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呼和浩特哪家医院治疗前列腺增生好呼和浩特治疗尖锐湿疣哪家好“电子菜单”进餐馆 节约成本刺激消费Restaurants in Europe, the ed States and Japan are testing technology to let diners order their food direct from a screen at their table instead of depending on a fellow human being to note their choice -- sometimes grumpily or erroneously.Besides cutting costs, companies that sell the "e-" argue the bytes-for-bites approach has a novelty value that can lure younger customers, and boost revenues as tantalizing photographs of succulent steaks and gooey desserts tempt diners to order more.In Israel, privately owned start-up Conceptic has aly installed e-Menu technology in sushi bars, pubs and family restaurants. The system is based on touch-screens aly used in self-service canteens or for ticketing in airports and cinemas."It's about impulse-buying," said Adi Chitayat, Conceptic's chief executive. "If a person starts looking at pictures of chocolate cake, the chances are he'll order it."The firm has also supplied its systems to restaurants in France, South Africa and Belgium.Frame, a trendy sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv which has installed the system, said sales on tables with the e-Menu have increased by about 11 percent. Customers often call ahead to reserve spots equipped with the screens, manager Natalie Edry told reporters.At one of the e-Menu tables, information technology worker Gil Uriel and his young family were enthusiastic as they checked out pictures of the dishes on offer and squabbled over desserts."It's more visual," said Uriel. "We can still choose, we can still argue -- but it's much easier when you can all see it." 欧洲、美国和日本的一些餐馆目前正在试用一种可让顾客直接通过餐桌上的屏幕点餐的技术,这项新技术取代了务员点餐——务态度不好或忙中出错的情况也可以避免了。推广这项“电子菜单”技术的公司称,这种新潮的电子点餐法除了可以节约成本外,还能吸引年轻顾客,而且牛排和甜点等各种美味佳肴的图片能“引诱”顾客消费,从而增加餐馆的收益。新成立的以色列“新概念”私人公司推出的这套“电子菜单”系统目前已在寿司店、酒吧和家庭餐馆中使用。该系统使用的是触摸屏,这种屏幕在自助餐厅和机场、影院的自动售票机上可以见到。新概念公司的执行总裁阿迪#8226;齐塔亚特说:“这会引起顾客‘冲动消费’。如果顾客看到了巧克力蛋糕的图片,很有可能会点它。”目前,该公司已将这一系统推广到了法国、南美和比利时的餐馆。以色列特拉维夫的一家名叫Frame的流行寿司店安装了这一系统。据其介绍,安装了电子菜单的餐桌收益增长了约11%。餐厅老板娜塔莉#8226;艾德里在接受记者采访时说,顾客们常打电话提前预定安装有电子点餐屏的桌子。在其中一张电子点餐桌上,年轻的IT工程师吉尔#8226;乌力尔正与家人一起兴致勃勃地浏览菜肴的图片、讨论点哪些甜品。乌力尔说:“这种点餐方式更加直观。我们仍然可以挑选、讨论——但同时可以看见所有菜肴的图片,这就好办多了。” /200803/31198呼和浩特市第一医院专家挂号 Beep, beep, beep. Then the text comes: " President Bush calls for a timetable for the withdrawal of the Iraqi people from Iraq." It's not a news update. It's Omar Abdul Kareem's relentlessly beeping cell phone - and one of the 20 or so humorous text messages he gets every day from his friends. In a city bereft of entertainment, text messaging and swapping ringtones are all the rage for young Iraqis trying to lighten their lives. Most restaurants, cafes and movies have closed due to the country's security situation. The content of the text messages and ringtones speak volumes about the state of affairs here: jokes and songs about suicide bombings, sectarianism, power outages, gas prices, Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Cell phone shops, the only crowded stores these days, sell special CDs with ringtones at about apiece. Collections of short jokes especially written for texters are best-sellers. Iraqis fiddling with their cell phones on the streets look like New Yorkers hooked on iPods. "It's not like there's much to do around here," Abdul Kareem said. "It's perhaps the only venue to express ourselves." He used to buy worth of prepaid phone cards a month to text to his girlfriend - until they broke up. After sending her a lot of "I miss you" texts, he's moved on. Now he sends his aunt dozens of jokes, most of them at the expense of ethnic Kurds. The daily reality of violence and explosions has influenced every aspect of Iraqi life - including love notes. "I send you the tanks of my love, bullets of my admiration and a rocket of my yearning," one popular message s. A popular ringtone features the music from Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." But the local version includes a voice similar to Saddam's rapping in English: "I'm Saddam, I don't have a bomb/Bush wants to kick me/I don't know why/smoking weed and getting high/I know the devil's by my side." The song concludes with: "My days are over and I'm gonna die/all I need is chili fries" as a crowd yells "Goodbye forever, may God curse you." 嘟--嘟--嘟!短信来了:“布什总统拟订将全体伊拉克人赶出伊拉克的时间表。” 这不是一条新闻,而是阿布杜勒·卡里姆收到的一条手机短信,卡里姆每天都会从朋友那里收到20条左右的搞笑短信,所以,他的手机总是嘟嘟嘟的响个不停。 在这个了无生趣的城市,发短信和互发手机铃声成了伊拉克年轻人用来调节生活的流行时尚。由于受到国内安全形势的影响,伊拉克的大多数餐馆、咖啡馆和电影院都停止营业了。 手机短信和铃声的内容充分反映了国内局势,其中包括自杀性爆炸、宗派主义、能源断供、油价以及萨达姆和美国总统乔治·布什的一些笑话和歌曲。 眼下,手机商店成了伊拉克唯一生意兴隆的商店,店里出售各种手机铃音光盘,价格在每张2美元左右。那些专门为“短信族”编写的短篇笑话集也十分畅销。 伊拉克人摆弄着手机招摇过市就像纽约人身上挂着iPod一样,是一种时尚。 阿布杜勒·卡里姆说:“这里没有更多的事可做,手机可能是我们表达自己心声的唯一场所。” 过去,卡里姆每个月要买60美元的充值卡,给女朋友发很多“我想你”的短信。 和女友分手后,卡里姆开始改发别的短信了。现在,他每天都给他的阿姨发很多搞笑短信,其中最多的是关于库尔德族人的笑话。 在伊拉克,暴力和爆炸事件成为家常便饭,影响到人民生活的各个方面,甚至包括爱情短信。有一条流行短信是这样写的:“我为你送上爱的坦克,倾慕的子弹和一架思念的火箭。” 还有一段由库里欧的《黑帮天堂》改编而成的手机铃音颇为流行。而伊拉克的这个版本则是一段酷似萨达姆声音的英文说唱:“我是萨达姆,我没有炸弹/布什想要我下台/但我不知道为什么/吸口大麻爽到家/我知道魔鬼就在我身边。” 这首搞笑歌曲的结尾是:“我没多少日子了,我要完蛋了/现在我只想吃辣薯条”,这时,一群人集体喊道“永别了,上帝诅咒你!”Vocabulary: bereft of : deprived of (剥夺;夺走;如:They are bereft of their dignity.他们丧失了尊严。) all the rage : 风靡一时的事物;时尚(Short dresses and long boots were all the rage last year.去年短裙配长靴风靡一时。)speak volumes about/for : 清楚的表明;充分的说明fiddle with : 摆弄(fiddle with a clock 摆弄钟) /200809/47189A swine flu soft toy has gone on sale on the internet--to help educate and reassure children about the potentially deadly virus.近日,一款貌似猪流感病毒的布绒玩具在网上出售,其目的是用这一具有潜在致命性的病毒对儿童进行教育和抚慰。The stuffed toy has been designed to represent a "cuddlier" version of an H1N1 microbe, complete with a pig-like nose and eyes.这款毛绒玩具根据H1N1病菌的模样设计,但它十分可爱,有着猪一样的鼻子和眼睛,让人一看就想摸。The 7inch novelty is the latest creation of US-based doll company GIANTmicrobes, which specialises in producing huggable viruses and pests.“猪流感”玩具身长7英寸,是总部位于美国的“巨型微生物”玩具公司生产的一款最新产品,该公司主要生产以病毒和害虫为原型的可爱毛绒玩具。 /200909/83228乌海市第一人民妇幼中医院治疗肛周囊肿多少钱

呼和浩特人流哪里好大假之后总有体重增加的苦恼,眼看春天就要来临,抓紧时间甩掉赘肉才是正经事。现在就来看看小编为你推荐的节后减肥六大妙招,改掉生活坏习惯、减肥也不是难事啦!1. Chew Gum Volunteers who chewed gum for 15 minutes each hour between lunch and a snack consumed 60 fewer calories from sweets than when they went gum-free.嚼口香糖 志愿者参与的调查显示,在午餐和下午茶之间每小时嚼15分钟口香糖的人能比其他人多消耗掉来自甜品的60卡路里。 /201102/125799内蒙古首大医院预约 Recognize Where the Waste IsIn order to begin a time management program, you need to pinpoint exactly where you are wasting the most time. Likely, there will be many areas where you need better time management. Look at those areas and start working on them every day. Slacking off here or there won’t help you. Be rigid.了解时间浪费在哪里开始你的时间管理程序,你要非常精确的找出在什么地方你浪费了大量的时间。你很可能在许多地方更好的管理你的时间,审视这些,开始每天在这些事务上用心,对待任何事情都不要懈怠,那样对你是没有好处的。一定要严格要求自己。Get Some ToolsGetting your life organized will help your time management because you won’t have to think about what is coming up next on your schedule. You can also look up directions if you have a meeting, what restaurants are nearby, and a million other handy things to save yourself some time. Some people use their iPhone for these functions and some still use the Palm Pilot system. Whatever you use, make sure you can surf the net and plug in your daily schedule at ease.获得工具井井有条的生活是有益于你管理时间的,因为这样你就不必去想接下来要做什么。你也可以查看自己的计划表,是否有会议要参加,要去附近的哪个餐馆,还有无数其他的琐碎的事情,随时查看自己的时间安排,这会节省你的时间。一些人用iPhone,也有一些人用Palm,无论你用什么工具,都要保你能随意的添加你的日常事务的时间计划。 /201004/100965呼和浩特包皮医院哪家最好

内蒙古自治区医院做人流多少钱An old song says that "love makes the world go around." If you watch Americans on Valentine's Day, you can believe it. The whole country breaks out with little red hearts. Love-struck people give cards, flowers and candy to their sweethearts. You might call it an annual celebration of love. 有首老歌是这么唱的「爱使世界旋转」。如果你在情人节观察美国人,你就会相信,因为全国突然出现许多小红心,恋爱的人会送卡片、花和糖果给他们的情人,也许我们可以称这是个爱的节庆。Americans are romantic all year long, but especially on February 14. Valentine's Day gives people an excuse to ask someone they admire to "be their valentine."美国人全年都是罗曼蒂克的,尤其是在二月十四日。情人节给了人们借口请他们所欣赏的人做他们的情人。Conversation I 会话一Stan: Hey, Angela! I've been looking all over for you!史丹:安琪拉!我到处找你!Angela: Well, hi, Stan! Happy Valentine's Day!安琪拉:嗨!史丹!情人节快乐!Stan: Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Uh, Angela.史丹:谢谢!我也祝你情人节快乐!嗯,安琪拉……Angela: Yes?安琪拉:什么事?Stan: Well, I...uh...got you a little something for Valentine's Day. Would you be my valentine?史丹:我…,嗯,我有一样小东西送给你当情人节的礼物,你愿意做我的情人吗?Angela: How sweet! The flowers are beautiful! And you know how much I love chocolate! Sure, I'd be honored to.安琪拉:多美啊!这花好漂亮!而且你知道我有多喜欢巧克力!我觉得很荣幸能够成为你的情人。Stan: Would you like to go to the school party with me this Saturday?史丹:这星期六你要和我一起参加学校的舞会吗? Angela: Yes, I would. I'll look forward to it.安琪拉:好啊!我会去,并且满心期待地! The American concept of love and romance begins with dating. Young people date in several ways. At first they might have group dates with several boys and girls together. Later, they start going on single dates-just one boy and one girl. Sometimes a boy and a girl will go to a movie. Maybe they will go to a party at a friend's house. Or they might go out to eat. 美国人的观念认为爱情和罗曼史是从约会开始的。年轻人约会有几种情况。刚开始,他会有群体式的约会,就是几个男生几个女生一起约出去。之后,他们才开始单独的约会,就是一男一女。有时他们会去看电影,也可能去朋友家聚餐,或者到外面吃饭。 When two couples go out together, we call it double dating. A friend might even arrange a blind date for you with someone you don't know. That doesn't mean you keep your eyes closed the whole evening! You just don't know who your partner will be until the time for the date. If someone asks you for any kind of date, and you don't want to go, you may politely say, "No, thanks." 当有两对一起出去时,我们称之为「两对式约会」,甚至朋友也会安排你不认识的人帮你相亲。所谓相亲(blind date)并不是指让你整晚都把眼睛蒙起来,而是一直要等到约会那天你才知道对象是谁。如果有人以任何一种方式约你,但你不想去,你只管礼貌地说:「谢谢你,我不去。」 Conversation II 会话二 Jeff: Hi, Tanya! Boy, it's freezing today, isn't it? 杰夫:嗨!田雅,老天!今天真冷啊! Tanya: You're not kidding! I'm glad I'm wearing a hat and gloves! 田雅:你说得没错,我真庆幸戴了帽子和手套! Jeff: Yeah, you look warm all bundled up like that. Say, I was wondering, would you like to go to the Valentine's banquet with me next week? 杰夫:是啊!你裹得那样看起来很暖和。我在想你下星期要不要和我去参加情人节的宴会?Tanya: Well, I really don't think I can. I have other plans. Thanks for asking, though. 田雅:我想我真得没办法去,我有另外的计划,不过还是谢谢你的邀请。 Jeff: That's O.K. Maybe some other time. 杰夫:没关系,以后还有机会! Tanya: Yeah. Well, here comes my bus. See you later! 田雅:啊!我的车来了,再见!Americans view dating differently from people in other cultures. American young people see a date as a time just to have fun. They don't always have a romantic interest in mind. Someone may go out with one person this week, and another person the next. After a while, a boy and a girl may decide they want to "go steady." This means they think of each other as "boyfriend and girlfriend." It also means they don't want to date anyone else. Romance is beginning to bloom.美国人看「约会」的角度与其它文化不同。美国的年轻人只是把约会当做享乐的时刻,并不都是有感情牵涉在内,有的人也许这星期和这个人出去,下星期和另一个人。过一阵子之后,一男一女可能决定他们要「稳定下来」,就是他们将彼此视为男女朋友,也就是说他们不再和其它人约会。爱情将开始绽放。 Romantic love is very much a part of American culture. Movies, TV shows and books in America all picture people falling in love. Americans know that no romance is perfect, but still they try to find the ideal person. Actually, love is a part of every culture, not just American culture. People all over the world search for happiness in a loving relationship.爱情是美国文化的一大部份,美国的电影、电视和书都刻画人们坠入情网的事,美国人知道没有一个爱情是完美的,但他们仍旧试图寻找理想伴侣。事实上,爱情是每一种文化的一部份而非仅是美国文化的。我们可以看出全世界的人都想在爱情里寻求快乐。Maybe love does make the world go around.也许爱情确实使世界旋转吧! /200804/34323 呼和浩特武川县治疗腋臭哪家医院最好的内蒙古自治区医院电话



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