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unit 337 购物网站dialogue 英语情景对话A:How do you usually sell your products now?A:你现在通常怎样销售你的产品?B:Im doing business through Internet now.B:我现在通过互联网做生意。A:Oh, really? Is it a good way?A:是吗?这个方式好吗?B:Yes, very good.B:是的,挺好的。A:What advantages does it have?A:它主要有什么优点啊?B:It is very convenient. You know you can browse the website and send e-mails to your customers at any time.B:非常便捷,你看你可以随时测览网页,给你的客户发邮件。A:Yes, if we do business through other ways, it will cost a lot of time.A:那倒是,通过其他方式做生意需要花费不少时间。B:Also it has low cost, and you know you only need to pay the fee of Internet, which is very cheap.B:还有,它的成本比较低,只需要付土网费就够了,上网费很便宜。A:Yes, going abroad to join the exhibition will cost much. But does it have any disadvantages?A:是的,去国外参加展会开销很大。不过,它有什么缺点吗?B:To be frank, sometimes it is not so safe as doing business through traditional ways.B:坦率地讲,有时候它不如传统途径那样安全。A:You mean there may be credit problems?A:你的意思是说信用问题?B:Yes, but if you choose some good B2B websites, such problems can be avoided.B:是的,不过如果你选择好的B2B网站,这个问题可以避免。A:Will you give some suggestion?A:有什么好的网站推荐吗?B:Of course, such as the Alibaba, which is a famous website.B:比如说阿里巴巴,这是个知名网站。A:Thanks. Maybe I will do business through Internet in the future.A:谢谢。也许我以后也会通过网络做生意。 /201602/426935unit 243 点海鲜dialogue 英语情景对话A:Whats the special today?A:今天有什么特色菜?B:;All-you-can-eat; dinner special.B:有自助特餐。A:I dont like to.A:我不想吃。B:Do you care for seafood?B:你爱吃海味吗?A:Yes, Im very fond of seafood.A:是的,我很喜欢吃海味。B:Which seafood do you prefer?B:你喜欢吃哪种海味?A:Id like to have red cooked sea cucumber.A:我爱吃红烧海参。B:Is there anything else you would like to have?B:还想要点别的什么吗?A:Bring me an assorted cold dish, please.A:请再来一介什锦冷盘。B:Would you care for beverage?B:你要喝杯饮料吗?A:No, thanks. Im fine.A:不用,谢谢,我不渴。B:What would you like to drink?B:喝点什么?A:A bottle of champagne.A:来一瓶香槟酒。 /201511/409276most highly regarded最受尊敬motion picture电影the ultimate ;guy; movie最终电影cinematic favorite电影最喜爱的widesp appeal广泛的吸引力wonderfully realistic production quality美妙真实的生产质量three-film collaboration三方电影合作better written更好的编剧tightly edited紧凑的执导emotional resonance情感上的共鸣full impact冲击力十足independent pieces独立片stand alone独立able lines引用方面American tragedy美国悲剧 /201605/438473

unit 443乘船旅游dialogue 英语情景对话A:How did your vocation go?A:假期过得怎么样啊?B:I traveled the Three Gorges.B:我们去了三峡旅游。A:What about the trip? Do you enjoy yourself?A:旅程怎么样?玩得开心么?B:Yes, we had a good time.The trip was terrific. We toured the Three Gorges by boat. Its realty exciting!B:是的,我们玩得很开心。旅程棒极了。我们乘船漂游了三峡,真是刺激。A:Did your boat float down the river?A:你们的船是从水上漂流而下的吗?B:Yes. There are many places where the gorge is very narrow, with steep cliffs on both sides.B:是的。山谷有些地方非常狭窄,而且两边都是悬崖峭壁。A:Sounds dangerous.A:听起来很危险啊。B:Yes, but we have life jackets. And we got a real kick out of that.B:是的,的确,但是我们有救生衣阿,而且我们从中获得了很大的乐趣。A:What a thrilling trip!A:真是一次惊心动魄的旅行啊! /201606/450130

Wendi: So I want you to tell me about your favorite movie ever, and why its your favorite movie?温迪:请你谈谈你最喜欢的电影,你为什么喜欢那部电影?Ken: My favorite movie ever? OOh!肯:我最喜欢的电影?哇哦!Wendi: Titanic.温迪:是《泰坦尼克号》吗?Ken: Titanic. Yeah, no. No, its not.肯:《泰坦尼克号》,不是,不是。Wendi: Come on, you can be honest.温迪:说吧,你可以说实话。Ken: I did watch it twice. I fell asleep the second time.肯:《泰坦尼克号》我看过两次,第二次看的时候我睡着了。Wendi: Did you seriously watch it?温迪:你有认真看吗?Ken: No, I did watch it twice. Yeah.肯:没有,我只是看过两遍。Wendi: You really watched it two times.温迪:你真的看了两遍吗?Ken: No, cause it came out when I was in 9th grade.肯:不是,因为《泰坦尼克号》上映时我上九年级。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:嗯。Ken: Just blossoming into adulthood at that point.肯:那是正要进入成年的年纪。Wendi: So you wathced it kind of for rules on how to be with girls?温迪:所以你是为了学习如何和女孩们相处才看的吗?Ken: No, kind of like, you know its the only PG-13 movie with like, you know, I dont know if Im supposed to say.肯:不是,你知道,那是唯一一部PG-13级电影,我不知道应该怎么说。Wendi: Just soft touching and no serious crazy nasty stuff going on.温迪:电影中有性行为,但是没有严重的污秽情节。Ken: Yeah, its a little, you know, a little eye candy.肯:对,只是有一些养眼镜头。Wendi: Thats awesome. So you loved the movie.温迪:太棒了,所以你喜欢这部电影。Ken: No, not Titanic. My favorite movie was Jurassic Park actually.肯:不,我最喜欢的不是《泰坦尼克号》。我最喜欢的电影是《侏罗纪公园》。Wendi: Seriously.温迪:真的吗?Ken: Yeah.肯:对。Wendi: I hated that movie.温迪:我不喜欢那部电影。Ken: No, its the best movie because I grew up, as a child, I...肯:不是吧,那是最棒的电影,因为我小时候……Wendi: You loved dinosours.温迪:你喜欢恐龙。Ken: I loved dinosaurs. No, I loved dinosaurs.肯:我喜欢恐龙。我喜欢恐龙。Wendi: Wow.温迪:哇哦。Ken: I really liked them. I had dinosaur t-shirts. Like my parents would always buy me dinosaur books. Like I could name every single dinosaur. I cant anymore but I could. Like I was really into it. I wanted to be a paleontologist.肯:我非常喜欢恐龙。我有件印有恐龙的T恤。我父母经常会给我买一些描述恐龙的书。我以前能说出每种恐龙的名字。虽然我现在可能说不全了,但是我以前可以。我小时候真的非常喜欢恐龙。以前我想成为古生物学家。Wendi: Wow, that is amazing... You know thats one thing Ive never really understood, is kids that are super into dinoaurs, and Ive never met a girl thats super into dinosaurs.温迪:哇,这太不可思议了……你知道我最不理解的就是孩子们对恐龙的痴迷,我从来没有见过痴迷于恐龙的女孩。Ken: Hell, yeah. Never.肯:嗯,对,是没有。Wendi: But, Ive met so many eight-year old boys that are dino-crazy. Whats up with that?温迪:我遇到过很多痴迷于恐龙的八岁男孩。这是为什么?Ken: I dont know. I cant explain it. Its like their cool you know. You know some kids like cars and trucks and stuff. I like dinosaurs.肯:我也不清楚。我解释不了。每个人都有自己喜欢的东西。有些孩子喜欢汽车和卡车。而我喜欢恐龙。Wendi: Yeah... You know, like, but I still cant put my finger on it, because when I think about it, I, like when I feel attracted to a man, I know what Im attracted to, like so when you think about how youre attracted to dinosaurs, what is the draw?温迪:嗯……可是我还是不能理解,如果我被一名男性吸引,那我知道他吸引我的是什么,可是你到底为什么喜欢恐龙呢?Ken: Ah, but you dont think about that when youre eight-years old.肯:八岁的时候你是不会考虑这个的。Wendi: I guess youre right.温迪:你说得没错。Ken: But, like I guess in retrospect the draw is that, these dinosaurs, theyre so strong and powerful and yet mysterious because, you know, youve never actually seen one. You can only look at pictures or go to a museum and look at the skeletons. Yeah, and...肯:回想一下,我觉得这些恐龙吸引我的地方是它们很强壮,有力量,而且还有些神秘感,因为你从来没有见过真正的恐龙。只能看图片或去物馆看恐龙骨骼化石。Wendi: When I was young, it was the unicorn, for me.温迪:我小时候喜欢独角兽。Ken: Unicorn.肯:独角兽。Wendi: Yeah, because there was this song that I used to sing all the time and it had a unicorn in it, and I was always just like, ;Man, itd be so amazing to see a unicorn.;温迪:对,以前我经常唱一首歌,歌词里有独角兽,所以我总是在想,天哪,要是能看到独角兽就太棒了。 译文属 /201507/384911讲解文本:close to home 触到痛处,说得太露骨His words were a little too close to home.他说的话有些太露骨了。I dont want to watch this movie, it is too close to home.我不想看这个电影,它触及了我的痛处。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/4929808.Box news Dialogue8.花边新闻 对话In the office, Steven and Susan are talking about some gossips...办公室里,史蒂文和苏珊在谈论着一些绯闻……Susan: It rumored that Jean is fooling around with another womans husband.苏珊:谣传珍与有妇之夫鬼混。Steven: You gossip! Whats the basis of your opinion?史蒂文:你真八卦!你这样说有什么根据啊?Susan: Someone declared that he saw it.苏珊:有人声称亲眼看见的。Steven: I dont believe it. Jean is such a kind lady. How could she do this?史蒂文:我才不相信呢。珍那么善良的人,怎么会做这种事!Susan: Who knows? You cant judge a book by its cover.苏珊:谁知道呢?知人知面不知心啊!Steven: Maybe!史蒂文:或许吧! /201607/452439

unit 35亲自送机dialogue英语情景对话A:Mr.Martin, were on arrival.A:马丁先生,我们到了。B:lts nice of you to see my off at the airport. Thank you very much.B:您真是太周到了,非常感谢您来机场送我。A:Well miss you. I hope well keep in touch.A:我们会想念您的,希望今后保持联系。B:Sure. Youve given a great help to me in the past days.B:当然会。这些天里您帮我大忙了。A:lts my pleasure. We hope youll visit Beijing again.A:我很乐意那样做。我们希望您能再次来北京。B:Certainly. lll be glad to.B:当然,我很乐意。A:lts almost time to get aboard.A:该登机了。B:Yes, we should go. Thank you very much. Goodbye!B:是啊,我们该走了。非常感谢!再见!A:Bye bye! Have a pleasant journey!A:再见!旅途愉快! /201504/370509在全英文语境下,你会在不知不觉中已经开口说起了英语,本来困难的开口说话变得如此自然而然。 /201605/441620

小咖实用英语口语 第122期:复仇者联盟2 /201512/411607

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