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呼啸山庄 Chapter14 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱 Article/200809/47405Three days later,in the big,new cemetery two miles from their house,the two old people said goodbye to their dead son.三天后,在离他们家两英里远的一个大而新的墓地,两位老人和他们死去的儿子道别了。Then they went back to their dark,old house.They did not want to live without Herbert,but they waited for something good to happen,something to help them.然后,他们回到了又黑又旧的房子。没有了赫伯特,他们什么也不想做,他们等待着奇迹发生。The days went by very slowly.Sometimes they did not talk because there was nothing to say without Herbert. And so the days felt very long.时间过得很慢,有时他们连话也不想说,因为没有了赫伯特,就无话可说了。所以他们觉得白天很长。Then,one night,about a week later,Mrs White got out of bed because she could not sleep. She sat by the window and she watched and waited for her son. He did not come and she began to cry quietly. 一周后的一天晚上,怀特太太因失眠从床上爬了起来。她坐在窗户边看着,等着她的儿子回来。想到赫伯特也回不来了,她又低声地哭了起来。In the dark her husband heard her and he called, ;Come back to bed. It#39;s cold out there.;黑暗中,她丈夫听见了她的哭声,叫她,;过来睡吧,那儿太冷了。;#39;It#39;s colder for my son,#39;his wife answered.#39;He#39;s out there in the cold cemetery.#39;;我儿子那儿更冷,;他妻子回应他,;他一个人呆在外面冰冷的墓地里。;Mrs White did not go back to bed, but Mr White was old and tired and the bed was warm. So, in the end, he went to sleep again. Suddenly he heard a cry from his wife.怀特太太没有回去睡觉,但怀特先生因又老又累,加上温暖的被窝,很快又睡着了。突然他听见了妻子的叫声。#39;The paw!#39; she cried.#39;The monkey#39;s paw!#39; She came back to the bed and stood there.;爪子!;她喊道,;猴爪!;她走到床边站在那儿。#39;What is it? What#39;s the matter?#39;Mr White cried.He sat up in bed.#39;What#39;s the matter?#39;he thought.#39;Why is she ex cited? What#39;s she talking about?#39; He looked at his wife.;出了什么事?;怀特先生叫着从床上坐了起来,他想,;她为什么那么兴奋?她说什么?;他疑惑地看着妻子。Her face was very white in the dark.#39;I want it,#39;she said quietly, #39;and you#39;ve got it! Give it to me! Please!#39;她的脸色在黑暗中显得很苍白。;我要猴爪,在你那儿,请把它给我,;她静静地说。#39;What?#39; Mr White asked.;什么?;怀特先生没听明白。#39;The monkey#39;s paw, Mrs White said.#39;Where is it?#39;;猴爪,;怀特太太说,;猴爪在哪儿?;#39;It#39;s downstairs, Mr White answered.#39;Why?#39;;在楼下,但你为什么要它?;怀特先生不解。Mrs White began to laugh and cry.#39;We can have two more wishes! #39;she cried. #39;We had one;but there are two more!#39;怀特太太高兴地叫了起来。;我们可以再许两个愿!我们已经许了一个,还有两个!;#39;Oh,no!Not again! Think, woman!#39; Mr White cried. But Mrs White did not listen.;不,再也不要了,好好想一想,老太太!;怀特先生大叫着,但怀特太太并不听他说的话。#39;Quickly,#39; she said .#39;Go and get the paw. We#39;re going to wish for our boy to come back to us!#39;;快点,去把猴爪拿来,我们许愿我们的儿子回到我们身边来!;她说。#39;No!#39; Mr White cried.#39;You#39;re mad!#39;;不,你疯啦。;怀特先生叫了起来。#39;Get it! Get it quickly!#39; Mrs White cried again.;拿来,快拿来!;怀特太太又喊叫着。 Article/201204/176480

2 ROGER NOWELL2 罗杰·诺埃尔John Law was ill because Alizon cursed him, and his son wanted Roger Nowell to question Alizon.由于艾丽森的诅咒,约翰·劳病倒了。他的儿子希望罗杰·诺埃尔审问艾丽森。Roger Nowell was a rich and important man in Lancashire, and he was the judge for all the villages near Pendle Hill.He lived at Read Hall, seven miles from Newchurch.罗杰·诺埃尔是兰开夏郡一个有钱有势的人,他是潘德尔山一带所有村落的法官。他住在里德宅院,离纽丘奇村7英里远。On the thirtieth day of March,Mr Nowell#39;s men came to Malkin Tower.Mr Nowell wanted to see Alizon at once.3月30日那天,诺埃尔先生手下的人来到了马尔金塔,因为诺埃尔先生想马上见一见艾丽森。We walked from Malkin Tower to Read Hall: my sister Ali-zon,my brother James,and our mother,Elizabeth Device.我们一行离开了马尔金塔步行前往里德宅院:我的艾丽森,我的哥哥詹姆斯,还有我的母亲伊丽莎白·迪瓦斯。I followed them because I didn#39; t want to stay at home with my grandmother. My grandmother was a difficult old woman, and I didn#39; t like her.我之所以与他们同行是因为我不想和外祖母一起留在家里。我的外祖母是一个很难相处的老太婆,我不喜欢她。Read Hall was an old house with a big garden and many old trees.Mr Nowell#39;s servant opened the door for us.里德宅院是一所老房子,里面有一个大花园和许多古树。诺埃尔先生的用人为我们打开了房门。#39;Come in,#39;Mr Nowell said.He was a tall man with a lot of white hair.His black coat looked warm and expensive.“进来,”诺埃尔先生说。他个子很高,白发苍苍。他的黑色大衣看起来既暖和又昂贵。Alizon followed Mr Nowell into a room with a big fire.When I saw the fire, I wanted to go in,too!艾丽森跟着诺埃尔先生走进了一个房间,那里面生着旺旺的炉火。当我看到炉火时,真希望自己也能跟着进去!#39;Are you cold,little one?#39;Mr Nowell asked me.#39;Come in,and sit near the fire.#39;“你冷吧,小家伙?”诺埃尔先生问我。“进来,坐到炉火旁边去。”I went across the room and sat down on the floor, next to the wonderful, hot fire.我穿过房间,坐到地板上,紧靠着那美妙的、暖烘烘的炉火。Mr Nowell sat behind a big fable. Two or three men, in black coats, stood near the window.诺埃尔先生在一张大桌子后面坐下。有两三个穿着黑大衣的男人靠近窗口站着。Alizon stood in front of Mr Nowell. Her long hair was dirty, and her old dress looked dirti-er.艾丽森站在诺埃尔先生面前,她的长发脏兮兮的,身上的旧裙子比头发还要脏。#39;Two weeks ago,on the eighteenth day of March, you met John Law near Colne,#39;Roger Nowell said.His voice was slow and careful.#39;Tell me about it.#39;“两个星期前,也就是3月18日那天,你在科恩村附近遇到了约翰·劳,”罗杰·诺埃尔说。他的声音低沉而谨慎。“给我讲讲这件事。”#39;I asked for money,#39;Alizon said.#39;The pedlar was very an-gry and I didn#39; t like him. I was angry, too, and I wanted him to die!#39;“我向他要钱,”艾丽森说。“小贩很生气,我不喜欢他。我也很生气,我希望他死!”#39; Tell me about your dog.#39;“给我讲讲你的是怎么回事。”“The dog is my friend.#39;Alizon said slowly.#39;I wanted a friend, and I found that dog two months ago. I told my grand-mother, and she liked the dog, too.#39;“它是我的朋友,”艾丽森慢慢地说道。“我想要一个朋友,两个月前我找到了那条。我把这件事告诉了我的外祖母,她也喜欢那条。”#39;Did the dog run after the pedlar?#39;“那条是不是追赶小贩了?”#39;Yes, of course. I cursed the pedlar, and the dog ran after him!#39;Alizon said.#39; I#39;m sorry now, because Mr Law is ill.#39;“当然追了。我诅咒了小贩,那条便去追赶他!”艾丽森说。“现在劳先生病了,我很抱歉。”#39;She#39;s a witch!#39;one of the men said quietly.“她是个女巫!”一个男人轻声说。Roger Nowell stood up and walked across the room to the door.#39;James Device, come in. We want to question you.#39;罗杰·诺埃尔站了起来,穿过房间走到门口。“詹姆斯·迪瓦斯,进来。我们有话问你。”James came in and stood next to Alizon.James was thirteen years old, nearly a man, but he was afraid of many things. He began to cry.詹姆斯走了进来,站在艾丽森身边。詹姆斯13岁,几乎是个男子汉了,但是,他对很多东西都感到恐惧。他哭了起来。#39;Don#39;t be afraid,#39;Mr Nowell said.#39;we want you to talk abut your grandmother,Old Demdike.#39;“别害怕,”诺埃尔先生说。“我们想让你讲讲你的外祖母老德姆代克的一些事。”But Alizon wanted to talk.#39;Don#39; t ask him!#39; she said quick-ly.#39;I can tell you about my grandmother because I#39;m with her every minute of the day.可是,这时候艾丽森却想说话。“别问他!”她急促地说。“我可以告诉你们关于我外祖母的事,I go with her from village to village. I go with her across Pendle Hill.She asks people for money and food, and I help her.#39;Alizon stopped.因为我一天到晚和她在一起。我们俩一起翻越潘德尔山,走了一村又一村。她向人们讨饭要钱,我给她帮忙。”艾丽森停住了。She looked at James, and then she looked at Mr Nowell.#39;She cursed a child once, and the child died later that year.#39;她看了看詹姆斯,又看了看诺埃尔先生,接着说:“她曾经诅咒过一个小孩儿,后来,就在那一年,小孩儿死了。”#39;And you!#39;James said.#39;You cursed a child, too!Somebody told me!#39;James suddenly sat down on the floor and began to laugh loudly.“还有你!”詹姆斯说。“你也诅咒过一个小孩儿!有人告诉我了!”詹姆斯突然坐到了地板上,大笑起来。#39;Be quiet!#39;Roger Nowell said coldly.#39;Alizon Device,tell me the truth:did you curse a child?#39;“安静!”罗杰·诺埃尔冷冷地说。“艾丽森·迪瓦斯,对我说真话:你曾诅咒过一个小孩儿吗?”#39;Yes, I did,#39;Alizon cried.#39;The child called me a witch, and I was angry. I cursed the child,but I was sorry when the child died.#39;“是的,诅咒过,”艾丽森喊道。“那个孩子管我叫女巫,我生气了。我就诅咒了他,但是对于他的死我很抱歉。”James looked up at Alizon, his mouth open.#39;The child died,the child died,#39;he said again and again.詹姆斯抬起头,张着嘴看着艾丽森。“那个孩子死了,那个孩子死了,”他一遍遍地说着。#39;Alizon Device,you cannot go home again,#39;Roger Nowell said slowly.#39;You must go to the prison at Read.#39;“艾丽森·迪瓦斯,你不能再回家了。”罗杰·诺埃尔缓慢地说道。“我们必须把你送进里德监狱。”#39;But I need Alizon!#39;my mother shouted angrily from the door.#39;She takes care of Old Demdike,my mother.#39;“可是我需要艾丽森!”我的妈妈在门边气愤地喊着。“是她照顾我的母亲老德姆代克。”I looked at my mother, at her red, angry face. I looked at Al-izon in her dirty dress,我看了看我的妈妈,她的脸涨得通红,脸上带着愤怒的表情。我又看了看穿着脏裙子的艾丽森,and at James on the floor with his mouth open.And then I looked at Mr Nowell:his brown eyes were warm, and his face was kind.还有张着嘴坐在地上的詹姆斯。然后我看了一眼诺埃尔先生:他的棕色眼睛流露出热情,他的面容是和善的。On the second day of April, Roger Nowell and his men came to Ashlar House, near the village of Fence.4月2日,罗杰·诺埃尔和他的随从人员来到了芬斯村附近的艾什拉屋。Mr Nowell wanted to talk to my grandmother, and we all went with her to Ashlar House. Fence was not far from Malkin Tower, and my grand-mother walked there easily.诺埃尔先生想和我的外祖母谈谈,于是我们全家和她一起去了艾什拉屋。芬斯村离马尔金塔不远,我的外祖母并没有费多少劲就走到了那里。Old Demdike was a little old woman with a fat face and no teeth.She was nearly eighty years old and she was a difficult old woman.Without Alizon,she was more difficult because my mother didn#39; t take care of her.老德姆代克是个身材矮小的老太婆,她长着一张胖胖的脸,牙齿全掉光了。她快八十岁了,很难相处。艾丽森不在她更使性子,因为我的妈妈根本不照顾她。When I saw Mr Nowell again at Ashlar House, I felt happy.I looked at his kind face and his warm brown eyes, and I want-ed to be near him. But there were a lot of people in the room,and I was afraid to go to him.当我在艾什拉屋再次看到诺埃尔先生时,我感到很高兴。看着他和善的面孔和充满热情的棕色眼睛,我很想靠他近一些。可是房间里人很多,我不敢过去。#39;Old Demdike , I#39;m going to ask you some questions, #39;Mr Nowell began.“老德姆代克,我要问你一些问题。”诺埃尔先生说。Old Demdike was not afraid. She looked at all the men, in their expensive coats and hats.老德姆代克并不害怕。她看了看所有衣帽华贵的男人。#39;What can a poor old woman tell you rich men?#39;She laughed, and when she laughed I felt afraid.My grandmother was going to tell them everything!“一个穷老太婆能告诉你们有钱人什么呢?”她哈哈大笑着说。她的笑声令我恐惧。我的外祖母就要把一切都告诉他们了!And she did!她真地说了!#39;Twenty years ago,I met the Devil,#39;Old Demdike said.#39;He was a boy called Tibb and he was my friend.Then a cat came to visit me—a beautiful cat—and then a dog.They were all my friends.#39;“20年前,我遇到了魔鬼,”老德姆代克说。“他是一个名叫蒂勃的男孩,他是我的朋友。后来有一只猫来拜访我——一只美丽的猫——随后又来了一条。他们都是我的朋友。”Mr Nowell listened quietly to my grandmother, but some of the men began to talk angrily.诺埃尔先生安静地听着,但是有些男人生气地交谈起来。#39;Be careful,you rich men!#39;my grandmother cried.#39;I can curse you! I can kill people! I make clay pictures of people—man,woman or child.And when I break the clay,that man,woman or child dies!#39;“小心点,你们这些有钱人!”我的外祖母喊道。“我能诅咒你们!我能让人丧命!我用泥制成人像——男人的,女人的或是小孩的,当我打碎人像时,那个男人、女人或小孩就会死去。”People began to shout.人们开始大喊起来。#39; She#39; s a witch! She must die!#39;“她是个女巫!一定得要她的命!”#39;Say no more; she must die, with all her family!#39;“不要再说什么了,她必须死,和她的全家一起死!”Roger Nowell stood up.#39;Be quiet!#39;He looked at the guards near the door.#39;Take her away,#39;he said.#39;Old Demdike and her granddaughter Alizon must go to the prison at Lancaster Castle.#39;罗杰·诺埃尔站了起来。“安静!”他看了看守在门口的警卫。“把她带走。”他说。“必须把老德姆代克和她的外孙女艾丽森关进兰开斯特城堡监狱。”The guards took my grandmother by the arms and carried her out of the door and put her on a horse.Everyone ran out of Ashlar House.They ran after the horses and shouted:#39;Kill the witch!#39;卫兵们抓住我外祖母的胳膊,把她带出门,放到一匹马上。大家全都跑出了艾什拉屋。他们追赶着马队,高喊:“杀死女巫!”I looked for Mr Nowell, but he was on his horse, too, and he followed the guards quickly through the village.我寻找着诺埃尔先生,可是他也上了马,跟在卫兵们后面迅速地穿过村子走了。Slowly, I followed my mother and James.Malkin Tower was my home, but I didn#39; t want to go back there. I was a little child, and I wanted someone kind to take care of me.我跟在妈妈和詹姆斯后面慢慢地走着。马尔金塔是我的家,但是我并不想回去。我还是个孩子,我希望有个慈爱的人来关心我。We stayed at home days, because we were afraid to go out.James sat in front of the fire, with his dog, and talked.#39;Lan-caster Castle, Lancaster Castle,#39; he said,因为不敢出门,我们在家里呆了好些天。詹姆斯和他的坐在火堆前,嘴里念叨着:“兰开斯特城堡,兰开斯特城堡。”again and again. My mother hit me and shouted at me because she was angry with the rich men.他一遍又一遍地说着。我妈妈打我,冲我大嚷大叫,因为那些有钱人很让她恼火。But after three days,my mother suddenly said,#39;James!We#39; re hungry and we must eat!#39;3天后,妈妈突然说:“詹姆斯!我们饿了,咱们得吃东西呀!”James didn#39; t answer.詹姆斯没有答话。My mother went across the room to James and pulled his hair.#39;Get up!#39;she shouted.#39;Go out and find food for us!妈妈穿过房间走到詹姆斯跟前,揪着他的头发。“起来!”她大喊着。“出去给我们找点吃的!Your father isn#39; t here now; you must find food for us.#39; She hit him over the head.你爸爸现在不在了,你必须给我们找吃找喝。”她打了一下他的头。James stood up slowly.#39;Go out and find food,#39;he said.#39;I must go out and find food.#39;詹姆斯慢慢腾腾地站起来。“出去找吃的,”他说。“我必须出去找吃的。”It was dark, and James was out for hours. But in the morn-ing, he came back with a sheep.天黑了,詹姆斯已经出去好几个小时了。第二天早上,他带着一只羊回来了。#39;I went to Barley,#39;James said happily.#39;I got this sheep,and now we can eat.#39;“我到巴利村去了。”詹姆斯高兴地说。“我找到了这只羊,现在我们可以吃饭了。”#39;Get up, Jennet!#39;my mother shouted #39;Come and help me!#39;“起来,詹妮特!”我妈妈喊道。“来给我帮忙!”It was Friday, the tenth day of April. My family had some friends, poor people, and on that day they came to Malkin Tower.我们家有一些朋友,都是穷人。4月10日星期五那天,他们来到了马尔金塔。They came and asked about Old Demdike and Alizon,and they stayed to eat and drink.他们来询问老德姆代克和艾丽森的情况,然后留下来又吃又喝。I helped my mother. We cooked the sheep over a big fire,and our visitors ate with us.我帮助妈妈干活。我们在一大堆火上烤羊,客人们和我们一起吃饭。At the same time, they drank.They sat by the fire and drank,and talked about Lancaster Castle.他们还喝起酒来。他们围坐在火堆旁一边喝酒,一边谈论着兰开斯特城堡。#39;Let #39;s go there!#39;an old woman cried.#39;Let #39;s go to Lancast-er Castle and find Old Demdike and Alizon!#39;“咱们到那儿去吧!”一个老太太大声说。“咱们去兰开斯特城堡救出老德姆代克和艾丽森!”#39;We can curse the guards, and break down the door!#39; my mother said.“我们可以咒死看守,然后把门打破!”我妈妈说。#39;Let#39; s bring them home!#39; said an old man.“咱们把她俩带回家来!”一个老头儿说。#39;Jennet,bring the bottle! We need more drink!#39;shouted my mother.“詹妮特,把酒瓶拿来!我们得再喝点!”妈妈喊道。I got up and took more drink to my mother.But I fell over one of the dogs, and the bottle broke on the floor. The drink was gone!我站起来去给妈妈再拿些酒。可是我绊倒在一只身上,酒瓶掉在地上摔碎了,酒洒了!#39; You bad child!#39; my mother shouted.#39;You#39; re a witch, too,you know!#39;She got up and began to hit me.She hit me over the head and pulled my hair.An old man laughed,and then ev-eryone laughed.“你这个坏孩子!”我妈妈嚷道。“你也是个女巫,你清楚!”她站起来打我。她打我的头,揪我的头发。一个老头哈哈大笑,大家也都跟着哄笑起来。I ran back across the room.I wasn #39;t a witch;I was a child,nine years old,and I hated my mother and all her friends!My face felt very hot because I was angry. I left the room and went out of the house. It was afternoon, but the sky was dark with rain.Pendle Hill was dark,too.It sat quietly and watched me.我穿过房间跑了回去。我不是女巫;我是个9岁的孩子。我恨妈妈和她所有的朋友!由于愤怒我的脸很烫。我离开房间,走出了这所房子。当时是下午,但是由于下着雨,天很黑。潘德尔山也是一片漆黑。它静静地坐落在那里,注视着我。#39;I#39;m going to Mr Nowell,#39; I said quietly, to Pendle Hill.#39;I#39;m going to tell him about my mother and her friends.#39;“我要去找诺埃尔先生,”我平静地对潘德尔山说。“我要告诉他有关我妈妈和她的朋友们的事情。” Article/201203/176147

A remarkable woman reasons with her killer - and tapes it.She used the miniature tape recorder for a graduate-school course she was taking. The device, though, would do much more than capture a lecture. It was a microcassette found in Kathleen Weinstein's shirt pocket that not only led police to her alleged killer but also revealed the New Jersey teacher to be a woman of extraordinary courage and compassion.Weinstein, 45, was on her way to an exam at Toms River high School South on March 14 when she got out of her gold 1995 Toyota Camry to buy a sandwich at the busy Toms river Shopping Center. That's where her path crossed that of Michael LaSane, who, police say, wanted just such a car to celebrate his 17th birthday. Grabbing Weinstein by the jaw, the attacker told her he had a gun and forced her into the Camry. The car was then driven to Manitou Park, about two miles from the shopping center. It was there, police believe, that Weinstein was able to activate the recorder she kept in her bag. According to Ocean County prosecutor Daniel Carluccio, the taped conversation between Weinstein and LaSane took place as they removed personal items - bags, notebooks, her six-year-old son's belongings, from the car. "It wasn't hysterical," Carluccio says of the 24-minute tape. "It wasn't the kind of thing you would expect of someone who is facing a life-threatening situation. Mrs. Weinstein bravely and persistently used every skill and power she had to convince her attacker to simply take her car and not her life."The excerpts of the talk released by the prosecutor show why Weinstein was a beloved figure at Thorne Middle School in Middletown, where she was a special-education teacher. "You haven't done anything yet," she tells her attacker. "All you have to do is let me go and take my car. For my life, don't you think I should be concerned and let you take my car? For my life! Do you really want to have that on your head?" At another point, the teacher tries to get him to open up. "Why don't you just tell me? Of course, it's important. It's determining you whole life and the direction you're taking." Weinstein also talks about her son Daniel and her plans to take in a foster child with her husband Paul. "I want to give something to somebody, to give something back," she says.Her powers of persuasion were to no avail. Weinstein's body, with hands and feet bound, was discovered by a hiker on March 17. She had been smothered with her coat. But before she died she somehow slipped the microcassette into her pocket without her killer knowing it. Because Weinstein had asked LaSane about himself and his family, police quickly had their suspect, the son of a local official. "Our impression was that she was very aware she was leaving something behind," says Carluccio. He will not comment on LaSanbe's side of the conversation except to say, "When you hear the tape, it will raise profound questions about what is happening in our world with juveniles and our society. It goes beyond materialism."Weinstein also helped leave behind a new program at Thorne Middle School in which students were encouraged to do nice things for others. Every morning Weinstein would announce various good deeds over the p.a. system and she solicited prizes form local merchants and restaurants. Given her fate, the name of the program has a heartbreaking resonance to it: Random Acts of Kindness.一位非凡的女人劝说杀害她的凶手--并作了录音 她使用一个微型录音机来录她正在听的一门研究生院的课。然而这个装置起的作用要比录下一堂的讲座大得多。正是这个在凯瑟琳·温斯坦衬衣口袋里找到录音带使得警方断定杀人凶手,并且显示了这位新译西州教师作为一个女性的非凡勇气和不同寻常的同情心。45岁的温斯坦在3月14日去南汤姆斯河中学考试的路-+******上,她走出她那辆1995年丰田公司产的喀麦丽牌小汽车到繁华的汤姆斯河售货中心买三明治。在那里,她遇到了迈克尔·拉森,警察说,拉森正想要一部那样的车庆祝他的17岁生日。攻击者托住她的下巴,并且告诉她他有,强迫她进入车里。然后车子开到了曼尼托公园,距离那个售货中心大约两英里。警方认为,正是在那里,温斯坦才能够打开她包里的录音机。据海洋县的检查官丹尼尔·卡鲁齐奥说,所录的温斯坦和拉森的谈话开始于他们扔下车上的个人物品时--包、笔记本,以及她六岁儿子的东西。卡鲁齐奥谈到24分钟长的录音带时说:"它并不歇斯底里,那完全不是你所料到的一个面对生命威胁的情景的样子,温斯坦太太运用各种她所具有的技巧、勇敢,顽强地劝说袭击者只取走她的车而不伤她的性命。"检查官发表的那部分谈话的节录表明为什么温斯坦在米道镇桑恩中学是一位受人爱戴的人。她是个特殊教育老师。她告诉袭击者说:"你什么都还没有做,你现在要做的就是开走我的车而让我走。难道你认为我会关心是否让你开走我的车吗?为了我的性命,你真的想背负上杀人犯的罪名吗?"而同时,这位教师又试图让他的话多起来;"你为什么不告诉我一些事?当然这很重要,它决定着你整个一生和你正在选择的人生方向。"温斯坦还谈到了她的儿子丹尼尔以及她丈夫保罗计划收养一个孩子的事。她说:"我想给予别人一些东西,为的就是会有好报。"她的说力没有起到作用。3月17日,一位施行者发现了她捆着手脚的尸体。她被人用她的外套窒息而死。但在临死前,不知用什么方法,她把微型卡式录音带偷偷放进口袋,而凶手并不知道。因为温斯坦曾问过有关拉森自己及其家庭的情况,警方很快就撒谎到了嫌疑人,他是个地方官员的儿子。"我们的印象是她很清楚她正遗留下什么东西,"卡鲁齐奥不愿录音中拉森的话,只是说,"你听到录音时,你会发现它提出了正在发生的有关青少年和社会的深刻问题。这不仅是物质至上的问题。"温斯坦还帮助桑恩中学开展一个新的活动,就是鼓励学生为他人做好事。每天早上,温斯坦都通过校内广播系统宣布一些好人好事。她还恳求当地的商人和饭店出资给予奖励。想想她的命运,这项活动的名称"随时随地做好事"听起来令人心碎。 Article/200803/28127


  She was 31 years old, a seamstress and the mother of two children. Her husband is a mechanic. On a sunny morning, Vicky was walking to work. While in the crosswalk at Wilshire and Hamilton near Koreatown, Vicky was run over by a yellow school bus. An eyewitness said that the driver was laughing and talking on his cell phone. The bus was empty. Instead of stopping, the driver continued driving as if nothing had happened.“How could he just drive away?” said the witness. “I ran over there to help the woman. She was quiet and still. There was a little blood under her nose. I thought she was just unconscious. The paramedics arrived; they tried to revive her, but then they just covered her body with a sheet. One of them said that she probably died instantly.”Police had to notify Vicky’s husband. He and Vicky had been in love since they were 16. His parents are dead; Vicky’s parents live in her home country. He is now without his wife and his best friend. Their tenth anniversary was only a week away. Their plans for a house and a future were now finished. After dealing with his own grief, he had to somehow present the terrible news to their two children.The police found the bus parked a few blocks from the accident scene. The driver was gone. He had been transporting people to the annual Earth Day festival in Koreatown. About 30,000 people usually attend this event. A police spokesman said that the driver would be charged with murder. “If we could charge him with ‘destroying a happy family,’ we’d do that, too,” the spokesman said. Article/201108/149022。

  Roofer 02房顶工人 02  A few employees were huddled right outside of the building afraid to enter. When they saw me emerge from the building they called security and soon I was taken to the campus clinic. By the time I arrived I my left ankle was swollen and discolored and I could not put any weight on it. As I described the accident to the attending physician I could not account for the way I was injured since I was out in the open and completely removed from any objects.  Later as I drove myself home to Whittier I began to see more damage along the streets. It turned out that the epicenter of the earthquake had been in Whittier and my neighborhood looked like a war zone. Since aftershocks follow the larger earthquakes I decided to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit a friend for a few days.   In the early morning darkness of my first night the doorbell rang, waking my hostess and me. As she turned on the porch light neither she nor I could see anyone from the front window. We then shrugged and went off to bed. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time we repeated our steps much more quickly in order to see if a prankster might be lurking about. Again we returned to our rooms only to hear the ringing repeated.  一些员工聚在楼外不敢进去。看到我出来,他们叫了保安,接着我便被送到了学校诊所。到诊所的时候,我的左脚踝已经水肿,都变色了,完全不能撑身体重量。我向主治医师描述事故经过的时候,没办法说清我受伤的原因,因为我是站在开阔的空地的,周围没有任何东西。  晚些时候,我开车回惠蒂尔,沿途看到了更多的地震造成的破坏。原来地震的震中就在惠蒂尔,我家附近看起来简直就像个战场。因为地震之后会有余震,所以我决定开车到内华达州的拉斯韦加斯,到我朋友那住几天。  我在朋友家住的第一晚,天还没亮的时候门铃就响了,把我和女主人都吵醒了。她把手电打开,我俩从前边窗口望出去,没看见外边有人。我们觉得莫名其妙,便耸耸肩膀又上床睡觉了。几分钟之后,门铃又响了。这次,我和朋友迅速走到窗边想看看是不是有人在恶作剧,仍旧一无所获。但当我们回到卧室后,门铃再次响起。 Article/200811/56283

  ;The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting.;Her eyes lingered for a moment on Neville#39;s cloak, which was fastened under his left ear, and on Ron#39;s smudged nose. Harry nervously tried to flatten his hair.  ;分配仪式几分钟后就会在全校师生面前开始,我建议你们利用这段等待的时间里,把自己打扮得漂亮些。;她的目光在尼维尔那固定于左耳下方的帽绳和罗恩那脏脏的鼻子上停留了好一会儿。哈利见状,连忙摸了模自己的头发,想把它弄平整些。;;I shall return when we are y for you,; said Professor McGonagall. ;Please wait quietly.;he left the chamber. Harry swallowed.  ;我们准备好了就会来叫你们,你们先在这里安静地等会儿吧。;她终于离开了那间小房间,哈利紧张地咽了咽口水。;How exactly do they sort us into houses?; he asked Ron.  ;他们根据什么标准将我们分配到不同的学院呢?;他问罗恩。;Some sort of test, I think. Fred said it hurts a lot, but I think he was joking.;  ;可能是通过考试吧。弗来德曾说分配时会很痛,不过我想他只是在开玩笑罢了。Harry#39;s heart gave a horrible jolt. A test? In front of the whole school? But he didn#39;t know any magic yet ; what on earth would he have to do? He hadn#39;t expected something like this the moment they arrived. He looked around anxiously and saw that everyone else looked terrified, too. No one was talking much except Hermione Granger, who was whispering very fast about all the spells she#39;d learned and wondering which one she#39;d need. Harry tried hard not to listen to her. He#39;d never been more nervous, never, not even when he#39;d had to take a school report home to the Dursleys saying that he#39;d somehow turned his teacher#39;s wig blue. He kept his eyes fixed on the door. Any second now, Professor McGonagall would come back and lead him to his doom.  哈利的心情顿时沉重了下来。考试?还要在全校师生面前?但他现在甚至连最简单的魔法都还不会呀,他该怎么办呢?刚到这儿的时候他可从没想到会有这样的事情发生。他焦急地四周张望了一下,发现其他人也像他一样害怕极了。人群中只有荷米恩。格林佐在七嘴八舌地小声向旁边的人罗列她所会的魔法,还说不知道哪些能派上用场。哈利真想塞住自己的耳朵,他从来没有如此紧张过,即使是那次不明不白地将老师的假发变蓝后拿着学校的告状信回杜斯利家里,也没有现在这么紧张。那个麦康娜教授随时都会回来把他带到决定他命运的地方。

  Stars, Bulbs, and Light Pollution 都是光"害"的!Our ancestors enjoyed a cleaner world. The water and air were cleaner, and when people went out at night, they could look at the stars above and ask questions about our place in the universe. Nowadays, in modern cities, we can barely see the stars at night because our view of them is not only obscured by the quality of the air, but by the quality of light as well. Not many people realize that the misuse or misdirection of light is a form of pollution. Quite simply, it is called light pollution. Like other forms of environmental damage, light pollution is created by man and contaminates our surroundings. Like other forms of pollution, it also harms the environment. Just as our opportunities to enjoy rain forests are being taken away by human carelessness, so is our view of the stars at night. However, unlike other forms of environmental damage, the effects of light pollution can easily be reduced and even reversed.The damage caused by light pollution comes from poorly designed outdoor lighting. Most cities in the world today use outdoor lighting that is not only far too bright, but also directed to places where it is not needed. This wasted light reflects off tiny particles of dust and moisture in the air, causing skyglow. Skyglow causes clouds to glow white, orange, or pink, and destroys our view of the nighttime sky.The solution to light pollution is to use lower-wattage outdoor bulbs and full cutoff shielding. An electric lamp should send all its light down, not upward or sideways. Full cutoff means that no light rays from the lamp go above the horizon and that at least 90 percent of the light is blocked from going sideways.Many cities in the world have made changes in the use of outdoor lighting. The result saves money and energy. It also restores our nighttime sky to the way it was when our ancestors gazed above.我们的祖先享有比较干净的世界。那时的空气和水都比较干净,人们晚上外出时,可以看着天上的繁星,探讨我们在宇宙空间的位置的有关课题。如今,在现代化的都市中,我们晚上几乎难得一见天上的星星,由于空气和光线的质量,使星空的景像变得模糊不清。很多人不知道光线的滥用和乱射也是一种污染。简单地说,这就叫做“光污染”。 就像其它形式的环境破坏,光污染是由人类一手造成的,而且污染了人类自身的环境。和其它形式的污染一样,光污染也会对环境造成损害。晚上我们观赏星星美景和我们本就享有的欣赏雨林的机会,都因为人类的疏忽而被剥夺。然而,和其它形式的环境破坏不一样的是,光污染的影响是可以轻易被减轻,甚至被转变为好处的。 光污染造成的破坏,来自户外照明的设计不当。大多数城市现在所使用的户外照明,不仅远远超过所需的亮度,还照射到不需照明的区域。这些多余的照明,碰到空气中的微尘粒子和水分子后发生反射,就造成空中的“霞光”现象。“霞光”使云发出白色、桔色,或是粉红色的光,就破坏了我们的夜景。 解决光污染的方法就是使用低瓦数的户外灯泡与完全阻隔溢光的遮罩。电灯的光线应该向下照射,而不是向上或向旁边照射。“完全阻隔”是指电灯光线的照射不高出地平线,而且至少可以阻挡百分之九十的光线向旁边照射。 世界上许多城市改变了户外照明的使用方式,因而省下了金钱和能源。还使我们的夜空恢复到以前我们祖先所仰望凝视的模样。 Article/200803/29201Being a parent is the biggest responsibility we can have in our lives. It's scary if you think about it. You have to look after a tiny baby for years and years. It is your duty to make sure that little baby grows up into a wonderful, happy and responsible human being. Parenting means knowing everything from day one. This is a shock to many parents. I didn’t have any parenting lessons. I suddenly had a baby to look after. But it's not that scary. In fact, parenting is life's biggest joy. I can't put into words how wonderful it is to be a parent. My biggest worry is that society doesn't focus on parenting. We really should have classes at school on being good parents. I'm sure we would reduce the number of problems in society if we did this. Article/201106/141835

  2. OPEN BOOK2. 打开的书  The next day was better… and worse.  接下来的一天,好多了……也糟糕多了。  It was better because it wasn#39;t raining yet, though the clouds were dense and opaque. It was easier because I knew what to expect of my day. Mike came to sit by me in English, and walked me to my next class, with Chess Club Eric glaring at him all the while; that was nattering. People didn#39;t look at me quite as much as they had yesterday. I sat with a big group at lunch that included Mike, Eric, Jessica, and several other people whose names and faces I now remembered. I began to feel like I was ting water, instead of drowning in it.  说好多了,是因为雨还没下下来,虽然云层又厚又暗。这一天也轻松多了,因为我知道自己这一天都要做些什么了。迈克上英语课的时候坐在了我旁边,而且还把我送到了下一节课的地点,;象棋俱乐部成员;埃里克一直都瞪大眼睛看着他;这真让人受宠若惊。人们不像昨天那样老瞅我了。我跟一大群同学坐在一起吃午饭,其中包括迈克、埃里克、杰西卡等好几个现在我已经记住了名字和长相的同学。我开始感觉自己是在踩水,而不是在往下沉了。   It was worse because I was tired; I still couldn#39;t sleep with the wind echoing around the house. It was worse because Mr. Varner called on me in Trig when my hand wasn#39;t raised and I had the wrong answer. It was miserable because I had to play volleyball, and the one time I didn#39;t cringe out of the way of the ball, I hit my teammate in the head with it. And it was worse because Edward Cullen wasn#39;t in school at all.  说糟糕多了,是因为我很累;我依然睡不着觉,因为风声还在房子四周回荡着。说糟糕多了,还因为三角课上我没举手,瓦纳先生却要我起来回答问题,而我又偏偏答错了。这天更是痛苦的,因为我不得不打排球,有一次球来了,我战战兢兢没从来球路线上躲开,就一球砸到了我队友的头上。说这天糟糕多了,还因为爱德华·卡伦根本就没来上学。  All morning I was ding lunch, fearing his bizarre glares. Part of me wanted to confront him and demand to know what his problem was. While I was lying sleepless in my bed, I even imagined what I would say. But I knew myself too well to think I would really have the guts to do it. I made the Cowardly Lion look like the terminator.  一上午,我都在担心午饭时间的到来,怕见到他异乎寻常的目光。可另一方面,我又想跟他面对面,要他跟我说清楚是怎么回事儿。睁着眼睛躺在床上的那段时间,我甚至把要说的话都想好了。可是我太了解我自己了,根本就不相信自己真有那个胆子。我努力让自己这个胆小的狮子 看上去像魔鬼终结者。  But when I walked into the cafeteria with Jessica — trying to keep my eyes from sweeping the place for him, and failing entirely — I saw that his four siblings of sorts were sitting together at the same table, and he was not with them.  不过,我和杰西卡走进自助餐厅的时候——虽然我竭力不让自己东张西望地去找他,但结果还是完全没能控制住——我看见他的四个兄弟,一起坐在同一张桌上,而他没跟他们在一块儿。  Mike intercepted us and steered us to his table. Jessica seemed elated by the attention, and her friends quickly joined us. But as I tried to listen to their easy chatter, I was terribly uncomfortable, waiting nervously for the moment he would arrive. I hoped that he would simply ignore me when he came, and prove my suspicions false.  迈克拦住了我们,要我们坐到他那张桌子上去。杰西卡似乎让他的这番殷勤弄得心花怒放了,她的朋友很快也加入了我们。但在我努力去听他们无拘无束的闲聊时,心里却特别不自在,忐忑不安地等待着他来的那一刻。我希望他来了以后,根本不会注意到我,从而明是我怀疑错了。  He didn#39;t come, and as time passed I grew more and more tense.  他没有来,而随着时间一分一秒地过去,我变得越来越紧张不安了。  I walked to Biology with more confidence when, by the end of lunch, he still hadn#39;t showed. Mike, who was taking on the qualities of a golden retriever, walked faithfully by my side to class. I held my breath at the door, but Edward Cullen wasn#39;t there, either. I exhaled and went to my seat. Mike followed, talking about an upcoming trip to the beach. He lingered by my desk till the bell rang. Then he smiled at me wistfully and went to sit by a girl with braces and a bad perm. It looked like I was going to have to do something about Mike, and it wouldn#39;t be easy. In a town like this, where everyone lived on top of everyone else, diplomacy was essential. I had never been enormously tactful; I had no practice dealing with overly friendly boys.  去上生物学课的时候,我心里踏实了许多,因为直到午餐结束,他依然没有露面。在去上课的路上,迈克忠诚地陪在我一旁,刚才他还在侃侃而谈金毛猎犬的特性来着呢。到了门口的时候,我屏住了呼吸,可爱德华·卡伦也没在教室里。我松了一口气,向座位上走去。迈克跟在我后面,大谈特谈即将到来的去海滩旅行的事情。他在我的课桌旁一直赖到了打铃,这才依依不舍地冲我笑了笑,无可奈何地过去坐到了一个戴着牙套、顶着一头乱糟糟的烫发的女孩旁边。看来对于迈克,我得想点儿招数了,而这不会是一件轻而易举的事情。在这样一个小镇,大家低头不见抬头见,讲求策略是最要紧的。我从来都不是个很圆滑的人;对付过于殷勤的男孩子我还没经验。  I was relieved that I had the desk to myself, that Edward was absent. I told myself that repeatedly. But I couldn#39;t get rid of the nagging suspicion that I was the reason he wasn#39;t there. It was ridiculous, and egotistical, to think that I could affect anyone that strongly. It was impossible. And yet I couldn#39;t stop worrying that it was true.  我一个人坐着一张桌子,爱德华旷课,真是让我感到很宽慰。我一遍又一遍地这样想着。可我老是怀疑是因为我的缘故,他才没有来,这种怀疑搅得我心神不定。真是太可笑、太自以为了不起了吧,居然以为自己会对一个人产生这么大的影响。那是不可能的。可是,我还是忍不住担心那是真的。 Article/201204/176923

  The Headless Horseman 02无头骑士 02  The Dutchman let out a terrible scream as the horse leapt toward him at a full gallop. He took to his heels, running as fast as he could, making for the bridge since he knew that ghosts and evil spirits did not care to cross running water. He stumbled suddenly and fell, rolling off the road into a melting patch of snow. The headless rider thundered past him, and the man got a second look at the headless ghost. It was wearing a Hessian commander's uniform.   The Dutchman waited a good hour after the ghost disappeared before crawling out of the bushes and making his way home. After fortifying himself with schnapps, the Dutchman told his wife about the ghost. By noon of the next day, the story was all over Tarrytown. The good Dutch folk were divided in their opinions. Some thought that the ghost must be roaming the roads at night in search of its head. Others claimed that the Hessian soldier rose from the grave to lead the Hessian soldiers in a charge up nearby Chatterton Hill, not knowing that the hill had aly been taken by the British.   Whatever the reason, the Headless Horseman continues to roam the roads near Tarrytown on dark nights from that day to this.  那马飞快得向荷兰人奔过来,他惊恐地尖叫了一声,拔腿就跑,他全速向河边跑去,因为他知道鬼魂和邪恶的幽灵都不敢穿过流水。他突然一个趔趄,跌到在地,滚到了一堆还没化尽的积雪上。无头骑士从他身边呼啸而过,他又看了一眼那个无头骑士,发现他穿着黑森指挥官的制。  无头骑士消失后,荷兰人足足等了一个小时才敢从灌木丛里爬出来回家。回到家,荷兰人喝了点杜松子酒壮壮胆后,告诉了妻子他遇到鬼的故事。到第二天中午,故事便传遍了整个塔利镇。好心的荷兰人意见产生了分歧。有些人认为鬼魂一定是在夜里四处游荡找他的头。另一些人则认为这个黑森士兵还不知道附近的查特顿山已被英国人占领,他从坟墓里出来便是要领导其他黑森士兵向那儿冲锋。  不管是什么原因吧,从那天起,这个无头骑士便总在漆黑的夜晚在塔利镇附近的路上游荡。 Article/200811/56875。

  “My 10-year-old dog can’t even walk up two steps to get into the house,” Alicia told her new friend. “I have to carry Prince up those two steps. Late one night I saw an ad on TV for Young Again Dog Beverage. They showed an old dog trying to get into an armchair. It got only partway into the chair before it slid back down to the floor. They showed another dog trying to catch a Frisbee. The poor dog couldn’t even jump off the ground. They showed another dog going for a ‘walk.’ But instead of actually walking, the dog was sitting in a baby carriage that its owner was pushing. These were all the ‘before’ pictures.“Then they showed the ‘after’ pictures—after the animals had drunk the Young Again Dog Beverage for one week. It was a miracle! I couldn’t believe my own two eyes! The first dog easily leaped up into the armchair. The second dog leaped almost four feet into the air to catch the Frisbee! And the third dog stood on its hind legs and pushed the family cat in the baby carriage!“Well, of course, I was sold! So, I sent in my .95 to the address on the TV screen. After it arrived, I put 10 drops into Prince’s water dish each day for a week. Nothing happened. So I doubled the dosage for another two weeks, but Prince was still tired and weak.“I called the company. They asked me what kind of dog I had. I told them that Prince was a mixed breed. They said the TV ad I saw was for purebreds only. They told me to order Young Again Mutt Beverage for .95. That was four days ago. I can’t wait till it gets here, so I can watch Prince run up and down those steps and start chasing cats again, just like the good old days!” Article/201105/137894

  On Sunday morning, Uncle Vernon sat down at the breakfast table looking tired and rather ill, but happy.星期天早上,弗农姨父终于可以坐在桌旁吃早餐了。他看上去疲惫不堪,但是非常开心。;No post on Sundays,; he reminded them cheerfully as he sp marmalade on his newspapers, ;no damn letters today;; Something came whizzing down the kitchen chimney as he spoke and caught him sharply on the back of the head. Next moment, thirty or forty letters came pelting out of the fireplace like bullets. The Dursleys ducked, but Harry leapt into the air trying to catch one ; ;Out! OUT!; Uncle Vernon seized Harry around the waist and threw him into the hall. When Aunt Petunia and Dudley had run out with their arms over their faces, Uncle Vernon slammed the door shut. They could hear the letters still streaming into the room, bouncing off the walls and floor.;今天没有信件。;他开心得把应该涂在面包上的蜜糖酱往报纸上涂。;今天没有那些该死的信件;;;在他说话的时候,厨房的烟囱一直飕飕作响,接着有什么东西突然砸在了他的后脑勺上。再下来,三十或者四十封信像子弹一样从烟囱里飞了下来。德思礼一家吓得躲到了一边,哈利趁机跳起来去抓信;;;出去!给我出去!;弗农姨父把哈利拦腰抱起丢进了客厅。佩妮姨妈和达力抱着脸跑出了厨房,弗农姨父砰的一声把门关上了。他们还可以听到那些信通过烟囱掉在墙上和地板上的声音。;That does it,; said Uncle Vernon, trying to speak calmly but pulling great tufts out of his mustache at the same time. ;I want you all back here in five minutes y to leave. We#39;re going away. Just pack some clothes. No arguments!; He looked so dangerous with half his mustache missing that no one dared argue. Ten minutes later they had wrenched their way through the boarded-up doors and were in the car, speeding toward the highway. Dudley was sniffling in the back seat; his father had hit him round the head for holding them up while he tried to pack his television, VCR, and computer in his sports bag.;玩儿完了,;弗农姨父一边拔下一搓胡子一边尽量平静地说,;我命令你们用五分钟的时间收拾好东西准备离开。我们必须离开这里,只许带几件衣,不要跟我讲条件!;他看上去十分可怕,因为他的胡子已被拔去了一半,于是没有人敢反抗。十分钟以后,他们已经拆掉被打死的门坐到了车子里,向高速公路开去。达力在后座上哭哭啼啼,因为刚刚他的爸爸因为他耽误了时间而打了他的头。当时达力试着把他的电视机、录像机和电脑通通装进旅行袋。They drove. And they drove. Even Aunt Petunia didn#39;t dare ask where they were going. Every now and then Uncle Vernon would take a sharp turn and drive in the opposite direction for a while.他们不停地朝前开着车,佩妮姨妈都不敢问他们是到哪里去。弗农姨父会不时地来一个急转弯或者朝相反的方向开上好一阵子。;Shake lsquo;em off; shake lsquo;em off,; he would mutter whenever he did this.;甩掉他们;;甩掉他们。;弗农姨父自言自语地说。They didn#39;t stop to eat or drink all day. By nightfall Dudley was howling. He#39;d never had such a bad day in his life. He was hungry, he#39;d missed five television programs he#39;d wanted to see, and he#39;d never gone so long without blowing up an alien on his computer.他们一整天都没有停下来吃东西或喝一口水。到天黑的时候,达力开始号啕大哭起来,他一辈子都没有遇到过这么糟糕的一天。他饿极了。他错过了他想看的五档电视节目,他从来没有这么久没去电脑上打游戏了。Uncle Vernon stopped at last outside a gloomy-looking hotel on the outskirts of a big city. Dudley and Harry shared a room with twin beds and damp, musty sheets. Dudley snored but Harry stayed awake, sitting on the windowsill, staring down at the lights of passing cars and wondering;终于弗农姨父在一个大城市郊外的一间看上去破破烂烂的旅馆外停下了车。达力和哈利同住一个双人间。床上的床单潮湿而且发了霉,达力很快就打起了鼾,可哈利怎么也睡不着。他坐在窗台上,盯着下面一辆辆飞驰而过的车,陷入了沉思;;They ate stale cornflakes and cold tinned tomatoes on toast for breakfast the next day. They had just finished when the owner of the hotel came over to their table.第二天他们的早餐是发霉的玉米片,冷的罐头马铃薯夹吐司。正要吃完的时候,旅馆的老板娘走过桌子旁边。;#39;Scuse me, but is one of you Mr. H. Potter? Only I got about an lsquo;undred of these at the front desk.; She held up a letter so they could the green ink address:Mr. H. Potter Room 17 Railview Hotel Cokeworth. Harry made a grab for the letter but Uncle Vernon knocked his hand out of the way. The woman stared.;打扰一下,你们中间有一位哈利;波特先生吗?我在前台收到了许多给他的信。;她把信举在手上好让每个人看清那个用绿色墨水写的地址:叩可文斯镇铁路旅馆德思礼夫人佩妮姨妈号房间哈利;波特先生收。哈利飞快地想抓住那封信,可是弗农姨父马上也把他的手抓住了。旅馆老板娘在一旁呆呆看着。;I#39;ll take them,; said Uncle Vernon, standing up quickly and following her from the dining room.;我去拿。;弗农姨父快速地起身来跟着老板娘走出了餐厅。

  Five hundred kilometres over Europe,Ship OM-45 moved north.In a room at the back of the ship,Kiah watched the numbers on the computer in front of him.OM-45号宇宙飞船在欧洲上空500公里的高度向北飞行。飞船尾部的一个房间里,凯注视着面前计算机屏幕上的数字。;Time for dinner,;Rilla said.“该吃饭了。”瑞拉叫他。The numbers changed quickly and Kiah#39;s eyes didn#39;t move.Rilla went across the room to his table.She began to watch the numbers, too.那些数字飞快地变换着,凯眼都不眨一下。瑞拉穿过房间走到他的桌旁。她也开始观察那些数字。;What#39;s wrong with the satellite?; she asked.She was a beautiful girl,about twenty years old,with long black hair and big eyes.“卫星怎么了?”她问。她是个美丽的女孩,大约二十岁,黑黑的长发,大大的眼睛。;Nothing#39;s wrong with the satellite,;Kiah answered quietly.;It#39;s the AOL.; He began to write the numbers in the book on his table.“卫星没问题,”凯平静地回答,“是人工臭氧层。”他伏在桌上,开始往一个本子上记录那些数字。Suddenly, the numbers stopped changing.Kiah looked at Rilla.;Over Europe,;he said.;It#39;s happening.The AOL is breaking up.There are big holes in the AOL and they#39;re getting bigger.;突然,那些数字停止了变换。凯转向瑞拉。“在欧洲上空,”他说,“已经开始了。人工臭氧层正在破裂。那上面本来就有大洞了,现在那些洞还在增大。”;You#39;re right!Shall we see Captain Seru now,before dinner?;“说得对,咱们现在去见塞鲁船长吧,待会儿再吃饭好吗?”Kiah stood up.He was nearly two metres tall,with dark eyes and hair.;Yes, come on.; he said.凯站起身。他身高几乎有两米,眼睛和头发都是黑色的。“好,走吧。”他说。Quickly,they went to Captain Seru#39;s room.They waited at the door.他们迅速朝塞鲁船长的房间走去。他们等在船长的门外。;Come in!;captain Seru called.She was a little woman with a fat face.;Come in!Would you like a drink?;“进来!”塞鲁船长喊道。她是个胖脸的小个子女人。“进来!喝点什么吗?”;No, thank you, ;Kiah answered. ;I#39;d like you to look at these numbers.;Kiah gave Captain Seru his book.“不用,谢谢,”凯说,“我想请您看看这些数字。”凯把自己的笔记本递给塞鲁船长。Captain Seru looked at the numbers.Suddenly, her face changed.;No, no, ;she said.;I don#39;t want to talk.It#39;s late and I#39;m tired.Sit down and have a drink.;塞鲁船长看了看那些数字。突然,她的脸色变了。“不,不,”她说,“我不想谈。时候不早了,我也累了。坐下喝点什么吧。”Kiah and Rilla sat down.There was a big window in Captain Seru#39;s room.Kiah looked out of the window at the dark sky.He saw the Moon.It was cold and white in the dark sky.凯和瑞拉坐了下来。塞鲁船长的房间里有一扇大窗子。凯透过玻璃凝望黑色的天空。他看见了月亮。在黑色的天幕下月亮显得冰冷皎洁。;Captain Seru,;he began.;It#39;s important.Look at those numbers carefully.The AOL is beginning to...;“塞鲁船长,”他开口了,“这事很重要。仔细看看那些数字。人工臭氧层已经开始……”;Stop!;captain Seru stood up and put her hands in her pockets.She went to the window and looked at the sky.“别说了。”塞鲁船长站起身把双手衣兜。她走到窗前注视着天空。;Three hundred years ago,Earth nearly died,;Rilla said.;Earth stopped dying because of the AOL.But now, over Europe, the AOL is breaking up.We would like you to talk to Earth Commander.;“300年前,地球几乎毁灭,”瑞拉说,“因为有人工臭氧层地球才免于灾难。但是现在,在欧洲上空,人工臭氧层正在破裂。我们希望您能和地球司令高格谈一谈。”Captain Seru did not move.;Do you remember Adai?; she asked.She didn#39;t wait for an answer.;I was on his ship,two years ago.One evening, the satellite gave us interesting numbers about the AOL.We went back to Earth and saw Earth Commander.; captain Seru stopped speaking.塞鲁船长没有动。“你还记得阿岱吗?”她问。不等回答,她接着说:“两年前我在他的船上。一天晚上卫星发回了关于人工臭氧层的一些不寻常的数据。我们回到地球去见地球司令。”塞鲁船长停了下来。Rilla looked at Kiah.;And then?;she asked Captain Seru.瑞拉看了一眼凯。“然后呢?”她问船长。;Gog was angry, very angry,; captain Seru said.; In the end, he sent Adai to the Moon. Adai#39;s there now, Commander of the Moon colony, under the Moon.;“高格生气了,特别生气,”塞鲁船长说,“最后,他把阿岱分配到了月球。阿岱现在还在那儿,在月亮下面作月亮部族的司令。”Kiah waited for a second or two.;I know about Adai. But we need to talk to Earth Commander again.These numbers are worse.;凯等了一两秒钟:“我知道阿岱的事。但是我们需要再和地球司令谈谈。这些数据比上次的还要糟。”Captain Seru#39;s face went red.;You don#39;t understand.I#39;m not going to talk to Gog.Last time,he sent me to a weather ship in the Antarctic! This is my first Ship for two years!; And Captain Seru began drinking.塞鲁船长的脸涨红了:“你不明白。我不会去跟高格说的。上次他把我发配到了南极的一艘气象飞船上。我第一次在飞船上呆了两年。”塞鲁船长喝了一口水。Kiah stood up. ;Thank you, Captain Seru.;凯站起身:“谢谢您,塞鲁船长。”Captain Seru said nothing.塞鲁船长没说话。Kiah and Rilla left the room,and walked slowly downstairs.The Ship was dark and quiet.It was eight o#39;clock and every-body was at dinner.凯和瑞拉出了门,脚步迟缓地下楼去了。飞船里寂静漆黑。8点钟了,大家都在吃饭。;What are we going to do next?; Rilla asked.“下一步咱们怎们办?”瑞拉问。;I need to talk to Adai,; Kiah said.“我得跟阿岱谈谈。”凯说。;OK,talk to Adai. But he#39;s far away on the Moon colony, ;Rilla said. ;Let#39;s visit Commander Zadak.;“好,跟阿岱谈谈。可是他现在在遥远的月亮部族,”瑞拉说,“咱们还是去见扎达克司令吧。”;Zadak?Commander of Australia? He#39;s famous!;“扎达克?澳大利亚司令?他很有名气呢!”;Yes.He#39;s my father#39;s friend.He worked with my father in Brazil ten years ago.Perhaps he can help us.;“是的,他是我父亲的朋友。10年前他和我父亲一起在巴西工作。也许他能帮忙。”Kiah smiled.;Good! We return to Earth next week.I can phone Adai from Kisangani and then we can go to Australia.But now,I#39;m hungry! Let#39;s get some dinner.;凯笑了,“好,咱们下周回地球后。我可以在基桑加尼给阿岱打个电话,然后咱们就去澳大利亚。现在嘛,我可饿了。咱们吃饭去吧。” Article/201203/174053

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