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  • 女子状告特朗普 称岁被特朗普和一富商先后强奸 --5 18:56: 来源: 一名美国女子日前以强奸罪起诉美国共和党总统竞选人、地产大亨唐纳德.特朗普该女子在起诉书中声称,199年,年仅岁的她在一场派对上被特朗普以及他的一位富商友人先后强奸 Donald Trump faces rape allegations again. An unidentified Calinia woman filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, which was first reported by the Real Deal.特朗普再次面临强奸指控6月日,一名身份不明的加利福尼亚女子在在曼哈顿联邦法院提起诉讼据纽约权威地产杂志The Real Deal抢先报道The lawsuit claims that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was years old at a sex party hosted by Epstein in 199. Trump has previously denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and “disgusting.”她在起诉书中称,特朗普及其友人杰弗里.爱泼斯坦199年在爱泼斯坦举办的一场派对上强奸了她,当时她才岁特朗普否认此指控,称其“一派胡言”、“让人恶心”Epstein has also been previously accused of sexual deviancy and pedophile activities, but has denied claims as well. He did, however, plead guilty to soliciting a minor in one case filed against him in .爱泼斯坦还曾被指控性变态和有恋童癖,不过均被其否认然而,他在年的一起诱奸未成年少女罪名成立A Los Angeles Federal Court judge dismissed the lawsuit last month.上月,该女子曾向洛杉矶联邦法院提起诉讼,不过被驳回The New York Daily News points out there are many vulgar charges missing from the new case, like an allegation that Trump threw money at the defendant after she expressed fear of pregnancy after the rape. Also missing is the claim that Trump called Epstein a “Jew bastard,” and her original request 双语新闻:希拉里.克林顿宣布竞选美国总统 -- :56:55 来源:   mer US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has mally entered the race the White House in a bid to become the first woman US president.  前美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿正式宣布将参加年美国总统大选,如果成功她将成为美国历史上的第一位女总统  She launched her campaign website on Sunday, telling Americans she wanted to be their "champion".  希拉里于上周日开放了自己的竞选网站,并告诉美国民众她想成为他们的“捍卫者”  Mrs Clinton ran the Democratic presidential nomination in but lost to Barack Obama.  年希拉里就曾参与民主党总统候选人的角逐,但输给了奥巴马  In a on her website, Mrs Clinton declared: "I am running president".  在竞选网站里的视频中,希拉里宣布:“我准备参与总统大选”  "Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times," she said, "but thedeck is still stacked in favour of those at the top.  “美国人民在经济不景气时期依然奋力拼搏扭转了局面,但是天平还是向着塔尖上的少数人倾斜”  "Everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion," she added.  “每天美国民众都需要一个捍卫者,而我希望成为这个捍卫者”  The features a number of Americans talking about their hopes and aspirations.  视频中很多美国人谈到他们的希望与决心  It ends with Mrs Clinton saying: "So I'm hitting the road to earn your vote because it's your time and I hope you'll join me on this journey".  最后,希拉里说:“所以我已经整装待发争取你们的选票,因为这是属于你们的时代,希望你们能与我一起踏上征途”  Mrs Clinton's team said would spend the next few weeks building up grassroots support in the early Democratic primary states; she tweeted that she is on her way to Iowa.  希拉里的竞选团队表示接下来的几周他们会首先在民主党的初选州赢取基层持,希拉里在推特上也称她已经在去爱荷华州的路上了  She is expected to hold her first rally, officially kicking off her campaign, in mid-May.  预计五月中旬希拉里及其竞选团队将会开启正式的竞选活动   Hillary Clinton - her Washington career so far  希拉里·克林顿的政治生涯  Tried to rem US healthcare during husband Bill's first term as president (1993-1997) but her plan never reached a vote in Congress  1993-1997年克林顿担任美国总统期间希拉里曾尝试改革美国的卫生保健措施但未得到国会的持  Stood by her husband when his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was exposed, 1997-98  1997-1998年克林顿被爆出与莱温斯基的性丑闻时希拉里选择持丈夫  Elected as Democratic senator New York, 00  00年当选为纽约州的民主党参议员  Voted in favour of the Iraq war in but later distanced herself from the war  年表示持伊拉克战争但随后与战争保持距离  Ran the Democratic nomination in but conceded in favour of Barack Obama  年参与民主党候选人角逐但不敌奥巴马  Served as US secretary of state -  -年任美国国务卿  Embroiled in controversy over the attack on a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in   年美国驻利比亚班加西大使馆遭袭,希拉里卷入争议之中  Investigated by the State Department her use of a private email server, circumventinglegal requirements  因违反规定使用私人电子邮件务器而被美国国务院调查 million in damages.《纽约每日新闻指出,在本次的案件中,许多粗俗的指控被撤回,比如她声称,在被强奸后担心怀,特朗普曾甩给她现金,还比如特朗普称爱泼斯坦为“犹太杂种”,以及她曾要求 1亿美元的赔偿金She cites in an affidavit: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”她说:“强奸结束后,特朗普还威胁我,不能把事情告诉别人,否则,我和家人可能会被杀,或者有其他后果”
  • 因安全气囊故障,丰田召回0万辆汽车 --30 19:: 来源: 日本汽车制造商丰田汽车表示,因安全气囊出现故障,将在全球范围内召回3万辆车 Japanese carmaker Toyota says it will recall 1.3 million vehicles worldwide over faulty airbags.日本汽车制造商丰田汽车表示,因安全气囊出现故障,将在全球范围内召回3万辆车The cars affected are Prius and Lexus models from to .受影响的是年至年之间的普锐斯和雷克萨斯车型Toyota and other carmakers have over the past years been rocked by millions of recalls over problems with airbags from Japanese supplier company Takata.丰田和其他汽车制造商在过去几年里因日本供应商高田公司生产的安全气囊出现问题而召回数百万辆车The latest recall does not involve Takata products and the problem has not been linked to any fatalities or injuries.最新的召回不涉及高田的产品,且该问题还没有与任何死亡或受伤相关联The recall includes some 95,000 cars sold in North America, 73,000 in Japan as well as vehicles in Europe, China and other regions.此次召回包括在北美销售的95000辆,日本的73000辆,以及欧洲,中国和其他地区的车辆In a statement relating to the US recall, the carmaker said the vehicles had an airbag inflator that could have a small crack in a weld which could widen over time.在有关美国召回的声明中,该汽车制造商表示,这些车辆的安全气囊充气器的焊接中有个小裂缝,随着时间推移可能变大The airbag could partially inflate and parts of the inflator could enter the vehicle interior, leading to "an increased risk of injury".该气囊可部分膨胀,充气器的部件可能进入车辆内部,导致“受伤的风险增加”Safety devices made by Takata have been linked to deaths and more than 0 injuries.由高田制造的安全设备和人的死亡,超过0人的受伤相关Globally, carmakers have been affected with more than 0 million Takata-related recalls under way or expected.全球范围内,家汽车制造商的1亿辆车正在或预计受到与高田相关的召回的影响
  • 世界上出现和你长得一模一样的人的几率是… --30 18::7 来源:chinadaily Most of us have, at some point in time, been told we have a doppelgauml;nger - someone out there who looks just like us. But what are the chances, scientifically speaking, of that happening? 我们大多数人都曾在某个时间点被告知,自己有一个二重身——那儿有个人看上去很像我们但从科学的角度来讲,发生这种事的可能性有多大? According to the research, having an exact doppelgauml;nger is less likely than you might think. A studycrunched the numbers and investigated the probability of two people matching up exactly in eight key facial features. 研究指出,拥有一模一样的二重身的可能性比你想象中的要小一项研究处理了大量数据信息,探讨了两个人在8个关键面部特征上完全吻合的可能性 They found that there's about a one in 5 chance that a pair of complete doppelgauml;ngers exist somewhere in the world. But the likelihood of someone walking around looking identical to you, specifically, in all eight facial features is only one in 1 trillion. Creepy, but not very likely. 他们发现在世界上的某个地方存在一对完美的二重身的可能性大约为但是走在路上的某个人看上去跟你一样的可能性,特别是8个面部特征都相同的人,这种可能性只有万亿分之一听上去挺恐怖的,但却不太可能 So why do people keep telling you they saw someone that looks ;just like you; if that's so statistically unlikely? 那么,既然从统计学的角度来讲,这是不可能的,为什么人们还是不断告诉你他们看到了一个“看上去很像你”的人呢? The issue here is that people can perceive faces differently. This means that – even though a person might not be a true doppelgauml;nger – we might think they are because we cannot calculate the minusculemeasurements of their facial features. 这儿的问题就是人们对面孔的感知是不同的这意味着,尽管一个人可能不是一个真正的二重身,但是我们可能会认为他们是,因为我们无法估量出他们面部特征的细微尺寸 In other words, it's quite likely to have a doppelgauml;nger out there that your friends think looks exactly the same as you, but if you were to analyse their features scientifically, it's unlikely they'd be a true match. 换句话说,很可能那儿有一个二重身,你朋友认为看上去跟你一模一样,但如果你科学地分析一下他们的特征的话,他们不可能跟你一模一样 While the findings are just plain cool to think about, the team also says that they suggest that facial recognition might be as good as fingerprinting or DNA in catching wanted criminals. 这个发现想想还是很酷炫的,同时,研究团队还指出,他们认为在追捕通缉犯的时候,面部识别也许与指纹或DNA识别一样管用
  • 即使空气污染:骑车和散步利大于弊 -- ::6 来源: 如今全球都面临着空气污染,在国内一些大城市也不例外相信你一定多次考虑这种情况下究竟是否应该进行户外锻炼剑桥大学研究表明,利大于弊The health benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution, a study has suggested.一项研究表明,骑车和散步对健康的好处大于空气污染对健康造成的伤害Air pollution contributes to 0,000 early deaths each year in the UK and we gulp in more of it when we exercise.英国每年有0000例因空气污染而早逝的案例,而当我们锻炼时会吸入更多污染的空气On the other hand, regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and several cancers.另一方面,经常锻炼可以降低糖尿病、心脏病和多种癌症风险The University of Cambridge study showed that even in cities with high pollution levels, the benefits outweigh the risks.剑桥大学的研究表明,即使在空气污染程度较高的城市,锻炼仍是利大于弊The researchers used computer simulations to compare data on different kinds of physical activity and different levels of air pollution in locations around the world.研究人员采用电脑模拟来对比不同体育活动和全球各地不同程度空气污染的数据It found that an average air pollution concentration in an urban area, the tipping point - when the risks begin to outweigh the benefits - comes after a huge seven hours of cycling or hours of walking a day.研究发现,在市区空气污染平均程度下,临界点-即弊端开始超过益处的临界点-在每天骑车7小时或者散步小时以后才会出现It is far beyond what most people would ever do.这远远超过了绝大部分人每天的运动量;Even in Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world - with pollution levels times those in London - people would need to cycle over five hours per week bee the pollution risks outweigh the health benefits,; said Dr Marko Tainio, the lead author of the study.;即使在全球空气污染最严重城市之一的德里-污染程度为伦敦的倍-当人们每周骑车运动5小时以上时,空气污染的风险才会超过锻炼身体带来的好处;该研究的主要作者马可尼奥士说He added: ;We should remember, though, that a small minority of workers in the most polluted cities, such as bike messengers, may be exposed to levels of air pollution high enough to cancel out the health benefits of physical activity.;他补充:;然而我们应记住,在污染最严重的城市中有一小部分工作者,比如自行车信使,他们可能会接受更高程度的空气污染,这种情况下空气污染的弊端就会大于体育锻炼的好处;The study, published in Preventive Medicine, said exercise was always beneficial in London.该研究发表在《预防医学上,称在伦敦,锻炼总是利大于弊的Action still neededrsquo;;仍需行动;The average air pollution level cities around the globe is micrograms per cubic metre, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In London the air pollution level was recorded at micrograms per cubic metre in .据世界卫生组织(WHO)称,全球城市空气污染平均水平在微克立方米年伦敦空气污染水平为微克立方米.Senior author Dr James Woodcock added: ;Whilst this research demonstrates the benefits of physical activity in spite of air quality, it is not an argument inaction in combating pollution.资深作者詹姆斯伍德科克士补充说:;尽管这项研究明,即使存在空气污染,体育锻炼仍然有好处,但这并不是让我们对空气污染无动于衷;It provides further support investment in infrastructure to get people out of their cars and onto their feet or their bikes - which can itself reduce pollution levels at the same time as supporting physical activity.;;实际上它进一步持在基础设施上的投资,好让人们走出汽车而步行或骑车-这本身就能够在减少空气污染的同时持体育锻炼;The research was carried out by experts from the University of Cambridgersquo;s Centre Diet and Activity Research and Medical Research Council Epidemiology , along with researchers from the University of East Anglia.该项研究由剑桥大学饮食中心、活动及医学研究委员会流行病学单位以及东英吉利亚大学的研究者们共同完成
  • 退欧还是留欧?来看看英国设计师们怎么说 --3 19:37: 来源: 英国时装协会进行的一项调查显示,百分之九十的英国时尚设计师表示,他们将投票赞成英国继续留在欧盟 A survey carried out by the British Fashion Council has revealed that 90 per cent of British fashion designers say they will vote to remain in the European Union.英国时装协会进行的一项调查显示,百分之九十的英国时尚设计师表示,他们将投票赞成英国继续留在欧盟Out of the 90 respondents to the online survey, 90 per cent voted remain, .3 per cent voted to leave, . per cent were undecided and .8 per cent said they would not be voting in the referendum on 3 June.在接受网上调查的90名受访者中,90%投票留欧,.3%投票脱欧,.%的人还没有决定,.8%的受访者则表示,他们将不会在六月3日的全民公投中投票Designers weighed in on the debate during last week’s fashion showcase London Collections Men (LCM), where Christopher Raeburn presented pieces emblazoned with the word ’In’, and Cozette McCreery and Sid Bryan of Sibling showed support by taking their final bow wearing ’In’ T-shirts.在上周伦敦男装周上,设计师们就发表了对这场辩论的看法设计师Christopher Raeburn设计了一件嵌着“IN”(留下)字母贴片的卫衣,而Sibling 的两位设计师Cozette McCreery和 Sid Bryan 则直接穿着印有“IN”(留下)的T恤谢幕以表示他们对留欧的持" a host of reasons including staffing, manufacturing and exporting, we’re very much in," Raeburn told Dezeen.“由于种种原因,包括招聘员工,制造和出口等问题,我们非常持留欧” Raeburn告诉Dezeen杂志McCreery had additional safety concerns should Britain vote to leave.McCreery担心更多的是则如果英国脱欧后产生的安全问题"We sell in Europe, we work with European factories closer to home, many of our friends and our models come from Europe," she said.“我们在欧洲销售,我们与欧洲许多离英国近的工厂合作,我们的许多朋友和模特都来自欧洲,”她说"We strongly believe that we are stronger in and that being in only strengthens our y on the World stage, a stage that at the moment – post-Orlando, post-Paris and post-Brussels – feels very precarious."“我们相信,只有我们留在欧盟才能够更强大,留在欧盟只会够加强我们国家在世界舞台上的团结,尤其是在现阶段,在经历了奥兰多、巴黎、布鲁塞尔那么多危险后的这个阶段The British Fashion Council’s results are echoed by a previous survey of the UK’s Creative Industries Federation members, which showed that 96 percent were in favour of remaining in the European Union.英国时装协会的结果与此前英国创意产业联盟成员的调查结果相呼应,该调查显示有96%的英国创意产业联盟成员持留欧Vivienne Westwood was among leading creative figures to sign an open letter opposing Brexit at that time. She also urged the public to vote to stay in a blog post.Vivienne Westwood还带领位创意界人士联合签署了一封公开信反对脱欧她还在客中敦促公众投票持留欧"We must vote remain in the UK referendum," she said. "It’s about cooperation not competition, about peace, tax rem, working together."“我们必须在公投中持留欧,”她说“这关乎合作而不是竞争,关乎和平,税收改革,和大家一起工作”The industry’s leanings on the EU referendum were obvious from the outset at LCM. In his opening-day speech, culture minister Ed Vaizey stated that LCM was a "Remain event", and pro-EU posters designed by photographer Wolfgang Tillmans were displayed in the reception of the British Fashion Council, where many of the shows took place.业界对欧盟公投的倾向在伦敦男装周一开始就是明显文化部长Ed Vaizey在开幕当天的讲话中表示,伦敦男装周是“持留欧的活动”,英国时装协会接待处的亲欧盟海报也由摄影师Wolfgang Tillmans设计,很多场时尚秀就在那里举办Central Saint Martins student Philip Ellis based his graduate collection on the vote, incorporating traditional English proverbs, like "birds of a feather flock together", into each garment.中央圣马丁的学生Philip Ellis就以投票为灵感设计了他的毕业作品,每一件作品都结合了传统英语谚语,比如“物以类聚,人以群分”"I think that, on a personal level, my life wouldn’t be as great without the EU," he told Dazed Confused.“我认为,从个人层面上来讲,离开欧盟我的生活也不会变得更好,”他告诉Dazed Confused杂志The Remain campaign is being spearheaded by cross-party group Britain Stronger in Europe and supported by the UK government through online, TV and print media adverts.留欧宣传运动由跨党派小组“英国留欧更强”牵头,得到了英国政府的持,在网络,电视和纸质媒体广告上宣传On the opposing side are two organisations: Vote Leave, associated with mer London mayor Boris Johnson, and Leave. EU, supported by the right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP).而对立方有两个组织:“投票离开”小组,由前伦敦市长Boris Johnson领导,和“离开欧盟”小组,受右翼英国独立党(UKIP)持British designer Tom Dixon told Dezeen in April that a potential Brexit could damage London’s status in the design industry.英国设计师Tom Dixon四月份接受Dezeen采访时表示,一个潜在的英国脱欧持者可能会损害伦敦在时尚界的地位"It might mean that London becomes much more insular and stops being the international platm that it has become, which is really exciting design," said Dixon.“这可能意味着伦敦变得更加孤立,不再是它一直以来保持的那个国际平台,这个平台对时尚设计来说是非常令人兴奋的,”Dixon说
  • 350年前就有iPhone了?苹果CEO:有图有真相 -- ::31 来源: 如果你去问别人,他(她)可能会告诉你苹果公司是在年发明iPhone的但是,苹果公司的CEO蒂姆·库克并不这样认为 If you ask anyone, he or she would say the iPhone was invented in by Apple. That is, except Apple CEO Tim Cook.如果你去问别人,他(她)可能会告诉你苹果公司是在年发明iPhone的但是,苹果公司的CEO蒂姆·库克并不这样认为Speaking in an interview at Start-Up Fest in Amsterdamon Tuesday, Cook said that he was recently touring Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum looking Rembrandt paintings. But he was struck by another piece of art, known as Man Hands a Letter to a Woman in a Hall by Pieter de Hooch, that caught his eye.周二,库克在阿姆斯特丹举办的Start-Up Fest大会上表示,他最近在阿姆斯特丹国立物馆寻找伦勃朗绘画作品的时候,一件艺术品深深地吸引了他的注意力——荷兰画家彼得·德·霍赫的《门厅里的男子将信交给女子“You know, I thought I knew until last night,” Cook said, answering a question from mer European Commissioner Neelis Kroes during the question-and-answer session on where and when the iPhone was invented. “Last night, Neelie took me over to look at some Rembrandt and, in one of the paintings, I was so shocked. There was an iPhone in one of the paintings. It’s tough to see, but I swear it’s there.”在接受前欧盟委员会委员尼利·克洛斯采访的问答环节中,库克被问到iPhone是何时在何地发明的库克回答说:“在昨晚之前,我一直认为我是知道iPhone是什么时候发明的昨天晚上,尼利带着我去参观伦勃朗的作品看到其中一幅画时,我惊呆了,画中竟然有一部iPhone虽然有点模糊,但我发誓那的确就是iPhone!”Of course, the iPhone didn’t exist in 70 when the painting was made. But a closer inspection reveals a woman holding what appears to be a touchscreen-based smartphone. Of course, an Apple CEO would see an iPhone in the painting, but one might be given believing it’s a handset from his company’s competitors, like Samsung and HTC. It’s even being held in the same way a person would hold a touch-based smartphone.当然了,70年创作这幅画的时候,iPhone还不存在但是仔细观察一下,可以看到一个女人手里好像拿着一个触屏智能手机苹果CEO认为画中是一部iphone,人们当然也可以认为那是苹果公司的竞争者三星手机或者HTC手机In reality, the woman is holding a letter, and the iPhone was unveiled in after several years of work went into its development. Since then, the iPhone has taken the world by storm and driven record revenues and profits Apple.事实上,女人手中拿的是一封信经过几年的研发,iPhone于年问世之后,iPhone如风暴般席卷全球,并为苹果公司带来了前所未有的收益和利润Cook’s comments were obviously a joke and are simply a reaction to his interpretation of a painting, but it’s not a far-fetched interpretation. Now it might be time to look other paintings that showcase the iPad to see when that was actually invented.很明显,库克对这幅画的解释是在开玩笑,但他的解释并不牵强现在,也许需要寻找其他绘画作品来明iPad到底是什么时候发明的
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