灯芯放在里面,盖上红纸灯罩。人们在他们的窑洞的门口挂红灯笼。杨柳树也用色纸装饰着。红灯笼挂满柳枝。这些树被称为灯笼树或火花树。 /201606/450293

  Google engineers have designed a set of 13 emojis that they say better represent women in the world of work. The designs have been presented to the Unicode consortium, the body that approves and standardises emojis.日前,谷歌公司的工程师们设计了一套数量为13种的表情符号,他们称这能更好地代表职场世界的女性形象。该设计已经提交给Unicode联盟,该联盟是认和标准化表情符号的机构。The team said that they hoped the samples would ;empower young women (the heaviest emoji users) and better reflect the pivotal roles women play in the world;.该研究小组表示,他们希望这些样本可以授权给年轻女性(重度表情符用户),更好地体现女性在职场世界发挥的关键作用”。It includes healthcare workers, scientists and businesswomen.这套表情符号包括医务工作者、科学家和企业家等。The term - which means picture (e) and character (moji) in Japanese - was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.Emoji这个单词--在日语里意味着图像(e)和字符(moji)--于2013年被列入牛津英语词典。The team of four Google employees cited a New York Times op-ed called ;Emoji Feminism; as the motivation for its new designs.由四位谷歌员工组成的团队表示,他们把《纽约时报》的专栏“表情符女权主义”作为该新设计的动机。Research by Procter And Gamble suggested that 82% of girls aged 16-24 use emojis every day. More than half of those surveyed thought that female emojis were stereotypical.宝洁公司的一项研究指出,82%的年龄在16岁至24岁的女性每天都使用表情符号。超过一半的受访者认为女性的表情符号太过刻板了。All emojis need to be approved by Unicode to make sure that they display properly across the different platforms.所有的表情符号,都需要获得Unicode的批准,以确保它们在不同的平台上正确显示。However, emojis can look very different on competing platforms - a dancer emoji for instance shows up as a ballerina on LG phones, a man disco-dancing on Samsung devices, a yellow blob with its arm raised on Android and a flamenco dancer on iOS.然而,表情符号在竞争平台上可以看上去非常不同--例如一个舞者的表情符号在LG手机上是一个芭蕾舞演员,在三星设备上却是男人跳迪斯科舞,在安卓上则是一个手臂举起的黄色一团,而在iOS上是弗拉门戈舞蹈家。The next batch of emoji candidates is due to be released mid-year but it is unclear whether Google#39;s designs will be approved in time to be included in this.下一批表情符号的候选计划将于今年年中发布,但目前还不清楚谷歌的本次设计是否能及时被批准并包含其中。 /201605/444626




  If your resolution was to start eating a healthier diet and lose weight, you are not alone, more than a third of the British population pledged to do the same, but more than 43% of us are expected to give up on our resolutions by the end of the month, a figure that will jump to 66% by the beginning of next month. So why is it so difficult to stick to our new diets? Well, healthy eatingcan be a real bore, especially if it means cutting out all of our favorite foods and counting the calories of every item we eat, but according to Dr. Baker online doctor and a health physician for prescription doctor, advised we can make big changes to the size of our waistlines by making small changes to our daily diet, and it all starts with some clever food swaps; food swaps to help you lose weight.如果你决定通过健康饮食并减肥,那你并不是孤军奋战--超过三分之一的英国人都不约而同地选择了这种方式,但是超过43%的人将会在月底半途而废,而这个比例在下个月将升到66%。为什么坚持新食谱会如此困难?事实上,每天都坚持健康饮食会使人厌倦,尤其是这将剥夺我们吃喜爱食物的权利,还需要我们不厌其烦地计算摄入的卡路里。依据贝克士在线诊治与保健治疗建议,我们可以通过对日常食物的微调来实现塑形的目的,这一微调从机智替换食物开始。1. Swap Crisps and Chocolate Bars for Health Snacks1.将薯片与巧克力替换成健康零食We live in a fast-paced world, and as such, many of us rely on snacks for energy throughout the day, but crisps and chocolate bars are a big no-no when it comes to healthy eating. Swap these high-calorie sugar laden snacks for berries, unsalted nuts, hummus with vegetable crudité, or a vegetable smoothie - and watch the weight fall off.我们生活在一个快节奏的时代,因此大部分人们都依靠零食来获取每天所需的能量。但是当提及到健康饮食时,薯片和巧克力就让人敬而远之。将这些高热高糖的零食替换成浆果、无盐坚果、蔬菜沙拉三明治或是蔬菜冰沙时,你的体重自然就会随之下降。2.Swap Sugary Drinks for Water2.将含糖饮料替换为饮用水Water might be boring, but it really is the elixir of life, and it#39;s certainly much better for you than fizzy drinks which contain up to 8 teaspoons of sugar per serving! In general, people who drink sugary drinks find it very difficult to lose weight, even when cutting down on high calorie foods, so this is one swap everyone should make.喝水可能让人觉得很无趣,但它真的是灵丹妙药。毋庸置疑,它比每瓶都含有8匙糖的碳酸饮料更有益于身体健康。一般情况下,常饮含糖饮料的人会发现,即使是在放弃高卡路里食物之后,减肥仍是一件困难重重的事。所以,这样的替换人人都应该尝试。3. Swap Mashed Potatoes for Mashed Cauliflower3.将土豆泥替换成白花椰菜泥Whether you love vegetable or hate them, you need to eat at least 5 portions per day if you want to have a waistline to be proud of. One of the easiest was to disguise vegetables is by mashing them, so swap calorie laden potato mash with butter and milk for healthy cauliflower mash instead. It tastes surprisingly good with a splash of skimmed milk and a crack of black pepper, yet it has less than half the calories.无论你对蔬菜是爱是恨,如果你想拥有傲人的腰线,你都需要每天食用五份蔬菜。最方便消化蔬菜的方式就是将其打碎成泥,所以将含有黄油和牛奶的高卡路里土豆泥换成健康的白花椰菜泥吧。在加入脱脂牛奶和黑椒之后,蔬菜泥的口感会出奇得好。当然,它只含有一小部分卡路里。4. Swap Rump Steak for Fillet Steak4.将后腿肉牛排换成菲力牛排Fillet steak may be more expensive than rump and sirloin, but it has much less fat, and by making this simple switch you can save up to 125 calories on your next meal. Making it one of the most effective food swaps to help you lose weight.菲力牛排的价格可能会比后腿肉牛排和西冷牛排更昂贵,但是它含有更少的油脂。通过这一简单的更换,每餐将可以少摄入125卡路里。让它成为帮助你减肥最有效的食物吧。译文属 /201608/459263On Mother’s Day, John Oliver delivered the mother of allscientific mockeries. His aim: to debunk the type of “studies”typically cited on morning talk shows such as N’s Today thatpurport to challenge conventional medical wisdom withsurprising new data.就在母亲节那天,美国HBO电视台名嘴、《上周今夜秀》的主持人约翰#8226;奥利弗扮演了一把“伪科学斗士之母”。包括N电视台《今日》(Today)在内的一些早间新闻脱口秀节目,不时会引用所谓最新“研究成果”的耸人听闻的数据来挑战传统医学智慧。奥利弗此次“手撕”的就是这样的科研结果。Illustrating how such information gets blown out of proportion by a revved-up news cycle thatthrives on out-of-context and unconfirmed breakthroughs of limited scientific merit, the host ofHBO’s Last Week Tonight delivered a trash-talking civics lesson as a comedy of errors.为了解释媒体是如何断章取义,并且发扬强大的宣传机器,将一些科学价值有限的科研进展吹得天花乱缀的,奥利弗给观众们上了一堂学术打假课。“There are so many studies being thrown around, they can seem to contradict one another,”Oliver said Sunday. “In just the last few months, we’ve seen studies about coffee that claim it mayreverse the effects of liver damage, help prevent colon cancer, decrease the risk of endometrialcancer and increase the risk of miscarriage.”“现在到处都能看到所谓的研究结果,而它们有些是相互矛盾的。”奥利弗在本周日的节目中开炮道:“就在最近几个月,还有所谓的科研成果声称,喝咖啡能逆转肝损伤,并且有助于预防结肠癌,降低子宫内膜癌的风险,但同时也会增加流产的风险。”“Coffee today is like God in the Old Testament,” he continued. “It will either save you or kill youdepending on how much you believe in its magic powers.”他继续道:“如今的咖啡就像《旧约》里的上帝。它可能会救你的命,也可能杀掉你,这取决于你有多相信它的神力。”Publicity-hungry scientists渴望出名的科学家Problem A, according to the British satirist’s report, is a rush to marketplace that finds scientistsunder constant pressure to publish research papers in order to land funding and academic tenure.In academia, as in Hollywood, sexy sells. “Scientists know nobody is publishing a study called“Nothing is Up with Acai Berries,” Oliver noted.这位英国嘲讽达人在节目中称,之所以会出现这种现象,问题之一在于科学界都在急着奔向市场。科学家们为了获得资金和学术终身职位,常年承受着必须发表科研论文的压力。而学术界也像好莱坞一样,通常是最“热辣”的课题反响最好。奥利弗指出:“科学家们都知道,没人会发表一篇名叫《巴西莓没啥疗效》的研究论文。”Worse, such exploratory studies are seldom double checked by other scientists. “There is noreward for being the second person to discover something,” the host said. “There is no NobelPrize for fact checking. Incidentally, ‘There is no Nobel Prize for fact checking’ is a motivationalposter in Brian Williams’ MSN dressing room.”更糟糕的是,这种探索性的研究结果很少会由其他科学家再核实一遍。“对于任何发现来说,第二个发现它的人都是拿不到奖励的。对研究成果进行核实的人不可能拿到诺贝尔奖。顺带说一句,‘诺贝尔奖不会发给真相检查者’也是布莱恩#8226;威廉姆斯贴在MSN电视台更衣室里的励志海报上的词儿。(此处又是在黑威廉姆斯炮制假新闻的事儿。)Dumbed down science郁闷的科学From there, he explained, scientific press releases further dumb-down and misrepresent thestudies’ informational content. And by the time broadcast news reports mainline those intopopular consciousness, the unconfirmed facts take on a life of their own. “Some of this is on us,the viewing audience,” Oliver said. “We like fun, poppy science that we can share like gossip. AndTV news producers know it.”奥利弗继续解释道,除此之外,科技媒体还会发布进一步断章取义的报道,并对这些科研成果的内容信息进行误读。等到广播电视新闻节目大张旗鼓地将这些已被高度简化的知识灌输给普罗大众时,这些未经确认的事实也有了自己的生命力。“这个问题的部分责任也在我们广大观众。人们都喜欢有趣的科学养生知识,这样我们就可以在朋友圈传来传去了。而电视新闻的制片人们也明白这一点。”Exhibit A: KTVU News report from last year stating that drinking one to three glasses ofchampagne per week may delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. “Fantastic news!”an anchorman snorted.举个例子:KTVU电视台去年的一则新闻报道称,每周喝一到三杯香槟,可能会推迟痴呆症和阿尔茨海默症的发作时间。“这消息简直好得不得了!”电视主持人说道。“No it isn’t!” said Oliver. “Aside from the fact that if you are celebrating with champagne threetimes a week, your standards of celebration need to be much higher!” More to the point, it turnsout that widely cited study was conducted on rats. Which is problematic considering testsconducted on lab rodents are not always applicable to humans. “How do you not tell people that?And how do you not show them photos of the experiments?” Oliver railed, cutting away to asupposed photo of the experiments: a pair of hipster rats wearing fashionable hats and holdingflutes of champagne near giant lines of cocaine. “Those are chic rats!”“但并非这么回事!”奥利弗继续说:“更何况,如果你每周开三次香槟庆祝好事,其实你的庆祝标准也该提高了。” 更重要的是,事实明,许多被媒体广泛引用的科研成果都是在老鼠身上实验的。而这相当有问题,因为有些测试对实验室的小白鼠管用,未必对人类也管用。“你为什么不告诉人们这一点?你为什么不把实验的照片给他们看?”奥利弗质问到此处,将画面切换到了一组所谓的“实验用小白鼠”上:两只颇有嬉皮士派头的小老鼠各戴一顶非常时髦的帽子,手里端着香槟,身边是一排排相比之下显得十分巨大的可卡因粉。“这些老鼠真时尚啊!”Even Ted Talks are suspect连Ted演讲也很可疑But Oliver made clear that “morning show-style science” isn’t the exclusive province of television.He pointed toward a 2011 Ted Talk by Paul Zak, during which the neuroeconomist extolled a“moral molecule:” the hormone oxytocin which is manufactured by the human body during acertain physical exchange. “Here’s your prescription from Dr. Love,” Zak says, referring to himselfin the third person in a clip from the Ted Talk. “Eight hugs a day. We have found that people whorelease more oxytocin are happier.”不过奥利弗也指出,“早间新闻秀”式的半吊子科学并非只是电视台的专宠。他提到了2011年由保罗#8226;扎克主讲的一次Ted演讲。在这次演讲中,这位神经经济学家对一种“道德分子”大加吹捧。这种神奇的分子其实就是人体所分泌的一种激素——催产素,它在人体的某些身体接触的过程中也会分泌。“这就是姓‘爱’的医生给你开的处方。”扎克在那次演讲中这样说道,这位“爱医生”显然说的就是他自己。“每天8个拥抱。我们发现,分泌催产素更多的人会更快乐。”Grimacing, Oliver proceeded to gleefully shred “Dr. Love.” “First of all, don’t call yourself Dr. Love,”he said. “That’s the name a tabloid gives a dentist who ejaculated on his sedated patients. Andsecond, there’s no way I would be happier giving eight hugs a day. I’m English! That’s fourlifetimes’ worth of hugs.”奥利弗做了个鬼脸,然后继续欢快地手撕“爱医生”。“首先,不要叫自己‘爱医生’,那是路边小报给对着麻醉的病人撸管的多情牙医起的名字。其次,每天跟人拥抱8次也不可能让我更快乐。我是英国人!我们活四辈子才能拥抱这么多次。”From there, Oliver pointed out another scientific research paper from the journal BiologicalPsychiatry views the idea of increased oxytocin leading to increased happiness “with skepticism.”Ergo: “When a stranger calling himself Dr. Love offers to hug you eight times a day, say no!” thecomedian exclaimed.然后,奥列弗又拿出一篇《生物精神病学》(Biological Psychiatry)期刊上的科研论文,这篇论文指出,认为催产素能提高人的快乐水平的看法是“可疑的”。因此奥列弗向观众严肃警告道:“如果有个怪蜀黍管自己叫‘爱医生’,提出要每天拥抱你8次,一定要拒绝哦!”Up next on “Today”怒撕N《今日》Oliver saved his most potent vitriol for N’s Todaywhich “lives for scientific studies” according toits own self-description. That much was teed up in a clip featuring co-hosts Natalie Morales andTamron Hall gently arguing about the health benefits of whole milk vis a vis scientific studiesregarding its pros and cons. They were interrupted by weatherman Al Roker, who opined: “Youfind the study that sounds best to you. And go with that.”奥利弗把最猛的火力留给了N电视台《今日》栏目。根据该栏目的自我描述,它就是“为了科学研究而活”的。这时奥列弗插入了一段视频,内容是《今日》主持人娜塔丽#8226;莫拉莱斯和塔玛龙#8226;豪尔正在煞有介事地争论全脂牛奶的利弊,并各自搬出了一些科研成果作为理论依据。这时他们的争论被天气预报的主持人艾尔#8226;洛克打断了,他发表了自己的意见:“你只要找到听起来最适合你的科学研究,然后按它说的做就行了。”“No! No! No!” Oliver said, slamming his hand against his desk. “If you start thinking that science isa la carte and if you don’t like it, another study will be along soon, that is what leads people tobelieve man-made climate change isn’t real. Or thatvaccines cause autism—both of which thescientific consensus is pretty clear on.”“不!不!不!”奥利弗一边说一边用手拍着桌子。“你以为科学是点菜吗?如果你不喜欢这一道,另一道马上就来了?正因为这样,才导致有人相信人为的气候变化不是真的;也正因为这样,才有人相信疫苗会导致自闭症。而对这两个问题,科学界的共识已经十分清楚了。”“Is science bullshit?” Oliver asked at one point. “No, but there is a lot of bullshitcurrently masquerading as science.”“科学是扯淡吗?”奥利弗自问自答道:“不是的,但是当前冒充科学来扯淡的,实在太多了。”(财富中文网)Chris Lee is a former staff writer forEntertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, NewsweekandThe Daily Beast. He covers entertainment, culture and business in Los Angeles.本文作者Chris Lee曾任《周刊》、《洛杉矶时报》、《新闻周刊》和《野兽日报》等媒体的特约撰稿人,主要报道洛杉矶地区与、文化和商业有关的话题。 /201605/444409


  1. Refusing injections1.拒绝打针If you are asked to have an injection in order to avoid a certain disease before traveling to your destination, make sure you get it. In many cases, mosquito bites lead to malaria and there are many other health risks that you may face during your trip. Refusing injections is the worst thing you can do to your health. However, consult your doctor before having any type of injection.如果在到达目的地之前,你被要求通过打针来避免染上某种疾病,那你最好还是接受吧。在许多情况下,你的整个旅程都将面临蚊虫叮咬的困扰,这会导致疟疾和许多其它健康风险。对于个人健康来说,拒绝打针是最糟糕的事情了。然而,请确保在注射任何药物之前要咨询你的医生。2.Eating out in the street2.吃街头小吃Budget travelers are all guilty of eating street food. Yes, it is cheaper and tastier than restaurant meals. However, when visiting a country where clean food and dishes are not priority, your stomach may not survive this experiment. Just because locals eat street food and feel and look healthy, does not mean you will feel and look the same. Do a better research to find the place where you can eat clean and healthy food for cheap.手头宽裕的旅行者都热衷于街头小吃。当然,它比餐馆里的饭菜更加便宜,也更加美味。然而,当在一个干净食物并不多见的国家旅游时,你的胃在这次经历中就要遭罪了。因为当地的小吃街食物可能看上去很健康,但这并不意味着你真正吃起来的时候也一样健康。最好先做一个调查,找到那些能吃到既便宜有干净健康食物的地方。3.Drinkingtap water3.喝自来水Staying hydrated is essential, so is the water choice. Even if locals tell you that their tap water is safe to drink, it is best to opt for bottled water. While it is not the healthiest option, it is at least clean. It is always better to be safe than sorry.保持肌肤水润至关重要,这就涉及到了对水的选择。即使当地人告诉你他们的自来水是安全可饮用的,但是最好还是选择瓶装水。虽然这可能不是最健康的选择,但是瓶装水至少是干净的。安全总是比生病更好一些。4.Skipping health insurance details4.忽略健康保险的细节Most tourists get health insurance, but they fail to find out all the details of it. Then, in case of accident,a serious injury or disease,it turns out that their health insurance does not cover the expenses and overall that has nothing to do with the insurance company. Know the details before purchasing your insurance.大多数旅行者都会买健康保险,但是他们没能发现保险中的一些细节。然后,当发生意外时,比如严重受伤或者染上疾病--事实明,他们的保险公司不会付这些医药费用,并且大多数人都拿保险公司没办法。所以在买保险之前,请注意细节。5.Leaving first aid kit at home5.把急救箱落在家The kit does not take a lot of space in your bag, but it can save your life in an emergency. Every person needs to create their own first aid kit. If you suffer from allergies or any serious disease, consult your doctor to know what pills you may need during the trip. Moreover, do a little research about the place you are going to visit to be aware of all possible health risks.急救箱不会占据背包的多少空间,但却能在危急时刻拯救你的生命。每个人都应该制备好自己的个人急救箱。如果你有过敏症或者某种严重的疾病,请先咨询你的医生旅途中需要带哪些药。与此同时,先对你要去游览的地方做一些调查,这样你就能知道可能染上的所有健康疾病。6.Walking barefoot6.赤脚走路There are many benefits of walking barefoot. When you visit a popular tourist destination, wearing shoes is the must. Whether it is a beach or a waterfall, always wear your shoes to be healthy. Many diseases come up through the feet. Practice walking barefoot at home, don#39;t experiment abroad.赤脚走路有许多益处。当你参观一个很受欢迎的旅游景点时,穿鞋子是必须的。如果是在沙滩上或者瀑布下,一直穿着鞋子也有益健康。许多疾病都源自脚部。你可以在家里训练赤脚走路,但是不要在外边试验。译文属 /201608/457550。


  From helping to relieve backache to regulating temperatures between the sheets and helping to prevent snoring, mattresses have become seriously high-tech these days. 如今的床垫也纷纷采用了高科技,有的可以调节床单的温度来缓解背痛,有的能帮助缓解睡觉打呼症状。 Now they can even help detect if a partner is cheating. 现在,高科技床垫甚至能检测出配偶是否有“偷吃”行为。 Costing £1,200, the Spanish-designed ‘smartress’ allows mistrusting spouses who are away from home to check their smartphones to find out if the mattress is in use and how many people are on it. 这款由西班牙床垫制造商设计发明的神奇床垫被称为“智能床垫”,售价约1200英镑。心存怀疑的一方可以通过智能手机远程查看家里的床垫是否有人使用,以及上面躺着几个人。 The high-tech bed, which can be purchased with ‘upmost confidentiality’ and comes with a five year warranty, uses 24 ultrasonic sensors to detect ‘suspicious activity’, alerting the owner via a mobile app. 本着“保密至上”的务宗旨,并带有五年的保修期,这种高科技床垫采用24个超声波传感器来探测床上是否有可疑行为,从而提醒手机客户端的主人。 Its ‘Lover Detection System’ generates a 3D map to show which areas are receiving greater pressure and what movement is taking place, all in ‘real time’. 床垫上的“爱人监测系统”可以生成一幅三维地图,来显示哪个区域正在承受较大压力,哪个区域正在发生什么运动,所有这一切都会实时传送到智能手机上。 Described by developers as ‘foolproof’, the electronic genius behind the system is said to be undetectable as it is integrated within the mattress’s springs. 设计师称该床垫十分安全可靠,因为已经集成到床垫的弹簧里了,所以使用者完全感受不到这些电子元件。 Jose Antonio Muinos, spokesman for makers Durmet, said: ‘We came up with the idea after we saw the figures on infidelity that said Spaniards were the most unfaithful in Europe. Durmet公司的发言人何塞·安东尼奥·穆伊诺斯认为,“在欧洲,有一些调查显示,西班牙人最容易出现出轨行为,于是我们就有了发明这种床垫的想法。” ‘It is a concept that will bring peace of mind to men and women, not just during the night but also during the day while they are out at work and the bed should really be being used. “这种发明对男人女人都适用,可以让他们放宽心,床垫不仅可以在夜间监测使用情况,即使白天主人外出工作不在家时,也能监测床垫的使用情况。” ‘On the outside it is just a normal looking and very comfortable mattress, but inside hides some cutting-edge technology. “智能床垫外表看起来和其他床垫一样,而且十分舒适。但是其实床垫里面使用了一些尖端科技。” ‘We think the mattress will do well internationally because it is the only one in the world that uses this technology and is designed specifically for the objective of catching cheating partners.’ “我们相信智能床垫在国际上也会大受欢迎,因为世界上只有这款床垫用了这种技术,而且它是专门设计用来监测伴侣是否有出轨行为的。” According to extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison, Madrid has the highest rate of cheating spouses, closely followed by London. 婚外情网站Ashley Madison的调查数据显示,马德里人的出轨率是最高的,伦敦人紧随其后。 The ‘smartress’ is not the first tool designed to catch lovecheats. The app mCouple was launched last year, which enables users to track almost every detail of their partner’s life. 实际上,这种智能床垫并非首款用来监测配偶是否出轨的工具。去年发行的一款软件“mCouple”,可以用来帮助用户追踪伴侣日常生活的每个细节。 Users are given access to every phone call, text and email, and any activity on Skype or Facebook, as well as pictures and s taken on their mobile. 用户可以查看对方所有的通话记录、短信、电子邮件,社交平台Skype和Facebook上的每个活动,以及手机里的照片和视频。 People can even record their partner’s mobile phone conversations – and track their movements using GPS technology. 用户甚至可以录下伴侣手机里的每一通电话,也能用GPS定位技术追踪对方的活动轨迹。 The app was created by London-based firm mSpy, which stressed that users must gain consent before downloading the device on to their partner’s phone. 总部位于伦敦的mSpy公司研发了这款软件,并强调用户必须在获得对方允许之后,才能把这款软件下载到伴侣手机上。 A similar app, Couple Tracker, costs just 79p and sells itself as ‘the best affair and cheating prevention and detection mobile application’. 还有一款类似的软件,叫做“伴侣追踪器”,只需花79便士,便能下载到这款“监测和预防伴侣出轨的最佳软件”。 With more than five million downloads, the app includes GPS-tracking every half hour, full call history and a statistical overview of everyone commenting and liking their partner’s Facebook posts. 这款软件的下载量高达五百万次,软件中的GPS跟踪定位每半个小时更新一次,监测对方所有通话记录,并对伴侣Facebook上发表状态的内容和每条评价或点赞都进行数据分析。 The ‘smartress’ is also not the first mattress with special in-built technology. Last month British designers created the Balluga bed. 智能床垫不是首款采用特殊内置技术的床垫,上个月英国一家公司发明了Balluga床。 The vibrating smart bed is made up of air-filled balls, covered in foam, and can tilt to relieve blocked airways and reduce snoring. 这种可震动的智能床内置用泡沫裹着的空气球,床垫可以倾斜,保持人们气道畅通,从而减少打呼症状。 /201604/439929


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