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  • 招聘新方式,打麻将决胜负,你造吗? --30 18:55: 来源: 一些日本公司在招人时让求职者玩麻将,说是能从中看出他们的性格、能力和联络技巧麻将这种消遣方式可能决定着一些大学毕业生的前途 Fifty Japanese graduates opted to gamble with their job prospects at a mahjong tournament set up by recruiters looking a different way to find the next high flyer.五十名日本毕业生选择参加麻将比赛,以争取工作机会招聘者们组织了这次打麻将活动,借此新方式发掘人才Held in a crammed mahjong outlet in downtown Tokyo, prospects competed against each other on Friday to gain the chance to face recruiters from six companies in the fitness, education, technology and real estate sectors.周五,应聘者们在东京市中心一间拥挤的麻将室里对垒,胜者将有机会直面六家公司的雇主这六家公司来自健身、教育、技术和房地产领域"Mahjong is a very strategic game, so I think people who are good at it would be good at marketing. This is a new approach and I find it really interesting," candidate Tomoko Hasegawa, who is aspiring to become a designer, told Reuters.“麻将是很讲究策略的,所以我认为擅长麻将的人在营销方面也会做得好这是招聘的新方式,我觉得很有意思” 希望成为设计师的候选人长谷川友子告诉路透社Mahjong, which originated in China, is similar to the western card game, rummy, and players in Japan said the tile game required skill, strategy, calculation and a degree of chance.起源于中国的麻将类似西方的拉米纸牌游戏日本玩家表示,打麻将需要技巧、策略、计算和一定程度的运气Organizers said the recruiting tournaments began in and had gained popularity, mostly among male students, and also with hirers, who say the game revealed more about the candidates than just long pages of resumes.活动的组织者表示,麻将竞聘发起于年,至今已有很高的人气,主要在男性学生中受欢迎雇主们也很喜欢,他们认为打麻将比冗长的简历更能反映应聘者的情况On Friday, eight students advanced to the next round of the selection process.周五,有八名学生晋级了下一轮考核Between five and ten students are recruited by participating companies every year, organizers said.组织者说,每年有五到十名学生被参与活动的公司录用
  • 巴西总检察长称旅游部长在瑞士有秘密账户 -- 19:39:57 来源: 巴西总检察长Rodrigo Janot向最高法院提供据,称Alves先生在瑞士有一个秘密账户 Brazilian prosecutors have made a mal allegation of tax evasion and money laundering against mer tourism minister Henrique Alves.巴西检察官正式指控前旅游部长Henrique Alves犯有逃税和洗钱罪Mr Alves resigned on Thursday after being linked to a corruption scheme.周四,Alves先生在被指控与一项腐败计划有关后辞职Brazil’s Attorney General Rodrigo Janot presented evidence to the Supreme Court saying that Mr Alves had a secret bank in Switzerland.巴西总检察长Rodrigo Janot向最高法院提供据,称Alves先生在瑞士有一个秘密账户He became the third cabinet minister to stand down since interim President Michel Temer came to power last month.他是自临时总统Michel Temer执政后第三位下台的内阁部长All are implicated in a major corruption scandal at the state oil company, Petrobras.Mr Alves denied the allegations.这些人都在国家石油公司Petrobras牵扯到了一起重大的腐败丑闻,Alves先生否认了这次指控What’s wrong with Brazil?巴西怎么了?Who is Michel Temer?Michel Temer又是谁?On Wednesday, the Supreme Court released testimony by an ex-executive implicating politicians including Mr Temer.周三,最高法院的前执行人员发表词,对名政客进行指控,其中包括Temer先生In a television broadcast, Mr Temer dismissed the testimony as frivolous lies.在一次电视广播中,Temer先生驳回了词,称其为无稽之谈To avoid embarrassing’"为了避免尴尬"The allegations come from Sergio Machado, the mer chief executive of Petrobras subsidiary Transpetro.指控是来自Petrobras分公司Transpetro的前首席执行官Sergio MachadoMr Machado is himself under investigation and has made a plea bargain with prosecutors.Machado先生自身就处在调查中,他在和检察官做了一个认罪辨析协议He said that both Mr Temer and Mr Alves asked him money electoral campaigning and knew it would come from an illegal kickbacks scheme that diverted billions of dollars from the national oil company.他说道Temer先生和 Alves先生都为了竞选活动而向他要钱,并且他们知道这些钱是来自于非法的回扣计划,要从国家石油公司挪用数十亿美元Mr Alves also denied the accusations against him and said on social media that contributions to his campaigns had been made through official channels and declared to election authorities.Alves先生也否认了指控,在社交媒体上称用于选举的钱都是来自于官方的正规渠道,并且已经向选举当局上报He said on Thursday that he was resigning in order "to avoid embarrassing" the government.周四,他说道自己辞职的原因是为了避免给政府抹污Mr Temer took office on May after the Senate voted to begin an impeachment trial against President Dilma Rousseff breaking the law in the management of last year’s budget.5月日,在参议院投票决定弹劾审判Dilma Rousseff总统在去年的预算管理方面违法行动后,Temer先生上台He said the accusations were politically-motivated and described the impeachment proceedings against him as a coup.他说这些指控都是出于政治目的,并且这些弹劾程序都是一场政治阴谋
  • 菲尔普斯五次入选奥运会:史上第一人 -- :58:6 来源: 迈克尔·菲尔普斯成了第一位入选五届奥运会的美国男子游泳运动员本周三他赢得了美国奥运会预选赛0米蝶泳比赛 Michael Phelps has become the first American male swimmer to qualify five Olympics. He won the 0-meter butterfly race at the U.S. Olympic trials on Wednesday.迈克尔·菲尔普斯成了第一位入选五届奥运会的美国男子游泳运动员本周三他赢得了美国奥运会预选赛0米蝶泳比赛Phelps has won 18 gold medals, more than anybody in Olympic history. He won eight gold medals in a single Olympics in in Beijing, China.But his golden image was tarnished after the London Olympics. He was arrested two times drunk driving.菲尔普斯赢得过18块金牌,比奥运会历史上任何人都多单单在年北京奥运会上,他就赢得了8块金牌但是他的光辉形象在年伦敦奥运会之后就开始打折扣他因为酒驾两次被捕He stepped away from swimming. He entered a rehabilitation program. He then returned to the pool to train the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.The Games’ opening ceremony is August 5.他离开了游泳事业他加入了戒酒计划他为了里约奥运会又回到了游泳池进行训练里约奥运会的开幕式是在8月5日Phelps first appeared in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, in 00. He was years old. Now 31, Phelps still holds three world records. He says he is happy to represent his country at the Olympic Games one more time.菲尔普斯的第一次亮相是在00年的悉尼奥运会上那时候他才岁现年31岁的他依旧保持着三项世界纪录他说他很乐意再一次代表国家出战奥运会Being able to make my fifth [Olympics] is something that means a lot to me,” Phelps said. “…I think years from now, I’ll be able to look and be happy with that decision to come back.”“能够第五次出战奥运会,对我来说意义重大”菲尔普斯说“就算是年以后,我也会对现在的决定感到满意的”Another goal Phelps is setting one more personal best time during the next month.“It’s been a long time since I’ve got a best time,” he said. “I’d like to have maybe one bee I retire. I hope we can get at least one in the next four weeks.”菲尔普斯的另一个目标是,在下个月内再达到一次个人最佳成绩“距离我上一次的最佳成绩已经很长时间了”他说,“我想在退役之前再来一次这样的成绩我希望我们能够在接下来四周内达成至少一次最佳成绩”When the Rio Olympic Games begin in August, Phelps will be joined on the U.S. swim team by Allison Schmitt. Schmitt is another athlete who won gold medals in London in . But she has struggled in her personal life since winning gold.8月份里约奥运会开始时,菲尔普斯将和阿丽森·施密特一起到美国国家游泳队报到施密特是另一位在年伦敦奥运会上获得金牌的运动员但是自从赢得金牌以后,她的个人生活就一直不怎么平坦 Schmitt, it was depression that included suicidal thoughts. It was not until her cousin committed suicide that she looked help. She qualified Rio on Wednesday after placing fourth in the 0-meter freestyle race. She won that event at the London Games in .对施密特来说,要担忧的是有自杀念头的抑郁症直到她的表亲自杀她才开始寻求帮助本周三她以0米自由泳比赛第四名的成绩拿到了里约奥运会的入场券在年伦敦奥运会,她在这个项目上拿到了冠军“I’m going to Rio,” Schmitt said. “It’s been a tough four years, but I’m so happy right now.”The star swimmer of the summer games may be 19-year-old Katie Ledecky. In , she was a young swimmer from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Ledecky won a surprise gold medal in the 800 meter freestyle in London. In less than four years, she broke three world records.“我要去里约了”施密特说“这四年来很艰苦,但是我现在很快乐”年夏季奥运会的游泳之星很可能是19岁的凯蒂·雷德基年,她还是来自华盛顿特区近郊的年轻游泳运动员雷德基在伦敦奥运会上爆冷赢得了800米自由泳冠军在不到四年的时间里,她已经打破了三项世界纪录At last year’s world championships, Ledecky won five gold medals. She says she will not try to break German swimmer Kristin Otto’s record of six gold medals at a single Olympics.“I don’t think about who I’m chasing or any of the historical implications,” Ledecky said.在去年的世界锦标赛上,雷德基赢得了5块金牌她说她可能不会去尝试打破德国游泳运动员克里斯汀·奥托在一届奥运会上就赢得6块金牌的纪录“我不会想我在追赶谁,或者达成什么历史意义”雷德基说The U.S. team will also feature Missy Franklin. She is a four-time gold medalist at the Olympics. She will race in the 0-meter freestyle event in Rio.美国队的另外一个亮点是梅西·富兰克林她在年奥运会上赢得了块金牌她将参加里约奥运会的0米自由泳项目
  • 第一次约会最好不要一起吃饭 -- 18:31: 来源:中国日报 Restaurants are the go-to so many social and professional occasions. Whether you're in a professional meet-up, brunch with friends, or an overdue date night with your longtime partner, the convo-and-cuisine combo is, in general, the perfect fallback option.很多时候,社交和工作可能要在餐馆进行无论是工作洽谈、与朋友吃早午餐,还是与人生伴侣共赴一场早就定好的约会,一边讨论问题一边进餐都是非常完美的备选方案But as a first date? No thanks, I'd rather shove bamboo under my fingernails while listening to Yoko Ono songs on repeat.但第一次约会呢?还是算了吧,我宁可边循环播放小野洋子的歌,边往指甲里扎竹片Just because it's been a courtship staple since ever doesn't mean it's a good idea, any more than ordering garlic b and onion soup just bee going in the first kiss is a good idea. Not convinced? Let's break it down.仅仅因为共进晚餐是求爱的永恒主题,并不意味着这是个好方法,这和点了蒜蓉面包和洋葱汤后再献初吻是一样的性质你不信吗?看我慢慢给你分析You've got spinach in your teeth你牙缝里有菠菜Let me be blunt here: no one looks attractive while they're eating. Not you, not your date, not even Hollywood celebrities. (Ever seen a tabloid photo of a famous person wolfing down a double-stacked hamburger? I rest my case.)我就直白一点说吧:没人吃相好看你不好看,你的约会对象不好看,甚至好莱坞明星也不好看(你在小报上见过明星狼吞虎咽吃双层汉堡的照片吗?我不用再多说了吧)Sure, the way he slurps his spaghetti like a child or the way she always takes minutes to order might become an endearing quirk later on. But when it comes to first impressions, gnawing on BBQ ribs is far from alluring. Salad isn't any safer. whatever reason, restaurants love to serve giant-sized leaves of lettuce in their salads that are all but impossible to fit into a human-sized mouth without unhinging your jaw like a snake. You could try taking a knife to your edible jungle, but then you're likely to get that look that says, ;Are you crazy? Why are you using a steak knife on your salad?;当然了,他吃意大利面时吧唧嘴的样子像个孩子,她点菜总要花上分钟的时间;;这些怪癖也许恰恰促成了你们后来的爱情但是想要留下良好的第一印象,大口嚼着烤肋排可一点都不吸引人沙拉也安全不到哪儿去不知道为什么,餐馆提供的沙拉里面的生菜叶总是很大,你不像蛇一样把嘴张到最大根本没法把它塞进嘴里你也可以拿把刀切一下这些菜叶,但那样的话别人也许就会投来异样的眼光,好像在说:;你疯了吗?怎么用切牛排的刀来切沙拉?;By the way, if you do somehow find yourself at the local eatery during your first romantic rendezvous, bring a toothbrush. Murphy's law of dating says that if you can get a huge glob of food stuck in your front teeth while trying to woo your potential future SO, you will.顺便提醒一下,如果你确实发现自己不小心把第一次浪漫约会设在了当地一家餐厅,那就带把牙刷吧墨菲的约会定律说,如果你有可能在追求潜在伴侣的时候门牙上粘了一团食物,那么,这样的事就会发生Two words: gastrointestinal distress四个字:肠胃不适Even if you manage to choose a restaurant with an appealing and reasonable prices -- both of those are BIG ifs! -- you're still running a dangerous risk by trusting your stomach to do the right thing. Our gastrointestinal systems work in mysterious ways, and there's no telling if or when two seemingly innocuous foods might have an unexpected reaction that will lead to embarrassing results.如果你选到了一家菜品美味、价格合理的餐厅(大写的;如果;),即使你觉得你的肠胃到时候可以正常运转,那么你还是冒了很大的风险我们的肠胃系统运作方式非常神秘,不会提前告诉你:是否以及何时,两种看上去相安无事的食物会发生意想不到的反应,并导致非常尴尬的结果There are a million different factors working simultaneously to determine if and when your food will disagree with you. Even ordering an old favorite doesn't guarantee that it wonrsquo;t send you racing to the bathroom halfway through your meal, or ce you to make the impossible choice between whether to let one rip (and hope your date doesnrsquo;t hear) or bravely try to hold it in.你的食物什么时候会在体内作怪是百万个因素共同作用的结果即使点你一直喜欢的菜也不能保你在吃到一半时不会冲向卫生间,或者你犹豫一番,到底是排下气呢(还要祈祷你的约会对象不会听到),还是勇敢地忍住;;这种选择真是两难啊And if you did order that garlic b and onion soup? Well, I just hope you carry an emergency supply of breath-freshening mints in your pocket at all times. Otherwise, you're screwed.如果你确实点了蒜蓉面包和洋葱汤呢?这样的话,我希望你随时随地携带救急用的口气清新薄荷糖否则的话,你就完了It's like a job interview, only worse就像面试一样,只是比面试更糟Even when Irsquo;m out with a familiar face, I prefer to sit next to the person, rather than across from them. It's cozier, more intimate, and less confrontational. Bonus: it puts you in prime position to snag a bite off their plate bee they can fight back.即使我是和熟人一起出去吃饭的,我也更喜欢坐在那人旁边,而不是与他面对面这样更舒适,也更亲密,也不显得太对立给你点儿额外福利:这个位置使你能在他们还没反应过来的时候,从他们的盘子里抢一口吃的Sitting across from someone in a one-on-one setting is far too reminiscent of an interview, especially given all the questions you'll be asking each other. Unless, of course, you're stuck in perpetual awkward silence, which is far, far worse. In fact, a lot of dating advice columns have pointed out the similarities between a first date and a job interview: in both cases, you're dressing up and trying to put your best foot ward in the hopes of securing a callback.和某人面对面坐着简直太像面试了,特别是你们还要问对方很多问题当然,除非你们处在长时间尴尬的沉默中才能不像面试,但那样会比糟糕更糟事实上,很多约会建议专栏都说过第一次约会和面试的相似之处:在这两个情境中,你都会打扮得光鲜亮丽,试图给人留下个好印象,期待着能有下次Realizing the connection, of course, only makes it seem that much more nerve-wracking. At least at the end of a job interview, you get to go home knowing yoursquo;ll never have to see that person again unless they actually liked you. Rarely will you get so lucky in the world of romance.意识到这些联系,当然只会让约会看起来更令人精神紧张至少,在面试后,你在回家的路上就知道,你永远不会再见到他了,除非那个人确实喜欢你而你在情场中很少能有这么好的运气Nerves, of course, are part and parcel of a first date. So why would you want to put yourself in a situation that'll just ramp up the anxiety even more?当然,第一次约会的时候紧张不可避免 那么为什么你还要把自己置于紧张的情境中,加剧自己的焦虑呢?Talk about being under pressure...既然说到了压力;;Let's say, argument's sake, you actually like sitting across from people. Fine. But what about the comparison factor? First date dinners are such a clicheacute;, it's nearly impossible to avoid thinking back to all the other times you took a guy or girl out to eat the first time. Not to mention the quintillion dinner-date scenes Hollywood has managed to squeeze into every rom-com ever.为了全方位论我的观点,我们就打个比方,假设你确实喜欢和人面对面坐着那好但比较起来该怎么办呢?第一次约会共进晚餐总是这么的老套,会让你不可避免地回想起你以前带男孩或女孩第一次出去吃饭的时光更不要说好莱坞拍了无数个爱情电影,每个里面都有共进晚餐的约会场景了The thing is, the compare-and-contrast game is unwinnable. One of two things will inevitably happen: your brain will kindly dredge up the worst faux-pas you've ever committed and give you debilitating social anxiety, or yoursquo;ll think of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law chatting in a fancy French bistro and realize this date doesn't even come close. Inevitably, you'll find yourself subconsciously struggling to either avoid the mistakes of the past or to measure up to impossible standards. Neither of these, of course, will accomplish anything besides adding extra pressure to an aly stressful event.问题是,在这种比较加对比的游戏中你是不会获胜的你脑海中会不由自主地浮现出最失态的那次经历,加剧你的社交恐惧;或者你会想起卡梅隆;迪亚兹和裘德;洛在一家有情调的法国酒吧聊天的场景,然后意识到自己的这次约会可远远比不上人家你会不可避免地发现自己在潜意识中挣扎,要么试图避免过去的错误,要么以不可能的标准要求自己而这两种情况,除了给已经够紧张的事增加额外压力,别的什么都实现不了Break the mold and opt a better, more casual alternative. Consider mini golf, or a trip to the museum, or attending a local festival -- literally anything more creative and enjoyable than the nightmare of the first date dinner. The future yin to your yang will thank you it.打破常规,选择一个更好更轻松的方式吧考虑一下去打迷你高尔夫、参观物馆,或者参加当地的节日庆祝活动,这些都比像噩梦一般的晚餐更新鲜、更愉快你未来的另一半也会感谢你的Vocabularyspaghetti:意大利式细面条slurp:出声地吃或喝
  • 《海底总动员:寻找多莉打破美国影史动画电影首映票房记录 --3 19:0: 来源: 《海底总动员1:寻找尼莫于年上映,培养了大批粉丝近来续集电影的表现普遍不佳,《寻找多莉却逆势而上,成为了史上首映票房最高的动画电影 Finding Dory has taken 6.m dollars (93.3m pounds) on its opening weekend - making it the most successful launch an animated film in US box office history.《海底总动员:寻找多莉周末开画劲收1.36亿美元(9330万英镑),成为美国史上首映票房最高的动画电影The sequel to Finding Nemo has unseated Shrek the Third - which took 1.6m dollars (83.1m pounds) on its release in .该片作为《海底总动员的续集,超过了年上映的《怪物史莱克31.亿美元(83万英镑)的首映票房It is also the second most successful opening weekend of , behind Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.《寻找多莉也是年周末首映票房仅次于《美国队长3:内战的影片Ellen DeGeneres voices the lead character in Finding Dory, which is released in the UK on 9 July.《寻找多莉将于6月9日在英国上映,艾伦·德杰尼勒斯为片中主角多莉配音’Home run’“本垒打”She also voiced Dory in Finding Nemo, which came out in .《海底总动员1:寻找尼莫于年上映,当时多莉的配音演员正是德杰尼勒斯Paul Dergarabedian, comScore’s senior media analyst, said: "The thought was ’could this be the movie to eclipse Toy Story 3’s opening, not, ’could it become the biggest animated opening of all time?’.comScore网站的高级媒体分析师保罗·德加拉伯迪安认为:“当时人们对这部影片的看法是它的首映票房‘能不能超过《玩具总动员3呢?’而不是‘它会不会成为首映票房最高的动画电影呢?’”"That’s the power of the Pixar brand."“这部影片的表现体现了皮克斯的品牌影响力”Variety added it had succeeded where many sequels had failed, saying one of the reasons was its appeal to female cinema-goers:Variety网站称《寻找多莉在续集电影普遍不景气的大环境下脱颖而出的一个重要原因是该片成功吸引了大批女性观影者It said: "Dory represent a wider range of female experiences and boast character traits beyond simply waiting around their prince. They are archers, cops, teenage girls, even getful fish."该网站写道:“多莉体验了多种女性的身份:弓箭手、警察、少女和健忘的鱼,多莉可不会只是憧憬白马王子的到来,这个角色的身上体现着多种女性的特质”’You just laugh’“笑个不停”Toy Story 3 was the biggest Pixar opening until now with 1.3m dollars (75.m pounds).《玩具总动员3一直是皮克斯出品的作品中首映票房最高的电影(1.1亿美元,合750万英镑)Finding Dory’s closest competitor over the weekend, Central Intelligence starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, landed in second place after taking .5m dollars (3.6m pounds) on its opening weekend.和《寻找多莉同时上映的还有道恩·强森和凯文·哈特主演的《乌龙特工该片作为《寻找多莉最强劲的对手,首映取得50万美元票房,位居次席"It’s a real home run," said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros’ executive vice president of domestic distribution.“这部片子是真正意义上的‘全垒打’,”华纳兄弟公司国内发行部门的高级副总裁杰夫?戈尔茨坦在接受采访时谈到"These two comedians are just stars. They connect with their audience and each other in such a strong way. You just laugh when you watch them."“两位主演都是喜剧明星,在观众中有着很高的人气,观众一看到他们就笑个不停”The two films pushed last week’s number one, The Conjuring , down to number three.上述两部电影占据了票房排行榜前两位,《招魂则降到了第三位Now You See Me and Warcraft rounded off the top five.《惊天魔盗团和《魔兽分列第四位和第五位
  • 绝美婚纱照背后的真相 -- :: 来源:sohu 特别的场合就需要特别的摄影师,应该没有别的日子比你的结婚日更特别吧!为了帮新人们保存这大日子的回忆, 他们需要用镜头把当天发生的一切完美地捕捉下来,责任真不轻啊!每张婚纱照背后也揭示了摄影师们的辛劳和对工作的奉献 Special occasions call a special kind of photographer, and few occasions are more special than your wedding day. The photographer needs to capture anything and everything as perfectly as possible in order to preserve your perfect day. It's a big responsibility! This behind-the-scenes look at the world of wedding photography reveals the hard work and dedication that goes into taking the perfect wedding picture. 水天一色! 美绝的景色配合水中的倒影也太美了吧! 摄影师哥哥可是蹲在水洼里拍的! 在农村拍的婚纱照还是那么浪漫,一点也不土,旁边的小池塘好增色有没有 直接趴在泥上拍照——小水洼呀呀呀! 悬崖上的恋人 连悬崖也没沾上呢少一点胆子也做不来,看来他是绝对没有畏高症 朦胧美 羞羞!要躲在新娘裙下拍 好一个脱俗超凡的景点!那点阳光映照着他们的爱情 为了躲避车子和捕捉阳光的角度,都得趴在地上了 English Source: boredpanda
  • 猫之争:从进化角度看猫科比犬科更好 -- :38: 来源: 猫之争:从进化角度看猫科比犬科更好Cats vs dogs: Scientists confirm that felines are better... from an evolutionary perspectiveIt"s the debate that has long divided animal lovers. Now scientists have confirmed that cats really are better than dogs – at least from an evolutionary perspective.一直以来,“猫和哪个更好”这一问题将动物爱好者划分为两大阵营现在科学家已经实猫确实比更好——至少从进化的角度来看是这样A groundbreaking study of ,000 ancient fossils reveals that felids – the cat family – have historically been much better at surviving than the "canid" dog clan, and often at the latter’s expense.一项对00个古代化石进行的开拓性研究揭示了从历史上看,猫科动物家族的生存能力远远强于犬科动物家族,而且猫科动物的生存是以犬科动物的损耗为代价的The research finds that cats have played a significant role in making 0 dog species extinct, outcompeting them scarce food supplies because they are generally more effective hunters. But researchers found no evidence that dogs have wiped out a single cat species.这项研究发现,猫科动物在0个犬科物种的灭绝过程中发挥了重要作用由于猫科动物通常是更有效率的捕猎者,在夺取供应不足的食物的竞争中猫科动物胜过了犬科动物但是研究人员没有发现任何犬类动物消灭掉一个猫科物种的据The dog family – which includes the wolves from which today’s domesticated dogs are descended – originated inNorth Americaabout 0 million years ago and reached a maximum diversity around million years later, when there were more than 30 species on the continent. At that point, the cat family arrived fromAsia.犬科家族——包括现在的驯养的祖先狼——起源于约000万年前的北美洲,在大约00万年后达到了物种多样性的巅峰,当时在北美洲有超过30个犬类物种与此同时,猫科动物也从亚洲来到此地"The arrival of cats to North America had a deadly impact on the diversity of the dog family. We usually expect changes in climate to play the overwhelming role in the evolution of species. Instead, competition among different carnivore species proved to be even more important the dogs," said the report’s lead author, Dr Daniele Silvestro, of theUniversityofLausanneinSwitzerland.这项研究报告的第一作者、瑞士洛桑大学(University of Lausanne)的达妮埃尔·西尔韦斯特罗(Dr. Daniele Silvestro)士表示:“猫科动物的到来给犬科动物的物种多样性造成致命打击我们通常预计气候变化会在物种进化过程中发挥最重要的作用但对于犬科动物来说,不同食肉动物物种间的竞争被明是更重要的”The influx of cats prompted a period of dramatic decline among the dog clan. This has leftNorth Americawith just nine species of wild dog today, comprising different variations of wolves and foxes, according to the fossil analysis published in the journal PNAS.猫科动物的涌入导致犬科动物数量在一段时间内大幅下降依据这项发表在美国国家科学院院刊(PNAS)上的化石分析,这造成了如今北美洲仅存九个犬类物种,包括狼和狐狸的不同变种Dr Silvestro says it is unclear exactly why, when times were tough, the cats were able to see off dogs so comprehensively. But he believed it could be something to do with the retractable claws that ancient cats have passed down to their domesticated descendants, but which dogs don’t have.西尔韦斯特罗士称,目前还不是十分清楚在当时的艰难岁月,猫科动物为什么能将犬科动物“驱逐”得那么彻底但是他认为这可能跟古代猫科动物伸缩自如的爪子有关,这是犬科动物所不具有的古代猫科动物还将这种爪子遗传给了自己的后裔家猫Millions of years ago, some dog species, such as wolves, were effective killing machines, chasing down their prey at high speed and devouring it. All surviving dog species fall into this "runner" camp.数百万年前,某些犬科物种(比如说狼)是有效的杀戮机器,能以高速追捕猎物并吞食掉所有幸存的犬科动物都属于“奔跑系猎手”阵营But other dog species ambushed their prey in a manner similar to the cat family. However, these dogs weren’t as good as the cats at this technique – and all the canid species who used it are now extinct.不过也有其他犬科动物伏击猎物的方式与猫科动物相似然而,这些犬类动物并不像猫科动物那样擅长这项技能——所有曾使用这项技能的犬科动物现在都已经灭绝了Dr Silvestro explained: “The cats have retractable claws which they only pull out when they catch their prey. This means they don’t wear them out and they can keep them sharp. But the dogs can't do this, so they are at a disadvantage to the cats in an ambush situation.”西尔韦斯特罗士解释称:“猫科动物只有在抓到猎物时才会亮出它们可伸缩的爪子,这意味着它们不会磨损并能够时刻保持锋利,但是犬科动物不能做到这一点,同猫科动物相比,它们在伏击方面处于劣势”The evolutionary success of carnivorous animals is strongly linked to their ability to obtain food, meaning that there can be significant competition prey when there is insufficient supply the population.食肉动物的进化成功在很大程度上与它们获取食物的能力有关,这也意味着当食肉动物的食物供应不足时,猎物的争夺将十分激烈"Felids must have been more efficient predators than most of the extinct species in the dog family," the report concluded.该报告总结称:“猫科动物与那些灭绝了的犬科动物相比一定是更有效的捕食者”Vocabularyfelid:猫科动物canid:犬科动物clan:家族carnivore:食肉动物influx:(人或物的)大量涌入retractable:可缩回的,伸缩自如的prey:猎物ambush:伏击predator:捕食者英文来源:独立报译者:高婉璐BISTU
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