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And I would apologize, but it did not have anything to do with security我很抱歉 但这同安全没一点关系Those graduates just wanted you to know what its like to register for classes here这些毕业生只是想让你们体会一下 选课时是什么滋味And this time of year brings a different kind of stress 今年还有另外一种压力Every senior stopping by gloster hall over the past week上周各位大四学生前往格洛斯特礼堂Making sure your name确保你的名字Was actually on the list of students who met all the graduation requirements出现在满足所有毕业要求的学生名单上If it wasnt on the list, you had to figure out why如果不在名单中 你需要弄清为什么Was it that library book you lent to that trifling roommate是因为你把图书馆的书借给了你不靠谱的室友Who didnt return it?而他没有还Was it Dr. Johnsons policy class?还是因为约翰逊士的政策课程Did you get enough crown forum credits?你们有足够的论坛学分吗On that last point, I’m going to exercise my power as president最后这一点上 我将执行我的总统特权To declare this speech sufficient宣布这次演讲就足够了Crown forum credits for any otherwise eligible student论坛学分 给予任何其它条件合格的学生To graduate让其毕业That is my graduation gift to you这是我给你们的毕业礼物201604/435614So Mr. President, Secretary General, Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,Prior to my assuming the high office of the Presidency, and before taking the solemn Oath of Office, I have a few remarks to make before parting with my status as President-elect.Firstly, on behalf of you all, it is my duty and privilege this afternoon to thank the President of the 70th Session of the General Assembly for his selfless service to the ed Nations throughout the past year.President Lykketoft brought new levels of transparency and openness to the ed Nations and there are few who do not see the many benefits derived.In this regard, one need think only of his clear, firm leadership of the General Assemblys comprehensive interaction with the candidates aspiring to fill the post of the next Secretary General of the ed Nations.Transparency calls upon the exercise of our most worthy qualities of honesty, equity and ethical behavior. Under its wide purview, we are required to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards expected of us as the selected representatives of humankind congregated here at the ed Nations. Thus, the Lykketoft legacy is a demanding one, but Im confident it will be an enduring one, and I for one commit to build on it over the coming session.So President Lykketoft, I say, on behalf of my colleagues here present: it was a job well done, it was a mantle well worn, and you should leave this great Hall today in the full knowledge of our appreciation. I ask my colleagues to stand with me now and express that thanks by acclamation.Secondly, I express thanks to our Secretary General for the continuation of his great service to this world. In the 70th Session, the Secretary-Generals commitment to the creation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda achieved glorious fruition, and his relentless pursuit of a breakthrough on Climate Change was rewarded in Paris.We are blessed with another four months of his leadership, so today is not the time for valedictory praise, but it is a reminder that we must seize the months ahead to garner from him all the broad wisdom and venerable experience he can pass onto us this year. I look forward very much to working closely with our Secretary-General and his team between now and the years end.The 71st will be a special year for us all. Not least will be the fact that we will have the experience of working with two Secretaries-General. The search for the best possible candidate to fill the post is approaching its final stages. Once the selection process is complete, it will be important that we undertake an orderly appointment and a smooth transition to demonstrate the strength of our institutional stability.As President of the Assembly, I will dedicate myself to facilitation of the transition process; I will be available at all times to assist the incoming Secretary-General settle into her or his responsibilities of office.Throughout the 71st, I will work to strengthen the relations between the UNs organs, continuing the practice of holding regular meetings with the Secretary-General, the Presidents of the Security Council, and the President of ECOSOC. I will inform the membership as to the scope of these meetings. And in addition to upholding the principles of transparency and inclusiveness during the 71st Session, I will seek to give greater prominence to ethics in the work of the ed Nations.As far as the Office of the President is concerned, financial transparency will be maintained by ensuring that all contributions to the running of the Office are entered into the UN Trust Fund where the donors and expenditure will be public knowledge. In this regard, I thank the Governments who have contributed to date for their generosity and support for the work of the OPGA in the 71st Session.I also thank the Governments and agencies that have seconded staff to the OPGA for the 71st Session. We have a large staff this year because of the appointment of a team specifically dedicated to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals this team has been put in place to fulfill the commitment I have made to achieving meaningful progress in all 17 Goals during the 71st.That commitment, however, will not be delivered by this Assembly alone and in this regard, I will work to strengthen the engagement of civil society and other actors in our overall work.201609/468552点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!欢迎来到广播学口语。Andy向大家问好。Andy今天向大家介绍的两个句子是:Stop rolling in the aisles.和Donlsquo;t burst a blood vessel. 还等什么,赶快来搭乘我们的音乐快车吧!(音乐)音乐快车第一站到了:Stop rolling in the aisles. roll作动词有卷起,翻滚的意思。而aisle这个词读音比较特殊,需要注意。这个词是走廊通道的意思。那么roll in the aisle是说在走廊里打滚吗?这恐怕是生病了吧?哈哈!其实这句话的意思是捧腹大笑.One night Andy fell onto the floor while sleeping in bed。The next day I told this to my friend and he even rolled in the aisles that he could not speak a word!(一天夜里,Andy在睡梦中摔到了地上。第二天把故事讲给朋友时,他竟笑得说不出话来!)岂有此理!不过这种事也不止Andy一个人经历过。那位朋友的女友也有过同样的遭遇。可当Andy同样幸灾乐祸的大笑时,他却急了,;Stop rolling in the aisles!Is that so funny?I rsquo;ve never known you are such a guy!;(别笑了!有那么可笑吗?真不知道你是这样的人!)(音乐)有人对Andy这样无理,Andy自然不高兴。But donlsquo;t burst a blood vessel. 这就是我们下面学习的句子。burst是指爆炸或突然爆发, blood自然不必说。而 vessel本意是容器,管道。这里 blood vessel是指血管。所以 burst a blood vessel直译为血管爆裂。你知道吗?有研究表明,人生气的时候,血压升高,会有一部分血管爆裂。所以这句话的意思就是别太动怒了。Andy正怒气冲天的时候,朋友突然换了笑脸,;Donrsquo;t burst a blood vessel!Ilsquo;m pulling your leg!I also canrsquo;t help laughing when I heard this !;(别生那么大气,我在和你开玩笑!我听说这件事的时候也是忍不住哈哈大笑。)Those who are hot-tempered are easily to burst a blood vessel,but Andy isnrsquo;t. Andy is a gentleman and will keep my temper whaterever happens.(那些急性子的人很容易勃然大怒,但Andy不会。Andy是个绅士,无论发生了什么都会保持仪态。(音乐)大喜亦或大悲都是健康的杀手,Andy希望你和我一样,在任何情况下都保持仪态,不骄不燥。好了,今天就到这里吧,再见吧! /200605/7294

You are awesome. You have excelled Look at you. You looked like an amazing, giant choir 你们很棒 你们很优秀 看看你们 你们就像一个惊人的巨型合唱团But from here on out, you have to switch gears You are no longer meeting and exceeding expectations 但从此以后 你们需要转变角色 你们将不再只是达到和超越期望There are no expectations. Theres no script When youre doing what you love to do, you become resilient 没有期望 没有剧本 做你所爱的事情时 你会变得富有塑性Because thats the habit you create for yourself You create a habit of taking chances on yourself 因为这就是你为自己养成的习惯 你养成了勇于冒险的习惯And making bold choices in service to doing what you love If on the other hand 大胆选择你所爱做之事的习惯 如果情况相反You do what you think is expected of you or what you are supposed to do and things go poorly or chaos ensues as it surely will 你按照期望做事 总想着应该怎么做 事情进展会很糟糕 混沌也会随之而来You will look to external sources for what to do next because that will be the habit youve created for yourself 你总瞅着外部资源 决定下一步该怎么做 因为这变成了你为自己养成的习惯Youll be standing there frozen on the stage of your own life If youre just filling a role, you will be blind-sided 你会迷失在人生的舞台上 不知如何是好 如果只是想完成一个角色 你将会思想僵化Heres the other problem I dont feel like I can stand here and tell you to try to have an impact 这是另外一个问题 我不觉得我能站在这里 告诉你们 尝试着去造成影响Because the problem seems so massive it seems impossible to make any impact at all 因为问题看起来如此严重 似乎造成什么影响都不可能And you just end up feeling like you cant do anything Just thinking about it, you know Syria and Iran and North Korea 你最后只是感觉 你什么都做不了 想想吧 你知道叙利亚 伊朗 朝鲜Is you go through that list, you know it makes me want to sweat and not just because Im wearing this robe that has no natural fibers in it 谈到这个名单 都不禁让人直冒汗 冒汗倒不是因为我穿着这件不含天然纤维的长袍201607/454377

Now, I also agree that that is rational, for now.现在我依然觉得这很理性。But it is not, by any means, an optimal situation.但是,无论如何,这不是最佳选项。We have to start making the real world more like a game.我们不得不从现在开始把现实社会构建得像一个游戏。So, I take my inspiration from something that happened 2,500 years ago.因此,我从发生于2500年前的一些事情中获取灵感。These are ancient dice, made out of sheeps knuckles. Right?这些是古老的骰子,由羊的关节骨制作而成。Before we had awesome game controllers,we had sheeps knuckles.在我们设计出游戏控制器前,我们人类已经拥有了羊关节制作的骰子。And these represent the first game equipment designed by human beings.这就是人类设计出的最早的游戏器械。And if youre familiar with the work of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, you might know this history,which is the history of who invented games and why.如果你对古希腊历史学家的作品比较熟悉的话,如古希腊历史学家希罗多德,你就会了解这段历史游戏发明的历史是什么以及原因是什么呢。Herodotus says that games, particularly dice games,were invented in the kingdom of Lydia during a time of famine.希罗多德说游戏,特别是骰子游戏是由Lydia(小亚细亚西部的富裕古国)王国在一次大饥荒中发明的。Apparently, there was such a severe famine that the king of Lydia decided that they had to do something crazy.显然,历史上曾经有过这么一次严重的饥荒,Lydia国王决定做一些他们不得不做的疯狂的事情。People were suffering. People were fighting.当时人民在遭受痛苦,互相争斗。It was an extreme situation, they needed an extreme solution.形式非常危机。他们需要一个极端的解决方案。So, according to Herodotus, they invented dice games and they set up a kingdom-wide policy:据希罗多德说,他们因此而发明了骰子游戏并且制定了一个全国范围内的政策:On one day, everybody would eat,and on the next day, everybody would play games.某一天,所有人可以吃东西,但是第二天,所有人就只能玩游戏。And they would be so immersed in playing the dice games because games are so engaging,and immerse us in such satisfying blissful productivity,they would ignore the fact that they had no food to eat.人们专心的玩骰子游戏,因为游戏极具吸引力,可以使我们沉浸在如此自我满足的幸福“生产”活动中,人们就会忘掉他们没有食物可吃的事实。And then on the next day, they would play games;and on the next day, they would eat.第二天人们就会通过玩游戏度日,接下来的第二天他们就会去吃东西。And according to Herodotus,they passed 18 years this way,surviving through a famine by eating on one day and playing games on the next.据希罗多德所说,Lydia国的人民用这种方式度过了18年,用吃一天、玩游戏玩一天的方式,他们顺利的度过了大饥荒。Now, this is exactly, I think,how were using games today.这也是现如今我们,如何看待游戏的。Were using games to escape real-world suffering.我们通过玩游戏逃避现实中的痛苦。Were using games to get away from everything thats broken in the real environment, everything thats not satisfying about real life,我们通过玩游戏来避开现实环境中那些,残缺不全、不能令人满意的东西。and were getting what we need from games.同时从中获取我们所需的东西。201606/449160

There are these other identities which you have to learn from a peer group.还有一些身份认同是你从同龄人群中获得的。And I call them horizontal identities,我称它们为水平身份认同,because the peer group is the horizontal experience.因为和同伴一起活动,接触,是所谓的一种经验。These are identities that are alien to your parents and that you have to discover when you get to see them in peers.这些身份认同与你从父母处得来的不同,你需要通过接触同伴自己发掘。And those identities, those horizontal identities,这种身份认同,我指的是水平身份认同,people have almost always tried to cure.就是人们最希望去治愈的部分。And I wanted to look at what the process is through which people who have those identities come to a good relationship with them.我想要研究的是,这是怎样的过程,有着这些身份认同的人们是怎么和他们保持好的关系的。And it seemed to me that there were three levels of acceptance that needed to take place.在我看来,有三种不同程度的接受。Theres self-acceptance, theres family acceptance, and theres social acceptance.这三种是,自我接受,家庭接纳,社会接纳。And they dont always coincide.它们并不一定同步发生。And a lot of the time, people who have these conditions are very angry because they feel as though their parents dont love them,很多时候,这样的人很易怒,因为他们觉得,他们的父母并不爱他们,when what actually has happened is that their parents dont accept them.真实的情况是,他的父母不接受他们。Love is something that ideally is there unconditionally throughout the relationship between a parent and a child.最理想的爱就是父母和孩子之间那种无条件的爱。But acceptance is something that takes time.但接受是需要时间。It always takes time.接受总是需要时间的。One of the dwarfs I got to know was a guy named Clinton Brown.我认识的一个小矮人,名叫克林顿布朗。When he was born, he was diagnosed with diastrophic dwarfism,他出生的时候就被诊断为畸形侏儒症,a very disabling condition,他的残疾非常严重,and his parents were told that he would never walk, he would never talk,他的父母被告知,他永久丧失行走能力和语言能力,he would have no intellectual capacity,他也没有获取知识的能力,and he would probably not even recognize them.他甚至也不会认识他的父母。And it was suggested to them that they leave him at the hospital so that he could die there quietly.医院给他父母的建议是把他留在医院,他可以在那里平静地离世。And his mother said she wasnt going to do it.他的母亲说,她不会这样做。And she took her son home.她把她的儿子带回了家。And even though she didnt have a lot of educational or financial advantages,尽管她没有什么学历,也不是很富有,she found the best doctor in the country for dealing with diastrophic dwarfism,她还是找到了治疗畸形侏儒症全国最顶级的医生,and she got Clinton enrolled with him.她让克林顿接受治疗。201603/430642

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