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No. You are handsome handsome couple.But wait a minute.The Hedwig and the Angry Inch.你俩真是天作之合啊 不过先等下 你的;摇滚芭比;Are you done now?Yeah, I finished the the show a few, uh 5 month ago actually.现在结束了吗 是的 这场表演5个月前就结束了Im sorry I didnt get to see it.I loved the movie.And I would love to see you do that.真可惜我没能看成 我很喜欢那部电影 而且我可想看你表演了I lost 21 ponds.I was like under 150 ponds by the time the show was done.我减了21磅 演出结束时 我体重都不到150磅了Because It was so feminine. - On purpose or no?因为要显得很女性化 -是有意减重还是Mostly on purpose. Yeah.I had to change my frame up and make sure that I was much more feminine in the, in the outfits that I was supposed to be wearing.算是有意的吧 是的 我必须要改变自己的身材来确保 自己穿上戏后 显得更有女性韵味But its a grueling show.I sort of miss it.那表演真的能累趴人 但我还有点舍不得它But I miss it like eat anything I wanted.不过舍不得是因为我能胡吃海喝And still lose weight.Because it was such a...like an exhausting show to do.但还是能减肥 因为这演出真的 真的很让人精疲力竭I was gonna say. You must be exhausted.我刚刚还打算说 你一定觉得很累It was non-stop.John Cameron Mitchell who originated the role of Hedwig Just was doing it in New York currently and hurt himself.没玩没了 约翰·卡梅伦·米歇尔 他创造了海德威这个角色 但他在纽约演出的时候 却把自己给弄伤了So because its a really exhausting role.Thats what Broadways for.因为这角色实在是太磨人了 不过这就是百老汇I think thats why people pay big money to go to New York and see big shows.这就是为什么大家愿意掏腰包 去纽约看这些大型演出Because they wanna see people working hard.You know, doing it live.因为观众想看到演员们认真投入的演出 你知道的 现场演出 /201510/406884The American Lung Association’s 2016 State of the Air report claims that 52% of Americans live in counties with dangerous levels of particle or ozone pollution. 美国肺脏协会的2016年国家空气报告称,52%的美国人生活在有颗粒或臭氧污染的县郡。Thats 166 million people. National President and CEO of the association, Harold P. Wimmer, says that this percentage is actually an improvement, but he did add that climate change is making it more difficult to put a dent in the numbers. 那是1亿6,600万人。协会总裁兼首席执行官哈罗德·温默表示,这个比例其实是一个进步,但他补充道,气候变化正使数量更难削减。Ozone pollution, which is mainly caused by cars and factory emissions, can cause serious conditions, including chest pain, coughing, and throat irritation. 臭氧污染主要是由汽车和工厂排放造成的,可能会导致严重的情况,包括胸痛,咳嗽,喉咙发炎。The 2016 State of the Air report examined data from 2012 to 2014. Six of the top ten most polluted counties were in California, with Los Angeles topping the list at number one.2016年国家空气报告调查了2012年到2014年的数据。十个污染最严重的县中有六个在加利福尼亚,洛杉矶排名第一。译文属。201604/438800

Why horses have skinny legs? 马的腿为什么这么细?Whats the use of a skinny leg? 这么细的腿有何作用?The answer is Running. 是用于奔跑。The skinniest lower legs belong to the fastest runners. 最细长的小腿能够赋予奔跑者最快的速度。Think of how a deer can move, as opposed to a tortoise.相比一只乌龟,想想一只鹿如何运动。Why is that? 那是为什么?Its because when you run, or indeed walk, you are constantly swinging the bottom halves of your legs. 这是因为当你在奔跑,甚至走路时,你的小腿部分要不断进行摆动。For humans, one foot is stopped and essentially resting on the ground while the other is moving twice as fast as your overall speed.对于人类来说,一只脚停止步伐时本质上是在地上,另一只脚则按照你整体速度的2倍进行运动。201502/360001

Telemedicine is the practice of treating patients remotely through telecommunication and information technology.Its on the rise in Michigan, especially in rural areas where they dont have enough doctors, physician assistants, or nurses.Nancy Derringer looked at telemedicine in her story for Bridge Magazine.According to Derringer, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we receive medical attention, especially for people who live in rural areas and may not have y access to a doctor or other medical professional.;They may live several hours away. They shouldnt have to drive that far for a 15-minute visit,; she says.Dr. Jed Magen is an osteopathic psychiatrist who teaches at Michigan State Universitys College of Osteopathic Medicine, and he tells us that there are a few reasons medical professionals dont tend to set up shop in rural areas.For one, he says that theres just more for medical professionals to do in the city.;Rural areas are just not intrinsically as interesting, there are many more things to do in a city. From that standpoint, people are much more attracted to larger metropolitan areas,; Magen says.Magen also tells us that working in a rural area where there are few doctors can lead to a sense of professional isolation and being overworked.;You can get overwhelmed very quickly, and so theres no relief, theres no backup,; he says.Derringer tells us that telemedicine can be great for monitoring chronic conditions, saving both the patient and their doctor time while freeing up space in hospitals for patients with conditions that require more urgent and active attention.Practicing telemedicine requires a fairly robust Internet connection, which can also be a problem for those living in rural areas. But Derringer tells us that some medical facilities are making moves to remedy that problem, too.;Northern Michigan hospitals are building facilities that have those super high-capacity Internet pipes so that they can have these glitch-free consults,; she says.So instead of having to drive hours away to meet with a certain specialist, patients could only need to drive to the nearest hospital or medical clinic to consult the same expert through the facilitys dedicated telecommunication equipment.There is some concern surrounding whether this technology can play nice with HIPAA laws, according to Derringer, which clinics and hospitals also hope to remedy by providing these facilities.;Hospitals are very concerned that these links be secure,; Derringer says. ;So you may even have high-speed Internet in your home … but theyre going to want you to go to a clinic.;So its not exactly like texting your doctor, but it is closer,; she says.Magen tells us that he was interested and enthusiastic when he first heard about telecommunication, a sentiment shared by many of his colleagues, and its a similar story for his patients.;You would think that people would be somewhat resistant, would have questions and so on,; he says. ;But our experience is we have almost 100% acceptance,; even among those who normally dont have much experience with electronic media.Magen sees telemedicine as a means to improve access to proper medical consultation, making it more convenient for both medical professionals and their patients.;I think it makes so much sense that the only way its going to go is to become more and more prevalent. Its really probably one of the few ways we can increase access,; he tells us.– Ryan Grimes, Stateside201509/396821This is his land, and these are his people.这里是他的故乡,这些人是他的同胞。Tsering has brought John Bellezza here to learn about acient tales and fables from his tribe elders.合嘉波才让带领约翰·贝勒查到这里聆听部落长辈述说古老传说。Tsering has become a collector of stories from Guges past with the help of these elders.在长辈的帮忙下和嘉波才让收集古格王朝的故事。Oral legends pass down from generation to generation provide one of the few sources historians like Tsering have to piece together this rise and fall of this lost kingdom.一代一代的口传传说成为稀少的线索来源让和嘉波才让这样的历史学家得以拼凑出古格王朝的盛衰起败。The tales are intriguing, the constant struggle for water in an arid inhospitable plateau, the encounter with strangers from the outside world.故事极为有趣荒凉高原上的长期水源争夺外来陌生人的东进以及长期的权力争夺与邻国间的战争。Tsering and John embarked on a quest to solve one of Tibets the greatest mysteries.和嘉波才让及约翰开始调查企图解开西藏最大的谜团之一。How did the might kingdom of Guge flourish in the middle of a harsh desert?古格王朝如何在荒芜的干漠中繁荣壮大?And what later caused this dramatic collapse in the 17th century?什么原因造成古格王朝在十七世纪瓦解?Of all the stories that shroud this lost city, there is one that is often told.在围绕古格王朝的众多故事中其中一则故事最被人津津乐道。It is an extraordinary legend about a bitter power struggle between two brothers that eventually brought this magnificent 700-year-old kingdom to a bloody end.传说一对兄弟间的权力争夺最后让延续七百年的古格王朝在流血中瓦体。 译文属201601/420524

Jennifer Lopez.;The Boy Next Door; costar.Today, Ellen clears up all the rumors.詹妮弗·洛佩兹 出演电影;邻家男孩; 今天 艾伦会撇清所有的谣言So theres nothing going on.What the heck I am not in his business like that.所以什么都没发生 真见鬼 我跟他可不是那种关系Not yet.Plus.Florida Georgia Line.Charlie Day.Jennifer Anistons horrible bosses.目前还不是 此外Florida Georgia Line组合 查理·戴 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿的恶老板What do you think?It must be hard to deal with that.Yeah, somebodys gotta do it.你怎么想 还是挺有难度的吧 是啊 总有人要做的And, see what makes this room go.Right now on Ellen.然后 看看是什么让这屋的人变成这样 现在是艾伦秀Here she is now, Ellen Degeneres.All of you.Thank you so much.I appreciate it.Thank you so much.Um, thats good.Have a seat everybody.Thank you so much.现在她来了 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 谢谢大家 非常感谢 我很感谢 谢谢大家 很好 大家坐下来吧 非常感谢Thats a wonderful amount of noise.And I give it all back to you.大家的欢呼声真是太热情了 我要把这份热情回赠给各位You are happy to be here.I know that and I appreciate it.你们在这儿很开心 我知道这一点 我很感谢But I know you are making a big sacrifice being here.但我知道你们呆在这儿也是做了巨大的牺牲Youve agreed to put away your phones for the entire hour.因为在录制的整整一个小时里你们都不能用手机 /201511/409871OK, this is where I fess up and tell you that the answer to that headline is ;only time will tell.;A scientific advisory panel is studying the possibility now (see their names here), and we expect to see their findings this October. After that report, there will be more ;time telling; as state officials decide whether to allow it.But right now, theres a lot of buzz.The Canadians raise fish commercially in open-water pens on the Great Lakes, and proponents say producing seafood like this has the potential to be a billion dollar business for Michigan. But critics say its too risky, and it wouldnt mix well with the states tourism industry.Peter Payette from our partner station Interlochen Public Radio got the latest on the debate when he attended a conference on open-water aquaculture in St. Ignace.Payette says proponents of net-pen aquaculture planned the event.;But theyve organized it as a dialogue, so there are a fair number of skeptics and critics here,; he said.Its on the Canadian side of Lake Huron — up in the North Channel and the Georgian Bay — that Canadians are farming trout for restaurants and grocery stores.And Payette says several of these Canadian fish farmers spoke up at the conference.;Theyre very interested to defend their industry — to show that theyve done this responsibly, without harming the lake — and to advocate that Michigan go the same direction,; he says.Farmers have been raising fish on the Canadian side of the lakes for 20 years, but Payette says its hard to know whether or not the farming has caused any damage to the lake and its ecosystems.;Well theres no one to really check that,; he said. ;The Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario has been pretty quiet about this. Ive not been able to get them to talk to me for my reporting, and they were not here today. So theres really no one involved to respond, in any serious way, to the assertions of the fish producers.;Critics of open-water pens in the Great Lakes did chime in, however.They raised several potential issues.Phosphorus in the Great LakesIts true the Great Lakes need phosphorus, Payette says. But too much causes problems, like the algal and cyanobacteria blooms Lake Erie is dealing with now.Proponents response to the phosphorous argument?;They say its negligible,; Payette said. ;And theyll even argue that the upper lakes need phosphorus. So they argue that this could even be a benefit to the lakes.;Critics, on the other hand, dont think the risk aquaculture presents for the Great Lakes is worth it.The Michigan Environmental Councils Sean Hammond spoke as a panelist at the conference yesterday. Payette said he argued for farming fish not in the Great Lakes, but on land.;We see a future need for aquaculture and a future need for fish protein, its just whether we want to see it risking the natural use of the lakes, or if we want to expand it in a way to help revitalize our urban centers,; Hammond said.Payette said Hammond pointed out the potential for fish farming in cities like Detroit and Flint.He explained that fish farming on land can be controlled and wont affect the ecosystems established in the lakes. He also pointed out that Michigan cities like Detroit and Flint have extra sewer capacity and plenty of water to make farming fish on land viable.So is Michigan likely to buy into the open-water pen industry?Payette says Gord Cole — one of the first fish farmers on the Great Lakes — doesnt think Michigan has the potential for a lot of net-pen aquaculture operations. He said fish farms need to be protected and when looking at a map, he doesnt see many spots on Michigans side of the Great Lakes that would allow fish to thrive.;So youre not going to get 100 fish farms,; Cole said. ;There might be one spot. There might be five spots. There might be 10, maybe. There might very well likely be none.;However, Payette said that a second Ontario fish farmer ;was much more optimistic.;;He thinks that, with the right technology and the right design, they can handle more open water. So there were differences of opinion on that,; Payette said.So back to my main point. Will Michigan buy into fish farming on the Great Lakes? Well have to wait and see, and well keep you up to date on the process.201508/395419This weekend, the electronic musical festival called Movement will bring in more than 100,000 people from around the globe to the birthplace of techno: Detroit. Techno is actually a much bigger deal in Europe than it is here. A lot of Detroit techno artists still live in the city, they just have to travel overseas in order to make a living, but changes to Detroits techno scene might change that.Detroit Techno artists have to travel overseas to make a livingWhen Detroit techno artist Kevin Reynolds performed in London for the first time, he got stopped on the subway by a stranger.;A guy grabbed me and asked if I was Kevin Reynolds, and Im like, ‘yeah, are you the police?; Reynolds says, ;(In Detroit), Im just a regular guy.;Like a lot of Detroit techno artists, Reynolds still lives in the city, but in order to make a living he has to travel to Europe or Tokyo to perform every other month or so. Overseas he plays shows for thousands of people.;Here in Detroit I play for 50 people, 100 people, maybe a couple hundred if Im lucky,; Reynolds says.But that might change.A big idea from Berlin to bring techno back to its hometownDimitri Hegemann is the owner of one of the first electronic clubs in Berlin. He wants to bring the scene back to the hometown of techno. He has his eye on the abandoned and run-down Fisher Body Plant in Detroit.Hegemann is full of big ideas.Not only does he want to have an electronic dance club in the Fisher Body Plant, he also wants to have a hostel, a pop up restaurant, and another space that could be used for art exhibits, dance, or even opera performances. ;I think people would come from all over the world to see whats happening, and this is what Detroit needs,; Hegemann says.Detroit vs. BerlinBut Detroit isnt Berlin. Berlin gets a ton of funding to support the arts. Its also easier to use old buildings there.If you want to open up a creative space in a vacant building, and the city doesnt know who owns it, theyll let you use it temporarily until the owner is tracked down.And Berlin doesnt have a curfew. Electronic clubs start hopping around 1 am Friday and the party does not stop until Monday morning.A less ambitious idea so Detroit can embrace its techno artistsMeanwhile, a less ambitious electronic club recently opened up in Detroits Midtown. Amir Daiza is the owner of the new club, called Populux.I went to the club on a Friday night, and by 10:30 there were only about 30-50 people there, and no one was dancing.Daiza says business could always be better, but he says he has ;confidence enough that this is going to be a great place, [but] it takes a while to build a business.;Why techno artists stay in DetroitIn the meantime, Detroit artists like Reynolds will keep traveling overseas to find work to perform, but as Reynolds says, theres just something about Detroit that keeps this city his home base.;I dont know what it is. There is something in the air. Theres something in the water. There is something in the ground. There is an energy here,; Reynolds says. ;That struggle of living in Detroit -- I like that struggle.;Support for arts amp; cultural reporting on Michigan Radio comes in part from a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the arts.201505/376673

Jolting the nerves of residents in the earthquake region of south-central Alaska, a magnitude-6.8 earthquake knocked items off shelves and walls of homes and businesses. 阿拉斯加中南部地区发生6.8级地震,牵动着居民的神经,地震将物品从货架震落。There were no immediate reports of injuries, however. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 然而,目前没有人员受伤报道。据美国地质调查局,the earthquake struck about 1:30 a.m. Alaska time and was centered 53 miles west of Anchor Point and 160 miles southwest of Anchorage. 地震发生在阿拉斯加时间凌晨1时30分左右,中心点以西53英里,安克雷奇西南160英里。In its initial report, the agency had classified the earthquake as a magnitude-7.1 event.在最初的报告中,该机构曾测量地震为7.1级。The Anchorage and Valdez police departments say they have not received any reports of injury or significant damage. 安克雷奇和瓦尔迪兹警方称,目前没有接到任何伤亡或重大破坏报道。译文属。201601/423992Oil firms in Kazakhstan哈萨克斯坦的石油企业Cash all gone钱全没了One of the worlds biggest oil projects has become a fiasco世界上最大的石油项目之一惨败WHEN it was discovered in 2000, the Kashagan oilfield in Kazakhstans waters in the northern Caspian Sea was the worlds biggest oil find in three decades. By now it was supposed to be pumping out 1.2m barrels a day (mbd), enough to meet Spains entire consumption. But the project, whose name sounds unfortunately like “cash all gone”, went spectacularly awry. A year ago, when the first trickle of crude briefly flowed, it was aly eight years behind schedule. Having cost 43 billion, it was 30 billion over budget. And production lasted only a few weeks before leaks of poisonous gas forced its suspension. Earlier this month a government minister admitted it would not restart until at least 2016.当位于里海北部哈萨克斯坦水域的卡沙干油田在2000年被发现时,它成为了世界上三十年来发现的最大的油田。到目前它每天应该能产出120万桶,足以满足西班牙的整体消费量。但这个项目的名字听起来很不幸,就像“钱全没了”一样,出现重大故障了。一年前,当它出油时,已经落后于预定计划八年了。耗资430亿美元,超过了预算300亿美元。生产只持续了几个星期,它就因有毒气体泄漏被迫中止。本月早些时候,一位政府部长承认至少到2016年后油田才会重启。Undeterred by the Kashagan fiasco, this week the government said it would approve a plan to expand the onshore Tengiz oilfield, another huge budget-buster. Tengiz was first expected to cost 23 billion but the government said this week that the bill had risen to 40 billion.并未被卡沙干的惨败而有所动摇,本周政府表示,它将批准一项计划,扩大陆上田吉兹油田,这是另一个巨大的花钱能手。田吉兹油田初始预估会花费230亿美元,但政府本周表示,该账单已升至400亿美元。Each of the two oilfields is owned by a different consortium of foreign firms and the state oil company, KazMunaiGaz. In Kashagans case they include Exxon, Shell, Total and ENI. In part the projects setbacks are due to unexpected technical problems. Corrosive and poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas, pumped up from the seabed along with the oil, has eaten through pipes bringing it onshore. It may cost another 5 billion to fix the problem. But insiders say privately that with so many companies involved, the project has lacked clear leadership and suffered from government meddling.两个油田分别由不同的外国公司所组成的财团以及国有石油公司—哈萨克国家石油天然气公司控制,。卡沙干油田涉及到埃克森美孚、壳牌、道达尔和埃尼。部分项目的挫折是由意想不到的技术问题造成的。腐蚀性和有毒的硫化氢气体,随着石油从海床被抽上来时,会腐蚀输送石油上岸的管道。这可能花费50亿美元来解决这个问题。但业内人士私下表示,有这么多公司参与其中,该项目一直缺乏明确的领导并且受到政府干预。Investors of all kinds worry about “the declining predictability of Kazakhstans regulatory and legal environment”, says Mariyam Zhumadil of Halyk Finance, an investment bank in the commercial capital, Almaty. In 2010 the government filed a 1.2 billion tax claim against the consortium that operates another field, Karachaganak, while making noises about breaches of environmental rules, not long after expressing an interest in buying a stake in the field. Later the consortium gave it 10% in return for it agreeing to expand the field.各类投资者担心“哈萨克斯坦监管和法律环境的可预测性的不断下降”,纳鲁克金融公司的Mariyam Zhumadil这样说道,这家公司是设立在商业中心阿拉木图的一家投资。2010年,政府向运作另一个油田项目——Karachaganak的外国财团提出12亿美元的税收索赔,并鼓噪其违反了环保规定,但是不久之后又表达了入股的意愿。后来财团给它以10%的股份来换取政府对其扩大领域的批准。Likewise, at Kashagan, environmental officials have fined the fields operators 737m for burning off the poisonous gas, which the consortium argues was an emergency measure. Ms Zhumadil reckons the fine is a “tool for future negotiations, perhaps to strengthen the national oil companys presence in the project.” This may not be the best way to encourage foreign firms to pump in the tens of billions of dollars more that are still needed to develop Kazakhstans oilfields.同样的,在卡沙干油田,环境官员已经因燃烧有毒气体处罚了该处油田运营商7.37亿美元,但是该财团争辩称燃烧有毒气体是一项紧急处理措施。Zhumadil女士推断,这个罚金是一个“日后谈判的工具,可能会强化国有石油公司在这个项目上的存在感”。这可能不是鼓励外国企业投资仍需要数百亿美元的卡沙干油田的最好办法。译者:朱羿丞译文属译生译世 /201410/335141What makes adolescents so vulnerable to developing addictions to substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs?是什么使得青少年轻而易举就沾染尼古丁,酒精及毒品?More vulnerable than any other age group.尤其是青少年,他们似乎比其它任何年龄群都抵不住诱惑。Is it a result of peer pressure?是来自同辈的压力吗?Of wanting to fit in? In a word, no.想融入群体?一言以蔽之,不是。Socio-cultural elements do play their role.社会文化因素是主要原因。However, scientists who analyzed the results of many studies on this subject believe the susceptibility of adolescents to substance addiction also has to do with the state of development of a particular region in adolescent brains.科学家分析了许多相关研究调查,他们认为青少年对物质成瘾的敏感性与大脑内部某特定区域的发展情况有关。They interpreted that the region of the brain that monitors impulse and motivation isnt fully formed in adolescence.他们解释说大脑控制神经冲动和动机的区域是在青春期形成的。This area of the brain experiences a lot of activity and change during adolescence.大脑的这个部分在青春期经历许多活动并改变。Its due to this brain regions hyperactivity and quick-fire change that adolescents are more likely than children and adults to want to try out new experiences, to be impulsive and take risks.由于青春期大脑的这个部分的极度活跃比小孩和速射大人都大,所以青少年更想尝试新的体验,更冲动和更愿意冒险。 201503/364414

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