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2017年10月19日 17:09:13

China said it warned and tracked a U.S. Navy warship as it came close to one of its artificial islands in the South China Seas contested waters.中方在一艘美国海军战舰靠近它位于南海争端水域的一座人工岛时,发出了警告并且进行了追踪。Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the ed States, told CNNs Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that the U.S. operation is ;a very serious provocation, politically and militarily.;中国驻美大使崔天凯在周二告诉CNN的Christiane Amanpour,美方的行为一种非常严重的政治和军事挑衅。Cui said it was a clear attempt by Washington to militarize the region.崔天凯称,很明显,这是华盛顿企图军事化该区域的一种尝试;It is a very absurd and even hypocritical position to ask others not to militarize the region while ones self is sending military vessels there so frequently,; he said.他说,“一边要求别人不要军事占领该区域,一边自己频繁地派兵是一种可笑甚至虚伪的行径和立场”。The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the vessel ;illegally entered into the waters of Chinas Spratly Islands.;外交部称,该军舰非法进入中国南沙群岛;The action taken by the U.S. warship has threatened Chinas sovereignty and security interest, and has put the safety of personnel on the reefs in danger,; a ministry statement said.一位外交部官员称,“美国军舰的行为已经威胁到了中国的国家主权、安全利益以及在珊瑚礁附近的个体的人身安全”。Two Chinese warships and naval warplanes monitored and warned the American vessel, the Defense Ministry said.国防部称,两艘中国战舰和两家海军战机监控到并且警告了美国战舰。A U.S. defense official told CNN that the destroyer USS Lassen ;conducted a transit; within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands on Tuesday morning.一名美国国防部的官员告诉CNN,周二早晨,驱逐舰拉森在南沙群岛的渚碧2海里内经过。The operation put the ship within an area that would be considered Chinese sovereign territory if the ed States recognized the man-made islands as being Chinese territory, the official said.官员说,如果美国政府意识到人工岛是中国领土的一部分,让船只航行的行为会被和中国领土主权相连。The ed States hadnt breached the 12-mile limit since China began massive dredging operations to turn three reefs into artificial islands in 2014 -- even though maritime law doesnt usually accord territorial waters to islands built on previously submerged reefs.014年中国开始大规模进行疏浚行动,把三片珊瑚变为人工岛以后,美国从未为北2海里限制,尽管海事法通常不同意在之前的暗礁领海内建立岛屿。U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, testifying before a Senate panel, said the missions will continue.美国国防部秘书长Ash Carter在参议院调查组前作,说任务还将继续;We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits and whenever our operational needs require,; he said.他说,“无论国际法允许在何处,只要我们有任务需要,我们都会飞行,航行和运动”。来 /201510/406827彭州市韩式半永久绣眉学校Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Iran is in talks to reach a final nuclear agreement with six world powers, not with U.S. lawmakers.伊朗总统鲁哈尼星期三说,伊朗正在跟世界六大国、而不是跟美国立法国会议员谈判一项最后核协议。Mr. Rouhanis remarks on Wednesday were an apparent reaction to developments Tuesday in Washington, where President Barack Obama pledged to sign a bill that would subject the agreement to U.S. congressional review.鲁哈尼的讲话显然是对星期二华盛顿的事态进展作出的反应。奥巴马总统星期二保签署一个将伊核协议提交美国国会审议的议案。In a speech to thousands of Iranians in the northern city of Rasht, Mr. Rouhani also reiterated his stance that Tehran will not sign a final nuclear deal unless all sanctions are simultaneously lifted.鲁哈尼在北方城市拉什特对数千名伊朗人发表讲话时还重申,除非同时解除所有制裁,否则德黑兰不会签署最后协议。The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a measure Tuesday after a bipartisan compromise that calls for a 30-day review period and for the president to certify every 90 days that Iran is living up to the deal curbing its nuclear activity. Sanctions levied by Congress would be immediately re-imposed in case of a violation.美国国会参议院外交关系委员会星期二在两党议员作出妥协后通过一项议案,对伊核协议设定了一0天审议期,并要求总统0天确认一次伊朗遵守了限制其核活动的协议。如有违反,国会将立即重新实施对伊朗的制裁。On Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he is confident about reaching a final agreement with Iran, after Mr. Obama agreed to sign the congressional measure.克里国务卿星期三表示,奥巴马总统同意签署国会议案之后,他相信能够同伊朗达成一项最后协议。Kerry spoke before a meeting of Group of Seven foreign ministers in Germany that was expected to include discussion on the negotiations, which yielded a framework deal earlier this month.克里在德国举行的七国集团外长会议上做出上述表示。预计七国外长讨论的议题将包括伊核谈判。这个月早些时候,谈判各方达成了一项框架协议。来 /201504/369968甘孜藏族自治州韩式定妆唇培训学校哪家好Monks absence sparks rumors释永信缺席活动引揣测Speculation rose after a controversial Shaolin Temple abbot failed to appear at a cultural exchange activity in Thailand this weekend.少林寺方丈释永信周末缺席在泰国举行的文化交流活动,引发外界揣测。The 50-year-old abbot was expected at the weeklong ;Shaolin Culture on Silk Road; event but sent a letter of apology saying he had to deal with ;unexpected official duties;.50岁的释永信原定出席为期一周的;少林文化丝路;,但却只发来了一封道歉信,称因为要处理紧急官方事务不能到场。Qian Daliang, the general manager of the temples Shaolin Intangible Assets Management Co, said Shi didnt go to Thailand because he was being investigated by religious affairs authorities in Dengfeng, Henan.少林无形资产管理有限公司总经理钱大梁称,释永信未能去泰国,原因是正在接受河南省登封市宗教局的调查。Controversy swirled around Shi Yongxin after being accused by a self-proclaimed follower as an ;embezzler and womanizer;.释永信近日被自称其弟子的人举报贪污钱财、玩弄女性,引发巨大争议。来 /201508/390060韩式半永久学校

德阳半永久化妆培训机构自贡学习纹绣要多少钱Myanmar has announced that the countrys long-awaited national election will be held on November 8.缅甸宣布,人们期待已久的全国选举将于11号举行。The opposition National League for Democracy, headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, is expected to continue its strong performance at the polls.预计,昂山素季领导的反对党全国民主联盟在选举中将有强势表现。But Aung San Suu Kyi will be unable to run for president, after the military-dominated parliament last month rejected a constitutional reform measure. The measure would have ended the armys legislative veto power, making it easier to change the constitution.但军方主导的议会上个月否决了一项宪法改革议案,致使昂山素季本人不能竞选总统。这项议案将旨在结束军方的立法否决权,能更容易修改宪法。Under the current charter, Myanmars military has 25 guaranteed parliament seats, enough to block constitutional changes it does not like.目前的宪法确保军方在议会拥有25个席位,足以阻止军方不喜欢的任何宪法修订。The constitution forbids anyone with foreign children from running for president. Aung San Suu Kyi, whose sons are British, is ineligible for the post.缅甸宪法禁止任何有外国籍子女的人竞选总统。昂山素季的儿子是英国籍,因此不符合竞选总统条件。The decision was seen as a setback for Myanmars political transition, which began in 2011 when the military, which had ruled the country for decades, handed power to a mostly civilian government.这个决定被视为缅甸政治变革的一次挫折011年,统治缅甸数十年的军方将权力交给了一个主要由文官组成的政府,开启了缅甸的政治变革。来 /201507/384965Dianne Feinstein and the US Senate intelligence committee have produced a brave and damming report on torture by the CIA. It will go some way in preventing the use of torture, yet there is more to be done.黛安#8226;范斯Dianne Feinstein)及美国参议院情报委员US Senate intelligence committee)针对美国中央情报局(CIA)的酷刑做法发表了一份勇敢而破坏力巨大的报告。它将在一定程度上阻止使用酷刑,但还有更多工作需要完成。Her findings offered no real surprises: waterboarding and other techniques of torture were authorised for use by the CIA in the summer of 2002, approval came from the top, the techniques were ineffective and there was much lying and deception. The report focuses on the CIA, yet as I discovered during research for my 2008 book Torture Team, the legal approvals she homed in on had other nefarious consequences: you can follow the authorisations of July and August 2002 through to the torture and other abuses that occurred at the instance of the US defence department and then migrated onwards to Iraq. There is a seamless trail from terrible legal opinions to the appalling images of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison and to the shaming of America.范斯坦的发现在意料之中:2002年夏天,CIA获得使用水刑和其他酷刑手段的授权,这项授权来自最高层,酷刑效果不佳,且围绕这种做法存在很多谎言和欺骗。这份报告的重点是CIA,然而我在为2008年所著的《酷刑团队Torture Team)进行调研期间发现,报告所聚焦的法律批准造成了其他恶劣后果:002月和8月的授权,到美国国防部主张施加、随后推广至伊拉克的酷刑及其他刑讯,可以看出整件事的来龙去脉。从糟糕的法律意见,到巴格达阿布格莱布监Abu Ghraib)虐囚的骇人图片,以及美国蒙羞,有一条环环相扣的主线。My work focused on the role of senior Bush administration lawyers in the authorisation of the torture, dubbed by the New Yorker as ‘the Bush Six But for their efforts none of this would have happened: lawyers are the ultimate guardians of legality and constitutionality, and if they are complicit, if they fail to act independently and fearlessly to speak truth to power, then we might as well give up on the rule of law.我的研究重点在于那些授权酷刑的布什政府高级律师的角色,他们被《纽约客The New Yorker)杂志称为“布什六人组the Bush Six)。若非他们的努力,这些都不会发生:律师是法治和宪制的终极捍卫者,如果他们串通一气、未能独立行事、惮于向权势说出真相,那么我们不如放弃对法治的信念。America’s misfortune, and ours, was to have allowed ideologues and men of weakness to occupy some of the highest legal offices of state. They failed to provide independent advice and became advocates for a cause. Those who did stand up and object were sidelined.美国(以及英国)的不幸在于,让空想家和软弱之人占据国家的最高法律职位。他们未能提供独立建议,而是成了某一项事业的倡导者。那些敢于表示反对的人受到排挤。Ms Feinstein’s report lays bare the lawyer’s handiwork. I appeared before her in the summer of 2008, invited to testify about my interviews with Bush administration lawyers and other officials involved in the decision to use coercive interrogation techniques at Guantánamo. What we now know, in appalling, footnoted detail, is how lawyers acting under the direction of the White House became torturers, by their writings or by turning a blind eye to techniques that plainly constituted international crimes.范斯坦的报告揭露了这些律师的“杰作”008年夏天,我出席了她主持的听会,当时我应邀就自己的采访作,采访对象是参与决定在关塔那Guantánamo)使用强制性审讯手段的布什政府的律师及其他官员。现在,我们通过有脚注的骇人细节了解到,律师们如何在白宫的授意下成为了刑讯者——通过他们提供的书面法律建议,通过对明显构成国际犯罪的审讯手段视若不见。What has happened to the lawyers? Like the doctors who were also revealed to have been involved, none has been subject to the legal process of investigation required by the UN Convention Against Torture or sanctioned by his professional body for violation of ethics rules, and none has offered any sort of personal apology for involvement in legal advice that allowed torture.这些律师受到了什么处理呢?正如同样被曝参与其中的医生一样,他们都未曾受到联合国《禁止酷刑公约Convention Against Torture)所要求的调查法律程序,也未因违反道德准则而受到其所属的专业协会的处分,而且没人为提供允许刑讯的法律建议而做出任何形式的个人道歉。The author of many of the worst torture memos teaches international law at the University of California, Berkeley. A couple are associated with renowned Washington law firms, one as a partner, the other as senior counsel, each offering advice on national security. A fourth is general counsel to a New York pharmaceutical company. A fifth is vice-president and head of research for a Washington think-tank. And a sixth, most remarkably of all, has served as a judge on the US Federal Court of Appeals. It can hardly be said that their careers have suffered unduly, or that association with torture offers much by way of professional disadvantage.多项最糟糕法律建议的作者如今在加州大学伯克利分University of California, Berkeley)教国际法。还有两个人与华盛顿的知名法律事务所有关联,其中一人是合伙人,另一人是高级顾问,二人均提供国家安全方面的建议。第四人现为纽约一家制药公司的总法律顾问。第五人是华盛顿一家智库的副总裁兼研究主管。第六人最令人吃惊,现为美国联邦上诉法US Federal Court of Appeals)的法官。他们的职业生涯似乎没有遭受太大影响,与酷刑的关联似乎没有带来太多职业劣势。What should be done? Surprisingly, the head of the American Civil Liberties Union has called for those involved to be pardoned, as a way of establishing that torture is illegal.我们应该做些什么?令人意外的是,美国公民自由联American Civil Liberties Union)的领导人呼吁赦免那些涉及其中的人,以便确定酷刑违法。That is not a path countenanced by the Convention Against Torture, which aims to stamp out impunity and establish illegality by requiring the US to investigate and, if necessary, to prosecute torturers. If the US fails to act or issues pardons then other countries can exercise jurisdiction over torturers who enter their territory. There is also the International Criminal Court, which can exercise jurisdiction where torture occurred on the territory of states parties, such as Afghanistan. The US is not a party, but its nationals are subject to prosecution if they commit crimes on the territory of states which are, since holding an American passport does not, as such, offer an immunity from any of these paths to justice or accountability.这一方法并不受到《禁止酷刑公约》的持。《公约》的精神是消除赦免的可能并确定酷刑的违法性,这意味着要求美国政府展开调查,并在必要情况下对刑讯者提起公诉。如果美国做不到——或者颁布赦免令——那么其他国家可以对进入其国境的刑讯者行使司法管辖权。还有就是国际刑事法International Criminal Court),它可以对缔约国(如阿富汗)境内发生的酷刑行使司法管辖权。美国并非缔约国,但如果美国公民在缔约国境内实施犯罪,他们可能被提起公诉,因为拥有美国护照不能使其豁免于这些通往伸张正义和追究责任的路径。Ms Feinstein’s report thus offers a start, as an authoritative and independent investigation. It may be that criminal proceedings could be avoided by a process of truth and reconciliation. Until that happens a dark cloud hangs over each and every individual identified by name in the executive summary of the report and its 2,725 footnotes.因此,作为权威和独立的调查,范斯坦的报告提供了一个开端。也许可以通过一个寻找真相和达成和解的过程来避免刑事诉讼。在那之前,对于这份报告的执行摘要及2725个脚注所点名的人来说,阴云会一直笼罩在头上。来 /201412/349427广安韩式半永久化妆培训North Koreas communist leadership is marking the three-year anniversary of the death of ex-dictator Kim Jong Il.朝鲜劳动党领导层纪念前独裁者金正日逝世3周年。State television on Wednesday showed North Koreans bowing and leaving flowers at the statue of the former leader and his father Kim Il Sung.朝鲜国家电视台星期三播放了朝鲜人在金正日及其父亲金日成的雕像前鞠躬和献花的场面。Horns from automobiles, ships, and trains rang out across the country at noon Wednesday to mark the death anniversary.星期三正午,朝鲜各地的汽车、轮船和火车鸣笛纪念金正日逝世3周年。Top North Korean leaders participated in a ceremony later at the Kumsusan Palace, where the bodies of the two late Kims are preserved.晚些时候,朝鲜高层领导人出席了在锦绣山太阳宫举行的仪式,金日成和金正日的遗体都存放在那里。Pyongyang has worked hard to create a personality cult around the Kim family, which has now ruled North Korea for three generations.平壤努力建立对金氏家族的个人崇拜,该家族对朝鲜的统治已经延续到第3代。Kim Jong Il died unexpectedly in December 2011. He passed power to his young son, Kim Jong Un, who has quickly solidified his rule.20112月,金正日猝然离世。他年轻的儿子金正恩接掌政权,并很快巩固了自己的统治地位。Wednesday marks the end of a traditional three-year mourning period for the late Mr. Kim.星期三,对金正日的传年悼念期结束。The young Mr. Kim has largely carried out the same policies as his father, including overseeing the advancement of the countrys massive military.金正恩基本上仍在实行金正日的政策,包括掌控朝鲜庞大的军队现代化。He is also responsible for overseeing what U.N. officials recently described as human rights abuses that are ;unparalleled; in the modern world.金正恩还要对朝鲜的侵犯人权行为负责。联合国官员最近指出,朝鲜侵犯人权的程度在现代世界是最严重的。来 /201412/349977成都/蓝美人设计纹绣培训学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱

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