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We managed to release ourselves and pull ourselves off into the dust.我们设法减缓趋势 踩着泥土停下来So I got off lightly,but purely down to luck.But these boulders were whizzing,whizzing past our heads.Not nice. Not nice.所以我下去的时候很小心 纯粹靠了一把好运气 那些石砾继续越过我们头顶 不停滚动 飕飕作响 情况非常危险For the crew,following me at ground level is tough enough,but the really testing times are when were climbing.对摄制组而言 在平地上跟踪拍摄已经十分困难 但更为考验我们的 是在爬山时进行的拍摄Bear takes all the risks when he climbs,because its kind of new ground, generally.贝尔在攀爬时冒了很大的风险 因为那里完全是一片新的地域Hes been usually in really challenging environments.So, yeah, definitely, risks are taken.而他时刻身处充满挑战的新环境 所以冒风险是难免的In Montana, I climbed a bridge to get to a railway line,and Simon, the cameraman,followed me up.在蒙大纳州 为了爬上铁路轨道 我曾攀援过一座桥 摄影师西蒙 紧随其后Just tilting down,just gives you a huge sense of reality about actually how high youve come.稍一倾斜往下看去 你就会真真切切地 感受到你爬得有多高Youre just not human, if you dont feel a flutter.只要是个正常人 你都会忍不住心里直打颤Bear gets to the top of this,and hes got a chain with him,and he has to then basically maneuver himself on a sort of an overhang,onto the top of this bridge.贝尔爬到了最上面 拉着一条铁链 在大桥的最高点 基本上以悬空的姿势 谨慎地移动自己的身体And its probably about 350 feet high,maybe 400 feet high. Its a high bridge.当时的高度约有350英尺 甚至是400英尺高 太高了There he was, hanging on with one hand.就这样 用一只手紧紧抓住铁链And he climbs himself up, and it was that was a long way up.然后慢慢地爬上去 这真的是一个漫长的过程201610/473838

Patrick understood that the monastic ideal of retreat was perfectly matched with the needs of local royal clans.帕特里克明白 宗教退避的思想 与当地部落首领的需求完美契合So monasteries like Arran, off the gull-swept Irish coast,with their beehive cells and encircling stone walls,因此阿蓝岛式的修道院遍布爱尔兰海岸 并配以蜂窝样的小屋及环绕垒砌的石墙looked like a stronghold, an encampment for God.犹如一个基督教大本营But what about the dragon slayers on the mainland?Who converted them?而大陆之上的屠龙者呢 又是谁改变了他们的信仰One man gives us the answer.有一个人给了我们To all schoolchildren of my generation,growing up in the 1950s,he will always be the Venerable Bede.对于我们这一代 成长于50年代的小学生来说 能给出的只能是 可敬的比德Bede was not just the founding father of English history.比德不仅推动了英格兰历史发展的进程Arguably, he was the first consummate storyteller in all of English literature.并可以说 在所有文献中 他是完整记述历史的第一人He was not exactly well travelled.He spent virtually his entire life here in Jarrow.他其实并未游历过许多地方 几乎一生都在贾罗度过But in a few luminous lines he could conjure up not just the world of holy men and hermits但只需一点线索 他的脑海中便能显现 不光是圣人与隐士but the world of the great timbered halls of Saxon kings,with their firelight and roasting meat,or the death throes of a great war-horse.还有撒克逊国王雄伟的会客大堂之上 篝火通明的宴会 以及英勇的战马死前的悲鸣It was this masterful grip on narrative that made Bede not just an authentic historian便是凭着如此娴熟严谨的叙事手法 让比德成为了一个可信的历史学家but also a brilliant propagandist for the early church.和一位早期教会伟大的传播者 /201607/453916


Today were back in the mountains,and were gonna set off our own full-scale avalanche to see its deadly effects.今天 我们回到这片山区 准备制造一次真实的人造雪崩 亲眼目睹一番致命的后果If all goes to plan,the whole mountainside will come crashing down.如果一切依计而行 整个雪坡将排山倒海直冲下来To trigger the avalanche,the team will drop four 28-pound charges from a helicopter.为引发雪崩 我们将从直升机上抛下四枚二十八磅的炸弹Hello, Dave. This is Danny, over.Were aly heading up the mountain.你好戴夫 我是丹尼 完毕 我们正出发前往雪山And were hoping for a big one,but its way too dangerous for any human.我们本来想搞点大动作 但是这对血肉之躯太危险了Instead, well place a life-sized replica skier in the avalanche fall line.取而代之的是 把拟真滑雪者放在 雪崩行进的范围内Its fitted with a transceiver which is used by backcountry skiers.其上安装了无线收发器 是野外滑雪者常用的装备It sends out a signal which rescuers can track,even if its buried deep.即使深埋地底 它发射的信号 也能让救援者循踪而至Once the avalanche is triggered,well send in the search-and-rescue guys,see how long it actually takes them to reach the dummy.雪崩一旦发生 我们会派出搜寻救援队 看究竟要久才能找到假人And then the team are gonna bury me in the snow and see if I would have lasted long enough for them to reach me and make it out alive.而后 工作队会将我埋进雪中 看我是否能持到他们找到我 并成功的死里逃生Once the danger zone is cleared,we call in the helicopter.一旦此地危险解除 我们招来直升机All right, were gonna turn to the left there,right around there to the left.好了 我们将在此左转 就在此向左Okay, Nick, you y?Yeah. Yeah, go ahead and throw bombs.好了吗 尼克你准备好没 好了 开始 扔炸弹吧Hovering 20 feet above the summit,theyre taking their positions.直升机在山顶上方六米处盘旋 他们已各就各位Now they start their bombing run.Igniter on.Bombs away.现在要开始引爆了 点火 投弹The heli team will drop four charges,But the clocks aly ticking.直升机小组将投向四枚炸弹 计时已经开始These bombs have two-minute fuses.炸弹有延时两分钟的引线The chopper must be 500 yards away from the explosion,or the shock wave will knock them out of the sky.飞机必须距离爆炸点四百五十米远 否则冲击波会把他们从天上轰下来201702/492177

Within a few more weeks his team had discovered the remains of two big meat-eating dinosaurs短短几周内,他的研究小组发现了两只大型食肉恐龙的遗体and no fewer than six giant plant-eaters.和不下于6只大型植食恐龙They really had found something truly spectacular他们终于发现了一个无比壮观的地方a mid-Jurassic dinosaur graveyard and then it got even better. They found more.一个中侏罗世恐龙墓地,后来事情越来越顺利。他们有了更多的发现Fossils from the mid-Jurassic that theyd never expected to find,一些他们不曾指望找到的中侏罗世化石everything from strange fish to flying reptiles, even plants.从奇怪的鱼类到会飞的爬行动物,甚至还有植物It was amazing, it was like to open a Pandoras box这太令人吃惊了,就像是打开了潘多拉魔盒with many different animals - flying reptiles, mammals, crocodiles.跑出来各种各样的动物,会飞的爬行动物、哺乳动物、鳄鱼等等Their fossil treasure trove was so complete, it even included exquisitely preserved dinosaur skin.他们的化石收藏非常全面,甚至包括保存得十分精细的恐龙皮肤It was a mid-Jurassic time machine, an almost complete ecosystem from this missing period in dinosaur evolution.这是一部中侏罗世时光机器,几乎重现了这个失落的恐龙进化时期的整个生态面貌It was everything theyd been looking for.它包含了他们要找的一切It was as if someone had unearthed a Holy Grail in the middle of the Jurassic就好像是有人挖出了侏罗纪中期的圣杯precisely where people wanted to look in terms of resolving this perplexing question.而人们正希望从它那里得到这个难题的Finally they had a chance to find out what had happened to the dinosaurs in the mid-Jurassic最后,他们终于有机会了解中侏罗世恐龙身上的真相。201704/505847

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