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赣州全南县寻乌县安远县瑞金市输卵管粘连景德镇不孕不育医院哪家好Wheat Baba小麦粑粑Wheat Baba, a traditional snack made of wheat like pies in Qujing, Yunnan, enjoys great popularity among locals. According to the local customs, it is served as an indispensable cuisine during events like traditional festivals, birthdays for the elderly, weddings and funerals. Additionally, it plays a significant role in engagement and invitation to the wedding. As far as locals can remember, Wheat Baba must be included in bride-price paid by the bridegroom’s family as part of betrothal gifts. Furthermore it supersedes invitation card to the wedding, for receiving the Wheat Baba indicates that one is being officially invited as a distinguished guest.一些当地人回忆,小粑粑在曲靖的城乡有着牢固的根基,是当地普及程度最高的零食,它被用来招待客人,也是一种是较为通行的民间礼节。传统节日、祝寿、红白喜事等民间重大场合中,都少不了小粑粑。据说曲靖小粑粑还是当地人婚嫁聘礼的一部分,男方家到女方家下聘时,必须要准备“曲靖小粑粑”,按照当地传统习惯,“曲靖小粑粑”有类似请柬的作用,凡是收到“曲靖小粑粑”的人,都会被邀请参加婚宴。 /201506/378355南昌/市青山湖区新建区不孕不育研究基地 A glass of red wine per day is as beneficial as going to the gym. Shutterstock每天喝一杯红酒和去健身馆所产生的益处是一样的。Whoever said no news is good news was wrong. Turns out drinking red wine is better for you than going to the gym! How’s that for good news? Jason Dyck and other science researchers in the University of Alberta in Canada found that red wine, nuts and grapes have a complex called resveratrol which improves heart, muscle and bone functions; the same way they’re improved when one goes to the gym. Resveratrol proved to be an effective antioxidant when tested on rodents which is why scientists are planning on testing it with diabetics. If results are positive for the benefits of the complex, patient’s heart health could be improved just as much as it does when they work out vigorously.研究发现,喝红酒的好处甚至胜过去健身馆!加拿大阿尔伯塔大学的科学研究者Jason Dyck和他的同行发现,红酒、坚果及葡萄内含有一种叫做白藜芦醇[1]的化合物,能改善心脏、肌肉和骨骼功能,这和人们去健身馆的作用是一样的。通过在啮齿动物身上实验明白藜芦醇是一种有效的抗氧化剂,由此,科学家也计划在糖尿病患者身上做实验。如果实这一化合物带来的益处是有效的,那么病人的心脏健康就将得到改善,这和他们进行剧烈运动是一样的。While scientists and wine lovers are rejoicing over this news, doctors are still unlikely to recommend their patients to start drinking any type of alcohol as it can have harmful effects on your body. People should keep in mind that these benefits can be enjoyed only when having one glass of wine with your evening meal, at the most. Resveratrol is specifically found in red wine as are some of the beneficial antioxidants referred to when talking about heart health. Red wine is also known to reduce ‘bad cholesterol’ and prevent blood clots.正当科学家和红酒爱好者对此消息喜不自禁时,医生并不情愿建议他们的病人开始饮用任意种类的酒,因为有可能对身体有害。应当牢记的是:只有在晚餐后喝一杯酒,才会最大程度的产生效用。在谈及心脏健康时,白藜芦醇是在红酒里发现的一些有效抗氧化剂。红酒也因能减少“有害胆固醇”和预防血栓而被人们熟知。Other benefits red wine is known for (when consumed in moderation, constantly) are: promoting longevity, cutting risk of cataracts and colon cancer, reducing risk of Type 2 Diabetes and slowing down brain decline (which beer is known for, too.) We think these are good excuses to kick back and relax with a glass of vino every single night. Bottoms up!红酒的其他益处还有:促进长寿,降低白内障、结肠癌和II型糖尿病的风险,减缓大脑萎缩(啤酒也有这功效。)有了这些很好的理由,我们就可以每晚喝一杯红酒,来让自己放松休息,而不用去健身馆。来,干杯! /201411/344687Women apologize more often than men do, a new study showed。一项最新调查研究表明,女性要比男性更频繁地道歉。But it#39;s not that men are reluctant to admit wrongdoings, the study showed. It#39;s just that they have a higher threshold for what they think warrants reparation. When the researchers looked at the number of apologies relative to the number of offenses the participants perceived they had committed, the researchers saw no differences between the genders。研究显示,并不是男性不愿意道歉,只是他们认为值得道歉的标准应该更高一些。当研究人员把被调查者道歉的次数和他们认为自己冒犯别人的次数放在一起比较,结果发现两性之间不存在差异。Study researcher Karina Schumann and her colleagues conducted two studies to see if genders do indeed differ in how often they apologize, and if so, why this might be。调查研究者卡莉娜·舒曼表和她的同事们进行两项研究试验,来观察两性是否在道歉的频率上存在差异,如果有,这些差异是因何而起。In one, 33 university students aged 18 to 44 kept an online dairy for 12 days documenting whether they apologized or did something they thought required an apology, even if they didn#39;t actually say they were sorry. They also kept track of how often they felt someone had committed an offensive act against them that warranted an apology。第一个试验要求年龄在18岁到44岁的33名大学生连续12天记录网络日志,在日志里注明那些自己做错了但没有道歉的事情,或者自己没有道歉,但是自认为应该道歉的事情。他们还要跟踪记录多久他们会认为有人对他们做出冒犯的事情,而冒犯者应该为此向他们道歉。Women apologized more and reported committing more offensive acts, but both men and women apologized about 81 percent of the time when they deemed their actions offensive。记录显示女性道歉次数更多,做出冒犯的事情也比较多。但是研究显示无论男女,当他们认为自己做错事情,承认错误的比例都是81%。In the second study, 120 undergraduates rated how severe they thought a particular offensive was. For instance, they had to imagine they woke their friend up late at night, and because of the sleep disturbance, the friend did poorly on an interview the next day. Women rated the offenses as more severe than men did, and women were also more likely to say the friend deserved an apology。在第二个研究试验中,120名本科生对一项特定的冒犯进行严重程度评级。例如,他们必须想象他们在夜里很晚的时候把朋友给吵醒,朋友因为睡眠被打扰,所以在第二天的面试中表现很差。在研究中,女性认为自己冒犯朋友的程度要比男性高,而且女性会认为她们应该对朋友道歉。Women might have a lower threshold for what requires an apology because they are more concerned with the emotional experiences of others and in promoting harmony in their relationships, Schumann speculated。舒曼推测,(相比男性),女性的道歉标准更低一些是因为他们更关注其他人的情感体验,也更希望和其他人保持融洽的关系。Recognizing that men and women may perceive situations differently may help the genders to get along。认识到两性在认知周围环境时存在差异可以帮助他们更好地相处。The studies, detailed in the journal Psychological Science Online, were small and involved only university students, so the findings might not be applicable to all men and women in general。这些调查详细刊登在《心理学科学杂志》网络版,因为调查对象人数较少,又都是大学生,所以一般来说,这些发现并不适用于所有的男性和女性。 /201507/384640江西省检查封闭抗体需要多少钱

江西省治多囊去哪家医院GNC, the country’s largest specialty retailer of dietary supplements, has agreed to institute sweeping new testing procedures that far exceed quality controls mandated under federal law.全美最大的膳食补充剂专业零售商GNC已经同意采用全新的测试流程,其质量控制标准将远超联邦法律的强制要求。The action to be announced Monday comes after the New York state attorney general’s office accused GNC and three other major retailers of selling herbal supplements that were fraudulent or contaminated with unlisted ingredients that could pose health risks to consumers.该公司本周一宣布开展此项行动。之前纽约州总检察长办公室曾指控GNC以及其他三家主要的零售商售卖的草本保健品存在欺诈,或受到标签中未注明的成分的污染,可能会对消费者健康造成不利影响。Experts said the announcement marked an initial but significant step forward for the billion-a-year supplement industry, which is loosely regulated and plagued by accusations of adulteration and mislabeling.专家表示,该公司此举是一个初步行动,但对于每年330亿美元规模的保健品行业却意义重大。这个行业面临的监管颇为宽松,掺假和乱贴标签的指控令其声誉大受损失。“This should be a standard across the entire industry,” said Dr. Pieter Cohen, a professor at Harvard Medical School who studies tainted supplements. “Today we finally have one first step taken by one retailer, and only after the very aggressive intervention by the New York attorney general’s office.”“这应该成为整个行业的标准,”哈佛大学医学院教授彼得·科恩(Pieter Cohen)士说,他研究过受污染的膳食补充剂。“现在,在纽约总检察长办公室非常积极的干预之后,零售商总算才采取了第一步行动。”GNC, which has more than 6,500 stores nationwide and annual revenue of .6 billion, said that its herbal products had passed several rigorous quality-control tests and that it stood by their quality. But as part of its agreement with the attorney general, the company said it would in the next 18 months put in place additional quality-control measures to restore the trust of its customers and set new standards for the rest of the industry.GNC在全国拥有6500家门店,年营收逾26亿美元。该公司说其草本产品已通过多次的严格质量控制测试,其质量是可靠的。但鉴于和总检察长签署的一份协议,该公司表示它将在未来18个月采取额外的质量控制措施,重新获得顾客的信赖,为行业中的其他公司设定新的标准。The company said it would use advanced DNA testing to authenticate all of the plants that are used in its store-brand herbal supplements, and extensively test the products for common allergens like tree nuts, soy and wheat. In addition, GNC will submit semiannual reports proving that it is complying with the attorney general’s demands.该公司表示,它将利用先进的DNA测试技术,来鉴定其自有品牌的草本保健品中所用植物的真假,并且大量测试常见的过敏原,比如坚果、大豆和小麦等等。此外,GNC将每半年提交一次报告,以便明它在遵循总检察长的要求行事。The company said it would also display signs at all of its stores and post statements on its website explaining to customers how the ingredients in its supplements were processed and what, if any, chemical solvents were used to make them.该公司还表示将在所有商店里摆放标志,并在其网站上张贴声明,向消费者解释其补充剂的成分是怎样进行处理的,如果生产过程中使用了化学溶剂的话,又包括那些溶剂。Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York, would not comment on whether he was in talks to reach similar agreements with the other retailers included in his investigation — Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Target. But, in a statement, Schneiderman said he had urged those retailers, “as well as all herbal supplements manufacturers, to join GNC in working with my office to increase transparency and safeguard the wellness of their customers.”对于是否正在与其他受调查零售商-——沃尔格林(Walgreens)、沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)和塔吉特(Target)——会谈,以便达成类似的协议,纽约州总检察长埃里克·T·施耐德曼(Eric T. Schneiderman) 不予置评。但是,在一份声明中,施耐德曼说,他曾敦促零售商“以及所有草本保健品生产商像GNC一样和我的办公室合作,增加透明度,保障顾客的健康。”The attorney general’s investigation was prompted by a 2013 article in The New York Times that referred to research suggesting that dietary supplements labeled medicinal herbs frequently contained little more than cheap fillers like powdered rice and weeds, or evidence of soybeans, tree nuts and other unlisted ingredients that can be hazardous to people with allergies.《纽约时报》2013年的一篇文章引发了总检察长的这项调查。该文章称,研究表明膳食补充剂虽然在标签上标明了草本药材,实际上只不过是粉状大米和杂草这样的廉价填充料,或是含有大豆、坚果以及其他未列明的成分,对于过敏人群来说这是很危险的。The attorney general’s office tested 78 bottles of popular, store-brand herbal supplements that it purchased at a dozen Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and GNC locations across New York state. Using an advanced DNA testing procedure, the investigators found that 4 out of 5 bottles contained no detectable genetic material from the plants advertised on their labels.总检察长办公室测试了78瓶现在热销的自有品牌草本保健品,分别在纽约州各处十几家沃尔玛、塔吉特、沃尔格林和GNC门店购得。研究人员使用先进手段进行了DNA测试,但在每五瓶中,就有四瓶检测不到标签注明的植物成分的DNA。But there was frequently evidence of unlisted plants and other ingredients. At GNC, for example, the investigators found bottles of ginseng pills, promoted for “vitality and overall well-being,” that tested negative for any DNA from the ginseng plant. But the tests did indicate the presence of powdered rice, wheat, pine and houseplants.而测试中还经常发现一些标签没有列出的植物和其他成分。例如,在GNC声称可以“提高活力和整体元气”的人参丸中,研究人员没有检测出任何人参DNA,但却发现了粉状大米、小麦、松树和某些室内植物的成分。Last month, the attorney general ordered the four retailers to pull the products from their shelves in New York, and a flood of lawsuits from consumers across the country followed.上个月,总检察长命令四家零售商从纽约货架上撤下产品,全美各地消费者随后发起的诉讼像洪水一般涌来。The industry has countered that many of the supplements examined by the attorney general were herbal extracts, and that they would not contain DNA from the plants advertised on their labels because DNA is damaged during manufacturing and extraction.该行业的业内人士反驳说,总检察长检查的很多膳食补充剂是草本精华,所以不会包含标签中注明的植物DNA,因为DNA已经在制造和提取过程中遭到破坏。For GNC, the settlement satisfies the attorney general’s concerns about consumer safety and brings his investigation of the company to a close. The company has maintained all along that its products were not adulterated, and in the agreement with the attorney general there is no admission or mention of wrongdoing.对于GNC来说,达成和解不仅满足了总检察长对于消费者安全的关注,而且也给他对该公司的调查画上了句号。该公司一直坚称其产品没有掺假,总检察长的协议中没有提到不法行为,该公司也未承认有不法行为。The company said that it had commissioned a series of tests that confirmed the quality of its products, and that it would continue to defend against the many lawsuits it is facing, which it said were without merit.该公司表示,它已经委托其他机构进行了一系列测试,实其产品的质量是可信的,它将继续迎战其面临的大量诉讼;该公司表示这些诉讼缺乏法律依据。“As our testing demonstrated, and this agreement affirms beyond any doubt, our products are not only safe and pure but are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements,” Michael G. Archbold, GNC’s chief executive officer, said in a statement.“我们的测试明,GNC的产品不仅安全纯净,而且完全符合所有监管要求,这个协议毫无疑问这实了这一点。”GNC公司首席执行官迈克尔·G·阿奇尔德(Michael G. Archbold)在一份声明中表示。 /201504/367524九江市都昌县湖口县结扎后输卵管复通术 南昌/市青山湖区新建区治疗不孕不育的医院

南昌/华山医院做人工流产大约好吗 A vegetarian diet, especially one that includes fish, significantly reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, a large new study reports.一项大型研究最近称,素食饮食,特别是包括鱼在内的素食饮食,能极大降低患结肠直肠癌的风险。Researchers recruited 77,659 men and women from Seventh-day Adventist churches nationwide. All filled out well-validated questionnaires that included more than 200 food items.研究者从美国各地的基督复临安息日会(Seventh-day Adventist)招募了77659名男女。所有调查对象都填写了确定有效的问卷,其中提到200多种食物。Meat intake in the population was very low — an average of about two ounces a day. During an average of seven years of follow-up, the scientists found 490 cases of colorectal cancer. Over all, after adjusting for many health and behavioral variables, vegetarians had a 21 percent reduced risk of cancer compared with nonvegetarians. The results are in JAMA Internal Medicine.这些调查对象的总体肉摄入量很低,平均每天约二盎司(约合56.7克)。在平均长达七年的跟踪调查中,科学家们发现了490例结肠直肠癌。在根据很多健康和行为变量调整之后,研究者们算出,总的来说,素食者比非素食者的患癌风险低21%。该研究结果发表在《美国医学会杂志·内科学卷》(JAMA Internal Medicine)上。But some vegetarian diets were better than others. Results for people who modified a vegetarian diet with eating meat or fish up to four times a month derived little benefit. But “pescovegetarians,” who ate fish one or more times a month and other meats less than once a month, reduced their risk by 42 percent compared with nonvegetarians.不过,有些素食优于其他素食。在素食基础上每月最多吃四次肉类或鱼类,几乎不会带来更多益处。但是,“鱼素者”(pescovegetarian),也就是那些每月至少吃一次鱼、最多吃一次肉的人——比非素食者患结肠直肠癌的风险低42%。“We’re looking at the low end of the meat consumption spectrum,” said the lead author, Dr. Michael J. Orlich, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, “but even compared to a moderate intake of meat, a zero intake looks better, with or without fish.”“我们调查的是肉摄入量较低的人,”这项研究的主要作者、洛马林达大学公共卫生学院的流行病学助理教授迈克尔·J·奥尔利奇士(Michael J. Orlich)说,“不过,与适量摄入肉类相比,完全不吃肉甚至似乎更好——不管是否摄入鱼类。” /201503/365693南昌/华山医院做卵巢囊肿手术大概多少钱宜春市樟树市奉新县万载县上高县检查不孕不育多少钱



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